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					                                        THE CHASE
                             FORTNIGHTLY NEWSLETTER
                                                     13 July 2006
CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                                      ·   Jenny White, County champion at the 100m and 200m,
·   Eleven students from The Chase who                                       represented Hereford and Worcester at the national
    took part in the WSSCA Regatta,                                          athletics championships in Gateshead.
    together with students from
    twelve other schools. Trophies won                                   ·   Fifty three students from years 7, 8 and
    by Abigail Downie, Callie-Ann                                            9 took part in a Contemporary Dance
    Halliday, Rob Harding, Alastair Lucas, Ben Saunders,                     Workshop run by Malvern Theatres
    Richard Smith and Rosie Smith helped contribute to                       Youth Dance.     They now have the
    The Chase winning the Best School Trophy.         A                      opportunity to work weekly with Malvern
    magnificent team effort from students, staff and                         Theatres Youth Dance.
    past students in the Inter School Bell Boat race
    brought the Bell Boat Trophy back to The Chase.                      ·   Amelia Daley, Sammi Smith, Pippy Shepherd, Tim
                                                                             Saunders and Tom Suttill gave an exceptional
·   One hundred and ninety six pupils from local primary                     performance at the Worcestershire Poetry Slam at
    schools visited The Chase for the Year 6 Athletics                       the Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove.           They
    Day. The pupils took part in a wide range of events,                     outperformed schools across the county and took
    and were looked after by thirty five year 9 Chase                        away the winners‛ Trophy.
    students.     Year 6 pupils, comments
    ranged from “we loved using all of the                               ·   Hollie Smith, a hearing impaired student, spoke to an
    ‘top equipment‛” to “the staff were so                                   audience of 250 at the Worcestershire 2006 Child‛s
    nice and taught us new skills”. Staff and                                Voice Conference about the changes in her life since
    pupils from the primary schools thoroughly                               receiving a cochlea implant. 
    enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

                                        Friday, 14 July 6.00­8.00 pm 
Have  a  go  on  the  UK’s  largest  inflatable  slide,  giant  bouncy  castle  or  challenge  your  friend  to  a  round  of  inflatable 

              Try your hand at archery or beat the PE staff at a penalty shoot­out or bowled­out cricket games 

            Even better – Have several goes on “Soak the Teacher” 

          Listen to school rock bands and The Chase Band or watch school dancers 

Have a drink and a burger from the BBQ 

Face­painting and lots of games, tombolas and stalls 

Please  bring  in  donations  (bottles  for  the  tombola,                   toiletries,  new  gift  items,  garden  produce, 
cakes,  home  produce,  chocolates  and  sweets)  and  in              return  you  will  get  a  free  go  on  penalty  shoot­ 
out, bowled­out cricket, bouncy castle, gladiators or “soak the teacher”.  Please bring donations to the main concourse 
in school on Friday morning 8.45am­9.05 am. 

                                           Free admissions, just donations at the gate. 
      Come on then – Have your tea, support the school and have great fun all at the same time!!
CARDS                                                         Shelagh Goldie, our Restorative Approaches expert,
“The Hate Plays” were performed to all year 8 and             has brought a substantial extra dimension to the
9 students by the Theatre Company “Box Clever”, in            work at The Chase over the last two years. The
order to boost the school‛s anti bullying work. The           wide range of activities she has investigated include
plays were followed up in assemblies the following            the nature and extent of bullying at the school.
week where key aspects of the revised Bullying                Shelagh Goldie has also helped develop our new anti
Policy were shared with students in years 7 – 10.             bullying policy,; trained staff in restorative
Also introduced in the assemblies were the Rap                approaches to pastoral work, worked with a number
Cards which have been developed with a pilot group            of individual students and families in school and in
of seventy students. The cards give good advice to            the local community; developed cue cards for staff
students who are feeling angry or upset in or out of          dealing with difficult situations; and developed and
school to help them to react appropriately. The               piloted the RAP cards with students. We are
credit card sized Rap Cards will be distributed to            hopeful that we will receive additional funding to
all students at the beginning of next term.                   allow us to continue this project in September.
Kevin Peck                                                    Well done to Arron Bird, Fionnula Munroe, Rebecca
                                                              Sharp and Jessica Urbain who bravely spoke to two
REVIEWS OF “THE HATE PLAYS”                                   assemblies of more than six hundred students
“We the audience, sat enthralled as we watched the            about their use of RAP cards.
performers enact what some of us had already gone
through – bullying. It was a powerful performance             SURVIVING TEENAGERS WORKSHOP
in three parts, with an interval between each act             Parents, guardians and grandparents have just
during which the play was discussed and analysed.             successfully completed a “Surviving Teenagers
There were also opportunities for the pupils to have          Workshop”, covering subjects such as
a go at acting in the plays themselves. At the end of         drugs and alcohol abuse, sex and
the session, the actors re-enacted some of the                relationships, communicating and
scenes, with students participating to see how the            listening.   There were guest
situation could be altered to help the victim.                speakers and an opportunity for
                                                              discussion.      All those who
I felt the plays showed well the anguish that some young      attended felt it was very valuable and would
people go through, whether in a violent or non-violent        recommend it to others. We hope to run a further
manner, and they really made you think and want to help.      course in the Autumn Term . If you are interested,
Personally I really enjoyed the performance and I hope to     please contact Ms Annie Williams at The Chase.
see this kind of thing happening more often in school as it
really gets the point over effectively.”

 The Theatre Company “Box Clever” came into school to
                                                              NEWS IN BRIEF
perform a three part play which was all about hate. The
play showed how having a laugh and picking on someone         The Athletics Sports Day had to be postponed on 5
can turn into something much worse. The characters            July because the weather forecast was too good!
were Tan, a very manipulative girl who hated Vic; Vic, a      We hope the conditions will allow us to run the
girl who gets bullied by Tan and Skate; Skate, a boy who      event on 13 July.
tags along with Tan and Kal who tried to be friends with
them all but who lets Vic down when she needs support.        The last concert of the year took place on 12 July.
As the play progressed, you saw how hard it was for Vic       We are grateful to Miss Harrison, Miss Hayes, Mr
and for Kal were was stuck in the middle. The play gave a
                                                              Drury and Mr Swindells for their hard work in
really good message about bullying.”
                                                              music this year, the highlight perhaps being the
Quotations from members of the audience:                      joyous production of “Return to the Forbidden
“I really liked how the actors got down to our level, they    Planet”. Thanks also to other staff that have
didn‛t just say in a firm voice, bullying is bad, but they    assisted during the year, including Miss Covey, who
made us understand it.”                                       helps with the junior singers and Mrs Peach who
                                                              provides administrative support.
“It was a really good portrayal of what bullying is like,
because it‛s not all physical, verbal abuse hurts just as

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