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									Banff and Buchan College

Race Equality Action Plan 2009 - 2012

Key Aims:

  1. To tackle, prevent and eliminate racial discrimination

  2. To promote race equality;

  3. To promote good relations between the people of different racial groups

  4. To improve the monitoring and reporting of race equality matters
Aim 1 - To tackle, prevent and eliminate racial discrimination

         Action                  Proposed              Timescale Priority   Lead Person         Progress
1.1      Audit learning and      Quality assurance     April 2009 Medium    Quality Team
         teaching materials      of curriculum                              Auditor
         to ensure the           materials and
         promotion of race       prevention and
         equality and cultural   elimination any bias
         diversity.              or bad practice
                                 relating to race
1.2      Conduct impact          Update of skills and June 2009 High        Professional
         assessment training     knowledge required                         Development Tutor
         for all members of      for those involved or
         the DMG, BoM,           likely to be involved
         Student Association     in race equality
         Executive, SMT,         impact assessment.
         Sector Manager
         Team and
         Partnership Forum.
1.3      Monitor the Dignity     Prevention of racial   March    Medium     HR Manager
         at Work Policy in       discrimination and     2010
         terms of racial         harassment.
         discrimination and
1.4   Review international Investigation of       June 2009   High   International
      learners’ progress.  possible reasons for                      Marketing Executive
                           and establishing
                           strategies to
                           address declining
                           achievement levels
                           for international
Aim 2 - To promote race equality

          Action                  Proposed               Timescale Priority   Lead Person           Progress
2.1       Review current          Assurance that race October      Medium     Professional
          training provision      equality and           2009                 Development Tutor
          for learners, staff     diversity training for
          and Board               all remains current
          members.                and ‘fit for purpose’.

2.2       Develop the role of     Further                March     High       Student Association
          the Student             engagement of          2010                 Equality and
          Association in the      learners in                                 Diversity
          promotion of race       developing,                                 Officer/Quality
          equality and cultural   promoting,                                  Team Chair
          diversity.              monitoring and
                                  evaluating of race
                                  equality within the

2.3       Review of               Appropriate            October   High       External Affairs
          marketing               marketing which        2009                 Manager
          strategies and          reflects and
          materials in terms      promotes cultural
          of equality and         diversity within and
          diversity.              out with the
2.4   Provide multi-faith   Provision of a          December   High     Estates Manager
      prayer/               space for the           2009
      contemplation room    observance of
      for learners and      belief or faith-based
      staff.                practice.
2.5   Consolidate and       Sharing of good         March      Medium   DMG Chair
      develop links with    practice, remaining     2009
      Equality Forward      current on, and
      and its affiliates.   influencing, race
                            equality matters at
                            a national level.
2.6   Review and update Creation of a more          October    Medium   External Affairs
      College website to    inclusive and           2009                Manager
      promote race          cultural relevant
      equality and cultural portal to the
      diversity.            College.
Aim 3 - To promote good relations between the people of different racial groups

          Action                Proposed Outcome         Timescale Priority   Lead Person   Progress

3.1       Produce web-          Enhanced                 October    High      DMG Chair
          based newsletter      communication of         2009
          for learners and      equality issues and
          staff.                promotion of cultural
                                diversity within the

3.2       Develop the           Creation of a network    December   Medium    DMG Chair
          network of            of external agencies     2010
          community             to liaise with and who
          agencies and          can assist and inform
          external              in the College’s race
          partnerships          equality planning
          beyond current        processes.

3.3       Work closer with      Creation a greater       December   Medium    DMG Chair
          staff, learners and   network of agencies      2009
          community             to promote and
          groups.               enhance College-
                                based race equality
3.4   Promote              Creation of wider      April 2009   Medium   Depute
      opportunities for    stakeholder
      learners and staff   participation in the
      from all ethnic      proposed College
      backgrounds to       Fraserburgh Campus
      contribute to the    redevelopment.
      College 2012
Aim 4 - To improve the monitoring and reporting of race equality matters

          Action                Proposed               Timescale Priority   Lead Person   Progress
4.1       Review information    Improvement of         December    Medium   Registrar
          gathering and         race equality          2009
          monitoring            information
          processes in terms    gathering and
          of applications for   monitoring.
          learners generally
          and the use of
          ‘information not
          known’ or
          refused’ categories
          at application and
          enrolment stages.

4.2       Enhance               Enhanced race          May 2009    High     Depute
          communication to      equality and
          and from the Board    diversity reporting
          on race equality      to the Board via the
          matters               Learning and
4.3   Provide information    Broadening of          May 2009    High   DMG Chair
      on race equality       understanding,
      scheme, action plan    participation and
      and monitoring         ownership of race
      exercise to            equality matters
      learners, staff and    within the College.
      Board members.
4.4   Publish outcomes       Creation of a more     June 2009   High   DMG Chair
      and progress of        transparent and
      race equality          open race equality
      monitoring exercise,   reporting system.
      impact assessment
      and action
4.5   Review Course          Enhancement of         June 2009   High   Quality Team Chair
      Management             equality PI analysis
      Procedures to          and self evaluation
      better reflect race    at course team
      equality issues.       level.
4.6   Review race            Development of a       December    High   DMG Chair
      equality policy and    more accessible,       2010
      action plan as part    inclusive, cohesive
      of a move towards      and practical
      a single equality      approach to the
      scheme and plan.       promotion,
                             development, and
                             monitoring of
                             equality and

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