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AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1                                                                                  PAGE 1
                                                                                          PEOPLE GO HUNGRY NOT BECAUSE
                                                                                          FOOD IS UNAVAILABLE, BUT BE-
                                                                                          CAUSE THEY CANNOT AFFORD IT —
                                         A Quarterly E-Newsletter of
                                                                                          Human Development Report, UNDP

 Online Volume I Issue 1                                                                                                         APRIL 2008

                                            APAP NEWS UPDATE
     APAP EVALUATES OWN PERFORMANCE                                                                                                     Page
                                                                                               I NSIDE THIS I SSUE:

APAP did an evaluation of its                     tel, on January 18-19, 2008. Pre-            APAP NEWS UPDATE . . . . .                     1
overall performance of the year                   sent on the occasion were three
2007 at a one-and-a-half-day                      members of APAP’s Board of Di-
m e et i n g h e l d a t A d a ma                 rectors and staffs.                          ARTICLE:
(Nazareth), at the Rift Valley Ho-                                                             The Effects of Globalization
                                                                The meeting was                on ESC Rights . . . . . . .. . . . . .
                                                                officially opened by
                                                                Woiz. Kidist Alemu,
                                                                APAP’s Executive               ACTIVITIES IN THE PIPE-
                                                                                               LINE . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .   6
                                                                Director. In her short
                                                                opening speech,
                                                                Woiz. Kidist noted
                                                                that APAP had been
                                                                objectively evaluat-
                                                                ing its annual per-        build on its previous good prac-
                                                                formance ever since        tices and draw valuable lessons
                                                                the year 1998, and         even from its “failures.” “We have
                                                                that doing so has          once again called this meeting in
              The evaluation in progress                        greatly helped it                                            (Continued on page 7)

   APAP DRAWS UP                                            APAP HOLDS CONSULTATIONS WITH
    ACTION PLAN                                             STAKEHOLDERS OF ITS PROGRAMS
                                                  During the first week of February        Through focused-group discus-
Subsequent to the performance                     2008, APAP organized its profes-         sions, one-on-one interviews and
evaluation done at Adama                          sionals into four groupings and          document analyses, the group-
(Nazareth), the participants also                 dispatched them to four of its tar-      ings were able to accurately as-
held a half-day meeting on the next               get areas—Bahir Dar, Awassa,             sess the immediate needs of the
day to draw up APAP’s Activity                    Dire Dawa and Harar, and Adama           prospective beneficiaries of the
Plan for the year 2008, based on                  (Nazareth)—to hold consultations         services that APAP renders. And
the organization’s Operational                    with the pertinent government            it took them 20-odd days to do
Plan for the period 2008-2010.                    officials and the representatives of     that. The consultations have
Present on this particular occa-                  the targeted community groups            helped APAP find out exactly
sion—besides the Program Coordi-                  with whom it will be working             what services are needed in these
nators and the concerned staffs—                  closely in these areas and of the        areas. Ever since its establish-
                                                  concerned CSOs and NGOs.                 ment, APAP has made it a point
                        (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 3)

                      APAP’S ADDRESS: Mexico Square, Across from St. George Brewery, Past Mexico PolyClinic
                P.O.Box 12484, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tel. 251-11-1243555/56/57           Fax: 251-11-1243558
                                     E-mail:         Website:

                                     FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM
                          … APAP NEWS UPDATE
                                                                                     AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1

           APAP CONDUCTS BASELINE SURVEY                                         APAP’S GENERAL
                                                                                 ASSEMBLY MEETS
In a bid to assess the needs of the     not at all violated. The baseline
prospective beneficiaries of the        survey was conducted in these         As per the dictates of its bylaws,
two projects that APAP launched         towns during the second week of       APAP holds a General Assembly
last December, with financial           February 2008. And it was done        meeting every year. This year’s
support from the Embassy of             by holding one-on-one inter-          General Assembly meeting was
France in Addis Ababa, a base-          views with the pertinent officials    held at the Hotel De Leopol, here
line survey was conducted at            and CBO leaders, as well as by        in Addis Ababa, on Feb 05, 2008
Hossana, Mizan Teferi and Arba          distributing to them a question-      for three hours in a stretch.
Minch—all of which are located          naire prepared for the purpose.
in the southern part of the coun-       Furthermore, a close look was         As usual, various reports were
try. The towns were selected by         taken at the books of the social      presented to the General Assem-
the Southern Region’s Supreme           courts and registrars, with a view    bly, which is APAP’s highest
Court, in consultation with the         to finding out more about their       governing body, and carefully
Embassy.                                operations.                           reviewed. The General Assembly
                                                                              also deliberated the contents of
                                                                              APAP’s Activity Plan for the
One of these projects is aimed at       What APAP found out from the
                                                                              year 2008 and those of its Strate-
enhancing the capacities of the         survey is that there is a yawning
                                                                              gic Plan for the period 2008-
judges and registrars of the social     gap between the existing capaci-
courts in these towns, whereas          ties of the projects’ targeted
the other’s objective is acquaint-      beneficiaries and the capacities
ing the leaders of the commu-           they need. APAP’s professionals       Subsequent to the presentation of
nity-based organizations (CBOs)         are at the moment doing an            the reports on APAP’s overall
in these towns with the funda-          analysis of the findings of the       performance and financial utili-
mentals of citizens’ legal and          baseline survey—so as to deter-       zation during the year 2007, as
human rights, so that they will         mine the types of training that       well as the various plans recently
see to it that they (the rights) are    the prospective beneficiaries of      drawn up, a number of the mem-
                                        the two projects would need.         bers of the General Assembly
                                                                              forwarded questions and com-
                                                                              ments. As they were, neverthe-
(Continued from page 1)                 during the year. In fact, the lists
APAP DRAWS UP . . .                                                           less, fully satisfied with the an-
                                        were broken down into quarters.
                                                                              swers and explanations given to
                                        Then a timeline was tacked onto
                                                                              them, they did not balk at ap-
were two members of the General         each activity. More specifically, a
                                                                              proving them: the reports and the
Assembly and a representative of        common understanding was
                                                                              plans. As a matter of fact, the
the consultancy known as Wis-           reached with regard to the activi-
                                                                              General Assembly noted that
dom Consultants, which has been         ties that are to be carried out un-
commissioned by APAP to come            der each Program in each of the       APAP’s performance during the
up with a new organizational            four quarters, with the assump-       year 2007 was truly laudable,
structure that would enable it          tion that quarterly performance       especially when compared with
(APAP) to optimally utilize its         reports will have to be regularly     its performance during the previ-
human resources and thereby             submitted without fail. Further-      ous year. Finally, APAP had the
properly implement its Strategic        more, a projection of the chal-       honor of treating the members of
Plan for the period 2008-2012.          lenges that APAP could face dur-      the General Assembly to a dinner
                                        ing the year was done, with a         at the same hotel. 
                                        view to helping each Program
The Activity Plan was drawn up          Coordinator rise to them (the pro-    Plan and the Operational Plan: the
in such a way that APAP was able        jected challenges).                   Legal Empowerment Program, the
to allocate to each Program Coor-                                             Accountability and Capacity
dinator a list of the activities that                                         Strengthening Program, and the
program staffs should undertake         APAP will implement three ma-         Focused Advocacy Program. 
                                        jor programs as per this Activity

                            FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM
                                                                                                               PAGE 3
                                           … APAP NEWS UPDATE

                   APAP HOLDS CONSULTATIVE                                                    APAP AIRS
                     MEETING WITH PARTNERS                                              MESSAGE ON ETV

On February 07, 2008, APAP’s                what it did so far, but also to un-
                                                                                    As part of its effort to raise public
Management held a half-day con-             derscore the fact that APAP up-
                                                                                    awareness about citizens’ human
sultative meeting with the repre-           holds the guiding principles of
                                                                                    rights, APAP has been airing 30-
sentatives of its partner organiza-         accountability and transparency.        to-40-second messages about four
tions at its main office. The mem-                                                  times a week—in collaboration
bers of APAP’s partners’ consor-            APAP’s semi-annual performance          with the Ethiopian Television and
tium are, of course, Sida, the              report of the year 2007 was pre-        Radio Agency. These messages
Australian Development Agency,              sented to the representatives of its    are focused on the rights of citi-
the Norwegian Church Aid, Ox-               partners. Besides, they were given      zens to free basic health care, if
fam Novib, and the Embassy of               a glimpse of the various plans that     and when they cannot afford to
Finland in Addis Ababa. The                 APAP had recently drawn up.             pay for them, the right to ade-
consultative meeting was held                                                       quate housing and the need for all
not only to solicit advice from                                                     Ethiopian citizens to stand up for
this consortium, without whose              Following that, the representa-
                                                                                    their rights and make sure that
financial support it would not              tives of the consortium asked cer-
                                                                                    they are not infringed in any way.
have been able to accomplish                tain questions and made com-
                                            ments on the various points raised
                                            at the meeting. The concerned           Likewise, APAP will soon air a
                                            staffs of APAP, for their part, re-     total of 13 short plays on ETV.
        APAP RENEWS                         sponded to each one of the ques-        To that end, it is in the process of
                                            tions and comments, with which          making the necessary arrange-
    CONTRACTS WITH                          the representatives of APAP’s           ments. Each of these plays will
    LEGAL-AID-                              partners’ consortium were “fully        take about 15 minutes. If an
                                            satisfied.”                             agreement can be reached with
                                                                                    those concerned, the plays will be
                                            The meeting was wrapped up              aired once a week for about three
As disclosed in the previous issue          with an exhortation from the rep-       months. They, too, are, of course,
of this newsletter, APAP pro-               resentatives of APAP’s partners’        aimed at raising public awareness
vides a total of four legal-aid-            consortium “to keep up the good         about the fundamental concepts
providing centers with the techni-          work!”                                 of the law and citizens’ basic
cal support they need so that they                                                  rights. 
will be able to render legal aid to
the target groups in their respec-
tive areas free of charge. The              (Continued from page 1)                 acquaint the government officials
centers, it is to be recalled, are          APAP HOLDS . . .                        and the representatives of the
Tesfa Free Legal Aid Association                                                    beneficiaries of its services with
(Awassa), Beruh Legal Support               to shun the outdated top-down           the activities that it (APAP) is
for the People, (Harar) Selam               approach and to, instead, sub-          about to undertake—besides so-
Legal Aid Association (Dire                 scribe to the view that the pro-        liciting from them some advice
Dawa) and the Alumni Associa-               spective beneficiaries of its ser-      with regard to the best ways and
tion of the Law Faculty of the              vices are best positioned to know       means of undertaking them, so
Addis Ababa University.                     what is in their best interest. It is   that all its efforts will bear the
                                            to be recalled that the poor,           desired fruit.
                                            women and vulnerable children
The contracts, which are renew-             constitute the beneficiaries of the
                                                                                    A few weeks later, a similar
able every year, were signed by             services that APAP provides.            meeting was held with the repre-
Woiz. Kidist Alemu, APAP’s                                                          sentatives of the beneficiaries of
Executive Director, on behalf of            The groupings of APAP’s profes-         APAP’s services right here in
APAP, in February of 2008.                 sionals seized the opportunity to       Addis Ababa as well.

                                     FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM
                           FEATURE ARTICLE
                                                                              AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1

                            The Effects of Globalization
                        Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Economic, social and cultural      such cooperation. On the con-        previously considered to be
rights (ESCRs) are one of the      trary, what we see the interna-      its (the state’s) exclusive do-
major components of the In-        tional community do is give          main, the deregulation of a
ternational Bill of Rights as      preponderance to free market.        range of activities, with a
recognized by the Universal        The main reason behind that,         view to facilitating investment
Declaration of Human Rights        we believe, is that the under-       and rewarding individual ini-
(UDHR). It is, however, ironic     lying principles of globaliza-       tiatives, and a corresponding
that the UDHR is about to          tion dictate that it (the interna-   increase in the role of private
celebrate its 60th anniversary     tional community) does so—           actors—in particular, those of
with a lot of fanfare, even        to our chagrin. Before we pro-       the corporate sector.
though ESCRs have not yet          ceed any further, nevertheless,
been accorded the attention        we feel that providing a defi-       According to this definition,
they deserve. In fact, it is sad   nition      of     the      word     globalization has multifaceted
that that is the case, given the   “globalization” is in order.         effects and has become a ma-
pivotal role that ESCRs play                                            jor component of the deci-
in enabling humanity attain a      O f co u rse , th e wo r d           sions that governments make.
life devoid of fear and want.      “globalization” means differ-        As has been clearly pointed
                                   ent things to different people.      out in Paragraph 14 of the Co-
Although the universality,         It is, however, widely believed      penhagen Declaration and
indivisibility, interdepend-       that it refers to the develop-       Program of Action adopted at
ence and interrelatedness of       ments in technology, commu-          the World Summit for Social
all human rights were reaf-        nication and information proc-       Development, globalization
firmed by the Vienna Declara-      essing that have made the            has its own advantages and
tion and Program of Action—        world smaller and more inter-        disadvantages, too.
which was adopted by the           dependent in many ways. It
World Conference on Human          has also come to be closely          By expediting economic
Rights on June 25, 1993—           associated with a variety of         growth, creating jobs, enhanc-
globalization has made the         trends and policies, including       ing communications, increas-
realization of these rights vir-   an increasing reliance on free       ing technological develop-
tually impossible. The Inter-      market, a significant growth in      ment, facilitating capital flows
national Covenant on Eco-          the influence of international       and raising incomes, global-
nomic, Social and Cultural         financial institutions (IFI),        ization has the potential to
Rights provides that interna-      which are now determining            advance development and
tional cooperation is a neces-     the viability of national policy     economic growth. The rapid
sity to ensuring the full re-      priorities, a diminution of the      processes of change and ad-
spect of these rights. We,         role of the state due to the pri-    justments resulting from glob-
nonetheless, see little or no      vatization of various functions                         (Continued on page 5)

AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1                                                                       PAGE 5

 (Continued from page 4)
                                            globalization has brought about.    protection of human rights
 EFFECTS OF ...                                                                 and fundamental freedoms
 alization have, nonetheless,               Globalization has also resulted     by the UN Charter, the inter-
 an adverse effect on ESCRs,                in the enormous growth and          national community in gen-
 as poverty, unemployment                   influence of transnational cor-     eral and the UN in particular
 and social disintegration                  porations, many of which have       should exert more effort to
 seem to be its constant atten-             come to raise a larger income       devise new or complemen-
 dants. That is illustrated by              than what the entire economy of     tary approaches that could
 the economic policies of the               some of the smaller developing      enhance the compatibility of
 IFIs. IFIs impose their deci-              countries manage to produce.        globalization with the full
 sions on states, based on their            This shift, together with the de-   respect of ESCRs. As the pro-
 lending policies, credit agree-            velopment of international trade    motion and protection of all
 ments and structural adjust-               agreements, has further eroded      human rights is the legitimate
 ment programs. These impo-                 the power of the governments        concern of the international
 sitions in turn sometimes re-              of developing countries and         community, it should en-
 sult in a flagrant violation of            compromised their ability to        hance a consistent application
 ESCRs, for they leave states               provide public services. A major    of human-rights principles in
 with little or no space for ex-            cause for concern in this regard    evaluating government poli-
 ercising free choice in allocat-           is the international trade regime   cies. In other words, govern-
 ing resources. Such violation              that allows developed countries     ment policies must no longer
 invariably results in the un-              to protect certain sectors, while   be evaluated by using com-
 der-funding of vital social                it prohibits developing coun-       petitiveness, efficiency and
 services. The conditions at-               tries from doing the same. It       economic rationalism as the
 tached to structural adjust-               goes without saying that this       primary and exclusive crite-
 ment programs and other re-                will result in further deepening    ria.
 form programs imposed by                   the poverty of these countries
 such IFIs as the International             and in the deterioration of their    What should not also be lost
 Monitoring Fund (IMF) and                  economic conditions.                sight of is the fact that success
 the World Bank are known to                                                    in the progressive realization
 have significantly reduced                 Another negative effect that        of ESCRs at the national level
 the extent to which ESCRs are              globalization is bound to result    depends, to a large extent, on
 enjoyed by the citizens of                 in is the ever-widening inequal-    an effective international co-
 many developing countries.                 ity between peoples and na-         operation. Hence allocating
 This is true especially with               tions. The divergence of in-        resources to developing
 regard to the poor and other               comes between nations and in-       countries and creating an in-
 vulnerable groups because of               dividuals is one of the central     ternational economic environ-
 the forced imposition of user              issues of our times. Hence the      ment that is favorable for the
 fees for accessing social ser-             existing model of development       realization of the ESCRs of
 vices and increased unem-                  being advocated by IFIs is being    their citizens are responsibili-
 ployment due to structural                 perceived as socially unjust,       ties that must be jointly
 adjustment. It is indisputable             since only a few are reaping the    shouldered by both the indi-
 that the poor and other vul-               benefits thereof at the expense     vidual states concerned and
 nerable and disadvantaged                  of the majority.                    the international community.
 groups are the main segments
 of society that are bearing the            Due to the central place ac-                    
 brunt of the changes that                  corded to the promotion and

                                     FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM
                                                                                        AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1

New Organizational Struc-               need for rising to the challenge of      cordant with the provisions of the
ture in the Works                       fulfilling their respective duties and   legal instruments revised after
As stated earlier in this issue,        on raising public awareness about        they (the street law materials)
APAP is in the process of design-       human rights, so that the public         were published. These will then be
ing a new organizational structure      would be in a position to both claim     distributed in APAP’s target lo-
that will be more befitting to its      these rights and ensure that they are    calities.
recent expansion, in terms of hu-       fully respected.
                                                                                 Training Manual to be Pre-
man resources, and to the specific      Capacity-Enhancing Train-
tasks to be assigned to each staff.
It is also expected to enable APAP
                                        ing to be Given                          APAP’s Legal Empowerment Pro-
to move with the times by opti-         Another activity that APAP is            gram will also prepare the manuals
mally utilizing the human and fi-       poised to undertake is the imple-        needed for training the paralegals
nancial resources at its disposal.      mentation of the two projects that it    drawn from the CBOs in the areas
APAP has, to that end, commis-          launched last December, in collabo-      that are targeted as beneficiaries of
sioned the consultancy known as         ration with the Embassy of France        its (APAP’s) services.
Wisdom Consult.                         in Addis Ababa. As the projects
                                        will have to be fully implemented        APAP-NCA to Conduct Re-
In addition to that, the consultancy    within 13 months, the concerned          search on Prisoners’ Legal
will help APAP revise its existing      professionals of APAP are, in fact,      Services
salary scale and other benefits,        expected to work more tirelessly         APAP, with financial support
given the inflation that the country    than ever before.                        from the Norwegian Church Aid,
is currently experiencing and the                                                NCA/E, will soon begin a research
current market tendencies in rela-      As disclosed earlier, the projects
                                                                                 on prisoners’ legal services reha-
tion to other bodies engaged in         are aimed at enhancing the capaci-
                                                                                 bilitation and reintegration. To that
similar profession in the NGO           ties of the judges and registrars of
                                                                                 end, the preliminary work is un-
community. APAP strongly be-            the social courts and at imparting
                                                                                 derway, including the selection of
lieves that ensuring a strong sense     basic knowledge about citizens’
                                                                                 the consultancy to be commis-
of belonging among its staffs is        human rights to the CBO leaders at
sine qua non to the proper fulfill-     Arba Minch, Mizan Teferi and
ment of its duties and responsibili-    Hossaena—all of which are located        The research is to be conducted in
ties. Doing so, nevertheless, is vir-   in the Southern Nations, Nationali-      the various detention centers of the
tually impossible in a situation        ties and Peoples Regional State.         country, with a view to finding out
where salaries are not commensu-                                                 the following:
                                        Since an assessment of the training
rate with the efforts that these        needs of the targeted groups has
staffs—most of whom are profes-                                                    Whether or not they have been
                                        already been done, work will soon
sionals—are exerting, especially                                                   obtaining adequate legal aid;
                                        begin on drafting the training
when other organizations in the                                                    and
same trade are doing everything                                                    Whether or not the prison sys-
they could in this regard.              The training will be given as part         tem is helpful toward their
                                        and parcel of the Strategic Plan for       eventual
Posters and Leaflets to be              the Legal Empowerment and of the              rehabilitation and reintegra-
Produced                                Accountability and Capacity-               tion with society after they have
Preparations are underway to pub-       Enhancing Programs.                        served
lish a large number of posters and                                                    time in prison.
leaflets to be distributed to both      Street Law Books to be
right holders and duty bearers. The     Revised                                  APAP will then publish the find-
messages to be conveyed through         APAP is about to revise the street       ings of the research and dissemi-
these publications will focus on        law materials it had produced a few      nate them among all those con-
sensitizing duty bearers about the      years back so as to make them con-                            (Continued on page 7)

                            FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM
AWARENESS ONLINE VOL I ISSUE NO. 1                                                                              PAGE 7

(Continued from page 6)                     (Continued from page 1)                     The Project that is aimed at
IN THE PIPELINE ...                         APAP EVALUATES …                            improving the working situa-
                                                                                        tion of workers in the informal
cerned.                                     the belief that everyone will ac-           sector—which is being fi-
                                            tively participate by airing his or         nanced by Pact Ethiopia; and
APAP will also do everything                her view on APAP’s performance              The Project on Access to Jus-
within its means to create a forum          during the past twelve months. The          tice—which is being imple-
whereby the representatives of the          organization’s main purpose of              mented in Dire Dawa with fi-
                                            holding such a meeting is to find           nancial support from Ac-
concerned organizations can come
                                            better ways of fulfilling the duties        tionAid-Ethiopia.
together and discuss the issues
                                            and responsibilities entrusted to it.
raised in the findings of the re-           That, of course, requires everyone’s
search, with a view to intervening                                                   Following these presentations, an
                                            contribution. I, therefore, call on
to address the problems observed.                                                    open discussion was held on the
                                            each one of you to actively partici-
                                                                                     various points raised by the pre-
                                            pate,” said the Executive Director.
APAP to Do More A d v o -                                                            senters, based on the indicators set
                                                                                     for evaluating the organization’s
cacy Work                                   Subsequent to the Executive Direc-       performance. At the end of the
In close collaboration with the             tor’s opening remark, the Coordina-      discussion, nevertheless, the par-
Network of Legal Aid Providers in           tors of the three Programs that          ticipants were able to reach a con-
Ethiopia, APAP is bracing itself to         APAP is currently implementing           sensus about the following points:
play a more aggressive role toward          and the Head of the Administration
ensuring the provision of legal aid         and Financial Section presented the
                                                                                        Compared with its performance
                                            highlights of their respective per-         of any of the previous years, its
free of charge—through advocacy.
                                            formance reports. Accordingly, the
                                                                                        (APAP’s) performance during
                                            first report was presented by the
And by working hand-in-glove                                                            the year under review was al-
                                            Coordinator of the Educational and
with the Consumers’ Association                                                         most to plan;
                                            Mobilization Program, the second
and other pertinent associations            by the Coordinator of the Research          APAP was able to utilize more
and organizations, it plans to be           and Publications Program, and the           than the approved budget;
engaged in advocacy work aimed              third by the Coordinator of the Pol-        Various systems were devel-
at ensuring the access of the eco-          icy Work, Legislative Advocacy              oped and put in place, with a
nomically disadvantaged segments            and Litigation Program. As dis-             view to enabling APAP to ac-
of the Ethiopian society to afford-         closed earlier, reports were also           complish its mission and imple-
                                            presented on the administrative and         ment its programs more effec-
able food.
                                            finance-related activities that APAP        tively ;
                                            undertook during the year under
APAP to Celebrate 15th An-                                                              The organization was, more or
                                            review as well as on its other activi-      less, adequately staffed, for its
niversary of Establishment                  ties. The reports centered on               earlier understaffing had been
This year marks APAP’s 15th anni-           APAP’s achievements and on the              identified as being one of the
versary of establishment, as it was         challenges that it had faced during         underlying causes for its failure
in January 1993 that it came into           the year, as well as on the measures        to perform to plan; and
existence. The occasion will be             it took to overcome them (the chal-
                                            lenges).                                    A system has been developed
celebrated by preparing a special                                                       and put in place, whereby indi-
issue of Awareness. The special                                                         viduals, as opposed to teams
issue will feature, among other             With regard to projects, too, the           and groupings, will be held ac-
things, APAP’s major achieve-               following reports were presented
                                                                                        countable for their actions.
ments in the last 15 years and the          by the responsible staffs of APAP:
reflections of especially its senior                                                 Accordingly, APAP was told to
staffs. Another thing that the issue            The Project on the Convention        keep up the good work and strive
                                                on the Rights of the Child           even for a better performance. As
will feature is APAP’s vision for
                                                (CRC) and the Project on Or-         one of the members of the Board of
the future.                                     phans and Venerable Children         Directors put it, “we have no doubt
                                                (OVC)—both of which are be-          whatsoever that the evaluation of
                                             ing financed by Save the Chil-       your performance a year from now
                                                dren-Sweden;                         will kindle twinkles in our eyes.” 

                                     FIFTEEN YEARS OF HUMAN-RIGHTS ACTIVISM

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