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The Avon SB970CR Scimitar                           KEY FEATURES
Security Bollard provides a high
level of security against              Physically crash tested to exceed DoS & British
unauthorised vehicle access.           Standards
Designed to withstand substantial      Manufactured from heavy gauge materials
direct impact forces, the bollard is   Substantial 1000mm raised height
able to protect sites from extreme
aggressive attacks while maintaining
                                       Manual operating override facility                  SB970CR
                                       Unobtrusive aesthetics
a less aggressive appearance.
                                       High quality coating systemB
Designed and manufactured by           Minimal foundation requirementsBEN                  Security
engineers with a wealth of
experience in the fields of High                       BENEFITS                            Bollard
Security and Access Control, the                                                           Avon Barrier
SB970 CR Scimitar Security Bollard     Proven to withstand large vehicle impact and be     Company Ltd
is a highly dependable security        fully operational after impact                      Head Office – Nova House
product.                               Reliability (100% duty cycling)                     191-195 South Liberty Lane
                                                                                           Ashton Vale Trading Estate
With an experienced system design      Zero site penetration to DoS K12 Impact
                                                                                           Bristol BS3 2TN
capability along with a worldwide      Operation in power failure conditions               United Kingdom
installation, service and              Durability
                                                                                           Tel: +44 (0)117 953 5252
maintenance capability, we are able    Service spares availability – ease of replacement   Fax: +44 (0)117 953 5373
to provide a swift and efficient       Ease of installation                                Email:
solution to all your high security                                               

SB970CR                  Technical Specification
Scimitar Security

                    (illustrative only)

STANDARD CONTROLS – PUSH BUTTON TO                            The Avon SB970CR Scimitar High Security Bollard
RAISE/STOP/LOWER                                              has been tested in both stand-alone and multiple
                                                              configuration enabling single or multi-use installations
                    OPTIONAL EXTRAS                           without compromising security.
Access Control:               Card/Proximity Reader           Constructed from high strength steel (galvanised and
                              Radio Transmitter               painted black) the Bollard stands 1,000mm above the road
                              Inductive Loops/Infra Red       surface in the fully raised position with an outside diameter
                              Intercom – audio/visual         of 324mm (excluding optional outer sleeves).
Safety Equipment:             Traffic Lights                  The SB970CR has been designed to ensure that vehicle
                              Inset Warning Lights            penetration during attack is kept well within the
                              Photo-Electric Cell
                              Inductive Loop                  DoS/British minimum standard requirements for both U.S.
                                                              and European manufactured vehicles.
Status:                       Back indication
Emergency:                    Panic button with key release   The heavy-duty top plate and Bollard cap are both
                              Power failure backup            removable to enable simple and efficient maintenance and
                              (UPS/Accumulator)               serviceability.The Bollard sits in a steel frame which is pre-
                              Emergency fast raise circuit    prepared for ease and speed of installation with
                              Anti-burst valves
                                                              reinforcement connection points to tie into the outer
Finish:                       Ornate sleeving                 foundation and access points for onward connection to
                              Stainless steel sleeving
                                                              ducting for hydraulic hoses and control cables.
                     IMPACT RATING                            The SB970CR has been successfully impact tested with a
                                                              concrete foundation of just 2.25 cubic metres, it is
Impact absorption 7500 Kg at 80 kph, fully crash tested to
exceed DoS Standard K12-L3 with NO operational                necessary that the sizes used for testing are adhered to in
damage after impact (single unit stand-alone formation).      order to be compliant with the relevant product’s impact
Zero site penetration with test vehicle destroyed and
bollard fully operational after impact.                       A hydraulic actuator is used to raise the Bollard to its full
                                                              height driven by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) with
                                                              optional anti-burst valves to protect against system
                                                              sabotage.The HPU contains the hydraulic and electronic
                                                              control equipment in an externally rated lockable cabinet
                                                              to be positioned locally to or remotely from the Bollard.

                                                              The Avon Barrier Company reserve the right to change or amend the
                                                              specification of its products from time to time in furtherance of its policy
                                                              of continued product improvements.

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Avon Barrier Company Ltd
Head Office – Nova House, 191-195 South Liberty Lane,
Ashton Vale Trading Estate, Bristol BS3 2TN
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0)117 953 5252 Fax: +44 (0)117 953 5373
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