Quintin Kynaston School No. 13 8th December 2006 Headteacher's Message by bnmbgtrtr52


									Quintin Kynaston School                                            No. 13                      8th December 2006

        Headteacher's Message                                                     Year 11 Parents
Dear Parents and Carers                                        Senior teachers have been having short meetings with
                                                               Year 11 students to discuss their revision, target grades
Another eventful week at QK. On Wednesday, David               and plans for next year. It was very encouraging to hear
Milliband MP, Minister for the Environment, Food &             how seriously many students had been revising for their
Farming, visited QK to launch the Year of Food and             mock exams, and how many were hoping to stay on at
Farming in Schools.                                            QK to complete further study.
The aim is to teach young people about where their food        • If your son/daughter is intending to apply for a place in QK
comes from (ie a farm rather than a supermarket shelf).          Sixth Form, please ensure that they complete an application
                                                                 form and hand it in.
By learning about how food is produced, young people
can make healthier eating choices, which can last              • Mock exam results will be given to students on Thursday
                                                                 18th January
throughout their lives.
                                                               • A copy will also be available for parents/carers at the Parents
Events throughout the year will aim to get young people                                  th
                                                                 Evening on Tuesday 30 January.
out into the countryside where they can learn and get
                                                               • Students will be interviewed for a place in the Sixth Form and
physical exercise. The Minister was very impressed with           to discuss their Mock results in January
QK, particularly the students he met at the Breakfast
Club in the QK Diner.                                                              Year 7 Parents
QK has gained Healthy Schools                                  Parents and carers of Year 7 students will have the
Status. Although this status was                               opportunity to meet their children’s subject teachers for
awarded to us previously, the                                  the first time on Tuesday 16th January. Invitation letters
criteria changed. I am delighted                               will be sent home at the start of term.
that our application was successful.
                                                                                    English Study
On Thursday the Music Department led by Ms Colman
held their annual Christmas Concert. The evening was a         Revision Clubs 3.45-4.45 pm
huge success, with a range of performances by students         • Monday Years 7, 8 and 9 in L3E, Years 10 and 11 L4C
across the school. Students receiving instrumental tuition
at QK performed their skills on the piano, trombone,           • Thursday Years 12 and 13 in L4E
flute, violin, guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet     Coursework
and various woodwind instruments. Many thanks to all
                                                               Having trouble completing coursework? See your English
the parents who attended, giving magnificent support to
                                                               teacher or come along to our GCSE study club on
the students and the music department staff. Special
                                                               Mondays. All coursework must be submitted by the end
thanks to Sue Coleman, Stephen Wiles, Peter Harris,
                                                               of term. Do it now while it is still fresh in your mind!
Martin Owen, Matthew Symes, Susi Winkworth, Thierry
                                                                                                               Anna Peduzzi
Reinhardt, Harry Brown and Kenneth Wood for all the
hard work and extra hours they contributed to make the                              Match Report
evening the success it was. Well done to everyone.                             Westminster City 2-0 QK
                                                Jo Shuter
                                                               On Wednesday afternoon, Year 10 boys played a
                                                               Westminster League match at Paddington Rec. We had
               Dates to Remember                               quite a lot of the play in the first half but Westminster
                                                               City took an early lead after 5 minutes. Jordan Murray
Wednesday 13th December – Christmas lunch served in            played well, running the right side of midfield and Adam
the Diner                                                      Murad produced some great chances but was unlucky.
Friday 15th December – end of term (no lunches will be         Ahmed Jama was often involved in play and on more
served)                                                        than one occasion teamed up with Adam with great one-
                                                               twos which split the defence open. Sam Fossey played
• Years 9 & 10 dismissed at 10.50 am
                                                               very well in defence in his first game for the school side.
• Years 7 & 8 dismissed at 12.30 pm                            The team felt that the 1-0 score line at half time did not
Wednesday 3rd January — INSET day (no students)                reflect how well they were playing. The second half was
                                                               much more even with chances falling to both teams.
Thursday 4th January – All students return to school at        However, our opponents City were again able to break
10.30 am. After a short registration, they will follow their   down the QK defence to score. The QK boys did not give
normal timetables.                                             up however and were able to produce more chances
                                                               before the game finally ended 2-0. Man of the match:
                                                               goalkeeper Osama.                            Arian Kukaj

       Christmas Comes to the Library                                           Students of the Week
Christmas is fast approaching! With only five school days       Congratulations to
left until the end of term, this is a really good time to
                                                                7Q      Abrahim Ahmed for helping out in the tutor
look at our most popular loans and plan your Christmas          7U      Jobetta Musuyi for being so nice
reading.                                                        7T      Marigona Bucinca who is bright, cheerful and respectful
                                                                7N      Issac Nkosi for a dramatic improvement in behaviour and
Years 7-9                                                               classwork
1.   The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson                   7K      Leona George who is polite and hardworking
                                                                7Y      Maimuna Osman for being hardworking and polite
2.   The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket
                                                                7S      Mariam Abolfazilian for her hard work in all her lessons
3.   The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket
                                                                                                 Ms Giarrusso & Ms Howe
4.   Golem 1/Magic Berber by Marie-Aude Murail
5.   The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket                        8Q      Ardiana Xhelili for excellent attendance
                                                                8U      Shahd Hammou for great behaviour and positive attitude
Years 10-11                                                     8T      Nazar Razak for good behaviour and always being on time
                                                                8N      Safa Suwar for a very good Geography essay
1.   Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro,                         8K      Rhianna Pierce for consistent excellent behaviour
2.   Chandra by Frances Mary Hendry                             8Y      Sra Rouhi for excellent behaviour in PE and representing
3.   A View from the Bridge/All My Sons by Arthur Miller                QK in basketball
4.   The Twits by Roald Dahl                                    8S      Farhad Yakrang for making an excellent start at QK
5.   Northern Lights by Philip Pullman                                                     Miss Carrington & Miss Darley
                                                                9Q      Donna Tester
We are constantly buying new books and now have all             9U      Hiba Ramadan
the Goosebumps series. If you really like Horror books          9T      Tashi French
we also have a full catalogue of books from R L Stine.          9N      Ermela Hoxha
                                                                9K      Michael Rickard
Every one loves Jacqueline Wilson and Lemony Snicket            9Y      Robyn Kelly
so why not come down and borrow one today?                      9S      Zahraa Mughal

For the older readers amongst us, if you’ve read the Da         10Q Wassim Mohamad
Vinci Code why not read Digital Fortress by Dan Brown?          10U Krenare Xhelili
We also have some amazing novels by Gabriel Garcia              10T Ekram Ali
                                                                10N Haysam Agabani
Marquez, a Colombian novelist, journalist, publisher and
                                                                10K Eman Dabra
political activist who received the 1982 Nobel Prize for        10Y Lena Nabisl
Literature.                                                     10S Agne Smulkstyte
                                                                Subject Class of the Week: Ms Ward’s BTEC Sport and Rec Class
All these and more are available from the library today!
                                            Library Team                                          Mr Tobin & Ms Schembri

                                               Design Technology

Well done to these students for             Sarah IRVING 8K (p)                            Mariane JOB 10T (m)
an excellent first term!                    Neda MOHAMMED 8U (w)                           Hadleigh McCULLOCH 10T (s)
                                            Hannah NABALI 8U (w)                           Afrah MERZA 10Y (w)
Jeton AHMETAJ 7Y (w)                        Marim NOUKRI 8S (g)                            Tashaan RICHARDSON 10U (g)
Laurence AMMAH 7K (w)                       Elliott O'SULLIVAN 8K (r)
Rosie BASTIEN 7U (t)                        Duke REID 8U (t)                               Shamim ALOM 11Q (r)
Maisha BEGUM 7K (w)                         Ayath ULLAH 8U (r)                             Hasmeen AZMI 11K (w)
Enver BERISHA 7Y (g)                                                                       Abdul Rahman KHALED 11U (r)
Batol DAHER 7S (w)                          Mayes Al-JASSAS 9N (o)                         Zeeshan KHAWAR 11Y (r)
Sarah FARCHOUKH 7S (m)                      Amir Al-RAMARHE 9U (w)                         Durim KIKA 11S (g)
Sabrina GOUHA 7S (w)                        Yasser FARHART 9Q (g)                          Shannon THURLING 11Y (p)
Polly KHANOM 7N (w)                         Mauyree HALSACKDA 9U (w)
Naomi MENGI 7Y (g)                          Ermela HOXHA 9N (w)                            Allan BUSH 12Y (r)
Hussain MOHAMMED 7S (g)                     Aya JICHY 9K (o)                               Elmira JAFARI 12N (r)
Ellie O'DONNELL 7Q, (b)                     Kiko KATZARSKI 9K (p)
Danillla OKEZIE 7Q (m)                      Robyn KELLY 9Y (w)                             Vitto FARCI 13Q (r)
Ghirmai TESFAI 7T (g)                       Bobbie-Sue KELLY 9U (m)                        Javeer MIAH 13N (r)
Luke VIEIRA 7S (g)                          Howard MILLER 9S (w)                           Azharuz ZAMAN 13I (r)
Sophie WARD 7T (l)                          Donjeta MUHAXHERI 9N (w)
Dua YMERI 7U (l)                            Mathew MURRELL 9N (w)                          (b) Miss Bisnath
                                            Salma OMAR 9U (w)                              (m) Miss McCormack
                                            Vicky RABIN 9Q (g)                             (o) Mr O’Brien-Cocker
Katrina 8UT (t)                             Sofia ROUHI 9K (o)                             (p) Mrs Pantelli
Mohamed ABDI 8S (r)                         Alban XHEMAJLI 9U (h)                          (l) Mr Plumley
Mizan AHMED 8Y (g)                                                                         (r) Mr Riddle
Mohammed ALI 8N (r)                         Mishal AHMED 10T (r)                           (g) Miss Ridgeway
Kunal AMRANIA 8T (w)                        Saher Al-JAWAHERI 10Q (g)                      (s) Mr Stone
Kurrim BENDRISS 8Q (m)                      Nadine BERRY 10Q (p)                           (t) Miss Taank
Nana El-NACHAR 8Y (p)                       Shpetim GULA 10T (r)                           (h) Mr Thompson
Kellie GREENWOOD 8U (w)                     Omar HUSSAIN 10T (r)                           (w) Miss Wright

                    Music Department Christmas Concert 2006
                    Thursday 7th December at 6 pm in the Drama Centre

 1. Let it Snow – Choir: Izabela Pereira 9K, Salma Omer 9U, Harriet Ayorinde-Williams 9K, Juliana Pereira
    11K and LJ Crabbe 12
 2. Drum Solo by Khaled Ramadan 9Q
 3. Roaring Lions – piano solo by Matthew Kim 7Y
 4. Sleepy John – piano duet by Sophie Ward 7S and Mariam Abolfazlian 7T
 5. On my Own – sung by Salma Omer 9U
 6. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – trombone solo by Kurrim Bendriss 8Q
 7. Jingle Bells – euphonium solo by Sinead Curney 8T
 8. Deck the Halls, Good King Wenceslas and Away in the Manager – flute duet by Yoke Yan Chen 7T and
    Rhianna Spence 9Q
 9. Beautiful – sung by Bruna Semedo 7S
10. The Voice Within – sung by Kassandra Da Silva 7S
11. The First Noel and Jingle Bells – violin duet by Anna Trichkine 9Q and Salma Omer 9U
12. Tomcat – piano solo by Dereen Jafar 7N
13. Santa’s Sleigh – piano by Helen Ayorinde-Williams 7Q
14. I don’t know how to love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar) – sung by Izabela Pereira 9K
15. Jingle Bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas – guitar solo by Jessica Hall 9Q
16. Drum Solo by Anis Riabi 8Q
17. Spooks – piano solo by Armend Jashari 8Q
18. Run Mouse Run – piano solo by Soha Elghany 8Q
19. Jogalong – piano solo by Yoke Yan Chen 9T
20. Autumn Crocus – piano solo by Jenny Ye 11S
21. Hot Cross Buns Blues – Jazz Beginners Band: Ben Chipperfield 9Q (clarinet), Mohammed El-Mumin 7T
    (saxophone), Zinab Zaaiter 7Y and BJ Fagan 9Q (trumpets), Riad Irmouli 7T and Kurrim Bendriss 8
    (trombones) and Sinead Curney 8T (euphonium)
22. Pop goes the Weasel – piano solo by Mayuree Halsackda 9U
23. Waltzing Elephants – piano solo by Duke Reid 8U
24 Jingle Bells and Good King Wenceslas – guitar solo by Dane Elliot 12
25. All my Life – sung by Andrea Morales 10T
26. Hero – sung by Nazare Danfa 8T
27. Tempo di Marcia – flute duet by Yoke Yan Chen 9T and Rhianna Spence 9Q
28. Clair de Lune – trumpet solo by Zinab Zaaiter 7Y
29. Giga and In the Pink – piano solo by Victoria Rabin 9Q
30. Hello – sung by LJ Crabbe 12I
31. Little Brown Jug – guitar duet by Ellie O’Donnell 7Q and Masar Sedeq 7Q
32. Boating Lake – piano solo by Craig Miguel 8T
33. Bullfrog – piano solo by Dior Grajqevci 8T
34. Bugle Call – piano solo by Henna Khalid 8Q
35. Composition by Danny Pape 10 (guitar) and Oussama El-Azizi 10 (drumkit)
36. Oh! When the Saints – clarinet solo by Ben Chipperfield 9Q
37. Kissing You (Romeo & Juliet) – sung by Juliana Pereira 11
38. Ave Verum – Choir
39. Finale – all performers


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