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  Alcohol is something to be enjoyed
and, most of the time, drinking does
not cause any problems. But drinking
too much or at the wrong time can be
harmful. Alcohol is a powerful Drug and
we need to be careful how we use it.

In Northern Ireland, many of us do most
of our drinking in a few sessions, often
on Friday and/or Saturday night. This
pattern of drinking can put our health
at risk. The important thing is to know
where the benefits end and the risks

The alcohol liaison service has been
introduced to give advice, support
and education to those patients in the
general hospital setting.

All patients admitted to or attending the
hospital are routinely asked about their
use of alcohol.

If any of the doctors or nursing staff that
are caring for you feels that your use of
alcohol may have played a part in your
admission or may hinder your recovery,
they will refer you to the alcohol liaison

Reading this leaflet may help you to
decide if the lifestyle review can be of
assistance to you.
   What can the Alcohol Liaison
       Nurse (ALN) offer?


The nurse or doctor who refers you to
the ALN will have carried out a brief
assessment of your alcohol use. The
ALN will carry out a more in-depth
assessment. This will show what if any
level of support you need either during
your stay in hospital or after you go


Many people who are drinking at harmful
or hazardous levels are not aware they
are doing so. Taken in excess, alcohol
can harm almost all of the organs and
systems of the body. Alcohol is also a
major cause of ill health. The ALN will be
able to help explain how alcohol affects
your health. They can also give you
advice and support on recognising and
overcoming the problems linked with
your drinking. This information may help
you to decide if you want to continue
with your current lifestyle or if you would
like to make changes. If you are staying
in hospital for sometime the ALN will be
able to see you several times to help you
plan these changes.
If your stay in hospital is quite short and
you are interested in dealing with your
use of alcohol after you have gone home,
the ALN can arrange referral with the
appropriate service. There are special
alcohol services in the community and
the ALN will be happy to discuss these
with you.
This will help to match your needs with
the best service for you.


Your friends and relatives may be
affected by your drinking and associated
health problems. They may be having
difficulty coping, which you are unaware
of. The ALN can offer support to them,
or provide contact numbers for relevant

You have the right to expect that your
attendance and everything you say will
not be passed on to anyone else outside
the service without your prior written
consent. However we have a statutory
responsibility to notify appropriate
agencies where we believe a child may
be at risk or there is a risk of serious
harm to anyone.

Eileen Hutson
(028) 9151 2151 ext: 2162
The Trust is a smoke free organisation

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