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									In the present time, health conditions and health risks has come a long way. In every
move we make there are possible health risks that may affect our body’s functioning.
By the way we eat, we drink and the amount of those things may greatly affect health.
Today the cost of treatment of health conditions may have accumulatively ballooned
to billions of dollars in cost a year.

There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to the treatment modalities
of a disease. For one, there’s the western medicine that is highly effective but their
practice entails more synthetic and man made medicines in order to cure someone of
his/her diseases. Now, manipulating chemical compositions of plants may have
increased the potency of a certain drug but along with it, it has also increased the risk
of a patient receiving the drug with its adverse reactions. The worse thing is that
sometimes, adverse reactions are even harder to manage that another medication
would be needed by the client just for the doctor to treat the physical manifestations
of the adverse reactions. This now leads to a cascade of relying pharmacologic
measures that eventually does damage primarily to the client’s liver and sometimes
even its kidneys.

The second school of thought is that of eastern medicine more commonly known to be
traditional medicine among the western practitioners. They partake to the practice of
minimally invasive ways on repairing the body and putting it back in order.
Naturopathy is among the broad branches of traditional medicine that focuses on the
body’s healing capacity. Ayurvedic medicine on the other hand is the traditional
medicine practice in India which also focuses on minimal use of invasive procedures
and pharmacologic measures.

There are naturopaths in Vancouver who give patients treatment of traditional
medicine. Since, traditional medicine is not debunked totally by western medicine;
patients are free to choose whether to go to a western medicine practitioner or to the
naturopaths. Vancouver is a breeding ground for both practitioners of western and
traditional medicine that gives patients more control on their treatment modality.

A sub branch of traditional medicine that is well known in India is the Ayurvedic
medicine. Ayurvedic medicine in Vancouver is pretty much among the best in
traditional medicine practice in the whole of Canada. Such practitioners maximize the
healing capacity of the patient’s body for his or her own benefit.

Naturopathic medicine in Vancouver has broadened the horizon of treat ment
modalities for the patients suffering from different diseases; ranging from the chronic
to the acute. A naturopathic doctor in Vancouver is also responsible for a patient’s
respite to the heavy pharmacologic measures typically given by their western
counterpart that in more than one occasion worsens the condition of the patient since
it weakens major organs like kidneys and liver.
Western and Eastern practice of medicine can sometimes have a gray area which they
really don’t debunk each other but compliments each other with their different types
of practice. With the emergence of traditional medicine, patients can know weigh their
choices more when it comes to choosing the most appropriate treatment for their

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