The Components and Importance of WAN Optimization by djsgjg0045


									Every business benefits from having the most efficient communications system that is
suitable for its needs. This becomes more crucial the larger the company is, especially
if there are remote branch locations and workers in the field. Solutions for WAN
optimization also ease communication between different departments, such as
network personnel, sales people, payroll, managers, and individual employees. The
type of equipment required depends on the size, structure, and type of business.
  Large businesses with headquarters and branch offices typically use the Internet as
the main line of communication. The Web is not always reliable, as certain sites and
services can experience outages, and there are always security concerns such as
intrusions and viruses. No one is immune to these threats anymore, and the first order
of business is to find a centralized appliance that can handle the data traffic to support
day-to-day operations. For a growing business, it is important to have a system that
can handle the company’s current needs and which can scale to support future growth.
  It is also important that the appliance supports major business software, such as
resource planning and content management systems. These software products drive
all of the data integration that streamlines business operations, and can often require
large amounts of storage space. The appliance must have the capacity to store and
manage such data.
  The ease of deployment is also an imperative feature for WAN optimization. In the
current economic climate, companies need to conserve resources, and the less effort it
takes for IT to set up a system, the less the burden implementation will be on the staff
and company uptime.
  Other equipment such as high-end routers speed data transfer between branch offices
as well as sales and other specialists in the field. Mobile employees are becoming
more prevalent, and WAN systems must be able to handle the bandwidth and security
needed to support this organizational structure. Many of these systems ca n be
managed remotely as well, just by logging in via the Internet. They can be configured
by people that have the right access codes, while other users might have specific
access privileges to use certain features.
  The network infrastructure is not complete without adequate software. An integral
part of any WAN optimization initiative, software products help with communications
protocol management, consolidation of data, and installation of remote systems. Other
programs integrate disparate applications, offer graphical views of the network for
administrators, and even help to virtualize data for implementation of cloud
computing systems. Data backup is another important function for optimizing of
WANs, which should always be included in the software package of the company
  Another important component, and a cost-saving one, is to find services that manage
the critical operations of the network. Offloading these operations to a service
provider ensures that equipment maintenance, software upgrades, and security are
taken care of as a part of that service. Costs on in- house infrastructure and man-power
are eliminated, with the service cost being a fraction of the expenses the company
would otherwise incur.
  For all of these solutions, there are several major companies that are the main
providers. Information on their products and services can be found throughout the
Internet, while most software can be trialed and downloaded online, another time- and
cost-saving benefit for growing businesses.
  There are numerous methods for companies to be successful these days, but perhaps
the most important is WAN optimization. The equipment, software, and services
involved in making the most efficient network optimize the communications and all
other functions of the company, as well as ensure security for mobile businesses that
are most vulnerable.
  Sandy Winslow is a writer on a variety of topics, including computer software and
Internet communication. There is no better way for a business to handle their
communication efforts throughout their network than by taking advantage of WAN

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