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HBA has provided Australians
with high quality health insurance
for more than 70 years.
HBA is part of worldwide health
and care specialist Bupa, which
looks after the health needs
of more than ten million
people worldwide.

You can depend on us                   4
Financial benefits of going private   8
Our in2life partners                  10
Choosing your cover                   12
Compare our covers                    14
Travel, home and car insurance        18
How to join                           20
Our centres                           21
Health cover like no other

Your health is your most important asset, so now is the time to protect it.

HBA gives you the security and protection you look for in private health
insurance. As one of Australia’s largest and most innovative health funds,
we offer a range of affordable cover options that give you more of the
features and benefits you want.

So you can relax knowing your health is in good hands –
we’ve got you covered.

Simply read on for an overview of our covers and benefits.

If you need help selecting a cover that’s right for you, our friendly staff will be
pleased to assist. Simply call 131 243 or visit a centre. Alternatively visit hba.com.au
for a range of easy-to-use tools.

    You can depend on us

    We’ll protect your most important asset
    Our hospital cover options put the power in your hands. You get to choose your own
    doctor or specialist and where you’re treated, from our extensive hospital network. It
    provides access to high-quality health cover whenever you need it. And our extras cover
    helps you with the cost of services such as dental, physiotherapy, optical and natural
    therapies – even massage.
    With affordable covers to suit every stage of life and budget, we put you in control
    of your health care and give you peace of mind.

    We give you local experience with global expertise
    HBA is one of Australia’s largest health funds, insuring over one million Australians. We’ve
    been providing high quality health cover for over 70 years. HBA is part of leading health
    and care specialist Bupa, which looks after the needs of more than ten million people
    worldwide. So you’ll benefit from local experience with global expertise.

We’ll offer you more valuable features and benefits
Ezyclaim – covering the gap

Ezyclaim is a direct billing system your specialist can use to eliminate or reduce the gap.
An Ezyclaim specialist bills us directly so in most cases you won’t receive a bill, and you
don’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses. And if there’s a gap, you should be advised of the
amount before your treatment. Simply ask your specialist if they use Ezyclaim or search
online for one who does – just go to hba.com.au
Certainty of a single room or money back

To receive a single room for an overnight admission at any of our Members First hospitals,
simply book at least 24 hours before your admission and ensure you request a single
room. If there’s no single room available, you’ll receive $50 a day from the hospital for
every day you’re not in one. This applies to any overnight admission and excludes nursing
home type patients, emergencies or where a single room is medically inappropriate. And
it’s available on most of our covers – a unique HBA feature.

At Members First hospitals, you’ll also enjoy a free daily newspaper, local phone calls and
TV in your room.
Great savings for single parents and families

Our Single Parent cover options mean you can enjoy significant savings on your hospital
health cover. While our Family Plus cover options allow you to keep the whole family
covered under one membership for longer and save. Single children can be covered up to
their 25th birthday – even if they’re living away from home or working!
No gap dental for kids

Only HBA covers all of the cost of your kids’ dental at Members First dentists, right
up until they turn 25.* That means you’ll benefit from no out-of-pocket costs on more
than 250 dental services when you visit a Members First dentist – including check-ups,
teeth cleaning, fillings, x-rays and more!
* Exclusive at Members First dentists on benefits payable. Excludes Orthodontics (normal benefits apply).
  Available on Ultimate and Family hospital covers with Silver, Gold or Platinum Extras. Excludes hospital
  treatments. Waiting periods and normal fund dental rules apply. Child dependants only.

Special partner benefits

We’ll help cover the costs for your partner should they need to stay in hospital with
you. This includes a benefit towards accommodation and meal costs. Available on
selected covers.

    We’ll offer you more valuable features and benefits
    The following features are available on selected covers - for full details, please refer to our
    Hospital Cover and Extras Cover brochures, or simply contact us:

    Baby Care
    Baby Care is about taking care of the very youngest member of your family. It offers no
    excess on hospital admissions for children under the age of three. As an added bonus
    we’ll also give you two free books – What to expect when you’re expecting and Toddler
    Taming. Available on selected hospital covers. Subject to eligibility.

    Unemployment cover
    If you lose your job through involuntary retrenchment or are made redundant from
    full-time employment, we’ll pay your premiums for you, for up to 12 months while you
    remain unemployed. Subject to eligibility.

    Excess Bonus
    This gives you one (for single or single parent memberships) or two (for family
    memberships) excess-free overnight or same day admissions to hospital each calendar
    year! Available on selected hospital covers, it’s a great feature designed to save you
    money – and it’s currently unique to HBA.

    Benefit Bonuses
    We increase the amount you get back on your extras treatments by 2% every year,
    up to a maximum of 10%!*
    Your Benefit Bonus starts after your first year of membership on extras cover with us.
    Available on selected extras covers.
    *Annual Maximum limits apply.

    Top-up Bonus
    A Top-up Bonus can be put towards any out-of-pocket expenses for extras services,
    saving you more. Available on selected covers.

    Gap Bonus
    Gap Bonuses are designed to reduce or eliminate any known in-patient admission
    gaps for treatment in a private hospital when your doctor uses Ezyclaim – bringing you
    ultimate reassurance. Available only on Ultimate Health Cover.

    Health subscription refunds
    Enjoy a 50% refund on a subscription to the Arthritis Foundation, Asthma Foundation
    and Diabetes Australia. Subject to eligibility.
If you have any questions
     simply contact us
    – we’re here to help.

    Financial benefits of going private
    Enjoy at least 30% off your premiums
    You can save at least 30% on your hospital and extras premiums with the health
    insurance Federal Government rebate. If you’re aged between 65 to 69, the rebate
    increases to 35%. And if you’re aged 70 or more, it’s 40%.
    This rebate was first introduced to make private health cover more affordable. It’s
    available to all Australians who are eligible for Medicare and have private health cover.
    You can choose to have the rebate automatically deducted from your premiums or claim
    it as a tax rebate.

                                                         Your age on 1 July   Lifetime Health
                                                          prior to joining     Cover loading
                                                                30                  0%

                                                                 31                 2%

Avoid Lifetime Health Cover loading                             32                  4%

                                                                33                  6%
Under the Federal Government’s
Lifetime Health Cover initiative, you                           34                  8%
will pay a loading on your hospital                             35                  10%
premiums based on your age on 1 July
                                                                36                  12%
prior to taking out private hospital
cover for the first time.                                       37                  14%

But if you take out private hospital                            38                  16%

cover before you turn 31 and maintain                           39                  18%
it without a break (or any break less                           40                  20%
than three years) you won’t have to
                                                                 41                 22%
pay a loading. Every year you delay
taking out hospital cover, your loading                         42                  24%
increases by 2% up to a maximum of                              43                  26%
70% (see the table opposite). Once
                                                                44                  28%
you’ve had hospital cover for 10
consecutive years, you won’t have                               45                  30%
to pay the loading any longer.                                  46                  32%

There are some situations where you                             47                  34%
won’t have to pay the loading (e.g: if                          48                  36%
you are under 31, if you had private
                                                                49                  38%
hospital cover at 1 July 2000 and have
maintained it since, or if you were born                        50                  40%
on or before 1 July 1934). Contact us                            51                 42%
for more details.                                               52                  44%
No Medicare Levy Surcharge                                      53                  46%
If you earn more than $73,000 a year                            54                  48%
(for singles) or $146,000 a year (for
                                                                55                  50%
couples or families)* and you don’t have
private hospital cover, you may have to                         56                  52%
pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge. ^ This                         57                  54%
is a 1% tax on top of the 1.5% Medicare                         58                  56%
Levy paid by all eligible taxpayers.
                                                                59                  58%
So why not reduce the amount of tax
                                                                60                  60%
you’re paying and get the benefits of
private health cover too? Ask your tax                           61                 62%
advisor for more information or visit                           62                  64%
                                                                63                  66%
* Increases by $1,500 per child after the first child.
                                                                64                  68%
^ Thresholds are applicable as at 1 July 2009
  and are indexed annually.                                     65+               70% Max.
     Our in2life partners

     Take advantage of great discounts and special deals
     To bring you even greater value for being with HBA, in2life brings you discounts and
     deals from a range of specially selected partners, with the aim of helping you adopt
     a healthier lifestyle and enjoy life. You can benefit from a great range of offers from
     the following partners:

     As an HBA member, you’ll enjoy special discounted memberships.

     HBA members can receive great discounts on full-priced merchandise at Rebel Sport
     stores nationally. Simply show your HBA card when you purchase your items.

     Visit hba.com.au/in2life for the latest deals from Weight Watchers.

     HBA members receive up to 20% off the usual retail price on selected frames, lenses and
     contact lenses, and up to 10% off the usual retail price of sunglasses.

     HBA members receive discounts on selected fares when you book online and fly with
     British Airways. Terms and conditions apply.

     Guy is promoting a self-help approach to health and fitness by offering HBA members
     discounts of 20% off a range of fitness equipment and tailored home fitness programs.

HBA members can receive a 20% discount off the range of sunglasses displayed at any
Blink Optical store or National Pharmacies optical store.

Warner Village Theme Parks is offering HBA members discounts on day admission at
Warners Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet‘n’Wild Water World for adults, children
and pensioner passes. Just present your card at the entry gates.

HBA members will receive a 15% discount on the admission price to Dreamworld and
WhiteWater World on the Gold Coast when tickets are purchased online.

HBA members can receive discounts on a range of 2000 amazing experiences from

HBA members can receive 25% off two full priced games and shoe hire at any AMF
Bowling centre.

Plus much more! For full details of how to take advantage of our range of in2life benefits,
visit hba.com.au/in2life.

     Choosing your cover

     Step 1. Choose from one of three types of cover
     At HBA you have three types of cover to choose from. Hospital cover which helps you
     with in-patient medical and hospital expenses; Extras cover for services not covered
     by Medicare; and Packaged covers – a combination of hospital and extras. Your cover
     selection will depend on your lifestyle and needs. You can choose just hospital cover
     or extras cover on its own, or a mix of both.

                         If you’d prefer not to decide on your own combination of
        Packaged         hospital and extras, choose from one of our five convenient
          Cover          packaged options. These range from our highest possible
                         protection to more basic cover for people on a budget.

                         Hospital cover with HBA puts the power in your hands. You can
         Hospital        choose your own doctor or specialist and where you’d like to be
          Cover          treated, from our extensive hospital network. Hospital cover will
                         help give you access to quality health care whenever you need it.

                         Extras cover with HBA helps you with costs of services not
          Extras         covered by Medicare. These include dental, optical, physiotherapy,
          Cover          chiropractic, osteopathy and natural therapies including massage,
                         and acupuncture.

Step 2. What level of cover do you need?

  If you want:                          Then this is for you:

 >> Top level cover                      Ultimate Health Cover
 Choose a top level of cover for
                                         Top Hospital Cover
 comprehensive hospital and extras       Hospital Cover with Excess Bonus Plus
 cover with maximum benefits and         Hospital Cover with Excess Bonus
 high protection. These cover            Hospital Cover with Excess
 options can be suited to families
 and mature couples or singles.          Platinum Extras
                                         Gold Extras
                                         Silver Extras

 >> Medium level cover
    for commonly used services           Hospital Saver Plus
                                         Hospital Saver
 Choose these covers for the
 services you think you are most
 likely to use or need. These cover
                                         Your Choice Extras
 options can be suited to young          Standard Extras
 couples and families.

 >> Basic level cover                    Young Couples Choice
    for the essentials                   Young Singles Choice
                                         Young Singles Saver
 If you don’t want to pay for things     Active Sports Saver
 you don’t think you need at this
 stage in your life, choose one of
 these covers. These options can         Family Essentials Hospital Cover
 be suited to young singles, or
 families on a budget looking to
 protect their children.                 General Dental

See pages 14 to 17 and refer to our Hospital Cover and Extras Cover brochures
for all the information you need.

     Compare our Hospital Covers

     Use this chart for a quick comparison of our main hospital cover features and benefits.
     Please read the Hospital Brochure for full details on any excess, waiting periods,
     restrictions or exclusions.

     In addition to your selected hospital cover, you will also receive emergency ambulance cover.

                                             Ultimate          Top                 Hospital Cover     Hospital Cover   Hospital Cover   Hospital                 Hospital           Family           Young Couples             Young Singles Saver/
                                             Health            Hospital            with Excess        with Excess      with Excess      Saver Plus               Saver              Essentials       Choice/Young              Active Sports Saver
                                             Cover             Cover               Bonus Plus         Bonus                                                                         Hospital Cover   Singles Choice

                                             Our very          High level,         High level cover   Lower            Lower premiums   Cover for commonly       A low-cost         A unique cover   Hospital and extras       Low-cost hospital and extras
                                             best hospital     excess-free         and an Excess      premiums         with an excess   used services            hospital cover     for families     packages for young        package for young people
                                             and extras        cover               Bonus feature      and an Excess                                              for young people   on a budget      couples and singles
                                             package                                                  Bonus feature

       Hospital Cover                                                                                                                                            Some restricted                     Some excluded
                                                                                                                                        Some restricted                             benefits apply
                                                                                                                                                                 benefits apply                      services and restricted   Some restrictions apply for the
       (as outlined in our                   Full benefits     Full benefits       Full benefits      Full benefits    Full benefits    benefits apply for the                      for adults for
                                                                                                                                                                 for the duration                    benefits apply for the    duration of this cover
       Hospital Cover brochure)                                                                                                         duration of this cover                      the duration
                                                                                                                                                                 of this cover                       duration of this cover
                                                                                                                                                                                    of this cover

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               On Young Singles Saver you pay a $50
                                                                                                                       Up to $400 or
       Excess or Co-payment                                                        Up to $200         Up to $300                        From nil to $500         Up to $500                          $50 co-payment a          co-payment per day, capped at $250
                                                                                                                       $500 excess
                                             None              None                excess per         excess per                        excess per admission     excess per         None             day, capped at $250       per hospital stay. On Active Sports
       per year*                                                                                                       per admission
                                                                                   admission          admission                         – you choose             admission                           per hospital stay         Saver you pay a $100 co-payment per
                                                                                                                       – you choose
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               day capped at $500 per hospital stay.

       Excess Bonus feature
       Singles and single parents get
       the first excess waived; families
       get first two excesses waived

       Unemployment cover
       Subject to eligibility

       Waiting Periods
       Initial waiting period,
       palliative care, psychiatric
       and rehabilitation services           2 months          2 months            2 months           2 months         2 months         2 months                 2 months           2 months         2 months                  2 months

       Pre-existing ailments,
       illnesses or conditions               1 year            1 year              1 year             1 year           1 year           1 year                   1 year             1 year           1 year                    1 year

       Pregnancy (childbirth)
                                             1 year            1 year              1 year             1 year           1 year           1 year                   1 year             1 year           not covered               1 year

       Heart scan (available once
                                             1 year            not covered         not covered        not covered      not covered      not covered              not covered        not covered      not covered               not covered
       every 3 years)

       Laser eye correction surgery
                                             3 years           not covered         not covered        not covered      not covered      not covered              not covered        not covered      not covered               not covered

     * An excess applies for overnight and same-day admissions capped per
       calendar year at $500 for singles and $1000 for families & single parents

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     15
     Compare our Extras Covers
     Use this chart for a quick comparison of the services covered by our Extras Covers.

                                     Ultimate                    Platinum                  Gold                Silver           Your Choice             Young Couples                Young                     Standard                   Active Sports               General
                                     Health Cover                Extras                    Extras              Extras           Extras                  Choice/Young                 Singles                   Extras                     Saver*                      Dental
                                                                                                                                                        Singles Choice*              Saver*
                                     Our very best hospital      High level benefits and   Generous benefits   Great benefits   Your choice of          Hospital and                 Hospital and              Cover for                  Hospital and                Cover for
                                     and extras package          Annual Maximums           and great Annual    and Annual       four services           extras packages              extras package            commonly                   extras package              dental only
                                                                                           Maximums            Maximums                                 for young people             for young people          used services              for young people

     General Dental

     Major Dental
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (result of accident only)

                                                                                                                                                        (result of accident only)   (result of accident only) (result of accident only)   (result of accident only)



     Chiropractic & Osteopathy


     Natural Therapies

     Living Well





     Pharmacy                                                                                                                    Travel vaccines only     Travel vaccines only

     Speech Therapy

     Eye Therapy

     Occupational Therapy

     Home Nursing

     Health Aids and
     Travel and

16   * Refer to our Health cover for young couples and singles brochure for full details                                                                                                                                                                                            17
     Travel, home and car insurance

     After travel, home or car insurance? As well as providing health cover to over one million
     Australians, we also offer insurance to take care of your travel needs and protect your
     home or car. This means you can have the convenience and security of having your
     insurances in one place and if you’re a health member, access to some great discounts.
     Save almost 20% on home and car insurance

     HBA insures over 100,000 homes and cars across Australia. As a health member you’ll get
     10% off home and car insurance, plus an additional 10% discount for choosing to pay by
     direct debit monthly. Some of our comprehensive features include:
     Home insurance

       •   Automatic $20,000 cover for your general contents items

       •   Optional cover for items like jewellery, phones and cameras when
           they’re away from home

       •   Discounts for people who are 50+

     Car insurance

       •   New-for-old replacement of vehicles up to three years old*

       •   One free windscreen or window replacement each year* ^

       •   Up to $500 cover for your personal items if they’re stolen or damaged while in your car

     We also provide cover for caravans, boats and trailers against fire, theft or accidents, as
     well as liability costs.
     Save 15% on travel insurance

     You can travel with confidence knowing you have medical cover for overseas trips and
     cover for your luggage, trip cancellations and more. Plus, as a health member we’ll give
     you 15% off so you have a little extra spending money.

     For more information or a free quote on travel, home and car insurance, simply give us a
     call on 131 243, visit your local centre or visit hba.com.au
     *For comprehensively insured cars. ^ Age and kilometre limits apply.

     Travel, home and car insurance issued by Mutual Community General Insurance (MCGI) Pty Ltd ABN 59 007 895
     543 AFSL 237634. This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual circumstances.
     A product disclosure statement is available at hba.com.au and should be considered before making any decision on
     this product. Bupa Australia Health Pty Ltd ABN 50 003 098 655 (Trading as HBA) is an authorised representative
     of MCGI.

     As an HBA member,
you can enjoy great discounts
on insurance for travel, home,
        car and more!

     How to join

     We have a number of easy options for you to choose from:

       •   Call us on 131 243

       •   Visit an HBA centre – see pages 21 and 22 for details

       •   Complete an application form – enclosed in this brochure

       •   Online at hba.com.au

     Need more information? Jump online!
     Go to hba.com.au and use our online tools to find the most suitable cover for you:

       •   Get a quick quote and join online

       •   Calculate your Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover loading

       •   Check out our range of travel, home and car insurance options and get a
           quote or buy online

     Once you’re a member with HBA you can access your membership details online,
     anytime, by visiting your online member account, plus:

       •   Claim and pay online

       •   Find Members First hospitals and providers

       •   Change your membership details

       •   Find out about special member offers

       •   Check out useful health information and guides

     Simply login at hba.com.au

Our centres

Our experienced HBA centre consultants can personally assist you with:

    •   An obligation-free quote
    •   Joining HBA
    •   Changing your level of cover

Centres in Victoria

    Centre                       Location

                                                             HBA Metropolitan Centres

    Camberwell                   791 Burke Road

    Chadstone                    Chadstone Shopping Centre

    Doncaster                    Westfield Shoppingtown

    Fountain Gate                Fountain Gate Shopping Centre

    Frankston                    Bayside Shopping Centre

    Glen Waverley                The Glen Shopping Centre

    Highpoint                    Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong

    Knox                         Knox City Shopping Centre

    Melbourne                    257 Collins Street

    Northland                    Northland Shopping Centre, Preston

    Southland                    Westfield Shopping Centre, Cheltenham

                                                               HBA Country Centres

    Ballarat                     Bridge Mall

    Bendigo                      Cnr Queen Street and Killians Walk

    Geelong                      Westfield Shopping Centre

                                                      HBA Metropolitan Pharmacy Centres

    Berwick                      Berwick Pharmacy, 51 High Street

    Broadmeadows                 My Chemist, Broadmeadows Town Centre, Pascoe Vale Road

Please note: HBA home, car and travel insurance is available at all HBA metropolitan
             and country centres and at our Berwick Pharmacy Centre.

     Centres in Victoria continued...

      Centre                Location

                                           HBA Metropolitan Pharmacy Centres (continued)

      Dandenong             Terry White Chemists, Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre

      Deer Park             Brimbank Amcal Pharmacy, Brimbank Shopping Centre

      Eastland              Ringwood Pulse Pharmacy, Eastland Shopping Centre

      Eltham                Thompson’s Pharmacy, 964 Main Road

      Melbourne             QV Pulse Pharmacy, Cnr Swanston and Lonsdale Streets

      Mornington            Pulse Pharmacy, 241 Main Street

      Niddrie               Priceline Pharmacy, 451 Keilor Road

      Rosebud               Bayne & Friend Pharmacy, 3 Boneo Road

      Werribee              Pharm-Assist Pharmacy Werribee, 83 Watton Street

                                                     HBA Country Pharmacy Centres

      Horsham               Horsham Amcal Chemist, 96 Firebrace Street

      Shepparton            Chemist Warehouse, 425 Wyndham Street

      Warrnambool           Artz & Kay Pharmacy, 143–149 Lava Street

      Wodonga               Central Pharmacy, 127 High Street

     Centres in New South Wales

      Centre                Location

      Chatswood             Westfield Chatswood, 1 Anderson Street

  CALL      131 243

  VISIT     hba.com.au

POP BY      your HBA centre

Ballarat – Bridge Mall
Bendigo – Queen Street
Camberwell – Burke Road
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Doncaster Westfield Shoppingtown
Fountain Gate Shopping Centre
Frankston Bayside Shopping Centre
Geelong – Westfield Shopping Centre
Glen Waverley – The Glen Shopping Centre
Highpoint Shopping Centre
Knox City Shopping Centre
Melbourne – Collins Street
Northland Shopping Centre
Southland – Westfield Shopping Centre

Chatswood – Westfield Chatswood

Bupa Australia Health Pty Ltd ABN 50 003 098 655. Trading as HBA.
VIC/NSW 06995-03-10S Effective Date 1 April 2010

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