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					                                                  PICAXE SOFTWARE OPTIONS
There are three main software types for developing and testing PICAXE programs.

BASIC textual programs are the most commonly used programming method, and the software
is free! The BASIC programming language allows powerful and complex programs to be
developed within a user friendly, easy to learn programming language. BASIC programs can
also be simulated on-screen with the PICAXE Programming Editor software.
Software Options:     PICAXE Programming Editor, LinAXEpad, MacAXEpad

Flowcharts are a graphical method of developing PICAXE control programs. Flowcharts are
created by pulling together graphical icon shapes and then drawing lines to connect these
shapes together. Flowcharts are widely used within education and flowcharts can also be
simulated on screen before download.
Software Option:      Logicator for PICs

Full circuit simulation software is the third category of software. Here a full circuit diagram
is drawn on screen and linked to a BASIC program listing. The SPICE circuit simulation
software then animates the electronic circuit on screen as the BASIC program is processed.
Software Option:       PICAXE VSM

  BASIC - WINDOWS                                    BASIC - LINUX                                BASIC - MAC
  Programming Editor is the main                     LinAXEpad is the Linux software that         MacAXEpad is the Mac software that
  Windows application for developing and             supports the common PICAXE features          supports the common PICAXE features
  simulating PICAXE programs in the BASIC            such as colour highlighting of BASIC         such as colour highlighting of BASIC
  language. Supports the common PICAXE               programs, support for downloading via        programs, support for downloading via
  features such as colour highlighting, full         the AXE027 USB cable, and in-built           the AXE027 USB cable, and in-built
  simulation and in-built testing features           testing features such as the ‘Debug’ and     testing features such as the ‘Debug’ and
  such as ‘Debug’ and ‘Terminal’ functions.          ‘Terminal’ functions.                        ‘Terminal’ functions.

  For Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7                    Any modern x386 distribution with GTK2.8+     For OS X (10.3+) on PowerPC or Intel

  FLOWCHARTS - WINDOWS                              SIMULATION - WINDOWS                          THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE
                                                                                                  Some third party software applications also
                                                                                                  support programming of PICAXE chips.

                                                                                                  Yenka PICs ( - Win/Mac

                                                                                                  Flowol ( - Win/Mac

  Logicator for PICs is a flowcharting              PICAXE Virtual System Modelling
  application widely used within education          (VSM) is a new software circuit simulator
  for developing control programs for PIC           that combines a ‘virtual’ PICAXE chip
  and PICAXE microcontrollers. It is                with animated components and SPICE
  extremely easy to use and supports an             circuit analysis to produce a simulation      AUTOMGEN ( - Win
  on-screen simulation and in circuit live          of a complete PICAXE project – and it
  debug mode that allows students to                operates in real time on most modern
  easily test and debug their flowcharts.           PCs! Over 10,000 popular analogue /
  Also available as unrestricted shareware.         digital components are included.

  For more details please see the separate          For more details please see the separate
  ‘Logicator for PIC and PICAXE’ catalogue page     ‘PICAXE VSM’ catalogue page.