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Insomnia guideline Overview of comments


Insomnia is not sleep or can not maintain sleep, leading to lack of sleep. Initiating and maintaining sleep disorder, also known as (DlMS), also known as the motherland medicine are: insomnia, not sleeping, not lying, the eye does not close the eyes, often can not get normal sleep is characterized by a disease card, for various reasons cause difficulty falling asleep, sleep depth or frequency through the short, early awakening, and inadequate or poor quality sleep time, the reasons for common cause of insomnia are environmental reasons, individual factors, physical reasons, psychological factors, emotional factors. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, the main reasons for insomnia disorder organs function, especially in heart function and kidney yin yang function can not be reconciled, blood deficiency, yin and yang disorders. So to avoid impeding sleep insomnia should drink less coffee and tea, drinking less alcohol, the use of musical instruments and other methods of sleep.

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