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									      Scribd 101;

What is Scribd
Scribd is…

the largest website for
social reading and publishing.
There’s something for everyone on Scribd.
              Like Madoff court filings

               Twilight fan fiction

         Reports about global warming

           Original flute compositions

           Or that web 2.0 slideshow
              from Mary Meeker
Join a thriving community of over 60 million
      active monthly readers. Who are;
                 • uploading docs
                       • following
                   • Readcasting
                   • commenting
                     • embedding
                          • rating
              • reading on the go
             Connect with people like you
•  Follow your favorite readers and publishers – instantly
   see what they’re Readcasting, publishing, rating and more.

•  If you have stuff to share, you’ll find readers who care.
Scribd believes that all your docs…
        Want To be shared across the web
             and all over the world

  Easily share your docs and
Readcasts on social networks.

                                Embed docs on your
                                  blog or website.
 Because there’s a community out there and on
Scribd that cares about what you have to share.
  …regardless of format.

We can turn any document into a
web doc while keeping the original
   fonts and graphics you love.
        …or device they’re read on.

Read Scribd docs on your
mobile device or eReader.
         And we’ll help people find them.

Your docs are indexed and made
easily discoverable by all major search engines.
So that you can focus on the fun stuff and
  express yourself by sharing what you’re
           reading and publishing.
       So come join the fun:
read, share, and connect on Scribd.
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 More, coming soon!
           The end.

Illustrations by Special Agent Productions

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