Sukhmani Sahib - The Key to Permanent Happiness in Life by djsgjg0045


									An excellent English translation of Sukhmani Sahib by Jaspinder Singh Grover has
been released online . This is a great news for the sikh community because it brings to
them the message of bani of Sukhmani Sahib in an easy to understand form . The
Book titled "The Divine Sukhmani Sahib" contains the original bani of Sukhmani
Sahib in Punjabi followed by its English transliteration and translation .
 Sukhmani Sahib is the pathway to pure and eternal bliss . It is believed that reading
of this bani regularly enables one to find Supreme and everlasting happiness in life .
But because the bani is originally written in Punjabi the ones who are well acquainted
with only English find it impossible to understand bani . But this English translation
bridges this gap for them and makes it possible for them to read the bani in its original
form ( which is accomplished by the English transliteration) and understand its
message and substance ( from the English translation that has been clearly and
succinctly done) . Sukhmani Sahib being one of the most widely read bani , this book
solves a great purpose .
 The          translation        can        be         accessed         online         at

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