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       Labor Union
                                                                             4 8 0
       For the
       New Mexico
       Film Worker                                                ORU    V      o l u m                   e           2 0          0     7 .           0   2

                                                   2007 NM Legislative Session
                                                                 First Look At Film Related Bills
                                                                                      by Laurie L. Hudson

                                               here’s a particularly interesting bunch of           may finally stem the tide in the LA department-

       INSIDE                         T        film industry related bills circulating around
                                               the Roundhouse this year. Ever since the first
                                      comprehensive film incentive bills were passed by
                                      the Legislature in 2002, attempts have been made
                                                                                                    head invasion.
                                                                                                         Senate Bill 741 also has some interesting film
                                                                                                    related provisions. The bill itself is a refinement of
                                                                                                    the Industrial Revenue Bond Act, so that it can be
                             2        each year to strengthen the overall package and keep          used to promote filmmaking in certain geographic
       CONTACTS                       us in the forefront of tax-supported media enticements.       areas or municipalities.
                             3             But the move toward government-supported                      A municipality can “acquire, own, lease, or sell
                                      film incentives in other States has been steadily on          projects for the purpose of promoting industry”, in-
       FROM                  3        the rise. The competition for Hollywood’s dollars is          cluding the film industry. Now here’s the good part.
       THE OFFICE                     fierce. And, as we have mentioned in several recent                If an industrial revenue bond is used to promote
                                      newsletters, there is an increasingly negative side           production or postproduction of films, at least 80%
                                      affect to luring the industry out of LA.                      of the related employees must be New Mexico res-
       BA                    4             States with incentives are not just pulling in           idents. That’s a substantial piece of legislative job
       BEAT                           Hollywood money. They’re also drawing in Holly-               security for our technicians.
                                      wood’s out-of-work technicians, which in turn jeo-                 The proposed legislation that could potentially
       THE                   5        pardizes the work potential of local film crews.
                                           So, here’s an overview of some of the current
                                                                                                    bring about the most sweeping change as to how the
                                                                                                    State interacts with our industry is Senate Bill 525.
       BASICS                         proposed legislation which will not only attract film              The bill calls for the creation of a Media and
                                      projects but will also help insure that New Mexico            Entertainment Department within the executive
       MTG &                 7        film workers are gainfully employed on these pro-
                                                                                                    branch of the government. This would supplant the
                                                                                                    existing Film Office, which is currently housed
                                           One of the more interesting proposed bills that          under the Economic Development Department.
                                      could directly benefit our members is Senate Bill                  The new department would include a Film
       BULLETIN              8        802. This is a refinement of the original 2002 Film           Division but would also incorporate a Media Arts
       BOARD                          Production Tax Credit (read “rebate”) Bill.                   Division which would encompass, among other
                                           It retains the current 25% rebate on New Mexico          things, the music industry in New Mexico and a
       Local 480                      expenditures and salaries subject to NM taxation
                                      (for us that means NM hires who pay NM taxes)
                                                                                                    Media Arts Education Division.
                                                                                                         This bill also outlines provisions for a Gover-

      Office                          but it adds a very interesting new section pertaining
                                      to local Keys.
                                           If 75% or more of a production’s Keys are New
                                                                                                    nor’s Council on Film and Media. It reiterates all of
                                                                                                    the provisions relating to film tax credits and State
                                                                                                    film investments, as well as the reinstatement of the
      Site:      1418 Cerrillos Rd.
                 Santa Fe, NM         Mexico residents and members of a local Union, the            Film Museum.
      Open:      11am-7pm M-Th        project will receive a 30% rebate on expenditures.                 If you feel the urge to wade through the fine
                 11am-6pm F           This, in conjunction with the new Film Crew Advance-          print on any one bill this season to see how all of
      Contact: Gay Rathman, Mgr.
      Phone: (505) 986-9512           ment Program that rebates 50% of a trainee Best               the industry’s interaction with the State is defined
      Fax:       (505) 986-9513       Boy’s salary, if his or her Mentor/ Key is a NM               by law, this would be the one to dig into.
      Email:         hire, makes for a pretty sweet package and one that
      Web:                                                                                                           Legislative / p2
      Snailmail: PO Box 5351
                 Santa Fe, NM                        Articles published in this newsletter represent the views of each credited author and might not
                 87502-5351                         necessarily express the opinions of the Executive Board or of the 480 Membership, as a whole.

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      Contacts                             Legislation /
      Interim President
      David Brownlow
      (505) 438-0505                            There is one last piece of legislation for which I have a particular fondness.
      (505) 660-9938                            Senate Bill 175 addresses a nasty black hole that has existed for decades in the State’s
      (505) 989-8817
                                           Child Labor Laws and how they pertain to the film industry.
                                                Several years ago, while working on the grueling epic “Into the West”, a number of us
      Secretary-Treasurer                  became very concerned with how children who had been hired as extras were being pushed to
      Laurie L. Hudson                     the very edge of their physical limits.
      (505) 986-0637                            The hours and perpetually nasty weather conditions we all experienced on that show took
      (505) 690-6084 (cell)                 a toll on the strongest adult cast and crewmembers. But it was heartbreaking to see kids as
                                           young as 5 or 6 shivering with cold and drenched with rain all day, or worse, all night.
      Business Representative                   Eventually, we decided to do a little research to see if there were any provisions in the
      Jon Hendry                           State’s Child Labor Laws that might exert a little pressure on the production to treat their
      (505) 670-7381 (cell)                    under-aged extras a little more humanely.
                                                To our dismay, we discovered that, although the general child labor regulations were quite
      Vice President Visual Arts I         comprehensive, one sentence in the law blew it all away for the kids about whom we were
      Jonathan Delaney Marsh               concerned. The law stated that none of these rules applied to children working in film or
      (505) 550-6636 (cell)               television.
                                                Senate Bill 175 would finally correct this unfortunate exception to the rules. It outlines
      Vice President Visual Arts II        strict guidelines for the hours that child performers (and this includes extras as well as child
      Wendy Ozols-Barnes                   actors) can work relative to their age.
      505) 988-7635
      (505) 231-2148 (cell)
                                                All children employed on school days must be provided with a certified teacher. And the
                                           bill contains stringent language to protect children employed for scenes involving hazardous
      Vice President Grip Light Sound      special effects or physically dangerous sets.
      Rob Seymour                               This section also contains a beneficial provision which directly affects our local studio
      (505) 984-2781                       teachers. Children performing under potentially hazardous conditions must be supervised by a
                                           New Mexico trainer or technician who is certified in a film-specific OSHA program.
      Vice President Production Services        The LA studio teachers have had an unwritten pact with SAG for years that allowed only
      John Ward                            California welfare workers to supervise California child SAG actors.
      (505) 988-0453                            This bill could finally break that unsubstantiated rule and put our studio teachers back into
                                           the job market. The fact that this bill could help some of our most chronically underemployed
      E-Board Member at Large              members is great, but the scope of this legislation and the positive effect it could have on the
      Doug Acton                           treatment of children on productions is monumental and long overdue.
      (505) 820-7604 (cell)                     If you have a spare moment to call or email your senator regarding pending legislation,
                                           this is the one that could truly use all the support we can muster.
      Sergeant at Arms                          There are at least a half dozen other film related bills dancing their way through the legis-
      Sky King                             lative process.
      (505) 873-8682                            If you would like to read any of these bills in their entirety, please check out the NM State
      (505) 328-7238 (cell)                   Legislature’s website, If you type in the key word “film” under the bill
                                           finder section, all of the related proposed legislation will pop up. Progress on these measures
      Trustees                             is updated daily on the site.
      Mark Duran                                You can also find the contact information for your legislators by typing in your zip code.
      (505) 690-6727 (cell)                     Or, if you prefer the Scottish Cliff Notes version of these bills, remember that Jon Hendry
                                           is in the thick of these proceedings and will be available to answer questions at our February
      Brian Shaffer                        General Membership Meeting.
      (505) 238-7944

      International & State Delegate
      Bradley Barnes
      (505) 982-5858
      (505) 501-4873 (cell)
      Deadline for newsletter submis-
      sion is the first of every month

                                                                         Secular Proverbs
                                                             The things that come to those who wait
      2           .           .        .              are usually the things left by those who got there first.              February 2007

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                                                                                                                   IATSE National Benefit Funds
                                                                                                                    Contact Numbers and Info

                                                                  Tax Time                                              th
                                                                                                                   417 5 Avenue, 3rd Floor
                                              It’s tax time again and with it comes your annual reminder to        New York, NY 10016-1204
                                        save your receipts…all of them.
                                              We are fortunate to be in a business where a huge percentage of      Phone Numbers:
                                        the money that we spend can be used as tax deductions. Tools, kit          Main: 212-580-9092
                                        supplies and work clothes are obvious write-offs, but don’t forget         Toll Free: 800-456-3863 (FUND)
                                        that all of your Union dues, non-reimbursed travel and lodging             Fax: 212-787-3607
                                        expenses, reference books, and even a portion of your home office
                                        and phone can be deductible.                                               Website:
                                              Several years ago we wrote an extended article on tax deductions
                                        for our members. The article has been recently updated and is available    Quick Facts:
                                                  or email to anyone                  copy.
      Laurie Hudson via faxand we’ll be happy to who wantstoayou. Give us a call at the
                                        office                         pass it on
                                                                                                                   •    IATSE National Benefit Funds
                                                                                                                   consist of:
      Secretary-Treasurer                     As we said in last month’s newsletter, there could be a decline in          - A Health and Welfare Fund
                                        production at the end of this year due to the potential SAG and Writers’          - An Annuity Fund
      Guild strikes. Netting a little extra from your tax refund could produce the nest egg that will keep you            - A Pension Fund
      solvent through the lean times.                                                                              •    Initial contributions to the Funds
                                                                                                                   are made by your employer.
                                                                                                                   •    Contributions are divided
                   Plant a Tree… Give a Little Back to the Community                                               among the three funds in amounts
           Mindy Turner, the wonderful graphic artist that we use for much of our Local 480 advertising,           designated in each contract.
      has alerted us to a great community action project.                                                          •    Employer health contributions
           Every year, the Forest Guardians sponsor a multi-month event called Stream Team. The project            go into an individual account for
      restores habitat to overgrazed river areas by planting native trees.                                         you at the INBF called your CAPP
           Volunteers are needed to set seedling trees in pre-dug holes. The planting events are scheduled         account.
      several times between February and April.                                                                    •    You can enroll in the Health
           For more information on the exact dates, please contact Forest Guardians at 505-988-9126.               and Welfare Fund when the employer
      Spending a few hours to help restore our river and bosque areas is a great way to give back a little         has contributed enough to cover 1
      to the wilderness regions that we frequently use as shooting locations.                                      quarter’s premium of health insurance.
                                                                                                                   •    Once you are enrolled, if the
                                                                                                                   amount in your CAPP account does
            Notice of Closing of Nominations for President and Trustee                                             not cover your premium for a quarter,
           Nominations for a new President and Trustee were opened at our January General Membership
                                                                                                                   the difference will be billed to you.
      Meeting. At our last meeting Doug Acton, David Brownlow (currently serving as Interim President)             •    If you do not pay this bill before
      and JR Pollard were nominated for President. The nominations will remain open until the close of
                                                                                                                   the due date, your insurance will be
      unfinished business at our February meeting.                                                                 cancelled.
           David Brownlow was formerly a Trustee for the Local. His current position as Interim President
                                                                                                                   •    You can pay with a credit
      and candidate for that office leaves a vacancy in the three Trustee positions. John Grace has been
                                                                                                                   card online at the Funds’ website.
      nominated to fill the office of Trustee.
                                                                                                                   •    To reopen your health insurance,
           Doug Acton is currently our E-Board member at Large. If he is elected President, nominations
                                                                                                                   you will need 2 quarters worth of
      will be opened in June to fill his former office.
                                                                                                                   premiums, plus a $100 penalty fee.
           As there is more than one nominee for at least one of the posts, a secret ballot will be mailed
                                                                                                                   This must come from employer
      within one week of the February meeting to all full members. The ballots will be tallied and the results
      announced at our March meeting.
                                                                                                                   •    The health insurance is
           In order to run for office, make a nomination, or have your vote counted in the election, you           purchased by the IA through Empire
      must be a member in good standing. A candidate must have been a member of the Local for at least
                                                                                                                   Blue Cross Blue Shield.
      2 years. The person elected to this position will serve until the end of 2007.
                                                                                                                   •    Your coverage includes
           At the close of this year we will be holding our general election for all officers of the Local for
                                                                                                                   Vision, Dental and Prescriptions.
      the next 3-year term.
                                                                                                                   •    If you are already covered by
                                                                                                                   other insurance, you can use your
       Reconsideration of Steward Payments Scheduled for Feb Meeting                                               CAPP money as a reimbursement
           Business Agent Jon Hendry has announced that he would like to discuss raising the compensa-             account, as long as you provide
      tions given to those who serve as Stewards on our productions. All potential motions that could have a       proof of insurance to the INBF.
      fiscal impact to our general funds of over $5,000 must be mentioned in this newsletter so that all           •    Your Local has only general
      interested parties have a chance to attend the meeting and voice their opinions. Since the cumulative        information about the Funds. No
      total of these additional rebates may cost more than $5,000, this will serve as your official notice of      money or accounting of contribution
      this agenda item.                                                                                            amounts goes though our office.
           Currently, our Stewards are reimbursed all of the work dues that are subtracted from their gross        For specific inquiries or questions
      salaries during the time that they serve on a production. Jon is proposing that stewards be paid either      regarding your coverage, please
      an additional percentage of their salary, other monetary compensation, or stamp credits to off set the       contact the NY Funds Office
      additional duties that these members take on.                                                                directly.
           Please join us at our February meeting in Santa Fe and share your ideas with Jon on this subject.

                                                          Things You’d Love To Say At Work
       February 2007                                      Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?                                      . . . 3

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                                                                                   Got Work?
                                                                                                                   Who Ya Gonna Call?

                                   A           n old friend, for whom I have the utmost respect, called me and
                                               expressed her concern that she was not even being considered
                                               for her position, as this position is normally hired out of LA or
                                      NY before the company even gets here.
                                                                                                                   With so many new members,
                                                                                                                   I thought it might be helpful for
                                                                                                                   a primer on whom to call for
                                         Believe me, I am painfully aware that we have competent Production        various common questions. If
                                      Designers, Costume Designers, Construction Coordinators, etc. who            you can’t reach me immediately,
                                      are not even given the opportunity to interview.                             and it is an emergency, you
                                         Here is what I’m doing about it. First, we have an amendment pending      should try my assistant, Annie,
                                      in the Legislature, which will adjust the rebate to give an extra 5%         on her cell phone (505-660-5195),
                                      when a show hires 75% of their Keys from New Mexico. Watch this,             as she should know my where-
                                                                                                                   abouts and how to contact me.
      Jon Hendry                      along with our other legislation, on the legislative web site
                                      ( and feel free to be involved.                Call me, your Business Agent
      Business Agent                     I know you’re busy, and I know you expect, as you should, that I          (Jon Hendry at 505-670-7381)
                                      will take care of this, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your        for:
      interest, support, and help. You should also check out SB 741, which puts an 80% crew requirement             Contract questions (including
      on films that choose to use this incentive.                                                                   rates, meal penalties,
           Neither of these are slam-dunks. Novel ideas aren’t always accepted at first, but I’ll keep plugging     turnaround, incorrect
      away until I get it.                                                                                          paychecks, etc).
           However, the 25% rebate on New Mexicans, only has certainly helped. And, while 30%                       Work environment:
                                                                                                                    harassment, discrimination,
      would help even more, I think we can’t sit back and say “woe is us, we can’t fix this”. I’m talking to
                                                                                                                    safety violations. Legislation
      the excellent Tobi Ives at the State Film Office and I’m proposing that, in conjunction with the              suggestions. Potential film
      training program, we put on a class or a series of classes for our top people, starting with our              contacts.
      Production and Costume Designers, on how to network and get our information out in front of the               Anything of true urgency or
      picture companies in LA, NY, or anywhere else, before they make that all important hiring decision.           an emergency (accident on
           I’m proposing we occasionally fly in an expert for a weekend class and form a relationship               set, car accident, or legal
      [with them] so that we can continue to get up-to-date information. Subjects would include such as             issues).
      the best way to find who’s Producing and Directing, how to contact and retain an agent, what                  Permission to hire off the
      [scripts] people are reading, where they are getting their information, etc.                                  roster.
           In fact, I believe if we can get that information out, even if the film, for whatever reason,
                                                                                                                   Call your Secretary/Treasurer
      doesn’t come to New Mexico, we have people of sufficient caliber and we might just help them get             (Laurie Hudson, 505-986-9512
      a job elsewhere.                                                                                             or 505-690-6084), or Office Staff
           You may say, “How is that going to help me. I’m not one of these high-level Keys?” Well, first,         (Gay or Noelle 505-986-9512)
      we’re planning on using State funds for the majority of this, so it is not costing you anything. And         for:
      second, these are the people who will hire you. Do you honestly think an out of town Key is more              Questions about dues, your
      likely to hire a New Mexican than a local Key would? I’m hoping we can make a difference, and                 standing, copies of rosters,
      I’m certainly going to try.                                                                                   additions to meeting agendas,
           My next plan is something I will propose and ask for funding, at the next meeting. (If you have          additions to the newsletter, etc.
      opinions on the following, you should come to the meeting and voice those opinions.)                         Check the website (
           A couple of months ago, I read a story about some new technology and I asked Nancy at Studio            for:
      X (our excellent website host) to research and bring me a proposal. I think what she has come up              Meeting times and locations
      with is a great start, although it may require some tweaking as we go on.                                     Production phone numbers
           I’m proposing we send text messages to all of our members, when a new movie or other                     and locations
      important information is posted to our website. This system can also text a phone number and a                Safety class dates and
      short message, either to all of the members or to a particular department. Say a film is looking for          locations (but be sure to call
      Costumers, we could send a message out to all the Costumers.                                                  the office to sign up)
           I expect that the first calls I’m going to get are: “I don’t have a text-capable phone”. May I
                                                                                                                   Questions about your IATSE
      submit to you, if you are a Key, perhaps it is time to join the new millennium and update your               National Benefits fund should
      equipment?                                                                                                   be directed to the IATSE Fund
           I know that some of you live in areas where there is no cell phone service and we’re looking into       office at: 800-456-3863.
      that – I don’t think it’s an insurmountable problem. We want to make sure that, at minimum, for those        (See page 3.)
      of you on set, the Job Stewards have this information so that you can get the messages from them.
           As I say, there may be a few wrinkles, but we will figure them all out. Accurate and timely             To file for Unemployment you
      information going out to all members, simultaneously, is the means to good trade unionism. Hope-             should call: 505-841-4000.
      fully, that is what this system will provide.
                                                                                                Got Work?/pg 6
                                                                     Movie Facts
      4 . . .                                        It's easy for anyone to land an airplane…
                                          provided there is someone in the control tower to talk you down.                          February 2007

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      Basics Zone                                                                                             Filing a Grievance

                    e hear it far too often. “I want to file a grievance” seems       4.     The Trial: The trial itself is conducted under a set of
                    to fly out of the mouth of one our members about once                    rules that mirrors any civil court proceedings. The Exec-
                    a week.                                                                  utive Board or Trial Board acts as judge and jury. The
            So far, most of these disputes or perceived infractions have                     accused is permitted council in the form of any member
      been settled without going into grievance proceedings, although                        he chooses, who is a Union member. All of the evi-
      I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m calling this                  dence is presented. Witnesses and the accuser may be
      article a Red Flag Zone because I strongly suspect that most of                        questioned by the accused. A written transcript of the
      you have no idea what filing a grievance actually entails. I’ll also                   trial is made, usually from a tape recording. When all of
      call this a chapter in the Basics because, if you do want to file                      the evidence has been heard, the trial board will make a
      charges against a co-worker, you should know how this procedure                        decision and, if the accused is found guilty, will recommend
      actually works.                                                                        a penalty. If the accused does not contest the decision, a
            For whatever reason, we, as a collection of film technicians, are                report will be made by the Trial Board at the next General
      not always kind to one another. There have been some events over the                   Membership Meeting. The full membership has to vote
      last few years that probably were grievable offenses. And this trend                   to accept the findings of the Board and, if applicable, the
      seems to be escalating. But being the wronged party and invoking the                   assigned penalty.
      “G” word does not bring about instantaneous reprimands or punish-                 5. Appeals: Now it gets really complicated. If the accused
      ment. Filing a grievance is the Union counterpart to suing someone in a                does not agree with the Trial Board at the first hearing,
      civil court. It involves a trial and can be just as long-winded and time-              he or she can request a trial by open membership. In
      consuming as any court action in the real world. And it may take a toll                other words, the Trial Board Hearing is thrown out and
      on the career of the accuser as well as the accused.                                   the whole proceeding is redone at a General Membership
            A large portion of our Constitution and the International Con-                   Meeting. The accused can also request an open member-
      stitution are dedicated to spelling out the rules governing grievance                  ship hearing after the decision of the Trial Board is read
      hearings. Most of you should have a copy of our Constitution and,                      at the General Membership Meeting. The membership
      if you are seriously thinking about filing charges against a fellow                    votes in an open hearing, and, if it is agreed to, the trans-
      member, I strongly advise you to read all of this material. For the                    cript is read and the membership will vote on the guilt or
      moment though, here is a brief summary of the process.                                 innocence of the accused.
            1. Grounds for Filing a Grievance: This is tricky and, per-                 6. More Appeals: If the accused still contests all findings
                haps intentionally, is stated in very vague terms in both                    made by the Local, he or she can appeal to the Interna-
                Constitutions. A member may be grieved who breaches                          tional. If accepted by the International President, the
                his duty as a Union member or for violation of any of the                    matter will be brought to trial before the International
                rules set forth in these Constitutions. Charges can also be                  Executive Board. From there the accused can appeal to
                filed against those whose conduct is detrimental to the                      the International Convention. And, if all these steps have
                purposes of the Union or is discrediting to the Union.                       been exhausted, the matter can go on to civil court out-
            2. The Charges: Charges must be filed in writing in the                          side the Union.
                form of a notarized affidavit with the Secretary of the                 Those of us who have been officers for some time have been
                Local. (There’s a whole other set of rules that apply to          through this process once. Make no mistake: it’s grueling, bitter,
                filing charges if this is a multi-Local matter that is to go      and rarely black and white.
                before the International.) The sworn statement must                     That’s not to say it is not sometimes justified. Truly bad
                include a summary of the event or offense, the name of            behavior should not go unpunished.
                the accused, exact time and place the incident occurred,                But before you head down this road, it’s wise to take a good
                statements and signatures of witnesses, all over the              long look at whether this is something that can be settled more
                signature of the accuser. Charges must be filed in                efficiently by arbitration or intervention. Your business agent has
                duplicate and must be presented within 60 days of the             had a pretty good success rate at stopping inappropriate behavior,
                event. Once charges have been filed, they cannot be with-         once it’s brought to his attention.
                drawn by the accuser without the consent of the accused.                This all comes down to choosing your battles. Like it or not,
                In other words, even if you change your mind, the charged         a trial shines a light on both the accused and the accuser. You may
                member may want his day in court to prove you wrong.              be absolutely right in your accusations. But make sure, before
                And false charges, born out by an acquittal, can be punish-       you file charges, that you really want to go the distance.
                able by a fine of up to $500.                                           A trial could tie up your time for months. And before a
            3. Publication of Charges and Trial Board Assignment:                 decision is final, there may be those who will give you a bit of a
                Once charges have been filed, they are to be read to the          wide berth until they know which side the vote is going to come
                membership at the next General Membership Meeting.                down on.
                The presiding chair will ask if there are any additional                The Union would certainly try to insure that none of this would
                witnesses. The Chair will also set a Trial Board, usually         affect your work potential, but what goes on in peoples’ heads is
                the Executive Board of the Local. A hearing time is set           a bit harder to regulate. In the end, it’s your choice. We would
                and written notice of the charges and the hearing date are        just ask though that you talk the matter over with one of your
                sent to the accused.                                              officers before you put your grievance in writing.              –LLH

                                                                        Scene Setters
       February 2006        They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth.   . . . 5

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      Biz Agent

      Got Work? /
            While I am on the subject, I am going to continue to put “Who Ya          knowledge and resources of the Job Steward, I think we can continue to
      Gonna Call?” as a monthly feature in the newsletter. [See sidebar – pg. 4.]     strengthen our presence on the set.
            I see a disturbing trend and the office staff is way too polite to tell         I ask for your support on this. If you have any strong feelings please
      you this, but I am not. It is not appropriate to call the office 3 or 4 times   contact me before the meeting or bring your concerns to the meeting.
      a week to complain about your life, or to chat.                                       Interim President Brownlow indicated at the last meeting he
            The staff in the office has an obligation to treat every member           wanted to focus his term on the membership. I intend to bring you
      equally. However, if they are talking to you on a daily or almost daily         multiple proposals each month on how the Business Agent will carry out
      basis, they are not being allowed to serve the needs of all members.            that directive.
            I am not suggesting that you not call the office, particularly if it is         I will say to you this: I can’t drop the ball on continuing to do what
      the only way you can access information on new shows, if you need a             I do best, and that is bring you job opportunities and continued support
      number, if you need to know your membership status or have questions            from the State of New Mexico. I think it would be a mistake to have 800
      on your billing, etc, etc.                                                      well-trained, well-informed, well-represented film technicians, who are
            But it is not only inappropriate, it is also disruptive when a small      unemployed.
      group of people take the focus from the membership as a whole. Sorry,                 If you don’t think that is happening, you should see the calls, letters,
      I’m just cutting to the chase by telling you what everyone thinks.              and faxes I get from Texas and other states looking for work.
            Elsewhere in the newsletter, you will find a notice that I plan to              In February and March, there is a strong chance that there will be
      move a motion increasing compensation for the Job Stewards. [see pg. 3]         more projects in New Mexico than there are in LA. Certainly more
            Can we afford it? On a budget of close to 1 million dollars…              projects than there are in any other Studio Mechanics jurisdiction. In
      absolutely. But as always, if we can’t… I’ll cover this myself.                 carrying out Interim President Brownlow’s directive, I promise you I
            I think having strong Job Stewards should be a priority. I am going       won’t lose sight of the goal posts.
      to propose that we pay stamps in any quarter that a Job Steward works                 A short personal note: My congratulations to Matthew Halbert on
      for more than ten days. If you are already in a stamp credit situation, this    his fine work with the Library Committee. I was happy to donate $500,
      would go as a credit on your account and carry forward until you need it.       personally, to allow them to buy DVD’s of shows shot here in New
            I’m also I the process of writing a more comprehensive and                Mexico. Does anyone have any DVD’s they would like to add to the
      stronger Steward Manual, which will include an on-set safety book with          collection?
      the latest industry bulletins and other pertinent information.                        As always, if you need to reach me, please call me at 505-670-781,
            With as many as nine shows running, it is impossible for the              or send an email to me at:
      Business Agent to be on every set, at all times. By strengthening the                 I’ll see you on the set.

        January ’07 New Members

                         l-r:  Ray Owen, Lorraine Alex, Tsuya Chinn, Wynema Chavez, Richard King, Vincent Berardi,
                        Tim Green, Gabriel Perez, Brad Freshman, Orlando Montoya, Lucy Kim Robertson, Saul Rodriguez.

                                                          For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously
       February 2007                                 1 just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.                                   . . . 6

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                                                Production Update
      Currently Shooting:                                                                               “Love Lies Bleeding”
                                                                                                        Prod Company: Love Lies Bleeding, LLC
                                                                                                        Production Office: 907 3rd St,
      “In The Valley Of Elah”                          “Tennessee”                                               Albuquerque, NM 87102
      Production Company: Elah Productions, LLC.       Production Company: Tennessee Productions        Office Phone: 505-244-8717
      Production Office: 4921 Alexander Blvd., Ste B   Production Office: 500 Copper Ave., NW,          Office Fax: 505-244 0117
                Albuquerque                                     Suite 100, Albuquerque, NM 87102        Budget: $2+ million
      Office Phone: 505-342-4737                       Office Phone: 505-244-1904                       Shooting Locations: Albuquerque area
      Office Fax: 505-342-4713                         Office Fax: 505-244-1905                         Shooting Dates: March 1 – April?
      Budget: $23 million                              Budget: $2 million                               Job Steward, Off Set: TBA
      Shooting Locations: Albuquerque, Memphis,        Shooting Locations: Albuquerque & Tennessee      Job Steward, On Set: TBA
               Morocco                                 Shooting Dates: Jan. 22 – Feb.?
      Shooting Dates: Dec. 4th – Feb. 3rd (in NM)      Job Steward, Off Set: RA Arencio-Parrain         It’s a Wrap:
      Job Steward, Off Set: Granville Greene           Job Steward, On Set: Hank Herrera                Congratulations to the crew of “3:10 to Yuma”.
      Job Steward, On Set: David Brownlow                                                               Wow. That was a rough ride. Thanks to all of
                                                       “Wildfire Season IV”                             you who hung in there.
      “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (Pilot)            Prod Company: Wildfire Productions, Inc.         Hovering: (no contact numbers available)
      Production Company: Warner Bros. Television                         (Lionsgate)
                                                                                                        Next up, “Breaking Bad”. This is a short pilot
      Production Office: The Studio, 4121 Cutler, NE   Prod. Office: 4321 Fulcrum Way, Rio Rancho
                                                                                                        (12 days) for a Sony TV show that could go to
               Albuquerque                             Office Phone: 505-867-0660
                                                                                                        series here in NM. They will move into Studio
      Office Phone: 505-830-1115                       Office Fax: 505-867-6062
                                                                                                        41 when “Sarah Connors” is finished. “Swing-
      Office Fax: 505-830-1116                         Budget: Medium TV
                                                                                                        vote” could break loose with an office any day.
      Budget: Medium TV                                Shooting Locations: Rio Rancho, Algodones
                                                                                                         “Penitentiary” will begin construction as
      Shooting Locations: Albuquerque                  Shooting Dates: Jan.16- June?
                                                                                                        soon as there is a certificate of occupancy for
      Shooting Dates: Jan. 27th for 18 days            Job Steward, Off Set: Christian Diaz de Bedoya
                                                                                                        one of the new stages at Albuquerque Studios.
      Job Steward, Off Set: Robin Blagg                Job Steward, On Set: Jamie Garcia
                                                                                                        “Crevice” has been delayed until April, due to
      Job Steward, On Set: Michael Jon Manzanares
                                                                                                        a change in Directors. “Monkey Wrench Gang”
      “The Eye”                                        Pre-Production:                                  needs to look like summer, so they cannot begin
                                                                                                        shooting until the snow melts. They have moved
      Production Company: Optic Productions, Inc.
                                                       “The Sunshine Cleaning Company”                  some locations from Taos to Grants to speed
               Cruise Wagner/United Artists
                                                       Production Company: Clean Sweep, LLC             this up. “Gideon’s Gift” and “Burrowers”
      Prod Office: Phillips Semiconductor Bldg.
                                                       Production Office: 800 Bradbury Drive, SE        are not gelled at this time. There is a rumor of a
               9201 Pan American Fwy, NE, Alb.
                                                                Albuquerque, NM 87106                   remake of a 1960’s war epic, but you have to
      Office Phone: 505-856-1300
                                                       Office Phone: 505-272-7989                       get over the Kevin Costner/Robert Redford
      Office Fax: 505-856-7828
                                                       Office Fax: 505-272-7990                         Western thing. Really, it doesn’t exist. Robert
      Budget: $18 million
                                                       Budget: $7 million                               Redford is connected to “Swingvote” and
      Shooting Locations: Albuquerque
                                                       Shooting Locations: Albuquerque                  Kevin Costner has a small part in “Tennessee”,
      Shooting Dates: Feb 5 th for 5 weeks
                                                       Shooting Dates: Feb. 12 – Mar. 28                but will only work in Memphis. Oh yeah, and
      Job Steward, Off Set: Jose Mendoza
                                                       Job Steward, Off Set: TBA                        there never was a movie called “Claire”. That
      Job Steward, On Set: Ben Lowney
                                                       Job Steward, On Set: TBA                         was actually a 2nd Unit call for “The Eye”.

        “Breaking Bad” has opened an office at 7208 Jefferson NE Ste. B Albuquerque Office: 505.341.3181                        FAX: 505.341.3227

                Meeting Notice
                     General Membership Meeting
           Sunday, February 18, 11 AM
                El Museo Cultural
         1615-B Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe
                 Membership Committee will meet at 9 am
            E-Board will meet following the General Membership
              Please note new location (“1” at right)
            Join us for the latest information on 2007 productions

                                                                 Things To Ponder
       February 2007                         There are no new sins... the old ones just get more publicity.                             . . .7

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                                                                                                                             February 2007

                                                 Members’ Bulletin Board
                                   N ews f r om the off ic e and your f ellow me mber s.

                                                                     The Tunnel of Love
                                                               A Trifecta+ Holiday Extravaganza

                                                              From the twisted minds of Trifecta+,    The Tunnel of Love event will be at:
                                                              the company that brought you last              1016 Walter Street, SE
                                                              Halloween’s deliciously bizarre             (Walter and Cesar Chavez)
                                                              Murder House event, comes Tunnel          in the historic South Broadway
                                                              of Love, an interactive journey           neighborhood of Albuquerque.
                                                              through the dark side of romance.
                                                               If you’re lucky in love, bring your             Doors will be open:
                                                              sweetie and see how the other half      Friday, February 09, 7 PM - 10 PM
                                                              lives. If not, come alone… because      Saturday, February 10, 6 PM - 10 PM
                                                              you never know whom you might           Sunday, February 11, 6 PM - 10 PM
                                                              meet in the Tunnel of Love.             Wednesday, February 14, 7 PM - 10 PM

                                                              “Step right up and don’t be shy.          The tour takes about 20 minutes.
                                                              Every box of chocolates holds the               Please dress warmly.
                                                              potential for an upset stomach and an       This is an adults-only event.
                                                              extra pound added to the hip line.             Cost per person is $8.
                                                              Every bouquet of roses contains a         For more information please call:
                                                              hundred possibilities for pain. Turn               505-620-9556.
                                                              over that little sugar heart and read
                                                              the message scrawled across the
                                                              back. It says, ‘Welcome to the
         Gypsy, temptress and Local 480 member Mary Holyoke   Tunnel of Love’.”

                           How to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity
                   Finish all your sentences with: "in accordance to the prophecy".

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