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California Connection by ps94506


									                                         THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION
                                 CALIFORNIA CONNECTION
May 2008                        MAY 2008
, Issue 4                                            ROD PERKINS COMMANDER
                                                   SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION
                                                    DETACHMENT OF CALIFORNIA

                                        YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM

                                                              Group Photo Of Students & Staff

                           The Detachment of California,        his desire to have such a           compliment of Detachment
                           Sons of The American Legion,         program was embraced by me          members giving their time as
                           held its first annual “Youth         and I made the “Youth               counselors, cooks, dorm
 Mark Severance JR         Leadership Training Program”         Leadership Program” my goal         supervisors and medical staff.
   Past Commander          at Temescal Canyon Gateway           as Commander of the                 In little over a month I will be
giving part of the class   Park, Pacific Palisades,             Detachment of California.           put out to pasture and Senior
                           California, on May 9, 10 and         Realizing such a program            Vice Commander Allen Henry
                           11, 2008. The setting was            would be an expensive venture       will lead the Detachment of
                           perfect and so was the               Public Relations Chairman           California as Commander.
                           weather. Detachment Officers         Gary Nance and I designed           Allen Henry has made the
                           gathered to launch our pilot         and      commissioned           a   commitment to see that this
                           program. Nestled among the           “Challenge Coin” which the          program will continue and it
                           tall trees and small stream          Detachment sold to fund this        shall remain a priority with the
                           your first impression would be       project. The coins sold like        Sons of the American Legion.
                           that of a mountain retreat.          hotcakes and in record time we      I have been asked to chair next
                           Nothing could be more from           knew that the project would be      year’s “Leadership Program”.
    Class Interaction      reality, for this beautiful park     well funded.         Borrowing      As the old saying goes “A
                           is less than a mile from “Will       heavily      from      several      Picture is Worth a Thousand
                           Rogers State Beach”.                 leadership concepts and             Words”,
                           Young male achievers from            material provided to me at          See Page 12.
                           Northern and Southern                NMI, a course of instruction
                           California gathered to take part     was assembled and instructors       For God, Country,
                           in three days of intense             were selected. The staff for        and the Youth of America
                           leadership training.       First     this project came from varied       Rod Perkins
                           conceived by Junior Past             walks of life, each tops in their   Rod Perkins, Commander
                           Commander Mark Severence,            field. In addition we had a full
    It wasn’t all work
                                           Individual Page Highlights:
   Adjutant Corner – 2                   WEB Sight Information – 7                    In Their Own Words-13
   Steven Cullings Memorial BBQ – 3      Commanders Visit up North – 8                NEC Atwood Grandberry -14
   Who Influenced me by Dave Doum– 4     SR Vice-Commander – 9                        Children and Youth -15
   From The American Legion – 5          Official Call In-10/11                       P. R. Chairman -16
   Who Influenced me by Tom Bliss– 6     A Grateful Commander –12
                                        ADJUTANT’S CORNER

                     Many of you may be confused as to who is the current Detachment Adjutant as
                     evidenced by the numerous telephone calls that I have received. As most of you know,
                     Mr. Bob Black started the year as our Adjutant. Bob Black assumed the Adjutant’s
                     duties in 2006 when I found it necessary to resign to assume the office of National Vice
                     Commander West for 2006-2007. During that time, Bob Black was an Assistant
                     Adjutant and was reappointed as Detachment Adjutant and served the Detachment of
                     California with skill and experience until April 1, 2008. Bob Black submitted his
                     resignation to the D.E.C. during our Spring 2008 meeting for personal health reasons.
  The good news is that Bob’s prognosis is very promising and we hope to see him at our upcoming
  convention. Bob Black is still a valuable resource for our Detachment and we all wish him a full recovery.
  I re-assumed the duties of Detachment Adjutant on April 1, 2008. Bob Black is still a vital part of the
  administrative staff and continues to serve as an Assistant Adjutant.
  70th ANNUAL CONVENTION: It is that time of year again. The convention packets were mailed on
  April 25, 2008. You should all have them and should have submitted your delegate certifications and
  delegate fees by now. The cut-off date is May 20, 2008.
  CONSOLIDATED SQUADRON REPORT: The CSR was included in the convention packet. It is
  critical that all Squadrons complete and return this report prior to the Detachment Convention. Please
  insure that you fill out as much of the report as possible.
  CERTIFICATION OF SQUADRON OFFICIALS: This form was also mailed with the convention
  packet. This form is required each year prior to convention. All information requested must be provided
  for the certification to be accepted. Incomplete certifications will be returned. This form must be
  accepted and on file before we can issue your 2008-2009 membership cards and rosters. There are no
  exceptions to this!
  AWARD NOMINATION FORMS: These forms were sent in the convention packet. If you know
  someone who is worthy, please submit them for one of the awards. Remember, The Steven Callings
  Memorial Son of the Year is intended for SAL members who are under 21 years of age and comes with a
  $1,000.00 Scholarship Check.
  CONVENTION REGISTRATION: Registration will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 19, 2008,
  and close at 12:00 NOON, on Friday, June 20, 2008. Please insure that you register for your convention
  credentials during these time frames. You must be listed on your Squadrons Certification of Convention
  Delegates and must show a current SAL Membership Card to receive a convention badge. You must have
  a convention badge from one of the three Legion Family organizations to get onto our convention floor.
  2008-2009 MEMBERSHIP CARDS AND ROSTERS: The cards and rosters will be available after the
  close of registration on Friday, June 20, 2008. Cards and rosters will not be distributed prior to that time
  and date.
  SAL SUPPLIES: Supplies will be available at convention. A member of the Adjutant’s Staff will be on
  hand to assist you. We will not have supplies out on tables. Just come into the office and we will have
  supplies available.
  I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at convention. If you have never attended a
  Detachment Convention, you need to make these plans. Remember, The Squadrons in California
  comprise the convention. You as Squadrons are the superior governing body of the Sons of The American
  Legion Detachment of California.
  For God & Country,
  Bob Bedell, Adjutant
  Sons of The American Legion Detachment of CA

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                           4th Annual Steven Cullings Memorial BBQ

                                         STEVENS B CULLINGS SCHOLARSHIP FUND

                                                     4TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER
                                A very successful Steven B Callings Memorial BBQ & Dance was
                                held Saturday, April 26th at Perris Post 595. Commander Rod
                                Perkins, Don Bedell, Gary Nance, Tom Orgaz, Scott and Sherrie
                                Cullings planned the BBQ. Coordination with Perris Post 595 was
                                handled by Bernie Foley and his son S.A.L. Commander Jimmy
Over a hundred tickets were sold. Everyone ate their fill of barbecued chicken, sausage, corn, beans,
salads, deserts and of course the ever-popular Hot Dogs. Sherrie, Stacie, and Sarah Cullings, plus PJ
Perkins, Jeannie Bedell, Barbara Orgaz and Gary Nance handled raffle prizes and ticket sales.
Commander Perkins and PJ, Gary Nance, Bob Bedell and Tom Anderson of Western Exterminator
donated raffle prizes. The Perris Post S.A.L. handled a great many other jobs that needed to be done.

Great live country music was played by Western Express. (951-279-6120). A huge thank you to
Amador Post 108 and American Legion Ambulance Service for sponsoring the music for this event,
for the fourth straight year. Thanks, as well, goes to S.A.L. Squadron 291, Newport Harbor for their
very generous donation to the Scholarship fund. Scheduling conflicts are a way of life in the Legion
family and Department commander Howard Darter was celebrating his homecoming at Post 291
Newport and the 40 and 8 was doing the same at Post 149 Escondido for Grand Chef de Gare Carl
Asher on the day of the event.

A sincere Thank You is extended to all of those who planned, donated prizes, sold tickets, poured
drinks, carried “stuff” cleaned, cooked and cooked and cooked, attended and cared about this event.

Rumor has it that Tom Ogaz and Scott Cullings WILL hire out BBQ as cooks.
                                     18 SIGNS YOU HAVE GROWN UP
1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them.
2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.
3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.
4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed.
5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.
6. You watch the Weather Channel.
7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "break up."
8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.
9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up."
10. You're the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door don't turn down the stereo.
11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.
12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.
13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.
14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers.
15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt
16. You take naps from noon to 6 PM!
17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the beginning of one.
18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3 AM would severely upset, rather than settle, your stomach.

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                                WHO INFLUENCED ME By DAVE DOUM

                               Where “Army Intelligence”      whatever it was he did        Officer.” That was later
                               started. After the war he      as a DAC (Department          changed to Captain.
                               lead a colorful life,          of the Army Civilian).        She left the service
                               including being Chief of       All anybody ever told         shortly after meeting
                               Police in Kansas City          us was, he was in             my father. She out
                               during the “Roaring
I’m very fortunate because I
                               Twenties.” I have got his
                                                              “Army Intelligence”           ranked him at the time
can honor two generations                                     and then worked for a         and all the saluting was
                               retirement badge and I think
of my family with my                                          “Government Agency.”          apparently annoying.
                               that meant more to him than
membership.             My                                    One of his buddies from       My mother was a
                               the Silver Star.
grandfather came to the                                       his days in Munich,           Legionnaire too.
United States from England
                               When my father was in his      Germany told me; “He
when he was 19 years old.                                                                    Mike Brigandi, rest his
When the boat landed the
                               teens there were few           was a cold warrior.”
                               opportunities in the           That will do just fine         soul, and Scott Cullings
Spanish American War had                                                                     convinced me I should
                               depression era for people      for me. My father was
just started and he walked
                               who didn’t have even a high    a Legionnaire and              join the SAL. After
off the boat and into the
recruiting office. He
                               school diploma. So he          joined the “Forty and          that I joined the Legion
                               joined     the     Civilian                                   too.     Before that I
volunteered to serve in the
                               Conservation Corps and
                                                              Eight” becoming, as
U.S. Army and was in                                          I’ve been told, a Grand        thought a “duly” was a
                               from there the U.S. Army.                                     truck with double rear
Company I, 1st regiment,                                      Chef de Guerre. If any
                               He found a home in the                                        tires. I never enter the
New York Volunteers,                                          of you speak French,
                               Army served through WW
when they attacked the
                               II and the Korean War. He      feel free to translate that    Post without thinking
blockhouse on San Juan                                                                       about my grandfather,
                               went into the Army as a        for me.
Hill.                                                                                        my father and my
                               “Buck Private” and never
                               looked back, retiring at the   When WW II started, mother, they all “rest in
He was awarded the Silver                                     my mother was working honored glory” at
                               rank of Major.          The
Star for gallantry in action
                               majority of his time was       as     an    i n s u r a n c e Arlington National
at the Battle of San Juan
Hill for repeatedly leaving
                               with the Military Police and   underwriter with the Cemetery. It seems to
                               his last ‘command”             AAA. She went home me, my memberships
the blockhouse and pulling
                               assignment was Provost         one day and told her are the least I can do to
wounded troops back in to
                               Marshal at Letterman Army      father, my grandfather,        honor their service to
the aid station. I have that
                               Hospital, on the Presidio of   She was joining the my Country and the
Silver Star and a tattered
Cuban flag he brought back
                               Francisco. From there he
                                                              W A A C ( W o m e n ’ s American Legion.
as a souvenir. His service                                    Auxiliary Army Corps), For God and Country
                               went to “Spy High” at Fort
continued through World                                       which later became the
                               Holabird near Baltimore,
War I and following that he
                               Maryland and then to           WAC’s. She graduated Dave Doum
became a Legionnaire and
                               Germany. He never wore         from the first WAAC Commander
                                                              OCS class. They were Newport Harbor
one of the original members
of the “Forty and Eight.”      a uniform again until his
While he served during         retirement parade. After       not quite sure what Squadron 291
WW I he was in the Signal      that, he went right back to    ranks to use at that time
Corps                          the same desk, doing           so she was a “First

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                              NEWS FROM THE AMERICAN LEGION

   The American Legion Online
            Update Story
                                                                               American Legion.
Vision-care program gets even          impressed by the obvious                 “This video forum is the first of its
better                                 camaraderie and working                 kind,” American Legion National
The American Legion's vision-care      relationships I observed last month.    Commander Marty Conatser said.
provider, Cole Managed Vision,         You guys are the example I'd like       “Candidates and voters have no
has integrated with EyeMed Vision      to infuse into others around the        better opportunity to learn the
Care to provide you with an even       west.                                   highest election priorities of the
stronger vision-care program.          Thanks Bob                              military and veteran communities
American Legion and Sons of The
                                                                               heading into November.”
American Legion members now                Video link allows veteran,
have more provider options than                 military voters
                                                                               Questions must be nonpartisan in
ever, including access to Lens              to question presidential
                                                                               nature and directed to all
Crafters and new independent                       candidates
                                                                               candidates. They should not contain
providers, with continued great
                                       INDIANAPOLIS (May 14, 2008) -           video that includes imagery of
savings on eye care and eye wear.
                                       - The American Legion and               campaign materials. Members of
With EyeMed, you can choose
                              are teaming up to          the Armed Forces who wish to
from thousands of independent
                                       enable military and veteran voters      submit questions must do so while
providers and optical retailers,
                                       to pose questions directly to U.S.      off duty in order to comply with the
including Lens Crafters, Target
                                       presidential candidates this election   Hatch Act. Detailed guidelines
Optical, and most Sears Optical and
                                       year.                                   appear online. Editors for
Pearle Vision locations. Enjoy
                                       “Debate 2008” is an unprecedented and The American
savings of up to 40 percent off at
                                       opportunity for veterans, military      Legion Magazine will screen and
any participating provider location.
                                       retirees, off-duty service personnel    select the videos.
You can select from any available
frame or choose contact lenses.        and others to upload video
                                       questions onto the Web. The             The leading candidates from both
With unlimited frequency, you can
                                       veteran and military communities        major parties will be given equal
even choose both frames and
                                       are comprised of approximately 44       opportunity to respond to selected
contact lenses together.
                                       million Americans           almost a    video questions. The American
It's easy. No enrolment is required
                                       quarter of the overall voting           Legion Magazine, which reaches
and you can access your savings at
                                       population and more than a third of     nearly 4 million readers a month,
any time, as often as you like.
                                       the total voting participation in       plans to publish interviews in a
Follow these simple steps to access
                                       2004, according to the Department       forthcoming issue.
your savings:
                                       of Defense 2005 Selected       will run the video
1. Locate a provider by calling
                                       Manpower Statistics and U.S.            questions and the candidates’
1-800-793-8626 or
                                       Census. The best among the              a n s w e r s                 o n
                                       submissions will be answered on
2. Schedule an appointment or
                                       video by those who seek to become       debate. The deadline to upload
walk-in to the many providers that
                                       the next Commander-in-Chief.            videos for potential use in the
accept walk-in appointments.
                             , the nation’s largest      interviews is June 15.
3. Show your American Legion
card at the time of service.           online military membership
                                       destination with more than 10  and The American
           Comment From
                                       million members, is host of the         Legion have had a formal working
              Bob Jones
                                       site–                                   relationship for more than three
     Vice Commander Western
                                       years. The American Legion,
      Division To Steve Fisher
                                       d e b a t e where easy-to-follow        established in 1919, is the world’s
I want to thank all of you. All of
                                       instructions are provided for those     largest      veterans      service
you guys in California are doing an
                                       who wish to upload questions. The       organization, with more than
excellent job and I very much
                                       site will also be accessible through    14,000 community posts around the
appreciate all of you. I was deeply
                             , Web site of The         world.

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                        WHO INFLUENCED ME By TOMMY BLISS

                         Several months ago,      home,      are    true    His American Legion
                 Commander          Perkins       American heroes.          card shows 62 years of
                 challenged all of us to share    After basic training      continuous
                 who had the most influence       and schooling, he         membership.
                 in our lives. Let me take        found himself in the      Dad was never much
                 just a moment to introduce       Solomon Islands. Due      for talking, but he
 Tommy Bliss     myself. My name is               to the ever-famous        instilled in me a value
                 Tommy Bliss and I am a           paperwork errors he       system that I carry with
                 member of Squadron 421           became a Marine and       me to this day. It would
                 Highland, CA. With over          shipped      out     to   take far too long to
                 ten years of service, I have     Guadalcanal. Upon         address all of the items.
                 served in many offices and       arriving he had 30        He believed in a strong
                 at various positions at the      days worth of food,       family, hard work, trust,
                 25th District. Our home is       which was powered         friendship,        faith,
                 in Rialto CA. where I            eggs and canned fruit.    helping others, and
                 reside with my wife Mary.        The conditions were       taking pride in our great
                 We have been married for         beyond description.       land. He raised the
                 over 35 years. I am              Dad’s principle job       family the best way he
                 currently the Detachment         was in mechanical         could, always working
                 Assistant Sergeant at Arms,      repair and maintaining    to be sure that his
                 under the leadership of          heavy equipment, his      children had a better life
                 Commander Rod Perkins.           skills were much in       then his. He found my
                                                  demand. He had to         mother, who has
                         My father is Vernon      fight the enemy, lack     journeyed through life
                 (Dude) Bliss. He is a true       of      parts     and     with him, always at his
                 American hero of WW II.          equipment, disease and    side and they feel great
                 His story is not unlike the      the ever-present rats.    love and respect for
                 hundreds of thousands of         Men would sleep           each other. I talk with
                 American men and women           together at night, and    Dad often and we visit
                 who fought so hard, many         post a sentry- whose      each other twice a year.
                 of whom never came home,         sole job was to protect   We talk, hunt together
                 to enjoy the peace and           the men and beat away     and enjoy each other’s
                 security of this great nation.   the rats. Dad came        company. Yes, Dad is a
                 My father and I feel that        home in 1946 and is       true American hero and
                 everyone who served in           currently living in       he has given me more
                 any conflict, abroad, or at      Minnesota.                then I can ever return.
                                                                            For God And Country
                                                                            Tommy Bliss
                                                                            Assistant Sergeant At

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                              WEB SIGHT INFORMATION
 I have been the Web Master for      It is an affordable solution to the   emblem sales, and advertisers
our Post 76's Web Page here in       lesser post problems. I would         who offer discounts and
Las Vegas Nevada for ten years       appreciate if you would pass          special offers to Legion                along the word.                       members.                 Thank you!                            Readers may also link to
While you are there check out our    Rudy                                  current issues of other Legion
Baseball Page                        702 365-0454                          publications.
Baseball.html                         NATIONAL NEWSLETTER If you'd like to subscribe to
The reason for my E-mail is that     INDIANAPOLIS              ( T h e the weekly Update, please
we have developed two                American Legion launched its visit The American
affordable types of web sites for    first electronic newsletter last Legion's Web site at
those posts that might be in need    month, The American Legion
of one. Your web master might be     Online Update. Sent out each Click on "Publications," then
taken care of yours but there        Thursday via the Internet, the click "Online Update" in the
might be some that can't afford to   Update currently reaches more drop-down menu.
be burdened with that type of        than 91,000 subscribers. The          Contact: Marty Callaghan,
expense.                             Web-based, weekly newsletter          (317) 630-1272.
These sites are published and        is a more timely complement to
                                                                              YOUR WEB SIGHT
hosted by us with input from the     the Legion's two monthly
individual purchasing a site. So     publications, the Dispatch and        If you have a web sight and
there is no dropping the ball when   The      American      Legion         would like to be listed in the
the person doing that site gets      Magazine. News coverage in the        California Connection just
tired.                               Update ranges from                    send it to me and I will be
The pages, single and multiple,      Legion-related events and             glad to list it for you. That
can be seen at this location.        national issues to veteran’s          way more people will know all           benefits and human-interest           about your Post & Squadron
There is no work to the posts        stories.                              and what you are doing and
other than sending us the            The Update's front page also          when.
information. We do all the work.     features links to reunions, 

                           THANK YOU FROM THE UAS PLT

The Paratroopers and                 letters, e-mails, and                 message to all of those
civilians of the Unmanned            prayers have not gone                 that have contributed not
Aircraft System Platoon, B           unnoticed and have helped             only to our platoon but to
Company, 508th Special               each one of us get through            any Service Member
Troops Battalion, 4th                a trying period in our lives.         during The Global War on
Brigade Combat Team, 82nd            We are constantly thanked             Terrorism we would
Airborne Division would              by American patriots for              appreciate it. Once again
like to thank all the                our duty and the sacrifices           thank you to all who have
individuals, families, and the       we endure; it is our turn to          taken a minute of their
American Legion Post 328             thank you for the support             lives to try to improve the
that have supported us               that you have provided to             life of a Soldier, we are
through this 15 month                us. There are many                    forever indebted to you
deployment in Afghanistan            individuals and families              all.
in support of Operation              that have supported us that           SHANE P. ADAMS
Enduring Freedom. The                we do not have e-mails                SFC, USA UAS
support you have provided            for, if everyone could                Platoon Sergeant
through care packages,               please disseminate this               B CO 508th STB   Page            7 Of 16

                           Detachment Commander Rod Perkins visited Area 2 on March 1 and
                           Rod was an honorary guest at the Area 2 meeting where he met the
                           candidates for the year 2008 & 2009’s upcoming election. While addressing
                           the meeting he was able to share the programs sponsored by the Sons of the
                           American Legion this year, and his primary program, the challenge coin. The
                           delegation from Area 2 was very impressed. District 28 purchased more than
                           100 coins in the short time Commander Rod was here.
                           Later that night the fun really began. Squadron #593 hosted a dinner for the
                           Detachment Commander. Sitting at the head table along with Commander Rod
                           was his lovely wife “P.J.”.

                                   Past Detachment Commander, Paul Rodriguez, Area 2 Vice
                                   Commander, Paul Martin and District 28 Commander, Michael Mora
                                   also attended the dinner. Detachment Senior Vice Commander, Allen
                                   W. Henry and his wife, Vonnie, served the dinner to the head table.
                                   The Squadron’s 2nd Vice, Jim Davis and his wife Diana prepared the
                               District 28 S.A.L. sponsored the dinner. All proceeds will be going to
                               the Palo Alto V.A. spinal cord ward by request of the cook, Jim Davis
                               as he at one time was a patient. The dinner was followed by a speech
                               by Commander Rod. A dance followed the dining with music by
  David Hellbush and Saddle Sores. All had a fabulous time. This night will be long remembered.
  Squadron #593 would like to thank all who participated in the evening’s events and activities and
  Commander Rod for making it a point to stop in and brings words of encouragement to us all.
  Respectfully submitted
  Senior Vice Commander Allen W. Henry
  Area 2 Vice Commander Paul T. Martin
                                       20 PROVERBS FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE
   1. If you're too open-minded your brains will fall out.
   2. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
   3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic.
   4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
   5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.
   6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.
   7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.
   8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
   9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.
   10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.
   11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.
   12. A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.
   13. Eat well, stay fit, and die anyway.
   14. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it.
   15. No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.
   16. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
   17. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.
   18. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.
   19. Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.
   20. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

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                                     S. R. VICE COMMANDER

                  I would like to say a big hello to all of you. We are getting close to our Detachment
                  Convention in Bakersfield. I hope to see all of you there. I have been very blessed this
                  year because the Detachment has met every goal that has been set for us. So far this year I
                  have visited several squadrons and could see the hard work and dedication our members
                  have for this great organization.
                 Recently I attended the National Executive Committee meetings in Indianapolis, Indiana
                 as well as the first Youth Leadership Training Conference in Pacific Palisades, California.
                 I was very impressed with the young men that attended this training course. After the
course was over I had a chance to talk to the different SAL members that put the course on and found out
from them that it was the general consensus that both the students and the instructors were learning from
each other, and it was a great success. This will help in the betterment and improvement of the next Youth
Leadership Conference We will have more information for the next training session. I would like to thank
Ed Pitman, John Mejia and all the staff for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

                         A GRATEFUL COMMANDER SAYS THANKS

                  In any organization there is a core of people that work for the good of all and do so
                  without any self-interest. I have been blessed with so many of these givers during my
                  year as Commander for the Detachment of California that I can only hope that the next
                  Commander can enjoy the same. As all of you are aware the “Youth Leadership Training
                  Program” has been a priority with me. Acting on Junior Past Commander Mark
                  Severance inspiration for this project, we with the assistance of many were able to plan,
                  fund and present our first annual program.
John Mejia, Children and Youth Chairman along with Ed Pittman chaired this program. Both were on
site for the entire program and their hard work was evident.
Bob Bedell, Detachment Adjutant was not only a technical advisor but also planned much of the
presentation and was a presenter on day one of the program.
Gary Nance, Public Relations Chairman, was on site for all three days taking photographs and
documenting the event.
Allen Henry, Senior Vice Commander was on sight for all three days and gave guidance to our students
and assisted in the overall program.
Dan Kessinger, Area Three Vice Commander was on duty 24 hours a day for the entire program. Dan
was responsible for directing our young achievers, seeing that they were up on time and were where they
should be at any given time.
Don Bedell, Detachment Finance Officer, had checkbook in hand to cover any financial obligations.
Don assisted in preparation of all meals, which was a daunting task. Don also assisted in presentation and
teaching of some of the segments.
Mark Severance, Junior Past Commander for The Detachment gets a special thanks and measure of
gratitude. Mark was responsible for all meals and snacks for our students, staff and guest presenters.
Mark was up early and stayed late (along with Don) in seeing that all were well fed and nourished. Mark
was a standout teacher and presented our longest segment to the young achievers. The inter action
between him and the students was remarkable.
Greg Ouligian MD Camp doctor, on site daily
“P.J.” Perkins RN Camp nurse, on site daily.

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                                          OFFICIAL CALL IN (page 1)

                                                     Official Call
                                70th Annual Sons of The American Legion
                                  Detachment of California Convention
                                June 19 - 22, 2008, Bakersfield, California

       To all Detachment of California Squadrons of record; Detachment of California Executive Committee Members;
       Functionaries of the Detachment of California; Officers of all California Squadrons of record; all other proper
       persons and organizations having an interest or responsibility in conjunction with the Detachment of California.

       Pursuant to Article VII of the Detachment of California Constitution of the Sons of The American Legion, I,
       Rodney B. Perkins, Detachment Commander, hereby call for the 70th Annual Detachment of California
       Convention to be held Thursday thru Sunday, June 19 - 22, 2008, in the Grape Room at the Rabobank Arena
       Theatre & Convention Center, 1001 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301. Detachment Convention Sessions
       in accordance with the Uniform Code of Procedures for Detachment of California Conventions will be convened
       at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday, June 19, 2008. A copy of the Uniform Code of Procedures for the Organization of
       Detachment Conventions, revised March 16, 2008 is attached. Further copies may be obtained from the
       Detachment web site.

       The 70th Annual Convention shall be convened for the following purposes:

               1.   To complete all business of the Sons of The American Legion Detachment of California for 2007-

               2.   To consider and vote on all resolutions, which are properly presented to the Detachment Adjutant.

               3.   To adopt a Budget for fiscal year 2008-2009.

               4.   To nominate and elect National Convention Delegates.

               5.   To elect a Detachment Commander, and all other positions of the Detachment Executive
                    Committee for the ensuing year 2008-2009. Elections shall take place on Saturday, June 21, 2008
                    in the Grape Room at the Rabobank Arena Theatre & Convention Center, 1001 Truxtun Avenue,
                    Bakersfield, CA 93301.

               6.   To consider and act upon all other business of the Detachment of California properly presented to
                    the Delegates of the 70th Annual Convention.

                                   Detachment Executive Committee Meetings
       The Pre-Convention DEC Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM, in the Grape Room at
       the Rabobank Arena Theatre & Convention Center, 1001 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301. The Post-
       Convention DEC Meeting will convene at 10:00 am on Sunday, June 22, 2008 in Grape Room at the Rabobank
       Arena Theatre & Convention Center, 1001 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

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                                        OFFICIAL CALL IN (page 2)

 Continued From Page 10

Representation of the Detachment Convention shall be allotted in accordance with the provisions of Article VII.
Section 4. of the Detachment Constitution and reads as follows:

Voting strength of each squadron of The Sons of The American Legion at convention shall be three (3) votes for charter
(which consists of ten (10) members and one (1) vote for every additional ten (10) paid up members or major fraction
thereof. Each past Detachment Commander, Past National Commander, and each duly elected District Commander, if
present, shall have one (1) vote. There shall be no proxy voting.

The Annual Convention Delegate strength will be calculated by the total number of paid members of each
squadron properly transmitted to, and received by, the Department Headquarters and verified by the
Detachment Adjutant sixty (60) days prior to the start of the annual convention.

The Detachment Adjutant shall send to each squadron their voting strength and delegate registration form,
which must be completed and returned to the Detachment Adjutant with delegate fees thirty (30) days prior to
the annual convention.

Only registered and paid delegates or chairman of said registered and paid delegation can vote at the annual
convention. Deadline for registration of prepaid delegates in attendance shall be at the recess of the Friday
business session.

The Detachment Commander shall appoint a Credentials Committee consisting of a chairman and two (2)
other committee persons. The Chairman shall report at each session the voting delegate strength and total
delegates voting strength."

Certification of Squadron Delegates, Alternate Delegates, Past National Commanders, Past Detachment Commanders,
and District Commanders along with a $4.00 per Delegate registration fee must be received by the Detachment Adjutant
no later than Monday, May 19, 2008. All certifications and delegate fees must be received at the address printed on the
Delegate Certification Form. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Registration of certified and paid Delegates and Alternate Delegates will start on Thursday, June 19, 2008 from 8:00
A.M. to 4:00 P.M.; Friday, June 20, 2007, from 8:30 A.M. to Noon. The registration desk will be located inside the
Rabobank Arena Theatre & Convention Center, 1001 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301. There will be no
delegate registration on Saturday. All delegate registrations must be completed prior to noon on Friday, June 20, 2008.

All Delegates and Alternate Delegates must display their Convention Identification Credentials while on the floor of the
Convention while the Convention is in session. Credentials will only be issued to properly certified and paid delegates.
All Convention Delegates and Alternate Delegates must possess a valid and current 2008 Sons of The American Legion
Membership Card and must show their Membership Card to the Detachment Registrar.

All inquiries and questions or concerns should be directed to the Detachment Adjutant at or
951 898-4678.

ATTESTED: Dated, April 19, 2008,

             Rodney B. Perkins,                                              Robert F. Bedell,
                   Commander                                                    Adjutant
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                                  A GRATEFUL COMMANDER SAYS THANKS

               Continued From Page 9

                            The Detachment Officers previously mentioned and many others have
                            contributed in the success of this Detachment for many years and for several
                            Detachment Past Commanders. I am privileged to have had their assistance on
                            this project and all have worked hard to achieve the goals and objectives of the
                            For God and Country
                            Rod Perkins,
                            Rod Perkins, Commander
                            Detachment of California
                            Sons of the American Legion

                    LIVING QUARTERS                    BUNK HOUSE                         MOVING IN



                 A LOT OF PEOPLE TO FEED         THEY ALL WANTED TO COOK            “THE FOOD WAS GREAT”

Continued on          NOT ALL WORK                 JR. SAL OF THE YEAR              RYAN LAYCOX RECEIVES
  Page 14             SOME FUN TOO                  DANNY KESSINGER               CERTIFICATE AND WAS ASKED
                                                  RECEIVES CERTIFICATE              TO HELP OUT NEXT YEAR
 Page      12 Of 16

    Max Stuczynski
    It was truly an honor to be selected for this camp. Working alongside fellow SALS and like-minded individuals
    renewed my faith in the future. Although not all of us gained what we could of, due to lack of maturity or what
    have you. I highly recommend continuing the camp.

    Carlos Velazquez
    I enjoyed the fact that I got to meet new people everyday and that the staff are very helpful, they showed us how to
    be leaders, and also showing us how to cooperate with our group members and staff. The took us to the beach
    where we had fun and ate, of and the waves were really big. I had a sot of fun with other group members and staff.
    We played a lot of games, so thanks I hope you guys have a good life.
    Dmitry Bolotov
    I think this camp formed by the Sons of The American Legion was really great. The leaders taught me a lot about
    leadership and I got a whole new view of what it is like to be in power and the responsibilities that come along
    with that. I met quite a few new people and really enjoyed spending the weekend with them, enjoying the fun and
    leadership lessons.
    Steven Begakis
    The youth LTD program teaches essential concepts of leadership, teamwork, and other elements necessary for
    future success in life. The effect that the program could potentially have on any one student can hardly be
    overstated. In a youth culture today largely devoid of discipline and responsibility, it is imperative that kids be
    given the kind of environment the Youth LTD provides, that they may grow in their maturity, understanding of real
    world principles and passion to achieve in life.
    Joseph Valdez
    Hello my name is Joseph Valdez. I came to a camp sponsored by the sons of The American Legion. I got to meet
    new kinds of people and I learned a lot about leadership. I got to cook they showed us how to be a leader and we
    even went to the beach. We got to play Frisbee. We got to pick teams and projects to help us learn leadership.
    This has been the best trip that I have ever been to before. I can’t wait until next year. I just want to say thank to
    the son of The American Legion and the camp we stayed at.
    Paul M. Rodriguez
    I enjoyed this weekend I learned a great many things about being a leader and how a good team functions
    efficiently both as separate members and as a whole. I will remember this weekend forever; the friends and things
    I’ve learned here will stay with me forever… Now I think that the younger children should be separated from the
    older kids so it doesn’t feel like a day care center. The beach party was fun and the classes were educational and
    the food was awesome.
    Danny Kissinger
    The Youth Leadership Camp is really a remarkable experience. You learn a lot, make new friends, and meet old
    friends, great food, & time.
    Vincent Munoz
    The academy was a great experience for me I learned a lot about leadership. I liked the fact that we didn’t have
    class for 3 hours at a time, I liked that the class were spaced out it made it easier to retain more information. I liked
    that we went to the beach it made it that much better. The sleeping facilities were great and comfy. I hope the
    SAL has this program next year and I hope I’m invited back
    Thank you
    Mathew Rodriguez
    Petty Officer 3rd Class, USNSCC
    Desert Storm Division
    My weekend with the Son of The American Legion Youth Leadership Training was very interesting.
    The good thing about this training was the classroom sessions we had were we had interacted with one
    another and the best part was the beach. It’s been the best time I had at the beach since I was a little kid.
    But yet this training had a bad side. To me was like a counselor at a babysitting center. To me these
    kids that were here should be older (at least 16 years of age) No body listened to the older teenagers.
    That was my experience with the Leadership training.
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Continued On Page 14
Continued From Page 13


      Ryan Laycox
      The sons of They American Legion set this leadership camp very well. The facility was great. The campgrounds
      were very nice and the staff members & leaders were well organized and did a great job. The food was very good. I
      really enjoyed this, it was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot. The workshops & Lessons were set up
      very well. The activities were fun and kept everyone into the lessons. The trip to the beach was a great idea, it was a
      good place to go and get away, from the bunkrooms. I want to say thank you very much for putting all you time and
      effort in putting this all together. Everyone did a great job setting up this leadership camp. I appreciate everything
      you did it was awesome.

      Hanniel Catalan
      All these three days were fun, the reason is because the food was good, meeting nice people. I learned more about
      leadership. I like the people that I meet but some of them were really bitches and some of them thought that they had
      all the power. But also I lost my wallet and then Dan found it and I was happy and thankful.
      Thank all of you.

                               NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTIE REPORT

                             The National Executive Committee meeting was held in Indianapolis,
                             Indiana on May 2nd thru 4th 2008. It is indeed my pleasure to represent
                             the Detachment of California.
                             The general meeting was called to order around 8:30am with roll call and
                             general business as the normal procedure. The general membership
                             completed its normal business and then went into recess until Sunday
                             morning. During this recess period the various commission and
      committees met at various times and locations. Some of the groups are Legislative Commission,
      Public Relations Commission, VA&R Commission, Children & Youth Commission,
      Americanism Commission, Internal Affairs Commission, and Finance Commission. Other
      meetings include committees on Child Welfare Community Service, Convention, Member
      Training and Development and Membership.
             I am proud to announce that Robert Bedell is on the Membership and Training Committee
      and Mark Severance is on the Membership Committee.
             Our Senior Vice Commander attended the membership Committee meeting and John
      Mejia attended the Children and Youth Commission meeting. John Mejia also received special
      recognition at the general meeting for his outstanding work on the CAT Program.
             In closing I would like to report that John Mejia completed and graduated from the
      National Management Institute part one, and Commander Rod Perkins, Jr. Past Commander Mark
      Severance and myself graduated for N. M. I. part two.
             We all had a rewarding N. E. C.
      For God and Country
      Atwood Grandberry – N.E.C.

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                               CHILDERN AND YOUTH CONER

Greetings to my entire American Legion family. I am going to make this brief and to the point. Our CAT
exams are going as planned. We are leading the way, nationwide, for the number of members in the
CAT program. At the recent spring meeting in Indianapolis it was announced that there were 212
members registered through out the United States, of which California is the leader. As a result of this
effort “Feed the Kitty” was born. The recent NEC meeting gave recognition to ‘Feed the Kitty”, and I
can tell all of you that National gives all of it’s support to this program. We, in California, can be very
proud of our success in children and youth and child welfare, because our efforts and contribution’s will
make a difference in a young child’s life. Keep the number 1,000 insight, as feed the kitty will be
evolving into the mighty “SABRE-TOOTHED CAT”, and our motto will be “CAN DO”. Remember
when around our fellow legion member’s and someone yell’s out “WHAT TIME IS IT, WE SHOUT
BACK IT’S TIME TO FEED THE KITTY”, pass the canisters around, it does work. “Belong, believe
and be proud”. A renew letter will be going out to each cat member. “We are a family of one”.


                                LETTER TO THE COMMANDER

                               A REASON TO DO WHAT WE DO
As Commander for the Detachment of California, I have been blessed. I know our future is bright as
long as we have young men like Max Stuczynski in our Legion Family. I received the following letter
from Max, on May 19, 2009.
Rod Perkins, Commander
Detachment of California
Commander Perkins
   I would like to thank all of you for the great leadership experience I had during May 9th, 10th and
11th. I’ve struggled for a long time with my transition into adulthood, and I’ve been presented with
many choices that, in the long run, transformed me into the person I am today. Thankfully, great
friends, caring parents and a special brand of brothers granted me a path of a bright future.
  The SAL Leadership Camp truly renewed my resolve and ever since I can honestly say that I’ve been
happier than I had been in ages. Getting to meet people who share my ideals and dedication to the USA
was an event that filled my heart with joy. On top of that, I also enjoyed the leadership training aspect,
in which I excelled enough to receive the honor of being invited to return next year.
 My local SAL post 432, has been a great help in keeping me sane and happy. Without these guys, I’d
not be who I am today. I vow to make something out of my self that you can all be proud of.
Once more, thanks to all of the SAL and the American Legion Family as a whole for keeping the spirit
of Honor, Justice, Goodness, and America alive in the modern age.
                                     God Bless You All
                                     Max C. Stuczynski

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                            GARY NANCE P. R. CHAIRMAN & HISTORIAN

                                                                                           GI Bill
                                                                                  The Bush administration
                                    THESE ARE JUST ART WORK                       has endorsed a House bill
   Comment From                                                                   that would improve the
      Bob Jones                                                                   Montgomery GI Bill
   Vice Commander                      COIN NUMBER #2                             (MGIB) education benefits
   Western Division                                                               in several ways including a
                                  THE SECOND COIN IN THE SERIES                   31 percent jump in
 I want to thank all of
                                                                                  monthly benefits and a
 you. All of you guys        One side will have the “prisoner of war / missing    new $500-a-month stipend
 in California are doing     in action” statue from the Riverside National        to help cover college
 an excellent job and I      Cemetery. The other side will have all four logos    living expenses. The aim
 very much appreciate        of the “The American Legion Family”.                 is not only to improve
 all of you. I was deeply    This coin will be the same size and the same basic   veterans' benefits in
 impressed by the            coin design.                                         wartime but also to derail
 obvious camaraderie
                                                                                  a far more costly GI Bill
 and          working        Before we order the new coin we will have to         reform package proposed
 relationships          I    have pre orders. Fill out the order form below and   by Democrat
 observed at the DEC.        send it in to the address on the form. The price
 You guys are the            will be the same as the first one. If we see that         50,000 NAMES
 example I'd like to                                                                  CARVED IN THE
                             there is enough interest in a second coin we will
 infuse into others                                                                        WALL
                             place the order. Your check will not be cashed        Must see web sight
 around the west.            until we place the order. This will help us raise     http://home.comcas
 Thanks                      the money we will need for the second Youth 
                             Training Camp                                         TNOTW.htm

 Early Buy Special               ORDER FORM COIN #2
 Post or Squadron Name__________________________________________________
 Your Name: ___________________________________________________________
 Address: ______________________________________________________________
 City, State & Zip: ____________________________________________________Phone: ___________
 How Many #1 Coins 10 +_____ @ $8.00 Ea _______How Many #2 Coins 10 +______ @ $7.50 Ea _______
 Less than 10 Coins __________ @ $10.00 Each $__________        Total $___________
 Postage and Handling $5.00
 Send to Gary Nance
 12607 Philadelphia St                Make Checks Payable to Detachment of California
 Whittier, California 90601

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