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									Swavesey Village College
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             JULY 2010                         N
   The Olympic Cup                            In this issue ......
                                              Jennifer Ottley ........................ 2

     Wednesday 23rd June                      Student Council ...................... 3
                                              Sharing Ideas .......................... 4
        CONGRATULATIONS TO                    Charities and Peru Day .......... 5
  THE SWAVESEY VC ATHLETICS SQUAD             Botanic Gardens Trip .............. 6

  WHO WON THE DISTRICT ATHLETICS              Alton Towers Resort Trip ........6
                                              Carnegie Medal ...................... 7
          CHAMPIONSHIPS                       Maths Challenge ...................... 7
                                              Swavesey Festival .................... 8
                                              Extended Curriculum Day .... 9
                                              Hands on Science Day .......... 10
                                              Babraham Institute .............. 10
                                              Science of Shampoos ............ 10
                                              Netherlands Exchange.......... 11
                                              Theatre Company ................ 12
                                              KS3 Drama Club .................. 12
                                              Calais Trip .............................. 13
                                              Language Leaders ................ 13
                                              Languages Movie Club .......... 13
                                              SVC Sporting colours ......14,15
                                              Table Tennis Club .................. 16
                                              Women’s FA Cup Final ........ 16
                                              Latest News .......................... 16

              STOP PRESS
                                The Swavesey Village College Folk Group
                                have won the Cambridge Evening News’, (in
                                association with the Kingsmill Eastern
                                Region Bakery) Britain’s Got Talent
                                competition. They were one of four finalists
                                and picked up nearly half the votes in the
                                Cambridge News Online poll which allowed
                                visitors to watch videos of all the finalists in
                                action. The prizes for the winners are
                                musical equipment, dancewear vouchers
                                and footballs for the PE department.

SVC News
      It is our pleasure to introduce this newsletter which captures         maintained the same levels of achievement and look forward to
  many of this term’s highlights. Congratulations go to all those            celebrating their successes in the summer.
  students and staff involved in events and competitions where                   This year has also seen our partnership work with schools,
  Swavesey Village College (SVC) has excelled. These successes do            both locally and nationally, become focused into working with
  not happen by chance but reflect the commitment and hours of                just one: Orton Longueville School in Peterborough (OLS). A
  practice, especially after school, that students and staff put into         number of staff from SVC have worked with colleagues in OLS
  extra-curricular activities.                                               and universally found the experience both positive and
      It is exciting to see the new hall approaching completion and          energising.
  we look forward to enjoying facilities that do justice to the                 Most importantly this partnership has provided us with
  performances and events that we host at the school. This                   additional investment at Swavesey and ensured that we continue
  summer sees other projects taking place on site, including                 to retain and recruit excellent staff. At a time when many schools
      • the refurbishment of the current hall into a dining facility,        are reducing staffing we have been able to increase investment
      • the building of an engineering suite in preparation for the          in key areas to continue to build the strength and capacity into
           launch of the Engineering Diploma in September                    our teams; in 2010/11this includes Maths, English, Science, Music
                                                                             and ICT. Given SVC’s successes, our staff are in great demand but
      • the relocation of the Swavesey and Cottenham Locality
                                                                             this partnership has also enabled us to provide staff with
           Team into SVC providing easier access to support for
                                                                             development opportunities within SVC or at OLS rather than lose
           children and families
                                                                             them to other schools .
      In July, our School Improvement Partner attended the Full
                                                                                In short it has been another busy and successful year, which
  Governors’ meeting and presented the School Annual Review
                                                                             has seen
  covering the improvements, successes and ethos of the school
  over the past five years. In his review and against all the Ofsted             • An increasing number of international links
  criteria, he judged the school as ‘Outstanding’. An extract from              • A rise in participation in clubs
  his report is below :                                                         • Unprecedented successes in Music and Drama in
      “The College’s performance is outstanding and has improved                    competitions
  continuously over the past five years. Teaching quality is of a very           • An increase in student leadership opportunities
  high order. Curriculum content matches the abilities, needs and
                                                                                • An excellent range of events in the inter house Super
  aspirations of the pupils. Target setting, tracking and intervention
  are exemplary. Governance and senior leadership is outstanding
  and subject leadership has improved considerably.”                            We would like to congratulate and thank all those students,
                                                                             staff, parents and governors who have contributed so much to
      On the same theme, last week we received news from the
                                                                             the life of Swavesey Village College over the past year and wish
  Specialist Schools and Academies Trust that SVC was in the top
                                                                             you all a relaxing summer break.
  30 (1%) state schools in the country, measured against the
  combined results at GCSE for 5A*-C (including English and
                                                                             Martin Bacon                                    David Ruddy
  Maths). We are confident that the current year 11 has
                                                                             Principal                                     Chair of Governors

  Governor News
  We said goodbye in July to a longstanding member of the school governing body
  Mrs Jennifer Ottley.
  Jennifer has supported SVC in a variety of ways over the years and we are very
  grateful for her energy, time and loyal commitment to the College.
  We wish her a long and happy retirement.

New staff              Katie Dennis               English, Orwell (NQT)                  Laura Neasham                English, Orwell (NQT)
                      Sarah Oliver               English, Orwell                        Alison Crossley              MFL part time, Orwell
                      John Gull                  Maths, Newton (NQT)                    Bridget Maskell              Maths, Newton
                      Jim Stavrou                Assistant Principal Newton             Alison MacDonald             History Wilberforce (NQT)
                      Sarah-Leanne Sterling      Science, Cavendish                     Zoe Stearns                  Science, Cavendish
                      Sophie Barling             Science, Cavendish                     Nigel Conroy                 ICT, Brunel (NQT)
                      Anthony Partington         Assistant Principal OLS                Michael Mathews              Music, Wilberforce (GTP)
                      Sue Wilkins                Teaching Assistant, Brunel             Karalyne Donoghue            Cover Supervisor
                      Karen Norris-Barton        Mid day supervisor                     Claire Newman                CMT/Personnel admin
                      Matthew Farrow             ICT apprentice

                      NQT - Newly Qualified Teacher           GTP - Graduate Training Programme           CMT - College Management Team

Staff leavers          Yvonne Ringler             English                                Gary Smith                   English
                      Anne Roberts               English                                Roger Stokes                 Science
                      David Woolley              History                                Liz Harrison                 MFL
                      Helen Norris               SENCO                                  Jan Overall                  Office manager

SVC Student Council
              Student Council Report
               The new Student Council first met on 19th May. All new Year 10 House Leaders and the School Ambassadors were

               The main decision of the meeting was to request that the use of Ipods and other mobile

               technology was allowed on the field at breaks and lunchtimes. At the same time the council
               asked for the field to become a designated eating area. There was much discussion about the
               problems this might cause – mainly litter – and it was decided to trial a traffic light warning
               system whereby if the field was left in a mess it would go on to an amber alert. If it did not
               improve then the field would be closed for a day. The system has now been running
               successfully for 4 weeks and the field has only had to be closed once. The decision on the status
               of the field is taken by the lunchtime supervisors and members of the Council.
               There has also been a lot of excitement about the refurbishment of the hall as a proper dining
               hall from September. Every tutor group got involved in putting opinions and design ideas
               forward and a team of students submitted an entry to a national Canteen Rescue competition
               to try and win a new canteen. Although we were not successful it has certainly raised our
               expectations for September!
               The use of rewards and sanctions in school and how student voice can contribute to curriculum
               areas was also discussed as well as the revamp of the Resource Centre and Cover lessons. More
               about this in September!
               Lastly, student leaders have represented SVC at a Parish Council meeting for the first time. Three
               local students attended the Swavesey Parish Council meeting on Monday 21st June and were
               invited to join discussions on matters such as youth provision in Swavesey, the Prom and the
               fayre and the need for a youth voice in the village. All three students thoroughly enjoyed
               seeing how local matters are discussed and decided and stayed until the very end of the
               meeting at 10p.m. We now hope to contact other Parish Councils and offer a youth
               perspective to their meetings as well.
               The School Council will meet for the last time this year on Wednesday July 21st to set an agenda
               for September – any ideas for discussion to House Leaders please.

College Management Team 2010 - 2011
This is the outline of the current team based at Swavesey:-

                                                                                                               Atul Karia
                  Martin Bacon             Andy Daly              Jacki Parris         Clive Paskell            Assistant
                                                              Deputy Principal
                   Principal, SVC        Deputy Principal                              Business and             support
Focus                                                            Personnel
                     CME Trust            Achievement                                   resources             Intervention
                                                              (all employees)                                   The Arts

                   Lesley Daniel         Richard Davies           Stuart Gent        Hannah Turner            Jim Stavrou

                                                              T and L, Individual
                                          Teaching and
                   Student Voice                              coaching, Parental        Enrichment            ICT and work
Focus                                       Learning
                    Leadership                                    engagement            curriculum           based learning
                                        Quality assurance
                      Orwell                                      Wilberforce           Cavendish              Newton
Links                                      Design and
                      English                                     Humanities             Science            Maths / ICT / PE
                                         enterprise (ICT)

We are delighted to welcome Jim Stavrou to the team as Assistant Principal focussing on ICT and Work Based Learning. He is
currently Head of Maths / ICT and seconded to the leadership team at Sawston Village College.
The model that we have developed has both created capacity for new roles in the leadership team but also enabled us to retain
particular knowledge and expertise such as: Mark Woods (Data and achievement), Steve Howard (Specialist Status / ICT), Jacki
Parris (Personnel), Andy Daly (Vocational education), Clive Paskell (Business and resources).

SVC Sharing Ideas
                                                               On Friday 11th June SVC held yet another Vertical Tutoring Day.
                                                               We hosted staff and students from 4 other schools, (totalling 50
                                                               delegates), who had all had long journeys to reach us. It was a
                                                               useful and enjoyable day, probably one of the best so far. We
                                                               received some very positive evaluations, with the visiting
                                                               schools having lots of ideas to take back with them. It is great
                                                               to share what we do and to learn from others. We have to thank
                                                               our fantastic staff and students who go the extra mile to make
                                                               these events such a success and to earn the College some much
                                                               needed extra income which helps us to continue to invest in
                                                               staff and resources at Swavesey Village College.

 Other events SVC has hosted over the past few months:
                      Student Voice
                Training Students to Lead
                  Raising Achievement
            Science Technicians’ Conference
                     BTec Science Day
             Science Learning Centre Event
           Ed Excel Quality Nominee Network
               Trinidad & Tobago Visitors
            Hayes Cover Supervisor Training
           Cambridge Partnership Conference
                       CAP Meeting
          How to Boost your A* - C grades visit
               Lead Practitioner Seminar
             Science Personalising Learning
                    LEA Budget Toolkit
                Toolkit for Senior Leaders

                     Visits from
              Samworth Church Academy
                Seaford School, Sussex
               Waylands School, Norfolk
             Wade Deacon School, Widnes
                  Thomas Clarkson
                    Ken Stimpson

 Our students and staff taking vertical tutoring ideas to
                   Brentford School
               SSAT National Conference

SVC Charities
Money raised by students and staff
20% of the Sponsored Walk monies raised £996.95
Our Charities Morning raised £2,882.78
Peru Day raised £1,076.84

Picnic for Peru 2010
On Friday 18th June, the students and staff of SVC managed to raise a staggering £1076.84
to help rebuild an area of Peru, badly affected by flooding in January this year.
On the night of January 25th 2010, some 80,000 people in the Sacred Valley near Cusco
were made homeless and many bridges, schools and kindergartens were destroyed. Whilst
tourists were helicoptered to safety from Machu Picchu, it was the locals who had to bear
the brunt of the deluge. The worst hit areas were the villages of Yucay, Calca and Ollantay-
tambo and whilst the death toll was mercifully low (around 12), the focus of the international
media remained understandably on Haiti which was devastated by an earthquake at the
same time.
As a result, people out there will struggle to rebuild uninsured homes and will have lost their
crops and livelihoods for the year ahead. Of more immediate concern is clean water and
food and though Peru struggles for clean water at the best of times, disease is a real risk for
people in the short term. The cost of rebuilding in this region has been estimated at $680
million. So far the Peruvian government have pledged only $65 million.
So, last Friday, SVC dug deep into their pockets and created a day of celebration of Peruvian
culture. We had Peruvian dancing in assembly; pictures in ponchos; Peruvian food, chocolate
and drinks; raffles for staff and students; and a bric-a-brac stall too! We had a visit from Wal-
ter Duran who comes from the village of Yucay and his wife Rachel who showed us what
                                                  has already been done to help the villagers
                                                  and also the huge job that is still left to do.
                                                  Student and staff volunteers helped tremendously with the day doing everything
                                                  from selling raffle tickets to peeling potatoes the day before. It truly was a sign of
                                                  what our community can achieve when we all work together. In the future, we hope
                                                  this will build links for our school with a partner school in Peru in the region worst
                                                  affected. One day, this may give our students the chance to visit the places we have
                                                  made such a difference to!
                                                  Thank you to all those who gave so generously of their time, energy and money, to
                                                  make the day such a success.

                                                 Miss Pegler

SVC Subject Trips
Botanical Gardens Trip
                                                                Year 10 Art students
                                                                visited Cambridge’s
                                                                Botanical Gardens to
                                                                support their work on
                                                                ‘nature’. They had an
                                                                opportunity to sketch,
                                                                observe           and
                                                                photograph a diverse
                                                                range of plants.

 Child Development
 Family Activity Day
 Swavesey Village College were approached by the Pre-School
 Learning Alliance to help at their annual Picnic Fun Day at
 Huntingdon Racecourse. Half of the year 10 Child Development
 Group came along and set up a story telling and singing corner
 for the children. They had a great day helping out the Pre-School
 Alliance with face painting, badge making, messy play, races,          Alton Towers Resort Trip
 pom-poms and many more activities. Pupils participated with
 enthusiasm and we had many comments on what a credit they              Friday 11th June 2010
 were to the school. Well done to all pupils involved.
                                                                        Year 10 Business Studies
 Jenna Bowen                                                            We started off at 7.45 am on a grey, overcast morning.
 Teacher of Health and Social Care and ICT                              Although all were excited some were a little subdued and
 Swavesey Village College                                               took the opportunity to catch up on sleep missed due to
                                                                        our early start.
                                                                        As we got nearer sleepy murmurs turned into whoops of
                                                                        joy as the cloudy skies started to clear and we started to
                                                                        feel human again.
                                                                        We arrived early and had the opportunity to briefly
                                                                        wander around the Resort and get our bearings before
                                                                        the seriousness of the proceedings began. We started
                                                                        with a very informative Customer Services Lecture in the
                                                                        Education Centre, where we got the scoop on the inner
                                                                        workings of the Resort, as well as why and how the Resort
                                                                        value their customers so much.
                                                                        After the lecture the sun put it’s hat on and put us in great
                                                                        spirits to complete our surveys and enjoy the Resort’s
                                                                        A big Shout Out to Nigel Butler our driver who did a
                                                                        brilliant job.
                                                                        A fantastic day had by all!

SVC English Department
The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, has been
awarded the Carnegie Medal.
10 incredibly committed students with a passion for reading participated in this year’s voting. The shortlist for this year’s award included
Chains, by Laurie Halse; The Vanishing of Katherina Linden, by Helen Grant; Rowen the Strange, by Julie Hearn; The Ask and the Answer,
by Patrick Ness; Nation, by Terry Pratchett; Fever Crumb, by Philip Reeve; Revolver, by Marcus Sedgwick; and last but not least The
Graveyard book By Neil Gaiman. The Carnegie Club is comprised of two groups. Ms. Shepherd lead those involved with the Bookends
Book Club (Bookends meets Tuesdays after school), while Ms. Ringler’s crew gathered Mondays at lunch. Melissa Dicks, who attended
                                                                                    both sets of meetings, managed to read all eight
                                                                                    nominated books! The passion of the students
 BUSTED! – Swavesey students                                                        involved in the voting process has been incredible.
                                                                                    Many debates over which book should win came to

 excel in national poetry                                                           a head when we cast our votes. In years past, the
                                                                                    predicted winner and the actual winner have not
                                                                                    lined up. However, the Carnegie Club members
 competition                                                                        votes predicted The Graveyard Book as the winner.
 The talent of Swavesey students continues to shine through, this time being
 recognised at a national level. Students in English took part in a competition
 where they were asked to produce a piece of original poetry around a subject
                             of their choice. Some of those that were
                               produced were absolutely stunning. The very
                                best were selected to be published in a
                                  national anthology, whose aim it is to
                                   showcase the depth of talent of young
                                    writers all over the country.
                                     Congratulations go to the following
                                      students: Matilda Perez, Georgia
                                       Whitbread, Anna Harris, Isobel Bennett,
                                        James Murray, Thomas Adams, Ryan
                                         Marsh, Beth Whelan, Callum
                                          McDermott, and Annabel Barratt.
                                            A copy of the anthology is in the
                                             National Library, and the school
                                               also has a copy in the resource
                                                centre...check it out!

SVC Maths
  Maths Challenge
  250 students from across the school have taken part in the UKMT Maths Challenges this year. We are extremely proud of everyone
  who took part and these students will be receiving certificates as a formal recognition of their achievements.

  In particular we would like to congratulate the 17 students who achieved Gold and the 57 students who were awarded Silver or
  Bronze certificates in the Intermediate Challenge in Spring and the Junior Challenge this Summer.

  We are especially proud of three students: Tom Page (Year 10) and Danis Thomas (Year 9) who qualified to take part in the European
  Kangaroo (a paper that top students from across Europe are invited to take following their strong performance in the Intermediate
  competition!); and Melissa Dicks (Year 8) who qualified to take the Junior Mathematical Olympiad – a challenge that just 1200 of
  the top scorers in the country are invited to take on!

SVC Music Department
Over Performance
On Saturday, June 12th, the Hathor Players performed at a fund-raising
event for the Over Day Centre at the Old Rectory, Over. They made
their debut performance of the Allegro to Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine
Nachtmusik’ to a large and appreciative audience in the beautiful
rectory gardens and have been invited back as a regular garden-party
fixture for the future.

  Swavesey Festival
  For the second Swavesey Festival, the music department was invited to contribute
  towards three of the week’s events.

  The Family Concert, despite clashing with the tail-end of the England-Algeria
  match, drew a good-sized audience. Various performances from department
  choirs and instrumental groups were joined by groups from the Swavesey Music
  School giving their first public performance. As some of these performers are aged
  5 years and under, they sang and played exceptionally well and were greeted with
  enthusiastic applause by the SVC contingent.

  Friday evening heralded the first-ever Swavesey Jazz Concert held in a marquee
  on the village green. Our Concert-Jazz Band performed three pieces and the Jazz
  Consort (consisting mainly of GCSE students) performed their rousing ‘Fight Song’
  - the reception was loud and appreciative with, once again, an invitation to return.

  On the final night of the festival, two of the college’s rock bands took to the
  outdoor stage to perform for anyone within earshot of the green (which, owing
  to the amplification, turned out to be the entire village). High Tory and Force of
  Habit consolidated their rock star status with a 20-min set each and confident
  crowd banter.

  Congratulations and thanks to all the students who took part in these events. As
  a department, the culmination of this term’s musical efforts took place on
  Wednesday, June 30th with the music department’s Summer Concert when all
  the groups performed in the music quad. Pupil involvement was at a record high
  this year with over 70 students singing in Lower School Chorus and a combined
  pupil-involvement total of over 175. The main theme that appeaed to run through
  much of this year’s music was ‘fusion’ - folk fusing with rock, different song
  fusions, unpredictable output and collaboration from some groups and between
  groups; and a range of musical repertoire that took in both Mozart and Lady Gaga.
  What next? Keep listening!

                     The Award winning Swavesey Music School...where music really

                                              9am Sing-up
                                    10am Rockin’ Rhythms - theory
                                  11am Makin’ Music - play together
                          12 noon Tecyhnically Speaking - recording techniques

                            Every Saturday of term time     Only £2.50 per hour

                                      For further details contact:
                          Audrey Caldwell:
SVC Extended Curriculum Day
                             Year 7
                         Junk Army
                     24th May 2010

                                                           Year 8
                                                       Africa Day
                                                   24th May 2010

Year 10
Mock trial designing a
court room

                          Year 10 – Outdoor Ed
                          with Grafham water and
                          The Royal Marines

                            Year 7
                            Sustainability day

                          Year 8
           Black Country Museum
SVC Science Specialism
 Hands on Science Day 2010
 Swavesey VC welcomed 240 eager students from partner primary schools all of
 whom will be coming to join us in September. The aim of the day is to enthuse
 young people with science.

                                           The students sampled a variety of
                                           different ‘hands on’ workshops
                                           including , Fire Safety with Cambs
                                           Fire Service, Antarctic Survival with
                                           British Antarctic Survey, Printing with
                                           Domino Printer Services, Pharmaceuticals with Napp Pharmaceuticals, Environmental
                                           Science with Mott MacDonald, Science of Paintings with the Fitzwilliam Museum,
                                           Surveillance Cameras with Tyco, Basic First Aid, Science of Golf and Birds of Prey &
                                           Owl Pellet Dissections with David Chandler Environmental Educator(David is available
                                           to deliver talks & workshops to schools, contact him on 01223 524013 for further
                                           This was a busy and exciting day for all, many thanks to the above named companies
                                           for their support of this event.

Induction Day for SVC Engineering Diploma
Students at Cambridge Regional College
                                                                       Babraham Institute
                                    Year 9 students who will be
                                    starting their Engineering
                                    Diploma in September
                                                                       Schools Day
                                    spent the morning at CRC
                                    experiencing two workshop
                                                                       Bronze Crest Award
                                    activities. The students           A group of 10 Swavesey students spent the day at the
                                    were put at ease by the            Babraham Institute.        This world renowned Institute
                                    friendly staff at CRC and           undertakes cutting edge biomedical research to discover the
                                    soon joined in either the          molecular mechanisms occurring in cells, and how cell
                                    electronics session which          abnormality may lead to disease.
involved making a simple light sensitive circuit or the                                                         Swavesey students
mechanics session where they manufactured a small metal                                                         mixed with other
box.                                                                                                            local schools and
These are some student comments: “It was really good”, “I                                                       undertook          two
enjoyed the electronics & I liked the soldering”, “There were                                                   “hands on” projects
lots of different things to do in the workshop”                                                                  during the day. Some
We will be working closely with CRC in the future to ensure                                                     of      the    subjects
that the Engineering                                                                                            studied were: Glow-
Diploma at SVC is exciting                                                                                      in - the dark gene
and challenging for our                                                                                         expression         and
students. Many thanks to                                                                                        Proteins - can’t stop
staff at CRC for working                                                                                         till I get enough!
with our students and                                                  To gain their Bronze Crest Award the students then wrote up
helping to inspire the                                                 their projects and gave high quality presentations to teaching
next     generation     of                                             staff, friends, a STEM Ambassador and the SVC Science
engineers.                                                             Governor.

The Science of Shampoos with Moulton Brown
We welcomed Mr Richard Ottley to SVC to talk to students studying for a Diploma in
Hair Beauty. Students were shown the different ingredients that make a shampoo and
were then given a demonstration of how shampoo is made.
There was an opportunity to ask questions and to smell some of the different fragrances
that are used in the manufacture of Moulton Brown Products.
Many thanks to Richard Ottley for his continued support of SVC students.

SVC Humanities
  Netherlands Exchange – June 2010.
  On Wednesday 16th June, our partners arrived from Anna
  van Rijn College, Nieuwegein (near Utrecht) arrived to start
  our 4th year of the Netherlands Exchange with Swavesey
  Village College.

  On Thursday 17th June, we started our 2 days of activities.
  We travelled to Milton Keynes to do team building activities
  of Tenpin Bowling followed by tobogganing in the Snow
  Dome, both at the Xscape centre. In between there was an
  opportunity to do a bit of shopping!

  On Friday 18th June, we travelled into Cambridge and spent
  some time in the morning visiting the Botanical Gardens,
  and the Fitzwilliam Museum in the afternoon. Whilst at the
  Botanical Gardens, we studied plant adaptations, linking in
  with the Geography Curriculum. At the Fitzwilliam Museum
  we did some Art interpretation in preparation for our return
  visit to the Netherlands – in November we will visit the
  Kroller Muller museum, to study famous pieces of work by
  Van Gogh and Monet, with a view to making our own                   On Saturday 19th June, Dutch students spent the day with
  reproductions!                                                      host families, activities ranged from going to the Swavesey
                                                                      Festival, to visiting Cambridge, London and even seeing Leona

                                                                      On Sunday 20th June, students departed at the un-earthly
                                                                      time of 5.45am for their return journey to the Netherlands.

                                                                      The current cohort of students will return to the Netherlands
                                                                      from 3rd – 7th November 2010, for their final visit. In
                                                                      November 2010, I will be looking for more Y8 students to get
                                                                      involved in the next rotation of the Netherlands exchange –
                                                                      if you are currently in Y7 and would like to get involved then
                                                                      send me an email (see below).

                                                                      I would like to thank all the families involved for hosting
                                                                      students and showing them around on the Saturday –
                                                                      another Netherlands Exchange successfully completed.

                                                                      Mr Boughton June 2010

Some of the trips we have coming                                         Trips 2010 - 2011
up in 2010 - 2011
Japan Trip                         Grafham Water                         Following parental requests we have published
Warwick Castle                     Birmingham Think Tank                 the list of known trips and pending costs on the
Calais                             Black Country Museum                  events page of the College website.
Eden Project                       Netherlands Exchange
Fitzwilliam Museum Art Trip        Year 7 Camp                           Any queries please contact
Hair International                 French Chateau Trip
Iceland                            Language Exchange                     I. Dunbavan
Grenada                            Battlefields Trip                      Educational Visits Co-Ordinator
New York                           Duxford
Barcelona                          Botanical Gardens Trip      
Carols at King’s College           London Theatre Trip

SVC Drama
Theatre Company
What a season it’s been for the Theatre Company in 2010! The 11 strong cast,
along with their two directors managed to collect no fewer than 9 trophies across
three festivals AND the adult festival at Campus West Theatre, Welwyn Garden
City. With their performance of Davey Anderson’s ‘Blackout’, written as part of
the National Theatre Connections programme 2009, the cast were commended
and won awards as follows:

Sawston Drama Festival              Jack Holdsworth (Best Youth Actor),
                                    The Adjudicators Trophy and Second Place

Cambridge Drama Festival            Peony Gent (Best Youth Actress)
                                    The Adjudicators Trophy,
                                    Best Youth Group
                                    Third place overall

Welwyn Youth Drama Festival         Senior First Place

Welwyn Adult Drama Festival         The Louis Davis Trophy for special contribution towards the festival.

The cast were presented with the Louis Davis Trophy at the college on the eve of their final performance by Louis Davis himself, who
had kindly made the trip from his home in Welwyn. He spoke of his long-running association with the Welwyn Festival, which is the
                                                   longest running festival in the UK, and of which he is the President. He said ‘I
                                                   have always believed that the future of British Theatre lies in the hands of our
                                                   youngest performers. I saw this piece at Welwyn and can honestly say that it is
                                                   the best piece of youth theatre I have ever seen. If this is an example of the kind
                                                   of standard being produced by our young performers, then I can judge that the
                                                   future of British Theatre is in very safe hands…’

                                                     Huge congratulations to all involved – this is a massive achievement, one of which
                                                     you should be justly proud. Thank you to all the parents of cast members who
                                                     supported the rehearsals and came to see the performances.

                                                     Judith Pawson
                                                     Lisa Bedford

Drama Club
After    many      months      of
preparation and rehearsal KS3
Drama Club finally took to the
stage on the 1st and 2nd July.
Playing to a packed house, the cast
excelled     themselves     in    two
productions that they, themselves, had
devised. The first ‘Scarface’ a tale of
murder, mystery and worrying cooking
ingredients, and Robbin’ Hood, where one
of Britain’s greatest legends received the
KS3 Drama treatment. He was eaten by a dinosaur! As always, the
enthusiasm and talent of our cast shone through. Well done to all of

SVC Language Specialism
 Languages Movie Club
  After one year of hard work and strong commitment, the members of the Movie Club in Languages presented their “masterpiece”
  at the Award Ceremony organised by Routes into Languages and held at the Picturehouse cinema in Cambridge on Monday 21st
  of June. Twenty-one movies were shown and Twenty-five schools from the East-Anglia region were involved in the project.
  Unfortunately, we came home with no prizes but the excitement to have been able to show our movie “L’apocalypse des Zombies”
  on a big screen in front of a laughing audience!
  Jonny Ashwell, one of the directors and actors of the movie commented “I really enjoyed making the movie and I found it really
  exciting to be shown at a real cinema!”
  Douglas Robinson, another movie director and film-maker “can’t wait to do it again next year” and already announced “we had
  a good time, we will be back next time to do an even better movie”!
                                                                                                                     Miss Pichout

Going to Boulogne-sur-Mer for one day is not like any ordinary school trip you could go
on. It gives you the opportunity to speak French freely and get to understand some French
culture - and food!!! It is really fun to get up so early as it adds more excitement and
adventure to the whole day, making it seem more like a holiday. The ferry is just as fun
because you can roam around doing what you like with whom you like. You can even walk
around Calais practising your skills and you even get the chance to try them out in a shop
and a restaurant. The beach was good fun too as we were able to paddle in the sea or
just relax and soak up the sun – with an ice cream and some chips!!! The ferry back was
just as peaceful even though many people began to get tired, it really helps with getting
                                                            to know other students and
                                                            creating a friendly community.
                                                            It really was a great day!!! In
                                                            fact, it was one of the best
                                                            days we have had in Year 7!!!

                                                           Peter Todd and James Powell

 Language Leaders
                                   On Wednesday 26th June our year 10 Language Leaders Luke Matupi, Will Matupi, Chloe Barnard,
                                   Lizzie King and Bethany Meadows went to Fenstanton and Hilton Primary with Miss Owens to
                                   teach two 40 minute French lessons to year 5 and 6 pupils as part of their Language Leaders Award.
                                   The Swavesey students had been practising
                                   preparing their lessons after school on
                                   Mondays for weeks. The primary students
                                   learnt the French words for things in the
                                   classroom and learnt how to say what was in
 their pencil case. After an introduction of all the vocabulary they worked in
 small groups playing games and learning vocabulary.

 “I thought it went well. It was great fun working with the children. A fantastic
 experience!” Will Matupi, Language Leader

SVC Sport
              Swavesey Village College sporting colours launched!
             This year has seen the launch of the new sporting colours – the EXCEL award. Pupils can receive colours
            in one of 4 areas, Excellence, Contribution, External and Leadership. When individuals have received
            colours in each of these areas they are eligible for the overall EXCEL award. Over the course of 2010 the
           PE department has been gathering information for these awards and it is with great delight that we can
announce the first set of pupils that have received colours. We congratulate all pupils who have received an award and look forward
to awarding even more next year. Further details of the awards can be found on the school website.

2 pupils have managed to gain the Overall EXCEL award, this reflects their dedication and hard-work over the year:
George Hackshall Excellence         Rugby, Contribution Rugby, Athletics,          External – Rugby, Leadership Rugby
James Gibson     Excellence         Rugby, Contribution Rugby,                     External - Rugby, Leadership Rugby

Brunel Winners:
Tom Edwards      Excellence, Contribution   Football
Matt O’Sullivan Excellence                  Football/Athletics. Contribution - Football
Aedan Slack      Excellence                 Rugby
Oliver Dixon     External                   Judo/ Rugby
Rebecca Dowell Excellence                   Athletics
Chloe Gibson     Excellence                 Athletics, External- Swimming
Megan Slack      Contribution               Hockey
Adeva Solanke    Excellence                 Athletics
Lewis Hawkins    Contribution               Basketball
Marianne Kerley Excellence                  Netball, Contribution-Basketball, Hockey, Athletics
Kate Meechan     External                   Swimming
Andy Smith       Contribution               Rugby/Athletics
Dan Virgo        Excellence                 Rugby
Sophie Woodhead Excellence                  Basketball, Contribution- Netball, External – Gymnastics
George Leland    Excellence                 Football,           External – Football
Jonny Richardson External                   Triathlon,          Leadership - Squash
Rebecca Romain Contribution                 Basketball
Toby Saunders    Excellence                 Football,           External – Cricket
Jack Uttridge    Excellence                 Football,           External – Football

Cavendish Winners:
Christian Marin Contribution                Football
Laura Mott        Excellence                Netball,            Contribution - Football
Charlotte Peet    Contribution              Athletic
Grace Stanley     Excellence                Football, Athletics
Harry Topham      Excellence                Rugby
Terri-Anne Watchman Contribution            Hockey
Michael White     Contribution              Football
Emilia Williamson Contribution              Netball
Timothy Cobden Excellence                   Athletics
Chloe Gibson      Excellence                Athletics           External Swimming
Ella Grimmett     Excellence                Netball,            Contribution – Athletics
Isobel Bennett    Contribution              Athletics
Molly Hunter      Excellence                Hockey
David Emery       External                  Hockey
Benjamin Greaves Excellence                 Rugby
James Ives        External                  Triathlon
Grace Plumb       Contribution              Hockey
Dannis Thomas Contribution                  Basketball
Marcel Chambers External                    Tennis
Ryan Coulson      Excellence                Football,           External – Football
Jess Fox          External                  Athletics, Gymnastics Excellence – Athletics
Joe Hughes        External                  Golf,               Contribution – Basketball
Rachel Hoath      Leadership                Badminton,          External - Badminton
Ryan Marsh        Contribution              Basketball
Jonathan Duncan Contribution                Basketball
Katie Sinclair    Contribution              Athletics
Nicola Windley Contribution                 Basketball

SVC Sport
Newton Winners
May Gregory        Contribution       Athletics
Georgina Tilley    Contribution       Athletics
Peter Todd         External           Table Tennis, External- Swimming
Harriet Ashworth   Excellence         Hockey, External – Hockey
Jake Faint         External           Tennis
James Gregory      Excellence         Basketball
Anna Stevenson     Excellence         Netball, Athletics
Stephanie Wilson   Excellence         Netball, Contribution- Football
Tessa Bennett      Contribution       Athletics,
Nicole Brown       Excellence         Athletics, Contribution – Athletics
Hazel Cox          Contribution       Hockey
Louise Todd        External           Table Tennis, Swimming
Elizabeth Winter   External           Swimming
Evie Bennett       Leadership         Sports Ambassador, Excellence- Hockey
Agnieszka Florek   Contribution       Basketball
Sophie Robb        Excellence         Hockey
Lauren Sparrow     External           Gymnastics
Thomas Turner      External           Motor Cross

Orwell Winners
Rhianne Chamberlain Contribution      Athletics
Callum Cleland    Contribution        Hockey, Football
Olivia Fraser     Excellence          Football
Edward Goat       Contribution        Football
Rachel Heyes      Contribution        Hockey, Netball
Ciara Sumner      Excellence          Netball, Contribution – Athletics, Hockey
Tommy Dalton      External            Football, Cricket, Excellence – Athletics,
Oliver Eden       External            Football
Dennis Penny-Toure Excellence         Athletics,          External – Athletics,
Abigail Bullen    External            Dance
Matthew Childs External               Cricket, Contribution – Rugby, Athletics
Rebecca Gleadell Contribution         Hockey, Excellence- Netball
Laura Howard      External            Golf,      Contribution – Netball
Bronagh Sumner Contribution           Hockey
Frederick McCann External             Roller Hockey
Matthew Bauld Contribution            Rugby
Alexander Cleland Excellence          Athletics, Hockey, External- Hockey, Leadership - Hockey
Oliver Chamberlain Leadership         Football, Contribution – Football
Andrew Fraser     Leadership          RollerHockey
Oliver Milner     Leadership          Hockey
Katie Rogers      Contribution        Athletics,          External- Swimming

Wilberforce Winners
Sarah King         Contribution       Netball
Zoe Douglas        External           Tennis
Georgina Frampton Contribution        Hockey, Netball , External – Dance
Stephanie Long Contribution           Netball
Natalie Waite      Excellence         Football
Cameron Lesar      External           Rugby, Excellence – Rugby
Connor Morris      External           Rugby, Excellence – Rugby
Eleanor Kadri      Excellence         Netball, Contribution- Basketball
Eleanor Murray Contribution           Athletics, External- Athletics
Jamie Nightingale External            Rugby, Excellence - Rugby
Scott Bladen       Leadership         Football
Luke Matupi        Leadership         Swimming
Will Matupi        Leadership         Swimming
Daniel Toussaint-Jackson Excellence   Football, Leadership – Football,     Sports Ambassador
Lucy Wright        Leadership         Dance

Congratulations to all students who have received these rewards.
SVC Sport
 Table Tennis Club
 Swavesey Village College’s after school and evening table tennis sessions
 are thriving! We have up to 27 players attending on the afternoon and
 evening sessions. Several of our evening players attended the County
 School’s Championships in March.
 As a result of their performance, Louise Todd and Hannah Flack were
                                           selected to play for the County
                                           team against Lincs. The girls
                                           didn’t win but they ‘rattled’ the opposition with their determination and skill.
                                           At Easter we held a 12 hour table tennis marathon which raised enough money to buy
                                           new tables and accessories. (These can now be hired from the Sports Hall for Pay and

                                             If your child/children are interested in table tennis please ask them to see Ms. Jones who
                                             will refer them to me.
                                             Janet Williams

                                 LATEST NEWS
  On Tuesday 29th June we took 6 pupils to the Cambridgeshire schools swimming gala. 17 schools were represented from the
  county and I am pleased to say that we won!

  If you see the following pupils please tell them well done, it really is a fantastic achievement. The trophy will be with us shortly!

  Peter Todd Chloe Gibson Kate Meechan Ellie Winter Louise Todd Katie Rogers

  Year 11 Boys Football Team got through to the District Final against Impington. The team played well and when they reached 2-
  0 up it looked like Swavesey were going to win. However, despite SVC’s best efforts, the Impington team had a late surge and
  scored their third goal in the final minute of the match. Final score 2 - 3.

Women’s FA
Cup Final Trip
On a very windy Bank Holiday Monday, the
Swavesey Girls Football Club made their way to
the Nottingham Forest Football Stadium to
watch the Women’s FA Cup Final between
Arsenal and Everton. Arriving 40 minutes before
kick off the girls were able to watch and learn
how a warm up should be done! This was
followed by some great live entertainment from Escala. Then it began – an end to end
battle for 120 mins after the full time score was 2-2. Swavesey were mainly cheering for
Arsenal with their favourite player ‘Rachel Yankie’ running up and down the wing to the
shouts of ‘We love you Yankie’. Much to our disappointment Everton scored a cracking
goal in the last few minutes of extra time to win 3-2. However, it only took a tray of chips
to cheer the girls up on the way back to the minibus!
A great day and a great experience!


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