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					                                                                                        Unified Communications
                                                                                                Questions & Answers

Simplify and Accelerate
                                                               Tony Bailey, VP UK & Ireland                                             Tim Mason, CEO, Maintel
                                                               Enterprise Channels, Nortel

                                                                          What is UC?                                What are the tangible
                                                                          TB:     Nortel    sees     Unified         business benefits of
                                                                          Communications as the means
                                                                          by which enterprises can simplify          UC?
                                                                          and manage communications, in a            TM: Unified Communications can
                                                                          world that is increasingly ‘hyper’         transform a business, regardless of
                                                                          connected.                                 the industry or company size. By
                                                                                                                     redefining internal processes and
                                                                          By bringing together the different         procedures and simplifying how
                                                                          means of communication -- voice,           business gets done, companies can
                                                                          email, conferencing, video and             turn the challenge of dealing with
                                                                          instant messaging – businesses can         multiple means of communication
                                                                          improve the efficiency, productivity,      into their competitive advantage.
                                                                          responsiveness and performance of
                                                                          their employees, which ultimately          Maintel’s gold partnership status with
                                                                          results in happier customers.              Nortel and their close relationship with
                                                                                                                     Microsoft is a unique differentiator
                                                                                                                     in the market, as a provider of
                                                                                                                     converged voice and data solutions.
                                                                          Why do Businesses want                     Our consultants regularly run ‘health
                                                                          to implement UC?                           checks’ for our customers to find ways
                                                                                                                     to improve their business processes,
 Enhance productivity and processes                                       TM: The proliferation of new
                                                                          technologies and a rapidly evolving
                                                                                                                     improve their end client services and
                                                                                                                     reduce operating costs. That’s our
                                                                          business environment has resulted in
   with Unified Communications.                                           businesses facing massive complexity
                                                                          in their IT and communications
                                                                          infrastructure    and     employees
                                                                          spending too much time juggling             For more information
Maintel and Nortel are          Nortel makes your move to UC              applications rather than speaking to        about UC call
in partnership to deliver       simple, fast and affordable.                                                          0844 871 1122
integrated UC solutions for     it’s as easy as 1 2 3 …                   Solutions such as having a single
                                                                          application for running ‘phone calls,
businesses of all sizes                   instant messaging and conferencing,
                                                                          being able to ‘see’ when a colleague is
                                                                          available to talk or chat or even having
                                                                          voicemails sent to an email inbox can
                                                                          make a huge difference to employee
                                                                          productivity and job satisfaction.

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