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									               Botox Injection Procedure
Botulinum toxin, abbreviated as Botox, is a cosmetic treatment procedure
administered to people of all age groups. Botox injections are one of the
popular anti aging skin treatment procedures adopted by both men and
women in Northern Ireland. The treatment is effective for curing wrinkles and
fine lines on face and other parts of the body. Most commonly Botox anti aging
skin treatment is used for treating crow’s feet, forehead creases, neck bands
and frown’s lines. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, you can find the best Botox
clinics offering professional anti aging skin treatment services.

Botox injections are preferred by many because of its therapeutic advantages.
The effect of this therapy was discovered by researchers in the 1950s. They
found that a minor dose of Botox injection blocks the release of acetylcholine
from the neuron, leading to reduced muscle activity in the area. As a result, the
collagen layer found in the muscles will remain intact giving a proper shape to
the body part. The effect of a single doze of Botox lasts up to three to four
months. After this period, the individual may have to go for a top-up Botox
procedure again.

Botox injection procedure in Belfast is relatively simple and cost effective. It’s a
non-invasive procedure and requires only a few minutes of effort by the skin
care professional. In Belfast, Botox injections are given by dermatologists,
cosmetic physicians, plastic surgeons or nurse practitioners. Botox injection is
less expensive than other cosmetic procedures like laser treatment or plastic
surgery. The medicine does not produce any side effects though some patients
may develop redness or bruise on their skin immediately after applying the
medicine. However, these reactions are not severe, and they fade away on
their own.
Botox injection procedure is becoming popular in Belfast, thanks to the
dedicated service of skincare professionals offering this painless anti aging skin
treatment in Northern Ireland. The only discomfort associated with Botox
therapy is the slight pain of the injection on the skin. The patient may also
experience a slight numbness immediately after the injection. Unlike surgical
cosmetic procedures Botox treatments do not leave a scar on the patient’s
body. For this reason, Botox treatment is becoming the preferred anti aging
skin treatment among Belfast residents. It gives you wrinkle-free and scar-free
skin that is beautiful and healthy. Belfast Botox treatment can be accompanied
by other mild cosmetic treatments like acne treatment, medical peels or
Rosacea treatment for a total facelift. There are experienced skin care
professionals offering all types of acne treatment and anti aging skin treatment
in Northern Ireland

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