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  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is pleased to be involved with the skills sessions
  which are part of the Cardiff University Student Development Unit.

  “These skills sessions are so valuable to students, not only to the interview
  process when applying for jobs but also for placements or work experience like
  I am finding at PricewaterhouseCoopers now. They advise students on the skills
  that employers look for, and to have a certificate that says you have these skills
  gives you an edge in such a competitive environment. They build on previous
  knowledge, teach you something new and enable you to network with a
  wide variety of people.” (Jennifer Smith, current Cardiff University student, on
  placement with PWC 2009-10).

  To find out more about the firm that is proud to have been voted the UK’s number
  one employer in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey for the last five
  years, visit
  Or call freephone 0808 100 1500 or +44 (0) 121 265 5852

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           WELCOME TO THE
“A great way to meet new friends             Union. Occasionally we may switch the
and great way to learn new skills”           venue to another university location in
Cardiff Student                              which case you will be advised prior to
Fancy learning how to become a great
leader, improve your presentations,          The next few pages explain the
build your confidence and beliefs to         courses on offer and how you can be
help you now as well as do what you          involved. However, why should you
really want to upon graduation? Or           bother being involved? Firstly, going
learning Sign Language or becoming a         to University these days isn’t cheap.
First Aider? And much more….                 Most of you will have a fair amount of
                                             debt when you’ve finished your course
Yes? Then welcome to Cardiff and             and the only way to pay this back is
our very own Student Development             to start earning hard cash through
Programme. This was established              a job. Secondly, the university itself
in 1995 and since that time many             places great emphasis on Personal
students have improved their                 Development Planning (PDP) which
effectiveness and employment                 means you taking ownership and
prospects by undertaking various             creating a portfolio of additional
sessions from this programme.                skills and knowledge which you have
                                             gained while at university. The Student
The Student Development Programme            Development Programme can help
is a curriculum of essential “soft”, and     you build up evidence in this respect.
personal skills and which are not only
of benefit to you as a student, but are      The sessions and courses are designed
those upon which employers place             to help you learn and improve on
real value in today’s fast-flowing and       many of the skills required to enable
competitive world.                           you to stand out from the rest of the
                                             crowd such as making presentations,
          “A degree alone is not enough.     teamwork, problem solving and
Employers are looking for more than          leadership attributes to name but a
just technical skills and knowledge of       few.
a degree discipline. They particularly
value skills such as communication,          So don’t delay, the vast majority of
team working and problem solving. Job        courses are free, and take place in a
applicants who can demonstrate that          variety of slots including evenings.
they have developed these skills will have   However, there are only so many
a real advantage.”                           places, so sign up now.

Lord Digby Jones – former Director-
General of the Confederation of British      Taking part in the course
                                             The programme is broken down
All sessions and courses take usually        into two main areas – Certificates
take place in the Student Development        of Professional Development and
Unit on 3rd floor of the Students’           Independent Courses.

                                                 SDU - supported by                  | 3
 Certificate of                              Group B
 Professional                                Personal Effectiveness
 Development (CPD)                            5 Core Segments:

 There are three groups of “Super Skills”     1)   Problem Solving
 in this scheme. – Communication,             2)   Teamwork
 Personal Effectiveness and Leadership.       3)   Time Management
 Each of these leads to a certificate         4)   Motivation
 that is signed jointly by the Vice-          5)   Successful Networking
 Chancellor of the University and the
 President of the Students’ Union. To        A Student’s recommendation upon
 achieve a Certificate of Professional       completing Personal Effectiveness:
 Development you need to attend
 and actively take part in the five core     “A series of sessions that allow you
 segments in that group. You may work        to make the full potential of yourself
 towards achieving all three groups if       and the situations that you will find
 you wish. If you prefer not to attend all   yourself in the future. Whether it
 five segments you may choose those          be for your career, a future contact
 which interest you. However, you
 will receive an acknowledgement of          or an unfamiliar social situation the
 attendance rather than a certificate in     sessions can fully prepare you.”
 this case.

                                             Group C
 Group A
 Communication                                5 Core Segments:
   5 Core Segments:
                                              1)   Leadership Styles
 1) Speaking & Presenting Stage 1             2)   Coaching & Mentoring
     (theoretical aspects & preparation)      3)   Tackling poor performance
 2) Speaking & Presenting Stage 2             4)   Assertive
  (practical presentations)                   5)   Team Briefings
 3) Listening & Awareness Skills
 4) The Art of Negotiation                   A Student’s recommendation upon
 5) Customer Communication
                                             completing Leadership:
                                             “This course can enhance leadership
 A Student’s recommendation upon             skills, the attendee will learn how to
 completing Communication:                   deal effectively with other staff and,
 “It would be good for anyone                in a professional manner, understand
 wanting to build confidence in              the main aspects of leadership
 their presentation. Public speaking         skills.”
 and approaching someone to
 negotiate can both be intimidating,
 and the course is a very good
4 | SDU - supported by
What a student said upon
completing a CPD:
“For me the SDU is a
whole package of benefits.
It comprises of high
quality training, valuable
staff assistance, CV
enhancement, networking
opportunity and last but
not least a lot of fun. I
developed and polished
skills which I implement
on a daily basis. The SDU
gives you the competitive
edge that one needs to
stand out from the
Ivona Videnova
BSC Economics,
Banking & Finance
(2007 - 2010)

                             SDU - supported by   | 5
  INDEPENDENT                                CERTIFICATE OF
  SESSIONS &                                 PROFESSIONAL
  COURSES                                    DEVELOPMENT
  Job application processes delivered by
  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                 Group A
  Each of 2 hours duration. Optional
  certificate for attending each one.
  •	   Assessment	Centres		
  •	   How	to	get	a	Summer	Internship	       Broad Objectives:
  •	   Making	Successful	Applications		      At the end of this scheme of learning
  •	   Psychometric	Tests                    students should be able to:
  •	   Surviving	An	Interview	
                                             •	   Prepare	a	short	presentation
  Health, Safety & Welfare                   •	   Deliver	a	short	presentation
                                             •	   Demonstrate	effective	listening
  •	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Health	&	         •	   Sell	ideas	to	other	personnel
  Safety (6 hours; external certification)   •	   Identify	own	responsibilities	in			
  •	 Emergency	First		Aid	For	The	                exceeding customers’ expectations
  Appointed Person (6 hours; external
  •	 How	Not	To	Lose	Friends	and	
  Alienate People – dealing more             Speaking & Presentation
  effectively with angry feelings in
  yourself and others (2 hours; optional     Skills
  certificate for attending)                 (2 Sessions of 2 hours)
  •	 In	Pursuit	of	Perfection	(2	hours;	
  optional certificate for attending)        Designed to make you aware that
  •	 Nightmare	on	Uni	Street	–	surviving	    good speaking and presentation skills
  exam anxiety (2 hours; optional            are essential in all environments. Most
  certificate for attending)                 graduate jobs today will require a
  •	 Self-defence	techniques	(2	hours;	      presentation as part of the interview
  optional certificate for attending)        process so this is a skill well worth
  •	 Stress	Less	(2	hours;	optional	         mastering. These segments cover
  certificate for attending)                 preparation, overcoming nerves and
                                             the actual delivery of a presentation
  Specialised Courses                        to a peer group. It thus gives you
                                             practice in using various resources
  •	 British	Sign	Language	(2	evenings	      and equipment to help you get your
  weekly, October-March, certificated        message effectively across to your
  to BSL Level 1 upon successful             audience.
  completion of the course)
  •	 STEPS	To	Excellence	For	Personal	       Note: If you attend the theoretical
  Success (5 sessions of 4 hours             part of this session but are unable to
  usually over Wednesday afternoons,         attend the practical element, you may
  certificated by the world wide             claim the latter if you undertake an
  organisation The Pacific Institute).       individual presentation as part of your
                                             degree studies.

6 | SDU - supported by
SDU - supported by   | 7
  Listening & Awareness                    CERTIFICATE OF
  (1 Session of 2 hours)
  This segment is designed to make
  you aware of how constructive active
  listening can be. It’s very easy to      Group B
  lose the thread of an argument or
  discussion in meetings, lectures and
  tutorials. You will be taking part in    Personal Effectiveness
  many scenarios over the coming years
  where these skills will be invaluable.   Broad Objectives:
                                           At the end of this scheme of learning
                                           students should be able to:
  The Art of Negotiation
  (1 Session of 2 hours)                   •	 Identify	and	utilise	a	range	of	
                                           Problem Solving tools and techniques
  Many of you will encounter situations    •	 Co-operate	and	co-exist	effectively	
  such as wanting to be able to get the    in team settings
  best room in your student house or       •	 Prioritise	and	utilise	time	more	
  persuading your tutor to defer an        effectively
  assignment deadline. In future you       •	 Create	drive	and	energy	to	fulfil	
  may have to persuade a manager or        goals
  client. This segment aims to improve     •	 Apply	networking	skills
  your negotiating skills by looking at
  how to prepare your goals and actual
  practical negotiations.
                                           (1 Session of 2 hours)
  Customer                                 Why are we able to accomplish some
                                           tasks with relish yet abhor others?
  Communication Skills                     How can we be flexible enough to
  (1 Session of 2 hours)                   accomplish those things we don’t like
                                           doing. This segment is an interactive
  The emphasis on communication skills     journey to help you understand how
  relates to the growing importance        to create drive and energy in order to
  of the customer. All businesses          raise your standards and accomplish all
  have customers, and being able to        tasks with enthusiasm.
  communicate the correct information
  in user-friendly language in both
  internal and external contacts is
  considered to be of vital importance
  to the service being provided. This
  segment concentrates on how
  communication plays its part in
  meeting and exceeding customers’
  expectations, thereby creating a
  lasting positive image.

8 | SDU - supported by
Problem Solving                            Teamwork
(1 Session of 2 hours)                     (1 Session of 2 hours)
What differentiates an optimist from       The ability to work effectively as part of
a pessimist? The most successful           a team is becoming increasingly
organisations and individuals change       important in every business
the word problem into “opportunity.”       environment. During this interactive
You will be entering environments          session you
where the buck will stop with you. This    will have the chance to take part in a
segment introduces you to a range          team challenge which will provide the
of methods which help identify the         chance of reviewing how effective
sources of problems and provide both       teams should work. We will also look at
theoretical and practical advice to help   all the “roles” required to make the
solve them.                                “ideal” team.

Successful Networking
(1 Session of 2 hours)
Networking has been referred to
as the “new way of working” and
is thus a critical skill that everyone
should master. There are going
to be an abundance of occasions
where you need the confidence to
sell yourself and the ability to ask
the right questions, at the right
time. This segment will teach you
how to recognise and quantify your         Time Management
assets, create a positive impression       (1 Session of 2 hours)
and maximise the opportunities to
get yourself known by potentially          Ever wondered why you’re always
influential people.                        doing that essay at the last minute or
                                           you’re always late for meetings? Time
                                           management is designed to help you
                                           prioritise and organise your life so
                                           you can get the most out of all your

                                               SDU - supported by                   | 9
  CERTIFICATE OF                              sensitive skills and techniques which
                                              you can use to show someone
  PROFESSIONAL                                that every little piece of effort is a
                                              significant step in leading to greater
  DEVELOPMENT                                 achievement.

  Group C
                                              Tackling Poor
  Leadership                                  Performance
                                              (1 Session of 2 hours)
  Broad Objectives:
                                              No leader likes to have to confront
  At the end of this scheme of learning       an individual whose performance is
  students should be able to:                 below standard. Many handle these
                                              situations indifferently resulting
  •	 Explain	different	styles	of	Leadership   in a bad working environment.
  •	 Identify	and	fill	gaps	in	poor-          This segment looks at the delicate
  performance situations                      professional skills required in handling
  •	 Identify	effective	coaching	             such situations in order to bring the
  techniques                                  problem to a successful conclusion.
  •	 Communicate	in	a	more	assertive	
  •	 Describe	the	principles	and	practises	
  involved in team briefing                   Assertiveness
                                              (1 Session of 3 hours)

                                              Assertiveness - an essential skill for
  Leadership Styles                           leaders of people. Do you ever wish
  (1 Session of 2 hours)                      you had that little bit more self-
                                              confidence to be able to delegate or
  This segment covers the roles and           make yourself heard? This segment
  functions of leadership, the different      explores the different kinds of
  types of leader and how to develop          behaviours which have an adverse
  leadership qualities and characteristics    effect upon working and personal
  within you.                                 relationships. It also aims to help
                                              improve your confidence and enable
                                              you to state your points in a firm but
                                              assertive way.
  Coaching Skills
  (1 Session of 2 hours)                      Team Briefing (Self-Study
  When you are coaching, whether              Pack)
  you regard it as such or not, you are
  likely to develop a special relationship    More and more organisations
  with the other person. This segment         recognise the value of passing on
  aims to help you mentor, motivate,          vital information to subordinates
  and inspire others without harming          in an effective fashion. Team
  their self-esteem. It will help develop     briefing is about good face to face

10 | SDU - supported by
communication between three parties      starting your final year at university?
– the manager, the team leader and       PricewaterhouseCoopers offer a range
the team. This segment covers how        of opportunities that will be both
to select appropriate material and the   interesting and challenging and could
actual briefing process.                 result in a full-time job offer for when
                                         you graduate. This session will also
                                         provide you with useful information
                                         about the recruitment process as well
                                         as an insight into what PWC do.
SESSIONS                                 Student’s recommendations:
                                         “Good amount of detail given,
& COURSES                                opportunity to ask questions”

Job application processes
delivered by                             Making Successful
Assessment Centres
(1 x session of 2 hours)                 (1 session of 2 hours)

This session details everything          What are employers expecting you
you need to know about                   to record on their application forms?
PricewaterhouseCoopers and their         How should you fill out an application
assessment centres. It focuses on each   form? In this session you will receive
of the components of an assessment       hints and tips on how to successfully
centre as well as giving you the         fill out application forms.
opportunity to meet their staff and
ask any questions that you may have      Student’s recommendations:
about PWC, their application process,    “Tells you a lot of useful
their assessment centre or their         stuff about how to do a good
Student’s recommendations:               Psychometric Testing
“Worth attending, especially             (1 session of 2 hours)
if getting ready for interview/
assessment centre.”                      Like many major recruiters,
                                         PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP uses
                                         testing as one of the elements in its
How to get a Summer                      recruitment selection process. If you
                                         are asked to take psychometric tests, it
Internship                               will be to your advantage to know a
(1 x session of 2 hours)                 little about these tests and how best to
                                         approach them. This session will
Would you like to make the most          give you an insight into what sort of
of your summer vacation before           tests you might be given, why
                                         organisations use them, hints and tips

                                             SDU - supported by                | 11
12 | SDU - supported by
on how to do your best at a test            of Environmental Health (CIEH). A
session, and an opportunity to do a         wide range of topics will be included.
practice test. The right preparation can
make a difference to your performance       Student’s recommendations:
so sign up now!
                                            “Gives you a better awareness of
                                            what your responsibilities are and
Student’s recommendations:
                                            what should be done to prevent
“Useful knowledge, forewarned is
                                            work place accidents.”

                                            Assessment Centres
Surviving An Interview                      (1 x session of 2 hours)
(1 session of 2 hours)
                                            This session details everything
                                            you need to know about
What should you do and say in               PricewaterhouseCoopers and their
an interview? In this session you           assessment centres. It focuses on each
will receive information on the             of the components of an assessment
do’s and don’ts of interviews and           centre as well as giving you the
helpful insight into some interview         opportunity to meet their staff and
techniques. Session delivered by            ask any questions that you may have
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                  about PWC, their application process,
                                            their assessment centre or their
Student’s recommendations:                  programmes.
“General idea of how graduate
                                            Session delivered by PricewaterhouseCoopers
recruiters interview people and how         LLP
to answer.”
                                            Student’s recommendations:
                                            “Worth attending, especially
Health, Safety &                            if getting ready for interview/
                                            assessment centre.”
CIEH Level 2 Award in                       Nightmare on Uni Street -
Health & Safety in the                      Surviving Exam Anxiety
Workplace                                   (1 x session of 2 hours)
(1 session of 6-7 hours)                    Everyone finds exams scary – some
                                            at just better at hiding it! Anxiety is a
The overall aim of this course is to give   normal emotion to have when faced
you practical information and advice        with the stress of exams. A little bit of
which will enable you to ensure that        anxiety helps to focus us on the task
your work activities are carried out        in hand, while too much is debilitating
safely thus reducing the risk to yourself   and overwhelms us.
and others. Concluding with a thirty
minute multiple choice test, the course
is accredited by the Chartered Institute

                                                SDU - supported by                    | 13
14 | SDU - supported by
This session is designed to help            Session delivered by Student
you better understand how anxiety           Counselling Service
impacts on your thoughts, feelings
and body (how you behave and how
you feel physically). You’ll be taught
effective strategies to gain control        In pursuit of Perfection
over your anxiety, enabling you to          (1 x session of 2 hours)
concentrate and think clearly when
studying for and sitting your exams.
It will include cognitive behavioural       “When you aim for perfection, you
therapy techniques to help you              discover it’s a moving target’ -
recognise and challenge unhelpful           George Fisher”
thinking patterns and relaxation
techniques to help you calm your            Are you always putting yourself under
body.                                       pressure to succeed? Do you always
                                            feel disappointed with the work you
Session delivered by Student                do? Are you frequently self-critical?
Counselling Service                         Do you have such high standards
                                            that you feel low, anxious or worried
                                            because you cannot attain them? If
                                            this sounds like you then this session
How not to Lose Friends                     is here to teach you techniques and
and Alienate People -                       ideas (cognitive-behavioural) to help
                                            you gain a healthier balance in your
Dealing more effectively                    life. To help you focus on achieving
                                            a high, realistic standard, rather than
with angry feelings in                      pressurising yourself to attain the
yourself and others.                        unattainable.
( 1 x session of 2 hours)                   Session delivered by Student
                                            Counselling Service
Anger is a natural emotional we
all experience in response to two
main triggers; feeling frustrated
or threatened, physically or
psychologically. The difficulty arises
when we are unable to manage those
angry feelings healthily, leading to
difficulties such as expressing it loudly
and aggressively, or brooding and
seething inside for fear of the power of
our anger if we let ourselves express it.

This session will teach you how to deal
effectively with situations that trigger
your anger, ensuring you don’t hold
onto it afterwards building an internal
store of anger. You will also learn how
to manage and express angry feelings
in a more healthy and constructive

                                                SDU - supported by               | 15
  Emergency First Aid For                      This session aims to increase the
  The Appointed Person                         awareness of potential problems that
  (1 sesion of 6 hours)                        you may encounter and helps you
                                               measure how at risk you may become.
  This course covers the essential basics      There are often very simple things that
  in First Aid such as CPR, bandaging          can be done to defend one’s-self if an
  etc. Certification (valid 3 years) is        assault becomes physical. The session
  awarded upon successful completion           covers some practical exercises and
  of course activities and assessment.         utilises effective techniques that you
  Small fee payable for tuition. If you are    can apply in order to keep yourself
  interested please contact the Student        safe and get away from the assault.
  Development Unit for more details.           The session also aims to improve
                                               confidence and how to keep calm if
  Course certificated by external              attacked.
  awarding body.
                                               Session delivered by qualified martial
  Student’s recommendations:                   arts team.
  Great course to do for your own
  understanding and knowledge as
  well as to be qualified in 1st aid as        Specialised Courses
  you never know when you’ll need
  it ”                                         British Sign Language
                                               ( 2 x evenings weekly, October-
  Stress less
  (1 Session of 2 hours)                       Always a popular course, this runs
                                               through three terms and gives
  Stress is a large factor of University and   students knowledge and practical skills
  work life - so why not learn to manage       in order to be able to communicate
  it now? This session looks at what gets      through the medium of British Sign,
  you stressed, how to avoid it and what       an officially recognised language.
  to do when it happens.                       The course is delivered by an external
                                               training provider. Small fees payable
  Session delivered by qualified               for tuition and examinations. If you are
  therapist.                                   interested please contact the Student
                                               Development Unit for more details.
  Student’s recommendations:
                                               Course certificated by external
  “Wow amazing. Perfect workshop.”             awarding body.
  Self-Defence Techniques
  (1 x session of 2 hours)                     Student’s recommendations:
                                               “Go for it! It’s a good skill”

16 | SDU - supported by
                                              accomplishment and success and the
                                              tools to realise your potential.

                                              Course certificated by The Pacific

                                              Student’s recommendations:
                                              “The course content helped me to
                                              find out more about myself and
                                              how to use my potential more
                                              effectively to achieve my goals: at
                                              university and at work as well as in
S.T.E.P.S. To Excellence                      my private life.”
For Personal Success
(5 sessions of 4 hours usually                See what’s possible? Interested? Sign
over successive Wednesday                     up using the form following or at
Hit an obstacle with an assignment?
Worried about your career after               If you still have some questions that
graduating? Ever wondered how to              you’d like answering then don’t
raise your self-esteem and keep it            hesitate to come and see myself in the
there? Have you been ridiculed or             Student Development Unit on the 3rd
put down? If you’ve answered yes to           floor of the Student Union or contact
any of these or would like to think in a      me on 029 20781489, email me on
positive way and change the way you 
live your life then sign up for the Pacific
Institute S.T.E.P.S course.                   It couldn’t be easier,

S.T.E.P.S is a video seminar in applied       John Steele
self-image psychology. Most of the
subject matter focuses on human               “The Student Development Unit
motivation and behaviour, and                 is really doing a good job. These
the technical data can be found in            sessions are invaluable and
a number of psychology tests in               just the kind of skills needed
university libraries.
                                              to go with degrees wherever.
But what the course does is translate         GREAT SESSIONS, EXPERIENCED
the scientific jargon into easily             INSTRUCTOR!”
understood language and to illustrate
the principles in anecdotes and               Thank you.
examples that people can relate to            (Cardiff student)
their own lives.

This participant-driven programme will
provide you with the much needed,
genuine experiences of personal

                                                 SDU - supported by                | 17
      Please tick appropriately and send to John Steele, Student Development Unit,
      Cardiff University Students’ Union, Park Place, Cardiff or e-mail to SDUCourses@
      Certificate of Professional Development
      (5 x 2 hours attendance in each group)
      Group A - Communication                 Group B - Personal Effectiveness
           Speaking & Presenting Stage 1          Problem Solving
           Speaking & Presenting Stage 2          Teamwork
           Listening & Awareness                  Time Management
           The Art of Negotiation                 Motivation
           Customer Communication Skills          Successful Networking
      Group C – Leadership
          Leadership Styles
          Coaching & Skills
          Tackling Poor Performance
          Team Briefings
      Independent Sessions and Courses
      Job application processes delivered by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
      (Each of 2 hours duration).
               Assessment Centres
               How to get a Summer Internship                                                                      Psychometric Tests
               Making Successful Aplications                                                                       Surviving an Interview

      Health, Safety & Wellbeing
        Emergency First Aid For The Appointed Person (4-6 hours)
        Health & Safety CIEH Level 2 Award (6 hours)
        How Not To Lose Friends and Alienate People - dealing more effectively with angry feelings in
        yourself and others. (2 hours)
        In Pursuit of Perfection (2 hours)
        Nightmare on Uni Street – surviving exam anxiety (2 hours)
        Self-defence Techniques (2 hours)
        Stress Less (2 hours)
      Specialised Courses
         British Sign Language Level 1 (October-March)
         STEPS To Excellence For Personal Success (5 sessions of 4 hours)

Telephone Number....................................................................................................................................................
Email Address.............................................................................................................................................................
Course and Department...............................Cardiff Univ. Student ID..................................................................
Year of Completion.....................................................................................................................................................
Are you:               Domestic Student                           International Student
Additional Sessions                         3. Developing a Marketing
Student Enterprise: Business                Strategy
Start-Up Workshops                          (1 session of 2.5 hours)
                                            A Marketing Strategy consists of
Discover more about how businesses          ‘marketing objectives’ and ‘the
operate or how to start-up your own!        marketing mix’. This module explores
During your time spent studying at          what marketing objectives are
Cardiff University, attend any 5 of         appropriate for your business and the
the 7 workshops in business start-          four marketing P’s - Product, Price,
up skills (only) outlined below and         Place and Promotion.
receive a Certificate of Professional
Development in Business and
Enterprise signed by the University’s       4. Business Operations
Vice-Chancellor. All events are FREE        (1 session of 2.5 hours)
and are run in the evening.                 Efficient management and operational
                                            systems are essential to the success
                                            of a business. This module provides
1. Start Your Own                           key information on the operations of
                                            a business, including the resources
Business - An                               required, systems and procedures,
introductory session                        production, health and safety and
(1 session of 2 hours)
Evaluating the self-employment option
in terms of its advantages and              5. Costing & Pricing
disadvantages and identifies why            (1 session of 2.5 hours)
some businesses fail. It also considers     The first step in the financial planning
your motivation for starting a business,    process is to identify the types of costs
and examines your personal qualities        that will be incurred. It is important
and business skills. Other elements         that the costs are researched
include networks of support, sources        thoroughly as they will provide the
of funding and some of the legal            foundation for pricing your product or
implications of running own business.       service correctly and making accurate
                                            financial projections.
2. Know Your Market &
Competitors                                 6. Financial Planning
(1 session of 2.5 hours)                    (1 session of 2.5 hours)
Understanding your market will help         Bank managers and other funding
you make informed business decisions        bodies may request a cash flow
and form the basis of your marketing        forecast of the money coming in and
strategy. This will help you quantify the   going out of your business, a profit and
level of demand for your product or         loss account and a balance sheet in the
service, and if you can compete in the      first year of trading. This module takes
market place.                               you through the process of preparing
                                            financial statements and shows you
                                            how to analyse them.

                                                SDU - supported by                | 19
  7. Financial Administration                  2. Learn to Think
  (1 session of 2.5 hours)                     Creatively
  Financial Administration is important
  in keeping your business practises           (1 session of 2 hours)
  legal. This module explains how to           Where do ideas come from and how
  deal with important elements such            can you develop them? Improve your
  as Income Tax, Self Assessment,              creativity, negotiation and team-
  National Insurance Contributions and         working skills by joining this fun,
  Customs & Excise. It will explain how        interactive workshop and discover how
  to complete VAT Returns and set up a         you could develop enterprising ideas
  PAYE system if you employ people.            of your own.

                                               3. Develop your
  8. Pitching, Sales and                       Commercial Awareness
  Negotiation                                  (1 session of 2 hours)
  (1 session of 2.5 hours)                     Develop your team-working skills
  Whether you are asking for a bank            and commercial awareness by taking
  loan, looking for Business Angel             part in this business game. Teams are
  investment or selling to clients and         given a business scenario and asked to
  customers, the way you present               develop, plan and present a strategy
  yourself and pitch your business             for it. You are not judged on the
  products or service could determine          business idea but how you learn and
  whether you are successful or not. Give      progress, and how well you perform as
  yourself the best possible chance and        a team.
  discover how to pitch like an expert.
                                               4. What is enterprise?
  Enterprise Skills                            (1 session of 2 hours)
  Workshops                                    Why is enterprise important to me?
                                               Find out how developing your inner
  Join an Enterprise Skills Workshop to        innovator and your enterprising
  improve and expand your range of             potential can help you to better
  skills to assist you in your future career   recognise and exploit opportunities
  and enhance your CV. All events are          in all areas of your life. Enterprise is
  FREE and are run during the daytime.         all around you and constantly in the
                                               media and this workshop will help you
                                               to see the relevance to you.
  1. Understand Team
  Dynamics                                     More information and book online at:
  (1 session of 2 hours)             
  Join this fun interactive workshop to
  help you identify your role in a team        Student Enterprise Team
  and improve your team-working                Antonia Coppen and Neil Coles
  skills. Whether you are in interviews,       Tel: 02920 781442, Email: enterprise@
  running a business, at work, socialising
  or playing sport, understanding              3rd Floor, Cardiff University Students’
  how people can work together more            Union
  effectively is essential.

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