Prosecution Certificate of Discovery Compliance

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					         PROSECUTION CERTIFICATE                                            D O C K E T N O (s).
                                                                                                                    Trial Court of Massachusetts
         OF DISCOVERY COMPLIANCE                                                                                    District Court Department
                  Mass.R.Crim.P. 14(a)(B)
                                                                                                                     C O U R T D IV IS IO N
Commonwealth vs.
                                                           N A M E O F D EFE N D AN T

           (To be com pleted and subm itted to the court w hen the prosecution has provided all discovery required by M ass.R .C rim .P. 14 or by court order.)

To the best of my knowledge and after reasonable inquiry, the undersigned has disclosed and made available all items subject to automatic
discovery other than reports of experts, and all items ordered by the Court. The identity of each item of discovery which has been
provided is as follows:

•    M aterial and relevant police reports, photographs, tangible objects, and all intended exhibits [14(a)(1)(A )(vii)],


•    N am es and business addresses of prospective law enforcem ent witnesses [14(a)(1)(A )(v],


•    N am es, addresses, and dates of birth of the C om m onw ealth’s prospective witnesses other than law enforcem ent witnesses [14(a)(1)(A )(iv)],
     (The C om m onw ealth m ust also provide this inform ation to the Probation D epartm ent.)


•    W ritten or recorded statem ents, and the substance of any oral statem ents, m ade by the defendant or any co-defendant [14(a)(1)(A )(i)],

•    S tatem ents of any person the C om m onw ealth intends to call as a witness [14(a)(1)(A )(vii)],


•    A sum m ary of identification procedures, and any statem ents m ade in the presence of or by an identifying witness relevant to identity [14(a)(1)(A )(viii)],

•    Facts of an exculpatory nature [14(a)(1)(A )(iii)],

•    P rom ises, rewards or inducem ents m ade to any witness the C om m onwealth intends to present at trial [14(a)(1)(A )(ix)],

•    R eports of physical exam inations of any person or of scientific tests or experim ents [14(a)(1)(A )(vii)],

•    Intended expert opinion evidence, other than evidence pertaining to defendant’s crim inal responsibility and subject to R ule 14(b)(2) [14(a)(1)(A )(vi)],

•    G rand jury m inutes, and written or recorded statem ents of a person who testified before a grand jury [14(a)(1)(A )(ii)],

•    O ther:

                                                           9   Assistant District Attorney                                            Date
                                                           9   Police Prosecutor

N ote: Both parties have a continuing duty to disclose any additional m aterial they learn about after this C ertificate of D iscovery C om pliance is filed, if such
m aterial would have been governed by a duty to disclose prior to the filing of this certificate. M ass.R.Crim .P. 14(a)(B). A supplem ental C ertificate of Discovery
C om pliance m ust be filed identifying any additional item of discovery which is provided after the filing of this C ertificate. M ass.R.Crim .P. 14(a)(3).

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