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 *Various states

        State      State           University               Degrees

Arizona            AZ       Arizona State University   Professional MS

                                                       PhD - Structural and
                                                       Biology and
                            Baylor College of          Molecular Biophysics,
Texas              TX       Medicine                   MD/PhD

                                                       BS of Informatics w/
Texas              TX       Baylor University          Bioinformatics major

Massachusetts      MA       Boston University          MS, PhD
                                               MS Bioinformatics,
                                               Software Engineering
                                               Dual Degree,
                                               Graduate Certificate
Massachusetts       MA   Brandeis University   in Bioinformatics

New York            NY   Canisius College      BS

Pennsylvania        PA   Cedar Crest College   BS Minor

                                               MA (applied), MA
New York            NY   Columbia University   (research), PhD

                                               BS in Biomedical
Various Locations   *    DeVry University      Informatics

                                               All degrees with
                                               Concentrations in
                                               Bioinformatics, BS,
Pennsylvania        PA   Drexel University     MS, PhD

                                               PhD; Certificate for
                                               PhD and MS
                                               students in other
North Carolina      NC   Duke University       departments at Duke
                                                MS in Computer
                     Florida International      Science
Florida         FL   University                 w/Specialization

                                                MS/PhD in
Florida         FL   Florida State University   Mathematics

                                                Associate Degree,
California      CA   Foothill College           Career Certification

Virginia        VA   George Mason University MS, PhD
                                             BS in Computer
                                             Science or Biology w/
                                             concentration in
                                             Bioinformatics or
                                             Dual BA in CS and
                                             Biology, MS in
                                             Genomics and
                                             Bioinformatics with
                     George Washington       tracks in Biology or
Washington DC   DC   University              CS
                                             MS in Biochemistry
                                             and Molecular
                                             Biology with
                                             specialization in
                                             Biotechnology and an
                                             emphasis in
Washington DC   DC   Georgetown University   Bioinformatics

                                             MS, PhD in Biology
                     Georgia Institute of    w/Specialization and
Georgia         GA   Technology              PhD in Bioinformatics

                                             MS Medical
Massachusetts   MA   Harvard and MIT         Informatics

Massachusetts   MA   Harvard and MIT         PhD

                     Indiana University at
Indiana         IN   Bloomington             MS, PhD minor

                     Indiana University/Purdue
Indiana         IN   University - Indianapolis MS

Iowa            IO   Iowa State University   PhD
                                               Pre- and post-
Maryland         MD   Johns Hopkins University doctoral candidates

                      Keck Graduate Institute of Professional Masters
California       CA   Applied Life Sciences      of Bioscience

Wisconsin        WI   College of Wisconsin      MS

                      Medical University of
South Carolina   SC   South Carolina            PhD track

                      Michigan Technical
Michigan         MI   University                BS

                      Missouri Southern State
Missouri         MO   University                BS Concentration

                      New Jersey Institute of
New Jersey       NJ   Technology                Certificate
                      North Carolina State       MS (non-thesis),
North Carolina   NC   University                 PhD,

Massachusetts    MA   Northeastern University    MS

                                                   MS Specialization,
Illinois         IL   Northern Illinois University Certification

                                                 MS beginning Fall
Illinois         IL   Northwestern University    2004

Ohio             OH   Ohio State University      PhD

                                                 All degrees in
                                                 Informatics: MS
                                                 (research) and MS
                      Oregon Health &            (professional), PhD;
Oregon           OR   Sciences University        Graduate Certificate

New Jersey       NJ   Ramapo College             BS
                                                 BS, MS in Applied
                                                 w/Concentration in
                                                 Bioinformatics, PhD
                                                 in Biology
                      Rensselaer Polytechnic     w/Concentration in
New York         NY   Institute                  Bioinformatics

                                                 MS in Computer
                                                 Science w/
Texas            TX   Rice University            Concentration
                  Rochester Institute of       BS and MS
New York     NY   Technology                   (professional)
                  University/New York
                  University's Courant
New York     NY   Institute                    PhD, or MD/PhD

New Jersey   NJ   University/UMDNJ             PhD track

Texas        TX   St. Edwards University       BS

                                               MS (academic), MS
                                               (online professional),
                                               MS (coterminal,
                                               Stanford UG's only),
California   CA   Stanford University          PhD; Certification

                                               MS Chemical Biology
                  Stevens Institute of         w/concentration;
New Jersey   NJ   Technology                   Certificate

                  University of Alabama -      Specializations for
Alabama      AL   Birmingham                   MS, PhD

New York     NY   University of Buffalo        BS
                  University of California -   Sequence
California   CA   Berkeley                     w/Certificate given
                                               MS and PhD in
                                               Engineering with
                  University of California -   Track in
California   CA   Davis                        Bioinformatics

                                               MS, PhD, both have
                                               research areas in
                  University of California -   Informatics in Biology
California   CA   Irvine                       or Medicine
                                               BS in Cybernetics
                                               w/Concentration in
                  University of California -   Bioinformatics, MS,
California   CA   Los Angeles                  PhD
                                               PhD in Genetics with
                                               track in
                  University of California -   Genomics/Bioinforma
California   CA   Riverside                    tics

                  University of California -   BS, PhD, also PhD in
California   CA   San Diego                    Neuroinformatics

                                               MS – only for those
                                               getting a second
                  University of California -   masters (or MS with
California   CA   San Francisco                PhD), and PhD

                  University of California -
California   CA   Santa Cruz                   BS, MS and PhD
                                               MS and PhD in
                                               Engineering with
                                               Track in
Ohio         OH   University of Cincinnati     Bioinformatics

                                               MS/PhD in Applied
                                               Mathematics with
                  University of Colorado at    Computational
Colorado     CO   Denver                       Biology Option
                                            MS in CS with
                                            Biology option
                                            PhD in CS and IS
                University of Colorado at   with Computational
Colorado   CO   Denver                      Biology option

                                            Certificate in
                University of Colorado at   Computational
Colorado   CO   Denver                      Biology

                                            PhD in Analytical
                University of Colorado at   Health Science/
Colorado   CO   Denver                      Bioinformatics

Delaware   DE   University of Delaware      BS minor
Idaho           ID   University of Idaho         MS, PhD

                     University of Illinois at
Illinois        IL   Chicago                     MS, PhD

                                                 MS Biotechnology
Maryland        MD   University of Maryland      Studies w/ Track

                                                 Degrees in specified
                                                 areas available with
                     University of               Bio/Cheminformatics
Massachusetts   MA   Massachusetts - Lowell      Option: BS, MS, PhD

                                                 MS Computer
                                                 Science or
Tennessee       TN   University of Memphis       w/Concentration

Michigan        MI   University of Michigan      MS, PhD

Minnesota       MN   University of Minnesota     MS minor, PhD minor

                                                 MS in Health
                                                 Informatics and
                     University of Missouri -    (Resident or
Missouri        MO   Columbia                    Executive)
                                                 MS in Pathology and
                                                 Microbiology with
                                                 Special Track in
                                                 Bioinformatics, PhD
                                                 in Pathology and
                                                 Microbiology with
                                                 Special Track in
Nebraska         NE   University of Nebraska     Bioinformatics

                                                 MS Certificate of
                                                 Specialization, PhD
                      University of North        Certificate of
North Carolina   NC   Carolina at Chapel Hill    Specialization

                                                 BS Biology,
                                                 Computer Science, or
                                                 w/Concentration, MS
                                                 in Biotechnology
                                                 w/Concentration, PhD
                                                 in Genomics and
                      University of              Computational
Pennsylvania     PA   Pennsylvania               Biology
                                                 Certification, MS in
                                                 w/Concentration, PhD
                                                 in Biomedical
Pennsylvania     PA   University of Pittsburgh   Certificate Program

                      University of South
Florida          FL   Florida                    MS

                      University of Southern     Professional MS,
California       CA   California                 PhD

                      University of Tennessee
Tennessee        TN   at Knoxville               MS, PhD
                    University of Texas -
Texas          TX   Austin                     PhD track

                    University of Texas - El
Texas          TX   Paso                       Professional MS

                    University of the Sciences
Pennsylvania   PA   at Philadelphia            BS, MS

                                             MS/PhD in Medical
                                             Informatics with a
                                             Bioinformatics track,
Utah           UT   University of Utah       one-year MS for MDs
                                             All degrees in
                                             Biomedical and
                                             Health Informatics,
                                             MS (research and
                                             applied), PhD,
                                             Certification only
                                             available for current
                                             students at Univ. of
Washington     WA   University of Washington Wash.

                                               MS in Computer
                                               Science with
Wisconsin      WI   University of Wisconsin    Bioinformatics Track

                                               PhD with an
                                               emphasis in
Wisconsin      WI   University of Wisconsin    bioinformatics

                                               Pre- and post-
Wisconsin      WI   University of Wisconsin    doctoral candidates
                                           Capstone Certificate
Wisconsin   WI   University of Wisconsin   Programs

                                           Graduate Certificate
Wisconsin   WI   University of Wisconsin   Program

                                           MS in Biomedical
                                           Informatics and PhD
Tennessee   TN   Vanderbilt University     Concentration

                                           BS, M Biof. (non-
                                           thesis, professional
                                           degree), MS (thesis),
                 Virginia Commonwealth     BS/MS Accelerated
Virginia    VA   University                Program

                                           PhD in Genetics,
                                           Bioinformatics and
                 Virginia Polytechnic      Computational
Virginia    VA   Institute                 Biology

                 Washington University in PhD Computational
Missouri    MO   St. Louis                Biology
                                             BS in Computer
                                             option, BS in Biology
                                             option MS in CS
                                             (course of study can
                                             be designed to
                                             include computational
                                             aspects of
Ohio          OH   Wright State University   Bioinformatics)

                                             PhD - Computational
                                             Biology and
Connecticut   CT   Yale University           Program
                   Degree-Granting Bioinformatics Programs in the United

         Department(s)                 Requirements                  Degree Requirements

                                   Application to Division of
                                   Graduate Studies and
                                   the Computational
                                   Biosciences Program.
                                   Undergraduate courses
                                   beyond sophomore level       30 credit hours of courses, 6 credits
The Sloan Foundation of            in mathematics,              of internship, and 6 credit hours of
Computational Biosciences in the   statistics, chemistry and    professional development or
Department of Life Sciences        computer science             advanced study. 42 credit hours total.

                                                          PhD: Collection of program-specific
                                                          coursework, graduate school core
                                                          curriculum, thesis MD/PhD: first 2
                                                          years of med school (includes clinical
                                                          clerkship), followed by grad school
                                   BS in physics,         coursework, lab rotations, thesis
Graduate School of Biomedical      chemistry, computer    completion finishing with final year of
Sciences                           science or engineering med school.
                                                          124 credit hours required including
                                                          Humanities, Computer Science and
Department of Computer Science,    Normal undergraduate Biology, and Mathematics and
Biology Department                 admission requirements Chemistry.

                                                             MS: 32 credits required and
                                                             internship. PhD: (Post-Bachelor's) -
                                                             64 credits required and exam (32
                                   General admissions        course credits, 16 research credits);
                                   process used through      (Post-Master's) 32 credits required
                                   Graduate School. GRE (16 course credits, 16 research
                                   General test required for credits) and exam (For all: no lower
Department of Bioinformatics       PhD applicants.           than "B" in core courses)
                                      Background in
                                      engineering, computer
                                      science, life science or
                                      undergraduate              MS: 30 credits, Dual Degree: 45
                                      foundation classes for     credits, Certificate: 15 credits. All
                                      MS; Background in life     include core courses and courses in
Office of Continuing Studies - taught or computer science for    programming, scripting language and
by professionals in the field         certificate                database management.

                                     Normal entrance
                                     requirements for            37 courses (128 credits) required.
Department of Computer Science       undergraduate               Full undergraduate curriculum.

                                                            Biology, Genetics, Evolution,
                                     Normal undergraduate Biostatistics, 2 courses in
Department of Biological Sciences    admission requirements Bioinformatics

                                     MA: BS in related
                                     field;Some background  MS (applied): 30 credits required, MS
                                     in the area, MS        (research): Previous PhD and 30
Department of Biomedical             (research): previous   credits, PhD: 60 credits, comp exam,
Informatics                          PhD.                   dissertation
                                                            141 credits (largest concentration in
                                                            Biomedical and Healthcare
                                                            Informatics: 28 credits,
                                                            Programming: 27 credits,
Technology - Biomedical              Normal undergraduate Mathematics and Sciences: 20
Informatics                          admission requirements credits)

                                                                 BS: 2 core classes and senior thesis,
                                                                 MS: 4 required classes, electives, and
                                     Normal admission            optional thesis, PhD: 4 required
Center for Integrated Bioinformatics requirements                courses, electives, and thesis.

                                                                 PhD: Core classes, electives, exams,
Centers for Bioinformatics and                                   graduate seminars, rotations, and
Computational Biology and Genome Multiple prerequisite           dissertation; Certificate: Four courses
Technology                       courses.                        in bioinformatics and seminars.
                                     Computer Science            15 credits of required CS classes and
                                     undergraduate degree        15 electives or 9 electives, and option
Department of Computer Science       or equivalent required.     of thesis

                                     Normal Dept. of
                                     requirements plus
                                     knowledge of
                                     multivariate calculus,
                                     ordinary differential
                                     equations and linear
                                     algebra basic
                                     knowledge of statistics,
                                     computer programming
                                     and genetics. PhD
                                     applicants should have
                                     more advanced
                                     mathematics knowledge
                                     such as advanced            MS: 36 hours of coursework and
                                     calculus, abstract          seminars PhD: MS degree
                                     algebra, topology, or       requirements, comp exam,
Department of Mathematics            complex variables           dissertation

Biological and Health Sciences
Division (BH) in conjunction with the
Computer Technology and                                          53 credits for Associate Degree, 49
Information System (CTIS) Division None listed at this time.     for Certificate

                                     Backgrounds in biology
                                     or computer science.
                                     Courses needed in           MS: 31 credit hours including
                                     molecular biology, cell     research project or master's thesis.
                                     biology, biochemistry,      PhD: 72 credits total, 48 course
                                     genetics, calculus, data    credits and 24 credits of thesis
School of Computational Sciences     structures and statistics   research.

                                     Relevant background         BS: 130 credit hours required along
                                     desired. Required           prescribed curriculum, Dual BA: 132
                                     courses are inorganic       credit hours required Biology MS: non-
                                     and organic chemistry,      thesis option, 35 credits required with
                                     biology, calculus,          a final project. Thesis option: 32
                                     statistics, computer        credits plus thesis. CS MS: 38 credits
Multiple participating departments   science for MS.             required.
                                                                 9 courses specific to the
School of Medicine, Department of Bachelors degree in            bioinformatics track. Internships are
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology related field required.       also possible.
                                   BS or BA in Science or
                                   Prerequisites are
                                   biology, organic              37 credits, three semesters of specific
                                   chemistry, computer           courses in biology, mathematics,
                                   programming, calculus         computer programming, and
School of Biology                  and physics                   chemistry.

                                      Designed for those with
Harvard-MIT Division of Health        an M.D. already, or
Sciences and Technology               currently enrolled         Core courses and thesis requirement
                                      BS in engineering,
                                      physical science, or
                                      computer science.
                                      Applications should be
Harvard-MIT Division of Health        directed to the Health
Sciences and Technology's             Sciences and               Core courses and thesis requirement,
Program of Medical Engineering        Technology Division at     interdisciplinary courses among both
and Medical Physics                   MIT                        schools.
School of Informatics with Depts of
Biology, Computer Science, and        Prerequisites in biology  MS: 36 credits, 6 core credits, with
Chemistry                             and computer science.     thesis, PhD minor: 12 credits
                                                                9 core credit hours, and then 21 credit
                                      At least 6 credits in     hours of electives, culminating with 6
                                      biology, and 6 credits in credit hours of work on master's
School of Informatics                 computer science          thesis.

                                    Prior experience or a
                                    degree in biology,
                                    computer science,            Courses in genetics, molecular biology,
Program in Bioinformatics and       mathematics, statistics,     mathematics, computer science, statistics
Computational Biology with multiple physics, or chemistry is     and physics with interdisciplinary thesis.
participating departments           encouraged                   72 credits are required
Institute for Biophysical Research   Not on website           Not on website

                                     Biochemistry, Organic    Two academic years of work, with
                                     Chemistry, Computer      internship over the summer and
N/A                                  Programming desired      master's paper
Departments of Mathematics,
Statistics and Computer Science,
Electrical and Computer
Engineering, Biology; and            Undergraduate degree     Thesis: 24 credit hours required plus
Biomedical Engineering (MU),         with understanding of    thesis. Non-thesis: 36 credit hours.
Bioinformatic and Biomedical         biology, programming,    Core courses required for both
Research (UWM)                       calculus                 options.

                                                               7 core courses with electives beyond
Department of Biometry and                                     that. Lab rotations strongly
Epidemiology                         Competitive - no details. encouraged.

                                     Normal entrance          74 credits of bioinformatics work
Department of Biological Sciences    requirements             required.

                                     Normal entrance
Department of Computer Science       requirements             81 required credits in CS and biology

Department of Continuing
Professional Education               No details               4 courses - 3 core, 1 elective
                                                             MS: 33 credit hours: 15 Genomic
                                                             Science, 9 Bioinformatics Core, 9
                                     Undergraduate major in Bioinformatics, with oral exam, non-
                                     relevant field desired. thesis degree. PhD: 72 credit hours:
                                     Courses in linear       15 Genomic Science, 9
                                     algebra and calculus    Bioinformatics Core, 48
Program in Genomic Science           required.               Bioinformatics and thesis.

                                   Undergraduate degree          32 credits required. Core courses
Department of Biology's Program in in related field, and         with electives, internship required,
Bioinformatics with multiple       admission into the            some background in basic disciplines
participating departments          Graduate School               can be filled in with extra work.

                                                                 30 credits required for MS with
                                     Admission through NIU       specialization, 16-17 required for
Department of Biological Sciences    Graduate School             certificate

                                     Background in the           3 core courses, seminar sequence,
                                     biological, mathematical,   five electives, 3 units of independent
                                     physical, engineering, or   research with one quarter spent in an
Multiple participating departments   applied sciences            industrial setting, thesis required.

                                                                 Programs are highly individual and
Biophysics Program's Division of                                 are worked out with your advisor.
Computational Biology and            BS in related field         Thesis defense is required for
Molecular Biophysics                 recommended                 completion of degree.

                                                          MS research: 60 credit hours
                                     Bachelor's degree    required, with 48 credits of course
                                     required for all     work distributed among four core
                                     programs, MS and PhD areas, and 12 credits of thesis
                                     requires a course in research. MS professional: 52 credit
                                     computer programming hours required with Capstone Project.
Department of Medical Informatics    and human anatomy    Six credit on-campus requirement.
and Clinical Epidemiology            and physiology.      Certificate: Eight courses required.

School of Theoretical and Applied    Normal entrance             128 credits, 65 core credits with
Science                              requirements                option for internship.

School of Science's Department of    Normal entrance
Applied Science and Biology          requirements.           Not on website
                                     Prerequisites in
                                     Computer programming,
                                     biology, chemistry, and Specific courses listed on website. 14
Department of Computer Science       math.                   courses required.
                                    BS: Normal entrance
                                    requirements. MS:
                                    Related bachelors, and
Department of Biological Sciences   multiple prerequisites.    No specific information available.

                                    Rigorous entrance
No information                      requirements               No specific information available.
                                    Normal admission
                                    requirements through
                                    the Graduate School
                                    with demonstrated          No set number of credits beyond core
Department of Molecular             interest in molecular      courses. Individual curriculums are
Computational Biology               biology.                   determined upon admission

                                                               52 credits of core courses, with 13
                                    Normal admission           elective credits required in
School of Natural Sciences          requirements               bioinformatics

                                    Programming language, Projects required for MS, thesis for
Department of Biomedical            calculus, statistics and PhD, two years of residence and
Informatics                         biology                  completion of appropriate courses.

                                    BS in related field, 3.0   MS: 30 credits required; Certificate:
Department of Chemistry             minimum GPA                12 credits

                                    Admission requirements
                                    through the Graduate   MS: 6 core credits, 9 elective, PhD:
Department of Computer &            School and Computer    individualized training to be worked
Information Sciences                Science Department.    out with your advisor.

                                    Normal entrance
College of Arts and Sciences        requirements               N/A

UC Berkeley Extension - Continuing Some background in the
Education                          area.                  4 courses in two possible sequences.

                                    Multiple prerequisite      MS: 32 credits, w/ 3 core courses,
Department of Biomedical            courses, and high          and thesis. PhD: 48 credits, w/ 4 core
Engineering                         academic achievement       courses, and dissertation.

                                   Requirements for            Three core courses, plus at least 6
                                   entering the Information    additional courses, and courses to
School of Information and Computer & Computer Science          satisfy a breadth requirement. Other
Science                            program.                    core courses required for ICS school.
                                      undergraduate and
Mult. Depts: Biomathematics,          willingness to fill gaps,
Chemistry and Biochemistry,           regular admissions          Statistics, Genomics, Computational
Statistics, Computer Science et al.   process                     Biology, Research

Graduate Program in Genetics          undergraduate degree.       N/A

Mult. Depts: Departments of                                  Biological Data and Analysis Tools,
Biology, Biomedical Sciences,                                Sequence Analysis, Genomic
Computer Science & Engineering,       Undergraduate major in Analysis, Statistics areas, three
Mathematics et al.                    applicable discipline  quarters of work required

                                   Computer science and
Graduate Program in Biological and biological background          36 credits required for MS, projects
Medical Informatics                strongly encouraged            required for both MS and PhD

Currently under Department of         At least 3.5 GPA in         Six core courses with three electives,
Computer Engineering – moving to      pertinent courses, CS,      optional internship, 52 credits for MS,
Department of Biomolecular            EE, and CE degrees          56 for PhD, Thesis required for both
Engineering                           encouraged                  MS and PhD

                                      Rigorous standards and
Department of Biomedical              high academic          148 credits required over 3 years of
Engineering                           performance required   work, with thesis

                                      Minimum 2.75
                                      undergrad GPA (GRE          MS: 30 semester hours (24 must be
                                      and math subject tests      in mathematics - level 5000 or
                                      encouraged) and 30          above), 3.0 GPA, final oral exam
                                      credits in math including   PhD: 12 non-thesis credits ,including
                                      2 semesters of              4 PhD level courses, Math Clinic, 3
                                      advanced calculus, 1        Readings (42 non-thesis credits
                                      sem. of linear algebra,     required w/o M.S. in mathematics), 2
                                      1sem. of either abstract    preliminary exams in Applied Analysis
                                      algebra, differential       and Applied Linear Algebra, comp
                                      equations, discrete math    exam, 30 thesis credits, dissertation
Applied Mathematics Department        or probability              and defense
                                                           MS: completiong of 30 credit hours,
                                                           15 of which must include biology for
                                                           computer scientists, engineers and
                                                           math, computational biology,
                                                           algorithms, independent study:
                                                           complex software development
                                                           project, into to Bayesian Statististics)
                                                           PhD: completion of MS degree (30
Computer Science Department      Application to either The credit hours) plus 30 credit hours
PhD: The Business School and the Business School or the beyond Master's level, 30 credit hours
Computer Science and Engineering CS Dept. depending on of dissertation research and general
Department                       background                requirements of the Graduate School

                                    BS plus working
                                    knowledge of some
                                    computer language,
                                    coursework in probability
                                    and statistics plus one of
                                    the following: BS in
                                    Biology, CS or
                                    Mathematics or
                                    approved related
Center for Computational Biology    coursework                 15 credits

                                    Normal requirements of
                                    the UCHSC Graduate
                                    School plus an MS in
                                    CS, computer
                                    engineering, IT,
                                    Biostatistics or another
                                    scientific field related to
                                    mathematics or a GRE
                                    CS score demonstrating
                                    knowledge equivalent to
                                    an MS in CS and and
                                    upper-level undergrad or
                                    lower-level grad course
                                    in biology (or equivalent
                                    employment experience - 45 quarter-credit hours of course
CU Health Sciences Center -         GRE Biology subject         work and 45 quarter-credit hours of
Department of Preventative          score as evidence) and doctoral dissertaion research,
Medicine and Biometrics             an interview                dissertation defense

                                    Normal admission
N/A                                 requirements              15 credits and thesis required.
                                       Extremely competitive
                                       admissions with          Core courses, depth courses, lab
                                       mathematical ability and rotation, seminars, teaching
Initiative for Bioinformatics and      molecular biology        experience, and thesis required. MS:
Evolutionary Studies                   knowledge required.      32 credits, PhD: 78 credits.
                                                                36 credits minimum of specific
                                                                courses in biochemistry,
                                       Undergraduate major in mathematics, statistics, and
                                       related field desirable, bioengineering for MS, 96 credits for
Department of Bioengineering           very high GPA required. PhD. Thesis required for both.

                                       Admission through
Graduate School                        Graduate School            36 credits, 24 of core courses.

                                       BS: Normal entrance
Department of Computer Science         requirements. MS and       BS: 120-124 credits depending on
collaborating with Depts of Biology,   PhD: Related bachelors,    major, MS, PhD: 9 core credit hours,
Chemistry, Mathematics and the         and multiple               12 credits of course pairs, 9 elective
Medical School.                        prerequisites.             credits,

                                       Masters or PhD in
                                       biological sciences, and
                                       courses in Genetics,
Department of Mathematical             Biochemistry, Computer With PhD: 30 credits, without: 33
Sciences's Computer Science            programming, and         credits required. Thesis required for
Division                               Mathematics              both.

2 tracks: Program in Biomedical                                   MS: 31 credits of core courses and
Sciences in the Medical School, or     BS in related degree,      electives, with internship required,
directly to the Bioinformatics         and admission into the     non-thesis. PhD: 68 credits required
Program                                Graduate School            with thesis and exam.

                                  Computer science,               Minor requires core courses, 9 credits
Department of Laboratory Medicine biology, statistics course      for master's, 15 credits for doctoral
and Pathology                     prerequisites.                  minor.
                                  BA/BS and application
                                  through the graduate
                                  school and completion
                                  of foundation courses
                                  (foundation courses
                                  must be completed prior
                                  to Block 4 for the
                                  Executive Program and           Research: 45 credits, oral comp,
                                  can be completed                thesis Executive: 33 credits
Department of Health Management concurrently with the             (including 9 courses and a research
and Informatics                   Resident Program)               project)
University of Nebraska Medical       Must meet requirements     MS: Eleven foundation biology,
Center Department of Pathology       for admission into the     computational sciences courses, core
and Microbiology, in conjunction     University of Nebraska     biological sciences, computational
with the Department of Information   Medical Center's           sciences, electives and independent
Systems and Quantitative Analysis,   programs                   study. PhD: Similar requirements.
                                     Certification:             Certification: 38 credits of required
                                     Background in related      classes in the 48 required for a
                                     subjects required          MLS/MIS with research rotation.
                                     Specialization: Courses    Specialization: Two research
                                     in computer                rotations, one semester of teaching,
School of Information and Library    programming,               core classes, and research
Science (MS), Carolina Center for    biochemistry, and          presentation required. Possible
Genome Sciences (PhD)                statistics.                internships.

                                     Normal admission
Department of Computational          requirements through       MS: 12 courses required. No
Biology                              the Graduate School        information on PhD

                                                                MS: 44 credit hours, required core
                                     Normal, though rigorous,   courses, electives, and thesis. PhD:
                                     admission requirements     71 credit hours, core courses,
                                     through the Graduate       electives, thesis, and significant
Center for Biomedical Informatics    School.                    research. Certificate: 15 credit hours
                                     Normal admission
                                     requirements through
                                     the Graduate School
Health Sciences Center with other    with course                41 credits, with 9 core classes and a
participating departments            prerequisites              thesis.

Department of Biological Sciences
(MS, PhD), Department of             Bachelor's degree in
Mathematics (MS)                     related subject.           60 credits and thesis.

Genomic Science and Technology       Multiple prerequisites, MS: Similar requirements with thesis
Graduate School at UT-K w/ Oak       and science background at end. PhD: 26 credits minimum,
Ridge National Laboratories          strongly encouraged.    with thesis.
                                       Normal admission
Graduate Program in Cell and           requirements through        Two semester core course required
Molecular Biology                      the Graduate School         along with electives, and thesis.

                                       Relevant background         2 year, non-thesis program. Core
Department of Biological Sciences      desired.                    courses required.
                                       BS or BA in life science,
                                       chemistry or computer    22 credits core courses, electives
Program in Bioinformatics              science                  beyond that.
                                                                MS: 30 semester hours (23 of formal
                                                                coursework, 7 of research leading to
                                                                thesis), completion of thesis, comp
                                                                PhD: 40 semester hours of formal
                                                                coursework, written/oral comp exam
                                       BA/BA - 3.3 minimum      after 1st year, 14 semester hours of
                                       GPA, GRE, completion research work, dissertation,
                                       of college-level courses completion of written/oral qualifying
                                       in computer              exams after completion of
                                       programming and          coursework One-year MS: tailored
Department of Medical Informatics      statistics               curriculum

                                       MS/PhD: Substantial
                                       knowledge in                MS Research: 60 credits minimum
                                       mathematics, computer       with thesis. MS Applied: 60 credits
Department of Medical Education        programming, and            minimum with applied project. PhD:
and Biomedical Informatics             biology.                    90 credits minimum with thesis.

                                       Normal admission
                                       requirements through
Department of Computer Science         the Graduate School.        N/A

Various departments participating in   Enrollment in PhD           Completion of a minor outside one's
the Computation and Informatics in     program in one of the       home dept. (12 credits), 3 classes in
Biology and Medicine Training          participating               Bioinformatics/Biostatistics, 3
Program                                departments                 Biological classes, 3 CS classes
Computation and Informatics in
Biology and Medicine (CS,
Biochemistry, Statistics, Genetics,
Chemical and Biological                PhD in related subject      9 credits minimum plus a course in
Engineering, etc.)                     field                       Scientific Ethics
                                     Course prerequisites:
                                     Calculus; Programming
Department of Biostatistics and      and Data Structures (or 12 credits (3 required classes, one
Medical Informatics                  equivalents)            elective)

Department of Biostatistics and      enrollment in a graduate 12 credits (3 required classes, one
Medical Informatics                  degree program           elective)

Vanderbilt University Medical                                   MS: 27-40 credits required with
Center's Program in Biomedical       Prior experience in        thesis. PhD: 33-46 credits with
Informatics                          related fields required.   teaching experience and thesis

                                     BS: normal
                                     admission requirements,
                                     M Biof./MS: Normal         BS: 40 core credits, 22 track credits,
                                     graduate admission         and completion of standard
                                     requirements (consult      undergraduate degree requirements;
                                     dept. directly for         M Biof.: 35 credits; Programs give
                                     additional reqs) BS/MS     choices among 3 different tracks:
Center for the Study of Biological   Accelerated: apply         Biology/Genomics, Computational
Complexity                           during junior year         Science, Quantitative/Statistical

                                     Normal admission           Students choose a primary track from
                                     requirements through       four specialty tracks: life sciences,
                                     the Graduate School        computer science, statistics and
Program in Genetics,                 plus Supplemental          mathematics. Also complete core
Bioinformatics, and Computational    Application for PhD        courses and dissertation research
Biology                              program                    project.

                                     Application through the
                                     Divison of Biology &       3 required courses, Fundamentals of
                                     Biomedical Sciences.       CS (or previous experience), CS
                                     BS/BA in natural,          class, 3 advanced electives, Ethics
                                     physical or engineering    course, Teaching Assistantship,
                                     sciences committed to      research lab rotations, qualifying
Computational Biology Program        career in research         exam, thesis
                                 BS: Normal
                                 admission requirements      CS: 195 credit hours required. Bio:
                                 MS: Normal School of        200 credit hours required MS: 48
Department of Computer Science & Graduate Studies            credit hours (including 12 credit hours
Engineering                      admission requirements      toward thesis)

                                                            Completion of 9 courses
                                                            encompassing the following core
                                   Strong foundation in the areas: computational biology and
                                   basic sciences and       bioinformatics, biological sciences,
                                   mathematics, training in and informatics; graduate seminar on
                                   computing/informatics    research ethics, multiple research
                                   (including significant   rotations, CBB seminar series , two
                                   computer programming semesters as a teaching assistant,
                                   experience), GRE         qualifying exam (oral portion includes
                                   General Test, GRE        questioning on dissertation
Combined Program in the Biological Subject Test in relevant prospectus), and work in lab of thesis
& Biomedical Sciences              discipline               advisor.
ograms in the United States as of 12/2004

                                                                Funding:       Year            Supports
        Links to Web Pages             Sampling of             External and  Program           Distance
            of Courses              Research Interests           Student    Established        Education
                                    Computational algorithms
                                    for utilization of PET
                                    imaging in the study of
                                    Alzheimer's; design of     Application to
                                    algorithms for image       Computational
                                    deformation,               Biosciences
                                    reconstruction, and        Scholarship quantitative analysis;     Program -
       compbiosci/text/ predictive molecular         unspecified
       m                            modeling                   amount             unknown     No

                                                               Stipend and
                                                               fringe benefits
                                  Computational models of      awarded to all
                                  tissue mechanics,            graduate
                                  molecular evolution,         students
                                  theory of protein folding,   enrolled. gene regulation, network      Fellowships
       program/curriculum         analysis proteomics          available.         unknown     No Parallel computation,
       Computer_Science/ECS_ component level design,           No specific
       UnderGraduate_Descriptio metamorphic                    financial aid is
       n.pdf#page=9               programming                  available.         Fall 1998   No

                                                               NIH- BU
                                                               Fellowships, BU
                                                               Fellowships and
                                  Systems biology,             Assistantships
                                  microarray analysis,         available for
                                  genomics and proteomic       PhDs only, no
                                  biotechnology,               financial aid for
                                  development and              MS students
                                  application of new           (work-study
                                  chemical methods for         placement
                                  mapping structure of         possible during DNA, RNA and DNA-            2nd half of
       matics/                    protein complexes, etc.      program).         Fall 1999    No
                                                                                              Variety of
                                                                                              courses offered
                                                                                              via Distance
                               Natural language                                               Learning, entire
                               processing, cognitive                                          MS in Software
                               mideling, modeling of                                          Engineering
                               hybrid systems using                                           available     interval arithmetic         No specific                        through
ntinuing/visitors/program.p    contraints, parallel        financial aid is                   Distance
hp?prog_id=17                  processing                  available.         unknown         Learning
                               Natural Language
                               understanding and
http://www-                    generation, mathematical    No specific   biology, analysis of        financial aid is
um.shtml                       algorithms                  available.         unknown         No
                               Rare Plants, Invertebrate
                               Neurophysiology, Viral     Genetics, Evolutionary      No specific
medinfo/index.cfm?Conten       Influences on Codon         financial aid is
t=DBcontent&mcid=1027          Usage                       available.         unknown         No

                          Standards for encoding           Financial aid
                          and sharing clinical             available for      Dept. of Medical
http://www.dbmi.columbia. guidelines, diabetes             research           Informatics
edu/educ/courses/courses. informatics, clinical data       degrees, PhD       formed in 1995
html                      mining                           fully funded       (2nd in U.S.)    No

                                                           Variety of
                                                           grants and No specific research            other financial
ams_us_bmi_curr.html       mentioned.                      aid available.                     No

                            Molecular characterization
                            of tissue heterogeneity,
                            molecular pathways and
http://bioinformatics.biome cellular networks, and     PhD: Some informatics of cultured       fellowships
%20Descriptions.html        cells                      available.             unknown         No

                                                           Support is
                           No information available        available for the on specific research            first two years of
courses.htm                interests                       PhD work.          unknown         No
                            Pattern Discovery in
                            sequences and structures,
                            micro-array data analysis,
                            primer and probe design,
                            phylogenetic analysis,     Loans or image processing -         assistantships
ams/grad/masters/           conducted by BioRG         available.       unknown   No

                           Mathematical physiology,
                           protein structure          Teaching determination, human        assistantships
quine/biomed.html#curricul brain mapping, DNA         and fellowships
um                         topology                   available       Unknown     No
c.shtml                      N/A                      N/A               unknown   No

                            Protein structure analysis,
                            neuroscience, biomedical
                            genomics, data mining,      PhD: Some
http://www.bioinformatics.g human genetic variation, fellowships        viral genomics              available.      unknown   No

                          Phylogenetics, information systems, genomics and      Hughes
nformatics/academics/Curr proteomics of HIV and      Scholarship
iculum.htm                cardiovascular disease     Program for BS unknown       No
                            Developmental genetics,
                            DNA replication in E. coli, No specific DNA damage, second          financial aid
91/BMB/biotech.htm          messengers                  available.         unknown     No

                           Protein structure analysis,
http://www.biology.gatech. molecular genetic           No specific
edu/bioinformatics/admissi databases, x-ray            financial aid is
on_and_cur.html            crystallography             available.          Fall 1999   No                               Fellowships and
et/ControllerServlet?handle Information processing in      assistantships
r=PublicHandler&action=br medicine, communication          are offered to
owse&pageid=129              in medicine.                  most students. 2002         No
                                                           Some training
                                                           grants are
                                                           funding for
                                No information available   international   on specific research       students may
m.html                          interests                  be difficult.   unknown     No                                No specific
du/~gilbertd/bioinformatics/    FlyBase/Drosophila         financial aid
curricula-plan.html             research.                  information.    unknown     No

                              Intelligent systems, neural No specific                  School of networks, bioinformatics, financial aid is               Informatics
i/24                          gene regulation             available.       unknown     founded in 2000

                            Intelligent searching, data    All accepted
                            warehouses, analytical         students receive tools, high performance        fellowships or
courses/index.html          computing in genomics          assistantships unknown      No
                                                           Wellcome Fund
                                                           grant provides
                                                           full support for 5
                              Transposition                years for
                              mechanisms,                  Predoctoral
                              transcriptional silencing,   fellows, fund
                              computational genomics,      also provides
                              protein sequence             support to
                              analysis, compuational       Postdoctoral      protein design               Fellows            unknown   No

                           optimization of yeast
                           recombinant protein
                           production; genomic,
                           proteomic, and cell-based
                           microarray technologies;
                           DNA amplification and
                           analysis methods;               Full or partial
                           microfluidics; molecular        fellowships
                           and computational               given to all
                           analysis of regulatory          accepted
                           networks; rational design       applicants, with of multidrug HIV therapy,       low-interest loan
tive/mbscurriculum.shtml and structural genomics           available.        unknown    No

                              Development of systems
                              to aid in the genomics,      No specific    proteomic research           financial aid is
ses/                          ongoing.                     available.         unknown   No
                              Computational science
                              systems for analysis of      All students
                              biological data, protein     supported by
http://bioinformatics.musc.   interactions, metabolic      grants or
edu/education.html            pathway identification       assistantships.    unknown   No   Immunology, microbial        No specific
nformatics/bio_details/com    toxicology, comparative      financial aid is
p_prog.htm#Required           genomics                     available.         unknown   No
                                                           No specific                                   financial aid is
sci/popbsbi.htm              N/A                           available.         unknown   No                               No specific
/gradcertRecieve.cfm?cert                                  financial aid
Code=BT                      N/A                           available.         unknown   No
                           Statistical genetics,
                           molecular sequence
                           analysis, genetic mapping,
                           microarray analysis,       Some protein evolution,         fellowships are
ioinfo.html                quantitative genetics      available.             unknown   No

                            No information available      No specific
http://www.bioinformatics.n on specific research          financial aid is         interests                     available.         unknown   No

                            Arabidopsis BLAST           No specific searches, enzyme rate       financial aid is
informatics/niubiofor.html studies, similarity matrices available.           unknown   No

http://www.northwestern.ed No information available       No specific
u/graduate/academic/cbbc on specific research             financial aid is
ur.html                    interests                      available.         unknown   No

                           Assembly and function of
                           protein complexes, neural
                           networks, function of     Some
http://www.biosci.ohio-    solute transporters in    fellowships are health and disease.       available.              unknown   No

                             Information needs and
                              of biomedical               NLM fellowship    researchers, information     available for
informatics/courses/         retrieval in genomics        PhD students. unknown        No
alog_03_04/academicProg Client-server applications,       No specific
rams/TAS/bioinfo_req_maj peptide synthesis                financial aid
or.html                   methodology                     available.         unknown   No

                             Regulation of gene
                             expression, protein folding
                             and structure, data         No specific mining, molecular           financial aid is
ducation/courses.html        simulations                 available.          unknown   No

                                                          No specific No specific research           financial aid is
abase/bioinfo.shtml        mentioned.                     available.         unknown   No No specific research
courses.html                   mentioned.               N/A              unknown    No
                                                        All students are No information available      fully supported
egree/course_descriptions. on specific research         by the
html#G63.2851.002          interests                    university.      unknown    No

                             Protein expression and
                             structural genes, DNA
                             topology, evolutionary     All PhD trees, discrete            students receive
c.html                       mathematics in biology     fellowships.     unknown    No
ml                           N/A                        N/A               unknown   No
                                                        Some grants
                                                        assistantships                             available only
demics/biomedin_courses.                                for residential
html                        Biomedical Informatics      programs          unknown   No

bio.html                    N/A                         N/A               unknown   No                              Assistantships
sp?durki=24866#courses Medical informatics              available.      unknown     No
                                                        NYS Education
http://undergrad-            No information available   Dept. approved    on specific research       program in Nov.
micprograms/bioinfo.shtml    interests                  2003            unknown     No
du/prog/bioinformatics/cou   Genetic engineering, Perl,
rses.html                    Data Mining                N/A               unknown   No

http://www.bme.ucdavis.ed DNA mechanics,
u/academics/program.php mathematical modeling of
?sPrgCode=GRAD            pathways               N/A                      unknown   No

                            Data mining, prediction of Grants, protein sequences, gene assistantships,
med/#courses                expression data analysis loans, etc.          unknown   No
                            Predicting membrane
                            protein structure, analyses    Grants,
http://www.bioinformatics.u of genome evolution,           assistantships,            microarrays                    loans, etc.     unknown    No
                            Plant gene expression,         Some
                            environmental stress           fellowships and
                            tolerance, population          assistantships
No listing available.       genetics                       available.      unknown    No

                             Structure and evolution of
                             proteins, Enzymes,       and other forms
                             genomics, etc            of aid available
                                                      for all PhD
http://bioinformatics.ucsd.e http://bioinformatics.ucsd.
du/students/curriculum.htm edu/faculty/index.htm      candidates       unknown        No
                                                      All PhD
                                                      students are
                           Protein structures,        supported by
                           Computer imaging, etc      the university, but not MS
rriculum.html              culty.html                 students         unknown        No
                                                      opportunities Gene finding, RNA          plus loans and
ograms/bioinformatics/gra detection techniques,       graduate
duate/requirements.html    proteomics                 assistantships unknown          No

                           Computational neuroscience, clinical
_biomed/graduate/graduat applications of                   No mention of
e_curriculum.php           bioinformatics                  financial aid    unknown   No

                         Through the Center for
                         Computational Biology:
                         Image processing and              Teaching and
                         radiation therapy,                Research
                         Population genetics,              Assistantships
http://www-              Algorithm design for              possible, problems in DNA                   Fellowships
te/ mapping, Computational             available for
tml                      mechanics                         PhD students     unknown   No
                          Research interests:
                          Parallel processing and simulation, data mining,
cademics/Colleges/Busine neural networks, machine
ss/Programs/Graduate/Ph learning, graph theory and Scholarships
D+in+CSIS/Courses.htm     graph algorithms         available             unknown   No

                             Image processing and
                             radiation therapy,    Population genetics,
cademics/Centers+and+In      Algorithm design for
stitutes/ComputationalBiol   problems in DNA
ogy/Programs/graduateCer     mapping, Computational
tificate.htm                 mechanics                   N/A             unknown   No

                            Ontologies in biomedicine,
                            bio-molecular dynamics,
                            genomic sequence and         Traineeships,
                            polymorphism, gene           Assitantships, expression analysis,          Fellowships and
formatics/pages/ biochemical pathway           PhD support
m                           analysis                     possible        unknown   No
in/news/BioinfoCore-EAB-                                 No mention of
Sept-2002/sld1.html         N/A                          financial aid   unknown   No
                             No information available on specific research        No mention of
/ibest/bcb/bcbreq.html       interests                   financial aid      unknown          No

                            Structural Bioinformatics,   No specific Computational Biology,       financial aid is
oe/main/course.htm          Neural Engineering           available.         unknown          No
                            No information available on specific research
msbt.shtml                  interests                N/A             unknown                 No
                                                     may be
                          Data mining, visualization available to
                          of data, viral-host        students after interactions, protein      completing part
grams_desc.htm            composition                of the program. unknown                 No

                                                       No specific
http://www.msci.memphis. Computational biology         financial aid is
edu/~giri/bio.html       and algorithms.               available.        unknown             No
                                                       First two years
                                                       of PhD work is
                           Tools for facilitating gene fully supported.
http://www.bioinformatics. mapping, nanomolecular No specific modeling, transcription       financial aid for
ml                         mechanism study, etc.       MS students       unknown             No

                           DNA repair mechanisms, No specific quantitative genetics, financial aid is
urses.html                 biopolymers, etc.      available.                unknown          No

                                                    Variety of out-of-
                                                    state tuition
                                                    scholarships,           approved June    Executive
                                                    traineeships            2004 (added      program is
                                                    assistantships          emphasis to MS   offered online No research specific to available -             in Health        with minimal on-
demic_programs/ms_r/cou the Computational Biology possible NLM              Informatics -    campus
rses.htm#foundation         option mentioned.       Fellowships             begun in 1999)   sessions
                          Cost benefit analysis for         No specific
http://www.isqa.unomaha.e systems, computer                 financial aid is
du/bioinformatics/phd.htm literacy                          available.         unknown          No   Structure and function
fo/SILS%20Bioinformatics       relationships of proteins, No specific
%20Certificate%20propos        computational protein        financial aid is
al.doc                         design, statistical genetics available.         unknown          No

                         Evolutionary population
                         genetics, mathematical
                         tools to map disease     Financial aid genes, multiple sequence available for
/gcb/courses.shtml       alignments               PhD students.                unknown          No

                                                            NLM and NRSA
                             Biomolecular sequence-         grants are structure-function             available. Half
iningprogram/Bioinformatic research, oncology               of the students
s%20MS%20concentration informatics, medical                 are partially or
.htm                         simulations                    fully funded.    unknown            No                           No specific
/biochemistry/ No specific research      financial aid
ml                          mentioned.                mentioned.               unknown          No
                                                      All students
http://hto-                   Algorithm development,  supported by association mapping with grants or                    MS: Fall 2004
degreeprog.html               SNPs, cancer genomics assistantships.            PhD: Fall 2003   No
                              Microbial pathogenesis, All students are
                              mouse genomics,         supported while statistical methods of  they are in the
hd.html                       gene annotation.        program.                 unknown          No
                            Bioorganic chemistry,       Teaching and/or
                            mouse genetics,             research apoptosis, cellular          assistantships
molbio/graduate.html        biosynthesis                available.      unknown        No
                            Genome sequencing,
                            intelligent systems,        No specific
http://www.bioinformatics.u molecular mechanisms of     financial aid is         pathogens                   available.         unknown     No                              No specific
te/bioinformatics/curriculu No specific research        financial aid is
m.shtml                     mentioned.                  available.         unknown     No

                           Parallel genetic             NLM fellowships
                           algorithms, development      available for
                           of methodologies for         PhD students,
                           linkage and association      some grants analysis, population         and tuition
medinfo/index.cfm?Conten studies on familiarity of      waivers
t=DBcontent&mcid=1027 diseases                          available       unknown        No

                           Clinical informatics,                         MS: Fall 2000,
http://www.informatics.was genetic data integration,                     PhD: Approved public health informatics,     NLM training     by UW Board of
eqs101502.pdf              structural informatics       grant available. Regents 7/2003 No
                                                        Financial aid,
                                                        grants and No specific research         fellowships are
as/ai/uwcompbio.html       mentioned.                   available        unknown        No

                           Sequence analysis and
                           algorithms, mircroarray
                           analysis, structural
                           biology, modeling and
                           simulation, information extraction from biomedical Funded through
rad_curriculum.html        text, statistical genomics NLM grants.    unknown           No Interdisciplinary research   Funded through
rad_curriculum.html        interests.                   NLM grants.    unknown         No
pcourses.html                N/A                      N/A                unknown         No
atalog/med/biostatC.html N/A                          N/A                unknown         No
                           Clinical terminology
                           systems, medical
                           informatics, machine learning, genetic          No specific
du/dbmi/bmigradprog/prog expression of cancer         financial aid is
ram.html                   genes.                     mentioned.         unknown         No                            No specific
oinformatics/masters_cour No specific research        financial aid is
ses.html                   mentioned.                 mentioned.         Unknown         No

                          Molecular modeling and
                          protein structure and
                          function, genomic
                          sequence analysis from
                          an evolutionary
                          perspective, biomolecular   Limited number
                          electrostatics, protein     of first-year
                          folding and dynamics,       merit-based
                          microarray transcription    fellowships :      first class of
                          data, computational         $21,500 stipend    students methods for use in air      plus tuition and   accepted in Fall
cs/gcat/gcdGen.html       quality modeling            fees               2003             No

                            approaches to gene
                            analysis, comparative
                            genomics, population and
                            evolutionary genetics,
                            application of molecular
                            genetic techniques to the study of genotype/
website.nsf/forms/forms/$fi phenotype associations    Stipends,
le/computational_guideline and the evolotion of the   fellowships,
s.pdf                       human genome              grants available             1997 No
                                                          available for Full
                                                          In-State Tuition
                                                          and Partial
                                                          Scholarships for     approved by
                             Protein binding              freshman             University
                             interactions, data mining,   coming directly      Curriculum molecular visualization,     from high            Committee in
dergraduate/index.shtml      forensic analysis            school               May 2002       No

                           approaches to functional
                           and integrative genomics,      Stipend, full
                           Theoretical molecular          tuition, health
                           biology and computational      coverage &
                           algorithms, Computational      yearly travel
                           analysis of                    allotment for
                           macromolecular                 travel to
                           structures heterogeneous       scientific database design and            meetings or
BB/CBBProg.html            information integration        courses              unknown        No
                   Date of Most            Since
                     Recent              Previous        Date Added
 Other Information   Review               Review         to Summary

                           11/26/2004 funding                  2003
program with Rice
University, The
University of Houston,
The University of
Texas MD Anderson
Cancer Center, The
University of Texas -
Houston Health
Science Center             12/10/2004 New addition            Dec-04

                            12/1/2004 New addition            Dec-04

                                      New URL,
MD Track added to                     addition of MD
train physician-                      Track, GRE
scientists to apply and               reqs, additional
develop post-genomic                  credit reqs,
technologies to clinical              more research
research and the                      areas, financial
practice of medicine       11/26/2004 aid                      2003
                                     New URLs,
                                     change in type
                                     of degree and
                                     changes in
                                     admission and
                                     degree reqs,
                                     change in
                          11/26/2004 interests            2003

                           12/1/2004 New addition        Dec-04

                           11/6/2004 None                 2003

                                     No BA
Coming soon:                         financial aid
http://www.dbmi.colum                info., additional   11/28/2004 PhD reqs             2003

                           12/1/2004 New addition        Dec-04

                                     Changed URLs
                                     and research
                           11/6/2004 interests            2003
                                     Addition of
                                     and certificate
                                     for MS
                           11/8/2004 students             2003
           Addition of
           conducted by
 11/8/2004 BioRG           2003

 12/1/2004 New addition   Dec-04

           Prereqs not
11/28/2004 listed          2003

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                         11/9/2004                 2003

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                         11/9/2004                 2003

Joint program with                 Updated URLs,
Purdue University and              added start
IU at Bloomington       12/14/2004 date            2003

                         11/3/2004                 2003
                        12/1/2004 New addition    Dec-04

                                  Updated URLs,
Part of the seven                 research
Claremont Colleges      11/3/2004 interests        2003

Joint program with
Marquette University
and University of
Wisconsin               11/3/2004                  2003

                        11/3/2004                  2003

                        12/1/2004 New addition    Dec-04

                        11/3/2004                  2003

                       11/11/2004                 Dec-04
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                         10/26/2004                 2003

Part of the UCSC
Center for
Biomolecular Science
and Engineering          10/26/2004                 2003

                         10/26/2004 Updated URLs    2003

Biotechnology and
Bioinformatics Options
for BS programs in
Biology, Chemisty, CS,
Mathematics and
Physics are currently
being coordinated with
the UCCS PhD in CS       10/30/2004 New addition   Dec-04
 12/1/2004 New addition   Dec-04

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           Addition of
           URL, degree
11/27/2004 reqs.           2003

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           Addition of
           financial aid
11/26/2004 and MS info.    2003

           addition of
11/26/2004 financial aid   2003

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