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									         WELCOME TO UNCW

             Extended Education
               Onslow County

University of North Carolina Wilmington

        UNCW Extension Education Program
               Table of Contents

   Agenda……………………………………………                                   Pages   3- 4
   Extension Staff……………………………….                              Pages   6-9
   Admissions Information…………………                             Pages   11
   Library Services…………………….                                 Pages   12-13
   Financial Aid Information………                              Pages   14
   Bookstore Information………………                               Page    15
   Registrar Information…………………...                           Page    16-21
    (How to register for your classes, etc.)
   Student Accounts Information…                             Pages 22-28
    (Tuition Payments, How to pay your tuition, etc.)
   Campus Parking…………………………….                                Page    29
   UNCW Additional Information……….                           Page    32
    (Student E-mail Account, Accessing Online Classes, etc)
University of North Carolina Wilmington
       UNCW Extension Education Program

   Check-In                        30 min      BT 101
      ID Cards
      Packet Distribution
   Welcome & Introduction           5 min      Dr. Barton
   Admissions                      10 min      Dr. Barton
      Dual Admission                           Ron Hardison
      Military Waiver Form
   Library                         15    min   Sue Cody
   Financial Aid                   15    min   Shannon Miles
   Bookstore                       10    min
   UNCW Services                    5    min   Dr. Barton
      Career Services
      Disability Services                      Chris Stone
      Student e-mail

University of North Carolina Wilmington
             UNCW Extension Education Program

   Registrar                         5 min   Mandy Hodge
       SeaWeb Demonstration
   Student Accounts                 10 min   Dr. Barton
   Campus Parking                   5 min    Dr. Barton
   Undergraduate Degree Programs
       School of Nursing            10 min   Dr. Barton
       Criminal Justice             10 min   Dr. Barton
       Watson School of Education
           Elementary Education     20 min   Lisa Keenan
           Teacher Licensure
   Graduate Degree Programs
       MA in Liberal Studies        2 min    Dr. Barton
       MEd in Elementary Educ       2 min    Dr. Barton

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Welcome and Introduction
                   Dr. Beth Barton
Director, Onslow Extension Program & Military Liaison


University of North Carolina Wilmington
  UNCW Extension Program Staff
Beth A. Barton, Ph.D., Director & UNCW Military Liaison
 In January 2004, Beth was hired as the Director of the UNCW Extension Program. Beth holds
   a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and brings experience as a community college and
   university instructor as well as a community liaison, working with the local school system,
   police department, and churches. She has received numerous local and state awards for
   her service to the community, primarily for co-founding an after-school mentoring program
   for disadvantaged children. Beth currently serves on the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of
   Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee, Education Committee, the Swansboro Area
   Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee, and is one of three Board of Directors
   for the Jacksonville Police Department’s Training Academy. (910) 455-2310

Cecil L. Willis, Ph.D., Director of UNCW Criminal Justice
   Extension Program.
           Cecil is the academic advisor for all undergraduate students pursuing a B. A. in
   criminal justice in the Onslow Extension Program. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from
   Virginia Tech and is professor of criminal justice at UNCW. During his more than 30 years of
   academic experience, he has held positions as chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal
   Justice and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UNCW. (910) 346-8426

   University of North Carolina Wilmington
   UNCW Extension Program Staff
Kim Allin, Enrollment Services Coordinator
   Kim came to us from the Education Center at Camp LeJeune/MCAS New River. Kim’s
   strong education background combined with her knowledge of the Marine Corp’s Tuition
   Assistance makes her a valuable asset to the UNCW Extension team. She holds a Bachelor
   of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, an Associate of
   Science in Finance and an Associate of Science in Economics from Hawaii Pacific University
   along with an Associate of Arts from Coastal Carolina Community College. She previously
   worked as both an Office Manager/Senior Education Assistant and a Program Associate
   Coordinator for Hawaii Pacific University. Her responsibilities included advising students,
   managing daily office operations and supervising and training new employees. Kim is a
   recent graduate of a MBA program and understands the trials that full time working
   students endure.

Lisa Keenan, Watson School of Education Advisor
   Lisa is the academic advisor for all undergraduate students pursuing a B. A. in elementary
   education at the Onslow Extension in Jacksonville.
   She holds a B.S. from West Chester University, Pennsylvania and a M.Ed. Curriculum and
   Instruction from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania. Her professional background is in high
   school social studies. She has taught in public schools and at the university level. She is
   married to a retired U. S. Marine. They have two children—Rick and Kelly. Lisa enjoys
   gardening, living by the beach, teaching and helping people (910) 455-8034

    University of North Carolina Wilmington
   UNCW Extension Program Staff
Mandy Hodge, Administrative Associate

   Mandy is the Administrative Associate for the UNCW Extension Program. She has several
  years of experience with the military; she moved to Jacksonville in 2001 when her father
  retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 24 years. She is engaged to be married to a
  former marine who is a full time student at CCCC. Mandy graduated from UNCW in 2005
  with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Gerontology and looks forward to
  participating in the Masters in Liberal Studies program here with the Onslow Extension

Student Workers
  Our offices would not run efficiently without our student employees. They provide
  invaluable assistance to prospective and current students, as well as the rest of the
  Extension Program staff and faculty.

   University of North Carolina Wilmington
                     Our Staff

University of North Carolina Wilmington

                   (910) 962-3243

            Dual Admission (Ron Hardison, CCCC)
                Transient Study Form

            Military Waiver Form

University of North Carolina Wilmington
              Library Services

        UNCW Randall Library
                          (910) 962-3760

        CCCC Learning Resource Center
                         (910) 938-6237

        Camp LeJeune Libraries

University of North Carolina Wilmington
     William Madison Randall Library                                                 http://library.uncw.edu

                          Library Support for Extension Students
                                                       Library Books Mailed to You--Free!
                                                  All extension students may request Randall Library books
              Library PIN                        for their own use. They will be mailed to you at your home
                                                                    address at no charge.
Some library services require a PIN                   We can also send you books and articles from other
  or password from off campus:
                                                                     How does it work?
     •Renew library materials online
     •Place holds on checked out items           We provide these services to you through our Interlibrary
     •Access Course Reserves                     Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery Services department.
     •Access databases from off-campus             Once you set up an ILL account, you can request the
                                                                   materials you need.
To set up your Library PIN, go to this webpage
and follow the directions:                                        To set up your account, go to
http://library.uncw.edu/web/research/pin.html                  https://illiad.uncw.edu/logon.html
                                                      •Click “First-Time Users—Click here”
                                                      •Identify yourself as a Distance Education Student
                                                      •Choose a username and password
     Problems or questions?                           •Fill in the form with the information about the book
                                                       you want
          University of North Carolina Wilmington
William Madison Randall Library                                   http://library.uncw.edu

            Library Support for Extension Students

                  Contact us for more help

          Sue Cody                                    Linda Muir

 Associate University Librarian                   Head Librarian
      for Public Services                             CCCC
            UNCW                                (910) 938-6793
        (910) 962-7409                        muirl@coastal.cc.nc.us

                        William Madison Randall Library
              601 South College Rd. * Wilmington, NC 28403-5616
                      (910) 962-3760 * (866) 377-8309

   University of North Carolina Wilmington
             Financial Aid
         and Veterans Services

  VA Representative: Shannon Miles (910) 962-3177

[Please note when first using VA benefits you may have to pay out of
             pocket while waiting for the benefits to begin]

      For Employees of NC County School Systems:
          Model Teacher Education Consortium

University of North Carolina Wilmington
               UNCW Bookstore


                        (910) 962-3188

                     Order books online:

University of North Carolina Wilmington
                       (910) 962-3125

          100.00 Deposit
            This is REQUIRED before you register!
          SeaNet

          UNCW SeaPort
          Calendar of Events
           New student registration: write in date here
           (                          )

University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina Wilmington

University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina Wilmington
                          Student Accounts
        Student Accounts Office: (910) 962-3147
            Cashier’s office: (910) 962-3164

  Tuition Message to all UNCW Students (updated October 16, 2006)
Tuition and fees are charged according to campus of the course (main campus or
extension) and not student classification. When using the SEANET registration system,
please keep in mind that Extension courses are courses with section numbers 800 or
higher and a campus of “EXT.” Only these sections of courses are billed at the Extension
tuition rates which are calculated on a per credit hour basis. All other section numbers
are considered on-campus courses and are billed as such. Tuition and fee rates for both
on campus and Extension courses can be found at
Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to know the different tuition rates.

     University of North Carolina Wilmington
                    Student Accounts
                     Cashier's Office
Extension Tuition/Fees for

Undergrad – per credit hour

                   (Tuition will increase each July)

Grad Students – per credit hour

                   (Tuition will increase each July)

*main campus rates can be found on Student Accounts website

University of North Carolina Wilmington

           Student Accounts
           Payment Options
                        Payment Due Date:

  NO bill will be mailed for classes for your first
       Go to your student account (i.e., SeaNet) to access your
        tuition/fees amount due
       Pay by 4:00 pm (                     ) write in date here
    Cash
    Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order
    Credit Card: MasterCard & Visa
    Financial Aid
    Military Tuition Assistance Deferment
    Sponsorship (Voc Rehab, W.S.V.A., or other state-
     sponsored aid)

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Payment Options                            (continued)

•AMS Payment Plan
      Coordinator – Sissy Hendricks (910) 962-3147
      AMS toll-free 800-635-0120
      AMS website www.tuitionpay.com

•Financial Aid
    Classes will be held upon proof of your full coverage.
    If partial coverage is provided, you must pay the

   Authorization form must be received by the Financial
   Aid Office by due date and the Student Accounts
   Office must be aware of your sponsorship.

 University of North Carolina Wilmington
          Student Accounts
Billing Procedure for Future Terms


  Any balance from previous term may prevent a student
   from being eligible for pre-registration.
  Bills are mailed to permanent address.
  Pre-registered students receive an EMAIL to remind
   them of the payment deadline.
  Due date = pay balance and/or provide evidence of
   financial aid, sponsorship, AMS, etc.
  Class cancellation occurs for failure to pay bill or to
   follow deferment instructions by posted due date.
  Important: Failure to return the “bill stub” to the
   Cashier’s Office cancels the class! !
  All student’s are required to return a bill stub.

   University of North Carolina Wilmington
               Student Accounts
          Avoiding Future Problems

 Students with SEANET balances will not be able to
 It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their
  student account on SEANET throughout the term.
 Please read Emails that are sent out about billing.
 Inserts that accompany bill include additional details
  about billing procedures.
 All refunds are process via HigherOne. See
  WWW.SEAHAWKCARD.COM for more information.
 If you have questions or concerns PLEASE call before
  the deadline.

     University of North Carolina Wilmington
       Student Accounts
      Residency and Billing
Payment in full of the out-of-state tuition and
fees (along with any other charges on the
student account) is required. If residency is
changed, a refund of the difference between in-
state and out-of-state tuition and fees will be

Contact the Admissions Office for more
information about residency at 910-962-3243.

University of North Carolina Wilmington
                    Campus Parking

   Coastal Carolina Community College
       Permit required
       FREE
       Coastal Security office (cafeteria) to obtain permit

   UNCW Parking
       http://www.uncw.edu/ba/parking_trans/index.htm
       (910) 962-3178
       Permit required

    University of North Carolina Wilmington
                Transient Study Form &
               Paying for CCCC Classes with UNCW Financial Aid

   Step 1 Apply to Coastal Carolina Community College (NO FEE)
   Step 2 Obtain an original Transient Study Form from your advisor. Form is available online at
           http://www.uncw.edu/reg Choose Transfer credit, then choose Transient Form&Information.
   Step 3 You, the student, complete the top section. Your advisor will complete the middle, boxed
           section. After the form is completed, your advisor will sign the form.
   Step 4 Take the completed form to the Coastal Carolina Comm. College
          Admissions Office (Ron Hardison). Show the form to the Admissions counselor (no signature is
           required from a CCCC counselor). Mr. Hardison will make a copy of your transient study form,
           will request a copy of your degree audit from SeaWeb, and will register you for your CCCC
           classes. [Note: VA students also visit CCCC’s VA certifying official with a copy of your
           completed transient study form.]
   Step 5 PAY for your CCCC class(es) (whether you have financial aid with UNCW or not). If you have
           been awarded Financial Aid with UNCW, you will be reimbursed the cost of CCCC’s tuition
           through the main campus’ Cashier’s office about two weeks after your Transient Study Form is
           received at the main campus. Check your Student Account on SEANET for the reimbursement
           check to be posted. Your check will be ready for pick-up (at main campus) 5 business days
   Step 6 Return Transient Study Form to your advisor. He/she will deliver the form to the main campus’
           to the Department Chair for signature and then it sent to the Registrar’s office. At that point, it
           will be forwarded to Financial Aid for processing.

   Additional Financial Aid Information:
   UNCW and CCCC have a “blanket consortium”—meaning, that these two colleges communicate regularly
    about “shared” students who receive financial aid. Every month, the UNCW Financial Aid department
    creates a list of students who are receiving financial aid. They send this form up to CCCC to ensure that
    none of these students have applied for financial aid from CCCC as well. If a student has applied for
    financial aid through both institutions, the student will have to repay the aid received from the
    secondary institution. Therefore, do NOT apply for aid through CCCC if you are already a UNCW student
    receiving aid.

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Application for the Benefit of Reduced Tuition
 Rate as a Member of the Armed Services or
             Dependent Relative

   This paperwork must be filled out by all active duty and military
   It must be completed annually (usually before fall semester).
   It must be accompanied by affidavit (statement of service) from
    active-duty member’s command.
   Letter must state: Name, rank, or relationship to active duty
    member, and member must be stationed in North Carolina.

   Questions: please contact Kim Allin at 910-451-5266

University of North Carolina Wilmington
    UNCW Additional Information
   Disability Services (Chris Stone)                      Career Services
    Disability Services is the designated office that
                                                                UNCW & CCCC Cooperative Career
    provides services to students with disabilities
                                                                 Services Agreement
    who are enrolled at UNCW. We are committed
                                                                http://www.uncw.edu/stuaff/career
    to providing assistance to enable qualified
                                                                CCCC: (910) 938-6373
    students to accomplish their educational goals,
    as well as assuring equal opportunity to derive        Student E-mail Account (Required)
    all of the benefits of campus life. Disability          You may establish your account 5 days
    Services has devoted much energy to meeting             after you register for classes.
    the requirements of Section 504, Federal                 SeaPort (http://seaport.uncw.edu/)
    Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and its
                                                           Online Courses -SeaPort or
    amendments, and to the Americans with
    Disability Act of 1990. Disability Services
    serves as a full-time advocate for students
    with disabilities, as well as a resource for
    faculty, staff and administration.

         http://www.uncw.edu/stuaff/disability

         (910) 962-7555

University of North Carolina Wilmington
               Degree Programs
               Undergraduate Programs
      School of Nursing (RN-Access Program)
      Criminal Justice
      Clinical Research
      Social Work
      Business Administration
      Watson School of Education
         Elementary Education

         Teacher Licensure

         Graduate Degrees
   o   M.A. Liberal Studies
   o   M.Ed. Elementary Education

University of North Carolina Wilmington
            WELCOME TO

                      and the
          Donald R. Watson
          School of Education

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Items you will find in your UNCW Watson School
of Education folder

   See the inside of the manila folder.

   Verify that you have received all of the
    information sheets listed under COMMENTS and
    place your initials in the box. Return folder to Mrs.

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Important websites
(see yellow sheet)

   www.uncw.edu/ed/advising

   www.uncw.edu/reg

   www.uncw.edu/extension

University of North Carolina Wilmington
        What courses can I take this semester?

  Transfer students are eligible to take
  EDN 200 (EDU 216 @ CCCC)
  EDN 203 (PSY 263 @ CCCC)
  PSY 223 (PSY 241 @ CCCC)
  EDN 301
  EDN 303

You may also select UNCW courses from your academic
  concentration that you have chosen (PSY, ENG or HST).

One must meet the admission requirements for the Watson School
  of Education in order to take the remainder of the education

        University of North Carolina Wilmington
    What are the admission requirements for the
    Watson School of Education?
    (see gray sheet)

    Complete the university requirements in English and mathematics and a science laboratory course with grades of “C” or
     better in each course.
    Complete EDN 200: Teacher, School and Society with a grade of “C” or better. (EDU 216 Foundations in Education at
    Complete a minimum of 45 semester hours cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or better (4.0 Scale) on all work
     attempted at UNCW. Transfer students must earn a 2.7 GPA on a minimum of 12 hours completed at UNCW.
    Attain passing scores on teacher education entry tests specified and mandated by the Board of Education of the State of
     North Carolina. As of July 1, 1995 the tests and the required passing scores are Praxis I: Or a composite score of
     PPST Reading        = 176
     PPST Writing         = 173
     PPST Mathematics = 173

                                                  All students should plan to take the PPST
                                                  (Praxis I) as soon as possible unless you
                                                  have sufficient SAT scores. Information
                                                  is available on-line at
                                                             (see orange sheet)
                University of North Carolina Wilmington
        Admission requirements; continued
   To apply to the Watson School of Education, an
    application form should be completed and submitted the
    semester before anticipated admittance. (Forms are
    available in the UNCW extension office or on-line). Most
    transfer students apply during their first semester with

   Students should ensure that all requirements listed
    above have been met prior to the time of anticipated
    admittance. Applications for admission are processed at
    the end of the spring, summer II and fall semesters.

        University of North Carolina Wilmington
       Have a great semester at

University of North Carolina Wilmington

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