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University of La Verne's Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Programs


                                       Preparation for Transfer to
                           University of La Verne’s
                    Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs
                                           in Victorville
The University of La Verne offers several bachelor’s degree programs at their High Desert
Campus. To prepare for these degrees, complete the University of La Verne General Education
requirements, or the CSU general education requirements (what we call the “pink sheet”), or the
IGETC requirements (“blue sheet”). Some of these programs also require specific pre-major
preparation as indicated below. Since the University of La Verne accepts up to 84 transferable
units, it is to your advantage to complete your Associate’s degree, within which you satisfy all GE
and pre-major requirements, before you transfer.

Note that the math requirement can be fulfilled by taking University of La Verne’s Mgmt
388 (Statistics), the preparation for which is VVC’s Math 90.

For more information, and to learn of any updates to this sheet, please call the university at (760)
843-0086. University of La Verne’s website is:

B.A., Business Administration
This program offers a broad exposure to the traditional areas of economics, marketing,
management, and the financial disciplines.
VVC preparation: BADM 101 or 103, and BADM 102 or 104; ECON 101 and 102.
Recommended: Math 105 (preferred) or 120

B.S., Child Development
This major is designed for students planning careers in early childhood education, in public or
private schools (Pre-K), and/or in social service agencies.      Note: This program does not
specifically prepare students to take the CSET-MS, required of all elementary school teachers, as
does the Liberal Studies program (see below).
VVC preparation: CHDV 106, 110, 160, 239, and CHDV 111 is recommended.
NOTE: CHDV 106 & 110 must be completed at the time of admission.

B.S., Health Administration
This non-clinical program prepares healthcare professionals to apply management, accounting,
forecasting, and resource allocation techniques, and implement effective change management
strategies in health-related organizations.

B.A., Liberal Studies
Designed to prepare K-6 teachers for elementary schools. You may follow the UC or CSU
general education requirements, but to better prepare you for the CSET exam required of all
teachers, University of La Verne recommends that you select certain courses from their General
Education requirements list instead (see page 2 of this document and refer to the General
Education Transfer Agreement Plan for University of La Verne on our website).

B.S., Organizational Management
Designed primarily for the working adult, this major focuses on enhancing management skills.
Also available online.

B.S., Public Administration
Developed for current and aspiring managers and administrators, this program focuses on
theories, operations and procedures of public management. Also available online.

                                                                        VVC Counseling Dept 09/01/2010
                           Preparation for Transfer to University of La Verne’s
                                   B.A. in Liberal Studies Program
                                                           in Victorville

University of La Verne allows you to use either the CSU general education requirements (what we call
“the pink sheet”), or the IGETC (what we call “the blue sheet”), or the La Verne General Education-
Breadth, to prepare for their programs. Transfer students will still be required to complete the University
Values and Interdisciplinary requirements. *If you are majoring in Liberal Studies and are planning to
become an elementary (K-6) school teacher, it is highly recommended that you select the courses
with an asterisk(*) in order to be better prepared to pass the California Subject Examinations for
Teachers (CSET).
Note: These requirements are subject to change. For further information, contact the university at (760) 843-0086.

CRITICAL SKILLS:                                                            d. Literature
(one course from each area)
                                                                               ENGL 102/H102, 116, 162, 220, 225,
      A. Written Communication A                                               *230, *231, 232, 233, *240, *241, 245,
         ENGL *101/H101                                                        246, 247; RLST 105
      B. Written Communication B                                            e. Mass Media
         ENGL 104/H104                                                         JOUR 108
      C. Oral Communication                                                 f.   Philosophy or Religion
         CMST 106 or *109                                                        PHIL 101, 108, 109, 120, 121, RLST
      D. Quantitative Reasoning                                                  101, 105, 106, 110, 113, 115, 117
         MATH *105/H105, 120, 216,
         226/H226, 227/H227                                         3. THE NATURAL WORLD:
                                                                    (one course from each area – of which one must have a
1. SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE:                                     lab, indicated here by an L)
(two courses from two different areas)
                                                                            a. Life Science
     a. Behavioral Science                                                     BIOL *100(L) or
        ANTH *102, 103, 105 PSYC                                               201(L) and 202(L) or
        101/H101, 103, 110/H110, SOC 101*,                                     201(L) and 203(L)
        102, 103                                                            b. Physical Science
     b. Economics                                                              ASTR 101; CHEM *100/H100(L),
        ECON 101, 102                                                          201(L), 202(L); GEOL 101(L), PSCI
                                                                               *101; PHYS 100(L), 201(L), 202(L),
     c. Political Science                                                      203(L), 221(L), 222(L)
        POLS 101, *102/H102, 112
     d. Inter-Area Social and Behavioral                            4. CREATIVE & ARTISTIC
        Science                                                        EXPRESSION:
        GEOG 102                                                    (must complete at least 2 units)

                                                                                 ART 112, 113, 114, 122, 123, 125,
2. HUMANITIES:                                                                   126, 141, 142, 150, 151; ENGL 109,
(three courses from three different areas)
                                                                                 210, 211; MUSC 110-111, 124, 131,
     a. History of Fine Arts                                                     137, 141; TA 106, 107, 113, 115, 120,
        ART *101, *102, 104, 105, 106,
        MUSC 100, 115, 116, 117, 118; PE                            5. LIFELONG FITNESS:
        103, TA 102                                                              HLTH 102
     b. Foreign Language                                                         PE 150 is an acceptable course for
        CMST 123, FREN 102, GERM 102,                                            this area, but must be accompanied
        SPAN 102                                                                 by an activity course from the
     c. History                                                                  following: APE 160-186; PE 160-266;
        HIST 103, 104, *115, *117/H117,                                          PEDA 160-275
        118/H118, 130, 131, 135

                                                                                        VVC Counseling Dept 09/01/2010

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