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  ��� Journal                                                                     Issue No. 2
                                                                                  March 2005

              Hitachi at Interpack 2005
Launch of the new PX-P Pigment-based Ink Jet Printer
The Hitachi Europe GmbH Company has                You will find all the advantages of the PX         Print samples:
presented itself for the first time with its own    series also for our new Ink Jet printers for
stand at the international packaging industry      pigment-based inks; these include:
trade fair. After the successful market launch
                                                   • Extreme user-friendliness with the large
of the PX and PB series Hitachi is now
                                                     color Touch Panel
presenting the PX-P series created specifi-
cally for pigment-based inks. The PX-P offers      • Extremely low consumption costs
an extraordinary degree of resolution as well      • Almost completely emission-free
as a good adhesion on all dark surfaces.              Besides the presentation of the new
Quick overview of the                                     printer there are also interesting
most important advan-                                      upgrades in the existing models.
tages:                                                     These include:

• The ink system                                             • Scanner options
  includes an automatic                                      • Interface options
  stirring system that                                        • Ethernet connection
  always provides for an
                                                             • Binary interchangeable interface
  even distribution of the
  ink.                                                       • Memory upgrade

• The specially designed                                      At our stand in Hall 8, C02, you
  ink pump has a long                                              will meet our partners from 7
  service life even with                                            European countries for a
                                                                    practical demonstration of                        2005
  pigment-based inks.
                                                                 Hitachi Ink Jet printers. You             Interpack
                                                                                                            Düsseld orf
• The operating and mainte-
                                                   can take advantage of the same opportunity                         .04.2005
  nance of the PX-P is just as easy even                                                                                tand C02
  with pigment-based inks.
                                                   at the stand of our German Partner, Allen                Hall 08 · S
                                                   Codiergeräte GmbH, Hall 12, stand D24.
                                                   We are looking forward to seeing you!

                                                                                                     In this issue:
Printing on Wine Bottles at Extreme Conditions
Sometimes carried out in extreme conditions        This user appreciates the user-friendliness
(at a temperature close to zero degrees),          and ease of use but more particularly the au-     Printing on Wine Bottles at
                     marking the wine bottles      tomatic head cleaning function, a time saving     Extreme Conditions
                     requires a reliable, sturdy   when the printer is restarted after a month
                     printer which is suitable     without being used.
                     for specific applications.
                                                   The principle of the heating head is also a
                      This is the case with the    very useful function to bottlers, even mobile
                      company CAVE DES             ones. (The bottling takes place in a lorry and
                      VIGNERONS DE GIGO-           the printer can tolerate the minus tempera-       HITACHI PX Series perfect
                      NDAS to whom TIMIS           tures that sometimes occur in the winter          for use at Lugato, the
                      has supplied a HITACHI       period). It allows good quality printing from     construction chemicals
                      PB printer for marking       the start whatever the ambient temperature.       specialist.
                      the batch numbers in
yellow ink on its bottles.                                                           Timis, France


                                                                                                               ��� Journal
                                                                                                              Issue No. 2 / March 2005

    HITACHI PX Series perfect for use at Lugato, the
    construction chemicals specialist.
    Lugato Chemie is today one of the                        In the future the supplementary mark-           The high performance and the total reli-
    best-known German manufacturers of                       ings used in the packaging process, for         ability were the decisive factors behind
    construction chemicals and is a company                  instance, for data for traceability or MHD      Lugato Chemie‘s decision to choose

                                                                                                                                                           Hitachi Europe GmbH · Am Seestern 18 · D-40547 Düsseldorf · Internet: www.cij.hitachi-ds.com
    of the ARDEX Group, which operates at                    are to be integrated as inconspicuously         Hitachi‘s CIJ systems.
    an international level. The more than 100                as possible in the design of the product
                                                                                                             Another aspect on which decision-mak-
    branded articles are listed by 17 of the 20              packaging.
                                                                                                             ers focused on was cost-effectiveness.
    largest construction market operators.
                                                             Since the marking systems used up to            Once again Hitachi was extremely con-
    The special product lines and their                      now can no longer satisfy new marketing         vincing. Constantly low amounts of con-
    presentation are focused on end-users in                 requirements, extensive tests on Continu-       sumables needed were decisive in choos-
                                                             ous Ink Jet systems of various manufac-         ing the PX Series. Even the consumption
                                                             turers were carried out.                        values of the Hitachi printer for solvents
                                                                                                             were almost unbeatable. Considering the
                                                             The Hitachi Ink-Jet devices were in-
                                                                                                             extremely long maintenance and servicing
                                                             stalled in various sites for the packag-
                                                                                                             cycles, even the servicing costs proved to
                                                             ing of powder construction materials.
                                                                                                             be especially convenient.
                                                             The sacks or bags are filled, sealed and
                                                             then marked with a packaging date. The          In the final analysis the decision to choose
                                                             areas in which they were used along the         the Hitachi PX printing system by Allen
                                                             packaging lines were marked by a dusty          Codiergeräte GmbH proved to be most
                                                             environment.                                    convenient, reliable and user-friendly.

    construction markets. That‘s why great                   After intensive in-house testing Lugato         This way Allen Codiergeräte GmbH can
    value is attached at Lugato Chemie to                    had the opportunity of touching with hand       act on Lugato Chemie‘s slogan: Do It
    the constant improvement of the way its                  the advantages offered by the Continu-          Perfect - do it with Continuous Ink Jet
    products are presented, be they grout,                   ous Ink Jet printer of the PX Series: the       printers by Hitachi.
    tile adhesives, plasters or floor leveling                almost 100% operating readiness and the
    compounds.                                               large and clearly arranged touch screen
                                                             panel, which guides the user intuitively.

                                                                                                                                                           Printed by:
    To present its products successfully Lu-
                                                             Thanks to these glaring advantages Hitachi
    gato Chemie received several marketing                                                                           Allen Codiergeräte GmbH, Germany
                                                             outperformed several competitors.
    prizes and awards.
    European Headquarter                                 Great Britain

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2                                         CIJ-Print-News - Issue No. 2 - March 2005

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