Good Vibrations - ultrafast excitation_ decay and echoes from by bnmbgtrtr52


									                     SDG 2007, University of East Anglia


                                Monday 17 December 2007
17:00 – 19:00   Registration (Conference Office)
18:30           Dinner (Zest) – dinner will be served cafeteria style until 19:00.

Session 1 (Arts 2.02)                                    Chair: Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing
19:30 Opening Remarks
19:35 High Resolution Photofragment Translational Spectroscopy
       Prof. Michael N.R. Ashfold (University of Bristol)
20:30 Does Phase Matter?
       Prof. Benjamin J. Whitaker (University of Leeds)

                              Tuesday 18 December 2007
08:15 – 08:45 Breakfast (Zest)
Session 2 (Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08)                        Chair: Dr Nicholas Walker
09:00 Gas-phase infrared ion spectroscopy using a free electron laser.
        Dr Jos Oomens (FOM Institute for Plasma Physics)
09:50 Velocity map imaging of the photofragmentation of the (2)2B2 state of NO2.
        I. Wilkinson & Benjamin J Whitaker (University of Leeds).
10:10 Setting the quantum clock: localization of electronic wave packets in H2
        Adam Kirrander, Christian Jungen and Helen H. Fielding (University College
10:30 Complete determination of the photoionization dynamics of a polyatomic molecule:
        A1Au state acetylene.
        Paul Hockett, Adrian K. King, Ivan Powis, Katharine L. Reid (University of
10:50 Coffee (Elizabeth Fry Building Foyer)

Session 3 (Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08)                            Chair: Dr Eckart Wrede
11:30 The near ultraviolet spectrum and dissociation in CH2.
       Zhong Wang, Yangsoo Kim, Gregory E. Hall, Trevor J. Sears (Brookhaven
       National Laboratory / Stony Book University)
11:50 Peroxy Radicals, an insight of the NIR electronic transition by high Resolution
       CRDS: Internal Rotation and Spin-Rotation Coupling.
       Patrick Dupré P. Rupper, S. Wu, T.A. Miller (University of York)
12:10 In search of geometric phase effects in molecular photodissociation.
       Michael G.D. Nix, Adam L. Devine, Richard N. Dixon and Michael N.R. Ashfold
       (University of Bristol)
12:30 Inelastic and elastic scattering: Polarisation spectroscopy experiments and state-of-
       the-art QM calculations on OH + Ar/He.
       S.Marinakis, G. Paterson, M. L. Costen, J. Klos, K. G. McKendrick (Heriot-Watt
12:50 Recent Advances In Ion Time Slicing Equipment.
       Jon Howorth, James Milnes, & Martin Ingle (Photek Ltd)
13:00 Lunch (Gurney room)

Session 4 (Gurney Room)
14:30 Poster session
16:00 Tea will be served in the Elizabeth Fry Building Foyer
15:30 Annual General Meeting of the SDG: Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08
18:30 Close of session
Conference dinner
19:00 Bar opens (Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Garden Restaurant)
19:30 Dinner (Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Garden Restaurant)
       The bar will only remain open until 10.30 pm

                             Wednesday 19 December 2007
08:15 – 08:45   Breakfast (Zest)

Session 5 (Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08)                        Chair: Dr Stuart Mackenzie
09:00 The PCCP lecture.
       Preparation, properties and chemical applications of ultracold ions.
       Dr Stefan Willitsch (University of Oxford)
09:50 S1 benzene photochemistry.
       H.H.Fielding, R. Minns, D.S.N.Parker, G.A.Worth, M.A.Robb, B. Lasorne, M.
       Bearpark, T. Penfold (University College London)
10:10 Collisional Depolarisation of Angular Momentum Distributions.
       Chris Eyles (University of Oxford)
10:30 Observation of Condensed Rydberg Clusters: A New Form of Matter?
       J. Guo and Prof. K. Muller-Dethlefs (University of Manchester)
10:50 Coffee (Elizabeth Fry Building Foyer)

Session 6 (Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08)                           Chair: Dr Matt Costen
11:20 Metastable States of Al I Trapped on Helium Nanodroplets.
       Jay Jeffs, Adrian Boatwright, Hisham Al-Zubaidi, Anthony Stace (University of
11:40 Highly excited molecular states of H3+.
       P Barletta, B. C. Silva, J. Tennyson (University College London)
12:00 Whispering Gallery Modes and their applications in chemical sensing.
       Anna Boleininger (University of Oxford)
12:20 Ion Imaging Photodissociation Studies of the H2S+ and H2O+ Ions.
       Alan G. Sage, Alexander D. Webb and Michael N.R. Ashfold (University of
12:40 Orientation and Alignment of Nascent CN(X2Σ+, v=0,1) fragments from ICN
       S. Taylor, G. Richmond, G. A. D. Ritchie and G. Hancock (University of Oxford)
13:00 Session Close
13:05 Lunch (Zest)

Session 7 (Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08)                         Chair: Dr Claire Vallance
13:50 Roaming atoms: new insights from high resolution imaging and photofragment
       excitation spectroscopy.
       Prof. Arthur Suits (Wayne State University, Michigan USA)
14:40 Reactivity of NO on transition metal clusters - experiment and theory.
       Dan Harding, Stuart Mackenzie and Tiffany Walsh (University of Warwick)
15:00 Inverse velocity dependence for vibrationally promoted electron emission from a
       metal surface.
       N.H. Nahler, J.D. White, J. LaRue, D.J. Auerbach and A.M. Wodtke (Durham
15:20 Imaging the dynamics of polyatomic reactions.
       Stuart J. Greaves, Bertrand Retail, Rebecca Rose, Andrew J. Orr-Ewing (Bristol
15:40 IVR studies using time-resolved photoelectron velocity-map imaging with improved
       M.J. Simpson, R.P. Tuckett, K.F. Dunn, C.A. Hunniford and C.J. Latimer
       (University of Birmingham)
16:00 Tea (Elizabeth Fry Building Foyer) and Close of meeting
1. Two-colour polarisation labelling spectroscopy in NaK: the D 1Π state.
    A. Adohi-Krou , P. Kowalczyk, W. Jastrzebski and A.J. Ross
2. EW-CRDS study of Au nanoparticle deposition on functionalised silica surfaces.
    M. Mazurenka, S.M. Hamilton, P.R. Unwin and S.R. Mackenzie
3. Photodissociation Dynamics of Nitrites: UV Photolysis of NO2, HONO and H3CONO
    W. S. Hopkins, J. G. Crouse, Z. Hudson & H.-P. Loock
4. LIF measurement of the angular momentum depolarization
     Yuan-Pin Chang and Chris Eyles
5. Chirped Pulse FTMW Spectroscopy of Hexane and 1-Heptene
    Nicholas R. Walker, Alberto Lessari, Gordon G. Brown, Steven T. Shipman, Brooks H.
            Pate, Lu Kang, Richard D. Suenram
6. Dynamics of Reactive and Inelastic Scattering at the Gas-Liquid Interface
    C. Waring, M. Allan, P. A. J. Bagot, M. L. Costen, K. G. McKendrick
7. Imaging the predissociation dynamics of the A state of SH
     Rebecca Rose, Chung-Hsin Yang, Konstantin Vidma, Andrew Orr-Ewing, David Parker
8. Ultrafast dynamics of N-H and O-H bond dissociation in biomolecules
    K.L. Wells, A. Janjuah and V.G. Stavros
9. Investigation of Adsorption and Dissolution of Ag Nanoparticles by combining
   Electrochemistry with Evanescent Wave Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy
     M. Schnippering, M. Zhang, H. V. Morley, M. Mazurenka, S. R. Mackenzie and P. R.
10. A New Experimental Scheme for Broadband Cavity-Ringdown Spectroscopy
      Mr E Wilman
11. Metastable States of Metals on Helium Nanodroplets
     Hisham Al-Zubaidi & Dr Adrian Boatwright
12. Recombination of dications in fast collisions
     A. Nielsen, A. J. Stace
13. Investigating Shape Resonances in Substituted Benzenes
      Michael Staniforth, Adrain King, Paul Hockett, Chris Hammond
14. H-atom photofragment translational spectroscopy studies of N-heteroaromatic systems
     Graeme A. King, Thomas A. A. Oliver, Michael N. R. Ashfold
15. Insights into the Structure of Heparin: a highly charged sugar in the gas phase
      C.J. Taylor and C.E.H. Dessent
16. Gas phase spectroscopy of biomolecules
     Joseph Beames, Dr. Andrew Hudson
17. Is there chemical bonding in gold-rare gas complexes? A model potential analysis
       Victoria L. Ayles, Bill H. Breckenridge and Timothy G. Wright.
18. State Resolved Ion Imaging of the H*(n) + D2 Reaction.
      Emma Flynn, Alex Trottier, Scott Sanders, Laura Harris, Gemma Johnson and Eckart
19. Towards NICE-OHMS - Ultra Sensitive CEAS Techniques
     C. L. Bell, N. J. van Leeuwen, L. J. Russell and G. Hancock
20. A new femtosecond photoelectron spectrometer for anionic clusters
      G. M. Roberts, J. L. Nixon, S. J. Saville and J. R. R. Verlet
21. Interaction of Rydberg Molecules with Metallic Surfaces
      Elin McCormack, Eric So, Mark Ford and Tim Softley
22. The road to state-selected ultracold chemistry of CH3F
         Christopher T. Rodgers, Martin Bell, Jennifer Johnson, David Carty and Timothy P
23. Couomb Crystals: A Laboratory for Ultracold Chemistry
     James Oldham, Alexander Gingell, Martin Bell, Stefan Willitsch and Timothy P. Softley
24. Speed dependent rotational angular momentum polarization of the O2 (a 1∆g) fragment
    following Hartley Band Ozone Photolysis
      T. Sharples, S. Horrocks and G. A. D. Ritchie
25. The photophysics of zinc phthalocyanines: time-resolved thermal lensing vs.
    comparative techniques
      M. van Leeuwen and S. H. Ashworth
26. Spectroscopic Studies of Metal and Metal-Containing Clusters
     Suzanne Hamilton, Paul McNaughter, Dr W. Scott Hopkins and Dr Stuart Mackenzie
27. IVR studies using time-resolved photoelectron velocity-map imaging with improved
      Christopher Hammond and Katharine Reid
28. Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-field Reconstruction using a Dazzler
     Kiera Jones, Andrew Spencer and Benjamin J. Whitaker
29. REMPI and MATI studies of Phenol.Argon clusters.
     Antonio Armentano, Xin Tong and Mehran Taherkhani, Klaus Muller-Dethlefs.
30. ISpectroscopy study of biomolecules using laser desorption/ionisation techniques
      Mehran Taherkhani, Med Benyezzar, Klaus Muller-Dethlefs
31. UV and IR photodissociation spectra of metal dication complexes
     H Stewart, G. Wu and A. J. Stace.
32. Infrared-Spectroscopy of Alkali Metals - Solvent Clusters
       Luigi Varriale, Nitika Bhalla, Nicola M. Tonge, Tom. E. Salter and Andrew M.Ellis
33. Photoejection of the molecules from liquid microjet
     Veronika Barinkova and Andrew M. Ellis
34. The spectroscopy of the Au - Rg series
     Hisham Al-Zubaidi & Dr Adrian Boatwright
The Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group are very grateful for the generous
       sponsorship supplied by:

                                            Travel Grant & Local section committee
                                                                         Delegate list
Mr      Hisham        Al-Zubaidi                     Mr        Jay         Jeffs
Prof.   Michael       Ashfold                    Mr        Alexander   Johnsen
Dr      Stephen       Ashworth                       Ms        Kiera       Jones
Miss    Victoria      Ayles                    Mr        Graeme      King 
Miss    Veronika      Barinkova                              Dr        Adam        Kirrander
Dr      Paolo         Barletta                       Mr        Matthew     Lawson
Mr      Joseph        Beames                      Miss      Jun         Liu  
Mrs     Claire        Bell                  Dr        Stuart      Mackenzie
Mr      Martin        Bell                  Dr        Sarantos    Marinakis
Prof.   Peter         Bernath                          Dr        Mikhail     Mazurenka
Miss    Nitika        Bhalla                              Miss      Elin        McCormack
Dr      Adrian        Boatwright                    Prof.     Kenneth     McKendrick
Ms      Anna          Boleininger         Mr        Paul        McNaughter
Mr      Ewen          Campbell              Dr        Russell     Minns
Miss    Helen         Chadwick                Dr        Hendrik     Nahler
Mr      Yuan-Pin      Chang               Mr        Anders      Nielsen
Dr      Matt          Costen                        Dr        Mike        Nix  
Dr      Julia         Davies              Mr        James       Oldham
Mr      Kevin         Douglas                          Mr        Tom         Oliver
Mr      Khadar        Duale                    Mrs       Bodunde     Olusegun
Dr      Patrick       Dupre                                     jumoke
Mr      Chris         Eyles               Dr        Jos         Oomens
Miss    Emma          Flynn                    Prof.     Andrew      Orr-Ewing
Dr      Mark          Ford                    Mr        Dorian      Parker
Dr      Stuart        Greaves                  Mr        Michael     Parkes
Mr      Alistair      Green                    Mr        Richard     Plowright
Mr      Jingwei       Guo                     Prof.     Stephen     Price
Miss    Suzanne       Hamilton                            Prof.     Katharine   Reid 
Mr      Christopher   Hammond                     Dr        Graham      Richmond
Mr      Dan           Harding               Mr        Gareth      Roberts
Miss    Laura         Harris                    Dr        Chris       Rodgers
Mr      Paul          Hockett                     Miss      Rebecca     Rose 
Dr      Scott         Hopkins                            Dr        Amanda      Ross 
Dr      Jon           Howorth                   Mr        Alan        Sage 
Dr      Andrew        Hudson                   Mr        Scott       Sanders
Mr      Azhar         Janjuah                  Mr        Mathias     Schnippering
Dr      Trevor        Sears
Mr      Tom           Sharples
Mr      Matthew       Simpson
Prof.   Ian           Smith
Mr      Eric          So 
Prof.   Tony          Stace
Mr      Michael       Staniforth
Dr      Vasilios      Stavros
Prof.   Arthur        Suits
Mr      Mehran        Taherkhani   Mehran.Taherkhani@postgrad.manch
Mr      Christopher   Taylor
Dr      Nicola        Tonge
Dr      Dave          Townsend
Prof.   Richard       Tuckett
Dr      Claire        Vallance
Miss    Magda         Van
Mr      Luigi         Varriale
Dr      Jan           Verlet
Dr      Nicholas      Walker
Miss    Carla         Waring
Mr      Kym           Wells
Dr      Colin         Western
Prof.   Benjamin      Whitaker
Mr      Iain          Wilkinson
Dr      Stefan        Willitsch
Mr      Edward        Wilman
Dr      Eckart        Wrede
Dr      Shengfu       Yang

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