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									Happy New Year!
To all of our customers

What's In-store For 2007?
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where people make the difference               January 2007
                                                                                                    where people make the difference


                                                                                               Fire Training
                                                                                               Even More Dates for 2007!

                                                                                              For 2007 we have over 70 BFPSA Training dates scheduled across
                                                                                             the UK. On offer are Units 1 to 6 and Unit 9. Detailed descriptions
                                                                                             of each Unit can be found by visiting the BFPSA website
Spotlight on...                                                                              (
...2007 Training Schedules
                                                                                             As well as offering Fire training in conjunction with the
Our 2007 Fire initiatives include BFPSA Training and Fire Product Training as well as ICEL   BFPSA, we also work closely with our key suppliers to offer
Training, which is a new addition to our Fire training portfolio. ICEL is the leading UK     our customers comprehensive training across a whole host of
authority on emergency lighting and has been publishing guidance documents and
                                                                                             product areas. We will be holding Fire Product Training courses at
standards for emergency lighting product types and installations since 1978.
                                                                                             the Glasgow, Salford, Birmingham, Eastleigh and Beckton branches
We will also be holding ADI-GARDINER CCTV Training courses at a number of our                of ADI-GARDINER. Courses will also be held at the Norwich Head
branches this year – “CCTV Introduction”, “CCTV Installation” and “CCTV Site                 Office of UK Fire International Limited.
Assessment”. The structure of each course means that we can meet the needs of any
security installer who works within or would like to become involved with the CCTV
                                                                                             This year we are introducing 15 ICEL Training courses to our 2007
                                                                                             Fire training schedule. This one day course covers the essential
As you will see from the January front cover – our Divisional Product Guides have now        aspects of BS 5266 Parts 1, 7 and 8. BS 5266 Part 1 was revised in
gone to print and will be available from your local branch in early February!                2005, and the course includes this material with particular
                                                                                             reference to the new test and servicing recommendations.
Gemma Prowse - Editor
                                                                                             For further information on our Fire training initiatives, please
                                                                                             contact Gemma Prowse (
CCTV Training
Three One-Day Courses Available!                                                             RR0802
Our CCTV Training courses proved to be a huge success last year,
and we are pleased to announce that our 2007 dates have now
been confirmed.

For those new to CCTV, our “CCTV Introduction” course provides an
in-depth understanding of CCTV basics. “CCTV Installation” is for
those installers who already possess a working knowledge of CCTV
systems, but who would like to gain the confidence and expertise
to install a CCTV system. Finally, our “CCTV Site Assessment” course
is primarily aimed at project engineers and specifiers, as it
illustrates the fundamentals of an effective and efficient site

If you would like to receive our 2007 CCTV Training schedule, please
contact Lynsey McLoughlin (

                                                                                                             connecting you to the best products

integrated systems

                                                                                             The VIPXD decoder drives either a CCTV monitor (PAL) or a PC
                                                                                              monitor (VGA) as a full screen image or a quad. The unit can be
                                                                                              browsed to tell it which encoder to connect to and this can be
                                                                                              made permanent so connection is always re-established on
                                                                                              power up.

                                                                                            Once a link has been established between an encoder and a
                                                                                            decoder, and the telemetry channel has been set to “transparent”
Spotlight on...                                                                             mode, a CCTV keyboard can be used to control a dome as shown in
...“How To”!                                                                                the below diagram. The decoder’s video output can be connected
                                                                                            to an existing matrix or DVR.
In this issue of Spotlight, we have taken the unusual step of introducing a range of
“How to” guides on IP network solutions. Whether you are looking to add an analogue PTZ
dome, transmit both video and telemetry, or add a quantity of cameras onto an IP network
- the following guides from Bosch and Axis will help you to understand the process.

Set apart from our "How to" guides is JVC with their new VR-N900U network video
recorder. The VR-N900U is ideal for security installers and system integrators looking to
upgrade their analogue security systems and is perfect for those considering investment
in a fully-digital network IP system!

P.S - The Integrated Systems Division will be exhibiting on stand 023 at IIPSEC, which
is taking place at Stoneleigh Park (Nr Coventry) between the 23rd and 25th of January
2007. We hope to see you there!

Ray Ashby - Integrated Systems Product Manager

X Series Mpeg-4 Encoder and Decoder                                                         Here are some typical numbers to give an idea of network
                                                                                            bandwidth and storage requirements:-
The Bosch VIPX1 takes analogue video from a CCTV camera or
dome and encodes it into an MPEG-4 stream at up to 25 images                                                   FIELD              BIT RATE
                                                                                             RESOLUTION                                             PER DAY FOR       COMMENT
                                                                                                               RATE IPS           KBITS/SEC
per second at 4 CIF (DVD quality) for transmission over IP                                                                                          STORAGE
networks. It simultaneously provides 2 different programmable                                                                                                         Just like
                                                                                             4 CIF
MPEG-4 streams, e.g. perhaps 25IPS for live view and maybe 6IPS                                                50                 2500              25                analogue
                                                                                             (704 x 576)                                                              video
for recording or transmission over broadband. It supports bi
directional telemetry (RS232 or RS485) with a wide selection of                                                                                                       Typical high
                                                                                             2 CIF
                                                                                                               6                  1000              10                quality
different manufacturer protocols.                                                            (704 x 288)                                                              recording
The encoder can be browsed directly simply by typing the unit’s IP                           CIF
                                                                                                               5                  256               2.5               Broadband
address into Internet Explorer (IE). An “ActiveX” software decoder                           (352 x 288)                                                              transmission
is supplied on CD or can be downloaded from the Bosch Website,
as IE can’t display MPEG streams by itself. Once this software is                           X range options include Bi directional audio, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and IVMD (Video
installed, single cameras can be viewed, controlled and recorded on                         Analytics).
a PC without additional software, although Bosch has a number of                            Multiple channel encoders, VIPX2 (2), VJ8008 (8), and VIPX1600 (4,8,12 or 16) and IP
compatible, full system solutions including the DIBOS8 DVR/NVR                              cameras are also available.
and VIDOS PRO Suite/NVR.

                                                                                                               Bosch VIPXD
                            Bosch VIPX1
    Axis                                                                   JVC
    The Benefits of IP                                                     Hybrid VR-N900U Network Video Recorder

    Axis video servers integrate easily into existing analogue CCTV        The VR-N900U Network Video Recorder (NVR) from JVC utilises
    systems, which makes it possible for customers to experience the       front panel controls that security operators will find easy to use.
    benefits of digital technology without the frustration of losing any   Working with both analogue and IP cameras, the NVR is ready to
    investment made in an analogue system.                                 use straight from the box with no additional software and network
                                                                           servers being required. Multiple VR-N900U’s can also be connected
    What is a Video Server?                                                via a standard network and for larger systems multiple NVR’s can be
                                                                           connected to network servers.
    A video server digitises analogue video signals and sends digital
    images directly over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or the     The 9-channel NVR automatically configures itself to operate with
    Internet. It essentially turns an analogue video system into a         supported IP cameras, network encoders and up to 4 analogue
    network video system and enables users to view live images using       cameras. The open protocol nature of the NVR allows for
    a Web browser or video management software on any local or             integration of 3rd party systems, such as access control, remote
    remote computer on a network. It allows authorised viewers from        monitoring, POS or ATM. An advanced ‘triplex’ feature permits the
    different locations to simultaneously access images from the same      simultaneous live viewing, recording and playback, utilising
    analogue camera, as well as network cameras if they are added to       Milestone XProtect Software that’s embedded at its core.
    the system.
                                                                           The VR-N900U is ideal for security installers and systems
    Migrating an Analogue CCTV System into a Digital                       integrators looking to upgrade their analogue security system and
    Networked Solution                                                     manage their video data as well those considering investment in a
                                                                           fully-digital network IP system.
    Combining an analogue CCTV system with a network video system
    provides the following functionality and benefits:-                    RR0805
                                                                                                   JVC VR-N900U
    •   Remote accessibility
    •   Cost-effectiveness
    •   Flexibility
    •   Scalability
    •   Integration and future-proof functionality
    •   Superior image quality

    In the simple illustration above, the analogue cameras are
    connected to an analogue video switcher, which is then connected
    to an analogue monitor, a VCR and an Axis video server. The Axis
    video server converts the analogue video into digital signals which
    can then be sent over an IP network (to a router that also
    connects to digital, networked cameras) so that an authorised PC
    user at a remote location can view video originating from both
    analogue and digital, networked cameras.                                                  Spotlight Tip!
    In the transition from analogue to digital, no system is too small                              ‘Bosch X Series’
    or too tightly tied to analogue to benefit from digital technology.
                                                                                  The VIPX1 and VIPX2 now support the connection of a
    RR0804                                                                       standard USB hard drive so high quality recordings can be
                                                                                 made without sending data over the network. Recordings can
                                                                                 then be downloaded over the network or
                                                                                  drives can be hot swapped. Recordings
                                                                                   can then be replayed by simply

                                                                                    plugging the drive into a PC
                                                                                      with no additional software.

    Please contact your regional Integrated Systems Sales Executive
    Technical Helpline: 01706 510506
                                                                                                                           getting inside your business


                                                                                                The Importance of Cable
                                                                                                 BS4737 Part 3

                                                                                                  There is a cable standard for a very good reason. BS4737 Part 3
                                                                                                 is designed to approve a cable with the minimum of resistance,
                                                                                                and therefore ensure the effectiveness of the system and reduce
                                                                                               the incidence of false alarms due to signal drop.
    Spotlight on...                                                                            Security cable might not appear to be the most sophisticated of
    ...BS4737 Part 3                                                                           components, yet its characteristics are absolutely vital to the
                                                                                               efficiency of the installation, and if inferior product is used, it can
    This issue I would like to raise awareness of the cable standard BS4737 Part 3. This       easily be an unwelcome cause of false alarms.
    standard has been designed to ensure the effectiveness of a system and reduce the
    incidence of false alarms. Please see across for further details. Keeping with the theme
    of compliance, the Prestige AMDT Plus detector from Texecom is another key feature.        BS4737 Part 3, Section 3.30: Specification for Components, is the
    Fully compliant with both EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-4 Grade 3, it is the ideal choice        specification for PVC insulated cables for interconnecting wiring,
    for installations that require the very best in advanced detection technology.             and specifies clearly on the conductor resistance and construction
    GJD have recently launched a new feature rich digital lighting controller and              along with PVC shrinkage, type and thickness, together with a
    enunciator – DygiZone, which will replace the Solitaire range of controllers.              minimum of resistance. Should any of these parameters be
    Please see below for further details!                                                      compromised, this can jeopardise the system integrity.
    Finally, I am especially pleased to introduce the Vantage O-zone™ family of motion
    detectors within this edition of Spotlight – the ideal solution for any environment        There may inevitably be some cables offered which claim to meet
    where aesthetics and reliable detection are essential.                                     BS but simply do not. And there is also security cable on the
                                                                                               market which may not claim compliance with BS4737, but offers
    Yvonne Butterworth - Intruder Product Manager
                                                                                               some small commercial advantage. The question is, is it worth
                                                                                               the risk?
                                                                                               Lower costs for non BS cables are often reflected by the reduction
                                                                                               in the amount of copper used in the cable, and the absence of
                                                                                               tinning, which is a process to assist good termination. It can
    GJD are pleased to announce the launch of their eagerly
                                                                                               also be reflected in the conductor used, which may be a low grade
    anticipated DygiZone. This new feature rich digital lighting
                                                                                               copper, or an alternative composite conductor material with
    controller and enunciator will ultimately replace the Solitaire
                                                                                               significantly different characteristics.
    range of controllers, offering a number of benefits to the end user.
                                                                                               Don’t let the cable be the weakest link in your installation –
                                                                                               always use cable manufactured to the British Standard.
    • Up to 4 zones can be configured to intelligently control
      security lights and save electricity at the same time                                    RR0808
    • In addition to audible beeps, a 10 second voice message
      can be user programmed for each zone
    • Two programmable timers on each zone allow lights to be
      automatically switched at any time, ideal for when the home
      or premises are unoccupied for lengthy periods of time
    • Modern LCD with clock and backlight
    • Pulse count selectable from 1, 2 or 3
    • Compatible with GJD expansion units



                                                                                     Texecom Prestige AMDT Plus

Vantage                                                               Texecom
O-zone™                                                               Prestige AMDT Plus Detector

The Vantage O-zone™ family of motion detectors is the ideal           Designed to exceed expectations, the Prestige AMDT Plus is fully
solution for any residential and commercial environment where         compliant with both EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-4 Grade 3
aesthetics and reliable detection are the prime considerations. The   requirements, making it the ideal choice for installations requiring
O-zone™ family offers Fresnel and mirror optics; PIR, quad, dual      the very best in advanced detection technology.
and anti masking technologies all sharing a common appearance
and a modern trendsetting design.                                     Using active IR anti-masking detection, the Prestige AMDT Plus
                                                                      features two wide angle active IR LED’s. These IR LED’s are
Superior catch performance has been achieved by using the most        optically engineered to ensure 100% lens coverage and provide
advanced detection techniques available today – digital FM            optimum signal strength for accurate identification of genuine
processing, advanced multi data processing and multi focal            masking attempts.
imaging. Selectable internal alarm and tamper EOL resistors,
remote walk test, and the option to choose from standard or PET       Triple End Of Line (T-EOL) signalling enables the detector to signal
immune optics (both lenses supplied) makes the O-zone™ family of      alarm, tamper, masking and fault conditions along a single pair of
detectors very easy to install in virtually any indoor application.   wires, thus requiring only a single control panel zone.

The family of detectors is fully compliant with EN50131-2 Grade 2     Features of the Prestige AMDT Plus include 15m detection range,
and other international and local standards.                          local and remote self test functions, an optically engineered
                                                                      mirror for enhanced creep zone/crawl detection and wall
RR0809                                                                tamper detection.


                               Vantage 0-ZoneTM Detectors
                                                                                          Spotlight Tip!
                                                                                     ‘Texecom's Prestige AMDT Plus’
                                                                              PD6662 recommends a minimum of two site inspections
                                                                             per year for Grade 3 systems, however one of these
                                                                            inspections can be achieved remotely.
                                                                            Prestige AM Series detectors feature a remote self-test
                                                                            function, enabling off-site
                                                                             maintenance. This feature is
                                                                              particularly simple to operate

                                                                               when used in conjunction
                                                                                 with Premier Series
                                                                                   control panels and
                                                                                      WinTexTM software.

Please contact our Intruder Technical Sales Support Team
Technical Helpline: 01706 510553/01706 510559
                                                                                          totally focused on meeting your needs


                                                                                         SCC-C4301(P) 1/4” Colour Camera with Built-in Zoom Lens

                                                                                         The SCC-C4301(P) is a high performance colour CCTV camera with
                                                                                         220x zooming power comprising of 22x optical zoom and 10x
                                                                                         digital zoom.
    Spotlight on...                                                                      Features
    ...New Additions
    Our first feature comes from Vantage with the new consolidated range of analogue
                                                                                         • 1/4” 410,000 pixels, super HAD CCD (horizontal resolution of
    cameras – the G-Series Generation II.                                                  more than 480 lines)
                                                                                         • Motion detection
    Next up is Samsung’s SCC-C4301(P), a high performance colour CCTV camera with
    220x zooming power comprising of 22x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.              • Alarm output
                                                                                         • Optical 22x zoom (f=3.6-79.2mm)
    The D-TECT50 has been added to GJD’s award winning range of D-TECT movement          • 10x digital zoom lens (maximum 220x zoom)
    detectors, see page 7 for further details!
                                                                                         • On screen display
    Also featuring this issue is the HD6 Series from Honeywell, which replaces the       • Outstanding signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio (52dB)
    Honeywell (Ultrak) KD6 Series as the next generation of PTZ dome cameras.            • Both RS-485 communication interface and wired remote control
    The latest addition to Derwent’s REG product family is our final entry. The REG-Z1     function
    number plate capture camera delivers exceptional video evidence at distances up
    to 50m (120ft).
                                                                                         RR0812               Samsung
    Glenn Davies - CCTV Product Manager                                                                  SCC-C4301(P)

    G-Series Generation II Cameras

    The Vantage range of analogue cameras has now been consolidated.
    The new G-Series Generation II family comprises cost effective
    dipswitch functionality through to high performance true day/night
    and wide dynamic options.

    VGC952SWD/VGC950SWD                           VGC452S/VGC450S - Coming Soon!

    • Sony 'SS2' wide                             • 520 to 560TVL
      dynamic sensor                                colour/mono
    • 520 to 560TVL true                          • Advanced OSD operation
      day/night                                   • 8 zone privacy masking
    • IR responsive                               • 6 BLC settings
    • RS485 operation

    VGC652S/VGC650S                               VGC452D/VGC450D
                                                                                         Vantage G-Series Generation II
    • 520 to 560TVL                               •    Colour only
    • IR responsive true                          •    Simple dip switch operation
      day/night                                   •    90~260Vac
    • Advanced OSD operation                      •    Dual Voltage 12Vdc/24Vac          To find out more about the full range from Vantage, please
    • RS485 operation                                                                    contact your local branch or visit

GJD                                                                    Derwent
D-TECT50                                                               REG-Z1

GJD’s new D-TECT50 is a long range perimeter detector that comes       The REG-Z1 number plate capture camera incorporates proprietary
fully loaded with all of the D-TECT2 functionality and is able to      DHC-Imaging™ technology and delivers definitive high-contrast
sense intruders up to 50m away.                                        number plate capture at distances up to 50m (120ft) - the furthest
                                                                       operational range in the REG product family.
                                                                       Based on award-winning REG technology currently utilised in
• Adjustable range from 25m to 50m                                     thousands of important applications worldwide, REG-Z1 operates
• Two Fresnel lenses giving 10º - 30º detection angle                  under any lighting conditions, from total darkness to direct glare
  and up to 10m by 50 beam coverage                                    from headlights, capturing plates from vehicles moving at speeds
• Variable mounting height up to 6m, optimum 3m                        up to 120mph (~190kph). Also featuring a fully integrated
• An adjustable pan (180°) and tilt (90°) module                       overview camera that captures additional video evidence such as
• Optional remote IR programmer, which is a great benefit              vehicle shape, colour and other identifying details, REG-Z1 is
  for post installation adjustments                                    precision engineered for outstanding performance in critical
• Offers exceptional resistance to false alarms                        applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).
• BS8418 compliant

Honeywell Video Systems
HD6 Series                                                                      Derwent REG-Z1

Honeywell Video Systems has launched the HD6 Series of
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras, replacing the Honeywell
(Ultrak) KD6 Series as the next generation of PTZ dome cameras.
The new HD6 23x and 25x dome cameras complement the existing
Honeywell range of 18x domes. With a telephoto range of 3.8mm
to 87.4mm, enhanced colour quality and improved zoom capability,
the 23x Colour enables customers to capture critical images for the
protection of their business. The 25x TDN dome offers an enhanced
telephoto range of 3.8mm to 95mm and is able to close in on long
distance objects with speed and clarity, perfect for capturing
optimum security images in the most demanding environments.
The 25x TDN also has a wider dynamic range to operate during day
or night and in a wider range of light level settings.

Every camera offers similar features including PTZ and on-screen
display and are available with five housing variations - ruggedised,
nitrogen pressurised, indoor drop ceiling, indoor pendant and
                                                                                           Spotlight Tip!
outdoor pendant mount. Honeywell dome cameras are                                              ‘Derwent's REG-Z1’
manufactured to the highest quality industry standards and are
                                                                               The winter sun can cause havoc for ANPR systems due to
sold with a three-year warranty and advance replacement
                                                                              its low lying position in the sky.
                                                                             When the sun aligns directly behind an ANPR camera it is
RR0814                                                                       retro-reflected from the number plate into
           Honeywell HD6 Series                                               the camera aperture causing
                                                                               overexposure; with the

                                                                                introduction of the REG-Z1’s
                                                                                  improved optics this
                                                                                     problem is now a thing
                                                                                        of the past.

Please contact your regional CCTV Sales Executive
Technical Helpline: 01706 510500
                                                                                                   taking the heat out of fire detection


                                                                                               BSi Third Party Certification
                                                                                                and Kitemark Scheme
                                                                                                Prove Your Competence!

                                                                                                2006 saw the launch of the ADI-GARDINER “Proof of Competence
                                                                                              Roadmap”, sponsored by the BFPSA, BAFE and BSi (The British
                                                                                              Standards Institution). The contents of the Roadmap binder, which
    Spotlight on...                                                                           is aimed at both companies and individuals working in the fire
                                                                                              industry, includes BFPSA and Key Supplier/Product Training
    ...Proof of Competence                                                                    schedules (proof of competence), leading to application for
    I would like to thank all of our customers for their support and wish them a happy
                                                                                              assessment to the BSi SP203 Third Party Certification and
    and prosperous New Year!                                                                  Kitemark Scheme.

    2006 saw perhaps the biggest change in the fire industry for several decades,             SP203 Third Party Certification is a standard published by BAFE
    as on October the 1st the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into force.          (British Approval of Fire Equipment). As a UKAS accredited third
    With the Order and the CFOA Policy for Monitored Systems both calling for proof of
    competence and third party certification for companies and individuals working in
                                                                                              party certification body, BSi runs this scheme with the addition of
    the fire industry, as well as third party certification for products, the ADI-GARDINER    their own Fire Kitemark initiative. The Kitemark is recognised by
    Fire Division Product Guide features schedules for BFPSA, Supplier/Product and ICEL       more than 80% of customers as a mark of quality and safety.
    Emergency Lighting Training. You will also find a full listing of third party certified
    products available from our network of branches.                                          Third party certification is simply an audit by an external (third
                                                                                              party) independent certification body, verifying conformity to
                                                                                              recognised industry standards. In other words, a company is not
    Peter Holmes - Fire Product Manager                                                       simply claiming to comply with industry standards - they have
                                                                                              invited an external auditor to verify that their services actually do
                                                                                              comply. The objective is to help a business identify areas that can
    Vimpex                                                                                    improve performance and efficiencies, driving out poor industry
    Smart Strobe Conversion for Bells                                                         practices as well as increasing customer confidence. SP203 is a
                                                                                              modular scheme, and is supported by BSi to allow it to be
    The innovative Easy AV™ series of products provides a smart way to                        accessible to all businesses, from the smallest to the largest.
    upgrade existing sounder and bell circuits towards DDA compliance.                        The primary benefit of the BSi scheme is the Kitemark itself, as
    Hosiden Besson LP Banshees and Bedlams‡ and Fulleon Roshni*                               displaying the Kitemark helps a business to be identified as a
    sounders are seamlessly upgraded without additional field wiring or                       quality service provider.
    the need to remove the existing sounder base from the wall.
                                                                                              For further details, please contact Mark Wild on 01706 510515.
    This convenience means considerable timesaving in installation and
    also negates the probable need to 'make good' or redecorate after                         RR0817               BSi at Firex North
    the strobe upgrade. A universal EasyAV™ 'U' is now available for
    upgrading existing bells which will also fit the majority of other
    electronic fire sounders on the market.

    All you need is 3 minutes and a screwdriver!

    ‡Banshee and Bedlam are trademarks of Hosiden Besson Ltd
    *Roshni is a trademark of Fulleon Ltd


                                                EasyAV™ 'U'
                                                                                            Apollo XP95

Santana Solutions                                                    Apollo
Alarm Management Systems                                             EN54 Compliant Manual Call Points

When it comes to fire alarm management, reliability is the key       Apollo’s new XP95 and Discovery manual call points have been
factor. That is exactly what Santana Alarm Management systems are    designed to comply with European Standard EN54-11:2001. The call
known for.                                                           points are supplied with isolators as standard so additional isolation
                                                                     devices are not required on a system, saving both time and money.
Having satisfied blue chip companies and MOD clients for more        And, as you’d expect from Apollo, the call points are compatible with
                                                                     previous Apollo call points based on the KAC World Series product.
than 10 years, the Santana solution is now available in 5 packages
to suit applications from single panel to hundreds of panels,
                                                                     In addition to being loop-powered, the call points also include a
including integrating multi-manufacturer panels.
                                                                     number of features designed to make installation and testing quick,
                                                                     easy and cost effective. These include a resettable element for fast
Features                                                             testing and resetting of the device, bi-coloured LED’s to indicate fire,
                                                                     fault and normal conditions, ‘plug and play’ terminal connections for
•   Integrates multi-manufacturer fire panels                        fast wiring and the ability to allow wiring continuity testing before
•   Proven reliability                                               fitting.
•   100% site configurable
•   Integrates almost all reputable fire panels to one central       RR0819
    management system
•   Full dynamic graphics, event logging and analysis
•   Operator training and diagnostics built in
•   Automatic text transmission to mobile phones
•   Remote stations and PDA based mobile graphic
    units (up to 40) supported

                         Santana Alarm Management System

                                                                               Apollo Discovery

                                                                                           Spotlight Tip!
                                                                                                  ‘Mains Supply’
                                                                             The mains supply for a fire alarm system should be made
                                                                            via a lockable, double pole isolator that is clearly labelled.
                                                                            This is to comply to BS5839-1:2002 Sections 29.2e and
                                                                            25.2 C.

Please contact your regional Fire Sales Executive
Technical Helpline: 01706 510515
                                                                                                                           !                    9
                                                                                                            giving you access to leading products

     access control


                                                                                                    The new DigiWay from CDV UK is a high quality, intelligent
                                                                                                   unit for the automation of swing doors up to 100Kg in weight.
                                                                                                 Supplied in a small, extruded aluminium housing for aesthetics,
                                                                                                 DigiWay is suitable for inward or outward opening, single or double
                                                                                                 doors (intelligent communication between DigiWay units on double
     Spotlight on...                                                                             doors ensure that there are no conflicts with rebated doors).
     ...Product Developments
                                                                                                 Standard features include obstacle detection with memory,
     This edition, ADI-GARDINER Access Control is pleased to introduce a selection of new
                                                                                                 lock output and control for higher security applications,
     products and developments from a number of our key suppliers.
                                                                                                 manual/automatic/“push & go” operation, door open/door closed
     Our first feature comes from Bell System, who has recently announced that colour video
                                                                                                 override, built-in radio receiver and standby battery to maintain
     telephones will be the standard across the whole bellissimo range from February 2007.
                                                                                                 operation during mains failure.
     New from CDV this quarter is DigiWay – a high quality unit for the automation of swing
     doors up to 100kg in weight.
                                                                                                 DigiWay is available in different RAL colours and a Stainless Steel
     Also featuring this issue is IR with their new contactless hotel locking system, which is   cover is available for architectural preferences.
     simple to use and extremely versatile due to a combination of modular elements and
     product configurations.
                                                                                                 Tested for over 1 million cycles, DigiWay is ideal for both domestic
     Our final entries come from Vantage and Magicard – Vantage with news of a VCODE100
     promotion running throughout January, February and March, and Magicard with their
                                                                                                 and commercial applications.
     range of ID card printers.
                                                                                                 DigiWay will be available from February 2007.
     Glenn Davies - Access Control Product Manager
     Bell System                                                                                 CDV DigiWay
     bellissimo in Colour

     Bell System has announced that colour video telephones will be
     the standard in the whole bellissimo range from February 2007.
     Why have a black and white video telephone when your
     customer can have a colour one for the same price?

     The colour telephone includes all the popular features of the
     monochrome model and incorporates a 3.5" colour TFT screen
     with an essential adjustable tilt mechanism for optimum
     viewing at differing heights. The ‘soft-touch’ silicone rubber
     push buttons are backlit and have clear operating symbols.
     The telephone is wall-mounted directly without additional
     mounting brackets or connectors and an internal plastic
     moulding protects the internal electronics during installation.

     A single telephone model caters for both simple one-station
     systems as well as complex digital systems and is also
     compatible with existing black and white bellissimo systems.
     These telephones do not require co-axial cable and generally
     operate on standard Cat-5 cables.
                                                           Bell System bellissimo

             IR Wavemode Lock                                               Please note - the Wavemode lock is not
                                                                            a biometric reader, the red illuminated
                                                                            button enables the activation of a privacy

IR Security                                                             Magicard
Wavemode Hotel Locking System                                           ID Card Printers

The new contactless Wavemode hotel locking system from CISA is          Magicard Secure ID card printers are designed for all types of ID
the hotel lock that truly stands out from the rest. By combining        badging and Access Control applications. A unique feature of
different modular elements and product configurations, this simple      Magicard printers is the HoloKote® anti-forgery system, which
and easy to use system enables the creation of a lock to suit the       prints a secure watermark onto the card surface at no extra cost
design, budget and level of security for any hotel.                     and assures customers that their cards cannot be copied. (The
                                                                        purchase of a HoloKote® key is required).
The Wavemode is extremely durable to wear resistance and
vandalism compared with contact magstripe technology, providing         Magicard Badging Series printers offer value and quality.
a longer life of maintenance free operation, and offers a               The Magicard Tempo is a compact hand-fed printer for low-volume
contactless card which cannot be cloned or copied - helping to          card printing, offering the lowest pricing in the industry. The
prevent fraud and increase room security.                               Magicard Avalon is a robust metal printer for batch printing of ID
                                                                        cards. New to the range is the Magicard Avalon Duo, a double-sided
Suitable for external applications, the Wavemode system boasts an       ID card printer.
audit trail feature detailing the last 500 events and also has a
mechanical override facility. Wavemode systems are fully certified      For printing and encoding smart cards, Magicard Professional
to EN 1634 for a 1 hour fire rating.                                    Series printers offer advanced contactless and contact chip
                                                                        encoding facilities. The single-sided Magicard Rio 2e and
RR0822                                                                  double-sided Magicard Tango 2e also offer Ethernet and USB
                                                                        interfaces as standard, and come with the 2 year UltraCoverPlus
                                                                        warranty with full parts and labour cover, as well as a free loan
Vantage                                                                 printer.
VCODE100 Promotion
During January, February and March, Vantage in conjunction with
ADI-GARDINER is giving you the chance to enter a fantastic prize
draw to win a portable MP3 player at the end of each month. All
entries will also be placed into a final draw at the end of March for
the opportunity to win a 24” television!

Please contact your local branch or Sales Executive for further
information on how to enter!
                                                                         Magicard Tango 2e

                                                                                              Spotlight Tip!
                                                                                                      ‘CDV DigiWay’
                                                                                The new DigiWay automatic door opener is ideal for single
                                                                               and double opening doors.

                                                                              An intelligent bi-directional wireless link is included
                                                                              in every DigiWay opener. Always use this
                                                                               intelligent wireless link so two units
                                                                                can self manage the opening

                             Vantage VCODE100 Keypad                             and closing sequence on
                                                                                   double rebated doors.

Please contact your regional Access Control Sales Executive
Technical Helpline: 01706 510556
                                                                                                                 making the best solutions heard

         public address

                                                                                                  These exceptional speakers are perfect for use in swimming
                                                                                                  pools, sports halls, athletics, football and other sporting
                                                                                                  venues, warehouses, outdoor/indoor activity areas, street
                                                                                                 carnivals, exhibition halls and many other applications.

                                                                                                The music horns have recently been successfully installed in
     Spotlight on...                                                                            Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium, Butlins holiday camps, Centre
     ...Penton UK Limited                                                                       Parcs holiday villages and some of Europe's largest warehouses
                                                                                                to name but a few.
     Working closely with Penton UK Limited enables us to provide you with a range of
     loudspeakers and microphones designed for the Public Address, Background Sound and
     Voice Evacuation markets – all produced to IS09001 and where applicable to BS5839
     Part 8.

     Penton products offer quality, reliability and performance to the highest standard, and
     within this issue of Spotlight we are pleased to introduce the MSP and MSH30T music
                                                                                               Penton MSH30T                       Penton PEN1065
     horns. Please see below for further details!

     Glenn Davies - Public Address Product Manager

     MSP and MSH30T Music Horns

     The MSP and MSH30T music horns provide the perfect solution
     for applications that require good quality speech and/or music
     in larger venues. Both horns have been carefully designed to
     provide sound coverage over a 60x40 degree footprint. This
     makes them ideal for use in large spaces as they concentrate
                                                                                                                     Spotlight Tip!
     the sound energy directly into the target area - significantly                                               ‘Penton’s MSP and MSH30T’
     reducing unwanted reflected sound, improving speech and music
     quality to their full potential. The music horns are not horns in                                  The MSP and MSH30T music horn speakers work very well
                                                                                                       if they are grouped together in clusters of 4. This naturally
     the conventional sense, as they both use a mid-range driver and
                                                                                                      boosts the output of the speakers and minimizes reflected
     a separate tweeter, making them a true 2 way device.                                             sound, improving intelligibility. To help with mounting,
                                                                                                      Penton recommend the use of their 4
     The music horns are very efficient producing 102dB at 1w/m                                        way PEN1065 mounting bracket
     with a minimum frequency response of 70~16.kHz. Both                                               (shown above).

     speakers are fully weatherproof to IP66 and come with a "U"
     shaped mounting bracket. An optional mounting bracket is
     available to mount 4 x music horns in a cluster if required.

     Please contact Chris McGregor on 07767 241338
     Technical Helpline: 01706 510505

                                                                                              There is also an accounts section that provides financial
                                                                                              information including account status, invoice re-prints, credit
                                                                                              limit, last payment amount and spend year to date. Other
                                                                                             features include “Email My Pricelist”, which enables customers
                                                                                            to have a copy of their quotation e-mailed to them instantly.

Spotlight on...                                                                             If you would like to register, please call me on the number
...On-line Promotion Winners!
Over the past few months, Web and Alarm Master customers have won themselves some                                             On-line Features
fantastic prizes by ordering on-line - including an LCD flat screen TV and an IDTV!

It’s easy to enter! Just place your orders on-line and you will be automatically entered
into the draw. Your orders can be placed directly with your local branch or you can order
from Head Office up until 7pm for next working day delivery (you must select “Head
Office” from the list). Just log in and click on “Products” to get started.
Terms and conditions apply, please contact me for details!

Kim Whitehead - E-Commerce Manager

On-Line Ordering
Main Features

The Gardiner Security website is available to all account
customers. Simply register and log in to benefit from this
fantastic free service. As an account customer you will be able
to log into your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can
place and track orders with your local branch or with head
                                                                                                                 Spotlight Tip!
office (up until 7pm for next working day delivery) and check                                                      ‘Promotion Updates’
stock availability as well as pricing. A templates feature is
                                                                                                     E-mail your name and account number to
available should you wish to create your own order template or
                                                                                           and you will
favourites list and you can also create your own quotations, as                                    receive regular updates on product promotions!
well as accessing those done for you by our Technical Support
Teams or Field Sales Executives.

Please contact our E-Commerce Manager
Technical Helpline: 01706 510545
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