Flying Fox or Fruit Bat. There are 4 species of flying fox in

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					Flying Fox or Fruit Bat.                    Banyan Tree Ficus prolixa
There are 4 species of flying fox in        At first the seed grows in the canopy
Vanuatu, 2 of which are endemic.            of a host tree and sends roots down
Bats are the only indigenous                to the forest floor. When the fig has
mammals in the country, all the             sufficient support it strangles the
other mammals were introduced by            host. Uses; house construction,
man.                                        firewood, bow strings, and a Chief’s
                                            meeting place.Main food for fruit
Pacific Imperial Pigeon Ducula              bats, Pacific Imperial Pigeon and
pacifica                                    Vanuatu Fruit Dove.
One of the 25 species which can be
seen in Loru. Can be heard calling          Milk Tree Antiaris toxicaria
in the canopy where it feeds on fruit       Known as Milk Tree because of it’s
and helps in seed dispersal.                white sap. It is an important timber
                                            tree. It is an emergent - the tree
Megapode Megapodius layardi                 canopy is above the forest canopy.
One of 8 endemic birds in Vanuatu.
There are 5 in Loru ; Vanuatu Fruit
Dove, Megapode, Chestnut-bellied            Indian Almond Terminalia catappa
Kingfisher, Vanuatu Flycatcher and          Uses; timber, house posts, carving,
Vanuatu White-eye.                          food, nalot dish, medicine. Inner
                                            bark is pulverised and when swilled
Coconut Crab Birgus latro                   in the mouth it cures tooth ache.
Largest land crustacean in the
world,max weight = 5 kg. Population
                                            Bamboo Bambusa spp
is decreasing due to habitat
                                            Uses; woven for walls, roof,
destruction and the ease of capture
                                            supports, furniture, water containers
for food. They eat coconuts and are
                                            and a water source in the bush.
                                            Thin bamboo is used for fishing lines
Lobster Panulirus penicillatus              and spears.
One of the marine animals protected
under Vanuatu law. Others include           Nakatambol Dracontomelon
trochus, green Snail, Coconut Crab,         vitiense
turtles, Sea Cucumber, aquarium             Tropical rainforests have a very thin
fish and marine mammals such as             layer of top soil and trees have
dolphin, dugong and whale.                  developed different support features;
                                            buttress roots, stilt roots, using other
                                            plants for support. Main food for fruit
Fish                                        bats, Pacific Imperial Pigeon and
Many different marine animals are
                                            Vanuatu Fruit Dove.
found in the sea; parrot-fish,
butterfly-fish, starfish, sting ray, reef
shark, moray eel.                           Climbers
                                            There are many kinds of ‘rope’ with a
Reef                                        variety of uses; blood coagulation,
Reef is made of living corals such as       water source, house construction,
staghorn, black, mushroom brain,            fishing techniques.
table, soft and stony corals. They
are fragile and sensitive to
environmental change.                       Loru Bat Cave
                                            There are 12 species of Bat in
                                            Vanuatu, 8 of which are insect-
                                            ivorous. They use echolocation to
                                            find their way in the dark and to
                                            detect food.
                                                 Trail E                                Sea Trail 2

Loru Protected                                        Trail D
Area Committee
Kole 1 Village
P.O. Box 145
                                                        Trail C

                                                                             Sea Trail 1

    Features of the


     Boundary of
     protected area                                               Trail A

    Rest place

    Cliff to sea

Trail A            45 mins

Bat Trail          45 mins
                                                                             B at T r

Trail C            1 1/2 hrs
       Sea Trail 1 1 1/2 hrs steep decent and climb

Trail D            1 3/ 4 hrs
       Sea Trail 1 1 1/2 hrs steep decent and climb

Trail E            2 hrs
       Sea Trail 2 1 hr steep decent and climb
       Sea Trail 1 1 1/2 hrs steep decent and climb
                                                                LORU NATURE TRAIL
Recommend - boots and water bottle

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