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									SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements



              FOR THE PROVISION OF

                   RETURN DATE
                     NOON ON
                Monday 22 June 2009
SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements

                          The University of Nottingham

                               Invitation to Tende r
                    for the Provision of Pest Control Serv ices

Purpose of Tende r: The University of Nottingham has a requirement for Pest
Control Services for its multi-site campus including the main University Park
campus, Jubilee campus, Sutton Bonington, Kings Meadow Campus and the
Medical School at Derby Hospital.

Pest Control services will include control of rodents, flying insects, biting insects,
wasps, garden ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects with particular
attention being paid to catering and food storage areas. In the event of any call
out, a full survey is to be provided and advice given on optimising the service. All
solutions and recommendations must represent best value for money at all times.

Contractors will be invited on a guided tour of the site and will be expected to
advise the University on the levels of service that should be provided. During the
term of the contract, the successful Contractor will be expected to take a
proactive approach to optimising the service by, for example, advising on lev els
of cover and methods used. Failure to attend the site visit will exclude you from

It is anticipated that the new contract will commence on 1 August 2009 and w ill
initially cover a three (3) year period with an option to extend, subject to annual
review, for a period of one (1) further one-year period. Hence the Contract could
extend to a maximum of four (4) years.

The Tender Process:       Timetable:

01 May 2009               Despatch of Invitations To Tender

19/20 May 2009            Site visits for suppliers
16 June 2009              Last date for requesting tender documents
22 June 2009              Closing date for receipt of tenders
22 June 2009              Tenders opened
22 June – 03 July         Evaluate tenders, seek w ritten clarification, correction,
2009                      additional information as necessary.

09/10 July 2009           Presentations by shortlisted suppliers
01 August 2009            Contract commencement

The University does not undertake to accept the lowest tender, or part, or all of
any tender, and the acknowledgement of receipt of any submitted tender shall
not constitute any actual or implied agreement between the University and the
Tenderer. The University reserves the right to accept any part, or all, of any
tender or tenders at its sole discretion.
SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements

Selection and Award Process

      All Tenders will be verified to ensure that all information and
       documentation (including the Form of Tender) has been provided and,
       where necessary, signed.

      The University‟s Evaluation Team w ill then undertake a desktop analysis
       and evaluation of:
          o the response provided to the requirements detailed in the Tender
          o the pricing submitted

      The Tenders will be evaluated and “scored” against a predetermined
       scoring matrix, with appropriate weightings applied to each element of the
       criteria according to its relative importance to the University.
      The final decision of the contract award will be made on the basis of the
       output of all the evaluation processes undertaken, and the University‟s
       assessment of each of the Supplier‟s performance at each stage of the
       Selection and Award Evaluation Process.
      A certificate of non collusion will have to be completed by those
       Contractors tendering for the Contract.

Selection C rite ria (in order of importa nce)

      Pricing
      Added Value
      Ability to provide the professional services
      Quality Standard Handbooks
      References

Important Notes:
Please confirm, within three (3) working days of receipt of this invitation, whether
you intend to submit a tender. Please send a correspondence via the In-tend
website using the „Create New Correspondence‟ link:

Return of Tender:
Tender document along w ith supporting documentation must be sent to arrive no
later than 12:00 (noon) (SYSTEM TIME) on 22 June 2009 v ia the Intend
website under the section „Upload documents to my Returns‟.

Please do not send your return using the correspondence function of the website.
SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements

Hardcopy Returns in addition to the Ma ndatory electronic te nde r upload:

1 (ONE) complete hardcopy of your tender MUST be sent:

                    FAO Karen Knight CSD Tenders Ref ITT/325
                            University of Nottingham
                             King‟s Meadow Campus
                                   Lenton Lane
                              Nottingham NG7 2NR

in a plain envelope or package, to a rrive no late r than 12:00 (noon) 22 June

Package shall be marked: " Response to ITT/325 – Closing Date 22 June 2009 -
Do NOT Open"

Corresponde nce/Que ries:
Any queries about this tender may be directed by using the correspondence link
on the Intend Website:

Any queries regarding technical issues with the e-tendering system
please contact 01332 869 400 or

Lodging of appeals:
This authority will incorporate a minimum 10 calendar day standstill period at the
point information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers.
This period allows unsuccessful tenderers to seek further debrief ing from the
contracting authority before the contract is entered into. Applicants have two
working days from notification of the award decision to request additional
debriefing and that information has t o be provided a minimum of 3 working days
before expiry of the standstill period. Such additional information should be
requested from the address in section 1.1.

If an appeal regarding the award of a contract has not been successfully resolved
the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No 5) provide for aggrieved
parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to
take action in the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Any such
action must be brought promptly (generally within 3 months). Where a contract
has not been entered into the court may order the settling aside of the award
decision or order the authority to amend any document and may award damages.
If the contract has been entered into the court may only award damages.
SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements

1.       Instructions to Te nde rers
         In preparing your tender please adhere to the above and the following
         instructions. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.
         Your tender must be in the form of a point by point response to this f orm
         of tender including in particular the follow ing items:

        Contractors shall price the items attached in Appendix B as at 1st August
         2009. Contractors must complete the pricing matrix (in Appendix C) as

        Contractors must also show any price breaks/additional discounts for high
         volume orders.

        The University of Nottingham expects to work together with the successful
         Contractor(s) in an effort to reduce costs to mutual benefit.

        Contractors must provide a comprehensive list of current

        Contractors shall complete, sign and return the Form of Tender in Section
         4, below.

Suppleme ntary Information

        The Contractor must provide the information requested in the relevant
         sections of this Tender document in the order stated. Additional literature
         to support the tender response may be provided.

        The Contractor should provide details of any additional facilities that they
         would w ish to provide as part of their Tender response, but which has not
         been specifically requested in this Tender, by completion of Appendix E.
         Any cost implications of the provision of any additional facilities must be
         clearly ide ntified.

Commercial Re quireme nts
         2.1.   Price: We require a FIXED price in UK Pounds Sterling.      Your
                tendered price(s) must remain valid for acceptance up to 90 days
                from the tender closing date.
         2.2    Service Level Agreement – tenders are required to include a
                proposed Service Level Agreement detailing key performance
                indicators and associated target levels of performance for the
         2.3.   If the tenderer w ishes to offer better/alternative specifications than
                those requested, it should be made clear if this has any effect on
                the prices offered and details provided on the “Innovative Solution”
         2.4.   Payment: The contractor is to submit invoices for the annual
                charges on a 6 monthly basis. All invoices must be sent directly to
                the Estates Office.
SECTIONS 1 and 2 - Instructions a nd Commercia l Requirements

       2.5    Environme ntal and ethical initiatives – Tenderers are required
              to include details of their current initiatives.

       2.6    Additional Requirements: Please complete and return w ith your
              Tender the documents checked below:

Various Questionnaires        See documents up loaded with the e-tender invitation   √
                              See documents up loaded with the e-tender invitation
Parent-Company Guarantee                                                             √
                              See documents up loaded with the e-tender invitation
Innovative Solution                                                                  √
                              See documents up loaded with the e-tender invitation
Certificate of Independent                                                           √
       2.7    Conditions of Purchase: Any purchase order arising f rom this
              Invitation shall be subject to Conditions checked below. Note:
              These documents need not be returned with the Tender.

UoN Conditions of Purchase      √
UoN Software Licence
UoN Policy for Contractors     √
on Site                       cr.pdf

Hard copies will be provided on request.

Tenderers shall indicate their acceptance of the conditions of purchase when
SECTION 3 - Specifications

Technical Specifications:

Outline Specification and Re quireme nts for Provision of Pest Control

These specifications are intended to be generic and avoid the inclusion of
proprietary information. However if such data is contained in a specification it
should be read as an indication only, and an equivalent may be offered.

Aim of the Se rvice

      To eliminate all pests with minimum cost and maximum safety.
      To minimise the risk of re-infestation and to prevent pests of any kind
       becoming established.
      To ensure that units are advised on matters affecting pest control
       including cleaning, housekeeping, storage practices, building structure,
       proof ing requirements and waste storage.
      A list of pests to be treated can be found in Appendix A.

The Contractor

      Must be a paid up member of The British Pest Control Association or
       equivalent organisation.
      Must be competent and possess the necessary resources to meet
       contractual obligation.
      Must employ trained competent staff.
      Must ensure that its staff wear corporate clothing and can be easily
       identif ied as being a member of the Contractor‟s staff.
      Must indemnify The University of Nottingham against any claims or actions
       against The University of Nottingham arising out of the c ontractor‟s
       performance.       This indemnification to include substantial third party
       liability insurance cover.
      Must be proactive in finding the causes of infestations.

Contractor Visits

      Routine inspections and treat ments of agreed areas are required eight
       times per annum, with no more than seven weeks between visits.
       Frequency of inspections will be discussed at review meetings.
      Detailed technical visits by a senior member of the contractor‟s staff are
       required 3 times per annum.
      Both routine and technical visits, contractors are on call out. Their target
       is same day response, with an absolute maximum of 24 hours.
      Whilst working within a Catering Environment they must wear protective
       clothing and comply with the relevant University Food Safety Policy and
       Code of Practice.
      Contractors must give details of disposal routes for treated pests. The
       University may check disposal routes and make audit visits under its duty
       of care during the term of the contract.
SECTION 3 - Specifications

Contractor Pest Control Books and Re ports

       Routine inspections and treat ments must be recorded in each of the units
        pest control book w hich is originally supplied by the contractor, but
        remains the property of the University of Nottingham.
       The book should be easily accessible to all staff as well as to the
        contractor. It is important that staff are instructed to record in the book
        any sightings, new evidence or other information which might be useful to
        the contractors' serviceman. Staff must be informed of the location of the


       The client reserves the right to add or deduct areas from the schedule and
        to agree a fair and reasonable price with the contractor. This means that
        there may be buildings demolished and new building undertaken. The
        University of Nottingham will endeavour to provide 3 months notice in
        writing of subsequent changes.

Health and Safety

       All employees of the contractor must comply with all statutory legislation
        at all times. All relevant University policies and procedures must also be
        complied with.
       Particular attention must be paid to the type of treatment used in both the
        Nurseries where small children are present and catering areas where food
        is prepared and served.
       Any precautions that need to be taken due to the nature of a treatment
        used must be reported to the relevant Site Manager and the Pest Control
       The Contractor must provide a list of all chemicals to be used together
        with COSHH sheets and information on how treated pests are disposed of.
       The Contractor must also abide by the Universit y‟s Management of
        Contractors Policy. A copy of this will be provided to successful Tenderers.
       The Contractors staff must attend the U of N Estates Office Contractors
        Health & Safety Course.

Permitted Pesticides and Treatments

       No materials may be used which have not been approved by the British
        Pest Control Association and full compliance with control of pesticides
        regulations of Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
       Lindane contact dust must not be used.
       Approved bait containers for rodent control are of the covered box type.
       The contractor acknowledges that several units are in places where
        children and animals reside and that their safety is paramount.
        Treatments should always be carried out accordingly. Furthermore, the
        contractor must abide by the University of Nottingham's Health & Safety
        Policy which shall be made known to the contractor.
       Provide an environmental analysis of how treat ment methods will affect
        the surrounding environment.
       All operatives using permitted pesticides and t reatments must hold the
        correct licenses.
SECTION 3 - Specifications

Electrical Flying Insect Killing Machines (EF Ks)

      The contractor is responsible during routine visits for cleaning and
       emptying EF Ks and for checking their operational efficiency. Any defects
       are to be rectified by the contractor and charged separately to the unit.
      The contractor is required to supply and f it new shatter proof UV tubes
      EFKs should be sited to achieve best advantage, and should not be fitted
       directly above areas where open food might be contaminated.
      Please note that the contractor will be obliged to indemnify the buyer in
       respect of any damage caused to EF Ks in the course of providing the
       services under the contract.
      In the event that the Contractor receives a request to install an EF K the
       University‟s Maintenance Helpdesk should be informed (0115 951 6666) to
       ensure safety requirements are adhered to.
      The servicing is to be carried out 4 times annually (every 3 months).

Visual Inspection (VI)

      The contractor will report to The University of Nottingham any specific
       sightings or disturbance likely to lead to an ingress of pests after visual
      The Visual Inspection will include refuse areas, water course, ditches and
       vegetation adjacent to the sites likely to harbour pests.
      Further action in these areas w ill not be taken w ithout prior authorisation
       from The University of Nottingham.


      Close liaison must be maintained between contractor and client to ensure
       access to areas is confirmed for specific dates and times.
      Keys provided to the Contractor, if lost, will be charged at the full cost for
       the specific key, where the key is part of a suited system the cost of
       replacement may include the full suite.

Call Outs

      Where the contractor is requested to treat pests not covered by the
       contract this job should be actioned only upon receipt of a University
       official Purchase Order or follow ing the emergency procedure reported to
       the Pest Control Officer.
      All call outs should be reported to Domestic Services, Estates Office.
      Please provide proposed response times for call outs based on
       urgency/pest types.
      Where work is required to be carried out in respect of Pest Control, the
       Estates Office Help Desk w ill issue a job ticket

Minor Re pair Works and Se rvice

      The contractor is obliged to carry out minor proof ing items such as sealing
       off small holes around the pipes, minor tile grouting repairs etc.
SECTION 3 - Specifications

        If a problem is detected during inspections the appropriate non toxic
         Bioside will be used. Monitors will be replaced after infestation has been
         dealt with and all materials removed from site.
        If a more extensive repair or replacement of netting is required this shall
         be quoted for separately.


        If any infestations occur between inspections, an emergency service is to
         be provided. This service will be at no extra cost to the client.

        Prices for all products must remain firm and f ixed for a period of at least
         one year f rom commencement of the cont ract. Thereafter prices may rise
         by a maximu m of the current rate of inflation, capped at 3%.

        In the event of an exceptional variation in the price of a specific product
         due to circumstances beyond the Service Provider‟s reasonable control and
         /or due to market forces. Also there being no other acceptable product
         available at a reasonable price. The University will consider a variation on
         receipt of a properly w ritten representation/justification. If accepted the
         Service Provider w ill give a minimu m of at least 3 months notice in writing.

Invoic ing

        The contractor is to submit invoices for the annual charges on a 6 months
         basis in advance.
        All invoices must be sent directly to the Estates Office.

Communication and Advice

        Excellent standards of communication between the Contractor and the
         University are critical to the smooth running of the Agreement to:-
          a) ensure that routine operations such as ordering, deliveries, collections
             and invoicing run smoothly and w ith minimum disruption; and to
          b) ensure that problems of any kind are resolved w ith expediency, and to
             the satisfaction of the University and the Contractor‟s contacts at the
        The Contractor will be expected to provide advice on preventative
         measures such as housekeeping, storage and waste disposal and the
         detection and monitoring of pests
        Contact details must be provided for those responsible for dealing w ith any
         problems or queries, and for invoicing issues.
        The EO Help Desk must be informed follow ing any call out immediat ely
         after completion of the works.

Performance – less than satisfactory rating

        The contractor, upon receiving two "less than satisfactory" ratings of the
         same nature in the same treatment area, must document all procedures
         done, to date, and establish t he extent of the pest level. If the pest levels
         are outside the predetermined tolerance thresholds (if thresholds exist for
         the given pest), the Contractor shall have five (5) days to submit to the
SECTION 3 - Specifications

       Cleaning Services Manager an acceptable recommendation to alleviate the
       unsatisfactory situation.

      Any treat ment area receiving three consecutive "less than satisfactory"
       ratings of the same nature may result in the filing of a formal complaint
       from the Domestic Services General Manager to the Contractor with intent
       to terminate the contract. The Contractor will not be terminated if the
       "less than satisfactory" rating is a result of circumstances outside of the
       Contractor's control.

Te rmination

      The University or the Contractor can terminate this agreement at any time
       by giving 3 months written notice to the University or Contractor.

Re ports

      6 monthly reports must be provided, for all sites to the Domestic Services
       General Manager/Cleaning Services Manager. This must include all
       Catering areas.
      Reports must include site, pests treated, number, treat ment and any
       follow up advice.
      Good feedback/reporting about the success of work undertaken is
       essential so that numbers of bait boxes can be optimised to provide best

Rev iew Meetings

      Review meetings w ill be held at least twice per year; however during the
       first year of the agreement it is anticipated that more frequent meetings
       will be required ( ie quarterly). A number of end-users will be invited to
       the meetings to provide feedback on the service where appropriate.

Service Level Agreement

      The Service Level Agreement (SLA) will form part of the contract and will
       detail the services and standards agreed between the University and the
       Contractor. The SLA will also detail procedures for dealing w ith and
       resolving complaints.

Site Visit

      All Contractors who receive the Invitation to Tender will be invited to visit
       the University site to discuss requirements in further detail.

Additional Bene fits

      Contractors should note any additional benefits that could be offered with
       respect to delivering best value for money to the University and its
SECTION 3 - Specifications

CRB Chec ks

      Please note that these may be required if operatives are to work in certain
       areas (to be notified).     Also due to changing legislation, it may be
       necessary for the University to require Criminal Records Bureau checks on
       Contractor staff due to the presence of young people on our sites.
SECTION 3 - Specifications

APPENDIX A - Pests Covered by Pest Control Contract

      Rats, mice and squirrels
      Craw ling insects meaning:-
                    Silverfish
                    Firebrats
                    Cockroaches
                    House Crickets
                    Earw igs
                    Booklice
                    Plaster Beetles
                    Garden Ants
                    Pharaohs Ant
                    Bed Bugs
                    Fleas
                    Dermestes Beetles
                    Ground Beetles
                    Woodlice
                    Millipedes and Centipedes
                    Wharf Borers
      Stored product insects, meaning:
                    Moths
                    Beetles
      Flying insects including:
                    Wasps
                    Bees nests
                    Fruit Flies
                    Filter Flies
                    Fungus Flies
                    Cluster Flies

nb – Treat ment of other pests not listed above may be required periodically
SECTION 3 - Specifications


The following is a list of curre nt cover. The successful Contractor will be
invite d to advise the University on levels of cover throughout the term of
the contract

Please note that buildings and sites may be added to or removed from the list
below as required.

       R = Bait Point   (Example 2 bait boxes is R2).
       EX = External Box (Example 3 External bait boxes EX3)
       EFK = Electronic Fly Killer (Example 2 Electric Fly Killers EFK3)

Curre nt Totals

       R390, EFK81 , EX 182



1.1    Florence Boot Hall

       Kitchen                      R4      EFK4
       Kitchen Store No 1           R2
       Kitchen Store No 2           R2

1.2Willoughby Hall

       Kitchen                      R6      EFK4
       Kitchen Store        R2
       External Baiting                                EX10
        (Rear of Kitchen)

1.3    Cavendish Hall

       Kitchen                      R6      EFK2
       Kitchen Store        R2

1.4    Ancaster Hall

       Kitchen                      R4      EFK2
       Kitchen Store No 1           R2
       Kitchen Store No 2           R2

1.5    Nightingale Hall

       Kitchen                      R5      EFK3
       Kitchen Store No 1           R1
       Kitchen Store No 2           R1
SECTION 3 - Specifications

1.6    Rutland Hall

       Kitchen                      R5   EFK2
       Kitchen Store No 1           R1
       Kitchen Store No 2           R2
       External Baiting                           EX6
        (Courtyard in the middle of
        the Accommodation)

1.7    Sherwood Hall

       Kitchen                     R6    EFK2
       Kitchen Store No 1          R1
       Kitchen Store No 2          R1

1.8    De rby Hall

       Kitchen                     R5    EFK2
       Kitchen Store        R2
       External Baiting                           EX4
        (Rear of Kitchen)

1.9    Lincoln Hall

       Kitchen                     R6    EFK1
       Kitchen Store        R1
       External Baiting                           EX6
        (Around perimeter of
        Accommodation Blocks)

1.10   Lenton and Wortley Hall

       Kitchen                     R6    EFK4
       Kitchen Store No 1          R1
       Kitchen Store No 2          R1
       External Baiting                           EX10
        (Courtyard in the middle
        of the Accommodation)

1.11   Cripps Hall

       Kitchen                     R6      EFK4
       Kitchen Store        R2
       External Baiting                              EX2
        (Bin Area)

1.12   Hugh Ste wart Hall

       Kitchen                     R6     EFK5 (2 of which are in the mix)
       Kitchen Store        R2
SECTION 3 - Specifications


2.1   Arts Centre

      Café L Kitchen              R2       EFK1
      External Baiting                              EX3
      (In bushes next to front entrance)

2.2   Woodlands next to Lake

      External Baiting in woods                     EX5

2.3   Built Environment

      Café/Servery                  R4     EFK1
      Café Store                    R1

2.4   University Staff Club (Sports a nd Socia l)

      Bar                          R2
      Kitchen                      R5      EFK1
      Kitchen Store No 1           R1
      Kitchen Store No 2           R1
      External Baiting                              EX5
       (To the West of the Building)

2.5   Hallward Library

      Library Café                  R2     EFK1

2.6   Law and Social Building

      Café                           R1     EFK1
      Café store                     R1

2.7   Sir Clive Grange r Building

      Café                           R1     EFK1

2.8   Grounds Maintenance/Stores Area to the side of the
      Archaeology Building

      External Baiting                                    EX10
SECTION 3 - Specifications

2.9    Biology Building

       Café                             R2          EFK1
       Biology Perimeter                                    EX8
       Biology Internal Quad                                EX2
       Greenhouses behind        R10
        the Estates Office.

2.10   Psychology Building

       Rear of cut- through
       between Psychology
       and Pharmacy Bldg                                    EX3

2.11   Pope Building – Telford Café

       Café (Telford Orangery)          R2          EFK1
       Rear room                        R2

2.12   Coates Building – Coates Ca fé

       Café                             R3          EFK2
       Rear Room/Stores                 R3

2.13   Boots Science Building

       Electronic fly killers in Labs               EFK3

2.14   QMC – Medical School

       Café A                    R2          EFK1
       Café B                                EFK1
       Research Unit E Floor                 EFK2

2.15   Portland Building

       Store at the bottom              R4
       of the ext ramp.

       Kitchen ( B- Gnd Flr)            R3          EFK1

       Servery Area to
       B Kitchen                        R1

       Main Kitchen    (A top floor)    R4          EFK 3

       Small Store to main
       Kitchen.                         R2

       Small retail outlet              R2          EFK1
SECTION 3 - Specifications

       External bait boxes on ramp                   EX6

       Students Union bar/kitchen          EFK2

2.16   Trent Building

       Main Kitchen                   R5          EFK1
       2nd Kitchen                    R5          EKF1
       Café                           R2          EFK1
       Café Store Room                R2

2.17   East Midlands Confere nce Centre

       Upper Kitchen          R2
       Entrance to Kitchen            R2
       Main Kitchen                   R4          EFK6 (in differing locations)
       Main Kitchen Box Store         R1
       Main Kitchen Store 1 R1
       Main Kitchen Store 2 R1
       External Bait Boxes
       Around external walls                                EX12

2.18   Day Nursery (Next to Sports Ha ll)

       Kitchen                       R3       EFK1
       Kitchen Store         R1

2.19   Grove Farm

       External Bait Boxes                                 EX14

2.20   Highfields

       External Bait Boxes           R10                   EX5



3.1    Ne wark Hall

       Bar                           R2
       Bar Rear Store                R2
       A62 Pantry                    R1
       B4 Pantry                     R1
       B54 Pantry                    R2
       C4 Pantry                     R2
       C54 Pantry                    R2
       Outside Front Entrance                              EX2
SECTION 3 - Specifications

3.2   Southwell Hall

      Secretary Office             R1
      Bar                          R2


4.1   Library

      In areas along
      spiral corridor.             R8

4.2   Café Terrazzo – Exchange Building

      Kitchen                      R8     EFK3
      Stores                       R2
      Store cupboard               R1
      Servery underneath
      Counters                     R3

4.3   Atrium Kitchen

      Outer Bin Store              R1
      Main Kitchen Entrance        R1
      Waste Area                   R1
      Dry Store No 9               R2
      Pot Wash                     R1     EFK1
      Main Kitchen                 R12    EFK2
      Servery Area                 R15
      2nd Servery Area             R3
      Back Entrance          R1
      Disabled Toilet A8           R1
      External Bait Boxes                    EX3
      to the side of the kitchen
      Litter style bait bins                       EX2

4.4   Business School South

      Café on Top Floor            R2     EFK1

4.5   International House

      Kitchenette A33              R2
      Plant Room A01               R4
      Kitchen B41                  R2
      Kitchen C23                  R2
      Kitchen D24                  R2
      Top Floor Plant E09          R4
      Kitchen next E01             R1
SECTION 3 - Specifications

4.6   Amenities Building

      Café Bar Aspire               R2
      Main kitchen – rear door      R2
      Dry Store                     R2
      Hospitality Prep Area  R1
      Kitchen                       R2   EFK3
      Servery                       R1

4.7   Sir Colin Campbell Building

      Plant Room A04                R3

      Fire Exit
      (Nr Plant Room)               R2

      Plant Room A10.               R1

      Kitchenette on corridor
      near B02.                     R1

      Kitchenette on corridor
      near C03.                     R1

      Kitchenette on corridor
      near C10.                     R1

      Kitchenette on corridor
      near B09.                     R1

      Kitchenette on corridor
      near A17.                     R1


5.1   Vet Sc hool Building

      Around bin area                            EX3
      Around Air Conditioning                   EX2
      Rear Entrance                       EX1
      Alongside Wall                            EX2

5.2   Stables Area

      Exercise Area                       EX4
      Chicken Pen Area                          EX5
      Side of Stables                           EX2

5.3   Plant Scie nce Building

      Pump House                          EX2
SECTION 3 - Specifications

5.4   Restaurant

      Kitchen                             R5
      Back of Kitchen                     R1

5.5   Cameron Gifford Library

      Alongside outside wall                    EX4
      Recycle/Bin Area                          EX1

5.6   Research Centre

      Doorway                                   EX1

5.7   Various Buildings

      Agriculture Storage Bdg             R7    EX5

      Workshop and Cutting
      Shed                                R8    EX4

      Banbury Building                    R6    EX3

      Glass Houses –
      Potting Shed                        R4

      Glass House – Office      R4

5.8   South Laboratory

      South Lab Green Houses                          EX6
      Office Portacabin                               EX2
      South Lab/School workshop                 EX1
      Pathway next to 20mph sign                      EX1
      Covered walkway/Tunnel                          EX1
      Left side of School Workshop                    EX1
      Far end of covered walkway/tunnel         EX1
      Bicycle Stand Area                              EX1
      Rear Entrance to South Lab                EX1
      Right Hand Wall/Behind
      Generator Building                              EX1
      Fly Control Units                        EFK2

5.9   College Road

      42 – 44 College Road                      EX9
SECTION 3 - Specifications


6.1   Kings Meadow Campus

      Warehouse at door entrances          R8
      Room w ith warehouse area      R3

      Main Kitchen                         R12   EFK2
      Dining Room                          R4
      Café                                 R1
      Bar opposite café                    R1

7.1   Medical Sc hool – De rby Hospita l

      Café                                 R2
      Plant Rooms                          R8

8.1   Shakespeare St Adult Learning Centre

      Various locations throughout
      the building.                        R8
SECTION 3 - Specifications



Due to the fact that the existing external bait boxes belong to the University of
Nottingham, we would like two options costed.

Please submit pricing for the follow ing two options:

Option 1

Provision of:-

Internal Bait Boxes                                                      ………………
To be owned, maintained and inspected by the Contractor.
(They will be removed off site at the end of the Contract).

External Bait Boxes                                                      ………………
To be owned, maintained and inspected by the Contractor.
(They will be removed off site at the end of the Contract).

Maintaining the Electric Fly Killers.                                    ………………

Option 2

Provision of:-

Internal Bait Boxes                                                      ………………
To be owned, maintained and inspected by the Contractor.
(They will be removed off site at the end of the Contract).

External Bait Boxes                                                      ………………
(To include maintenance and inspection).

Maintaining the Electric Fly Killers.                                    ……………….


Labour charge during weekends/public holidays

                                                                            Per hour

Travelling time and expenses during weekends/public holidays

SECTION 3 - Specifications


Example Price to install an electrical fly killer unit, Ex. VAT


Example Price to replace 2 x 22 watt Circuline UV tube each. Ex. VAT


Other charges such as for Access Equipment/Scaffolding _______________
Give a complete breakdow n of costs for cherry picker,
scaffolding etc.
SECTION 3 - Specifications

APPENDIX D – Contact Details

Contact Details (including name, job title, phone number fax number and email
address) should be provided for:-

     Account Manager

     Office Contact(s) – for queries etc.

     Contact for invoice queries

     Delivery personnel
SECTION 3 - Specifications

APPENDIX E - Qualifications in Support of Offe r

Please detail here any additional information that you wish to submit in support of
your offer and any additional benefits that may be offered in order to ensure that
the University obtains Best Value for Money.
 SECTION 4 – Form of Te nde r

                                     FORM OF TENDER

To: The University of Nottingham

This tender, together with the University's invitation, any subsequent correspondence
and the University's acceptance thereof shall constitute a binding Contract between
us. We further undertake if required by the University to do so to execute a formal
Agreement to be prepared by the University, embracing the aforementioned
documents and this tender.

I/We offer to supply to the University of Nottingham in accordance with the enclosed
Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Specification the Goods at the rates/prices
detailed in Appendix A to this Form of Tender.

I/We agree that any other terms or conditions of contract or any general reservations
which may be printed on any correspondence emanating from us/me in connection
with this tender or w ith any contract resulting f rom this tender, shall not be
applicable to the Contract.

I/We agree that in any contract that may result from this tender shall be subject to
the law of England as interpreted in an English Court.

I/We declare that this is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive and that we
have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or under or in accordance
with any agreement or arrangement with any other person.
We agree that this tender shall remain valid to be accepted or not by the University
and shall not be withdraw n for a period of 90 days from the invitation to tender
closing date.
We understand and accept that the University is not bound to accept the lowest or
any tender.
Having examined the invitation to tender and any documents attached or referred to
it we offer to supply the scope of supply as set out by us in Appendix to this Form of
Tender. We also return the documents listed and checked in section 2.6 of the
Invitation to Tender.

 Name of Tenderer
 Address of Tenderer

 Signed on behalf of Tenderer by:
 Email address
 ITT reference             ITT/325

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