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					                                                     “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                     METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                          Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011

    MÁQUINAS E METAIS is published monthly by Aranda Editora Técnica e Cultural Ltda., and reports on trade and technical matters in
    the whole field of machine tool, cutting tool, devices, fixtures and components for machine tool.

    • Machining
    • Quality control
    • Manufacturing processes
    • Automation
    • Tool management

    Editorial content includes news, special features, interviews, technical articles based on practical problem solutions, new products, buyer’s
    guide for machines (EDM, machining center, lathes, etc), industrial software, computer hardware, job shop tooling, subcontracting,
    CAD/CAM, cutting tool, reports on international shows (EMO, IMTS, and JIMTOF etc.).

    There is no subscription fee in Brazil for corporate executives and manufacturing engineers in qualified metalworking plants, engaged in
    material cutting and processing. All others may subscribe at US$ 100.00 per year.

                                  FREQUENCY: Monthly                                     CIRCULATION: 15,000 copies

    PROFILE – base: decembro 2010

     Corporate executives                                                                                                            4,728
     Managers                                                                                                                        7,935
     Engineers, technicians                                                                                                          1,690
     Researchers, others                                                                                                              647
     Total                                                                                                                          15,000

     Job Shop                                                                                                                        4,547
     Tool and Die                                                                                                                    2,316
     Accessories, components and tools for machine tools                                                                             1,225
     Automotive and autoparts                                                                                                        1,134
     Iron, steel and non-ferrous material distributors and dealers                                                                    433
     House appliances                                                                                                                 119
     Schools                                                                                                                          483
     Medical, odontological and hospital equipment                                                                                    143
     Hydraulics and pneumatics                                                                                                        874

                                                 “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                 METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                 Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011

     Electrical, electronic and communication equipment                                                                     278
     Agricultural implements and machinery                                                                                  688
     Metallurgy (foundry, forging, siderurgy)                                                                               109
     Material handling equipment manufacturers                                                                              869
     Total                                                                                                                13,422

     North                                                                                                                  111
     Northeast                                                                                                              340
     Middle West                                                                                                          10,949
     Southeast                                                                                                             3,402
     South                                                                                                                  198



    SPECIAL:                 Machine tools importers guide
    ARTICLES:                MQL can reduce process performance when drilling A 356 Aluminum-Silicon alloy with carbide drill
                             Die & Mold high speed milling strategies
                             Evaluating EDM process performance with addition of powders
    GUIDES:                  • Productos for quality control
                             • Broaching tools


    ARTICLES:          Evaluating tool wear when using MQL technique in milling process
                       Machining parameters influence on surface integrity when milling hardened Cr Mo steel
                       Influence of cutting parameters on surface finishing and dimensional tolerance of holes when drilling cast
                       irons using HSS helical drills
    GUIDES:            • Bar feeders for turning machines
                       • Horizontal machining centers
                       • EDM service suppliers
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: Emaqh Exposición Internacional de Máquina Herramienta (Buenos Aires, 25 a 30 de março)

                                                 “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                 METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                       Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011


    PREVIEW:           Feimafe – International Machine Tools Show (May, 23th to 28th)
    ARTICLES:          Turning compacted graphite iron (CGI) using PCD inserts and CO2 as lubricant
                       Cylindrical grinding of ceramics components using diamond wheels and optimized lubrication technique
                       Evaluating HSS drills geometries when drilling aluminum and brass
    GUIDES:            • Sharpening machines
                       • HSM heads
                       • CNC machines maintenance services


    SPECIAL:           Feimafe – International Machine Tools Show (SP, 23 a 28 de maio)
    ARTICLES:          Ti-6Al-4V machinability analysis
                       Machining simulation using Finite Elements


    SPECIAL:                 Tools job shop directory
    ARTICLES:                Circular sawing of stainless and structural steel profiles using carbide and ceramics inserts cutting disks
                             Grinding steel components using MQL technique
                             Cooling system for turning process based on cutting fluid phase change using a tool holder with
                             internal cooling channel
    GUIDES:                  • Vertical lathes supliers
                             • CNC milling machines supliers


    ARTICLES:          Deep hole drilling processes analysis
                       Optimizing nodular cast iron piston rings turning process using special cemented carbide tools
                       HSM performance monitoring system
    GUIDES:            • Sink EDM manufacturers
                       • Diamond indexable inserts
                       • Cutting fluid suppliers
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: Intertooling Brasil – Tooling Technology Show & Congress (SP, July, 14th to 17th)


    SPECIAL Preview:   EMO Hannover 2011 (German, September, 12th to 24th)
    ARTICLES:          Do multitasking machines really improve company competitiveness?
                       Influence of cutting edge preparation on tool wear
                       Using vegetable oil based dielectric fluid in die sinking EDM
    GUIDES:            • Taps
                       • Boring heads
                       • Eliptical turning machines
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: 6ª Ferramental – Mercosul Tooling Show (Curitiba, 17 a 20 de agosto)
                       Febramec – Feira Brasileira Mecânica e Automação Industrial (Caxias do Sul/Brazil, August 9th to 13th)

                                                 “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                 METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                      Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011


    ARTICLES:          Prototype moulds – a comparative study on manufacturing processes
                       Improving aluminum milling process using CO2 as lubricant
                       Residual strength and surface integrity analysis when hard turning cemented steel
    GUIDES:            • Cutting fluids filtering & treatment equipments and services
                       • Tool sharpening shops
                       • Thread rolling machine
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: Intermach 2011 – Metalworking Machinery Show (Joinville/Brazil, September, 2th to 16th)


    ARTICLES:          Machining process monitoring
                       Difficulties in machining titanium alloys limit process productivity improvement
                       Tool performance analysis when milling compacted graphite iron (CGI) with different cutting materials
    GUIDES:            • Wire EDM manufacturers
                       • Lubrificants & equipments for lubrification
                       • Rolling bearings, guides, ball screws and mounted sets
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: Mercopar – Industrial Integration Show (Caxias do Sul/Brazil, October 18th to 21th)


    ARTICLES:          Cutting edge preparation through brushing process improves tool performance
                       Parameterized programming of CNC machines
                       Electrical discharge machining of tungsten carbide using copper-tungsten electrodes
    GUIDES:            • Tool holders systems
                       • Broaching service suppliers
                       • Sawing disks, blades, band suppliers
    EXTRA CIRCULATION: Mecminas – Minas Gerais Metalworking Fair (Belo Horizonte/Brazil, November, 8th to 11th)


    SPECIAL:                 Machining Job Shop Guide
    ARTICLES:                An industrial application of acoustic emission control in grinding
                             Influence of coolant and cutting speed on the quality of holes when drilling AISI H13 Steel
                             High speed external threading of dental implants
    GUIDES:                  • Tool holders systems
                             • CBN indexable inserts suppliers


    SPECIAL:                 II Inventory of CNC machine tools for machining
    ARTICLES:                Surface quality of drilled holes using solid carbide drills
                             Cutting and forming combined in a single tool
                             Cutting forces analysis when turning different steels for plastic injection mould
    GUIDES:                  • Non-ferrous metals manufacturers and dealers
                             • Oil mist collector
                             • HSC cutting tools clamp systems

                                                    “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                    METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                         Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011


                SIZE                    4 COLOURS
                1/1                      4,324.00
                2/3                      3,458.00
                1/2                      2,822.00
                1/3                      2,072.00
                1/4                      1,507.00
                1/6                      1,076.00

    Circulation dates:
    The end of the month of cover

    Closing dates - material:
    5th preceeding month

    Closing dates - insertion orders:
    20th preceeding month

    Digital file – resolution: 300 dpi or higher (at full size) – colour: CMYK – format: TIFF/JPEG/EPS

    1) Frequency discount: 3... 5 = 5%; 6... 8 = 10%; 9 ... 12 = 15%; 13... = 18%
    2) Preferred positions: special positions 15% extra
    3) Agency comissions: 15% on gross billing will be allowed to recognized advertising agencies, on space and position
    4) Payment: 15 days after date invoice.
    5) Translattions: the publisher will undertake translations and typesetting of all ads copy, free of charge. Bear in mind that Portuguese
    copy runs 15% to 18% longer than the English copy.
    6) Cancellations & late material: cancellations and changes in orders will not be accepted after closing dates.
    7) Inserts: please call for rates.
    8) Direct mail services: lists are not available for rent.

    SIZE (cm)

              1/1                   2/3 (vert.)               1/2 (hor.)                1/3 (hor.)

          21,0 x 28,0               12,0 x 25,0              18,0 x 12,0                18,0 x 8,5

                                                     “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                     METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                          Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011

           1/3 (vert.)               1/4 (vert.)               1/6 (vert.)

           6,0 x 25,0                8,5 x 12,0                6,0 x 12,0

    TRANSLATIONS: The publisher will undertake translation and typesetting of all ads copy, free of charge. Bear in mind that Portuguese
    copy runs 15% to 18% longer than the English copy.


    Our magazines are produced with computer-to-plate technology for all printed material, and advertisers must supply digital files,
    according to the following specifications.

    Platform: PC

    Media: by e-mail (to, size limit 10 Mb), CD or Zip disk, with matchprint proof (SWOP preferred, www.swop.

    1. PDF, should be distilled using Press Quality job options. Ensure all links are valid and images are 300 dpi CMYK tiffs or eps. Set the
    PDF compatibility to Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3). Object level compression should be off, binding left, resolution of 2400 dpi. Down sample
    CMYK images over 330 dpi to 300 dpi. Use ZIP or CCITT compression, never JPEG. Embed all fonts. Change color settings to color
    management OFF and preserve transfer functions.

    2. TIFF, 300 dpi minimum, CMYK for color ads, grayscale for B/W ads. Turn color management off and uncheck ICC profiles. Do not use
    jpeg compression.

    3. EPS, convert all fonts to outlines. Use only CMYK images. Do not trap colors.

    4. NATIVE, PageMaker, InDesign and Quark files are accepted, but may require additional time for processing. Include all fonts, images
    and a file list/report.
    File name: write proper file extensions in the file name (.PDF, .TIF, .EPS, .QXD, .PMD, etc.). Do not use forward slashes, backslashes or
    quote marks in file name.

    Mechanica: trim size is 210 x 280 mm. Extend all bleeds 5 mm past trim. Keep all essential material 10 mm from trim. Total density
    maximum <280%. Trapped files are not accepted. All color images must be 300 dpi CMYK tiff or eps with color management/embedded
    ICC Profiles OFF. Color cannot be guaranteed if any images must be converted to CMYK from other modes such as RGB or LAB. Unless
    otherwise requested, disks will be discarded.

    Color proofs: at 100% with crop marks must accompany all electronic files.

    Contract-quality color proofs matching SWOP standards (Matchprint, Kodak Approval, Cromalin) are preferred and required for color
    guidance on press. Laser or inkjet printouts may be accepted for content only. If color is not critical, and no color proof will be submitted
    for press guidance, the information must be in writing.

    Register marks: film for color ads should have four centered register marks identical in each color located approximately 10 mm outside
    the “live” area of the ad. Where ads are less than full page (non-bleed) it may be necessary for the printer to remove the register marks
    before plating. Any removal of register marks required for page form assembly is the responsibility of the printer. Register marks should
    include solid lines at least 5 mm long on both axes. The lines should be precisely the same width (thickness) in each color.

                                                  “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                  METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                                     Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011


    EDITORIAL                                     ADVERTISING STAFF                             ADMINISTRATION

    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                               DIRECTOR                                      FINANCIAL DIRECTOR
    Mr. José Roberto Gonçalves                    Mr. Sílvio Paulo da Silva                     Mr. Edgard Laureano da Cunha Jr.                             

    EDITOR                                        MANAGER                                       PRODUCTION
    Mrs. Amália Ponce                             Mr. Paulo José Ferreira Azevedo               Mrs. Ana Paula Pereira da Silva                                 
    TECHNICAL EDITOR                              SALES REPRESENTATIVE
    Mr. Alexandre Tadeu Simon                     Mrs. Claudia Silva                                         Mr. Clayton Santos Delfino
                                                  Mrs. Ivete Pinheiro Lobo            
    STAFF WRITER                        
    Mrs. Denise Marson                            Mr. Alexandre Rodrigues             
    Mr. Emanuel Galdino
    Mrs. Sheila Moreira

                                                     INTERNATIONAL SALES OFFICES

                                                                         EDDIE KANIA
    Hangzhou Oversea Advertising Ltd                                     Robert G Horsfield
    55-3-703 Guan Lane, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310003, China                 Daisy Bank, Chinley
    Tel: +86-571-87063843                                                Hig Peaks , SK23 6DA
    Fax: +1-928-752-6886 (retrievable worldwide)

                                                                         IMP InterMedia Partners
    ITALY                                                                Ms. Sabine Schött
    QUAINI Pubblicità                                                    In der Fleute 46
    Ms. Graziella Quaini                                                 42389 Wuppertal
                                                                         Tel.: +49 202 27169 13
    Via Meloria 7 – 20148 Milan
                                                                         Fax: +49 202 27169 20
    Tel.: +39 2 39216180 – Fax.: +39 2 39217082                

                                                   “BRAZIL’S LEADING
                                                   METALWORKING MAGAZINE”

                                                                                              Magazine Máquinas e Metais - MediaKit 2011

                                                    INTERNATIONAL SALES OFFICES

    KOREA                                                          JAPAN
    JES Media International                                        ACE Media Service
    Mr. Young-Seoh Chinn                                           Mr. Akio Ishii
    2nd fl., Ana Building 257-1, Myungli-Dong, Kanodong-Gu Seoul   12-6-4 chome, Nishiiko, Adashi-ku
    134-070                                                        Tokyo 121
    Tel.: +82 2 481-3411 – Fax: +82 2 481-3414                     Tel.: +81 3 5691-3335                                          Fax: +81 3 5691-3336

    Taiwan Worldwide Services Co. Ltd.
    Ms. Robert Yu                                                  SWITZERLAND
    11F-2, No 540 Wen Hsin Road, Section 1, Taichung, 408          Dormann Media Consultant Marketing
    Tel.: +886 4 2325 1784 – Fax: +886 4 2325 2967                 Mr. Rico Dormann                                               Moosstrasse 7
                                                                   CH-8803 Rüschlikon
                                                                   Tel.: +41 1 720 85 50
                                                                   Fax: +41 1 721 14 74
    Ms. Fabiana Rezak
    2911 Joyce Lane – Merrick , NY 11561
    Tel.: +1 516 858 4327 – Fax: +1 516 868 0607
    Cell phone: + 1 516 476 5568                                        UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                   Ms. Apple Lee
                                                                   2 Durham Road, Charfield, Wotton-under-edge,
                                                                   Gloucestershire, GL12 8TH
                                                                   Tel.: +44 1454 260300
                                                                   Mobile: +44 7891 804196


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