; FFRF Honorary Board members eye 2011
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FFRF Honorary Board members eye 2011


My new book, Never Say Die: The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age, will be published by Pantheon in February. I would describe it as a reason-based and evidence-based look at old age, in contrast to the "age is just a number" propaganda that surrounds us all. If I'm going to be anywhere near Madison on my book tour, I'll let you know.On the Jan. 19 "Colbert Report," the host asked [Ron Reagan], "How can you live in the house of God and grow up to be an atheist?"The documentary "The Music Never Stopped" at the 201 1 Sundance Film Festival was based on [Oliver Sacks, M.D.]' story "The Last Hippie," which was one of seven told in his 1995 book An Anthropologist on Mars.

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