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Kingston University connecting with local people                                                                               September 2010

Kingston University is committed to being a truly civic university     Being a good neighbour is a priority, and that means keeping in
for the people of the town and the region. We are working to           touch. Communicate is a regular newsletter that lets you know
improve our facilities to provide a range of education and cultural    about our plans for the University and gives you a voice in how
opportunities for the benefit of our University community, including   the University evolves.
students, staff and local residents.

Open meeting                                                           Student accommodation
                                                                       We are still looking at all the possible options for providing much-
 Thank you to all of you who came along to the residents’ open         needed additional residential accommodation for students, and will
 meeting back in June at our Penrhyn Road campus. You all said         continue to keep you up to date with any news.
 that you found it useful being able to discuss issues face-to-face
 with our University staff.
 You told us that it can sometimes be noisy living near halls of
 residence, and that cars sometimes speed in Burney Avenue.
 You were also concerned that this would happen more frequently
 if we installed a multi-use games area (MUGA) on site. We have
 received permission to instal a MUGA subject to a number
 of planning conditions and we are assessing the viability of
 proceeding with the project. In the meantime we are also looking
 into ways we might help with traffic issues.
 We address our students at the start of each year to remind
 them of their social responsibility when living in or near
 residential areas, and we continue to work with our neighbours,
 the Council and the Safer Neighbourhood Team to encourage
 our students to keep the noise down at night.

 Next opeN meetINg
 Our next open meeting will be Thursday 14 October, 7pm for a
 7.30pm start, in the meeting zone on the ground floor of the John
 Galsworthy building, Penrhyn Road campus (ask at reception
 for directions). If you would like to attend, please contact Daisy
 Addison. E: T: 020 8417 3275

                                                                       Clayhill – Student Donations Scheme
                                                                       Students who live in Kingston University halls of residence
                                                                       donated their unwanted ‘stuff’ to charity using our award-winning
                                                                       End of Term Halls Donation Scheme, which runs every summer.

                                                                       All donations are sorted into categories such as ‘kitchenware’
                                                                       or ‘electrical’ and are collected by local charities and beneficiary
                                                                       groups to re-use or sell. The donations are equally distributed
                                                                       among around 15 beneficiaries such as Cancer Research
                                                                       Surbiton or Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness.

                                                                       The scheme is excellent for two reasons: first and foremost it
                                                                       provides much-needed extra donations which go towards raising
                                                                       money for vital research. Secondly, it fits in with University’s ethos
                                                                       around recycling.

                                                                       In 2009, over 6 tonnes of quality second-hand goods were
                                                                       collected and re-used.
Wheel boost for JUNe
This June, 69 Kingston University staff            Your University
took part in the Transport for London Cycle
Challenge, logging all the miles they cycled      book a kINgstoN UNIversIty veNUe                       hogsmIll rIver sprINg cleaN
during one month. The Kingston team               for yoUr fUNctIoN                                      At the Hogsmill river spring clean, Kingston
clocked up a combined mileage of 10,828           If you are a charity or a local neighbourhood          University students and staff could be seen
miles, burning 433,114 calories and saving        association, we may be able to help you by             dressed in waders and gloves, and armed
2.82 tonnes of CO2 as a result of not using       providing a complementary room for your                with litter pickers, clearing the river and its
other means of transport.                         event. In addition, we have a range of great           banks of rubbish.
                                                  facilities suitable for private events at Dorich
The University has over 700 well-used cycle       House and on some of our campuses.                     In total, the volunteers hauled out around
parking spaces, with plans for more.                                                                     10 sacks of rubbish.
                                                  Please telephone the Conference Office to
                                                  discuss your needs on 020 8417 5519 or
                                                  or visit

                                                  let yoUr spare room or property
                                                  Kingston University offers a complete
                                                  accommodation service for landlords. You
                                                  can let a room in your home to a Kingston
                                                  student and earn up to £4,250 tax-free per
                                                  year. Or, if you have a whole property to let,
                                                  you can potentially have your rental income
                                                  guaranteed by letting through the University.
                                                  Call us on 020 8417 3829 to find out more.

 If you require this document in an alternative format (eg large print) please contact Deirdre Ferrier (see below).

please keep IN toUch                              reportINg INcIDeNts
          If you have any comments, ideas or      Kingston University is committed to encouraging a ‘good neighbours’ relationship with the local
          questions, please return the attached   community. We expect high standards from our students and if high spirits turn into anti-social behaviour,
          form or contact Deirdre Ferrier.        we have a sophisticated and effective disciplinary code and mechanism. However, for any incidents
          We look forward to hearing from you     occurring on the public highway you must contact the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team; the
          and working with you.                   University’s security team has no power to intervene except on University premises. If the parties
                                                  concerned are on the Clayhill premises, please contact Clayhill halls of residence during the day or the
Deirdre ferrier                                   University security control room between the hours of 7pm–7am.
Communications Officer
T: 020 8417 3133
E:                  University switchboard                                 to report antisocial behaviour/noise
                                                  T: 020 8417 9000                                       on the public highway
Kingston University                                                                                      Local police (your Safer Neighbourhood Team)
River House                                       University security control room                       T: 0300 123 1212
53–57 High Street                                 T: 020 8547 8182 (24 hours)                  
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 1LQ                                    to report noisy neighbours in private                  to report problem behaviour on
                                                  accommodation                                          the clayhill premises                 Environmental Health                                   Grosvenor Facilities’ Management at Clayhill
                                                  T: 020 8547 5536                                       T: 020 8390 3471
                                                  E:            Between 7pm–7am calls are transferred
                                                  You can also contact the letting agent/landlord        to University security.
                                                  if you know who they are.
                                                                                                         for serious incidents
                                                  to report neighbours in a property managed by          Call 999 to ensure a rapid response.
Designed and printed by Kingston University       the University (known as ‘headed tenancy’)
River House, 53–57 High Street,                   Kingston University Accommodation Services
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 1LQ              T: 020 8417 3828 (during office hours)

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