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									                                                              AAA SCHOOL 2009 - Cape Town
                                                          AMASA MEDIA MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM
                                                           TUESDAY AND THURSDAY : 17H30-19H30

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                                      Date:                 3/10/2011 15:30
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                                       Month      Day     Date                                      Topic
                                                                                   An Introduction to Media Strategy
                                      June     Tues     2nd      Developing a standpoint for media
                                                                 Brief Project: "Day in the Life" (5% of Yearmark)
                                      June     Thurs    4th      SA Media Overview
                                      June     Tues     9th      Concepts of media planning
                                      June     Thurs    11th     Media qualities and the mix
                                      June     Tues     16th     Defining the target market
                                      June     Thurs    18th     Reading computer runs
                                                                 Hand in "Day in the Life" project
                                      June     Tues     23rd     Media Research
                                                                                       Preparing the Media Strategy
                                      July     Thurs    25th     Magazines Overview
                                      July     Tues     30th     Magazines Theory
                                      July     Thurs    2nd      Newspapers
                                      July     Tues     7th      Television
                                      July     Thu      9th      Television
                                               Tues     14th     2nd Hour: Television (Pay TV Perspective)
                                                                 1st Hour: Television (Mass TV Perspective)

                                      July     Thurs    16th     Television
                                                                 Brief Television Project (5% of Yearmark)
                                               Tues     21st     Radio Intro

                                      July     Thurs    23rd     Radio
                                               Tues     28th     Cinema
                                               Thurs    30th     Test 1 (15% of Yearmark)
                                      Aug      Tues     4th      No Lecture - time to work on TV Projects
                                               Thurs    6th      Relationship Marketing
                                                                 Hand in Television Project
                                               Tues     11th     On-line/Digital
                                               Thurs    13th     Outdoor
                                               Tues     18th     Sponsorships
                                      Aug      Thurs    20th     Alternative Media
                                               Tues     25th     Creativity in Media
                                               Thurs    27th     Revision
                                                                 Team Project "Thinking out of the Box" (10% of Yearmark)
                                      Sept     Tues     1st      Test 2 (15% of Yearmark)

                                                                                              The Media Strategy
                                      Sept     Thurs    4th      Developing a strategy
                                      Sept     Tues     8th      Developing a strategy
                                      Sept     Thurs    10th     Reading Rate Cards & Telmar exercises
                                               Tues     15th     Hand in: "Thinking out of the Box" project
                                                                 Brief in Client Project (20% of Yearmark)
                                               Thurs    17th     The Media Plan
                                               Tues     22nd     Media Strategy Case Study
                                               Thurs    24th     No lecture - public holiday
                                               Tues     29th     Presentation skills
                                      Oct      Thurs    1st      Presentation skills
                                               Tues     6th      48 Hour Consumer
                                               Thurs    8th      Media Buying Overview
                                               Tues     13th     No Lecture - prep time for Group Project
                                               Thurs    15th     Presentation of Projects
                                               Tues     20th     Media Strategy Case Study
                                               Thurs    22nd     Media Strategy Case Study
                                               Tues     27th     Revision
                                               Thurs    29th     Revision
                                               Sat      31st     Final Year Exam (25% of Yearmark) 09:00-12:00

                                                    Please note professional conduct will count 5% towards final mark.
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