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Meat Processing
  Animal Science
   Lynn Knipe
Associate Professor
        Why Pre-Rigor Meat?
   Bloom color shelf-life
     • enhanced with rapid chilling (CO2)
         of meat pre-rigor
     • product appears leaner
     • main reason pre-rigor pork is used
   Increased Water-Holding
      Capacity (WHC) & Firmness
     • ability to retain water during cutting,
      grinding, cooking, chewing, etc.
             Rigor Mortis
   stiffness of death
   convert muscle to meat
   muscles contract – with no
    - delay of onset – time for pre-
      rigor (hot) boning/salting
   pH decline from 7.0 to 5.6
   reach iso-electric point
       • minimum WHC
Delay of Onset of Rigor
 Species       Hours
  Beef         6–12
  Lamb         6–12
  Pork         1/4–3
 Turkey         <1
 Chicken       < 1/2
   Fish         <1
       Pre-Rigor Processing
   Prevent “roll back” at grinder.
    - Counter flow in
      barrel causes
      smearing damage
      to hot meat.
    - Reduce auger speed.
    - Increase number of
      cutting blades.
    - Change pitch & reduce clearance
      between auger and barrel.
    Pre-Rigor Processing
   Rapid chilling using CO2
     • salt and CO2 in contact
      with hot meat within 90
      minutes postmortem
Fresh Sausage Links
    Postmortem Effects on WHC
   Net charge effect
    - repulsion or
      attraction of
      magnetic poles
    - iso-electric
     • pH 5.1–5.3

    Postmortem Effects on WHC
   Actomyosin       Contraction
                 formation (lower)
     • reduced WHC
Effect of Fat Content on
 Fresh Sausage Color

10%          20%           30%
    Pre-rigor Sausage Lab
Paired pork shoulders
   obtained from slaughter
   line after final wash.
 One shoulder deboned

   within 90 minutes post
 Coarse ground, w/2% salt,

   3% water & CO2 added
   Matching shoulder allowed
     to complete rigor process
     (24 hrs.), before deboning
     and adding salt.
   Both batches final ground,
     spices and seasonings
     added, product linked,
     trayed, overwrapped, and

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