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Conference & Roundtables                               Atlanta, October 15-16, 2008

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n    SMA occurs in about 1 in every 6,000 births.

n    Approximately 1 in 40 individuals carry the gene that causes SMA.

n Nearly 70% of children who receive this diagnosis do not live past their
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n Those who survive longer are robbed of their ability to swallow, breathe unassisted,
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Madisyn Kemp                                                             Saharrah Millet Hall-Jefferson
         Welcome to EXECUTING SOCIAL MEDIA, Atlanta, 2008
Having spent most of my career in one of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, I know how
important it is to not be blind-sided by something new. Especially when a client or your boss brings
up the subject.

The Executing Social Media Conference & Workshops series is dedicated to arming attendees with
ammunition, ideas, trends, understanding and practical advice they can start using the first week
back in the office.

As you know, at the heart of social media are the words conversation and relationships. Please make an extra effort
these two days to be extra “social” as we talk about the new “media.” There's no better place to float problems and
issues that are bugging you than in a conference of peers. It's amazing how often you'll find someone else struggling
with the same thing.

Communitelligence wants you to leave Atlanta with ideas, and friends, that will allow you to “execute” with more
knowledge and confidence when you get back to the real world. Remember the Communitelligence motto: All of us are
smarter than one of us. Have a great conference!

John Gerstner, President, Communitelligence Inc.,, Twitter: jgerst

Where to find things during and after the conference:         Take the Social Media Resistance Survey

Speaker powerpoints and handouts                                                            As part of the Executing
Go to the Communitelligence Documents Exchange                                              Social Media conference
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                                                                                            Technology Management
Day 1 Social Shuffle Discussion Notes:                                                      (CTM), is conducting the first
Choose Community Drop Down in the header of                   ongoing research to determine the degree, key sources and select the                          and trends in resistance to the new social media
Technology/Social Media Community, or go directly to:         technologies by organizations.
=10&maj=Technology/Social%20Media. (Please volunteer          Dr. Francis Pereira, Director of Industry Research at the
to take notes (preferably on a laptop)                        Institute for Communication Technology (CTM) will be
                                                              sharing preliminary results during the afternoon Social
You can also connect with your conference peers, see          Shuffle Roundtable Discussions. Please take the survey
photos & videos on:                                           as soon as you can, if you haven’t already.

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                                    Day 1: October 15, 2008 - Morning

              AT&T Midtown Center, 675 West Peachtree Street, NW, Atlanta, Georgia

8:30-8:45     n   Susan Scott, Lead Consultant Internal Communications, AT&T
              n   John Gerstner, President, Communitelligence, Inc.
              n   Nathan Gilliatt, Principal, Social Target LLC and Conference Moderator:

              Track 1: UNDERSTANDING

              Social media tools have dramatically changed internal communications and collaboration, marketing, media relations,
8:45-9:15     public relations and advertising. This opening session will be a comprehensive overview of everything you need to
              know about the new media landscape, and the opportunities and risks presented by the new technologies, including
              blogging, podcasting, RSS, YouTube, Twitter, social networks, and virtual communities. You'll learn how each of these
              work and how to put them to work in your organization if that makes sense.

              n   Presenter: Jim Anderson, Chief Product Officer, Vitrue

              Case Study: Riding A Blue Wave: Implementing Social Media Inside IBM
              n   Michelle Marple Thomas, Communications CIO’s Office, IBM

10:00-10:15   BREAK

              Panel: Integrating Social Media with Traditional Media: What's Working - What's Not?

              n   Moderator: Grayson Daughters, Founder, WaySouth Media
              n   Eli Wendkos, Product Manager - Social Media and Messaging, (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
              n   Dave Coustan, Vice President, Digital, Edelman Digital

              Social Shuffle Roundtable Discussions

              Back by popular demand, this is the "unconference" part of Executing Social Media. Built on the Communitelligence
              slogan, "All of Us Are Smarter Than One of Us," in this session, experts will lead discussions intended to surface
              real-world issues and solutions that can be executed back in the office next week.

              Roundtable Discussion #1                Roundtable Discussion #2                Roundtable Discussion #3
11:15-12:00   With whom and where in the              Should employees be allowed to use      How do you protect your brand from
              organization should the responsibili-   the social networking sites like        a negative blog wildfire, and how do
              ty for deploying social media be        Facebook & YouTube at work? What        you fight back if it happens? On the
              placed - and how are the programs       is the best employee social media       positive side, how can social media
              best coordinated?                       policy?                                 tools be used for crisis
              Leader: Nathan Gilliatt, Social         Leader: Jack Holt, Department of
              Target                                  Defense                                 Leader: TBA
                                 Day 1: October 15, 2008 - Afternoon
             LUNCHEON KEYNOTE: Corporate Communications Inside Out
             n Joel Postman, Principal of Socialized, and author of SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate, to be published
             by New Riders in November, 2008

             Track 2: COLLABORATING

             What's hot on the Internet eventually finds its way inside organizations. This session surveys the way companies are
1:30-2:00    using wikis, podcasts, online video and intranet social networks to allow employees to connect, communicate and

             n   Presenter: Michael Thomas, Director of CRM and Social Media Strategies, Neighborhood America

             Case Study: Building Up and Maximizing the Corporate Community
             n   Al Comeaux, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Sabre Holdings

2:45-3:00    BREAK

             Panel: Bringing Social Media Inside - Challenges and Opportunities

             n   Moderator: Dan Greenfield, Principal, Bernaise Source Media
             n   Jack Holt, Chief of New Media Operations, Department of Defense
                     Social Media/New Media and Business as Usual: Reframing the Discussion

             n   Russell Castronovo, Director of New and Social Media, Sun Microsystems
                    Internet Radio: Written Words Are Not Enough

             Roundtable Discussion #4                Roundtable Discussion #5                Roundtable Discussion #6
             How are social media tools being        What are the best processes to gain     What are some best practices
             used beyond marketing and PR?           management support for social           around intranets to improve employ-
             What is working in the areas of         media programs? Are authenticity        ee engagement?
4:00-4:45    employee communication,                 and transparency just catchphrases?
             collaboration, customer feedback
             and product innovation, etc.?           Leader: Doyle Albee, Metzger            Leader: Al Comeaux, Sabre
                                                     Associates                              Holdings
             Leader: Michael Thomas,
             Neighborhood America

             Strategic Wrap-up
             Highlights of Day 1 by the moderator and attendees

             Evening Networking Reception, Book Signing and Dinearounds at some of Atlanta's favorite restaurants

             Booksigning Reception for Day 2 Keynote, Rohit Bhargava from 6-7:30 at Borders Books in Bucktown, 3637
             Peachtree Rd. NE., (404) 237-0707 (taxi or take MARTA to Lenox Station).

             Dinearound signup sheets for nearby restaurants will be available Day 1.
                                    Day 2: October 16, 2008 - Morning


              n   Conference Moderator: Nathan Gilliatt, Principal, Social Target LLC

              Track 3: LISTENING

              Every sound social media starts with a well thought out plan for listening to what's being said about an organization
              on all channels. There are many new and sophisticated tools for monitoring the blogosphere, but you can start on a

              Control Your Online FATE (Find, Analyze, Track & Enlighten)

              n   Presenter: Doyle Albee, President and New Media Practice Director, Metzger Associates

              Case Study: Embarq
              n   Linda O'Neill, General Manager, Customer Operations, Embarq

10:00-10:15   NETWORKING BREAK

              Panel: How to Stay On Top of What's Being Said About You - And React On A Dime

              n   Moderator: Paul Dyer, Managing Director, COi New Media

10:15-11:15   n   Scott O. Seydel, Director, Interactive Marketing, American Cancer Society Navigating Social Media
                      Navigating Social Media
              n   Sara Stutzenstein, Public Relations Manager, Cisco
              n   Debbie Curtis-Magley, Manager of Corporate PR, UPS
                      UPS's experience with online monitoring and blogger engagement

              Roundtable Discussion #7:                Roundtable Discussion #8                 Roundtable Discussion #9
              What are some simple and cost-           What are the basics of creating a        What are the best ways to measure
              effective methods of listening to        social media listening program for       the ROI of social media programs?
11:15-12:00   conversations about your company         your organization?                       What are the latest tools and trends?
              on the blogosphere?
                                                       Leader: TBA                              Leader: Josh Hallett, Voce
              Leader: TBA
                                 Day 2: October 16, 2008 - Afternoon
             LUNCHEON KEYNOTE: Seven Social Media Habits of Highly Effective Brands
             n   Rohit Bhargava, Author, Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity--And How Great
                     Brands Get It Back.

             Track 4: TALKING

             Some companies are well down the learning curve on deploying the new media tools to build their brand, expand
             market share, and even gather invaluable market research by forming online customer communities. In this track,
             we'll be focusing on the basics of formulating a strategy, executing and measuring results.

             n   Presenter: Chris Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer, Definition 6
                     Making Social Media Really Work

             Case Study: Integrate Emerging Media Into A Traditional Brand To Reach New Audiences
             n   Paula Drum, Vice President Marketing, H&R Block

2:45-3:00    BREAK

             Panel: Using Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs and Online Communities to Achieve PR & Marketing Goals

             n   Moderator: Chuck Hester, Corporate Communications Director, iContact
             n   Josh Hallett, New Media Strategist, Voce Communications (Client: Sony Playstation)
             n   Dave Santucci, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Georgia Aquarium
             n   Nick Ayres, Interactive Marketing Manager, Home Depot

             Roundtable Discussion #10               Roundtable Discussion #11              Roundtable Discussion #12
             What are some key learnings to          How do you use Social Media to         Attendees' choice
             consider when integrating new and       develop your personal and
             tradition media into your programs?     professional brand – examples          Leader: TBA
4:00:4:45                                            include use of LinkedIn for boosting
             Leader: Jack Holt, Department of        brand equity and also garnering
             Defense                                 media coverage.

                                                     Leader: Chuck Hester, iContact

             Strategic Wrap-up
4:45- 5:00
             Highlights of Day 1 & recap by the moderator and attendees

Please Thank Our Supporting Sponsors
                               Keynote Speakers & Conference Moderator
                               Joel Postman, Principal of Socialized, and author of SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate, to be
                               published by New Riders in November, 2008
                               Joel Postman is the principal of Socialized, a consultancy that helps companies make effective use of
                               social media in public relations, marketing and corporate communications. Joel is a recognized author-
                               ity on public relations, social media and executive communications. His background includes nearly a
                               decade of Fortune 500 communications leadership, with three years at Hewlett-Packard, four years as
                               the speechwriter to the CEO of Sun Microsystems, and experience in print and broadcast news. Prior
                               to launching Socialized, he was EVP for Emerging Media at Eastwick, a mid-sized Silicon Valley tech
                               PR agency. Joel has a degree in communications, and holds several technology patents.

Corporate Communications Inside Out

Social media has clearly made its impact in corporate communications, and now that the dust is settling , we are moving into a new
phase. The transitions that affect social media corporate communications are:

n   Speed > Brevity
n   Participation > Chaos
n   Letting Go > Taking Back
n   Engagement > Doing Business
n   Wild Wild West > The Civilized World.

In this presentation, Joel will talk about the implications of these five transitions, and the new “inside out” communications. It is a
world in which corporate communicators can play a role, have influence, and manage to best advantage, but which is totally unpre-
dictable and not manageable with conventional branding, marketing and business strategy.

                                                           Rohit Bhargava, Author, Personality Not Included
Rohit is a founding member of the pioneering 360 Digital Influence team at Ogilvy and author of the award-
        winning new marketing book Personality Not Included, an entertaining and useful guide to using your
personality in marketing. He also publishes the Influential Marketing blog, which is currently ranked among
 the top 50 marketing blogs in the world, and has been featured as an expert in global media including The
     Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and MarketingChina. He is widely recognized across the marketing
   industry (and on Wikipedia) for inventing the concept of Social Media Optimization (SMO) on his blog. In
  addition to leading marketing strategy for some of Ogilvy's largest clients, Rohit is also a frequent industry
      keynote speaker at digital, marketing and public relations events around the world with upcoming 2008
    appearances in Singapore, London, Kiev, Toronto and more than dozen cities across the US. He lives in
  Washington DC. Personality Not Included is Rohit's first book and is published internationally by McGraw-
   Hill and will be translated into five languages by 2009. The book has received significant early praise and
                                      features a forward by bestselling author and entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki.

                                                                                Seven Social Media Habits of Highly Effective Brands

            When it comes to social media, what are the smartest brands doing with social media and what lessons are they learning?
                                           In this session, social media expert and author of Personality Not Included, Rohit Bhargava,
                             will give you some inside tips on how to get your organization smarter about social media -- whether you
                                                        are just starting out, or aiming to take your social media efforts to the next level.

                          Nathan Gilliatt, Principal, Social Target LLC and Conference Moderator
                          Nathan Gilliatt is the principal of Social Target, a research and consulting firm focused on helping companies
                          establish social media intelligence capabilities and management practices. Nathan is a recognized expert in
                          the social media analysis market and the author of the Guide to Social Media Analysis, the worldwide
                          buyer’s guide to tools and services for listening to social media. Nathan specializes in making connections
                          across functional boundaries, taking advantage of a background that includes both technology and business
                          management roles in research, education and corporate environments. A graduate of Dartmouth College,
                          Nathan also holds an M.A. in communications management from the Annenberg School for Communication
                          at the University of Southern California. Nathan blogs at The Net-Savvy Executive.
                                                     Speakers - Day 1
                                    Jim Anderson, Chief Product Officer, Vitrue
                                    Jim Anderson is Vitrue's Chief Product Officer. Anderson has nearly 20 years of experience and a
                                    successful track record of leading development teams to collaborate with sales, marketing, and
                                    other constituents to deliver successful consumer applications. At Vitrue, he guides the
                                    company's software team through the rapid implementation of its next generation of products and
                                    services. Prior to joining Vitrue, Anderson spent nine years with EarthLink (formerly MindSpring),
                                    one of the nation's leading Internet Service Providers. He helped the company grow from
                                    250,000 subscribers to more than 5 million. His most recent role was Vice President of Product
                                    Development, and in that capacity he led a variety of application development, core infrastruc-
                                    ture, QA, and other teams to develop many of EarthLink's customer-facing applications: Web
                                    mail, account management, the personal support center, and the Total Access client software. He
                                    also maintained responsibility for EarthLink's authentication and mail infrastructure. While at
                                    EarthLink, Anderson also held VP of Broadband and Director of Marketing Programs positions.
                                    He led the launch of MindSpring's consumer DSL product, a service that as part of EarthLink
                                    grew to over one million customers. Prior to joining EarthLink, Jim spent eight years as an
                                    engineering consultant, working with the manufacturing arm of consumer brands such as Procter
                                    & Gamble and Georgia-Pacific. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from
                                    Georgia Tech.

                                                 Michelle Marple Thomas, Communications CIO’s Office, IBM
Michele Marple Thomas, trained in communications, has spent the better part of the last 15 years working in IT
    for both Motorola and IBM. She has written articles and communications for vice presidents and CEO’s and
    her marketing work for IBM has won both national and international awards. During her 10-year tenure with
       IBM, Michele has worked in both marketing and communications. Her most recent post has been with the
   Office of the CIO, where she manages the strategy, planning, and development of communications about the
  IBM workplace. Using and encouraging the adoption of social media tools within the workplace is a key piece
of Michele’s role. In addition to an undergraduate degree in English, Michele also holds a master’s degree from
                                                   Duke University. Michele is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

                                                          Case Study: Riding A Blue Wave: Implementing Social Media Inside IBM

 In this session participants will learn how IBM has adapted many of the social media tools used on the Internet to fit the needs of its
employees internally. We’ll discuss the tools that are being used, why IBM has moved in this direction for its workplace, as well as the
                                                                                                 benefits and challenges of doing so.

                                                                                            What tools is IBM adopting internally? n
                                                                                     Why is IBM adopting social media internally? n
                                                  What are the challenges and benefits of using social media inside an enterprise? n

                                  Grayson Daughters, Founder, WaySouth Media
                                  Grayson Daughters is the founder of WaySouth Media, Inc., an Atlanta-based company devoted to
                                  producing and promoting new media. Daughters honed her mainstream media credentials with
                                  almost 20-years of experience in network broadcast journalism, editorial writing and corporate
                                  communications. In the last few years, she’s left the comforts and confines of the mainstream and
                                  has taken a journey down the social media trail. She not only plans and executes social media
                                  strategies (driven by original video content) for a diverse client base, she avidly contributes to new
                                  media projects herself, such as The Huffington Post's Off The Bus political initiative and CNN's
                                  iReport. Daughters blogs at and is co-creator of the
                                  webisodes. While almost always online, Daughters continues to consume, and contribute to, print
                                  and Big TV media products.
                                                        Speakers - Day 1
          Eli Wendkos, Product Manager, Social Media and Messaging, (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
             Eli Wendkos is Product Manager for Social Media & Messaging at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
                     Eli’s responsibilities include managing the AJC’s video, mobile, and social media platforms.
                         Eli helps guide the AJC’s emerging media platforms and products and serves as a SME
                     in social media, mobile, and video across all divisions of the AJC. Prior to joining the AJC,
                    Eli was a Product Manager at The Weather Channel Interactive, with varying responsibilities
                                                                           from vertical content channels to R&D.

                                                                                                   LOOP Roundtable

                                                                                        Listening, Openness, Ongoing Inquiry, Participation

                                                                   These tactics will change the way your business connects with people.

                                                                                                              How our world has changed n
                                                                                                                       Who your users are n
                                                                                                             Tactics to interact with users n

                            Michael Thomas, Director of CRM and Social Media Strategies, Neighborhood America
                            Michael Thomas is Director of CRM & Social Media Strategies with Neighborhood America. Michael's
                            speaking engagements are designed to eliminate the ambiguity surrounding social media, and to share
                            successful strategies that have delivered results for Neighborhood America's customers. Session
                            attendees learn the secrets to launching their own successful online customer communities, tie mobile to
                            social media activities, and realize profitable returns from social media strategies. In 2004, Michael was
                            honored with CRM Magazine's Most Influential Leader Award. Michael is the national president and board
                            member of the Customer Relationship Management Association and co-hosts Technology for Business
                            Sake, a weekly radio show focused on the SMB business segment. Prior to joining Neighborhood America,
                            Michael gained 20 years of technology sales and management experience working for ADP, Oracle
                            Corporation and PeopleSoft.

                                                   Al Comeaux, SVP of Corporate Communications, Sabre Holdings
     Al Comeaux is senior vice president of Corporate Communications for Sabre Holdings, where he directs media
 relations, employee communications, and corporate social responsibility. In this role, he has helped Sabre through
  rapid workforce globalization and major large acquisitions, including the purchase of Sabre by private equity firms
    Silver Lake Partners and TPG. In Comeaux’s previous role as vice president of public relations at Travelocity, he
      directed all public relations activity for the online travel agency. In that role, he repositioned Travelocity’s public
   relations from technology-based messaging to travel-related messaging, including building an extensive program
to merchandise the brand’s travel expertise. Prior to Travelocity, Comeaux worked for American Airlines, where his
    various positions included leading the airline’s public relations initiatives in Europe and managing its labor public
             relations activity. Before joining American, Comeaux worked for Conway & Company Public Relations in
 Washington, D.C., and as press secretary for U.S. Rep. F.I. Sunia. Comeaux has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Manship
                                                                                             School of Journalism at Louisiana State University.

                                                               Case Study: Building Up and Maximizing the Corporate Community n
                                                       Speakers - Day 1
                                                             Dan Greenfield, Principal, Bernaise Source Media
      Dan Greenfield is a veteran communications executive and principal of Bernaise Source Media. Dan has
more than 20 years of communications experience working with small and Fortune 1000 corporations, elected
      officials and political candidates, and non-profit organizations. Standing at the intersection of Main Street
  (consumer), Wall Street (financial), K Street (policy and public affairs) and Sand Hill Road (technology), Dan
   helps organizations translate overall business goals into specific communications strategies that reach their
 targeted stakeholders. An award-winning video producer and industry blogger, Dan can help navigate clients
   through the complex world of traditional and new media. Dan also understands that tools are important, but
                                   that they must be placed in the context of an overall communications strategy.

Jack Holt, Chief of New Media Operations, Department of Defense
Jack Holt is the Chief of New Media Operations for the Department of Defense. He has prior active duty service with the National
Guard at the National Guard Bureau and deployments to Operation Joint Guard in Hungary - Croatia - Bosnia and Operation
Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. His previous civilian assignments have been with DoD Press Operations Media Outreach and the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as the media officer for the Huntsville Center. Holt has earned an M.A. in Communication from the
University of Oklahoma and a B.B.A. in Management from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Social Media/New Media and Business as Usual: Reframing the Discussion

A discussion on the new dynamics of the Global Information Environment, the convergence of information media, the business of
"NEWS," and how it all affects the public's access to information and the government's ability to turn that information into knowledge
and understanding.

n   Reframing the disucssion to overcome resistance
n   Targeting audiences in the new global information environment
n   Examples of how these tools helped the DoD bring context to the reporting of our operations

                                        Russell Castronovo, Director of New and Social Media, Sun Microsystems
Russell Castronovo is the director of new and social media at Sun. In addition to managing the editorial content of
       the main home page and the newscenter, Russ is also responsible for leading Sun's
 efforts in using new and social media outlets to communicate to stakeholders outside the company. Prior to work-
                                          ing in this new area, Russ worked in public relations for a very long time.

                                                                   Internet Radio: Written Words Are Not Enough

                                          This session will outline how to use relatively free sources to communicate
                                                externally via Internet Radio using Sun's experience with BlogTalkRadio as an example.
                                                    It will dwell on how to keep content coming and overcome the inertia of not moving.

                                                                                                How to get started with a weekly show n
                                                                                                                   Overcoming inertia n
                                                                                                   How to leverage a show for effect n
                                                     Speakers - Day 2
                    Doyle Albee, President and New Media Practice Director, Metzger Associates
                    Doyle Albee has a varied background in public relations and marketing communications with experience ranging
                    from consumer packaged goods, to finance, to high-tech. Doyle was named to the Denver Business Journal's
                    prestigious "Forty Under 40" list in 2003 and has won numerous PR and marketing awards, including a 2003
                    Magellan Platinum Award from the League of American Communications Professionals, a Gold Pick Award from
                    the Public Relations Society of America and a Distinguished Communicator Award from the Colorado Chapter of
                    the International Association of Business Communicators, among others.

                    Control Your Online FATE (Find, Analyze, Track & Enlighten)

                     There’s a conversation going on about your company whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.
This presentation will review ways to determine the best way to get involved and the tools available to
help you along the way.

n   An overview of the conversations that can take place in the blogosphere, the good they can do and the damage they can cause.
n   Examples – both good and bad – of how companies are communicating in this new world.
n   Tools that can be used to gather and track information.
n   Brief overview of best practices in joining the conversation.

                                                 Linda O'Neill, General Manager of Customer Operations, Embarq
    As General Manager of Customer Operations, Linda O'Neill is responsible for Embarq's Social Media Outreach
  program. Linda also oversees the Consumer Affairs/Executive and Regulatory Services organization, the Go-to-
Markets and New-Product-Development Implementation teams and the Customer Issues and Resolutions business
  improvement team. In her role, Linda spearheaded the Social Media Outreach program for Embarq to engage in
meaningful online conversations with Embarq Customers and prospects. In addition to focusing on the care aspect
 of social media for Embarq, Linda collaborates across the organization with Media and External Communications,
  Brand, Marketing, Product-Management, eCommerce and Legal teams to develop and execute Embarq's online
      social media strategy. Linda has served in roles key to driving excellence in customer care as a trainer, training developer, and
manager. Best known for her proven record of success in shifting paradigms on common business issues, she has led many start-up
         functions, including managing international business contracts and relationships for Sprint's global IP build. As Embarq's first
   Community Manager, Linda is an innovator. Linda earned her degree from Baker University, School of Professional and Graduate
                                                                                                      studies in Overland Park, Kansas.

                               Paul Dyer, Managing Director, COi New Media and Practice Leader, CarryOn Communication
                                Paul Dyer is Managing Director for COi New Media and Practice Leader for CarryOn
                                Communication's New Media practice. Dyer has been developing business strategies for social
                                media since 1999 when he developed - a successful web destination targeted
                                at young adults and promoting user generated content. Following the acquisition of
                                UndergroundStatic and before joining CarryOn, Dyer served as Principal of NewMediAwake, a social
                                media consultancy focused on corporate development and training that conducted social media
                                training sessions for significant brands like IBM, PetSmart, and MGM MIRAGE. Dyer has since
                                designed and executed social media campaigns for top consumer brands like Virgin Megastores,
                                Symantec, Nature Made Vitamins, Coors Brewing, and Macanudo Cigars. Dyer remains a frequent
                                speaker on social media and well known industry blogger on CarryOn's Fresh blog.
                                                      Speakers - Day 2
                                Scott O. Seydel, Director, Interactive Marketing, American Cancer Society
                               Scott Seydel is the Director of Interactive Marketing for the American Cancer Society’s National Home
                               Office. In his role, Scott is responsible for web analytics and user experience, including increasing
                               both traffic and quality of visits to the Society’s primary web site,, as well as multiple other
                               online properties. A key component of Scott’s interactive strategy has involved leveraging social
                               media to attract and engage an entirely new constituent group for the ACS. Scott began his career
                               with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting where he helped launch several .com start-ups. Later,
                               Scott joined the NY office of PriceWaterhouse Coopers’ consulting arm (now IBM Global Services),
                               where he developed and implemented e-commerce and interactive marketing solutions for various
                               small and large corporations. After PwC, Scott became Vice President of Product Development for, a consumer services start-up, where he focused primarily on revenue growth via the web channel. Scott holds an
International MBA from the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business, and a BBA from the University of Georgia.

Navigating Social Media

The American Cancer Society is a leader among non-profits in leveraging social media as an effective communication channel. Learn
how the ACS continues to build, listen and react to its social media audiences.

n   How to leverage social media to build online communities
n   How to use social networks as an effective, low-cost communication channel
n   Ways to grow and maintain your social networking audience

                                                        Sara Stutzenstein, Public Relations Manager, Cisco
As Public Relations Manager for Cisco’s Service Provider Video Technology Group, Sara is responsible for
         facilitating and managing media relations and social networking strategies to communicate with the
   company’s external target audiences, along with news release development, and overall positioning and
    messaging for the company’s individual service provider business units. She began her career in public
    relations working for the Franciscan Foundation for Franciscan Health Care System (now Mercy Health
  Partners) in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1997. She later moved to Atlanta to join Interland, Inc. as public relations
               manager, followed by Numerex Corp. where she held the position of Sr. Manager of Corporate
           Communications. She joined Scientific Atlanta in 2003 where she served as the Director of Public
Relations through February 2006, when Scientific Atlanta was acquired by Cisco Systems. She holds a BA
 in Journalism from The Ohio State University. Sara has been a member of the Public Relations Society of
America since 1997, and is an active member of Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing
                          (CTAM), Association for Cable Communicators (ACC), and Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT).

                                  Debbie Curtis-Magley, Manager of Corporate PR, UPS
                                  As Public Relations Manager, Debbie Curtis-Magley leads social media strategy, policies, and
                                  practices at UPS. In her role, Debbie oversees online monitoring, guides research and reporting, and
                                  leads collaboration with communications, legal and technology functions on social media practices.
                                  Prior to joining the Public Relations team, Debbie spent seven years with Brand Management, where
                                  she worked on the re-launch of the UPS brand, developed new practices for identity management,
                                  and directed global brand tracking research. Debbie came to UPS from Erwin-Penland Advertising,
                                  where she directed strategy and campaigns for national and regional clients. She serves as the UPS
                                  representative on the Blog Council. An avid runner, Debbie blogs about the Atlanta running scene at
                         Debbie earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of
                                  South Florida.

UPS's experience with online monitoring and blogger engagement

n   What to consider when establishing a monitoring program
n   Identifying messaging opportunities through monitoring
n   Turning dissenters into advocates
                                                       Speakers - Day 2
                       Chris Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer, Definition 6
                       Chris Thornton serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and is responsible for promoting and developing the
                       Definition 6 brand. Additionally, in his role, Chris drives marketing innovation for customers, expanding
                       interactive marketing solutions, delivering Web 2.0 initiatives for customers, and strengthening the company’s
                       interactive marketing presence. Chris has expertise in multiple marketing disciplines including e-mail, media,
                       search and analytics. Chris has led Definition 6's strategic efforts for several Fortune 500 customers in a variety
                       of industry verticals including the homebuilding, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods industries. He
                       first arrived at Definition 6 in Spring 2000, after spending over five years with Miller/Zell Inc., an integrated store
                       development agency that offers services ranging from branding and design to retail traffic flow and plannogram-
                       ming to production and strategy work. While at Miller/Zell, Thornton worked with companies like Wal-Mart and
ExxonMobil, both domestically and internationally, to reinvent the retail experience they provide their customers and ensuring the
experience stayed true to the brand. Since coming to Definition 6, Chris has worked with many of the clients of Definition 6 to provide
these companies a fully integrated strategic approach to interactive Marketing with quantifiable and measurable results. Chris
currently serves on the Board for the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association as the Marketing and Branding Chair.

Making Social Media Really Work

n   How to develop a social media initiative that really works
n   Why do so many social media campaigns fail?
n   How do you know if your campaign is working and what should you measure?

                                                           Paula Drum, Vice President, Marketing, H&R Block
 With more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, brand marketing, e-commerce development,
      interactive/direct marketing, and change management, Paula Drum joined H&R Block in 2006 as vice
      president of marketing for the Digital Tax Solutions Group. Ms. Drum’s expertise in marketing and her
   desire to innovate prompted her to lead an extensive social media program to reposition the H&R Block
brand as a leader in tax expertise and digital products. H&R Block was recently cited by Shel Israel as the
 most active consumer retail or service company in social media. Before joining H&R Block, Ms. Drum was
       an e-commerce pioneer in the travel industry establishing the e-commerce and interactive marketing
  disciplines for companies such as Alamo-Rent-a-Car and Days Inn. During her time in the travel industry,
    she has established the e-commerce departments for brands such as Days Inn and Alamo-Rent-a-Car.
         She had led innovation in both e-commerce development and interactive marketing. She has been
   responsible for several commerce website launches. In 2002, she spearheaded the award-winning booking engine redesign of the
  Hotel Group's consumer brand Web sites, launch of its best available rate guarantee and implementation of brand e-mail programs
  with a subscriber base of more than 4.5 million. Prior to that she was managing director, e-commerce, for ANC Rental Corp. in Fort
        Lauderdale, Fla., from 1998 to 2001. During her tenure there she provided strategic direction and operational management for
          Internet initiatives across multiple global brands, launched the car rental industry's first online rental system, Quick Rent, and
     developed the top-rated car rental Web site, as rated by Forrester Research. In 1999, she was named one of the Top 100 Rising
 Stars in the Travel Industry by Travel Agent magazine. Drum earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Miami in 1991 and a
master's of business administration degree from the University of Florida, Gainesville, in 1999. She is based in Cendant Corporation's
                                                                                                                      Parsippany, NJ, offices.

                                         Case Study: Integrate Emerging Media Into A Traditional Brand To Reach New Audiences

     H&R Block is the world's largest tax services provider and one of the most recognized brands in America today. With over 13,000
 retail offices in the U.S., Block has a physical presence within a five-mile radius of nearly every American home. However, not every-
   one is aware that H&R Block also has digital products and is leading innovation. With emerging media changing the way marketing
    communications connects with its customers, H&R Block has had to also change to demonstrate that the brand is digitally enabled
                          with great solutions for every tax need, from going to a tax professional to using a do-it-yourself digital product.

                                                           Discussion will cover issues to consider for establishing a monitoring program.

                                                   How Block is blatantly advertising through social media...and getting away with it n
                            The ins and outs of launching an online community to deepen the customer connection with your brand n
                            Lessons learned from using external communities such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and Second Life n
                                                      Speakers - Day 2
                      Chuck Hester, Director of Corporate Communications, iContact
                      Chuck Hester is Director of Corporate Communications for iContact, an online communications company that
                      provides software products that improve the efficiency of marketing communications for businesses. iContact,
                      launched in July of 2003, now has more than 31,000 paying customers worldwide. Chuck is a LinkedIn expert
                      and national speaker. ”I am a pay it forward power networker on LinkedIn. I live the pay it forward lifestyle - if
                      you are helped, don't help that person, instead "pay it forward" to someone else in need. The blessing will come
                      back to you!” Chuck is a national speaker on LinkedIn and its use in professional and personal branding, a
                      marketing and public relations professional, media relations expert, strategic marketing planning instructor,
                      University of California, Irvine in Branding, Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy; instructor, Duke
                      University Evening Education, and marketing host, LinkedIn Live Raleigh - In person networking in the Triangle!

                                                        Josh Hallett, New Media Strategist, Voce Communications
      Josh Hallett is an internationally recognized thought leader in the convergence of social media and corporate
   public relations & marketing. Josh is currently a New Media Strategist at Voce Communications providing social
    media consulting and development work with brands like Yahoo, Sony Computer Entertainment America, eBay
and a number of B2B/B2C firms. For more than ten years, Josh has been working with emerging internet commu-
         nication technologies and works closely with public relations practitioners and corporate communicators to
     integrate these tools into an organization's public and media relations strategies. Josh is a highly sought after
  public speaker on social media and has presented at numerous workshops, seminars and conferences in a wide
 variety of market segments. Josh is a Fellow/Board Member of the Society of New Communications Research as
                                                       well as a member of the Florida Public Relations Association.

                      Dave Santucci, VP of Marketing and Communications, Georgia Aquarium
                     As Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Dave Santucci is responsible for the Aquarium’s marketing
                     and promotions and all communications efforts, including the Web site, media relations, newsletters, internal
                     communications and crisis communications. Santucci oversees the marketing staff and communications staff
                     and manages relationships with third-party agencies. His communications team generated approximately two
                     billion impressions worldwide in the Aquarium’s first year of operation. In 1998, Santucci graduated from Emory
                     University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. From there, he acquired a position at CNN and TIME
                     producing magazine-style pieces for an hour-long weekly show. Santucci then became a producer at CNN in
                     2001. During his seven years there, he was responsible for producing television and writing articles for
            His work produced with Aviation and Space and correspondent Miles O’Brien won Space
Communicator and National Headliner Awards. While with CNN, Santucci was nominated for the 2004 Walter Sullivan Award and
David Perlman Award, each for Excellence in Science Journalism, and he was recognized by the Emmy Awards for coverage of the
events of September 11, 2001. Santucci is also a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
(IAAPA) Communications Committee, Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Public Relations Society of America.

                                                          Nick Ayres, Interactive Marketing Manager, The Home Depot
   Nick Ayres is an Interactive Marketing Manager for The Home Depot whose primary areas of responsibility include
       developing and implementing new media and content strategies. Because The Home Depot brand is so closely
 associated with Did You Know expertise, social media has begun to play a vital role in how Nick engages customers
and builds out the “digital orange apron.” Prior to his current role, Nick spent time in several other marketing functions
 throughout The Home Depot, including brand management for The Home Depot’s proprietary brands as well as new
       product development & strategic initiatives for their Financial Services group. Nick holds a MBA with a focus on
marketing and entrepreneurship from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS from Emporia State University. You
                                                                                                    can catch him on Twitter @nickjayres.

                                                                                               How The Home Depot Uses New Media

                            Quick case study on how we used Twitter during Hurricane Gustav to communicate with our customers n
                                                              Thoughts on how social media impacts our “digital orange apron” n
                                                                           Practical tips on selling social media in big companies n
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                                                   REACHING BUSINESS GOALS THROUGH CORPORATE
                                                   BLOGGING AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA
                                                   BL Ochman, President,, Inc.
                                                   Christopher Barger, Director, Global Communications Technology, General
                                                   Moderator: Lee Hornick, President, Business Communications Worldwide, Inc.

                                                   n   Breaking down communications boundaries.
                                                   n   Creating meaningful conversations with customers.
                                                   n   Understanding blogs in the world of the web.
                                                   n   Monitoring blogs for viral eruptions.

                                                     Social media, including corporate blogs, give established companies and obscure
brands alike the ability to create a highly involved audience that wants to interact with the brand. Using new media, companies can
connect with their audiences on a more personal level, build trust, collect valuable feedback and foster stronger business relation-
ships. More importantly, companies can enjoy tangible returns in their blogging investments in the form of increased sales, partner-
ships, business opportunities, press coverage and lead generation. Companies with well-planned blogging and social media strategy
can create community and goodwill, which, in turn, promotes significant marketing and sales gains.

                                                   HOW TO BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER FOR $0: Secrets
                                                   of Social Media Marketing

                                                   Led by Paul Gillin, veteran technology journalist and author, The New Influencers
                                                   and Secrets of Social Media Marketing (publishing Fall 2008).

                                                   n   Matching social media to business strategy
                                                   n   Secrets of attracting visitors and generating business
                                                   n   Packaging content for maximum visibility and search engine impact

                                                   A new generation of online tools can amplify the voice of business leaders and
                                                   individuals and turn them into thought leaders with amazing speed. Blogs,
                                                   podcasts, digital video and social networks enable business people to bypass
                                                   expensive advertising and media gatekeepers and take their messages directly to
their stakeholders. With expertise, dedication and savvy use of search engines and syndication, you can now reach a targeted audi-
ence with minimal cost and waste. This session introduces the most popular social media concepts and provides step-by-step
advice on how to put them to work.

                                                   COMMUNICATING THE NEW BUSINESS REALITIES TO

                                                   TJ Larkin, President, Larkin Consulting, and author of Communicating Change
                                                   Mary Lou Dlugolenski, Vice President, Internal and Change Communication,
                                                   Mass Mutual Financial Group
                                                   Moderator: Lee Hornick, President, Business Communications Worldwide, Inc.

                                                   n   Establishing and communicating performance expectations and accountability.
                                                   n   Building trust with employee involvement.
                                                   n   Establishing team norms for how work gets done.
                                                   n   Modeling effective virtual behavior across boundaries with all stakeholders.

                                                    In today's dynamic marketplace, businesses simply cannot afford to leave strategy
execution to chance. Organizations that succeed will be the ones that can effectively mobilize and engage their employees in imple-
menting new business strategies to produce immediate value for customers. Making a solid case for the new business realities to
employees is critical for any organization to survive and thrive. Employees who have seen change initiatives fail in the past are likely
to avoid risks associated with change. They become roadblocks when communicating the new business realities to employees.

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