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Chapter 5   MEDIA

            5-4	      Overview
            5-7	      The	Media	Menu
            5-8	      Media	Work	Flow
            5-10						Media	Calendar
            5-12	 Media	Briefs	(Campaigns)
            5-14	 Media	Estimates
            5-16	 Broadcast	Media	Plans
            5-18	 Print	Media	Plans
            5-20	 Insertion/Broadcast	Orders
            5-22	 					Adding	Broadcast	Orders
            5-24	 					Adding	Insertion	Orders
            5-26	 					Adding	Interactive	Orders
            5-28	 					Adding	Outdoor	Orders
            5-30	 Media	Traffic
            5-32	 Stations
            5-34	 Publications
            5-36	 Make	Goods
            5-37	 Media	Billing	Goals	
            5-38	 Media	Reports
            5-40	 Media	Link

Introduction   Clients	&	Profits	X	has	built-in	full-featured	media	planning,	buying,	and	tracking	
               capabilities.	These	media	functions	seamlessly	integrate	with	job	tickets,	job	cost-
               ing,	and	client	billing.	The	media	system	lets	you	build	detailed	broadcast,	print,	in-
               teractive,	and	outdoor	media	orders	based	on	TV,	newspaper,	magazine,	and	alterna-
               tive	media	buys,	as	well	as	simple	media	estimates.	Clients	&	Profits	X	keeps	a	list	
               of	publications,	media	companies,	and	stations,	as	well	as	the	available	ad	sizes	and	
               program	times	that	are	most	commonly	used.		By	using	these	lists,	you	can	create	
               media	plans	with	little	rekeying.	In	this	chapter	you’ll	learn	about:

               ■		creating	lists	of	stations/programs	and	publications/ad	sizes
               ■		adding	broadcast	and	print	media	plans
               ■		adding	and	printing	media	estimates
               ■		making	insertion	and	broadcast	orders	automatically	from	plans	and	estimates
               ■ 	adding	and	printing	broadcast	orders	and	insertion	orders
               ■ 	tracking	materials	due	and	space	closing	dates
               ■		printing	media	plans,	estimates,	and	reports
               ■		automatically	import	media	buys	from	SmartPlus,	Strata,	and	TAPSCAN

                  For	help	using	any	part	of	Clients	&	Profits	X,	click	the		 		button	from	any	
                  window	to	open	the	on-line	user	guide.	This	web-based	user	guide	features	
                  step-by-step	instructions,	explanations,	tips,	demonstrations,	and	links	to	
                  FAQs,	tech	notes,	and	tutorials	from		The	web	site	is	
                  continually	updated,	so	it’s	more	timely	and	helpful	than	a	printed	user	guide.

Overview: How Clients & Profits X
Manages Media

The	media	functions	in	Clients	&	Profits	X	are	designed	to	replace	the	             reports,	for	easy	reference.	Each	publication	ad	size	has	a	standard	rate.	In	
database	or	spreadsheet-based	custom	systems	that	most	shops	now	use	               addition,	you	can	set	up	contract	rates	for	each	client.	This	option	lets	you	
to	plan,	buy,	and	track	media.	It	doesn’t	try	to	replace	high-volume	media	         specify	special	ad	sizes	and	rates	that	are	only	available	to	a	client.	So	when	a	
buying	systems	like	SmartPlus,	TAPSCAN,	or	Strata.	Instead,	it	is	designed	for	     print	buy	is	added	for	a	particular	publication,	the	client’s	special	rate	will	be	
shops	that	buy	a	relatively	small	amount	of	media—and	whose	planning	and	           used	instead.
analytical	needs	are	simple.		
                                                                                    Stations, programs, and contract rates
Although	it	can	create	broadcast	buys,	Clients	&	Profits	X	is	optimized	
for	print	media	planning,	buying,	and	tracking.	It	works	best	in	shops	that	        The	Stations/Programs/Contract	Rates	window	lists	the	stations	you	most	
primarily	buy	business-to-business	media,	instead	of	consumer	broadcast	            commonly	use,	as	well	as	the	programs/times	for	each	station.	You	can	enter	
media.	That’s	because	it	doesn’t	import	and	process	ratings	data	from	media	        a	virtually	unlimited	number	of	stations.	And	each	station	can	have	hundreds	
services	like	Nielsen	and	Arbitron.	Instead,	you’ll	set	up	and	maintain	your	       of	different	programs	and	times.	A	station	can	have	a	set	of	programs,	each	
own	station,	publication,	program,	ad	size,	and	rate	information.	It’s	a	big	job	   with	its	rating	and	a	standard	cost.	Or,	you	can	set	up	contract	rates	for	spe-
to	maintain	these	files,	so	it’s	only	practical	if	the	number	of	media	plans	you	   cific	programs	and	clients.	Each	client	can	have	its	own	table	of	contract	rates	
do	is	small.                                                                        for	each	station.	So	when	a	broadcast	buy	is	added	for	a	particular	station,	the	
                                                                                    client’s	special	contract	rate	will	be	used	automatically.
There	are	two	ways	to	buy	media	with	Clients	&	Profits:	media	plans	and	
media	estimates.	Media	plans	are	elaborate	and	automatically	lookup	ad	             Insertion orders, broadcast orders
rates,	while	media	estimates	are	simple	and	added	manually.	They	both	print	
a	professional-looking	report	for	your	client	to	sign,	authorizing	your	media	      Insertion	orders	can	be	added	manually	into	the	Insertion	Order	window,	or	
buys.	Otherwise,	they	have	different	purposes.                                      created	automatically	from	print	media	plans	or	media	estimates.	When	creat-
                                                                                    ed	automatically,	there’s	no	rekeying—the	media	buy’s	publication,	ad	name,	
Media estimates vs. media plans                                                     position,	cost,	and	other	details	are	copied	directly	to	the	insertion	order.	You	
                                                                                    can	make	insertion	orders	from	media	plans	and	estimates	on	demand;	the	
Media	plans	use	the	station	and	publication	data	(which	you’ll	set	up)	to	          entire	process	takes	less	than	a	minute.	Once	the	insertion	order	is	saved,	you	
automate	the	planning	process—so	there’s	no	rekeying	information	from	the	          can	review	it,	make	changes,	then	print	it	for	the	publication.		
rate	table	to	the	media	plan.	Media	estimates	skip	the	planning	process—in-
stead,	you’ll	simply	type	in	the	details	about	the	media	buy	each	time	you	         Broadcast	orders	can	be	added	manually	into	the	Broadcast	Order	window,	or	
need	one.	There	are	also	specially-designed	media	windows	and	forms	for	            created	automatically	from	broadcast	media	plans.	When	created	automati-
broadcast	and	print	plans.                                                          cally,	the	media	buy’s	station,	rating,	number	of	spots,	and	other	details	are	
                                                                                    copied	directly	to	the	broadcast	order.	Once	the	broadcast	order	is	saved,	you	
Media	estimates,	however,	are	free-form.	You	can	customize	the	information	         can	review	it,	make	changes,	then	print	it	for	the	station.		
on	media	estimates	as	needed.	Every	media	estimate	you	do	could	conceiv-
ably	have	different	labels	and	headings,	depending	on	the	different	kinds	of	       Interactive orders, outdoor orders
media	that	you	buy.	Since	there’s	less	to	set	up,	creating	a	media	estimate	is	
much	faster	than	creating	a	media	plan	(which	may	be	reason	enough	to	use	          Clients	&	Profits	X	can	print	interactive	orders	specifically	designed	to	buy	
them).                                                                              on-line	advertising.	Outdoor	orders	are	designed	especially	for	buying	media	
                                                                                    space	on	billboards,	buildings,	and	other	out-of-home	locations.	Interactive	
If	you	don’t	need	a	planning	system,	or	use	another	system	(like	a	spread-          and	outdoor	orders	are	added	like	print	and	broadcast	orders;	they	get	job	
sheet	or	Tapscan)	to	plan	your	buys,	consider	using	only	media	estimates.	          numbers	and	job	tasks,	are	costed	from	vendor	invoices	added	in	Accounts	
Once	the	media	estimate	is	added,	it	can	easily	create	insertion	orders	            Payable,	and	can	be	billed	in	one	step	in	Accounts	Receivable.
automatically	without	rekeying.	This	saves	lots	of	time	and	effort,	as	well	as	
keeps	your	insertion	orders	more	accurate.		
                                                                                    Media estimates
Publications, ad sizes, and contract rates
                                                                                    If	you	buy	mostly	print	media	(magazines	and	newspapers)	for	your	clients	
The	Publications/Ad	Sizes/Contract	Rates	window	lists	the	publications	             and	you’re	planning	needs	are	basic,	use	a	media	estimate.	Adding	a	media	
you	most	commonly	use,	as	well	as	the	various	ad	sizes	available	for	each	          estimate	is	similar	to	adding	a	job:		the	media	estimate	has	a	number,	a	client,	
publication.	Each	publication	can	have	dozens	of	ad	sizes,	each	with	details	       a	description,	and	line	items	just	like	a	job	has	tasks.
about	its	position,	commission,	space	close,	and	materials	close	dates.		These	
production	specifications	are	carried	over	to	the	media	plan	and	to	media	          Media	estimates	are	very	customizable.	Each	media	estimate	has	five	column	
                                                                                    labels	(e.g.,	publication	name,	issue	date,	close	date,	ad	caption,	and	ad	size)	

5-4              How Clients & Profits X Manages Media
Media Features

Feature                       How it works, how it’s used
Media Calendar                Clients & Profits X features an integrated media calendar. The calendar, which convenient-
                              ly appears whenever users work with media, lists upcoming space closing and material due
                              dates as well as user-defined calendar “tickler” entries. These scheduled entries can be
                              automatically e-mailed to media planners, buyers, and vendors.

Publications/ad sizes/media   The names, addresses, and phone numbers of the most commonly-used publications and
companies tables              their various ad sizes (including prices) can be set up before adding print media plans.
                              The information entered for each publication and ad size is copied automatically to new
                              print plans, saving time and reducing data-entry errors. The publications table can be
                              updated any time as information changes.

Stations/programs tables      The Stations table lists the name, address, and account details for hundreds of different
                              radio, television, and cable stations. The Times/Programs table contains descriptions and
                              costs of the time slots offered by each station. This information is used automatically by
                              broadcast media plans, and is copied to broadcast orders.

Media estimates               Simple, quick media estimates can be created for clients showing them a schedule of
                              media buys for any number of publications or stations. The printed media estimate looks
                              like a job estimate, and includes a client approval signature line. Insertion orders can be
                              made automatically from media estimates.

Broadcast media plans         Detailed broadcast media plans can be created that show scheduled radio, television,
                              cable, buys, including the number of spots, rating, cost per point, and more. Broadcast
                              orders can be generated directly from broadcast media plans.

Print media plans             Complete print media plans can be made that show schedule ad placements for daily
                              newspapers, weekly periodicals, or monthly magazines. Insertion orders can be created
                              from print media plans without rekeying.

Insertion orders, broadcast   Orders can be created automatically from broadcast and print media plans. Orders can be
orders                        placed any time using the information already saved on the media plan, saving time and
                              eliminating rekeying errors. Orders are saved directly in the Media Orders table, where they
                              can be proofed, printed, then billed—without retyping.

Media billing                 Once insertion and broadcast orders are created from media plans, they can be easily and
                              quickly billed. Orders can be pre-billed directly from the Insertion/Broadcast/Interactive/
                              Outdoor Orders window (choose Edit > Pre-bill) one-by-one, or billed together in batches
                              by client in Accounts Receivable. Insertion and broadcast orders remember the client’s
                              invoice number, so it’s easy to keep track of unbilled media.

Media WIP accounting          Media accruals for work in progress are posted automatically from media billing. The net
                              cost of the insertion or broadcast order is used for accrual journal entries, which update a
                              special WIP accrual G/L account. When the media vendor’s invoice is entered, it reconciles
                              the actual cost of the media with the accrued cost then makes the automatic reversing

Media reconciliation          In Accounts Payable, the actual number of broadcast spots or ad placements is reconciled
                              with the planned spots from the insertion or broadcast order. Each order keeps its own
                              running balance of planned cost vs. actual cost, making it easy to bill clients accurately.

Importing SmartPlus, TAP-     The built-in Media Link imports broadcast orders from MRP’s SmartPlus, TAPSCAN, and
SCAN,                         Strata. Imported buys appear automatically in the Broadcast Orders window, where they
and Strata media buys         can be billed like other broadcast orders. A “standard media interface” lets any other
                              media buying system export buys to Clients & Profits X using a simple-to-program import
                              file format.

                                                                                                        Media Features       5-5
Overview (con’t)

that	you	can	change	for	different	kinds	of	media	buys.	You	can	enter	a	long	        insertion	or	broadcast	order	so	it	can’t	be	billed	twice.
description,	a	campaign	code	(for	post-buy	tracking),	a	standard	disclaimer,	
and	up	to	three	approval	names.	These	details	appear	on	the	printed	media	          It’s	also	easy	to	bill	many	insertion	or	broadcast	orders	at	once.	The	media	
estimate.                                                                           billing	option	in	Accounts	Receivable	displays	a	window	listing	the	client’s	
                                                                                    unbilled	insertion	or	broadcast	orders.	You	can	select	one,	many,	or	all	orders	
Media	estimates	don’t	affect	job	tickets	until	the	insertion	orders	are	created.    for	billing	by	clicking	on	the	checkbox	next	to	the	order	line	item.		The	media	
                                                                                    billing	invoice	has	a	different	layout	than	regular	job	billings;	it	shows	the	
Print and broadcast media                                                                                                        publication	or	station,	ad	name,	ad	
plans                                                                                                                            size,	issue	date,	and	gross	cost.

On	the	media	plan	for	a	client,	enter	                                                                                          Media preferences
a	plan	number,	name,	and	other	
details,	then	add	separate	buys	for	                                                                                            Your	media	preferences	let	you	
each	station	or	publication.		                                                                                                  standardize	some	of	the	information	
                                                                                                                                seen	on	insertion	and	broadcast	
Print	media	plans	can	be	set	up	for	                                                                                            orders.	This	information,	such	as	the	
monthly,	weekly,	or	daily	publica-                                                                                              disclaimer,	logo,	and	print	copies	
tions.		For	magazines,	these	periods	                                                                                           are	copied	to	orders	automatically	
can	represent	months	during	the	                                                                                                to	save	time.	You	can	even	order	
year.	For	newspapers,	they	can	rep-                                                                                             media	under	a	different	name	and	
resent	different	weeks.	Since	these	                                                                                            address,	which	is	ideal	for	in-house	
periods	are	customizable,	they	can	                                                                                             agencies.	You	can	customize	how	
handle	any	kind	of	time	range;	how-                                                                                             insertion	and	broadcast	orders	are	
ever,	the	periods	you	enter	apply	to	                                                                                           automatically	numbered,	including	
every	buy	on	the	media	plan.                                                                                                    entering	the	next	order	number.	

Adding	media	buys	is	like	adding	
tasks	to	jobs.	You’ll	enter	the	pub-
lication	or	station	code,	which	behaves	like	the	task	code.	You	can	see	the	        Media and the General Ledger
publication’s	ad	sizes	(or	the	station’s	programs/times)	from	a	pop-up	Lookup	
List.	Double-clicking	on	an	ad	size	(or	program)	enters	it	onto	the	media	plan.	    There	is	no	direct	link	between	media	plans	and	the	General	Ledger.	Adding	a	
Most	importantly,	the	rate	is	copied	to	the	media	buy	automatically.	For	           media	plan	doesn’t	affect	jobs.	The	job	ticket	is	updated	when	an	insertion	or-
broadcast	buys,	you’ll	enter	the	number	of	times	the	spot	will	run—and	the	         der	is	created	from	a	media	plan;	the	job	task’s	Net	and	Gross	total	increases	
total	cost	and	rating	points	are	calculated	automatically.		You	can	add	many	       to	show	that	you’ve	ordered	something.	Insertion	orders,	like	purchase	orders,	
different	buys	for	many	different	publications	(or	stations)	onto	the	same	         don’t	affect	the	General	Ledger	either.	The	General	Ledger	is	only	affected	
media	plan.                                                                         when	the	station	or	publication’s	invoice	arrives	or	the	insertion	is	billed.

When	the	media	plan	is	printed,	the	buys	you’ve	entered	are	grouped	                You	can	account	for	insertion	orders	made	during	the	month	with	general	
together	by	publication	(or	station).	                                              journal	entries	to	a	media	G/L	account.	A	list	of	insertion	orders	added	during	
                                                                                    the	month	can	be	printed	from	the	Media	Reports	window;	this	total	would	be	
Media billing                                                                       added	as	a	journal	entry,	then	reversed	next	month.	The	difference	between	
                                                                                    the	month’s	insertions	is	your	actual	media	cost.
There	are	two	ways	to	bill	media	in	Clients	&	Profits:	pre-billing	an	individual	
insertion	(or	broadcast)	order	or	summary	billing	one	or	more	orders.		

An	insertion	or	broadcast	order	can	be	easily	and	quickly	pre-billed	directly	
from	the	Insertion/Broadcast	Order	window.	It’s	simple:		find	the	order,	then	
choose	Pre-bill	Order	from	the	Edit	menu.	The	order’s	details	are	copied	in-
stantly	to	a	special	pre-billing	invoice.	The	invoice	is	numbered	automatical-
ly.	You	can	see	pre-bill	invoices	on	the	proof	list,	make	any	needed	changes,	
then	post	them.	Once	posted,	the	pre-bill	invoice	information	updates	the	

5-6              How Clients & Profits X Manages Media
The Media menu









                 1 The Media Calendar displays       for a client media campaign.         7 The Media Traffic window
                 all of the month’s space clos-      Broadcast plans can be created       lists space reservation deadlines
                 ings (from media plans and es-      for any broadcast month and          and dates for materials due by
                 timates) and material due dates     can contain buys for dozens of       week for the next four weeks.
                 (from insertion and broadcast       different stations.
                 orders).                                                                 8 The stations table lists
                                                     5 Print Media Plans are used         media stations and their times
                 2 Media Briefs are like creative    to make detailed plans for           and programs. Both are used
                 briefs for media plans and          space buys in magazines, news-       on broadcast media plans and
                 estimates. They organize the        papers, billboards, and other        orders.
                 objectives, goals, and budgets      print media. Print plans can be
                 for a client’s media buys.          created by day, week, month,         9 The publications table lists
                                                     or year.                             media publications and their
                 3 Media Estimates are simple                                             space buy details (such as ad
                 summaries of the media buys         6 Insertion/Broadcast Orders         size). Both are used on print
                 that you place for a variety of     take buy details from estimates      media plans, media estimates,
                 publications and a range of         and plans to create orders for       and insertion orders.
                 dates. It’s the quickest way to     media vendors. Media orders
                 show a client all of the buys you   can also be added directly,          10 The optional Media Billing
                 plan to make on their behalf.       bypassing the media estimate         Goals window lets you plan
                                                     and media plan steps. They           a year’s worth of billings by
                 4 Broadcast Media Plans are         update jobs and tasks, and are       type of media (e.g., broadcast,
                 used to make detailed plans of      the start of the job costing and     interactive, etc.) for all clients.
                 spot tv, cable, and radio ads       billing process.                     Media analysis reports will
                                                                                          compare actual media billing
                                                                                          with these goals.

                                                                                        The Media Menu                   5-7
Media Work Flow

          TV / RADIO / CABLE              MAGAZINES / NEWSPAPERS

                     1.                                   1.
      Add stations, programs, and cli-   Add publications, ad sizes, and client
             ent contract rates                     contract rates

                   2.                                     2.
        Add broadcast media plan                 Add print media plan

                   3.                                    3.
       Add media buys for broadcast          Add space buys for print plan
                      4.                 Print the print media plan for review
      Print the broadcast media plan
                 for review                               5.
                                             Make revisions, then print the
                    5.                    print media plan for client approval
       Make revisions, then print the
      broadcast media plan for client                     6.
                 approval                        Make insertion orders

                     6.                                    7.
      Print station’s broadcast work-         Pre-bill insertion orders or
                   sheet                         create Media billing

          Make broadcast orders

       Pre-bill the broadcast orders
         or create a Media billing

5-8     Media Work Flow
       INTERACTIVE                            OUTDOOR

               1.                                  1.
Add media companies and stan-       Add media companies and stan-
  dard, client contract rates         dard, client contract rates

              2.                                  2.
Add interactive media estimate        Add outdoor media estimate

                3.                                   3.
Print the interactive media esti-   Print the outdoor media estimate
     mate for client review                  for client review

               4.                                  4.

Make revisions, then print the       Make revisions, then print the
final media estimate for client      final media estimate for client
           approval                             approval

              5.                                  5.
Generate the interactive media        Generate the outdoor media
  orders from the estimate             orders from the estimate

                6.                                  6.
 Pre-bill the interactive orders       Pre-bill the outdoor orders
   or create a media billing            or create a media billing

                                                    Media Work Flow    5-9
Media Calendar

The	Media	Calendar	window	is	a	useful	tool	for	managing	media.		Media	calendar	entries	can	be	entered	at	any	time	
to		help	users	remember	important	media-related	dates,	such	as	client	presentations,	vendor	meetings,	confer-
ences,	and	planning	sessions.		Double-clicking	on	any	date	in	the	Media	Calendar	window	will	open	the	Day-at-
a-Glance	window.		This	special	window	shows	a	listing	of	all	the	calendar	entries	for	the	selected	date	with	their	
priority	level	conveniently	color	coded.		To	view	all	the	details	of	a	calendar	entry,	just	double-click	on	it.		

                                          w                                                           e





                               Media calendar entries keep track of important media dates. Tickler entries can be
                               scheduled for any future date and can be automatically e-mailed when they’re due.

                               1 Use the calendar pop-up         5 Use the description field to     7 Specify an automatic lead
                               menu to choose which calendar     further describe the details of    time warning e-mail in days
                               to add the media calendar entry   the media action/event.            prior to a media action/event.
                                                                 6 You can determine the            8 A media calendar entry can
                               2 Date and time tells when the    importance/urgency level of the    be added for any client.
                               media event will happen.          media event using the priority
                                                                 pop-up menu. In the Day-at-a-      9 A status can be assigned to
                               3 Location describes where        Glance Calendar, each media        the media calendar entry.
                               the media calendar entry will     event will be designated as
                               happen.                           high, normal, or low priority      10 The added by field shows
                                                                 with a colored icon (red for       the initials of the person who
                               4 The action/event is a short     high, yellow for normal, and       added this media calendar
                               description of the media event.   green for low) so users can eas-   entry.
                               It will appear on the Media       ily see the priority level.
                               Calendar window, so it should
                               be meaningful to other users.

5-10         Media Calendar
q   w     e



    The Media Calendar keeps your media staff informed by letting them see at-a-glance
    what important media events are fast approaching.

    1 Use these toolbar buttons         media calendar entries, click on
    to scroll through the previous      the show today link.
    and next months of the media
    calendar.                           5 Use the month and year
                                        pop-up menus to choose which
    2 You can create a media            month of the media calendar
    calendar entry by clicking on       you want to view. The media
    the add button.                     calendar allows you to create
                                        entries for three years.
    3 To get a hard-copy printout
    of the media calendar, click on     6 Click on a date in the Media
    the print calendar button.          Calendar window to open the
                                        Day-at-a-Glance Calendar. This
    4 Enter a date here to find          window will allow you to view
    media calendar entries for a        the details of a media calen-
    specific date. To jump to today’s   dar entry, as well as add new

                                                                           Media Calendar   5-11
Media Briefs (Campaigns)

A	media	brief	is	a	worksheet	that	the	media	department	can	use	to	define	and	document	the	media	process	your	
agency	follows	to	purchase	media.		It	helps	outline	what	needs	to	be	accomplished	by	the	media	purchased;	they	fo-
cus	on	what	needs	to	be	done	to	start	buying	media;	and	track	the	necessary,	minute	details	of	the	media	buying	pro-
cess.		The	media	brief	can	be	printed	with	all	its	important	planning	details	to	be	distributed	to	the	AEs	and	clients.			

                               q                  w                  e





                                 Use media briefs to keep the media department and the AE’s on the same page about
                                 media planning, ordering, targeting audience, budget, etc.

                                 1 Media briefs can be easily            2 To print media reports, click     the sort order by clicking on any
                                 added, cloned, edited, and              on the print reports button. To     of the column headings.
                                 deleted. To add a new media             print a hard-copy printout of the
                                 brief, click on the add button.         media brief, click on the print     6 Media briefs are displayed
                                 Or use the clone button to clone        brief button.                       with their client code, campaign
                                 a media brief into a new one.                                               ID number, campaign name,
                                 Cloning copies all of the details       3 Click on a tab pane to switch     start date, end date, and status.
                                 from an existing media brief,           between pending media briefs,       Double-click on a campaign to
                                 then lets you edit it. To change        killed media briefs, and ap-        view its details.
                                 the media brief’s details (i.e.,        proved media briefs.
                                 target group, objective, media                                              7 The objective for a selected
                                 budget, etc.), click on the edit        4 To find a media brief, enter a     media brief appears here for
                                 button. Media briefs are flexi-         client code here.                   reference.
                                 ble so they can be edited at any
                                 time. To delete a media brief,          5 Media briefs are listed in
                                 click on the delete button.             order by client. You can change

5-12         Media Briefs (Campaigns)
                t                        y               u





        Add a media brief to keep track of all your important details (i.e., target age, media
        schedule, supporting exhibits, etc.) for a campaign in one easy to find place.

        1 Each media brief is entered        6 Campaigns can be given an      to enter in the details for the
        for one client only.                 optional AE. Custom reports      campaigns target age, target
                                             can analyze campaigns by AE.     gender, target occupation,
        2 The campaign ID code is                                             target lifestyle, media recom-
        usually a combination of the         7 The added by initials are      mendations, media schedule,
        client code and a number.            the person who added this        and supporting exhibits.
        3 The campaign name should                                            10 A media budget can be
        briefly describe the campaign.       8 An objective can be added      entered for the campaign. It is
                                             to explain the primary goal of   broken out by media type (i.e.,
        4 The start date and end date        this campaign. It appears in     broadcast, cable, radio, etc.).
        note when the campaign was           the Media Brief window so it
        opened and when it will close.       should be clear and meaningful   11 An optional status can be
                                             to other users.                  used to track campaigns from
        5 The media rep is the person                                         start to finish using the same
        responsible for planning and         9 Use the details pop-up menu    Status Table as jobs.
        buying this campaign’s media.

                                                                   Media Briefs (Campaigns)              5-13
Media Estimates

                   q          w                    e           r              t

                                                y                                                                          u

           i                                        o


               f        g                                      h                                          j


                             The media estimate provides a simple way to show clients how and where their ads will
                             be placed. There’s no limit to how many media estimates you can add for a client.

                             1 Use these toolbar buttons to    commission, etc.), click on the    on the add buy button. Media
                             scroll through the previous and   edit button. Media estimates       buys can be deleted at any time
                             next media estimates.             are flexible so they can be        before they are ordered (that
                                                               edited at any time. To delete      is, an insertion order has been
                             2 Media estimates can be eas-     a media estimate, click on the     created for it). To remove a
                             ily added, cloned, edited, and    delete button.                     media buy, click on the remove
                             deleted. To add a new media                                          buy button.
                             estimate, click on the add but-   3 The media estimate is
                             ton. Or use the clone button to   incomplete without media buys.     4 Insertion orders can be cre-
                             clone a media estimate into a     The buys indicate exactly which    ated automatically from your
                             new one. Cloning copies all of    ads are running on each publi-     media estimate by clicking on
                             the details and buys from an      cation. A single media estimate    the make order button. You can
                             existing media estimate, then     can contain one or many media      make an insertion order for one
                             lets you edit it. To change the   buys from one or many different    selected space buy, or for all
                             media estimate’s key details      publications. To add a media       space buys on the media esti-
                             (i.e., client, approvals, date,   buy to the media estimate, click   mate. One insertion order will

5-14       Media Estimates
A media estimate is added in two parts, much like adding a job ticket. First, open the
new media estimate, which includes the estimate number, client, campaign name,
and description. Next, add media buys for each time an ad will run for this estimate.

be created for each publication.    marked as closed after its buys      newspaper, outdoor, or other
                                    have been ordered. Placing a         media this buy is being ordered.
5 To print media reports, click     media estimate on-hold makes
on the print reports button. To     it inactive, but keeps it open for   15 The issue date shows when
print a hard-copy printout of the   future use. Closed and on-hold       the ad will run.
media estimate, click on the        orders don’t appear on media
print estimate button.              status lists and traffic reports.    16 The ad number, caption,
                                                                         and size describe the ad space
6 Enter a media estimate            11 Category is the media kind        that will be ordered from this
number here to find a media          that has been selected for the       estimate. These details appear
estimate. Or use the find more       media estimate’s vendor. It is       on the printed insertion order
link to find media estimates        used on some media reports to        and the client’s media billing.
by sequence, number, client,        group media estimates together.
description, date, or campaign.                                          17 Gross cost is the amount
                                    12 The description can contain       you’re charging the client for
7 Use the history pop-up menu       any kind of notes, specifica-        this ad. The commission is cop-
to jump to a previously viewed      tions, objectives, or strategies     ied from the client, and is used
media estimate.                     that should appear on the            to calculate the ad’s net cost.
                                    printed media estimate. The          Net cost is the amount you’ll
8 A media estimate is opened        description is changed by click-     pay the publication for the ad.
for only one client. This would     ing on the Edit button.
be the client who will be re-                                            18 If the selected media buy
sponsible for authorizing these     13 A media estimate can              has already been ordered on an
media buys.                         contain dozens of individual         insertion order, the IO number,
                                    buys, which represent different      date, and actual order amount
9 Media estimates are num-          dates in which an ad will run.       will appear here for reference.
bered automatically by client,      The column headings for media
like job tickets. The estimate      buys are customizable—each           19 Media estimates can be
number is the combination of        media estimate can have differ-      tracked from start to finish by
the client number and its next      ent labels, for flexibility. They    status on reports. The status
estimate number. You can enter      can be changed by clicking the       is optional, and is completely
any kind of estimate number         edit button.                         customizable. It is not related
you like.                                                                to the job production/billing
                                    14 The publication code              status codes.
10 A media estimate can be          indicates from which magazine,

                                                                                                            Media Estimates   5-15
Broadcast Media Plans

               q           w                     e            r                  t

                                             y                                              u

                           o        p
       i                                                  a                                s



           g           h                   j                        k                          l                     ;


                           Most of the information entered on a broadcast media plan is included on the printed
                           broadcast plan that the client will approve. It can be revised and reprinted many times.

                           1 Use these toolbar buttons to     details (i.e., client, approvals,    the add buy button. Broadcast
                           scroll through the previous and    flight dates, commission, etc.),     buys can be deleted at any
                           next broadcast media plans.        click on the edit button. Broad-     time before they are ordered
                                                              cast media plans are flexible so     (that is, a broadcast order has
                           2 Broadcast media plans            they can be edited at any time.      been created for it). To remove
                           can be easily added, cloned,       To delete a broadcast media          a broadcast buy, click on the
                           edited, and deleted. To add        plan, click on the delete button.    remove buy button.
                           a new broadcast media plan,
                           click on the add button. Or        3 The broadcast media plan is        4 To print media reports, click
                           use the clone button to clone      incomplete without spot buys         on the print reports button.
                           a broadcast media plan into a      for times and programs. A            Click the print worksheet button
                           new one. Cloning copies all of     separate spot buy should be          to print the Broadcast Work-
                           the details and buys from an       added for each time or program       sheet which shows the plan’s
                           existing broadcast media plan,     during which the ad will run.        buys in detail by station and the
                           then lets you edit it. To change   To add a broadcast buy to the        total number of spots, cost, and
                           the broadcast media plan’s key     broadcast media plan, click on

5-16       Broadcast Media Plans
Broadcast media plans can be created for many kinds of radio, television, cable, or
even Internet-based media buys. A broadcast media plan is similar to a job ticket:
it is opened for one client, has a number to track it, can be changed many times as
needed, and printed for a client’s approval.
rating for each station and for     a brief description of the plan’s   clicking on a spot buy displays
the entire plan. To print a hard-   objective. The broadcast plan’s     its complete details.
copy printout of the broad-cast     flight schedule is customizable.
media plan, click on the print      These are the days on which the     15 The station is who you
plan button.                        spots will run.                     bought the broadcast buy to run
                                                                        during a time or program.
5 Broadcast orders can be           9 A broadcast media plan can
created automatically from your     be marked as closed after its       16 Market shows where the
broadcast media plan by click-      buys have been ordered.             broadcast buy’s spots will run.
ing on the make order button.
You can make a broadcast order      10 Placing a broadcast media        17 Dates shows when the
for one selected broadcast buy,     plan on-hold makes it inactive,     broadcast buy’s spots will run.
or for all broadcast buys on the    but keeps it open for future use.
broadcast media plan. One           Closed and on-hold orders don’t     18 The time/program field
broadcast order will be created     appear on media status lists        contains the name of the time
for each station.                   and traffic reports.                or program the broadcast buy
                                                                        will run.
6 Enter a broadcast media           11 The buyer initials are
plan number here to find a           copied as the person adding         19 Length describes how long
broadcast media plan. Or use        the media plan, but can be          the broadcast buy’s spots will
the advanced search link to find    changed.                            run. Spots shows the number
broadcast media plans by se-                                            of times the broadcast buy will
quence, number, client, name/       12 The broadcast media plan’s       run during the time or program.
title, start date, or campaign.     total spots, rating, cost, and      Rating shows what the time or
                                    other summary totals appear         program’s rating is.
7 Use the history pop-up menu       here for easy reference. The
to jump to a previously viewed      CPP is the cost per rating point    20 Gross/Each shows how
broadcast media plan.               and the CPS is the cost per         much each spot run for the
                                    spot.                               broadcast buy will cost.
8 Each broadcast media plan
is tracked by a media plan          13 The campaign code is dis-        21 The status field can be used
number. Media plans are num-        played here for easy reference.     to track broadcast media plans.
bered automatically by client.      The media plan’s optional bud-      It appears here for reference,
Each client has its own number-     get, if entered, appears here.      but it can be edited in the Edit
ing sequence for easy tracking.                                         Broadcast Media Plan window.
A media plan’s number can’t         14 The broadcast media plan’s
be changed. Broadcast media         spot buys are listed by station.
plans are opened for a single       Each spot buy contains a sta-
client. The client number will      tion name, the time/program
be copied from the media plan       name during which the spots
to broadcast orders and, even-      will be running, the length of
tually, to media invoices. The      each spot, the number of spots,
media plan’s name/title appears     total rating points, and the spot
here for reference and is usually   buy’s total gross cost. Double-

                                                                                                  Broadcast Media Plans   5-17
Print Media Plans

               q             w                        e              r           t

                                                   y                                                                               u

           d                                                  f                            g                               h


                                   Print media plans can be created for three kinds of periods: daily (for newspapers),
                                   weekly (for newspapers, journals, etc.), and monthly (for magazines).

                                   1 Use these toolbar buttons to        campaign, start date, end date,     dozens of different publica-
                                   scroll through the previous and       approvals, kind, etc.), click on    tions, or many buys for the
                                   next print media plans.               the edit button. Print media        same publication. To add a
                                                                         plans are flexible so they can be   space buy to the print media
                                   2 Print media plans can be            edited at any time. To delete a     plan, click on the add buy
                                   easily added, cloned, edited,         print media plan, click on the      button. Space buys can be
                                   and deleted. To add a new             delete button.                      deleted at any time before they
                                   print media plan, click on the                                            are ordered (that is, an insertion
                                   add button. Or use the clone          3 The print media plan is           order has been created for it).
                                   button to clone a print media         incomplete without buys for ad      To remove a space buy, click on
                                   plan into a new one. Cloning          space. Space buys indicate          the remove buy button.
                                   copies all of the details and         exactly which ads are running
                                   buys from an existing print           on each publication during each     4 Insertion orders can be cre-
                                   media plan, then lets you             of the plan’s twelve months,        ated automatically from your
                                   edit it. To change the print          weeks, etc. One print media         print media plan by clicking on
                                   media plan’s key details (i.e.,       plan can contain space buys for     the make order button. You can

5-18           Print Media Plans
The print media plan is incomplete without buys for ad space. One print media plan
can contain space buys for dozens of different publications, or many buys for the same

make an insertion order for one      The name/title is a brief de-        11 The campaign and budget
selected space buy, or for all       scription of the plan’s objective,   are displayed here for easy
space buys on the print media        market, or product. It appears       reference. The optional budget
plan. One insertion order will       on the printed media plan, so        can be used to show the
be created for each publication.     clients see it.                      amount expected for the total
                                                                          of the print media plan’s space
5 To print media reports, click      Each print media plan is             buys.
on the print reports button. To      tracked by a unique media plan
print a hard-copy printout of the    number. For easy tracking, each      12 The media plan’s space
print media plan, click on the       client has it’s own numbering        buys are listed here by publica-
print plan button.                   sequence. The media plan             tion code. Double-clicking on a
                                     number is a combination of the       space buy displays its complete
6 Enter a print media plan           client account number and its        details, including the day, week,
number here to find a print           special media plan number. A         or month in which the ads will
media plan. Or use the find           media plan’s number can’t be         run.
more link to find print media        changed.
plans by sequence, number,                                                13 The pub code and publica-
client, name/title, start date, or   The print media plans kind ap-       tion indicated the publication
campaign.                            pears here for reference. Print      from whom you’re buying the
                                     media plans can be created for       space to run the ad.
7 Use the history pop-up menu        three kinds of periods: daily (for
to jump to a previously viewed       newspapers), weekly (for weekly      14 Market shows where the
print media plan.                    newspapers, trade journals,          space buy’s ads will run.
                                     and weekly periodicals), and
8 Use the specifications link         monthly (for magazines). Daily       15 The ad number/caption
to view the print media plan’s       print media plans let you plan       identifies the ad on the printed
details. Use the vendor info         buys for a single seven-day pe-      media plan, insertions orders,
link to view or edit the vendor’s    riod. Weekly print media plans       and media invoices. Any kind
address. Use the delivery info       let you buy space for any twelve     of description text or ID code
link to enter special delivery       periods. Monthly print media         can be used.
instructions for the print media     plans let you place ads for up to
plan. Use the periods link to        twelve months.                       16 The ad’s gross cost (i.e.,
view or edit the buy periods for                                          the amount the client will pay,
the print media plan.                10 A print media plan can be         including your commission)
                                     marked as closed after its buys      appears here for reference. The
9 Print media plans are opened       have been ordered. Placing a         ad’s net cost will be calculated
for a single client, just like a     print media plan on-hold makes       using the gross cost and plan’s
job ticket. The client number        it inactive, but keeps it open for   media commission.
will be copied from the media        future use. Closed and on-hold
plan to insertion orders and,        orders don’t appear on media         17 An optional status can be
eventually, to media invoices.       status lists and traffic reports.    used to track print media plans
                                                                          from start to finish using the
                                                                          same Status Table as jobs.

                                                                                                              Print Media Plans   5-19
Insertion/Broadcast/Interactive/Outdoor Or-

       q               w                  e               r          t

                                       y                                                                                u
                                                    i                                                                   o

                   p                  s



   k                                                                                   z
   l                                   ;

                           Orders can be revised has many times as you want. To make the first revision and
                           start the revision counter, simply enter a “1” in the Description/Status window.

                           1 Use the previous and next        or brand. Click the delete but-     3 Click the add buy button to
                           buttons to scroll through inser-   ton to delete an order. Once an     add new amounts to an order.
                           tion and broadcast orders.         insertion or broadcast order has    The remove buy button deletes
                                                              been invoiced by the vendor or      one or more selected costs
                           2 Insertion and broadcast          pre-billed to the client it can’t   from an order. Only line items
                           orders can be easily added,        be deleted—even if it was only      that haven’t been invoiced by
                           cloned, edited, or deleted.        partially invoiced. Like jobs,      the vendor or pre-billed to the
                           Click the add button to add a      this feature prevents billable      client can be deleted. Once a
                           new insertion order. (To add       orders from being inadvertently     line item is removed, it is gone
                           a broadcast order, go to Edit      deleted and, therefore, not         forever: its net cost and gross
                           > Add > Broadcast Order). Or       billed. Always let Clients &        amounts are deducted from the
                           click on the clone button to       Profits X automatically number      job task permanently. However,
                           make an exact copy of an exist-    the next media order to avoid       if needed, the same line item
                           ing order. Click the edit button   confusion from using the            can be added back to the order
                           to edit the order’s key details,   numbers of deleted orders over      later.
                           such as the vendor, campaign,      again.

5-20   Insertion/Broadcast/Interactive/Outdoor Orders
Insertion orders and broadcast orders have separate preferences. The agency name, address, disclaimer,
auto-numbering, copies to names, and logo can be different. (This is especially useful for in-house agen-
cies that need to maintain a separate identity from the corporation in order to get agency discounts.)

4 Any insertion or broadcast        order’s description/status,            cast order to a different address   the order to the vendor.
order can be pre-billed using       vendor information, or options         for the same vendor. An order
the pre-bill button. Pre-billing    and to view the vendor diary.          can include only one vendor; if     18 Use the make goods link to
automatically creates an invoice    The description/status window          you’re buying something from        add a make good to this inser-
for the order’s gross amounts       can be used to edit the order’s        multiple vendors, each vendor       tion or broadcast order. Make
and shows the job and task          details, such as the campaign,         gets its own insertion or broad-    goods are compensation for
like any other invoice. The         brand, or status. The vendor in-       cast order.                         ads that either never ran or ran
pre-billing invoice is unposted,    formation window can be used                                               incorrectly.
so it can be proofed, posted,       to customize the vendor’s name         13 The due date shows
and then printed with other         and address on this insertion or       when the buys are due to be         19 The order’s current revision
invoices. There are two options     broadcast order only. The op-          delivered. The balance amount       number increments auto-
available when pre-billing an       tions window contains the cop-         shows the amount remaining          matically each time someone
order. The show totals only         ies to names and disclaimer for        on the order that has not been      edits the order. To start the
option combines all of the          the insertion or broadcast order.      invoiced to vendor invoices.        automatic revision numbering,
order’s amounts together, so        The vendor diary window can            When the insertion or broadcast     a “1” must be entered into the
that the invoice shows only         be used to view, add, or edit          order is closed, the balance        revision box in the specifica-
one billing amount. The show        diary entries for the insertion or     amount will automatically           tions window.
item-by-item detail creates a       broadcast order’s vendor.              change to $0.00.
separate billing amount for
every line item on the order.       9 Use the view>point pop-              14 The order will be closed         20 The status is user-defined
Also, the order’s billing can be    up menu to view the order’s            automatically when applied to       note that describes the order’s
added to an existing unposted       invoices.                              a payable for the full balance      current progress and appears
pre-billing invoice by entering                                            due. If an order needs to be        on the printed order. Insertion/
the number of the existing pre-     10 Every order has a unique            closed for any reason, click on     Broadcast Order reports can
billing invoice into the pre-bill   number. New orders are                 the closed box.                     be printed showing only orders
dialog box.                         numbered automatically, but                                                with a certain status (i.e., on-
                                    custom, user-defined numbers           15 The insertion or broadcast       hold, change order, etc.).
5 The print reports and print       can be entered instead.                order’s buys are listed here by
order buttons are used to print                                            line number. Double-clicking        21 If an order has been ap-
insertion and broadcast order       11 The order date is the date          on a media buy opens the Edit       proved, the approver’s initials
reports and forms.                  the insertion or broadcast order       Media Buy window.                   and date appear on the Inser-
                                    was added. The client number                                               tion/Broadcast Order window.
6 If you know the insertion or      does not show on the printed           16 Some of the media buy’s          Once approved, insertion and
broadcast order number you          order; there is an option in           details are listed here for easy    broadcast orders can’t be
want to find, simply enter the      Preferences to show the client         reference. For insertion orders,    edited. Only the user who ap-
number into the find order           name. The ordered by field             the media buy’s issue date, ad      proved the order can unapprove
field. Use the find more link to     shows the initials of the person       size, ad#/caption, space close      the order.
find one or more insertion or       who added the order. Insertion         date, materials due date, net
broadcast orders by sequence,       and broadcast orders can be            cost, and gross cost will appear.
vendor, number, date, or job.       printed in batches by user. The        For broadcast orders, the media
                                    amount is the total amount of          buy’s broadcast month, market,
7 The history pop-up menu can       the order’s line items.                ad name, product, materials
be used to jump to a previously                                            due date, net cost, and gross
viewed insertion or broadcast       12 The vendor’s name and               cost will appear.
order.                              address are copied to the order,
                                    but can be changed. This lets          17 A lengthy description pro-
8 Use these links to edit the       you send an insertion or broad-        vides a detailed explanation of

                                                                       Insertion/Broadcast/Interactive/Outdoor Orders                     5-21
Adding Broadcast Orders






                        Radio, cable, and broadcast tv spots ordered on behalf of a client should be tracked
                        with broadcast orders. They can be created one-by-one or from broadcast media plans.

                        1 The number identifies a           that owns the station (or it        copied from the vendor, and is
                        broadcast order on windows,         might be the station itself).       used to calculate the buy’s net
                        reports, and forms. Broadcast       The vendor’s name and address       cost.
                        orders are numbered auto-           appear on the printed broadcast
                        matically when added or when        order, but can be customized on     5 Every insertion order needs
                        saved, based on your prefer-        each order.                         a job and task for accurate cost
                        ences. Or, you can number                                               accounting. The broadcast
                        your orders manually.               4 The order date is the date        order’s cost will update the job
                                                            on which the order was added.       task’s Net POs total.
                        2 Use the template pop-up           It appears on the printed
                        menu to select a template.          broadcast order. Ordered by is      6 The flight dates are when the
                        Choosing a template copies the      the initials of the person who      programs will run.
                        template’s default details to the   added the insertion order. Later,
                        new broadcast order.                broadcast orders can be printed     7 Campaign and brand are
                                                            in batches by these ordered         optional fields that are used by
                        3 An order has only one vendor      by initials. The commission is      media analysis reports.
                        which is usually the company

5-22   Adding Broadcast Orders
Once the Add Broadcast Order window is saved, you can add media buys to the broad-
cast order. Media buys contain the specific details about each spot that will run on the
broadcast order. A separate media buy should be added for each combination of run
dates, times, and programs. A broadcast order can have dozens of media buys on it.
8 The body of the broadcast or-
der is completely customizable.
The standard field labels are
designed for broadcast orders.
The default labels are broadcast
month, ad name, market, and
product. Information added for
these user-fields appear on the
printed broadcast order.

9 The materials due date is
used by traffic reports and ap-
plies to first spot on the broad-
cast order. It can be customized
for each media buy.

10 The description field is a
long text block. The label itself
is customizable for flexibility.
Any kind of notes or details
can be entered here. This text
appears in the heading of the
printed broadcast order.

11 The special instructions
field provide a space for details.
It prints on the broadcast order
below the line items.

12 The Media Buyer and
Media Rep OK fields create
approval lines on the printed
broadcast or order along with
the rep instructions.

                                                                                Adding Broadcast Orders   5-23
Adding Insertion Orders

                                   r                        t

          u                                                                            i

          o                                                                                     p


                                  d              f

                        Insertion orders are essential for accurate job costing. They allow media costs to be
                        committed to a job before the publication’s invoice is posted.

                        1 The order number identifies           might be the publication itself).   cost will update the job task’s
                        an insertion order on windows,                                              Net POs total.
                        reports, and forms. IOs are             4 The order date is the date
                        numbered automatically when             on which the insertion order        7 The publication name is
                        added or when saved, based on           was added. It appears on the        copied from the Publications
                        preferences, or manually.               printed insertion order.            table, which links the pub’s ad
                                                                                                    sizes with insertion orders.
                        2 Use the template pop-up               5 Ordered by is the initials of
                        menu to select a template.              the person who added the inser-     8 The campaign code can
                        Choosing a template copies the          tion order. Later, insertion or-    be used to categorize media
                        template’s default details to the       ders can be printed in batches      expenses. The brand name
                        new broadcast order.                    by ordered by initials.             helps to identify the product
                                                                                                    line being advertised. Both are
                        3 An IO has only one vendor.            6 Every insertion order needs       optional.
                        It is usually the company that          a job and task for accurate cost
                        owns the publication (or it             accounting. The insertion’s         9 The issue date shows the

5-24   Adding Insertion Orders
Any kind of ad space ordered on behalf of a client should be tracked with insertion or-
ders. An insertion order can have one or dozens of different media buys for one vendor.
Each media buy can specify a different ad to run, another set of run dates, or a special
space buy for a certain ad and will appear as a separate line on the printed order.
week, month, or period of time       14 The bill net, not gross op-
each media buy runs. The             tion lets you pass the ad’s true
ad/caption describes the spe-        cost along to the client, without
cific advertisement that’s being     any agency commission.
run for this space buy. The
ad name/size is a combination
of the ad/caption and ad size
fields, but can be changed. It
appears on media billings.

10 Space close is the date on
which you must place this order
with the publication.

11 Materials due is the date
on which the ad’s film, disk, or
other materials must reach the

12 Position is a customizable
text field that can store notes or
special instructions that appear
on the printed insertion order.

13 Gross cost is the amount
you’re charging the client for
this ad. The commission is cop-
ied from the client, and is used
to calculate the ad’s net cost.
Net cost is the amount you’ll
pay the publication for the ad.

                                                                                 Adding Insertion Orders   5-25
Adding Interactive Orders

                                           r                     t


                                                           u                                             p





                        Interactive orders can be used to buy advertising space on web sites, digital kiosks,
                        point-of-sale locations—anything that’s electronic.

                        Internet Advertising is are ads        an interactive order on windows,    4 The order date is the date
                        that appears on websites. As           reports, and forms. Orders are      on which the interactive order
                        the on-line population rapidly         numbered automatically when         was added and appears on the
                        grows, so does the placement           added or when saved, based on       printed order.
                        of ads on the world wide web.          preferences, or manually.
                        One advantage it has over                                                  5 Ordered by is the initials of
                        traditional advertising is that        2 Use the template pop-up           the person who added the inser-
                        enables clients to interact with       menu to select a template.          tion order. Later, orders can
                        the advertisement, so with a           Choosing a template copies the      be printed in batches by these
                        mouseclick anyone on-line can          template’s default details to the   initials.
                        get more information about a           new order.
                        product, subscribe for news and                                            6 Every interactive order needs
                        updates, or purchase it right          3 An interactive order has          a job and task for accurate cost
                        then and there.                        only one vendor, which is the       accounting. The order’s cost
                                                               company that owns web site or       will update the job task’s Net
                        1 The order number identifies          network.                            POs total.

5-26   Adding Interactive Orders
Internet ads also provides advertisers with an opportunity to precisely target its audi-
ence, enabling them to deliver advertisements that are customized to each consum-
er’s particular interests and tastes.

7 The website/network name is        8 The campaign code can            note any unique information
copied from the Publications/        be used to categorize media        or specific details about how
Media Companies table, which         expenses. The brand name           this interactive ad should be
links the media company’s ad         helps to identify the product      run. They appear on the printed
sizes with interactive orders.       line being advertised. Both are    interactive order.
The run dates show the days,         optional.
weeks, or months the interac-                                           13 Gross cost is the amount
tive ad will appear on the site.     9 The # impressions shows the      you’re charging the client for
The ad/caption describes the         number of time the ad will be      this ad. The commission is cop-
specific advertisement that’s        seen by readers per month. It is   ied from the client, and is used
being run for this space buy.        used to calculate the ad’s cost    to calculate the ad’s net cost.
The banner size is the size of       per thousand (CPM).                Net cost is the amount you’ll
the ad in pixels. To see a list of                                      pay the publication for the ad.
ad sizes, leave the banner size      10 Space close is the date
empty then press tab. A lookup       on which you must place this       14 The bill net, not gross op-
list will appear listing the         order with the media company.      tion lets you pass the ad’s true
media company’s ad sizes that        Materials due is the date on       cost along to the client, without
have been added into Publica-        which the digital artwork must     any agency commission.
tions/Media Companies table.         reach the media company.
You can then choose an ad size
from the list or type in your own    11 File size the media compa-
size. The linking URL indicates      ny how large the digital artwork
to the media company the web         will be when it is sent.
page should be opened when a
viewer clicks on the ad.             12 Use special instructions to

                                                                                               Adding Interactive Orders   5-27
Adding Outdoor Orders

                    r                                      t




                                             d                                           g


                        Outdoor media orders are used to place any kind of out-of-doors advertising, such as
                        billboards, mass transit signage, kiosks, building walls, and more.

                        Outdoor advertising can reach      windows, reports, and forms.        4 The order date is the date
                        a lot of people and build a        Orders are numbered auto-           on which the outdoor order
                        strong identity within a local     matically when added or when        was added and appears on the
                        market. Each board is assigned     saved, based on preferences, or     printed order.
                        to a location, which displays      manually.
                        it’s message to a percentage of                                        5 Ordered by is the initials
                        the population. You can project    2 Use the template pop-up           of the person who added the
                        your message on one or numer-      menu to select a template.          outdoor order. Later, orders can
                        ous boards, to reach a total       Choosing a template copies the      be printed in batches by these
                        number of impressions that         template’s default details to the   initials.
                        equal a percentage of the area’s   new order.
                        population.                                                            6 Every outdoor order needs a
                                                           3 Each outdoor order has only       job and task for accurate cost
                        1 The order number identi-         one vendor, which is the media      accounting. The order’s cost
                        fies an interactive order on       company that owns or manages        will update the job task’s Net
                                                           the billboard, signage, etc.        POs total.

5-28   Adding Outdoor Orders
The outdoor locations you buy most often can be added to the Publications/Media
Companies table with specifications and rates, which will be copied to new outdoor
orders automatically.

7 The size/number identifies         9 Materials due is the date on      and is used to calculate the
the specific ad space or location    which the digital artwork must      ad’s net cost. Total net is the
being ordered for this media         reach the media company.            amount you’ll pay the media
buy. To see a list of the media                                          company for the placement for
company’s ad sizes/numbers,          10 Space close is the date on       the full contract term. Total
leave the field empty then press     which you must place this order     gross is the total amount your
Tab.                                 with the media company.             client will pay for the ad’s entire
Illuminated indicates whether        11 Use special instructions to
the outdoor advertisement is         note any unique information or      14 The bill net, not gross op-
lighted and, if so, how many         specific details about how this     tion lets you pass the ad’s true
hours it is lit. The type/location   outdoor ad should be present-       cost along to the client, without
describes the specific location      ed. These notes appear on the       any agency commission.
that this advertisement will ap-     printed outdoor order.
pear. Posting date shows when                                            15 Special charges are op-
the media company will install       12 Contact term tells the           tional additional costs above
or present the outdoor ad.           media company how long (in          and beyond the outdoor ad’s
                                     months) this outdoor ad will        contract rate. They are one-time
8 The campaign code can              run. It is the rate basis for the   charges that are added to the
be used to categorize media          ad’s cost.                          total gross the client will pay.
expenses. The brand name                                                 Special charges are commis-
helps to identify the product        13 Monthly rate is the amount       sionable, so the net charge will
line being advertised. Both are      you’re charging the client for      be added to the orders’t total
optional.                            this ad per month. The commis-      net.
                                     sion is copied from the client,

                                                                                                     Adding Outdoor Orders   5-29
Media Traffic

                       q                   w




                       The Media Traffic window gives media planners and buyers a one-stop place to check
                       upcoming deadlines for space closings and materials due.

                       1 Use the prev week and next        4 The space closing list shows
                       week toolbar buttons to scroll      upcoming space deadlines
                       through the four weeks of           from broadcast and print media
                       media deadlines available to be     plans. The space closing date
                       viewed.                             can be entered separately for
                                                           each buy on a media plan.
                       2 To print a hard-copy printout
                       of the Media Traffic window,        5 The materials due list shows
                       click on the print report button.   upcoming traffic deadlines from
                                                           actual insertion and broadcast
                       3 The Media Traffic window          orders.
                       can list space closing and mate-
                       rial due dates for the next four
                       weeks by using the show week
                       pop-up menu. Only one week
                       can be viewed at a time.

5-30   Media Traffic
Media Traffic   5-31

Clients	&	Profits	keeps	a	detailed	table	of	the	stations	you	use	on	broadcast	media	plans.		A	broadcast	media	plan	is	com-
posed	of	different	spot	buys	for	a	two-week	period.		Each	program/time	is	added	as	a	separate	spot	buy	on	a	broadcast	
media	plan,	along	with	the	number	of	spots	that	will	run	each	day	of	the	flight.		When	you’re	adding	a	spot	buy,	you’ll	
select	a	station	from	the	Stations	lookup	list—which	links	the	media	buy	with	the	station’s	programs,	times,	and	rates.

               q                                   w




                               The Stations window shows both your stations (television, radio, and cable) and their
                               programs/times. There’s no limit to how many stations and programs you can add.

                               1 Use the station toolbar but-      for each program or time slot,     programs/times and standard
                               tons to add, edit, and delete TV,   as well as special program/rate    rates. Double-clicking on a
                               radio, and cable stations as well   combinations for each client.      station ID opens the Stations
                               as print a station list.            When a broadcast media plan        window, where you can make
                                                                   is created, the right rate will    changes to its details.
                               2 Use the time/program toolbar      be copied to the spot buy au-
                               buttons to add, edit, and delete    tomatically. Selecting a client    5 The times/programs and
                               programs, times, and contract       from the pop-up menu displays      standard rates for the selected
                               rates for the currently selected    that client’s special contract     station are listed here. Double-
                               station. You can also print a       rates. The program/times/rate      clicking a time/program record
                               list of programs/times by click-    table needs to be frequently up-   opens the Times/Programs/Con-
                               ing the Print button.               dated as the rates and programs    tract Rates window, where you
                                                                   change.                            can change the spot’s details.
                               3 Each station can have doz-
                               ens of different programs/times.    4 Your stations are listed here,
                               You can set up standard rates       sorted alphabetically. Clicking
                                                                   once on a station displays its

5-32         Stations





Anyone using Clients & Profits can see and update the station’s information, including
the ad representative’s name, address, and phone number.

1 Each station must be as-           3 The station’s name and           7 The publication’s market
sociated with a vendor in the        address are entered here and       can be entered here for future
Vendor table. The vendor and         appear on printed media orders.    reference.
the station can be the same,
but must be added separately.        4 An ad rep for the station
One vendor can have many             can be entered here with their
stations.                            phone number, and fax number.

2 The station code is used for       5 The commission rate will
sorting and sub-totaling media       be copied to broadcast media
buys on reports and client           plans when this station is used.
invoices, so clients will see
it. Each station code must be        6 Any notes about the publica-
unique. The code is customiz-        tion can be entered here. They
able and user-defined.               don’t appear on media reports.

                                                                              Stations            5-33
Publications/Media Companies

Clients	&	Profits	X	keeps	a	detailed	listing	of	the	publications	you	use	for	media	print	buying	and	media	companies	
you	use	for	outdoor	advertising.		Each	pub	and	media	company	belongs	to	a	vendor	in	the	Vendor	table.		One	vendor	
can	have	dozens	of	publications,	each	with	its	own	collection	of	various	ad	sizes	and	rates.	

                     q                                    w



                               The Publications/Ad Sizes/Media Companies window shows a detailed listing of all
                               the publications and their ad sizes that you use for media print buying.

                               1 Use these toolbar buttons to      sort direction the ad sizes are    on the publication heading.
                               add, edit, and delete publica-      listed in.                         Clicking once on a publica-
                               tions as well as print a publica-                                      tion displays its ad sizes and
                               tion list.                          3 A publication can have           standard rates. Double-click-
                               Use these arrow toolbar buttons     dozens of ad sizes/rates. You      ing on a publication opens the
                               to change the sort direction the    can set up standard rates for      Publication window, where
                               publications are listed in.         each ad size, as well as special   you can make changes to the
                                                                   size/rate combinations for each    publication’s information.
                               2 Use these toolbar buttons         client. Selecting a client from
                               to add, edit, and delete ad         the pop-up menu displays that      5 The ad sizes and standard
                               sizes and contract rates for        client’s special contract rates.   rates for the selected publica-
                               the currently selected publica-                                        tion are listed here by ad size.
                               tion. You can also print a list     4 Your publications are listed     To sort the list by gross cost,
                               of ad sizes/rates by clicking the   here, sorted alphabetically by     click on the gross cost heading.
                               print button. Use these arrow       publication code. To sort the      Double-clicking on an ad size
                               toolbar buttons to change the       list by publication name, click    opens the Print Ad Size window,
                                                                                                      where you can change the ad’s

5-34         Publications/Media Companies
                   w                             e





Anyone using Clients & Profits X can see and update the pub/media company’s infor-
mation, including the ad representative’s name, address, and phone number.

1 Each publication/media com-       3 The commission rate will be     6 An ad rep for the publication
pany needs to be associated         copied to media estimates and     can be entered here with their
with a vendor in the Vendor         print media plans when this       phone number. It is optional,
table. The vendor and the pub-      publication is used.              but appears on printed media
lication/media company can be                                         orders.
the same, but must be added         4 The publication and media
separately. One vendor can have     company’s name, address,          7 The publication’s market
many publications.                  phone number, and fax number      can be entered here for future
                                    are entered here and appear on    reference. The market is copied
2 The publication code is used      printed media orders.             to orders added for this publica-
for sorting and sub-totaling me-                                      tion or media company.
dia buys on reports and client      5 The publication’s issue date,
invoices, so clients will see it.   close date, and circulation       8 Any notes about the publica-
Each publication code must be       can be entered here for future    tion can be entered here. They
unique. The code is customiz-       reference.                        don’t appear on media reports.
able and user-defined.

                                                   Publications/Media Companies                  5-35
Make Goods

Make	goods	are	compensation	for	ads	that	either	never	ran	or	ran	incorrectly.	     2		Click	once	to	highlight	the	media	buy	wasn’t	run	or	run	incorrectly.
There	are	many	different	ways	a	print	ad	or	radio/tv	spot	can	be	compro-
mised,	providing	less	value	for	your	client.	For	example,	you	ordered	for	a	
                                                                                   3		Click	the	                      	link	or	choose	Edit	>	Add	Make	Good.
guaranteed	position	in	a	magazine,	but	the	ad	actually	ran	in	a	different,	less	
desirable	place.		Or,	you	placed	a	radio	spot	to	air	during	a	certain	show,	but	
                                                                                   The	Add	Broadcast	Make	Good	window	opens,	prompting	you	to	enter	the	
the	ad	ran	during	a	different	program.	In	these	situations,	the	publication	or	
                                                                                   make	good’s	details.	The	media	buy’s	details	are	copied	to	the	make	good	
station	will	either	offer	to	run	the	ad	or	spot	again,	credit	the	entire	amount	
                                                                                   line	item	except	for	the	date,	time,	and	program.
of	the	ad’s	cost,	or	issue	a	partial	credit.	
                                                                                                                                     4		Enter	the	dates,	days,	time,	
Make	goods	need	to	be	added	
                                                                                                                                     and	program	for	which	this	
to	the	original	insertion	order	
                                                                                                                                     make	good	spot	will	run.
or	broadcast	order	so	that	the	
shop’s	job	costing	is	accurate.	
                                                                                                                                     The	dates,	days,	etc.	is	based	
If	make	goods	aren’t	entered	
                                                                                                                                     the	compensation	negotiated	
as	they	happen,	your	job	costs	
                                                                                                                                     with	the	station.
won’t	match	up	with	your	com-
                                                                                                                                     5		Enter	the	rate,	spots,	
                                                                                                                                     amounts,	and	other	details	
It’s	the	media	buyer’s	respon-
                                                                                                                                     for	this	make	good,	then	click	
sibility	to	match	the	station’s	
affidavits	or	the	publication’s	
tear	sheets	to	verify	that	the	
ads	or	spots	that	actually	ran	                                                                                                      To add a make good
match	what	the	shop	ordered.	                                                                                                        for an insertion order
Any	discrepancies	needs	to	be	
noted	on	the	client’s	broadcast	                                                                                                     1		Find	the	insertion	order	
or	insertion	orders	by	adding	                                                                                                       that	needs	the	make	good.
make	goods.	
                                                                                                                                     2		Click	once	to	highlight	the	
Make	goods	are	simply	additional	media	           Editing a broadcast media        media	buy	wasn’t	run	or	run	incorrectly,	then	click	the	                         	
buys	appended	to	an	insertion	order	or	           buy. Broadcast orders are        link	or	choose	Edit	>	Add	Make	Good.
broadcast	order	after	the	ads	or	spots	           added, edited, revised,
have	been	run.	They’re	functionally	no            printed, and billed like pur-    3		Enter	the	issue	date,	ad	caption,	and	ad	size	for	which	this	make	good	ad	
different	from	an	order’s	regular	media	          chase orders and insertion       will	run,	based	the	compensation	negotiated	with	the	publication.
buys—each	make	good	line	item	includes            orders. Dozens of separate
details	about	the	dates,	times,	programs,	        media buys can be added          4		Enter	the	space	close	and	materials	due	dates	for	this	make	good,	then	
etc.	of	the	affected	print	ad	or	radio/tv	spot.	 for the same station on a
                                                                                   click	Save.
Make	goods	will	have	a	negative	cost	amount	broadcast order.
if	the	station/publication	is	offering	a	credit;	
otherwise,	free	make	good	ads	will	have	a	no	                                      Reprinting the revised broadcast or insertion order
cost	at	all.
                                                                                   Once	the	make	good	is	saved,	the	broadcast	or	insertion	order	can	be	
When	make	goods	are	added,	they	update	the	job’s	commitment	totals	just	           reprinted	and	faxed	to	the	station,	if	necessary.	For	clarity,	the	reprinted	order	
like	the	original	order.	They	appear	on	media	reports	just	like	other	media	       will	show	the	original	media	buys	plus	the	make	goods.
buys.	When	the	station	or	publication	media	invoice	is	added	into	Accounts	
Payable,	they	are	reconciled	along	with	the	order’s	original	media	buys.           1		Choose	File	>	Print	Orders	then	follow	the	prompts.

To add a make good for a broadcast order

1		From	the	Insertion/Broadcast	Orders	window,	find	the	broadcast	order	that	
needs	the	make	good.

5-36             Make Goods
Media Billing Goals

The	Media	Group	Performance	-	Trend	Analysis	report	compares	actual	media	spending	for	each	kind	of	media	(e.g.,	
broadcast	TV,	radio,	etc.)	with	the	media	department’s	billing	goals.	For	these	reports	to	work	properly,	the	shop’s	
billing	goals	for	each	media	kind	must	be	entered	in	the	Media	Goals	window.	Media	billing	goals,	which	are	based	on	
gross	amounts	on	broadcast	and	print	insertion	orders,	can	be	entered	for	each	quarter	of	the	calendar	year.	





                            These media billing goals can be edited any time. They are used only for media reports,
                            and don’t affect job tickets, media plans or estimates, job costing, or the General Ledger.
                                The Media Billing Goals window    1 Click print to get a report of    will summarize media billings
                                allows the agency to record       the year’s billing goals by media   by vendor, sub-totaling by the
                                media spending goals per          kind and quarter.                   vendor’s media kind setting.
                                media type, per fiscal quarter,
                                and also calculates a total for   2 The media kind is used to         3 Enter the billing goals for
                                each media type, quarter, and     categorize different types of       each kind of media for each
                                year-to-date. In media analysis   media (e.g., tv, radio, news-       quarter of the year.
                                reports, these amounts are        paper, etc.) and is a vendor
                                measured against actual gross     setting. When media perfor-         4 The quarterly and media kind
                                amounts derived from media        mance reports are printed (see      totals are calculated as you tab
                                spending.                         Snapshots > Media), C&P X           between fields.

                                                                                                 Media Billing Goals             5-37
Media Reports

Clients	&	Profits	prints	two	kinds	of	media	reports:	status	and	traffic.	Status	
reports	are	used	by	media	buyers	and	the	media	department	to	track	open	
media	plans,	media	estimates,	media	deadlines,	and	unbilled	media.	Traffic	
reports	allow	you	to	see	the	scheduled	buys	based	on	space	closing	and	
materials	due	dates,	which	are	entered	for	each	line	item	on	a	media	plan	or	

To print media reports

Media	reports	can	be	
printed	from	the	Media	
Estimates,	Broadcast	
Media	Plans,	or	Print	
Media	Plans	windows.

1		Choose	File	>	Print	
Media	Reports.

Media	reports	are	
grouped	together	by	
category	(i.e.,	Status	or	
Traffic).	Each	category	
has	a	collection	of	
media	reports	that	can	
be	printed.	Only	one	
report	can	be	printed	at	
a	time.
2		Select	a	report	
category	to	show	the	
reports	that	can	be	
                                         Media reports help different
3		Choose	a	report	by	clicking	on	       departments manage clients.
a	report	name.                           Status and traffic reports track
                                         the day-to-day media plans and
4		Enter	a	range	of	dates	and	           estimates. Post-buy reports help
select	any	available	options.            media buys track what’s been
                                         ordered. Account service can use
Status	and	traffic	reports	are	          client spending reports to analyze
based	on	media	plans	and	                each client’s media spend-
media	estimates,	so	the	date	            ing. Group performance reports
range	entered	will	select	               summarize how well the media
plans	or	estimates	based	on	             department manages spending
the	date	they	were	added.                trends, client media profitability,
                                         and spending volumes.
5		Click	Print.

■		Any	print	or	broadcast	media	plan	that	is	marked	as	“closed”	or	“inactive”	
will	not	be	included	on	media	status	reports	or	media	traffic	reports.

5-38               Media Reports
Media Reports

 Status Reports

Media Estimate List            The Media Estimate List lists all media estimates for a range of dates.

Media Estimate Status Report   The Media Estimate Status Report lists open media estimates sorted by status, which is

Media Plan List                The Media Plan List prints all broadcast media and print media plans for a range of dates.

Media Plan Status Report       The Media Plan Status Report lists open broadcast media and print media plans sorted by
                               status, which is user-defined.

Unbilled Media                 The Unbilled Media Report lists all insertion orders and broadcast orders that have not been
                               billed to the client. The orders are grouped by client and sorted by order number.

                               The Client Media Calendar lists media buys by billing period, which is based on your ac-
Client Media Calendar          counting periods. Media buys are grouped by client, then subtotaled by month. The month’s
                               media buys are then sorted by close date and issue date. Each media buy shows its publica-
                               tion, issue date, ad name, ad size, space closing date, and materials due date.
 Traffic Reports
Space Closings                 The Space Closings Reports lists the selected space closing dates of media estimate buys,
                               sorted by media buyer and date. It can be printed for planned or ordered media buys.

Material Due                   The Materials Due Reports lists the selected material due dates of media estimate buys,
                               sorted by media buyer and date. It can be printed for planned or ordered media buys.

Media Job List                 The Media Job List shows the job number, job name, AE, job due date, status, and status
                               note for each job with a media estimate, and sorts it by client.

                                                                                                         Media Reports        5-39
Media Link

The	Media	Link	imports	broadcast	orders,	print	insertion	orders,	and	vendor	invoices	into	Client	&	Profits	X	from	lead-
ing	media	buying	systems,	including	SmartPlus,	TAPSCAN,	Strata,	and	other	systems	that	support	the	Standard	Media	
Interface.	.

                           q     w       e


                                                         t                              y


                                Media Link imports broadcast orders, print insertion orders, and vendor invoices into
                                Clients & Profits from media buying system that support the Standard Media Interface.

                                Media buying systems that sup-        Strata. The media buying sys-        X to look for any export files
                                port SMI export media orders          tem exports a copy of the order      inside the media_buys folder
                                from media plans into specially-      or invoice into a designated         then import them.
                                formatted text files, one for         media_buys folder on your file
                                each broadcast order, insertion       server. The Media Link looks         2 Click the clear log button to
                                order, or vendor invoice. These       for these media buy files then       erase the Media Link activity
                                files the order details (e.g.,        imports them into your C&P X         log. Clearing the log deletes the
                                station ID, run dates, number         database as broadcast orders,        entries permanently.
                                of spots, rating, cost, etc.) or      insertion orders, or vendor
                                invoice needed by Clients &           invoices—just as if you’d typed      3 Click the print button to get
                                Profits X for job costing, billing,   them in yourself. These orders       a hard-copy report of the Media
                                and media accounting.                 can be billed to clients just like   Link’s log entries.
                                                                      any other media order. Imported
                                How it works: A media buyer           invoices appear in Accounts          4 The database name is
                                enters broadcast orders, inser-       Payable.                             shown for reference. If you use
                                tion orders, and vendor invoices                                           multiple databases, be sure
                                into SmartPlus, TAPSCAN, or           1 Clicking import tells C&P

5-40         Media Link
Media Link really pays off when you’re buying large amounts of broadcast or print me-
dia. Rekeying dozens of buys each week into Clients & Profits would be tedious and
probably error-prone. There’s no double-entry and no missing data.

to double-check the database
name—otherwise you might im-
port media buys into the wrong

5 The Media Link Log tab
displays your recent activity.
Each time an order or invoice is
imported, a log entry is created.
6 The Preferences tab (see
right) offers settings and op-                                          w
tions that let you control how
some parts of                                                           e
the Media Link will behave.
These settings let you turn on
and off certain functions.                               t
7 For each imported order
you’ll see the date/time it was
imported, the order number (as
entered into the media buying
system), the initials of the
person who imported the order,
and the order’s import status.
The status notes any problems
with the imported media order.
                                    Media Link imports media buys from leading media buying systems, such as Smart-
                                    Plus, Strata, TAPSCAN, and other systems that support the Standard Media Interface.

                                    1 Click the Preferences tab to     the standard 15%. The gross        use the Clients & Profits com-
                                    edit the Media Link’s options      amount will be recalculated        mission rate. If it is already
                                    and settings. The changes you      during the import using the        exporting the gross cost at the
                                    make are saved automatically       commission rate entered in         lower commission then leave
                                    and take affect immediately.       client’s Billing Info window.      the setting at your media buy-
                                                                                                          ing system.
                                    2 Choose your media buying         4 If your shop doesn’t charge
                                    system from the import media       media commissions to clients,      5 Uncheck the enable log op-
                                    buys from pop-up menu.             check the always bill net op-      tion if you don’t need to record
                                                                       tion. This forces all imported     the Media Link’s activity.
                                    3 If you bill a different com-     orders to be billed at net cost
                                    mission rate than that in your     instead of gross cost. But make    6 Use the notify option to send
                                    media system, select “Clients      sure your media buying system      an e-mail to any staff member
                                    & Profits” from the use BO or      is not already exporting at this   (such as a bookkeeper) when-
                                    IO commission from checkbox.       lower gross cost, otherwise you    ever a new order or invoice is
                                    This is usually done if you bill   will incorrectly reduce your       imported automatically.
                                    at a lower commission than         billing amount if you choose to

                                                                                                             Media Link              5-41

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