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									Limited Distribution                                           IOC/IODE-XVI/24
                                                               Paris, 30 August 2000
                                                               Original: English

                                 (of UNESCO)

  Sixteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and
   Information Exchange (IODE, Lisbon, Portugal, 30 October – 9 November 2000

                        IODE’s web presence
                                   P. Pissierssens

The history of the IODE programme’s web presence goes back to September 1995
when the IOC’s web site was opened as one of the first UNESCO web sites. As the
site was developed by the Ocean Services unit staff (Ocean Services also includes
IODE) emphasis was put from the start on users services. This led to several on- line
information products such as the Ocean Pilot, Ocean Experts Directory (the precursor
of GLODIR), IOC’s on- line Publication service, IOC’s List of Acronyms, International
Marine Meeting List, Oceans Electronic Mailing Lists and Ocean Software.

IODE’s individual web presence was started on 1 March 1997 (see Fig below). This
first version of the IODE web site was built based on the IODE programme structure
(as was done for all other IOC programmes):
Page 2

On 11 November 1999 the IODE site was redesigned again to give more emphasis on
services and products of interest to the users. Under ‘Data & Information Sources’
we introduced ‘IODE's Shopping Mall’.
This included links to services like:

   •   marine scientists and institutions
   •   marine science related web sites
   •   marine science related Internet
       discussion lists (ListServs)
   •   information on marine science related
       conferences and meetings
   •   what does an abbreviation (acronym)
       stand for? (OceanAcronyms)
   •   scienticic publications (bibliography)
   •   marine science libraries (IDALIC)
   •   useful websites (Training & Tools: KnowHow- KnowNow)
   •   ocean data (Datasets)

At this time the ODINEA Resourc e Kit had also
reached its second version (11/98) and was made
available on the IOC/IODE web server under ‘IODE
Training & Tools’ as well as on CD- ROM.

More details on the IODE Resource Kit are provided
in Document IOC/IODE- XVI/20
                                                                               Page 3

2.     Current IODE web site (July 2000)

During the 8th Session of the IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of Data
Exchange (GETADE - VIII) (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United
States, 13- 17 March 2000) the Group agreed that the structure of the IODE web site
should better reflect the IODE services and products, rather than the organizational
structure of the IODE Programme. As the products and services are developed at
the Data Centre level the Group discussed at length ways how this information could
be made visible within the IODE web site. These could include:
    (i)    data centres informing the IOC Secretariat about their new services and
           products by email, after which this information could be advertised in the
           IODE site;
    (ii)   data centres to post information on their (new) services and products on a
           standardized web page on their own web site. The IOC could then create
           an ‘include’ link to this page in the IODE web site.
Page 4

The Group :

   •      Recommended to IODE Data Centres to include a clearly visible link to the
          IODE website in their web sites (possibly using the words ‘A member of the
          IODE network of oceanographic data centres’).
   •      Requested IOC to increase the visibility of the IODE site on the IOC web site
   •      Requested the IOC Secretariat to prepare a draft template for the standard
          IODE page, to be used by the IODE Data Centres on their web site. It was
          agreed that content and functionality should take priority over artistic quality.
   •      Requested the IOC Secretariat, in consultation with the Group and the IODE
          Chair, to develop an IODE corporate branding, for use on all IODE information
          and data products.

The Russian NODC offered to the IODE web site its list of over 1500 URLs entitled
‘Travelling on Information Resources on World Ocean’. The IOC OceanPilot database
could be used as a model from a technical point of view, enabling on- line registration
and editing of sites.

As Objective 5 of the GETADE - VIII Programme and Action Plan for the next
Intersessional period the Groyp identified:

‘Develop a high-quality IODE web presence and IODE Data/Information
Management Portal, as a mechanism to better support the IODE user
community with improved abilities to locate marine information, metadata
and data sources as well as promoting IODE and to reinforce the ‘IODE
family’ principle’

   •      Task 1: Develop services and products oriented IODE web site, focusing on
          data, data products and information dissemination;
   •      Task 2: Increase and ensure distributed authorship of IODE web site,
          stressing ‘IODE family’ principle;
   •      Task 3: Develop IODE data/information management Portal, providing
          powerful search tools to IODE and other marine data/information tools and
          services, including metadata and data;
   •      Task 4: Develop distributed capabilities for the IODE Data Portal.

The current status of follow- up to these recommendations is as follows:

   (i)       clearly visible link to the IODE website in the (IODE data centre) web
             sites: see ‘5.Referencing to the IODE site by other web sites’.

   (ii)      IOC to increase the visibility of the IODE sit e on the IOC web site: the
             IODE ‘button’ (see (iii) ) has been clearly added on the IOC homepage.
                                                                             Page 5

   (iii)   prepare a draft template for the standard IODE page, to be used by the
           IODE Data Centres on their web site: the following template has been
           prepared and submitted to the Data Centres (1 September 2000):

(files: iode.htm, background.jpg, iodebanner.jpg, iodebutton.jpg)
The page can be opened and copied from
Page 6

   (iv)    Corporate branding: AODC hired a graphic artist who developed an IODE
           brochure folder. The artwork prepared for this item was subsequently
           identified as suitable for the ‘corporate branding’.
           The artwork includes:

   IODE logo :                           IODE ‘ button ‘ :

   IODE banner:

   This artwork is now being used in all IODE public awareness tools such as the
   aforementioned IODE brochure folder and IODE websites.

   (v)     Develop a high- quality IODE web presence and IODE Data/Information
           Management Portal (and tasks 1 to 4): On 3 July 2000 a completely
           redesigned version of the IODE web site was launched that took the
           recommendations of GETADE- VIII into account..


HOT Topics
IODE events this year
About IODE
IODE internal
- GE Data Mgmt
- GE Info Mgmt
- Resource Kit
- Marine XML
- OceanPortal
Data / Info sources!
Scientist room
Datalab/ InfoLab
Capacity Building
Publications/ Docs
C o n t act Us
Search site
                                                                                           Page 7

To facilitate navigation the site utilizes frames whereby the navigation frame (left)
remains static. Details on the structure of IODE system is now given less weight in
the menu than previously and is now grouped under ‘About IODE’, IODE internal and
WDC/NODC/RNODC. Much more emphasis has now been given to service and
product oriented information under Expertise, Projects/Products, Data/Info sources,
Scientist room. DataLab/InfoLab, Capacity Building and Publications/ Docs.

Details on the individual sections are given below:

HOT Topics
This section contains issues of high importance to the IODE programme. Content
should be provided by the IODE Data Centres, but can also be submitted by externak
sources to the IODE Secretariat. Examples are implementation of IODE projects,
information on new technology etc. Ideally this section should grow into an IODE
news service.

IODE events this year
This section sends a query (current year events for programme=iode) to the IOC
Activities & Meetings List database. The result is a list of IODE events with the option
to view full details.


IOC Ocean Activities & Meetings database
For the year 2000, 5 activities have been found.
Displaying 1 through 5 of 5 records found.

                            Title                            Dates              Venue

                                                            13 Mar
Eighth Session of the IODE Group of Experts on Technical             Goddard Space Flight Center,
                                                                     Greenbelt, Maryland, United
Aspects of Data Exchange (GETADE-VIII),                     17 Mar
                                                            02 May
                                                            2000-    UNESCO Office, Dakar,
First ODINAFRICA-II Planning Workshop,                      04 May   Senegal

Meeting of the ad hoc working group on oceanographic data   15 May
                                                            2000-    UNESCO Headquarters, Paris,
exchange policy,
                                                            17 May   France
                                                            25 Oct
ODINEA 2000 Workshop,                                                IPIMAR, Lisbon, Portugal
                                                            27 Oct

                                                            30 Oct
16th Session of the IOC Committee on International          2000-    Centro Cultural de Belém,
Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XVI),     09 Nov   Lisbon, Portugal
Page 8

About IODE
This Section provides extensive information on the IODE system from an
organizational structure point of view.

Objectives &
The IODE          Management
                                    The IODE Committee
System            Structure
                                    The IODE Chairs
                                    The IODE Officers
                                    The IODE National Coordinators
                                    The IODE Regional Coordinators

                                    IODE at the IOC Secretariat
                  Technical         Overview & History of the IODE's subsidiary
                  Expertise         bodies
                                    IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of
                                    Data Exchange
                                    IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information
                                    Task Team on Oceanographic Data Quality Control
                  The Data Centres The World Data Centres
                                    The Responsible National Oceanographic Data
                                    The National Oceanographic Data Centres
                                    Quick access: NODC browser
                                    The Designated National Agencies

IODE internal
This section is intended for information that is mainly of relevance to the ‘IODE data
centre community’ (IODE system Partners). Currently it contains information on all
IODE Circular Letters as well as on the standard IODE page for IODE data centre web

At a later stage it could include quick links to selected IOC Manuals and Guides
focused on NODCs (or countries that wish to establish an NODC).

If needed this page could have access restricted (password required).
                                                                              Page 9

These pages provide detailed information on the IODE data centres.

                                              The NODC browser: provides detailed
                                               information on all IODE NODC/DNA
Page 10

This Section is intended to attract attention to the important expertise base available
within the IODE community:

IODE Groups of experts:

   •   IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of Data Exchange (GETADE)
   •   IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GEMIM)

individual experts through the GLODIR system:

   •   IODE Data Management Experts
   •   IODE Information Management Experts

IODE publishes a wide variety of technical documents in IOC series. These include:

   •   IODE documents in the series 'IOC Manuals and Guides'(click to see the list)
   •   IODE Documents in the series 'Technical Series IOC'(click to see the list)

- GE Data Mgmt : provides details on the composition, terms of reference and
meetings of the Group (including full-text versions of the reports)

- GE Info Mgmt: provides details on the composition, terms of reference and
meetings of the Group (including full-text versions of the reports)

To better represent the important range of data and information projects/products
developed by the IODE programme individual pages with detailed information and
links to the products/projects are provided. This section should be completed with all
currently active IODE projects/products as well as a historical archive of
completed/terminated projects/products.

   •   ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts
   •   GODAR: Global Oceanographic Data Arcaeology and Rescue
   •   GLODIR: Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) professionals
   •   MEDI: Marine Environmental Data Information Referral System
   •   ODINAFRICA: Ocean Data and Information Network for Arfrica
   •   IODE Resource Kit: Comprehensive reference tool for ocean data and
       information managers
   •   Marine XML: XML standard development project
   •   OceanPortal: the one- stop shop for ocean data and information.
                                                                                 Page 11

Data / Info sources!
This links directly to the OceanPortal website (see below
under …)

Scientist room
In this section we want to give special attention to the Scientists. Here Scientists
should be able to find answers to questions about data (FAQs). Examples include :
‘what are data formats and which formats exist’ , ‘how can I get help on…’
This section is currently undeveloped. Assistance is requested from the IODE

Datalab/ InfoLab
The DataLab and InfoLab contains links to and descriptions of software packages
recommended for Ocean data and information management. This section will shortly
be substantially expanded through a link to the IODE Resource Kit’s software section.

Capacity Building
This Section provides details on the Capacity Building activities organized by the
IODE programme.

1      Group Training Courses and Workshops
       These are organized upon request by a Member State of region, or within the
       framework of a project.
       1.1   See a list of past IODE training courses here
             This link generates a query in the ‘IOC publications’ database and
             produces a list of IODE training course report citations. The documents
             can also be downloaded in PDF or MS Word
             format. A full bibliographic record can also be

       1.2    See a list of past IODE Workshops here
              This link generates a query in the ‘IOC publications’ database and
              produces a list of IODE workshop report citations. The documents can
              also be downloaded in PDF or MS Word format. A full bibliographic
              record can also be viewed.
Page 12

2      Individual Internships in data centres of the IODE system
       Support for individual internships is provided by the IOC upon request by the
       individual and with recommendation from the host data centre.

3      Expert and advisory missions to Member States
       These are organized in response to a request by the Member State. The IOC
       Secretariat identifies the suitable expert(s) in consultation with the requesting
       Member State

4      Provision of equipment and operational support
       Is provided usually within the framework of a national or regional project.
       4.1    Example: ODINAFRICA

Publications/ Docs
Again this generates queries to the IOC Publications database. It is possible to
download full- text versions in PDF and/or MS-Word format.

Click here to see a full list of IODE- related publications (sorted by publication year in
descending order)

Click here to search for documents in IOC's e-Library

Contact Us
IODE Secretariat staff list with email links.
It may be appropriate to also include feedback forms or discussion forum.

Search site
Search engine to query the IODE site.

New Domain name

In order to make the IODE URL easier to remember a new domain name was

The ‘original’ URL remains valid as well.

Search Engine Registration
The URL has been registered with 221 search engines.
(Details available on request)
                                                                                   Page 13

3.     Visit Statistics for the IODE site (3/1998-8/2000)
Visit statistics for the IODE web site are available only as from 1 October 1998 when
the site was moved from a UNIX- based server to the current NT/IIS server.

                                                    11/11/99                  2/7/00 launching
IODE sub- sites totals (3/1998- 8/2000)             launching first           second revised
IODE all sites combined………: 207, 193                revised IODE site         IODE site
IODE home site…………………….. 133,298
IODE Resource Kit………………:         37,178     (launched 1/00)
MEDAR…………………………………:               3,832     (launched 7/99)
IAMSLIC……………………………...:              426     (launched 4/99)
ODINAFRICA…………………………:             5,888     (launched 2/00)
GLODIR…………………………………: 17,866                 (stats available since 9/99)
IOCPUB…………………………………:               8,705   (launched 17/4/00)

(Total IOC sites requests 1998-8/2000): 1,705,190
IODE requests represent 12% of the IOC site requests


IOCWEB         676343                          IGOSSweb         11726
TEMA            12984                          IOC19            22896
SOCA             2162                          IOC20            23628
GOOSweb        191294                          IOCARIBE         39782
IYO            341511                          IOCHTM          121117
HAB             36775                          IOCINCWIO         7865
ICAM             9914
4.      Visibility of the IODE website through Search Engines
Search for: IODE

Analysis of retrieval of

Engine                   Ranking      Comment                   1                  1               1
GoTO                        1
HotBot                      1
LookSmart                   1
MSN                         1
Excite                      11         Found Ocean Pilot page only                   17         Found Ocean Pilot page only
AskJeeves                    -
Netscape Netcenter           -

Comment: in August 2000 we added the ‘keywords’ META tag to all pages:

<meta name="keywords" content="oceanography, ocean data, information,
database, marine, data centre, iode, ioc, godar, xml, odinafrica, nodc, wdc, rnodc,
glodir, medi, asfa">

It is expected that this will improve retrieval of the IODE site on the basis of these
more obvious search terms.

5.      Referencing to the IODE site by other web sites

Results obtained using (Analysis carried out 28 August 200)
Reference to ‘ioc iode’ worldwide (excluding references in 571
Reference to ‘ioc iode’ or ‘iode’ in NODC websites: (indicated highest number): see

     NODC/DNA               Reference to      Reference to or
     1. Argentina           0                 0
     2. Australia           27                1
     3. Belgium             3                 1
     4. Brazil              0                 0
     5. Bulgaria            no website        no website
     6. Canada              22                0
     7. Chile               9                 1
     8. China               no website        no website
     9. Colombia            no website        no website
     10. Croatia            2                 1 (to
     11. Cyprus             no website        no website
     12. Denmark            no website        no website
     13. Ecuador            no website        no website
                                                                                 Page 15

   14. Egypt              no   website     no website
   15. Finland            no   website     no website
   16. France             17               5
   17. Germany            9                1
   18. Ghana              no   website     no website
   19. Greece             2                1 (
   20. Guatemala          no   website     no website
   21. Guinée             no   website     no website
   22. Iceland            0                0
   23. India              0                0
   24. Iran               2                2
   25. Ireland            4                1 (bad link w
   26. Italy              no   website     no website
   27. Japan              15               0
   28. Kenya              no   website     no website
   29. Korea (DPR)        no   website     no website
   30. Korea (Rep.)       2                0
   31. Madagascar         no   website     no website
   32. Malaysia           no   website     no website
   33. Mauritius          no   website     no website
   34. Mexico             no   website     no website
   35. Morocco            no   website     no website
   36. Mozambique         4                0
   37. Netherlands        no   website     no website
   38. Nigeria            no   website     no website
   39. Norway             0                0
   40. Pakistan           no   website     no website
   41. Peru               no   website     no website
   42. Philippines        no   website     no website
   43. Poland             no   website     no website
   44. Portugal           0                0
   45. Romania            0                0
   46. Russia             13               bad link -play.htm
   47. Seychelles         no   website     no website
   48. South Africa       0                0
   49. Spain              no   website     no website
   50. Sri Lanka          no   website     no website
   51. Sweden             2                0
   52. Tanzania           no   website     no website
   53. Trinidad &         no   website     no website
   54. Turkey             no   website     no website
   55. Ukraine            0                0
   56. United Kingdom     6                bad links to
   57. United States      12               2
   58. Uruguay            no   website     no website
   59. Venezuela          no   website     no website
   60. Vietnam            no   website     no website

The results clearly show the need for the IODE data centres to actively promote the
IODE programme by inserting links to the IODE ‘parent’ web site.
Page 16

Referencing to (5 hits) or
worldwide: 35 hits (Results obtained using Analysis carried out 28
August 2000.

References to

About HNODC - 8k - Cached - Similar pages
EOPOLE: Useful Links links.html - 50k - Cached - Similar pages
Links - 5k - Cached - Similar pages
9k - Cached - Similar pages
9k - Cached - Similar pages

References to

NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Marine Geology & Geophysics WWW Sites - 31k - Cached - Similar pages
Agenda: CEOS IDN Task Team Meeting - 9k - Cached - Similar pages
NODC Cooperation with IOC/IODE and ICES - 6k - Cached - Similar pages
Other Oceanographic Sources and Services - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
Marine Sites - 4k - Cached - Similar pages
SISMER - Systèmes d'Information Scientifiques pour la Mer - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
Servers With Oceanographic Information - 19k - Cached - Similar pages
GOOS/IOS - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
IAMSLIC METADATA - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
SISMER - System of Scientific Information for the Sea - 21k - Cached - Similar pages
The BRIDGE Database - Related Sites - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
ICZM LINKS - 43k - Cached - Similar pages
Servers With International Ag ency Data and Information - 12k - Cached - Similar pages
GCRIO - Acronyms and Abbreviations I-M - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
Belgian Clearing-House-Mechanism : acronyms - 22k - Cached - Similar pages
SEA-SEARCH = International Mechanisms - 8k - Cached - Similar pages
Objectives & Summary - 27k - Cached - Similar pages
Links - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
????????????? - 54k - Cached - Similar pages
RPI - Data Related Links - 5k - Cached - Similar pages
                                                                                          Page 17

Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee/Flanders Marine Institute - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
SOOP, General information - 44k - Cached - Similar pages
Centro Nacional de Datos Oceanograficos de Chile - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
Information Centres and Link Sites - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
Environmental Yellow Pages - Oceanographic Data and Information - 22k - Cached - Similar pages
Environmental Yellow Pages - International Global Change/Environmental Data - 14k - Cached - Similar pages
IGOOS IV french national report - 39k - Cached - Similar pages
Agenda: Splinter Meeting of the CEOS IDN - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
Toward a U.S. Plan for an Integrated, Sustained Ocean Observing System- - 5k - Cached - Similar pages
Marine Data Sources - 26k - Cached - Similar pages
ABLOS - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
BSP: Links - UNESCO and Associated School Projects - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
Untitled Document - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

6.      The OceanPortal Site

What is a portal?

According to                              a portal is:

        “A Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services,
        such as e-mail, forums , search engines, and on-line shopping malls.”

Discussions on an ‘IODE Portal’ at GETADE - VIII

In the GETADE-VIII Document 18 ‘The IODE Internet Data Portal’ , the IODE
Chairman writes:

         ‘The profile of the IODE program and its activities is not as high as it should
        be. It is essential that IODE establishes itself as the primary point of contact
        for scientists, scientific programs and other users of marine data and
        information. To do this, IODE must have a greater visible presence and
        provide a more coordinated way of accessing the data and data and
        information products it has available at the Secretariat and at the many
        national oceanographic data centres. One mechanism to achieve this is
        through the use of the Internet and a specific capability of the Internet that is
        now being widely adopted by a number of industry and other groups. This
        approach is called a portal and provides access to services and products
        spread over a number of web sites.’
Page 18

GETADE- VIII agreed that an IODE Portal would dramatically increase the visibility of
IODE . Reference was made to GOSIC, which provides a portal to G3OS data sources
on the WWW. It was suggested to build the IODE Portal on the existing IODE website
that includes information on the IODE system, links to the NODCs, RNODCs and
WDCs, information on marine professionals (GLODIR), marine science related sites
(OceanPilot), list of acronyms, marine science libraries, etc. It was noted that we
currently lack a marine- specific search engine. The possibility was mentioned of the
portal providing a ‘bureau service’, which would allow data collectors to submit raw
data to the system that would subsequently be quality controlled, metadata would be
extracted and the data would be archived in the system.

First release of the IODE Portal
In order for users to easily remember the name of the Portal as a gateway towards
information and data on the Oceans it was decided to call it the ‘Ocean Portal’.

The following artwork has been designed for the site and promotional materials:


OceanPo rtal ‘Button’

The OceanPortal site was launched on 1 September 2000.

New Domain Name
In order to make the URL easy to remember a new domain name was registered:

Search Engine Registration
The OceanPortal site was also registered with 221 search engines on 29 August
2000. (Details available on request)

Appropriate metatags have been added to all OceanPortal pages.
                                                                  Page 19

The OceanPortal Site
IODE site
Portal Home
 data centres
 specialized sets
 website catalogs
 abstract DBs
 bibliographic DBs
 expertise sources
 Contact Us
 Discussion Forum


    Search site

               Find !

Objectives of the OceanPortal

The OceanPortal will provide a starting point for users searching for
ocean data and information on the WWW.

The OceanPortal will provide a top-level directory of ocean data and
ocean information related web sites.

The OceanPortal will promote the IODE Data Centres by guiding users
to the Data Centre Data and Information Products/Services web pages

The OceanPortal will include (refer to) the GCMD/MEDI node for
metadata creation

The OceanPortal WILL NOT BE a metadata system providing
descriptions of INDIVIDUAL ocean data sets.
Page 20

Content description of the OceanPortal web site
(draft release 1 September 2000)

       Includes list of ocean related metadata systems

 data centres
       List of Governmental (National) and International ocean data centre (includes
       all IODE data centres) web site data web site pages.

       List of Ocean science programme/project data web sites/pages

 specialized sets
       List of web site pages/sites providing on- line data services. This list has been
       categorized as follows (many have sub- categories):

   •   Integrated Data Query Interfaces
   •   ADCP
   •   Altimeter Data for Oceanography
   •   Archive (Data Archive)
   •   AVHRR
   •   Bathymetry & Topography
   •   Buoys
   •   Carbon Dioxide
   •   Chlorophyll Data
   •   Climate
   •   Coastlines/Shorelines
   •   Coastal Typology
   •   Currents
   •   Drifting buoys
   •   Educational Resources
   •   El Nino/La Nina
   •   Freshwater Runoff
   •   General
   •   Geodesy
   •   Glossaries
   •   Hydrographic Data
   •   Ice Ocean Forecasting
   •   Integrated Coastal Area Management (formerly CZM and ICZM)
   •   Maps, Charts, GIS
   •   Marine Geology & Geophysics
   •   Marine Meteorology
   •   Marine Organisms/ Biological data
   •   Non- Satellite Photographs & Images
   •   Numerical Modelling
   •   Nutrients
   •   Ocean Atmosphere interaction
   •   Ocean Climate
                                                                                  Page 21

   •   Ocean Data Assimilation
   •   Ocean Productivity
   •   Ocean Station Data
   •   Ocean Waves
   •   Oil Spill Response
   •   Oxygen
   •   Plankton (SEE ALSO Marine Organisms)
   •   Profile Data
   •   Regional Data
   •   Salinity (SEE ALSO Temperature/Salinity)
   •   Satellite Data
   •   Sea Level
   •   Sea Surface Height (Altimetry)
   •   Sea Surface Temperature (SEE ALSO Temperature/Salinity)
   •   Specific Parameters
   •   Surface Currents
   •   Taxonomy
   •   Temperature/Salinity
   •   Time Series
   •   Topography data
   •   Time & Date
   •   Waves
   •   Weather Climate & Climate Change
   •   Winds and Currents
   •   Links to Sources of Regional Coastal Zone Data:

The above list should be considered as a first tentative. It will be more appropriate to
use a standard list (eg GCMD)

 website catalogs
       List of other ocean related catalogie/directory sites


   •   e- Library projects, services & resources
   •   Online Journal intermediaries
   •   Find information on a Journal
   •   Oceanography journals websites
   •   Other resources

 abstract DBs
       •   Abstracting tools

 bibliographic DBs
       •   On- line bibliographic databases (library holding databases)
Page 22

       •   Directories of ocean libraries and information centres

 expertise directories
       •   List of Expertise Directories (databases of ocean expertise), Special
           interest societies, organizations, programmes and projects (not
           necessarily data sources)


  Contact Us
       •   Feedback form

 Discussion Forum


       •   General Search engines
       •   Specialized search engines
       •   Metacrawlers
       •   Search Utilities

Current Status of the OceanPortal
The pilot version of the O c e a n Portal site has been officially announced on 1
September 2000 to the IODE National Coordinators. Currently the Portal includes
over 1000 external links. The links are embedded in static html pages. The current
set up allows users to either selected a section from the menu or to search the Portal
site using the inbuilt local search engine (that searches the OceanPortal static html
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A more powerful service, including user-profile based SDI services could be provided
if we use a database approach whereby the links are stored in a searchable database
together with some meta-information (URL, page title, parent URL, parent site title,
site description, site keywords, …). This is the option recommended by the author.
The Committee will be requested to provide advice on this option.

The Committee will be requested to discuss and possibly approve the implementation
of a 2- 3 year pilot project for the further development of an IODE Ocean Portal.

If approved then the following issues should be taken into consideration in further

The usefulness of the portal will depend first and foremost on:
   (i)        the completeness of the ‘database’
   (ii)       whether the links are valid
   (iii)      whether the content of the page corresponds with the description of
              the record in the Portal
   (iv)       the quality of the pages we refer to

(i), (ii) and (iii) will require continuous, as well as periodical work. If the database
option is chosen then individual data/information resource authors could be enabled
to enter records. Nevertheless these records will need to be verified and edited.

It is also recommended, at least during the startup phase, to actively interact with
the target audiences to evaluate their appreciation of the portal and its service
components. Cooperation from the Member States will be required.

LANGUAGE: The current language version of the Portal is English. If the database
option is chosen then other language versions (at least the interface) can be

It is recommended to include only links to sites where data or information is
available on-line. Sites where users need to submit formal requests by mail are not
recommended. The Committee will be requested to comment on this specification.
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                           POSSIBLE IMPLEMENTATION SCHEMES


Task 1: content search
Duration: 3 months half- time
Qualification required: strong ocean data/information management background
Cost: USD 6000 (once only)

Task 2: verification of URLs; adding new URLs, general maintenance
Duration: continuous at 1 week/month
Qualification: strong ocean data/information management background
Cost: USD 12,000/year



Task 1: development of database, interface and related software
Duration: 2 months (including testing)
Qualific ation: web- based database application development
Cost: USD 6000- 8000

Task 2: : content search
Duration: 3 months half- time
Qualification required: strong ocean data/information management background
Cost: USD 6000 (once only)

Task 3: Task 2: verification of URLs; verification of new entries URLs, adding new
entries, general maintenance
Duration: continuous at 1 week/month
Qualification: strong ocean data/information management background
Cost: USD 12,000/year



The Committee will be requested to:

   (i)            decide on the need to develop an IODE OceanPortal
   (ii)           comment on the current draft version of the OceanPortal
   (iii)          decide on whether to include only links to sites where data or
                  information is available on-line
   (iv)           decide on the choice of static html/dynamic database approach for the
   (v)            decide on a 2- 3 year pilot project (duration intersessional period)
   (vi)           identify required funding


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