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PHA Nuc Hives


									Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C.
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Nuc Hives
There are obvious advantages of purchasing nucs over packaged
bees. The largest advantage is that a nuc has an accepted, laying
queen. (Unless queen is specified to be separate). With a package of bees, the
development of new bees is delayed until the queen is accepted. Then you must wait 21
days for her eggs to develop for the first “new” wave of bees over what was in the
original package. Therefore a nuc has a lead time of about one month over a package of

Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C.guarantees their nuc’s to :

   •   have been treated for Verona and Tracheal mites prior to delivery
   •   included frames of honeybee combs, in most cases fully drawn.
   •   contain live baby bees in various stages of development.
   •   have nurse and field bees on them when placed into the nuc..
   •   contain frames of honey or other sweetener in them to help each nuc.
   •   possess 2 shakes of additional live bees go into at time of set-up.
   •   contain a queen included in with the bees. (unless otherwise specified)

Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. offers a few choices when purchasing nucs, We
can deliver your nuc, help you get hive parts into your own equipment saving you some
steps, or we can hive your nucs in a cardboard nuc box described below and just drop
them off.. You may, if you wish, drive to one of two pick up points in New Hampshire
for your nucs depending on your location. Your nuc box is completely portable and has
additional uses after placing the frame of bees inside your hive.

                  Price per nucs depends on what size you want.
               All frames that make up a nuc are $30.00 per frame
                   Nucs may be ordered in #3, #4 and #5 frames
            Fames of Honey, Brood or any combination is still $30.00 ea.

Orders for nucs require that there be an exchange replacement for wooden frames with
like sized frame and foundation. (If a beekeeper orders a #4 frame nuc he or she
exchanges #4 frames with foundation installed) Foundation may be plastic or wired
beeswax. Each foundation must be installed in each frame so it is ready to be used.

Beekeepers need to pay in full at time of any order and that all orders are available for
pick up or delivery to your door courtesy of Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C.. For deliveries, a
shipment fee based on the 2009 IRS Standard Mileage Rate will be included at time of
purchase. Nucs may only be delivered inside the state of New Hampshire.

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