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   Double Delight with QP

   Strength to Strength in Saudi


                                                                                                             JANUARY 2010

                              message from your CEO
                              Last year was one of unprecedented turbulence in the global economy and a year that many people were
                              glad to bid farewell to. With this in mind, it makes me extremely proud to read in this issue about the many
                              Kentz successes of 2009 and the enduring commitment and resilience of our people.

                              At the end of October the value of our backlog stood at US $1.55bn, another record achievement for the
                              Group. The fact that our clients continue to award us work is due in no small part to the number one value
                              of the Kentz Group; Health and Safety.           And as of 30th November 2009 we delivered over
                              32 million man-hours of work across 26 countries with a total recordable incident rate of 0.18.

                              Within this newsletter you can read all about the Group’s annual HSE Calendar Competition, in which
                              Kentz employees and their families share what it means to them to be safe, healthy and environmentally

                              I am all too aware that working for Kentz can often take us all to remote locations for extended periods of
                              time, but I am convinced that this commitment to the regions in which we operate is essential for our
At the end of                 development. Our increased focus within the Australasia region has in the recent months been very
                              successful. We have secured a number of LNG-related projects in the Northwest Shelf of Australia and
October the value of          within Southeast Asia to support the growing energy demands from emerging economies in the Far East.

                              While new areas will continue to open up for Kentz, helped by the levelling of oil prices to around
our backlog stood             US $75-80 a barrel, the resources of the Middle East remain dominant. Our continued presence in the
                              region for over 30 years has not gone unrewarded. In the second half of 2009, Kentz secured a multi-
at US $1.55bn,                million-dollar EPC contract award from Qatargas for the Laffan Refinery Project at Ras Laffan Industrial
                              City in Qatar.
another record                As we continue to focus on building sustainable long-term relationships with our core clients, we are
                              delighted to be selected as preferred contractor for several recently awarded projects with long-term
achievement for               clients. These include Saudi Kayan Petrochemicals Complex Project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, and two
                              further contracts with Qatar Petroleum.
the Group.                    Kentz’s people are very pro-active in the local communities in which they live and work, and this is never
                              more evident than over the Christmas period. In Ireland, Australia and South Africa, our staff yet again
                              generously donated toys and presents for underprivileged children.

                              With a reputation for achievement and success, we can look forward to the year ahead with significant
                              confidence of continuing to deliver for our clients.

                              Dr. Hugh O’Donnell
                              Chief Executive Officer


                               3 Laffan Refinery Project Award                        15 Apprentice Appreciation
                                 Woodside Work                                           Celebrations for 7 Million Man-hours Without LTI
                               4 Sakhalin Success                                     16 Colouring the Safety Future
                                 Another Gorgon Win
                                                                                      18 Sasol Award
                               5 Growing Scope on Saudi Kayan                            8 Million Man-hours Later
                               6 Double Delight with QP                               19 Chevron Construction
                                 Phase 1 of Ericsson Ends                                Kentz’s Rising Star
                               7 Aramco Contract Award                                20 New Contract with RBM
                                 Refinery Rehabilitation                                 Clonmel Mayor Honours Kentz
                               8 Pearl GTL Hosts 5th CEO Summit                       21 Safety Success Yet Again!
                                 Employee Profile                                        Prestigious Thebe Award Winners
                               9 International Entrepreneur of the Year               22 It’s a Goal!
                                                                                         A Long Way from Tipperary
                               10 Inauguration of Qatargas II
                                                                                      23 The Joy of Giving
                               11 Super Safety
                                                                                      24 People on the Move
                               12 From Strength to Strength in Saudi
                               14 Rompco Project Complete
                                  Fluor goes Fifty:Fifty

                                                                    SEND IN YOUR NEWS...
  Aerial view of Woodside's
                                                      Please send in your reports to appear in KENTZ GROUP NEWS.
     Pluto LNG Project,
                                               Contact the Group News Co-ordinator Catríona Nugent on +353 52 6122811 or
      Western Australia
                                                    email to ensure your items are included.


laffan refinery project award                                                                                      Attendees of the Laffan Refinery Project
                                                                                                                                       kick-off the meeting
Laffan Refinery Company recently awarded
Kentz the EPC contract for its prestigious
receiving and loading facility project based in
Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC), north of
Doha, Qatar.
This multi-discipline contract, worth over
US$85 million will run for a duration of
21 months. The project has been divided into
two phases, which will both be carried out
simultaneously.                                                             The proposed Gantry truck loading facility also falls within the remit
Phase one consists of an eight inch carbon steel pipeline, which will       of the project. The scope of work will include: two 5,000m3 gasoil
transport gasoil from the Laffan Refinery tank farm to the Qatar Fuel       storage tanks; four covered loading gantries to fill eight trucks;
(WOQOD) jetty approximately 7 km away.                                      metering skids; a truck loading automation system; ESD and fire and
Phase two has a 16 inch carbon steel pipeline, which will transport         gas systems. The scope will also extend to a new control room,
gasoil from the Laffan Refinery tank farm to the proposed WOQOD             substation, administration centre and ten other support buildings.
Gantry truck loading facility approximately 8 km away. Both pipelines       The Kentz project team, headed by Project Manager, Bernard
will be above ground resting on sleepers with a number of bridges           D’Souza, held a kick off meeting for the client project team on
and horizontal directional drilling crossings and have fibre optic          28th to 30th of September at the Marriott hotel. The meeting was
cables running parallel to them. Work at the tank farm includes             highly successful with both teams contributing to the already strong
modifications to the existing plant distributed control system and          relationship.
emergency shutdown system (ESD).                                                     Kentz would like to wish Bernard and his team
                                                                                            every success on this project.


woodside work
Kentz, together with its Australian joint venture    Key elements of site B works              Kentz’s contract involves the installation and
partner Thiess, was recently awarded an              include:                                  testing of high voltage cabling, switchboards,
AUD $86m contract for the LNG processing site        q Substation 1                            transformers, UPS systems, instrument control
on Woodside’s Pluto Project in Western                 (Main Site Substation)                  system cabinets, motor control stations, field
Australia. This is another great win for Kentz,                                                panels, lighting and small power, trace heating,
                                                     q Substation 3
following its recent success of securing three         (Process Train Substation)              process instrumentation, fire and gas detection
scopes of work on the Gorgon LNG Project in                                                    and protection devices, above-ground cabling,
                                                     q Field Auxiliary Room (FAR) 1
the same region.                                                                               earthing and bonding, as well as the recovery
                                                     q Analyser Houses AH1 and AH2
Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project is a “greenfield”                                                 and termination of cables installed underground.
                                                     q LNG Process Train                       The work will be carried out on pre-assembled
project consisting of a 4.3mtpa LNG plant on
                                                     q Fuel Gas System                         units and pre-assembled pipe racks.
the Burrup Peninsula, about 1,400km north of
Perth. It will receive gas from wells in the Pluto   q Power Generation                        The contract will run for approximately
gas field, which is approximately 180km away         q Heated Water                            10 months – it started in October 2009 and will
from the onshore facility. The Pluto gas plant is    q Site Wide High Voltage Cables           require a total workforce of 300, of which 65 will
located adjacent to, but independent of, the                                                   be management and support staff.
existing Northwest Shelf Venture gas plant.
                                                                                                     Back row (L-R): Derrick Munteanu (Supervisor),
                                                                                                     Paul Hilton (HSE Advisor), Robert Pool (Foreman),
                                                                                                     Neville Rankin (Supervisor), Sunny Phillips (HR Manager),
                                                                                                     Dries Strydom (Inst Supervisor), Andy Ozolins (Project
                                                                                                     Sponsor), Colin O’Donnell (Quantity Surveyor),
                                                                                                     Allan Ralph (Elect Superintendent Substations & FAR),
                                                                                                     Jeremias Buraga (QA/QC Manager), John Cuzzubbo
                                                                                                     (Material Controller & Storeman), Gresley Davis
                                                                                                     (Foreman), Michael Holsworth (Elect Foreman),
                                                                                                     Jorge Alcorta (Project Controls), Peter Nahirny (Foreman)
                                                                                                     Front row (L-R): Jemar Timajo (Progress Monitor CCMS),
                                                                                                     Paulson Gonzales (Field Engineer), Rod Williams
                                                                                                     (Construction Manager), Stephen Storer (HR/IR Manager),
                                                                                                     John Sharp (Project Manager), Jessica Davis (Cost
                                                                                                     Controller), Harry Sonnenberg (General Manager),
                                                                                                     Allan Kelly (QC Inspector Electrical), Rob Bruce
                                                                                                     (Foreman), Eddie Doyle (Inst Supervisor),
                                                                                                     KG Wee (Commercial Manager)


sakhalin success
Kentz is pleased to announce the award of a shutdown services and          operation in South Africa. Kentz and DEM first co-operated together
operations support contract with Exxon Neftegas Ltd, within the            in 2004 under a strategic partnership agreement before officially
Sakhalin 1 development project, through its Russian joint venture          incorporating their joint venture in 2008.
operating company Kentz DEM LLC.                                           Mike Murphy, Chief Operations Officer for the Technical Support
The contract is worth approximately US $25m and includes the               Services division of the Kentz Group which
provision of all personnel, permits, equipment, transportation and         will oversee these works, said: “We are
front-end execution planning, as well as the management of                 delighted to be working with Exxon
contractor and subcontractor resources. This project falls under           Neftegas on the first major shutdown
Kentz’s technical support services global business unit.                   associated with this development. We
Kentz DEM LLC is a Sakhalin-based company comprising of Kentz              now look forward to delivering a high-
Russia LLC and DalelectroMontazh (DEM) – a leading Sakhalin-               quality, solution-driven service which will
based engineering and construction services company for the oil            draw on Kentz DEM’s wide range of skills
and gas industry. The venture is supported by key resources and            and experience. We are also pleased with
systems from the Maintenance & Shutdown division of Kentz’s                the continued growth in our successful
                                                                           technical services business unit.”                   Mike Murphy
Sakhalin 1 Project, Chayvo-OPF


another gorgon win
Kentz, alongside its joint venture partner Thiess, has been awarded        telecommunications (AUD $150m) on Barrow Island.
a AUD $23m electrical contract for the site preparation and                Australia is becoming an area of increased activity for Kentz, with
temporary construction facilities for the Gorgon LNG Project in            over AUD $200bn of major oil and gas projects planned or under
Western Australia.                                                         way. Kentz has been able to leverage its experience of executing
Kentz is tasked with installing over 100km of high voltage and low         projects in remote locations across the world to secure work and is
voltage cabling on Barrow Island before the main scope of work can         currently bidding on a number of other contracts.
commence. The project includes the installation of eight packaged          The Gorgon Project is a joint venture between the Australian
substations, transformers, 25 ring main units, lighting and general        subsidiaries of Chevron (Operator), ExxonMobil and Shell to develop
earthing, 12 transportable buildings, 60 temporary switchboards,           the Greater Gorgon gas fields, located between 130km and 200km
instrumentation and communications throughout the site.                    off the Northwest coast of Western Australia.
John Mansfield is leading the Kentz project team which will reach up       It is Australia's largest-known gas resource and once completed will
to 150 people working on the site at full capacity. The project is         produce around 15 million tonnes of LNG each year for the project’s
scheduled to start in the first half of 2010 and has a planned             30-year life. About 83% has already been sold.
completion date in the second half of 2011.
                                                                           The total capital expenditure on the project is estimated to be
This contract follows on from previous awards to Kentz; to build the       AUD $43bn and to date AUD $10.5bn of contracts have been
construction village (AUD $500m) and to supply the                         awarded.

                                                                                                                                       SAUDI ARABIA

growing scope on saudi kayan

       Saudi Kayan Project Management Team
       Back Row (L-R): Rudy Cosilit, E/I Superintendent; Ehtesham Ali, Planner; Vasim Sadiq Ali, Projects Administrator; Choy Aldipollo, QA/QC Manager; Anthony Uy,
       Project Manager; Yousuf Shaik, Commissioning Engineer; Irshad Alam, Projects Accountant; Ronan McHugh, Contracts Manager; Henry Chiu, Senior Planning
       Engineer; John Rodriguez, Material Controller; Tom Healy, Construction Manager
       Front Row (L-R): Edvin Dalangin, Field Engineer; Richard Lopez, HSE Manager, Vincent Raganit, Material Controller; John Orantes, Project Secretary;
       Rene Tolentino, Commissioning Supervisor; Mohammed Ansari, Document Controller; Ducu Advani, Commissioning Engineer; Gareth Leyden, Lead QS Engineer

Kentz is delighted to announce a significant growth in the scope                        The Company will also be responsible for outside plant
of its work being undertaken at the Saudi Kayan Petrochemicals                          telecommunications to Saudi Aramco feedstock facilities,
Complex Project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.                                                additional E&I installation, the testing of two further substations
                                                                                        and finally the cable and electrical equipment installation in the
Initially, Kentz was contracted by Fluor Arabia to perform the
                                                                                        main pipe racks which will support the complex integration of
installation and testing of equipment for the main incoming
                                                                                        various plants.
230kV substation. Subsequent awards have now been made
by Fluor Arabia and Saudi Kayan, assigning Kentz further                                Kentz currently has approximately 1,000 people on site. The
scopes for an additional five 4.16kV substations.                                       original project team that completed the 230kV substation will
                                                                                        be remaining on to complete the new contracts. Kentz recently
Kentz will now undertake a number of additional tasks, including
                                                                                        celebrated a milestone when it achieved one million man-hours
the installation of the Process Control System (PCS), the system
                                                                                        without a Lost Time Incident.
integration for utilities and offsites, E&I installation, the testing
and commissioning for five substations and back-bone cabling.

       Saudi Kayan Safety Team
       Back Row (L-R): Carlos Espino, HSE Supervisor; Mohammed Khan, HSE Supervisor; Mohammed Hassnain, HSE Officer; Marlon Salgado, HSE Supervisor;
       Alvin Serrano, Junior HSE Officer; Ronald Garcia, Junior HSE Officer
       Middle Row (L-R): Rexon Rom, Junior HSE Officer; Mario Canete, Junior HSE Officer; Sidney Wong, HSE Officer; Jimmy Chan, HSE Supervisor;
       Natalio Liarez, Junior HSE Officer
       Front Row (L-R): Dennis Dela Cruz, HSE Administration Clerk; Jefferson Boncaros, Senior HSE Supervisor; David Hannaway, HSE Manager


double delight with qp
The Kentz team in Qatar is delighted to announce the recent                 The execution of the second EPIC
award of two new contracts by Qatar Petroleum (QP).                         contract hinges around two objectives.
                                                                            Firstly a new Instrument Workshop
The first is on the sea water filters, piping and associated                (IWS) at PS-2G deck, which is 3m x
modifications at the North Field Alpha (NFA) Platform, located just         10m in dimension and will be located
offshore from Qatar. The contract was awarded in August 2009                next to the Local Equipment Room
and is expected to be completed in June 2010.                               (LER), and the installation of new work
The second project is the Engineering, Procurement, Installation            benches and calibration stations.
and Construction (EPIC) of a new Instrument Workshop (IWS) at               Modifications will also be made in
PS-2 platform. It will run for 15 months, ending in December 2010.          associated services like power, lighting,
                                                                            telecoms, LAN and HVAC.                          Hari Govind, Project Manager
The scope of the first project will involve the replacement of the
existing 32-inch butterfly valves and 32-inch copper nickel header          The second objective is the installation of a new macerator unit,
piping modifications for sea water filter inlets and outlets at NFA         which will require an extension of the existing platform structure on
(PS-4) platform. Existing filters are being relocated to install the        the lower deck. The unit will have its own control panel and tie-ins
new valves for positive isolation of the filters. Modification of the       for sea service water and chlorine injection. Skid control panels will
existing drain, backwash, safety valve outlets, fire water, utility         be interfaced with platform control systems including a Distributed
piping and overhead crane monorail will also be carried out as part         Control System (DCS), Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) and
of the improvement works. Associated works include relocation of            Fire and Gas (F&G) systems. Site work will be performed in two
the electrical and instrumentation equipment within the skid and            phases for each of the objectives.
skid control panel modifications to cater for the new valves being          Kentz wishes Hari Govind, Project Manager, and his team every
installed. All work will be carried out during the platform shutdown        success in taking these projects through to completion and would
from April to May 2010.                                                     like to thank Qatar Petroleum for placing their trust once again in
                                                                            Kentz to execute these important projects.


phase 1 of ericsson ends
In August 2009 Kentz was awarded the civil, mechanical and                  The      communication
electrical scopes of work on the first phase of the Ericsson                room development is an
Communications Room Optimisation Project in Athlone, Co.                    existing     stand-alone
Westmeath, Ireland.                                                         building on the Ericsson
                                                                                                                    Ericsson Communications Room
                                                                            Campus. Phase one is
Kentz was responsible for the project management, supervision,              75m and provides accommodation for at least 24 rack systems

procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the civil,          to enable good cable management. The cooling mechanism is
mechanical and electrical works. It was also responsible for                chilled water which comes from the existing Westmeath chiller
overseeing the installation of the Building Management System               farm. The electrical mains and generator supply is taken from the
(BMS), plumbing and fire detection on the project.                          Westmeath data centre network. A new 200Kw N uninterruptable
                                                                            power supply is housed within an external container. The
                                                                            decommissioned boiler and air handling unit plant have been
                                                                            completely stripped out and removed from the site.

                                                                            The consultants on the project were OBMG, and Johnson
                                                                            Controls were the Project Managers for Ericsson. A special
                                                                            mention goes to Pat O’Connor, Mechanical Division Manager for
                                                                            Kentz Ireland, who worked tirelessly to secure the contract award
                                                                            and has since overseen the successful completion of the project.
                                                                            Kentz Ireland is well placed to win additional scopes of work on
                                                                            the second phase of the project.

                                                                        L-R: Karl Conlon (Aspect Environmental), Ray Murphy, Electrical Project Manager
                                                                        (Kentz), Pat O’Connor, Mechanical Project Manager (Kentz), Gareth McGowan (OBMG)


aramco contract award
Kentz in Saudi Arabia was recently awarded a contract by Saudi                       “Galleria” town
Aramco for the construction, completion and commissioning of                      centre – this is an
                                                                                area surrounded by
works in the residential town centre of the prestigious King                      coffee shops, fast
                                                                                food takeout stores
Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).                            and is a common
                                                                                  meeting place for
                                                                                       students and
The Kentz Technical Support Services business unit is working                              residents
within the KAUST commissioning team to provide them with the
                                                                               The team currently consists of 860 people and will peak at
necessary skill sets for finishing works and the procurement of
                                                                               around 1,000, including management, procurement support
identified material and equipment shortfalls.
                                                                               and all tradesmen; electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers,
                                                                               painters, masons and labour.

                                                                               KAUST, which is located in Thuwal in the Jeddah region, is the
                                                                               first mixed-gender university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and
                                                                               is the realisation of a decade-long vision of the Custodian of the
                                                                               Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. The
                                                                               graduate-level research university is dedicated to inspiring a new
                                                                               age of scientific achievement in the Kingdom that will benefit not
                                                                               only the Middle Eastern region, but the entire world.

                                                                               Kentz is proud to be working on this prestigious project which
                                                                               strengthens its existing relationship with Saudi Aramco and
                                                                               extends it into another field of infrastructure. Kentz looks
View of a walkway that runs along side of the “Galleria”.                      forward to maintaining and growing this excellent working
This is a view from under the canopy looking towards the entrance to the
King Abdullah Mosque                                                           relationship.


refinery rehabilitation
Kentz’s global construction business unit recently completed a
stack rehabilitation project at the Indeni Refinery located in
Ndola, Zambia.

Kentz has a presence at the refinery for several years as part of
an ongoing modernisation project and was asked to carry out
this work on an urgent basis due to the dangerous state of the
                                                                                          Indeni Refinery prior (L) and after replacement (R)
existing stack. The main scope of work included the
                                                                               there was almost nothing left of the main structural integrity.
replacement of the top two sections of the boiler stack as well
                                                                               Both sections were removed safely, without any incident and as
as some maintenance work. The removal of the existing stack,
which was 45m high, proved to be extremely challenging as
                                                                                    As part of the ongoing programme to share knowledge in
                                                                                    the regions in which it operates, Kentz took the opportunity
                                                                                    to train local employees to perform maintenance work on
                                                                                    heat exchangers and Fin Fan coolers. The project was
                                                                                    headed up by Andre Roloff, Project Manager and supported
                                                                                    by Raymond Jacobs, Rigging Superintendent, Ziggy Mikrut,
                                                                                    Mechanical Supervisor, and Sergio Direito, Safety Officer.

                                                                                    Well done to all involved for executing this project safely
                                                                                                     and on a tight schedule.

                                                                                  The Kentz Stack Rehabilitation Project Team

                QATAR                                                                                                   AUSTRALIA

pearl gtl hosts                                                                                              employee
5th ceo summit                                                                                              Jemar Timajo
                                                                                                            Joined Kentz 2003 in Malaysia on the
On 10th November 2009, Dr. Hugh                             GTL together. We live up to our motto           MLNG Tiga Project as Instrument
O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of                       of One Project One Team.          This          Technician/Document Controller with
Kentz, joined Andy Brown, Shell’s                           co-operative approach is even more              Sean Cremin. Then joined the Nanhai
                                                                                                            Telecoms Project in China as QA/QC
Executive Vice President, Qatar and                         important now to keep momentum up
                                                                                                            Support and now based in Australia
Managing Director of the Pearl Gas to                       all the way to the end of construction          working with Thiess Kentz.
Liquids (GTL) Project along with other                      around the end of 2010 and project              POSITION
CEOs and Senior Executives of the major                     ramp-up over the following 12 months.”          Project Controls Engineer
contractor companies working on the                         Kentz won its first major contract on the       LOCATION
Pearl GTL Project, to review progress and                   QP-Shell world-scale integrated Pearl Gas       Perth, Australia
renew their commitment to safe work.                        to Liquids Project in 2006, namely the EPC      GROUP SERVICE

Discussions were also held on how to                        scope for the modular waste water               7 years
work together to ensure the Pearl GTL                       treatment plant for the construction camp.      DATE OF BIRTH

Project finishes strongly. This was the 5th                 This was followed by the diesel power           4th December 1983
CEO summit held on the Pearl GTL Project                    generation scope and the temporary
and some 62 global CEOs and Senior                          telecoms for the plant’s turnkey temporary
Executives representing 13 companies                        facilities. The more recent award of the
                                                                                                            Mum and Dad (Jessie & Maria Luz),
attended the summit.                                        electrical and instrumentation scope of
                                                                                                            sister and brother (Joyce & Mikhail)
The leadership team conducted two                           work for the utility and flare areas to Kentz
extensive safety walks around the Pearl                     cemented the Company’s presence and             Diploma in Instrumentation & Process
GTL construction site, talking to workers                   status on the project.                          Control Technology BE –
                                                                                                            Instrumentation Engineering (on-going)
about how to work safely, praising good                     The Pearl GTL Project has over 48,000
                                                                                                            FAVOURITE SPORT
practice and intervening to discourage any                  workers constructing the largest GTL plant
                                                                                                            Basketball, table tennis, squash
unsafe practices. They also participated in                 in the world. The project will produce
                                                                                                            FAVOURITE MUSIC
evening events at the workers’                              140,000 barrels per day of GTL products
                                                                                                            Jazz, rock, R&B, indie rock
accommodation, the Pearl Village, to mark                   and 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent per
                                                                                                            FAVOURITE FOOD
Safety Day.                                                 day of condensate, LPG and ethane.
                                                                                                            Not very fussy so I guess anything
Andy Brown said: “I am always                               Construction will be complete around the        edible!
impressed by the commitment of the                          end of 2010, with production ramp-up            FAVOURITE DRINK
global Chief Executives to deliver Pearl                    then taking around 12 months.                   Gin & Tonic with Lime, Baileys on Ice
                                                                                                            with Cherry
                                                                                                            GREATEST INFLUENCES
Dr. Hugh O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer, pictured with Kentz employees on the Pearl GTL Project
                                                                                                            Biographical books, work colleagues,
                                                                                                            my Dad and my family have been my
                                                                                                            greatest drive to achieve my goals. But
                                                                                                            the diversity and culture in my work
                                                                                                            environment has been an even greater
                                                                                                            motivation to expand my perspective
                                                                                                            on people and life and appreciate more
                                                                                                            what I have today. I would like to
                                                                                                            express my gratitude to my friends in
                                                                                                            Kentz and Thiess Kentz who have
                                                                                                            always been there for me.
                                                                                                            I hate frogs and toads!


international entrepreneur of the year
There was much excitement across                                                                                  Turning to the present, Hugh says
all the Kentz offices around the                                                                                  the biggest challenges right now are
world recently as it was announced                                                                                “factors external to our business;
that Hugh O’Donnell, the Chief                                                                                    global economic turbulence, the
Executive of Kentz, received the                                                                                  oil price and a slowdown in
Ernst & Young International                                                                                       activity in the sector. Fortunately
Entrepreneur of the Year Award .                                                                                  our breadth of clients and
The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of                                                                                 diversity of operations along with
the Year Award is part of a global                                                                                our financial strength positions us
recognition programme to identify,                                                                                strongly to ride out the current
acclaim and support entrepreneurs.                                                                                economic downturn and emerge
                                                                                                                  stronger than ever.”
Hugh graduated with a Bachelor in
Engineering degree in 1987 from                                                                                   Hugh also believes that being Irish
Limerick NIHE (now Limerick                                                                                       has contributed to his success and
University). After spending four                                                                                  to the success of Kentz. “Being
years with Anglo American                                                                                         Irish in a global context brings
Corporation in South Africa, he                                                                                   with it an immediate level of
joined Kentz as a Project Engineer                                                                                acceptance and often an entry
back in 1991, hoping to work his                                                                                  into new and emerging markets.
way back home from South Africa.                                                                                  Inherently Irish values of modesty
“It didn’t work out that way”, he                                                                                 and humour can have a great
                                           At the awards ceremony in front of over 1,200 people, Hugh
notes. “I set up mechanical and            spoke passionately about his utmost respect for everyone at            impact on developing trust and
maintenance                                Kentz and thanked them for their support                                           relationships, which
businesses for Kentz                                                                                                          are particularly
there before being                                                                                                            important when
appointed General                                                                                                             entering new markets.”
Manager, then
                                                                                                                            The awards evening was
Managing Director of
                                                                                                                            held in the Citywest
Kentz Southern Africa.
                                                                                                                            Hotel, Dublin, on
I then went on to
                                                                                                                            Thursday 22nd October.
become Group Chief
                                                                                                                            There was very stiff
Executive in 2000.”
                                                                                                                            competition in the
He was just 35 when he                                                                                                      shortlist of eight
took over the helm, and                                                                                                     competitors within the
reflecting on that now                                                                                                      international category.
says that “the biggest                                                                                                      These included a wide
challenge was bringing                                                                                                      variety of industries such
senior management on                                                                                                        as; fashion, animation,
side and giving them                                                                                                        biotechnology and
compelling reasons                                                                                                          manufacturing. Hugh
why a 35-year-old was                                                                                                       was delighted to receive
the best option to lead                                                                                                     the award and thanked
Kentz. Building the                                                                                                         Kentz staff all over the
trust and respect of the                                                                                                    world for their support.
Kentz Board, the
                                                                                                                            Congratulations to
executive and all
                                                                                                                            Hugh from all in Kentz
employees, but
                                                                                                                            across the globe –
especially the ‘Kentz
                                                                                                                            we would like to
elders’, has been a
                                                                                                                            commend you on this
learning curve and has
                                                                                                                            great achievement.
inspired me to make a
difference; for me, for
them and for Kentz.”
                              The President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, pictured with Hugh O’Donnell at the glittering
                              televised awards ceremony. Also pictured is Mike McKerr, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young


inauguration of qatargas II
On 6th April 2009, his                                                                                           mosque,       guard      houses,
Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin                                                                                        switchgear buildings and
Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of the                                                                                recreation facilities. The civil
State of Qatar, inaugurated                                                                                      scope included the site
Qatargas II in Ras Laffan                                                                                        preparation,         earthworks,
Industrial City, Qatar.                                                                                          foundations, building roads,
                                                                                                                 security    fencing,     internal
Kentz has been involved with                                                                                     fencing, landscaping, and
this project from the early                                                                                      excavation and backfilling of
stages and was invited to                                                                                        trenches for all services.
attend    the    inauguration
ceremony. Martin Walsh,                                                                                         Kentz was then contracted on
Country Director for Kentz in                                                                                   phase two of the Qatargas II
Qatar, and Bob Greaney, Qatar Gas II Management Camp                                                            Project to do the temporary site
Middle East EPC Manager,                                                                                        facilities works, infrastructure
represented the Company on this auspicious occasion.                          and utilities for the labour camp. This second phase involved
                                                                              providing accommodation for 12,000 people, bringing the total
Qatargas II is the world’s first fully-integrated value chain LNG             capacity of the camp for both phases to 16,500 personnel.
venture and Kentz is proud to have been one of the first
contractors on site at Ras Laffan. The project incorporates the               Kentz was also contracted to work on the receiving and re-
offshore production facilities, the LNG facility at Ras Laffan and the        gasification facilities in South Hook, Wales. The team mobilised to
receiving and regasification facilities at South Hook, Wales.                 Wales in September 2008 to execute the roles of system
                                                                              completions and assist in the management of the commissioning
In 2005, Kentz was awarded the mechanical, electrical, piping, civil          and turnover process. Kentz completed its work on this project in
and telecommunications scope for phase one of the camp facilities             June 2009.
at the Qatargas II Project.
                                                                              Kentz is proud to have played a role in both phases of this
The camp provides accommodation for 2,500 people, and needed                  successful project and would like to congratulate Qatargas on this
to have the ability to cater for a planned expansion of up to 4,500           achievement.
people. The scope of work Kentz was contracted for included
accommodation units, mess halls, kitchens, a camp warehouse, a
                                                                                                                            South Hook LNG Terminal


super safety                                                                                        Rob Fietz, HSE Co-ordinator, pictured at Safety Cabinet,
                                                                                                                                  Thiess Kentz Office, Perth

With safety as its main value, Thiess Kentz continues to look for new
opportunities to communicate the importance of safety.

At the Perth office, a centrally-placed safety cabinet is on display
which encourages employees to extend safety to all aspects of life.
Some essential safety items are on offer to encourage employees to
utilise basic safety gear whilst performing even basic household

Safety incentives have also been established for those based on site.
Employees are rewarded for their safety vigilance in the work-place
with vouchers, tool kits and merit certificates.

Below are some recipients who have been rewarded for their
safety-conscious attitudes in the workplace throughout 2009.

                                                                                                                                                Raj Parshotham,
                                                                                                                                                (Site Co-ordinator
                                                                                                                                                QA/QC); receives
                                                                                                                                                voucher from
                                                                                                                                                John Gullan
                                                                                                                                                (Project Manager) at
                                                                                                                                                the RGP5 Project

            L-R: Ben Small, Electrician; Clinton O’Byrne, Trades
            Assistant; Duane Green, Electrician at the Pluto Project

L–R: Jon Montini, Electrician; Derick Munteanu, Electrical Superintendent;
Anthony Grubelich, Electrician at safety presentation on W2WA Project
                                                                                  Jim Solomon, Project Manager presents Sevasti Hagidimintriou,
                                                                                  Site Administrator/Document Controller, with Safety Award at the HNA Project


from strength to strength in saudi
On 5th October, Kentz in Saudi Arabia held a Business                                      1978, Kentz continues to be one of Fluor’s preferred contractors.
Development workshop at the Radisson Diplomat Hotel in the                                 This relationship started in Saudi Arabia and now extends to over
Kingdom of Bahrain. The meeting was led by Ross O’Muirthile,                               50 completed projects with Fluor worldwide.
the Country Manager of Kentz in Saudi Arabia, with
representatives of each business unit in attendance. It was held                           Chevron Phillips is another long-standing client of Kentz in Saudi
to clearly identify the way forward for Kentz in Saudi Arabia and to                       Arabia. In 1998 Kentz performed its first contract with Chevron in
demonstrate how the Saudi Arabian office will embrace the                                  Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Chevron Petrochemical Plant on the
transition Kentz is going through from regional to Global Business                         Jubail Off-plots Project. Kentz’s scope on the project was the
Units.                                                                                     electrical, instrumentation and civil scope, with project duration of
                                                                                           12 months. More recently, Kentz performed the mechanical, civil,
Kentz has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 1977 and, in                                electrical and instrumentation scope on Jubail Chevron’s Product
those 32 years, has developed and nurtured strong relationships                            Distribution and Export Facilities at Jubail. Earlier this year, Kentz
with its clients. This has been achieved through living the Kentz                          was also awarded the electrical and instrumentation scope for
core values of safety, reputation, tenacity, loyalty, pride, respect,                      utilities and offsites on the Saudi Polymers Project at NCP. Kentz
teamwork and constantly striving to deliver excellence to                                  is also currently working with Chevron in Qatar on the Qatar
its clients.                                                                               Chemical II Project providing them with PMC support and in
                                                                                           Australia on the Gorgon Project, Barrow Island.
Kentz’s first opportunity in Saudi Arabia was given by Fluor USA in
1978 on the Shedgum and Uthimaniya Gas Oil Separation Plants                               Kentz in Saudi Arabia also developed a successful relationship
(GOSP) where it carried out the E&I and commissioning works.                               with Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) and
With the hard work and dedication of the team, this project                                has been working with them for the past eight years. One of the
opened the door for many more contracts in Saudi Arabia, as well                           projects which Kentz has worked on is the Jubail Acetyls Complex
as the rest of the Middle East.                                                            where it carried out the electrical and instrumentation scope for a
                                                                                           new Carbon Monoxide Plant in Jubail. Kentz was also awarded
Kentz has developed long relationships with many key clients over                          the electrical and instrumentation scope for the Vinyl Acetate
the years. Having begun working with Fluor in the Middle East in                           Monomer Plant, Acetic Acid and Utilities Project on the Jubail

    Saudi Business Development Workshop Attendees
    Back Row (L-R}: Kevin Bonner (Country EPC Manager); John C Walsh (General Manager – Kentz Global Oil & Gas Process); Hareesh Kumar (Global EPC Proposals
    Manager); Donna Gray (Regional Marketing & PR Executive); Turki Aloni (Marketing Representative); Denis Prior (Regional Procurement Manager); Keshav Kumar (Country
    Procurement Manager)
    Middle Row (L-R): Rory O’Donnell (Regional Development Director); Eddie Cremin (Manager of Projects); Tony McCarthy (Operations Manager); Jenny Alicante (Branding
    Co-ordinator); Madhu Pillai (Country Manager – Estimating and Proposals); Yousuf Noor (Human Resources Manager); Michael Ross-Lonergan (Regional Business
    Development Manager)
    Front Row (L-R): Philip Larkin (BD Executive – Kentz USA); Pat Leahy (Regional Construction Proposals Manager); Noel Kelly (Advisor); Ross O’Muirthile (Country Manager);
    Fadi Bijjani (Director); Noel Ivers (Regional Support Service Manager)
    Missing From Photo: Seamus Malynn (General Manager – KEIL); Darren Ivers (Support Services Manager); Kaushik Sampat (Finance Manager)

Acetyls Complex. Most                                                                                                      Ross O’Muirthile, appointed
recently, Kentz completed its                                                                                              Country Manager earlier this
multi-discipline EPC scope for                                                                                             year, has been working for
the product transfer pipelines,                                                                                            Kentz for the last seven years.
port facility and export pipelines                                                                                         He started out as a Site
on the Jubail Acetyls Complex                                                                                              Engineer in Botswana before
Project.                                                                                                                   moving to Saudi Arabia to work
                                                                                                                           as Project Engineer. He then
Saudi Aramco is a prestigious                                                                                              moved to Kentz Russia in
company that Kentz has had                                                                                                 Sakhalin where he spent two
the pleasure of working for over                                                                                           and half years before moving
the past 32 years. Past                                                                                                    back to take up the reigns as
successes include the electrical                                                                                           the Country Manager in Saudi
and instrumentation for a new                                                                                              Arabia.
GOSP at Qatif South in 2004;
                                         Khurais Site in Saudi Arabia where Kentz recently completed the E&I scope
project management, detailed                                                                                               The Kentz team in Saudi Arabia
design and engineering,                                                                                                    has many years of experience
equipment selection, procurement, logistics, supervision,                      between them, Dr. Noel Kelly has been serving Kentz in Saudi
installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning for the             Arabia since its inception and still has the same passion and drive
mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation scope for the                for the Company’s success as he did in 1977. Michael Ross-
Shaybah Gas Compression Upgrade Project in 2006; construction                  Lonergan, Regional Development Director, Middle East who joined
management support services on the PetroRabigh Umbrella                        Kentz in 1978, has also been instrumental in the success of the
Utilities and Offsites for PetroRabigh, a joint venture between                Kentz operations in Saudi Arabia having been involved in the
Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo in 2008. In 2009 Kentz was                           country for 25 years. Some of the others who bring with them a
awarded the electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications                 wealth of experience both within the Company and within Saudi
scope for the Khurais Water Injection and Utilities Project which              Arabia are Mohammed Yousuf Noor, Country Human Resources
was successfully completed without a Lost Time Incident, ahead                 Manager who has 25 years of service in Kentz, Kaushik Sampat,
of schedule and within budget.                                                 Finance Manager has been with Kentz for 15 years, and Turki
                                                                               Aloni, Marketing Representative who joined Kentz in 1998.
Kentz also shares prosperous working relationships with
companies such as Linde, the Royal Commission for Jubail and                   Looking back over the past 32 years, Kentz employees in Saudi
Yanbu, Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company and UHDE.                             Arabia are extremely proud. The team in Saudi Arabia will continue
                                                                               to constantly strive to deliver excellence to all its clients and look
Safety is of paramount importance and the safety statistics in                 forward to many more years of continued success.
Saudi Arabia are another source of pride for Kentz. Over the past
number of years, Kentz’s safety record on projects is                          Kentz Project Team, working on Sipchem Jubail Acetyls Project in Saudi Arabia,
unsurpassed. Kentz has received                                                which was jointly awarded an 8 million man-hours plaque without an LTI, July 2008

numerous awards from Saudi Aramco in
their annual Contractor Safety Competition.
Among the many safety achievements,
Kentz is most proud of its contribution to
achieving 10 million safe man-hours on the
Sipchem Jubail Acetyls Project in August
2008; 30 million safe man-hours on Sharq
3rd Expansion in July 2008; 10 million safe
man-hours on the Safco-IV Project in May
2006 and 40 million safe man-hours on a
project for Fluor back in 2004.

The longevity of Kentz in Saudi Arabia
would not be possible, however, without the
commitment and dedication of all its


rompco project complete
The       Kentz      Electrical   and                                                                         In accordance with ROMPCO’s
Instrumentation (E&I) Project Division                                                                        long-term gas flow philosophy for
in South Africa is delighted to report                                                                        the Mozambique-to-South-Africa
the successful completion of the E&I                                                                          pipeline, ROMPCO proposed to
installation to increase the capacity                                                                         install a total of five compressor
of the booster compressor station                                                                             stations to further enhance the
on the natural gas (NG)149 pipeline,                                                                          capacity to 252 PJ/a. The first
which runs from the Temane Gas                                                                                compressor station installed was
Field in Mozambique to Secunda,                                                                               the Scraper Trap Station 4-STS4,
Mpumalanga, South Africa.                                                                                     near the town of Komatipoort, 4km
The contract was awarded to Kentz                                                                             from the Mozambique border. When
in November 2008 by managing                                                                                  this station is fully operational, the
contractors Foster Wheeler SA, on                                                                             pipeline will be enhanced to deliver
behalf of the owner’s Republic of                                                                             a maximum of 166 PJ/a to
Mozambique Pipeline Investment Terence Masilela, Safety Representative, Xolani Brown, Electrical Foreman,     Secunda.
                                       on the NG 149 Project, Komatipoort
Company (“ROMPCO”) and SASOL                                                                              The Kentz Site Manager on the
Gas, and was completed in December 2009.                                  Project was Wonder Tshwane who reported directly to Nick
ROMPCO initiated the installation of the NG pipeline in 2001 and          McCarthy, Operations Manager for the E&I Projects Division in
by 2004 ROMPCO was piping natural gas via a 26"- pipeline from            South Africa. Both Wonder and Nick are graduates of the Kentz
the gas fields in Temane to Secunda, from where the gas is                Executive Diploma in Leadership and Management course,
distributed to various customers in Mozambique and South Africa.          graduating in May 2007 and May 2008 respectively.
This pipeline was designed to transport a total of 122 million
                                                                                                    Well done to all involved!
gigajoules (PJ/a) of gas to the border of Mozambique and 120
million PJ/a to Secunda under free-flow conditions.

                                                                                                                   THE NETHERLANDS

fluor goes fifty:fifty
In September 2009, Kentz was honoured to                                                              followed by a Fluor/SRA networking
be among the top 50 of Fluor BV’s Strategic                                                           reception which allowed Fluor and SRA
Relationship Agreement (SRA) clients invited                                                          holders to mingle and chat in an informal
to celebrate its 50 years in operation in                                                             setting. New relationships were forged and
Haarlem, the Netherlands. The exhibition                                                              old acquaintances rekindled!
provided a unique opportunity for                                                                     “Speed Dating” sessions kicked off Day
contractors and suppliers to network freely                                                           Two. Each SRA holder’s exhibition booth
with Fluor Supply Chain Solution’s                                                                    was visited by Fluor-nominated personnel.
personnel across a variety of disciplines and                                                         Equipment suppliers had the opportunity to
also with fellow SRA holders from around                                                              showcase new products, while service
the world. One of the key objectives was to                                                           providers presented the range of services
broaden the exposure of SRA products and                                                              offered to new and developing
services among Fluor procurement                                                                      opportunities. Peter Flynn, Business
professionals and individuals who require                                                             Development Manager Europe, and Anna
knowledge of materials, equipment,                                                                    Brett, Group Business Development
subcontracted services and logistics.                                                                 Executive, represented Kentz at the
The exhibition was held over two days, with                                                           exhibition and found it extremely beneficial.
Day One setting the scene through                                                                     Fluor’s commitment to their SRA clients was
informative presentations on Fluor’s                                                                  very evident during the two days. No effort
strategic focus, sales and marketing,                                                                 was spared by any Fluor employee directly
                                                Peter Flynn, Business Development Manager Europe,
material management and contract                and Anna Brett, Group Business Development            or indirectly involved and Kentz looks
management. The presentations were              Executive, manning the Kentz stand
                                                                                                      forward to attending future exhibitions.


                                                 apprentice appreciation
Kentz Site Supervisor on the Galway Clinic Project, Michael               and protective services. The two-storey extension will provide 46
Brennan, has been running an Apprentice of the Month                      additional bed spaces. The new third floor will be dedicated to
Competition since the start of the project. Pictured below are the        oncology patients, and consists of a new day care facility which
two recent winners, Eamonn O’Malley (September 2009) and                  can cater for 12 patients at any one time and which opened for
Dave Duggan (October 2009).                                               patients in December 2009. The new pharmacy, radioiodine
Kentz in Ireland began work on the extension to the                       room and treatment room were also completed in December
accommodation wing at Galway Clinic located on the outskirts of           2009.
Galway City, Ireland, in March 2009. The contract is for the              Many thanks go to Brendan Flynn of Curran Electric, the bulk
supply, delivery to site, installation, testing, commissioning and        supplier on the project, who kindly sponsored the prizes for the
12-months maintenance of the complete electrical installation             Apprentice of the Month Competition.

 L-R: Michael Brennan
      (Site Supervisor),
     Eamonn O’Malley
 (3rd Year Apprentice),
         Brendan Flynn
       (Curran Electric),
          Dave Duggan
 (3rd Year Apprentice),
          Paul McGrath


celebrations for 7 million man-hours without LTI
In October 2009, Kentz was presented with a certificate
for the great achievement of 7 million man-hours without
a Lost Time Incident on the Shell Pearl GTL site.

The certificate was presented to Katie Plummer, the
Kentz Deputy HSE Manager on the Pearl GTL site, by
Mr. Marty Schweers, JK Project Director on this project.

All Kentz employees were given lanyards with cell phone
holders to commemorate this auspicious occasion as
well as to thank them for adopting the safety culture of

Kentz won its first major contract on the
QP-Shell world-scale integrated Pearl Gas to
Liquids Project in 2006, namely the EPC
scope for the modular Waste Water
Treatment Plant for the construction camp.                                                      Marty Schweers presents Katie Plummer with the award

This was followed by the diesel power                                                          The more recent award of the Electrical and
generation scope and the temporary                                                             Instrumentation scope of work for the utility
telecoms for the plant’s turnkey temporary                                                     and flare areas to Kentz cemented the
facilities.                                                                                    Company’s presence and status on the


colouring the safety future
In early 2009, Kentz HSE department launched its annual HSE                   This year’s winner of Category A, which was open to all entrants,
Calendar Competition. The theme of this year’s competition was                was Neil Ivan M Mabansag, Qatar, and his artwork will appear as
slightly different to previous years. Kentz employees, their children,        the cover of the 2010 calendar pictured below. Neil will receive the
nieces, nephews and grandchildren were invited to share what it               winner’s prize of US $500 and a winners t-shirt.
means to them to be safe, healthy and environmentally aware                   The winners of Categories B, C, D & E (pictured to the right with
within their own homes. Health and Safety is a core value in Kentz.           their artwork) will receive US $200 and a winner’s t-shirt. Runners-
However, the workplace is not the only place in which Health and              up of each of these categories will also receive a competition
Safety plays an important role. Off the job HSE vigilance is also a           t-shirt. Congratulations to all winners and runners-up. Keep an eye
critical element of Kentz HSE culture.                                        out for the 2010 HSE calendar which was distributed to all offices
Within our own homes, careless habits, simple ignorance or just               in December.
not thinking can lead to accidents or illness. It is vitally important
to be aware of what the hazards are and how we can avoid them,
                                                                                Category A (Front Cover Winner):
plan for them and live safely, healthily and environmentally aware              Neil Ivan M Mabansag                        Qatar
within our homes.
The HSE department received many entries from across the globe                  Category B: Age 6 & Under
with many different views and messages of Health and Safety in                  Connor Aba              Age 6               Australia
the home. Some were general messages and others were more                       Isabella Keogh          Age 5               South Africa
specific, but one common element was the high quality of the                    Skye Manning            Age 6               South Africa
artwork across all age groups. It was not an easy task to choose
                                                                                Category C: Age 7 to 11
winners from each category and a “big thank” you goes to all of
                                                                                Sinead Kinane           Age 10              Ireland
those who took the time and effort to take part in the competition.
                                                                                Nuttawud Nutchanant     Age 11              Saudi Arabia
                                                                                Philip Lyons            Age 11              Ireland

                                                                                Category D: Age 12 to 16
                                                                                Ryan Aba                 Age 12             Australia
                                                                                Kate Hurley              Age 12             South Africa
                                                                                Analee Ali               Age 16             Trinidad

                                                                                Category E: Employees
                                                                                Prasad Kumar Periya                         Qatar
                                                                                Jimmy Q Manarang                            Saudi Arabia
                                                                                Sherizan Carissa Mohammed                   Trinidad

L-R: Bill Nucom (Country HSE Manager, Qatar);
Neil Ivan M Mabansag, Qatar (Competition Winner);
James Cassin (Group QA/HSE Manager)

                        Cover Winner
                Neil Ivan M Mabansag, Qatar

Category B: Age 6 & Under

Connor Aba                                Isabella                                 Skye
Age 6                                     Keogh                                    Manning
Australia                                 Age 5                                    Age 6
                                          South Africa                             South Africa

Category C: Age 7 to 11

Sinead                                    Nuttawud                                 Philip Lyons
Kinane                                    Nutchanant                               Age 11
Age 10                                    Age 11                                   Ireland
Ireland                                   Saudi Arabia

Category D: Age 12 to 16

Ryan Aba                                  Kate Hurley                              Analee Ali
Age 12                                    Age 12                                   Age 16
Australia                                 South Africa                             Trinidad

Category E: Employees

Prasad                                    Jimmy Q                                  Sherizan
Kumar Periya                              Manarang                                 Carissa
Qatar                                     Saudi                                    Mohammed

               Runners-up                                     Category D – Age 12 to 16
               Category B – Age 6 & Under                     RJ John E de la Torre, Age 14, Saudi Arabia
               Davina Howard, Age 6, Saudi Arabia             Katríona Lyons, Age 14, Ireland
               Amy Barker, Age 6, South Africa                Mark Gopaul, Age 14, Trinidad
                                                              Kabilan Selvarangan, Age 14, Kuwait
               Category C – Age 7 to 11
               Jonah Eapen, Age 11, Saudi Arabia              Category E – Employees
               Niamh Connolly, Age 10, Qatar                  Rajagopalan Arumugam Narayanan, Qatar
               Prajwal Bheemguli, Age 10, Saudi Arabia        Maloji Bhoasle, Abu Dhabi
               Oveya Selvi Sadagopan, Age 7, Kuwait           Reuben Rebello, Abu Dhabi
               Siddhartan Selvarangan, Age 11, Kuwait         Celesté van den Berg, South Africa
                                                              Jacqui Willemse, South Africa


sasol award                                                                L-R: Carlo Marengo, Business Unit Manager, Maintenance & Shutdowns, Africa;
                                                                           Flip de Wet (MD Sasol Synfuels), Jason English, Senior Site Manager, Sasol, Secunda;
                                                                           Oliver Naidu (MD Sasol Shared Services); Keith Barry, Regional Development/Country Director;
                                                                           Terry Henebrey, Business Unit Manager, Technical Support Services (Maintenance &
Kentz Maintenance & Shutdown Division, South                               Shutdowns), Africa
Africa, recently received the Luminous Award
from Sasol Synfuels for Service Provider of the
Year 2009. Kentz was selected from over 2,000
service providers and received this prestigious
trophy at the Annual Awards Gala Dinner in
Secunda in October 2009.

  Numerous criteria was analysed to select the
  winner, including the following:
  s Safety record
  s Down time due to mistakes
  s Number of jobs completed on schedule
  s Commercial and cost criteria
  s Support given to plant
  s Client relationships
  s Participation in corporate social

All this was measured and rated in conjunction                                   Congratulations to Jason English and all members of
with the end users on the plant, the supplier                                             the Maintenance & Shutdown Team
relationship management team and the shared                                     who have contributed to its ongoing success in Secunda.
services business department of Sasol.

                                                                                                                                             ABU DHABI

8 million man-hours later
                                                                                                      From March 2006 to August 2008, the Kentz
                                                                                                      employees on the OGD III Project in Abu Dhabi
                                                                                                      completed 8 million man-hours without a Lost Time
                                                                                                      Injury. This is the single largest number of man-hours
                                                                                                      spent by Kentz on a project. Achieving this target of 8
                                                                                                      million hours is down to constant communication
                                                                                                      between management and the workforce to ensure all
                                                                                                      HSE requirements are followed and implemented on a
                                                                                                      daily basis. The project was under the guidance of
                                                                                                      Steve Warlow, recipient of the 2008 CEO Safety
                                                                                                      Leadership, from July 2008, and has completed almost
                                                                                                      3 million of the man-hours since he took over the

                                                                                                      In the photo you can see some of the Kentz employees
                                                                                                      who started on the project in 2006 with Steve, and
                                                                                                      other members of the management team.
Back row (L-R): Andy McDonald, Quality Control Manager; Sharif Miah Mokter Ali, Electrician;                Congratulations to Steve, the previous and
Ceasar Thomas, Superintendent; Sundar Singh, Senior Quality Control Engineer;
Vicente Andrada, E&I Foreman; Patrick Loftus, Telecommunications Manager;                                   the current Kentz workforce on the project
Herminio Francisco, Quantity Surveyor; Stephen Warlow, Project Manager
Front row (L-R): Javed Iqbal, Electrician; Gerry Jovelar, Planning Engineer;
                                                                                                          who all contributed to making this a safe and
Renante Maramot, Quantity Surveyor; Jayaprakash Narayanan, Supervisor                                                        successful project.

                                                                                                                          SAUDI ARABIA

chevron construction
In April 2009 Kentz was awarded a contract for the electrical and               power; and lastly the installation, termination and testing of the plant
instrumentation (E&I) construction work on the utilities and offsites of        fibre optic cable system.
the Saudi Polymers Project in Saudi Arabia. The project, which is
                                                                                In May 2009, Patrick Fitzgerald, Project Manager, and his project
worth approximately of US $9m, was awarded to Kentz by the New
                                                                                team mobilised on site to coincide with the arrival of the first delivery
Chevron Project (NCP).
                                                                                of the 98MVA transformers and the prefabricated north main
Kentz scope of work consists of the installation, termination and               substation.
testing of 18 230kv 630mm cables, medium voltage and control
                                                                                The remaining sub stations were delivered mid-November 2009,
cables; assembly and pre-commissioning of four prefabricated unit
                                                                                with a target completion date for construction at the North Main
substation c/w GIS switchgear; MCC, procurement, installation and
                                                                                Substation being set for mid-February 2010.
pre-commissioning of the utilities and offsites lighting and small
                                                                                The overall project is expected to be completed by July 2010.
Kentz NCP Project Team


kentz’s rising star
Kentz Group is delighted that Brian Kelly, Country                                                 Engineer with the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.
Manager for Kentz Australia, was recently                                                          He was recently appointed as Country Manager
shortlisted for the Chartered Engineer of the Year                                                 for Kentz Australia.
Award in Ireland.                                                                                  To be in contention, finalists must make a series of
Brian, who is originally from Clonmel, Co.                                                         submissions and attend an interview.
Tipperary, was one of six finalists shortlisted from                                               Brian performed particularly well in the initial
a long list of 15, who were in turn chosen from                                                    professional interview and was commended on
over 450 applicants. To be one of the six finalists                                                his engineering practice report and essays.
is considered to be an outstanding achievement
                                                                                                  This initial performance review was conducted by
within the engineering profession. All finalists have
                                                                                                  a panel of Chartered Engineers with extensive
graduated within the last 10 years and have been
                                                                                                  experience in the field. Candidates are then
involved in significant projects with high levels of
                                                                                                  shortlisted by the adjudication panel who are all
                                                                                                  members of the Board of Examiners and Fellows
Brian completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) in                       of Engineers Ireland and who have made significant achievements
University College Dublin in 2000. He then joined ESB International             and contributions to engineering, both in Ireland and abroad.
where he worked in the power industry until 2005, executing
                                                                                Each finalist presented their showcase project on 11th November
projects in Ireland, the Basque areas of Spain and Syria. He also
                                                                                2009 at a ceremony in Engineers Ireland, Clyde Road, Dublin. Brian
completed a diploma in Project Management at Trinity College
                                                                                presented on Petrochemical Tank farms in Saudi Arabia.
                                                                                The overall prize was awarded to Michael Quilligan, a lecturer at the
Brian joined Kentz in 2005. He has worked as a Project Engineer on
                                                                                Faculty of Science & Engineering at the University of Limerick. Kentz
several high profile projects in the Middle East. In January 2007, he
                                                                                is very proud of Brian’s accomplishment in reaching the final and
undertook the Construction MBA at the University of Manchester
                                                                                wishes him every future success with his studies and his career
and he is now undertaking his dissertation. Brian is also a Chartered
                                                                                with Kentz.


new contract with rbm
                                         Kentz in South Africa is                      contractors at any one time. RBM has a positive impact on the
                                         delighted to announce that it                 quality of life of thousands of families in the communities in which
                                         has won a 210 million Rand                    it works. Since its inception in 1976, RBM has implemented a
                                         (US $26.25m) contract in                      sound environmental rehabilitation programme to restore the
                                         South Africa with Richards                    mined dunes back to their natural state after mining. The flora
                                         Bay Minerals (RBM).                           and fauna in the rehabilitating forests are constantly monitored
                                                                                       and recorded by scientists who are respected experts in their
                                         The scope of work includes
                                                                                       field. RBM focuses on strong HSE values.
                                         the supply and fabrication of
                                         the structural steelwork and                  This contract award follows the successful completion of work
                                         piping,   as     well      as     the         on both the QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) Project for Rio
                                         mechanical      erection,        and          Tinto and the Moma Mineral Sands Project in Mozambique for
                                         electrical and instrumentation                Kenmare Resources. Thanks must go to both Adrian Leahy and
                                         installation    for     the      tails        Bouke Kooiker who successfully led the bidding effort for Kentz
                                         treatment plant project.                      in a most professional manner. Well done to the team who
                                                                                       supported Adrian and all who contributed to this success,
                                         The Kentz project team is in
                                                                                       including Russel Gabriel, Trish Judson, Jackie Fleming, Lize
                                         the    process        of        being
                                                                                       Buckle, Bouke Kooiker, Mike Davies, Ian MacLachlan, Dave
Support structure for cone settlers at   integrated into the RBM
RBM Project                                                                            Bernardi, Dave McKenzie, Sixtus Buthelezi, Leon Jacobsz, Keith
                                         project        team             since
                                                                                       Litten, Gerry Gleeson, Chris Dumas, Wouter Cronje, Jeeten Inder
September 2009 to provide assistance during the pre-planning
                                                                                       Gagai, Les Harper, Elvis Pillay, Hayley Barker, Hugh Wood.
and preparation phase. Construction has already started with
360 tons of steel erected, and the mechanical completion date                          Keith Barry, Southern African Regional
is scheduled for August 2010.                                                          Development Director, commented: “This is
                                                                                       yet another great contract award for
Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) is a leading mineral sands
                                                                                       Kentz in South Africa, where the team
producer situated north of Richards Bay in Zululand, KwaZulu-
                                                                                       has built an enviable position in the
Natal, South Africa. Shareholding in the company is split equally
                                                                                       mineral sands mining sector through
between two of the world’s largest diversified mining companies,
                                                                                       consistently delivering for our core
Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. RBM’s core business is extracting
                                                                                       clients. We are delighted to be working
heavy minerals from the dune sands, with beneficiation to
                                                                                       with Richards Bay Minerals on what
produce rutile, zircon, titania slag and high purity pig iron. The
                                                                                       promises to be another exciting project.”                  Keith Barry
company employs 1,700 permanent staff and up to 1,000


clonmel mayor honours kentz
Kentz was recently accorded one of the                  Cllr. Denis Dunne, Mayor of Clonmel, presents       of its special anniversary. Cllr. Dunne paid
                                                        Hugh O’Donnell with a Tipperary Crystal Bowl
highest honours of its home town of Clonmel,            in honour of Kentz’s 90-year anniversary            tribute to the Company for its huge success
Co. Tipperary, Ireland, in September 2009.                                                                  world-wide. He especially mentioned the
Mayor of Clonmel Cllr. Denis Dunne hosted a                                                                 number of countries in which Kentz operates
Mayoral reception at the Town Hall to mark                                                                  and its vast number of employees. He also
Kentz’s 90         anniversary. The occasion was                                                            complimented the number of major contracts
attended by many local council members as                                                                   awarded to Kentz in recent months.
well as close to 50 Kentz staff who had
                                                                                                            Hugh O’Donnell, Kentz CEO, commented:
attended the Group Development Forum in
                                                                                                            “It was a great tribute for the Kentz Group
Clonmel earlier that week. Each of the council
                                                                                                            to be honoured by Mayoral Reception in
members spoke about Kentz and the positive
                                                                                                            Clonmel. Kentz opened its first office in
impact it was having on Clonmel.
                                                                                                            Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 90 years ago and
The Mayor presented Hugh O’Donnell, Kentz                                                                   we are very proud of our home town.”
CEO, with a Tipperary Crystal Bowl in honour


safety success yet again!
Kentz-OJ’s Conduit Installation                                                                                          The     HSE      Department          at
Crew currently working on the                                                                                            Bechtel, Petrotrin’s agent for the
Water Treating Facilities (WTF)                                                                                          WTF & CCR E&I Works, has
and     Continuous         Catalytic                                                                                     established a monthly safety
Reforming (CCR) E&I Works was                                                                                            reward     programme         for     all
awarded the “Crew of the                                                                                                 contractors working on the
Month” for the month of May                                                                                              project. Each month one crew
2009. They were each presented                                                                                           is selected as “Crew of the
with back-packs, first-aid kits,                                                                                         Month” for its outstanding
beach mats and air compressors                                                                                           contribution to safety in the
at the award function.                                                                                                   work environment by Bechtel’s
                                                                                                                         HSE Department. The criteria
In March 2009, Kentz-OJ’s was                                                                                            for selection is that the crew
awarded       the   Electrical   and                                                                                     must have had no incidents/
Instrumentation (E&I) contract for                                                                                       accidents or near-misses for the
the WTF and Steam Generation           L-R: Adesh Sumrah, Ronald Lall, Andrew Chattergoon, David Mohammed,               month     in   which     they      are
Facilities,     WTF       Electrical   Anand Basdeo and Raj Bhajan (Bechtel Project Co-ordinator)
                                                                                                                         nominated and must have
Substation,         WTF    Satellite                                               demonstrated adherence to all safe practices.
Building, and CCR Unit tie-ins at the Petrotrin Refinery Gasoline
                                                                                   This award is one of the many achieved by Kentz-OJ’s that has
Optimisation Programme (GOP), Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad.
                                                                                   contributed to the high calibre of safety standards developed and
                                                                                   maintained in Trinidad.


                    prestigious thebe award winners
Kentz in South Africa is proud to                                                                                   liberate South Africa’s people
have recently been awarded Thebe’s                                                                                  through economic empowerment, a
Group Excellence Award. This                                                                                        dream that continues to be fulfilled
Company Associates’ Award is                                                                                        by providing individuals with financial
designed to recognise a Thebe                                                                                       security through accessibility to
Associate Company that has a                                                                                        affordable products that enhance
synergistic relationship with Thebe                                                                                 their quality of life. Thebe invests in
Investment Corporation and its                                                                                      and actively manages businesses
subsidiaries. This is in the form of                                                                                delivering innovative and relevant
positive contribution to Thebe’s                                                                                    products and services, thus enabling
financial performance, successful                                                                                   them to contribute to the
commercial collaboration with Thebe                                                                                 improvement of South African
and subsidiaries, participation in                                                                                  people. Kentz has based its B-BEEE
                                            Dany de Barros, Regional Financial Director, South Africa
initiatives and programmes led by           pictured with Vusi Khanyile, Thebe Chairman                             strategy on the Department of Trade
Thebe, and leading in the industry in                                                                               & Industry guidelines.
Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and transformation.
                                                                                     Thebe defines empowerment beyond the concept of B-BBEE,
Established in 1992 by Batho Batho Trust, Thebe Investment                           and believes empowerment to be “a process of giving people and
Corporation is Kentz South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic                       organisations the opportunity to increase their ability to use
Empowerment (B-BEEE) partner. Thebe acquired a 25% (plus 2                           opportunities, resources and their minds boldly and independently
shares) stake in the Kentz South African business                                    to improve their situation in a dynamic and competitive world; and
in 2006.                                                                             to do so without hindrance caused by previous discrimination and
                                                                                     denial of opportunities, resources and human dignity.”
B-BEEE aims at substantially increasing black participation at all
levels in the economy. Thebe is the realisation of a dream to                                   Congratulations and well done to all involved.


it’s a goal!
                                                                                                                                                                     On Friday 9th October 2009, the employees of the
                                                                                                                                                                     Kentz Clonmel office arrived to work wearing their
                                                                                                                                                                     favourite jerseys, in order to support GOAL’s
                                                                                                                                                                     fundraising event “GOAL Jersey Day”. This event takes
                                                                                                                                                                     place in Ireland every year, when staff and students of
                                                                                                                                                                     companies, schools and colleges around Ireland don
                                                                                                                                                                     the colours of their favourite teams and make a
                                                                                                                                                                     donation to GOAL.

                                                                                                                                                                     GOAL is an international humanitarian organisation
                                                                                                                                                                     that is in operation since 1977. GOAL ensures that the
                                                                                                                                                                     poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable in the world
                                                                                                                                                                     and those affected by humanitarian crises have access
                                                                                                                                                                     to the fundamental needs and rights of life: food, water,
                                                                                                                                                                     shelter, medical attention and primary education.

                                                                                                                                                                     The proceeds from this year’s Jersey Day will go
                                                                                                                                                                     towards GOAL’s many humanitarian and life-saving
                                                                                                                                                                     projects which have been providing aid to the poorest
                                                                                                                                                                     of the poor in the developing world for the last
                                                                                                                                                                     32 years.
Kentz Clonmel staff pictured in their jerseys
                                                                                                                                                                     GOAL has extended its sincere thanks to Kentz
                                                                                                                                                                     Clonmel staff for their generous donations.

a long way from tipperary
From its relatively humble beginnings in Ireland,
Kentz has developed into a large, public
company with over 10,000 employees
world-wide.         Despite        its     massive                                                                        NORTHERN IRELAND (U.K.)


growth in operations to over                                               Donegal Bay                        Lower

26 countries, Kentz is very                                                              Leitrim           Upper

                                                                           Sligo                                              Monaghan

proud of its Irish heritage and                         Lough                                      Lough
                                                         Conn                                      Allen

                                                        Mayo                                                          Cavan
                                                                                                                         Lough                Louth

still benefits from having over                                                    Roscommon

                                                                                                                                    Meath                     Many of the Kentz senior management team are Irish and
                                                                Lough                               Lough
                                                                Mask                                Ree

50     staff     based        at     its                    Lough
                                                                                                      Westmeath                                               maintain strong links with the region despite working in very

corporate office in Clonmel,                                                     Galway                Offaly
                                                                                                                                                              different parts of the world. Inherently Irish values of modesty
South Tipperary.                                                         Clare
                                                                                          Derg                        Laois                    Wicklow
                                                                                                                                                              and humour have been instrumental in developing trust and
South Tipperary, which has a                                                                  Tipperary                            Carlow
                                                                                                                                                              relationships particularly when entering new markets. During this
population of just over
                                                                                             Caher Clonmel
                                                                                                                                                              particularly turbulent time in the global economy, it is more
83,000,        boasts       great               Kerry                                                 Waterford                                               important than ever for companies to have strong foundations

transport links and a                                                                                                                                         from which to take advantage of opportunities across Europe
young,         talented        and                                                                             South Tipperary                                and the world.
educated workforce. This                                                                                                                                      South Tipperary has a strong, diversified business community
combined with a pro-business and tax environment and a                                                                                                        and offers leading International companies a prime location from
collaborative approach to the furtherance of industry makes the                                                                                               which to manufacture and distribute their products and services.
region attractive to a number of international businesses                                                                                                     Companies wthat want guidance on setting up operations in the
including; C&C Group, the maker of Magners cider, the                                                                                                         region can get more information from the South Tipperary
pharmaceutical giant Boston Scientific and the world-renowned                                                                                                 County Development Board.
Coolmore Stud.


the joy of giving                                                         As the season of goodwill approached in November and December
                                                                          2009, Kentz employees across the globe embraced the joy of giving by
                                                                          donating toys for children in need.

                                                                                                                              Brisbane Office
The employees of Thiess Kentz in Australia sponsored Operation Christmas
Child. Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a unique project of Samaritan’s
Purse that brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the
Last year, over 300,000 gift-filled shoe boxes were collected by teams in
Australia and New Zealand and were delivered to South East Asia and the
South Pacific. Globally, Samaritan’s Purse distributed an estimated 7.6 million
shoe boxes to children in 105 countries.
                                                                                                 Thiess Kentz staff at the Brisbane office with their donation
                                  Perth Office


                                                                             Crew from Rapid Growth Project 5

    Thiess Kentz staff at the Perth office pictured with their donation

Kentz employees in Ireland from the Clonmel office, the Aviva
Stadium site and the Ardkeen Hospital site continued their support
of the Secret Santa Project in association with the St Vincent de
Paul, Ozanam House Youth Group, in Dublin. Each employee chose
a boy or girl from a list of children’s names and bought them a
suitable gift.
The Society of St Vincent de Paul is a voluntary organisation in
Ireland working directly with people in need through an action-
oriented programme, attempting to effect positive change through
social justice. Their work primarily involves person-to-person
contact. However, they are also involved in key social services, co-
ordinating various community programmes and projects, believing                      The children performing “Cinderella” show
that access to employment opportunities, education and health
services are key determinants of social wellbeing.                                   community hall, a computer centre, an arts & crafts and catering
The Ozanam House Youth Group operates out of the Ozanam                              centre, and several meeting and training rooms and offices.
House Community Resource Centre and consists of 50 children                          There was much excitement in December when Santa Claus visited
from the Northeast Inner                                                                        the Ozanam Youth Group children with a sack full of
City Dublin aged between                                                                        toys courtesy of the Kentz employees. On the evening
6 and 12 years of age.                                                                          of Santa’s visit the children helped prepare a meal for
The Resource Centre, in                                                                         their parents, which they had learned to cook
the North Inner City, has                                                                       throughout the year. They also made Christmas
been used by the Society                                                                        decorations and decorated the room. The guitar group
of St Vincent de Paul for a                                                                     played some songs and then the children performed
variety of purposes over                                                                        “Cinderella” before receiving their presents from Santa
the past 80 years. It is a                                                                      which they were delighted with! Tony Rock, Manager
five-storey building and                                                                        of Ozanam House Resource Centre, extended his
includes a basement area                                                                        thanks to all the staff at Kentz for their kind donations
incorporating a crèche                                                                          and gifts for the children.
and      gymnasium,       a One lucky girl receives her gift                                                                                         continued on page 24


the joy of giving                                                         (continued from page 23)

South Africa
Kentz in South Africa recently                                                                                                         About 1,500 motorcycles arrived to
supported the annual Toy Run of the                                                                                                    show their support for the cause.
Centurion Motorcycle Club which                                                                                                        The local motorway was closed for
took place on Sunday 21st                                                                                                              the event to allow the 3km-
November 2009, in Vanderbijlpark,                                                                                                      motorcycle procession travel from the
South Africa. The Toy Run was in aid                                                                                                   Motorcycle Club to the Pick ‘n Pay
of underprivileged children and the                                                                                                    Supermarket.
purpose of the event was to obtain
donations of toys for children who                                                                                                     Kentz showed its support by
don’t have any.                                                                                                                        donating toys to this worthy cause.
                                                                                                                                       The motorcyclists enjoyed the day
                                                                                                                                       with friends and family under the
                                                                                                                                       shade of our Kentz gazebo!
                                                  Toys loaded up and ready to go


people on the move
There have been a number of personnel additions and changes within the Kentz Group.
Australia                                                      Bryan Jones                    South Africa                                                    Tammy Johnson
                                                               Bryan Jones rejoined                                                                           Tammy joined Kentz,
                  Brian Kelly                                  Kentz in September                                Keith Barry                                  South Africa in
                  Brian was recently                           2009 as the Pacific                               Keith Barry has been                         November 2009 as a
                  appointed Country                            Regional Manager                                  appointed to take over                       Human Resources
                  Manager for Australia.                       Specialist EPC                                    the role of Southern                         Administration
                  As the development                           Business Unit working                             African Regional                             Assistant in the
                  groups’ senior                               out of the Perth                                  Development Director.                        Midrand Office. Prior to
                  representative within      Australia office. Bryan previously                                  Keith first joined the      joining Kentz she worked for Thynk
                  the country, Brian will    managed the Kentz office in Qatar from                              Kentz Group in 1996.        Finance as an Internal Accounts
be directing, with the support of group      2000 to end 2005. He then moved to               He is a member of the Board of                 Executive. She also held the position of
business development, all the business       Indonesia to work with Thiess as the             Management and brings with him a               Personal Assistant to the Managing
development activities which include         Regional Manager for their process               wealth and depth of international              Director of Advanced Voice Systems, a
BD strategy, marketing and sales within      business and worked on various EPC               experience, in particular from within          telecommunications company.
the Australasian region to ensure the        projects involving a gas processing              business development. His experience
regional business objectives and plans       plant and a geothermal power plant. In           and knowledge to date covers                                     Deborah-Lee Marr
are met.                                     2008 Bryan moved to Bratislava in                assignments in Asia, the Middle East                             Deborah-Lee joined
Brian completed a Bachelor of                Central Europe and was involved in               and the Caspian region.                                          Kentz South Africa in
Engineering (Mechanical) degree in           management of an EPC project for the             In his new role, Keith will have full                            November 2009 as
University College Dublin in 2000. He        revamp of 3 Ethylene furnaces in the             responsibility and accountability for the                        Personal Assistant to
also completed a diploma in Project          local refinery and the completion of             marketing and sales function within the                          Joseph Keogh,
Management at Trinity College Dublin.        engineering for a US $700m utilities             region. He will lead the development of                          Construction Business
In 2005, he joined Kentz in Qatar and        plant in Kazakhstan.                             the regional annual budget process                               Unit Manager, Africa.
worked initially as a Project Engineer on                                                     each year and direct all the business          Prior to joining Kentz, Deborah-Lee was
Qatar Gas II Project and then as a           Bahrain                                          development activities which include           a Forensic Investigator for Insight
Project Manager on the Temporary Site                                                         marketing, sales and client liaison within     Surveys, investigating medical aid fraud
Facilities. In February 2006, he made                          Shreedevi Sundar               the territory to ensure the regional           committed by doctors and members.
the short trip to Saudi Arabia where he                        Shreedevi joined Kentz         business objectives and plan are
worked on the bid and the full Sipchem                         Middle East (Bahrain           achieved. Keith will also assume the           Russia
Port Facilities Project until August 2009.                     Office) as an Executive        role of Country Director and take
He held a number of positions there                                                           responsibility and accountability for the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Designed and Produced by ABDA •

                                                               Secretary in May 2009.                                                                         Alun Rees
from Project Engineer to Project                               She has been living in         functions associated with this role.
                                                                                                                                                              Alun was appointed to
Manager. In January 2007, he                                   Bahrain for 12 years           Keith is a qualified Electrical Engineer, is
                                                                                                                                                              the position of
undertook the Construction MBA with                            and had previously             a Fellow of the International
                                                                                                                                                              Business Unit Manager
the University of Manchester and now         worked in Ernst & Young for 4 years.             Management Association and passed
                                                                                                                                                              for Technical Support
he is undertaking his dissertation.          Shreedevi graduated from Pune                    his Masters of Business Administration
                                                                                                                                                              Services (TSS), Russia,
Brian is also a Chartered Engineer with      University in India with a Bachelor’s            degree with distinction.
                                                                                                                                                              in September 2009.
the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.       Degree in Accounting. In addition,                                                                               Alun is now
                                             Shreedevi holds a diploma in Computer                                                           responsible for TSS work that is
                                             Programming.                                                                                    undertaken in Sakhalin, Russia. He first
                                                                                                                                             joined the Kentz Group in 1993 as
                                                                                                                                             Engineer in South Africa. Alun has
                                                                                                                                             worked as Project Manager on the ENL
                                                                                                                                             Odoptu Project since 2008.

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