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Notes to accompany the 2009 market size data - Notes to accompany


									Notes to accompany the 2009 SymphonyIRI Group Market size
  •   Source of information: Produced by SymphonyIRI Group from the SymphonyIRI
      Group InfoScan OTC Cross Category database, to consistent definitions agreed with
      the PAGB.
  •   Retail Coverage: SymphonyIRI Group’s retail universe covers all pharmacy and
      most supermarket and grocery outlets in Great Britain including multiple impulse
      outlets. Major exclusions: Sales in Northern Ireland; sales through health food
      stores, mail order, internet-only vendors, food discounters.
  •   OTC read: This table gives the retail sales value at prices actually paid by the
      consumer including VAT and net of any promotion. Sales are OTC and do not include
      semi-ethical sales or dispensed sales of either P or GSL licensed products.
  •   The data includes figures for Own Label sales (except certain retail own label in
      Smoking Cessation) and generic OTC products.
  •   Changes for 2009: Additional categories added in 2009: Weight Management and
      Cystisis. SymphonyIRI Group’s databases undergo periodic category redefinitions
      and service improvements. Backdata is restated to ensure correct trending so there
      may be small absolute differences between the 2008 numbers for individual
      categories reported here and the numbers issued in the previous year’s PAGB
      Annual Report.
  •   All data and commentary is copyright SymphonyIRI Group. For further
      information about the data and other services from SymphonyIRI Group, please go to or telephone +44 (0)1344 746000

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