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									                      YO      U CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE
                                               With Professional Certification from Union County College

                                               COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
MEDICAL                                        FOR THIS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM:

OFFICE CODING                                  AEH 131 - Introduction to Medical Terminology
                                               Receive an overview of anatomy, focusing on the human body and its skeletal, pulmonary,

SPECIALIST                                     digestive, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. Become familiar with the medical termi-
                                               nology that you will use on a daily basis in a medical office.

Become a Medical Office Coding
Specialist in the expanding field of health    AEH 132 - Procedures in the Medical Office, Ethical and Legal Responsibilities
                                               This class will cover the language of insurance, managed care terminology, insurance policies
care. Enhance your Administrative              and procedures. Explore medical billing with an overview of bookkeeping and the processing
Assistant skills, learn medical terminology,   of insurance forms. Learn the ethical and legal responsibilities that are required in a medical
coding, and medical office procedures.         setting. Explore medical litigation relevant to malpractice and insurance fraud. Prerequisite:
Prepare yourself to work in a physician’s      AEH 131 Introduction to Medical Terminology.
office or ambulatory care facility.This cer-
tificate program requires that you possess     AEH 238 - ICD-9-CM & CPT-4 Coding Part 1 and 2
a high school diploma or the equivalent        Develop an understanding of the history and principles of ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding rules as
before enrolling.Also recommended are          they apply to patient medical records. Learn how to code surgical, operative, and diagnostic
basic secretarial skills, minimum typing       procedures in physician offices and other ambulatory settings. Enhance your coding ability
skills of 35 wpm and some computer             and knowledge through hands-on learning with real world examples. A brief review of coding
                                               principals is followed by extensive practice utilizing a series of clinical scenarios. An introduc-
knowledge.                                     tion to Level II National Codes (HCPCS) will also be provided. Prerequisite: AEH 131
                                               Introduction to Medical Terminology
PREREQUISITE: (37.5         HRS)
            TERMINOLOGY ($235)                 AEC 120 – AEC 120 – Microsoft Word 2007 Beginner and Intermediate
REQUIRED COURSES: (105              HRS)       Beginner - Become familiar with the newest version of this popular word processing software.
• AEH 132 – PROCEDURES IN THE MEDICAL          The beginner course will teach you the different parts and functions of the Word window, navi-
            OFFICE, ETHICAL & LEGAL            gation and selection techniques, editing and formatting text, tables, page layout, proofing and
            RESPONSIBILITIES (30 HRS, $180)    printing documents, and using graphics.
• AEH 238 – ICD-9-CM & CPT-4 CODING PART       Intermediate - The intermediate course covers styles, sections and columns, formatting tables,
            1 & 2 (37.5 HRS EA, $225 EACH      labels and envelopes, graphics, templates, tracking revisions and web features. Prerequisite:
            PART)                              Word 2007 Beginner.
TOTALING 12 HRS OR 18 HRS)                     AEC 146 - Excel 2007 Beginner and Intermediate
• AEC 120 – MICROSOFT WORD 2007 BEGINNER       Beginner - The beginner course will teach you the latest spreadsheet terminology, entering and
            AND INTERMEDIATE (6 HRS EACH       editing data, modifying a worksheet, using functions, formatting worksheets, creating charts,
            PART, $105 EA)                     and how to manage large workbooks.
• AEC 146 – EXCEL 2007 BEGINNER AND            Intermediate – Intermediate course covers using multiple worksheets and workbooks and how
            INTERMEDIATE (6 HRS EACH PART,     to link them, advanced formatting, using lists and tables, sorting and filtering, and working
            $105 EA)                           with styles and themes. Prerequisite: Excel 2007 Beginner.
            $105 EA)                           AEC 123 - Access 2007 Beginner and Intermediate
• AEC 343 – QUICKBOOKS (18 HRS, $195)          Beginner - In this course, explore database concepts and plan and design a simple database.
                                               Learn about finding, editing and organizing records, setting field properties, creating and
• AEC 344 – PEACHTREE (18 HRS, $195)           using queries, creating forms, and working with reports.
                                               Intermediate - Learn how to normalize data; work with Lookup fields and subdatasheets; add
                                               objects to forms, print reports and labels; create charts; and use PivotTables and PivotCharts.
                                               Prerequisite: Microsoft Access Beginner.
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CONTINUING EDUCATION DEPARTMENT                1033 Springfield Avenue • Cranford, NJ 07016 • 908-709-7600 • Fax: 908-709-7070
                                  AEC 343 - Quickbooks
                                  For small to mid-size businesses. Quickbooks provides a traditional approach to account-
                                  ing. Set up a chart of accounts, track payables, receivables, and inventory, create invoices,
                                  reconcile your checking and operate office financial reports. Prerequisite: Introduction to
                                  Windows 2000 or XP(AEC 119) or equivalent recommended.

                                  AEC 344 - Peachtree
                                  Learn how Peachtree accounting software can help you maintain a chart of accounts, post
                                  transactions, track payables/receivables, create reports and exchange data between pro-
                                  grams. Course covers performance, reporting, aged receivables, aged payables, tax liability
                                  reports and the year end process.

                                  Faculty Program Chairperson: Letisha Thornton

                                  PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS:
                                  A Union County College Professional Certificate              earn a PASS (grading is Pass/Fail) and complete all
                                  program is comprised of a series of courses that cover a     assignments. Also, take at least one course per semester
                                  consistent body of study in a specific discipline.           until you’ve met your program’s requirements.
                                  Programs are developed with the guidance of the pro-         Complete the Certificate Program form, available in the
                                  fessional organization that represents the discipline, or    Continuing Education Office. At the completion of the
                                  by one or more professionals in the field. Students who      program, notify the department in writing, listing your
                                  successfully complete the entire series of offerings with-   courses by code, title, and start date, so that we may
                                  in a program earn a professional certificate, which is a     issue you a certificate of completion.
                                  credential endorsed by Union County College.                 JOB SEARCH AND PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: At no
                                  REQUIREMENTS: Each Certificate Program has                   additional cost, your completion of a Certificate Pro-
                                  required courses. Some may also have elective courses.       gram makes you eligible to sign up for workshops in
                                  Choose courses to fit your personal schedule. You do         resume writing on a space-available basis. Job
                                  not have to take the courses in any particular order,        Placement Assistance is available to non-credit
                                  unless otherwise noted. For each course in your certifi-     students enrolled in all Continuing Education
                                  cate series, you must meet the attendance requirement,       Certificate Programs.

CONTINUING EDUCATION DEPARTMENT   1033 Springfield Avenue • Cranford, NJ 07016 • 908-709-7600 • Fax: 908-709-7070

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