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  BOLTNews from The University of Bolton                  Summer 05 issue 2

              The Inauguration in Focus
              University Title in the Spotlight

              Research Success
              Fire and Health Teams win Prestige Awards

              Game On!
              Computer Games Testing for Industry
THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2


The University of Bolton has had much to celebrate in its
very brief history, central to which has been our                      Content
inauguration events in February.
Government ministers and academic leaders from our
partner universities around the world, students, staff,         3      Celebrating as a University
business and civic partners and long-standing supporters of
the university were all among the guests who came to join       3      Early Day Motion in the House
our festivities. February 24 was a truly remarkable day for            of Commons
everyone involved and a flavour of its highlights are
featured within this issue.
                                                                4      Progression Accord
                                                                       Three signed - more to follow
Our celebrations go beyond highlighting our change in title
– we have also had a surge in student applications. Since       4      Design Studio hosts Celebration
The University of Bolton took up its new title, the number             Architecture Week
of applications has increased by 35.7 per cent, making it the
                                                                5      Fire team at the core
fastest growing university in the UK, according to UCAS,
                                                                       €2 million international project
the university clearing system.
At The University of Bolton we are clearly focussed on          5      Student Centre takes the Matrix
conducting scientific research which has practical
                                                                6      Competition success for artist,
applications. We are, therefore, delighted at the grant
successes achieved by our Centre for Research and
Innovation. Both Healthcare and the Fire Materials Group        7      Healthcare researchers win
have had major successes.                                              prestige grant
Research for real business applications is a prime driver of
                                                                8      International focus
our university and we are delighted with the progress of
the Usability Research Testing Centre, the first of its kind
within North West universities.Their research is featured in
this issue, as is a testing centre which has seen everything
from worms to rally drivers!
                                                                9      IT gender gap research
Launched less than a year ago, the centre based within the
Department of Computing and Electronic Technology               10-15 Celebrating as a University
(CET) has been designed to support usability analysis for a           Six-page feature on 24 February
wide range of multimedia products – from websites to
                                                                16-17 From worms to rally driving
video games.
                                                                      Game on for the Usability test
We are now preparing for our next big event – the                     Centre
opening of The Design Studio, which will be officially
launched by urban regeneration expert,Tom Bloxham MBE
this June.                                                             EVENTS
Our first six months as The University of Bolton have been
                                                                18     Lectures in risk and
remarkable. We hope you enjoy reading about our
                                                                       communicating effectively

All Bolt enquiries to: Deana Morris
                                                                18      What’s on, when and where
Corporate Communications Officer
                                                                19      Remembering Trevor Lofthouse
The University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5AB

Tel. 01204 903007 Email.

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Front cover: Processing into The Albert Halls at
University Title celebrations event
Back cover: Flavour of the Title festivities

                                                                                                       THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

                                                                                                       MPs sign up
                                                                                                       to EDM
                                                                                                       Members of Parliament led by Bolton
                                                                                                       South East MP Dr Brian Iddon, are
                                                                                                       showing their support for The University
                                                                                                       of Bolton as it celebrates its new title.

                                                                                                       Dr Iddon MP has tabled an Early Day
                                                                                                       Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons
                                                                                                       calling on fellow MPs to congratulate The
                                                                                                       University of Bolton, on the achievement
                                                                                                       of staff and students.

                                                                                                       Dr Brian Iddon MP said: ‘It is a significant
• Vice Chancellor, Mollie Temple at the celebrations
                                                                                                       achievement which should be widely
                                                                                                       recognised and congratulated. Fellow MPs
The University of Bolton                                                                               from the North West and across the UK
                                                                                                       will welcome the opportunity to join me

celebrates Title                                                                                       in expressing their support for The
                                                                                                       University of Bolton as we look forward to
                                                                                                       an exciting future for the UK’s newest
    The University of Bolton has been officially launched through                                      University.’
    a day of celebration held on February 24.
                                                                                                       EDMs exist to allow MPs to put on record
                                                                                                       their opinion on a subject and canvas
And at the heart of its historic                       Formerly launching The University of
                                                                                                       support for it from fellow MPs. As the Bolt
inauguration ceremony was honour and                   Bolton was Sir Alan Wilson, Director
                                                                                                       went to press, 54 MPs, including Bolton
recognition for the communities who have               General for Higher Education, Department
                                                                                                       North East MP David Crausby, joined Dr
played a leading role in Bolton’s successes.           of Education and Skills and leading the
                                                                                                       Brian Iddon MP in signing the EDM
In a unique break with tradition, the                  congratulations was Bolton South East MP,
                                                                                                       congratulating the University of Bolton, and
university awarded honorary fellowships to             Brian Iddon.
                                                                                                       many more are expected to add their
groups rather than individuals.The five                Secretary of State for Education, Bolton        signatures in the coming days and weeks.
communities within the town – the                      West MP Ruth Kelly was unable to attend
business, arts, sports and youth of Bolton             the day ceremony due to parliamentary           To read the EDM in full and see which
were all commemorated, together with                   commitments, but was able to attend the         MPs have signed up to support it, follow
the wider community. Reebok were asked                 gala dinner where the guest speaker was         this hyperlink.
to represent the business community,The                Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate and
Octagon Theatre the arts, Bolton                       University of Bolton Honorary Fellow. 
Wanderers for sport, the young people of                                                               ml/ref=697
                                                       • For in-depth coverage of University
Bolton were represented by Bolton Lads                 Title Day and its fellowship recipients
and Girls Club and the people of Bolton                turn to pages 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, 20.
by their first citizen, the office of Mayor.

Top of the UCAS Pops
Since The University of Bolton took up its             Phil Lloyd, head of student recruitment
new title, the number of applications has              said: ‘The Institute became known as The
increased by 35.7 per cent, making it the              University of Bolton in January, but before
fastest growing university in the UK,                  that there was knowledge of our
according to UCAS, the university clearing             university status and it has certainly had an
system.                                                impact.
In 2004, the university had 2,256 degree               ‘But I think much of the increase is due to
applicants and 140 people applied for a                our tie-ups with feeder institutions
HND.This year, after the closing date for              including Bolton Sixth Form, Bolton
UCAS applications there have been 3,103                Community College and Bury College
applicants for degrees and 148 for a HND.              which believe there are wonderful
It equates to a rise of 35.7 per cent.                 opportunities for their students.’
                                                                                                       • Dr Brian Iddon MP

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

UNIVERSITY NEWS                                                                                         Regeneration
                                                                                                        expert to open
                                                                                                        Design Studio
Pro Vice Chancellor, Karyn                                                                              The Design Studio will be officially opened
                                                                                                        on Tuesday 21 June as part of the
                                                                                                        university’s Architecture Week celebrations.
                                                Karyn will work alongside Pro Vice
                                                Chancellor for Academic Development                     An innovative £6 million new building in the
                                                and Research, Dr Peter Marsh. Her role                  heart of the University’s Deane Campus,
                                                includes leading the university’s strategic             The Design Studio brings together the
                                                resource planning, including Information                inventive minds of students and the
                                                Technology systems. Karyn is also                       expertise of academics to work with
                                                responsible for achieving sponsorship and               businesses seeking creative design solutions.
                                                endowment opportunities as well as                      It will be officially opened by urban
                                                leading corporate affairs and                           regeneration expert Tom Bloxham, MBE
                                                communications.                                         who will also be delivering a special guest
                                                                                                        lecture to an invited audience on innovation
                                                Karyn joins Bolton from Griffith University
                                                                                                        and design.Tom is Co-founder and
                                                in Queensland, Australia where she was
                                                                                                        Chairman of Urban Splash.The property
                                                Director of External Relations for three
                                                                                                        developer has won 123 awards to date for
                                                years.There her portfolio of
                                                                                                        architecture, regeneration and business
                                                responsibilities included advertising, alumni
                                                relations, fundraising development,
The University of Bolton has appointed          marketing, media, publications and student
Karyn Brinkley to the post of Pro Vice          recruitment. Griffith is one of Australia’s             Workers’ learning
Chancellor – Strategic Planning and             biggest universities with 32,000 students
                                                and 3,000 staff.
                                                                                                        Employee learning experts from workplaces
                                                                                                        and unions across the North West gathered
Bursary package                                                                                         at The University of Bolton in May for a
                                                                                                        conference on the higher level learning
for feeder partner                                                                                      opportunities open to workers today.
students                                                                                                The TUC/Aimhigher conference was packed
                                                                                                        with presentations and workshops outlining
Hundreds of Bolton and Bury teenagers                                                                   opportunities available to employees wanting
setting their sights on studying for a degree                                                           to add to their qualifications. In workshops
could now benefit from a scholarship                                                                    hosted by the University, Bolton Community
package worth up to £1,000 a year when                                                                  College and Horwich-based Alliance Learning,
                                                • PVC Dr Marsh with Community College Vice Principal,
they join The University of Bolton.              Dr Beri Hare                                           delegates were briefed on progression routes,
Students from feeder partner colleges and                                                               student finance, academic and vocational
schools, from September 2006, will be           families will receive an additional Bolton              qualifications, especially Foundation degrees.
eligible for a special Bolton Scholarship.      Bursary, worth up to £300.
Bolton Community College and Bury               Higher Education Grants of £2700 will also
College have already signed Progression         be available from the Government to                     Builders’ thanks
Accord agreements with the university           students with a family income of around                 The Department of the Built Environment
since the scheme was launched in March.         £15,000 or less. If the student’s family                recently received a generous donation of
In May, a third Progression Accord was          income is between £15,000 and £33,000,                  surplus surveying equipment from local house
signed, between the University and Bolton       grants are available on a sliding scale.                builder, Redrow Homes (Lancashire) Ltd.
Sixth Form College and more are planned.        The University of Bolton has set its tuition            The equipment was handed over by former
This pledge of collaboration aims to            fee levels at £3000 a year for full-time                student Neil Woodward who is now
further strengthen the relationship             home and European Union students                        Engineering Manager at Redrow.The
between special partner institutions.The        joining undergraduate courses from                      equipment will add to an already impressive
Accord includes a scholarship agreement         September 2006 – in line with more than                 line up of surveying instrumentation and
for students joining the university from        90 per cent of British universities. For                software which includes state-of-the-art total
feeder-partner colleges, sixth form schools     students who start their course after                   stations, digital levels and global positioning
as well as other education and training         September 2006 and decide to do a                       systems (GPS). Students studying on all
organisations. Every undergraduate will         sandwich year as part of their course, for              programmes offered by the department use
receive £700 a year for every year of their     that year of work-based learning they will              the full range of equipment to carry out
course and those from the poorest               not pay the fee.                                        surveys and perform setting out tasks.

                                                                                                      THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Fire team wins £300k for role
in Europe-wide research
      he University of Bolton’s fire research experts are part of an international consortium
      aiming to discover how to use nanotechnology to create fire-safe materials.

The Fire Materials Group within the Centre for Materials Research and Innovation (CMRI)
has been awarded £300,000 for their part in an international collaborative project.
Research teams from across Europe will be working together to predict the burning
behaviour of new fire retardant nanocomposite-containing materials, through a combination
of understanding the chemical mechanisms and modelling the processes involved.
Nanocomposites are new materials containing typically a polymer reinforced by clay
platelets, which are less than a ten thousandth of a millimetre thick. Since the fire retardant
effect comes from natural clay minerals, this makes the new materials very environment-
The project, which has won more than €2million EU funding in total, was created following
an internationally ground-breaking meeting hosted by The University of Bolton in March last
year, which brought together experts from fire retardant chemistry and fire safety
The university’s Fire Materials Group will investigate the decomposition mechanisms, burning
behaviour and toxic product yields of new fire retardant nanocomposite materials.These are
expected to lead to the development of new, environmentally friendly fire-safe materials.
Working alongside experts in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, as well as Scotland and Northern
Ireland, the group will feed this information into computational fire models to develop a
technique for predicting burning behaviour in real-scale fire tests. Developing this capability
will eliminate the major hurdle in the development of new fire safe materials, allowing
efficient screening of the huge number of possible combinations.
Dr Richard Hull, leader of the Fire Materials Group said: ‘It was during the course of the
meeting in March last year that the potential benefits of combining microscale, in effect
chemical, and real scale understanding of fire behaviour became clear.
‘This was a well-deserved recognition for the Fire Materials Group, not only acknowledging
their leading role in the UK, but extending this recognition across Europe.’

                                             Teamwork produces excellent results
                                             The staff in the Student Centre are delighted to have been awarded matrix Standard
                                             Accreditation.The matrix Standard is a national award for information, advice and guidance
                                             services and is promoted by the Employment National Training Organisation. It defines best
                                                            practice, promotes continuous quality improvement and recognises the provision of
                                                            high quality services.
                                                           Staff have been working towards the Standard for 18 months.The assessment took
                                                           place over three days in late February.The assessor interviewed 24 students, 25
                                                           Student Centre staff, colleagues from Product Design and Development, Learning
                                                           Support and Development and the Students’ Union. She also spoke to
                                                           representatives from partner organisations and observed drop-in sessions and
                                                           structured interviews.
                                                           The assessor highlighted areas of good practice and identified areas for further
                                                           development. She said that the staff in the Student Centre provided a ‘caring,
                                                           consistent, customised quality service’.
                                                          What were the benefits to the Student Centre? ‘It allowed us to examine the way we
                                                          work, created opportunities for cross-team working and made us concentrate on
                                             what our customers are saying about the services we provide,’ said Sara Burgess, Head of Student
                                             and Residential Services. Although several universities have achieved accreditation for their Careers
                                             Services and a couple for Student Services,The University of Bolton is probably the first university
                                             to gain the award for such a wide range of services.
                                             Reassessment will take place in February 2008. Further information is available at www.matrix-
                                    and from Sara Burgess on 01204 903482 or Denise Simm, Head of the
                                             Student Information Service, on 01204 903731
THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

       Healthcare research                                                                         Festival launch

        to help thousands                                                                          The University of Bolton will host the
                                                                                                   launch of the Aimhigher Festival in

         and save millions                                                                         June which includes a VIP breakfast
                                                                                                   seminar where the keynote speaker
                                                                                                   will be Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of
                                                 too much pressure on the limb, causing
                                                 further blood circulation complications.          State for Education.

                                                 The new single-layer compression bandage          The festival begins with a careers fair
                                                 system proposed by the research team              at the university for students from
                                                 would not only ease movement and                  Bolton, Bury and Wigan and ends
                                                 comfort, but would reduce incidence of            three weeks later with a performance
                                                 circulatory complications.
                                                                                                   and exhibition at the Royal Northern
                                                 The research programme is led by                  College of Music. A host of events will
                                                 principal investigator Dr Subbiyan                take place across Greater Manchester
                                                 Rajendran, working with co-investigator,
                                                                                                   during that time.
                                                 Professor Subhash Anand.
                                                 Said Dr Rajendran: ‘There is no medication
                                                 or operation to treat this condition, which
                                                 is common in the elderly and is a
                                                 symptom of blood flow slowing to the            Creative industries
• Dr Subbiyan Rajendran and Prof Subhash Anand   lower limbs.The four-layer compression
                                                 bandage system is expensive and the NHS
                                                                                                 under the election
                                                 spends £60 million a year treating venous       spotlight
       esearch scientists at The University
                                                 leg ulcers.
       of Bolton have won a grant to
                                                                                                 Creative industries project manager,
       create a healthcare product which         ‘We believe a single layer compression
                                                                                                 Rebecca Albrow has been part of a BBC
could help alleviate discomfort for              bandage system will not only be more
                                                                                                 Radio 1 listeners’ panel, quizzing politicians
thousands of elderly patients and save the       comfortable but will cut the cost of
                                                                                                 for the Newsbeat show. At the London
NHS millions of pounds each year.                treating this affliction by more than 50 per
                                                                                                 studios in April, Rebecca had her chance to
The Healthcare and Medical Textiles                                                              help interview Conservative party leader
Research Team from the university’s              This is the Healthcare and Medical Textiles     Michael Howard just weeks before the
Centre for Materials Research and                Research Team’s first grant from the            election.
Innovation (CMRI) have been awarded              Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
                                                                                                 Said Rebecca: ‘Despite being unable to ask
£152,142 to develop a new single-layer           Council (EPSRC).
                                                                                                 Michael Howard on air about the creative
compression bandage, to be used in
                                                 Said Prof Anand: ‘This is a great success for   industries agenda, I was able to grab a few
treating venous leg ulcers.
                                                 Bolton and a considerable accolade for its      minutes before he was ushered outside
The chronic condition, affecting more than       health care research team in that this is its   and driven to his next appointment on the
250,000 adults in the UK, is most common         first grant from EPSRC. ‘                       campaign trail.
among elderly people, and particularly
                                                 Said Prof Elias Siores, Head of the Centre      ‘I put it to Mr Howard that under a
women. Venous leg ulcers are a result of
                                                 for Materials Research and Innovation: ‘The     Labour government creative industries was
poor blood circulation. When blood flow
                                                 university is committed to pure scientific      now one of the country’s fastest growth
around the lower limb is poor, oxygen and
                                                 research that has practical applications.This   sectors, a successful sector that is invested
nutrients fail to reach its muscles and skin,
                                                 funding allows us to do just that and could     in and developed by our current
causing the ulcers.
                                                 help alleviate pain for thousands of people     government. Under a Conservative
The ulcers are currently treated with a          as well as reduce their medical                 leadership, would the investment remain
bulky four-layer bandage system which not        complications. Our congratulations go to        and support be maintained? He answered
only hampers movement but can exert              Dr Rajendran and the team.’                     ‘’Yes, definitely’’.’

                                                                               THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

  London show
      for Mike                                                                 hosts 25th
                                                                               of NEBOSH
                                                                               NEBOSH, the National Examination Board
                                                                               in Occupational Safety and Health, is
                                                                               celebrating 25 years as an examination
                                                                               body and has held several functions across
                                                                               the UK to bring together providers of
                                                                               NEBOSH courses.The University, being
                                                                               one of the largest public providers for
                                                                               NEBOSH courses, was invited to host the
                                                                               Northern area meeting where 44
                                                                               representatives from places as far apart as
                                                                               Hull and Carlisle attended what turned
                                                                               out to be the largest gathering of
                                                                               providers for this event. Dr Stephen
                                                                               Vickers, the Chief Executive of NEBOSH
                                                                               led the celebrations and amongst the
                                                                               guests were Hazel Harvey, the Director of
                                                                               Professional Affairs at IOSH, the Institute
                                                                               of Occupational Safety and Health and
                                                                               Brian Stones, Director of NEBOSH. Chris
• Mike’s winning work                                                          Minta, Director of NEBOSH, hosted the
                                                                               meeting and the reception that was held in
                                                                               the Centre for Enterprise with lunch in the
                                Second year Art and Design student,            Staff refectory at Eagle.The meeting and
                                Mike Wheall has had his work exhibited at      reception was a great success and there
                                London’s Royal Albert Hall as a winning        have now been calls for further meetings
                                entry in a national competition.               to be held, where providers can get
                                                                               together to discuss common issues.
                                Mike’s untitled image, examining the effects
                                of Alzheimer’s disease on personality and      • Julia Whiting (NEBOSH) Solitaire Williams (NEBOSH)
                                self-awareness, took one of two runner-up       Dr Stephen Vickers (CEO – NEBOSH)
                                awards in the contest’s over-18 section.        Hazel Harvey (IOSH) Brian Stones (NEBOSH)
                                                                                Chris Minta (Bolton/NEBOSH)
                                The question posed to those entering the
                                second Wellcome Trust/BBC Imagine
                                photography competition was How is science
                                changing us? The show now goes on a
                                nationwide tour ending in Belfast in
• Artist: Mike Wheall
                        Mike and his fellow winners’ images can be seen at
                        the Wellcome website at

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

International                                                                             The University of Bolton has launched its
                                                                                          first International Fellowship, focussed on
                                                                                          gaining scientific expertise from newly
                                                                                          industrialised countries.

Update                                                                                    The fellowship is the initiative of Professor
                                                                                          Elias Siores, Head of the Centre for
                                                                                          Materials Research and Innovation
                                                                                          and with support from Dr Subbiyan
                                                                                          Rajendran. A Memorandum of
                                                                                          Understanding has recently been signed
                                                                                          between The University of Bolton and the
    Professor Alan Kitson,                                                                Indian Institute of Technology (IT), Delhi,
    Director of International                                                             India, ranked among the world’s top 50
    Relations, gives his                                                                  universities by the Times Education
    international update
                                                                                          The International Fellowship supports one
    following university visits                                                           PhD student at IT to carry out research
    to partner institutions in                                                            over three years in the area of Healthcare
    the Far East                                                                          and Medical Textiles under the joint
                                                                                          supervision of Dr Subbiyan Rajendran,
                                                                                          Centre of Materials Research and
                                                                                          Innovation of The University of Bolton and
Review of Taught Overseas                    the first Awards Ceremony under the
                                                                                          Dr Mangala Joshi, Department of Textile
Programmes                                   aegis of the University title.The Vice
                                                                                          Technology of Indian Institute of
A panel to review the delivery of            Chancellor congratulated all the students,
undergraduate degrees in Business Studies,   including MBA graduates from Zhaoqing
                                             who had travelled to Hong Kong for the       The research student will be working to
Accountancy and Computing visited Kuala
                                             ceremony.The Director of British Council     research and develop MRSA-resistant
Lumpur and Hong Kong in early March
                                             in Hong Kong, Ruth Gee, was Guest of         antimicrobial textiles using biodegradable
2005.The Panel will produce a report in
                                             Honour and Dr Augustine Chow was             and environmentally friendly natural
due course.They had an extra unplanned
                                             awarded an Honorary Fellowship.              products such as chitosan (obtained from
day in Hong Kong due to the fact that
                                             Amongst the guests were representatives      shrimp shells) and aloe vera extract, for
their return flight to Amsterdam was
                                             from our partner organisations in China as   use in hospitals. Current antimicrobial
delayed owing to adverse weather
                                             well as local Hong Kong representatives.     textiles are only effective against a small
conditions. However, when they arrived in
                                                                                          number of bacteria and no textile available
Amsterdam they were invited to use the
                                                                                          now provides a complete shield against
camp beds and blankets prepared by the
                                                                                          MRSA. MRSA is highly contagious and can
airport until their connecting flight to
Manchester was available. So, a special       Euro study                                  be transmitted through contact with
                                                                                          infected textiles, such as hospital
hardship award should go to Sarah Riches,
Margaret Jones and Angela Nuttall who,        opportunity                                 pillowcases, as well as skin.
along with Dr Robert Griffith Jones from                                                  Launching the scheme, Professor Siores
Brighton University, formed the panel.        Did you know that grants are available      said: ‘This scheme is unique and is a step
                                              for students to visit a European            forward for Bolton’s intention to exchange
Presentation in Zhaoqing                      country? As part of your degree you         scientific knowledge with developing
Professor Alan Kitson made a presentation     can gain credits studying at a              countries.’ He believes that the research
to over 300 students and staff at Zhaoqing    University in one of six different          programme further strengthens the
University on 7 March outlining the           countries.The courses, in a range of        relationship in science and technology
exchange programme which we have with         subjects, are delivered in English.You      between the UK and India.
the University. ZQU is hoping to send         can also receive free foreign language      Professor V.K.Kothari, Head of the
more students next year to Bolton.            tuition. To find out more contact           Department of Textile Technology, IT, said: ‘I
                                              Diane McCue, Socrates Erasmus               hope this unique and first collaborative
Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong                  Administrator on 01204 903368 or e-         programme between the two institutes
An Awards Ceremony was held in Hong           mail                      will be fruitful and promote mutual
Kong on Friday 18 March 2005.This was                                                     interaction.’

                                                                                                 THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

                                                                                                 Judging the best e-portfolios and T-shirt
                                                                                                 designs was a difficult task for the judges,
                                                                                                 given the vast display of creativity.
                                                                                                 However, in the end four lucky girls were
                                                                                                 awarded an MP3 player each for their
                                                                                                 outstanding work.
                                                                                                 Following the award ceremony a careers
                                                                                                 clinic was arranged, with Jackie Hogan
                                                                                                 from The University of Bolton Careers
                                                                                                 Service and our special guest Michelle
                                                                                                 Adamson,TV and Radio presenter for BBC
                                                                                                 GMR. Michelle captivated the students
                                                                                                 with exciting details of her work in
                                                                                                 journalism, highlighting the relevance and

IT gender gap                                                                                    broad use of ICT skills in media
                                                                                                 The ICT in Style was a huge success, not

research                                                                                         only broadening student perceptions of
                                                                                                 ICT but also instilling a positive attitude
                                                                                                 towards ICT in them. It also provided a
                                                                                                 useful forum for ICT staff from the
                                                                                                 participating schools to engage in and
Women are not embracing computing careers fast enough –
                                                                                                 discuss more innovative ways of promoting
The University of Bolton is investigating why. Women Into Computing                              ICT for girls.
Technology (WICT) Project Manager, Komal Adris outlines the
                                                                                                 Following on from the event the schools’
research and findings so far.
                                                                                                 teachers and The University of Bolton staff
                                                 computing technology in terms of its            will continue to work closely together in

   n 2004 The University of Bolton
   initiated a project to investigate barriers   immediate and future value to them.             designing a range of female-friendly
   leading to gender imbalance in the                                                            software packages which are to be piloted
                                                 These student perceptions informed initial
Information Technology sector.                                                                   in the final summer term of 2005. Findings
                                                 ideas as to how and where the ICT
                                                                                                 from this project have also highlighted
Poor participation rates of female learners      curriculum in schools may be dissuading
                                                                                                 certain areas of teaching in computer-
within further and higher education in IT        girls from ICT in higher education.
                                                                                                 based subjects that may require
subjects has resulted in a significant under     In early April, the University hosted a
                                                                                                 improvements or changes to make them
representation of women in the computer          three-day IT event for over 70 Year-10 girls,
                                                                                                 more appealing to all pupils.
technology industry sectors. With only 40        from schools across Bolton and the
per cent of Computer Studies entrants            Greater Manchester area.The ICT in Style
being girls, the situation is worse within       event was held at the newly-built Design
further education, where, for example, only      Studio, from 5-7 April.                         Skills boost for
22 per cent of Computer Studies A-level
candidates are female.
                                                 The aim of the event was to demonstrate         tourism
                                                 how ICT could be employed in more
Consequently the IT sector remains a very        creative and varied ways - aside from           Students on the Tourism Management and
male dominated arena, where only 20 per          spreadsheets and mail merge!                    International Tourism Management degree
cent of the IT workforce is female.                                                              programmes had the opportunity to
                                                 Combining the skills of the university’s IT
As a result of this problem, insufficient                                                        participate in a one-day training
                                                 staff (Diane Lee and Poppy Pickard) and
women are pursuing employment in areas                                                           programme aimed at improving their
                                                 Textile department staff (Mike Lomas,
such as software development, including                                                          service skills when meeting and greeting
                                                 Barbara Waters, Stella Peel and Ian
the high-growth computer games sector,                                                           international tourists.The Welcome
                                                 Thompson) the pupils were able to use
computer networks and multimedia                                                                 International course is provided by the
                                                 software packages such as Photoshop,
applications.                                                                                    Regional Tourists Boards of England and
                                                 Dreamweaver and flash animation to design
                                                                                                 aims to provide basic language skills in two
To research and identify possible barriers       their own fabric prints,T-shirts and
                                                                                                 foreign languages (we chose French and
to female inclusion in IT subjects and           accompanying websites.
                                                                                                 Japanese) as well as improve understanding
careers,The University of Bolton initiated       Additional support was provided by a            of overseas cultures. Lisa Cove,Tourism
the WICT project.The project is fully            wonderful team of student helpers: Louise       Programme Managers also participated in
supported by John Gilmour from the               Halton, Rabia Khan, Rachel Lee and              the course. She said: ‘As well as having fun,
Bolton ICT Centre.                               Gemma Lynch.                                    the programme allowed us to improve our
As part of the project the University            Two days of designing culminated in the         awareness of other languages and cultures,
linked up with local schools and conducted       creation of an individual e-portfolio of all    and on top of that we gained an
sample interviews of a cross-section of          their work and a more visual display of the     internationally recognised qualification!’
pupils - to elicit their perceptions of          girls’ finished products in a fashion show.

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

                               in the
                                     taff and students from                    And she said there would be ‘no
                                     The University of Bolton were             mission drift’ as the result of attaining
                                     joined by a host of honoured guests       University Title. ‘Our strong local roots
                               for a commemorative inauguration event          and our contribution to regional
                               that marked a momentous day in the              development played a powerful part in
                               institution’s 140-year history.                 our case for becoming a university and
                               The ceremony began at the town’s Albert         we intend to deepen and extend our
                               Halls with a procession of governors,           network of partnerships within Bolton
                               academic staff and honorary fellowship          and the North West,’ said the Vice
                               recipients who were heralded by a fanfare       Chancellor.
                               as they entered the leading civic building.     ‘Providing locally based higher education
                               Vice Chancellor, Mollie Temple, welcomed        opportunities will continue to be at the
                               guests to the ceremony on a day which           core of our teaching activities,’ she
                               was to celebrate ‘our new status as a           added before announcing that becoming
                               university and the recognition by               a university was an opportunity and a
                               Government and the Privy Council of our         challenge. ‘We have therefore set the
                               strengths as a higher education institution’.   goal of being in the top 50 per cent of
                                                                               UK universities within 10 to 15 years,’
                               She told guests that University Title would
                                                                               she said.
                               not change ‘our role or our mission, which
                               remain rooted in serving Bolton and the
                               North West’. But, she said, the title did
                               have important symbolic significance.
                                                                                      he University of Bolton came into
                               ‘It sends a clear message about the
                               breadth and importance of our work, and
                               about our standards and aspirations. It
                               sends the signal that we are more than
                                                                               T      being in January when the Privy
                                                                                      Council gave approval for its title
                                                                               choice. Bolton Institute of Higher
                                                                               Education had become Britain’s newest
                               just the sum of our parts – that, as well as    university the previous April when the
                               being concerned with the business of            Privy Council approved University Title for
                               teaching and learning, we are an academic       the higher education institution. Between
                               community engaged in the pursuit of             those two dates an extensive consultation
                               knowledge, striving for excellence in           process had taken place with the
                               everything that we do, and committed to         university’s partners and stakeholders over
                               high standards and strong ethical values.       what that title should be.
                               ‘The University Title also sends an             Bolton Institute of Higher Education came
                                                                               into being in 1982, but its origins can be
                               important signal about our status. It will
                                                                               traced back over a century and a half to
                               change people’s expectations of us and lift
                                                                               the early nineteenth century when the
                               us in their understanding and esteem.’          town of Bolton became involved in a
                               Being a university town will also be a          continuous programme of vocational and
                               boost for Bolton, she said, enhancing what      educational training.
                               the town can offer incoming businesses          The thirst for knowledge in the individual
                               and individuals in terms of education,
                               training, research and knowledge transfer.

                                                                                                    THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Title day                                           to the success of this fine town and to the
                                                    development of its strong and cohesive

honours for                                         community spirit.
                                                    ‘The other reason why the Honorary
the people of                                       Fellowship seems to me to be so fitting, is
                                                    that it cements in a symbolic and powerful
Bolton                                              way the warm relationship – what the Vice
                                                    Chancellor has called the ‘’fellowship’’ –
To publicly seal the fellowship between the         which has always existed and which I
University and the people of Bolton, an             know will continue to exist, between the
Honorary Fellowship was bestowed on                 university and the wider community of
the Office of the Mayor.                            Bolton which it serves. On a more
The award celebrated the diverse,                   personal note, I should like to say how
cohesive and great-hearted nature of the            delighted I am to be receiving the
community which makes up Bolton today.              Fellowship on behalf of Bolton. I am sure       • Above: Mayor Cllr Howarth
It was designed to acknowledge the                  that the university will go from strength to    • Below: Congratulations, VC Mollie Temple and Deputy
support that Bolton has given the                   strength and that Bolton will be quick to         Chair of Governors, Dr Brian Tomkins (far left) with
university since it began as the Mechanics          capitalise on its new status as a university      honorary fellow recipients (from back, left) John
Institute in 1824 and throughout all its            town.’                                            Blackmore, David Singleton, Jerry Glover, Allan
efforts to secure the university title.                                                               Duckworth and the Mayor.

Said our inauguration event orator,
Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Peter Marsh: ‘The
Honorary Fellowship we are bestowing
today is on the Office of the Mayor of
Bolton – not on the Mayor personally, or
on the borough council, but on the public
office held by successive mayors.
‘What better way to do this than to
bestow an Honorary Fellowship which is
received on behalf of the whole town by
its first citizen, by the official representative
of the wider community in all its ethnic,
cultural and religious diversity?’
Receiving the Honorary Fellowship, to be
held in perpetuity by the Office of the
Mayor of Bolton, Mayor Cllr Prentice
Howarth said: ‘This Fellowship salutes
everyone in Bolton for their contribution

Heritage of a university
and the need for knowledge in society               built in 1868.This was opened by the           became independent in 1950 and moved
were recognised in the early 1800s by Dr            great novelist Anthony Trollope.               to the Chadwick Street site in 1959 with
Birkbeck who created educational                    Then a new generation of social scientists     its academic status approved by the
opportunities for working people in                 and artists came to study life in Bolton in    University of Manchester.The Technical
Glasgow, the London Mechanics Institute             the 1930s as part of the Mass                  College also started Bolton Institute of
in 1823 and inspired the Bolton Mechanics           Observation movement.The Post War              Technology _ again within the same site _
Institute in 1824 - the third in the country.       period saw a massive expansion in further      in 1963. BIT moved to the Deane Road
There was something special about an                and higher education in Bolton.                site in 1967 and 1968.
organisation designed for working people                                                           The Art College merged again, first with
                                                    As well as the College of Art and the
that drew together the needs of the                                                                the Technical College and then with BIT. In
                                                    Technical College the Ministry of
textile economy - through learning                                                                 1982 BIT and the College of Education
                                                    Education in 1946 approved the
drawing, weaving, pattern design and the                                                           (Technical) merged to form Bolton
                                                    foundation of Bolton Training College for
various branches of the sciences. Art                                                              Institute.The Institute was incorporated in
                                                    teachers of technical and commercial
classes were offered in 1825, a School of                                                          1989 and received its own taught degree
                                                    subjects. At first, the Training College
Art established in 1857 and a new                                                                  awarding powers in 1990 and research
                                                    shared the Technical College site but it
Crompton Literary and Scientific Institute                                                         degree awarding powers in 1994.

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Octagon takes
honours for the
   n the core of Bolton’s arts community lies The Octagon
   Theatre where, in a history that spans less than 40 years,
   its revolutionary architecture has come to be at the
heart of cultural life in the town.

John Blackmore, Executive Director of The
Octagon Theatre, accepted the Honorary
Fellowship presented to the town’s arts

More than 100,000 people a year visit the
Octagon to see productions which regularly
achieve regional and national acclaim.

But the theatre is about much more: part of
its mission is ‘to enrich the lives of Bolton’s
communities and help them achieve their
creative potential’. It does so through
Activ8, its pioneering programme of
community activities and workshops which
use drama to release creativity, address
issues and open up a wide range of transferable
skills, from team-working to self-expression.

Working in partnership with other organisations such as
Age Concern, Bolton Social Services, Asian Elders, the Bolton
Youth Service and the Lads and Girls Club, Activ8 uses theatre
and drama to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.

Said John Blackmore: ‘In their different ways, a university and a theatre are
both places of education, discussion, dissent and debate.They are communities which, and I
make no apology for the grandiose sound of this, are seeking after the truth.

‘The theatre uses drama metaphors, symbols and ridicule. A university uses rational enquiry,
research and formal learning.

‘With this role comes a responsibility.That responsibility is, quite simply, always to try to tell
the truth – to follow Shakespeare’s injunction to ‘’show the times their true form and
                                                                                                     • John Blackmore speaks at the inauguration ceremony
                                                                                                       and, above, receives congratulations from the university’s VC

                                                                                              THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

in a super league
of their own
Reebok is a global company rooted in          founded, its design studios are back in         of Reebok’s Europe, Middle East and Africa
Bolton where it started in the 1890s, on      Bolton and the company is in the process        headquarters is not driven by
the very same site where the university       of moving its European, Middle East and         sentimentality but by sound business
now stands.                                   African headquarters to the town.               rationale, given the growing strategic
David Singleton, Senior Vice President for    Said Orator, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Peter      importance of the North West of England
Reebok in Europe, the Middle East and         Marsh: ‘Reebok is an outstanding example        and Bolton itself.
Africa, was presented with the Honorary       of Bolton’s entrepreneurial spirit and its      ‘The abundance of higher education
Fellowship on behalf of Bolton’s business     talent for innovation. From day one, the        opportunity and resource in the region is
community.                                    key to Reebok’s success has been its            now further enhanced by the richly
                                              creativity, its ability to solve problems and   deserved conferment of university status
Joseph William Foster was the
                                              to innovate – be it in the design of its        on the Bolton Institute of Higher
embodiment of ‘if a job’s worth doing, it’s
                                              products or its business strategy. Its keen     Education. In particular, the applied and
worth doing yourself.’ Unable to find
                                              business sense is absolutely characteristic     practice-based nature of its curricula was,
running shoes that could lift his
                                              of Bolton.                                      is and will become increasingly important
performance he made his own in 1895
and by the 1900s Foster and Sons made         ‘The university shares in, celebrates and       to the local and wider business community.
running shoes for customers across the        seeks to foster in its staff and students the   ‘Reebok will certainly be seeking out
country, a client list that included top      values of innovation and enterprise which       opportunities in partnership with the
runners and Olympic champions.                are demonstrated so clearly in Reebok’s         university and I call on the local business
                                              success and in Bolton’s thriving business       community to actively participate in what
In 1958 the company became Reebok,
                                              community.’                                     will be the bright and mutually beneficial
named after an African antelope, and
today, more than 100 years since it was       Said David Singleton: ‘The return to Bolton     future for the university and for the town.’

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

First award
of season for                                                                                 • Pictured top, Director for Enterprise, Mark Allanson
                                                                                                delivers the Fellowship pitch-side to Wanderers’
                                                                                                Manager, Sam Allardyce

Probably Bolton’s best known brand,            Bolton Wanderers to create a multi-
                                                                                              • Pictured above, Wanderers’ Chief Executive, Allan
                                                                                                Duckworth accepts the award on behalf of Bolton’s
                                                                                                sports communities

                                                                                              Wanderers, Allan Duckworth.
Bolton Wanderers was founded in 1877           national squad and to recruit top-quality      Said Allan Duckworth: ‘The university’s
and has a long and distinguished history as    players. All of this has required innovation   entry into the premier league of the
one of the world’s oldest football clubs. It   and inspired leadership, across the business   education world is a new accolade that
was one of the 12 founding members of          as well as the football front.The result is    will further strengthen the Bolton brand at
the football league and in 1923 was the        that Bolton is leading the way at a time       home and internationally. It is a great
first team to win the FA cup at Wembley.       when football is becoming a huge industry.     achievement and one of which the whole
The club boasts a litany of world-class        ‘Striving for excellence, yet being able to    of Bolton can be proud.
players – from Nat Lofthouse in the Fifties    work co-operatively as part of a team to       ‘Our inspirational dream as an organisation
to Jay Jay Okocha today. With its bold         achieve shared goals, are attributes the       is ‘’to win hearts and minds by creating
decision to build the spectacular and iconic   university values highly and which we seek     moments of magic that inspire everyone’’.
Reebok Stadium, Bolton Wanderers was           to develop in our students. Aspiring to be     The creation of Bolton’s own university is
among the first football clubs in the          a team player also lies at the heart of the    such a moment. We look forward to
country to transform its grounds and           university’s own relationships within Bolton   working alongside you and beating the
facilities.                                    and the wider region.’                         drum for Bolton both at home and
Said Orator, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Peter     Representing the sports communities of         abroad’.
Marsh: ‘These successes have allowed           Bolton was Chief Executive of Bolton

                                                                                                    THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Bolton’s youth

                                                                                                     • Sir Alan Wilson, Director General for Higher
                                                                                                       Education, Department for Education and Skills

• Pictured top, VC Mollie Temple with Jerry Glover

                                                                                                     • Pro Vice Chancellor Peter Marsh with, now retired,
                                                     ‘It also shares with the university values

      ince it was founded in 1889, the                                                                 the former head of Health and Social Studies, Dr
      Bolton Lads and Girls Club has been            which develop autonomy, self-confidence           Tom Phillips

      a key part of the town’s social                and self-respect and which allow young
history and its social fabric.                       people to fulfil their potential.’
It has been working with and inspiring               Accepting the Honorary Fellowship award
young people for more than 100 years                 on behalf of Bolton’s youth, Lads and Girls
and is one of Bolton’s most respected                Club Chief Executive, Jerry Glover said: ‘As
institutions.                                        an Honorary Fellow of the old Bolton
Recognised as one of the most vibrant and            Institute, I am very proud to be part of
successful youth clubs in the country, it is         this wonderful occasion and it is great that
based in one of the most deprived                    at long last we have got our upgrade, long
                                                                                                     • Prof Ken Hahlo shares a joke with Prof James
electoral wards where it helps young                 overdue and richly deserved.                      Calderwood
people develop self-esteem through                   ‘The fact that our main academic
activities that focus their energies and             institution is now a university is important
aspirations.                                         to us all. It is another source of pride for
One young person to find his way through             the town and another indication that
the club has been Amir Kahn. Bolton’s                Bolton is going forward.That feeling is like
2004 Olympic silver medallist started his            gold dust. It is vital that we see and feel
boxing career at the club when he was                progress. From that comes the confidence
just eight years old.                                which allows us all to set higher goals and
                                                     then to go on and achieve them.’
The club runs sports and arts facilities
catering for thousands of youngsters every
                                                                                                     • Director of Personnel Bruce Cain
week. In 2002 the club moved to new,
purpose-built premises funded by the
Lottery and by almost a million pounds
donated by Bolton companies, charities
and individuals.
Ceremony Orator, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr
Peter Marsh, said: ‘The Bolton Lads and
Girls Club invests in the future by working
with and believing in the young people of
our town. In a mission which it shares with
the university, it creates opportunities for
people of all backgrounds and helps them                                                             • VC Mollie Temple with former Bolton Institute Principal
                                                     • ‘Proud’ Jerry Glover                          Prof Bob Oxtoby and MP Dr Brian Iddon
find direction and a sense of purpose.

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

                                            orms, monsters and rally           Building a Usability Centre which met
testing centre
Game on for unique                          driving – it is all part of the
                                            virtual world that is put
                               through its paces in the Usability Research
                                                                               industry’s needs did meet with initial
                                                                               teething problems.
                                                                               Said Andrew: ‘Our first clients were
                               Testing Centre, the first of its kind within    Onteca, a games and new media company
                               North West universities.                        in Liverpool.Their visit immediately raised
                               Launched less than a year ago, the centre       problems because their game runs on a
                               based within the Department of                  hand-held device, whereas our setup is
                               Computing and Electronic Technology             more suited to a traditional games
                               (CET) has been designed to support              console.
                               usability analysis for a wide range of          ‘But now we have been able to refine our
                               multimedia products – from websites to          setup for handheld devices when we
                               video games.                                    worked with Portfolio Design of Bolton on
                               Originally conceived as a way of improving      a usability evaluation of a WAP site.
                               contacts with the new media sector and          Indeed, we have worked very closely with
                               ensuring provision for the Computer             Derek Vinard Baker of Portfolio Design
                               Games and Multimedia undergraduate              over the last eight months making the link
                               programme remained topical, the centre          with this very successful local company
                               has immediately proved popular. Andrew          during the University’s Digital Futures 04
                               Williams, Senior Lecturer, said: ’We are        event which the CET Department hosted
                               very grateful to Paul Hollins of the Centre     in September. We have conducted
                               for Technology Interoperability Standards       evaluations of the Manchester Connexions
                               (CETIS) for making available his many           and Monster Mob websites in cooperation
                               contacts in the gaming industry.’               with Portfolio Design.’
                               Based around a multi-purpose                    Through its contacts with the International
                               office/lounge environment, there is a           Centre for Digital Content, for whom the
                               control room and viewing area from              Department evaluated a National
                               outside where the website or game tester        Endowment for Science Technology and
                               can be closely monitored.The usability          the Arts (NESTA) Futurelab-funded game
                               testing team is looking for a true picture of   called AstroVersity, the team has made
                               how easy or frustrating the experience is       contact with several small, medium
                               for a website user or game player and the       enterprises (SMEs) in the Liverpool area,
                               remote view means anyone being put              notably Splinter Design Communications
                               through their paces soon forgets they are       (SDC), which has been extremely
                               being watched.                                  successful in developing CD-ROM and
                               Inside the centre, a dedicated PC with a        DVD resources for schools.
                               specialised data capture interface receives     ‘We evaluated SDC’s very impressive
                               feeds from video cameras, games consoles,       Echoes of Ireland CD-ROM and provided
                               PCs and many other types of device.             advice on integrating usability evaluation
                               These feeds are stored during the session,      earlier in developments, with a view of
                               then mixed later to produce a DVD               forming a partnership on future projects.
                               ‘show-reel’ which can be used to                SDC believes that incorporating a planned
                               demonstrate various aspects of the              usability evaluation in its competitive
                               usability evaluation. CET staff also prepare    tenders will give it an advantage when
                               a report on the session, which details the      bidding for similar projects,’ said Andrew.
                               purpose of the evaluation, the                  In February game designers Team 17
                               methodology used and the key findings.          visited the centre from their base in Osset
                               When it is not being used for usability         to test the latest incarnation of the Worms
                               tests, the centre is a teaching lab and         series, Worms 4: Mayhem.
                               multimedia studio, which is heavily             ‘We made our link with Team 17 through
                               timetabled for the multimedia and website       Phil Carlisle, who moved from that
                               development programme and for other             company to work as a lecturer in CET.Two
                               CET courses.                                    games designers and one games artist

                                                                                                 THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

visited us and 16 students studying on the
Computer Games Software Development
programme served as very willing subjects
in a variety of tests,’ said Andrew.
John Dennis,Team 17’s Design Manager
said: ‘The multiplayer and PC control tests

Originally conceived as a way of improving
contacts with the new media sector and ensuring
provision for the Computer Games and Multimedia
undergraduate programme remained topical,
the centre has immediately proved popular

were something we hadn’t done before            Championship series.
though, and both threw up a lot of things       ‘They will be bringing with them a full set
that quite surprised us... it never ceases to   of development kits and a wide variety of
surprise me, the things that players have       exotic control hardware.The team at
difficulty with when you test the game.’ The    Bolton, which includes Louise Blenkharn,
evaluation was judged a very significant        Phil Carlisle, Damien Markey and myself,
success for Team 17, and a very long list of    will have our hands full just integrating this
suggested improvements for the game             equipment with our facilities before we
emerged.                                        can even begin the evaluation.
Next to visit CET will be from Evolution        ‘We fully expect this to be a challenge, but
Studios, another games company, this time       we are hoping that this visit will be as
from Runcorn. Evo is best known for its         enjoyable as our time with Team 17 and
multiple award-winning World Rally              our many sessions with Portfolio Design.’

THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Life; it’s a                                   What’s on at the
risky                                          University
business                                       Date         Time      Place                       Event details

                                               16 May       7.30pm    Octagon Theatre             Poetry: Lucy English and Carrie Etter

    n a society bombarded with risk
    information how can professionals          18 May       3.30pm    Conference Room 1           Multicultural Studies Research Seminar
    effectively communicate information                               Eagle House                 Prof Iqbal Memon
about risks to the public? How should                                                             NHS Commissions Perspective on Health
people interpret risk information and act                                                         Improvement
to protect themselves?
As part of The University of Bolton’s year     26 May       4pm       Room 242, Naughton          Cultural and Creative Studies Research Seminar
of celebratory lectures, Professor John                               Building, Chadwick          Dorothy Nelson
Maule, Director of the Centre for Decision                            Campus                      Enticing the Reader into Captivity
Research at Leeds University Business
School was invited to speak on                 20 June      6.30pm    Chadwick Campus             The Degree Show
Communicating Risk to the Public and Other                                                        Private View
Stakeholders by the Department of
Psychology and Life Sciences.                  21-24 June 10am-4pm Chadwick Campus                The Degree Show
Issues such as the MMR vaccine, genetically                                                       Public exhibition
modified food, the rehabilitation of
offenders and the threat of terrorism          20-24 June             Design Studio               Architecture Week Celebration
illustrate the importance of these                                    Deane campus                The Design Studio Opening
questions across a wide spectrum of life                                                          Public exhibition
                                               23 June      4pm       Room 242, Naughton          Cultural and Creative Studies Research Seminar
The public associates health risks with the
                                                                      Building, Chadwick Campus   Martin Hall
MMR vaccine and GM foods but its
                                                                                                  The Utopian Spirit of ‘Performance
reaction to the very real risks associated
with smoking are less intense. Why is that?
                                               30 June-     9am-5pm   Eagle Mall Gallery          The Summer Show
Professor Maule took his audience through      8 July                 Deane Campus                A selection of art work by graduating students
the influencing factors which dominate
public perception of risk.These could          14 July      10.30am   Victoria Halls              Art and Design
include media reporting, an inability to                              Bolton                      Cultural and Creative Studies
process statistical information and personal                                                      Health and Social Studies
experience and prejudice which can                                                                Psychology and Life Sciences
dominate thinking to create a hostile
reception to scientific information.                        2pm       Victoria Halls              Education
He also examined why society has a                                    Bolton                      Health and Social Studies
greater fear of unknown risks, such as
nuclear power, but sees less risk associated   15 July      10.30am   Victoria Halls              Business Logistics and Information Systems
with those they feel they can control, such                           Bolton                      Business Studies
as smoking or alcohol.                                                                            Management
Truth is not enough, said Professor Maule,                                                        Sport, Leisure and Tourism management
communicating the message in a way that
promotes social trust is the only way                       2pm       Victoria Halls              Built Environment
forward.                                                              Bolton                      Computing and Electronic Technology
                                                                                                  Engineering and Safety
To gain social trust a message must be
                                                                                                  Product Design and Development
seen to be competent, objective, fair,
consistent and be acting in good faith.
Professor Maule also advocated                 For further details on any of these events, please contact
communicating the message in an open,          Deana Morris, Corporate Communications Officer at
two-way manner, involving all stakeholders     The University of Bolton.Tel 01204 903007 or email

                                                                                                           THE BOLT Summer 2005 Issue 2

Remembering and
celebrating Trevor Lofthouse
         round one hundred people
         enjoyed the chance to look at The
         University of Bolton’s
retrospective tribute to printmaker Trevor
Lofthouse which opened in Eagle Mall
Gallery on 10 March.Vice Chancellor
Mollie Temple was joined by former
Principal Professor Bob Oxtoby and his
wife, and by many of Trevor’s family, friends,
former colleagues and students at a
celebratory preview event.
Trevor’s daughter Victoria made the trip
over from the United States especially for
the opening event, and she, and her
mother Barbara, had the opportunity to
meet with many old friends. ‘We are ever
so pleased to see Trevor’s work in a gallery
again,’ said Barbara. ‘Isn’t it wonderful that
his work allows him to live on.’
The exhibition was curated by John               • Trevor Lofthouse’s daughter, Victoria and her mother,
                                                   Barbara, at the preview evening
Hannavy, Professor in Art and Design, who
was helped in the selection of prints from
the Lofthouse archive by Trevor’s former                                                                   workshop rooms. There is plenty of space
colleagues and longtime friends Beryl
Patten and Lonsdale Bonner.
                                                 Bolton: the                                               for our mock walls and furniture. My work
                                                                                                           is about the fading memories that twist in
After the exhibition closed on April 22, the
largest piece exhibited, Of Time, Tide and
                                                 Gallery                                                   the head, refusing to rise when bidden to
                                                                                                           be recollected, and never remaining as
Seasons, will be moved to a permanent                                                                      they are, always changing, shortening,
                                                 Bookshops, cafes, hotels, a grocers shop
display space in the newly refurbished                                                                     becoming full of holes. People augment
                                                 and a Chinese restaurant – they were all
Deane Suite, while selected other                                                                          their memories with photographs, images
                                                 snapped up as exhibition venues by The
examples of his work will be taken into                                                                    are used to display the presence of a
                                                 University of Bolton’s second year BA
the permanent collection of Bolton Art                                                                     family, whereas in times gone by, family
                                                 (Hons) Photography and Video degree
Gallery, along with the plates from which                                                                  played a more prevalent and immediate
                                                 students for a show spanning the entire
they were made.Trevor Lofthouse was an                                                                     role. I am also using a short video to
                                                 town during May.
important Bolton artist, as well as a                                                                      show how the family is stereotyped within
                                                 The five-day event celebrated the                         the media to make us think there is one
remarkable teacher, and it is fitting that his
                                                 creativity and hard work of 24 second-                    definitive set of family values.’
work will be preserved both in the
                                                 year students on the course. Dave Clark,
University and in the Art Gallery for future                                                               ‘Our family is called The Everetts, myself,
                                                 course tutor, remarked on the quality of
generations to enjoy.                                                                                      ‘’the father’’, and my ‘’sons and daughter’’,
                                                 work produced for this year’s festival:
                                                                                                           Alex Georghiou, Paulo Martinho and Julia
                                                 ‘There were some truly inventive ideas out                Hecht will be in The Phoenix using
                                                 there this year.The students were very                    photography, video, mixed media and

Student                                          excited about their work going on show,’
                                                 said Dave.
                                                                                                           performance. ‘
                                                                                                           Other exhibits include Hard Times, Asian
fundraiser                                       Family was the theme for student Olivia
                                                 Phillips who recreated her home-life in the
                                                                                                           women’s tales of family life which shared
                                                                                                           shelf space with the fruit and vegetables at
The University of Bolton Students’ Union         Phoenix performance arts workshops in                     Deane Road’s Bharti Spice for a one-day
annual three legged race raised £509 this        Bark Street, Bolton.                                      show.
year for the Mayor of Bolton’s charity.          Said Olivia: ‘As family is our theme, three
Officially started by Mayor, Cllr Prentice       friends and I will be creating our own
Howarth, all competitors wore fancy dress        family home within one of the theatre
for their dash across town.


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