NERC Studentship Acceptance Form

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NERC Studentship Acceptance Form
Please print, complete and return this form to the address listed.

Terms and Conditions

1.    A NERC studentship provides the selected the award-holder with the package of financial support specified in
      their official award offer letter.
2.    The official duration, start and end dates of an award-holder’s studentship are those stated on his/her award
      offer letter.
3.    The Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) terms and conditions for NERC studentships are detailed in
      its Studentship Handbook, which is published at: (Last
      accessed on 13/07/2009). By accepting the offer of a NERC studentship at Durham University, the award-holder
      agrees to NERC’s terms and conditions for studentships.
4.    A NERC studentship can be terminated at any time when an unsatisfactory progress report on the award-holder is
      received from an academic department or when the award-holder ceases to be a registered postgraduate
      student at Durham University.
5.    If a NERC studentship is terminated or suspended the award-holder must repay to Durham University any monies
      that have been overpaid to them. The University will calculate overpayments of maintenance grants using the
      daily grant rate paid to the award-holder over the duration of an academic year (365 days).
6.    The holding of a NERC studentship does not constitute or imply a contract of employment with either NERC or
      Durham University.

Acceptance of Award
I confirm that: Please tick the appropriate box

       I accept the offer of a NERC studentship at Durham University and agree to the terms and conditions of the

       I decline the offer of a NERC studentship at Durham University.

Your 9 Digit University Reference:
Quoted on your offer letter.

Name (Printed):

Signature:                                                                Date:

Bank Details
If you choose to accept your offer of an award and your award provides you with a maintenance grant, please provide
the details of the UK bank account that you wish for your maintenance to be paid in to.

Sort Code:                                           -               -
Account No:                                          -               -             -

If your bank details change at any time during your studentship please inform Student Financial Support immediately.

       I do not currently have a UK bank account and require the first instalment of my maintenance grant to be
       paid to me by cheque. Please tick if so.
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Please sign and return this form to:

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University Office                            Fax: 0191 33 46231
Durham University
Durham                                       Scanned copies of this form sent by email or fax are accepted.

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