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									                               Sacred Heart Primary School
                  29 Murphy Street Pearce ACT 2607          Parish Priest Father Laurie Blake   6286 1908
                  6286 2443      fax 6286 5123
No. 38                    Community Council Anna Washington     6161 8553
2 Decemberr    Email      Council Meeting Tuesday, 22 February 2011, 7pm
2010           Principal Brad Gaynor                        Email

              Dear Parents and Carers

              It has come to my attention that some parents are dropping their children off at school
              as early as 8.00am, in some cases earlier. Please be aware that no supervision is provided
              at the school until 8.30am. Dropping them off before this time leaves your children in a
              potentially very dangerous situation, where they are not being supervised. This is done
              entirely at your own risk.

E             Staff may be on site early for work purposes, or there may be no staff on site. Supervision
              of students is a carefully managed arrangement between the school and the staff. It is
              not fair to expect staff to supervise students before official work hours commence.

A             Your child’s best interests are paramount to us all. If I become aware of families regularly
              leaving their children at the school before supervision begins, I will ask you to attend an
              interview to discuss the matter. If you continue to do so, in some cases, I may consider
              reporting the matter to Care and Protection Services. Under mandatory reporting laws,

R             we are legally bound to report cases of neglect.

              Would you please ensure that you have arrangements in place for your children to be
              dropped off at the appropriate time, and not before.

T             WHOOPING COUGH
              We have had another reported case of Whooping Cough in the school. Whooping
              Cough starts with a runny nose and progresses to bouts of coughing that can last for
              many weeks. The infection is spread to others nearby by coughing. If your child has a

B             cough it is very important to keep them away from babies. If your child has symptoms of
              Whooping Cough, including a persistent cough, which may be especially bad at night,
              please see your doctor. Antibiotics given early in the illness can prevent spread to others.
              If your doctor diagnoses Whooping Cough, please let the school know and keep your

E             child at home until they have taken 5 days of antibiotics. More information for school
              communities is available at and go to the Whooping Cough link.


              The Community Council AGM was held last night and we welcomed new members and
              a new Executive. Thank you and congratulations to:
              Chairperson            Anna Washington
              Deputy Chairperson Gabry Borzatti

              Secretary              Justine Nagel
              Treasurer              TBA
              Council Members        Lauren Maguire, Karen Ottaviano, Cate Anderson, Helen Roden,
                                     Michelle Murphy, Andrew Wilson, Kimberely Ellis, Tony Weber,
                                     Natasha Parker, Jane Curry, Stephen Supple
              We are still in need of a Treasurer, so please see Michelle Murphy for details about the
              role and notify me if interested. Minutes from the meeting will be available on the School
              Website shortly.

              Dates to Remember                                Notes out This Week
              Please see Page 2                                Year 6 Fun Day
                                                               5/6B Christmas Lunch
                                                               2011 School Fees
                                                               Principal Performance
School Fees are now overdue and outstanding accounts need to be paid immediately so we can
finalise the school finances before the end of the term. Families who pay fees by Direct Debit will
need to lodge their form to modify payments for 2011 by Wednesday, 8 December 2010. Thank you.

The Community Council has approved the 2011 school budget and fees. A letter outlining the new
fees and payment details went home yesterday. Please see the school website for a copy if you did
not receive it.

•    Congratulations to Judy Egan, our wonderful Religious Education Coordinator, who was this
     week appointed as Assistant Principal to St Thomas the Apostle, Kambah from 2011. Judy will be
     sadly missed but it is a wonderful opportunity for her. The position of Religious Education
     Coordinator has been advertised.
•    Last week we interviewed for a music teacher and have appointed Evaline Tjhia to the position.
     Evaline has a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching. She is very excited to be joining our
     staff and you will have an opportunity to welcome her to our community next year.

A letter is being sent home today from the Director of the Catholic Education Office informing you
that I have undergone a successful performance review and have been offered another 5 year
contract as Principal of Sacred Heart. This may be received as good or bad news! However, while I
have the potential to be here another 5 years, in reality, most Principals will move schools before the
end of their second contract. I am certainly not going anywhere at the moment, so sorry, you are
stuck with me for the time being!

•   Music Assembly - Friday, December 3 at 12.30pm in Hall
•   Year 6 Graduation - Thursday, December 9 at 6.00pm in Church
•   Thank You Morning Tea - Friday, December 10 at 11am in Hall
•   Candle Ceremony - Tuesday, December 14 at 12.45pm in Church.
•   Year 6 Fun Day - Wednesday, December 15
•   New Class Afternoon - Wednesday, December 15 at 2.00pm
•   Kinder Nativity and Christmas Songs - Thursday, December 16 at 12.30pm in Church.
•   End of Year Mass - Friday, December 17 at 9.30am in Church.

•  Rohan, Anita and Clare Langford (KD) on the birth of baby ‘Bridget’ last week. We all got a
   laugh when Clare said, “Mum pushed it out last week!”
•  Fleur Evans, Grace Hampton and Eilis Small who scooped the pool at their recent Dance School

Please ensure if you are dropping your children off in front of the school that they get out of the car
on the left side. This is much safer than them having to negotiate cars on the right side.

•   For the Ross Family, Amelia (2G) whose baby Joseph is recovering from illness in hospital
•   For Tano, our Janitor, who is recovering from minor surgery.

Jose Del Rio (Grandfather of Jacob 1M) for cleaning out our drain to clear the ever increasing
puddle of water that was building up!

Congratulations to the following students who celebrated their birthday this week: Nishanka
Kapuruge, Joshua Colussi, Carla Brancella, Owen Turner, Nadia McNeill, Chloe Ottaviano, Charlton
Asher, Sarah Godwin, Sarah Crivici, Chirstos Dritsas, Joseph Mamalai.
 KC Annalisa Ciesiolka, Julia Cross, Helen Derix             KD Callie Robertson, Sophie Rogic, Caitlyn Skillicorn, Ronin
                                                             Lindenmayer, Levi Kiwi
 1M Sam Alexander, Charlie Cooper, Jessica                   1W Ruben Hinton, Eliza Fleming-Berry, Regan Armstrong,
 Tilse-Carpenter, Noah Bouquiaux                             Joshua Petrovic
 2F Mia Fitzgerald, Hayley Corby, Bianca Gomes               2G Shreya Bhatnagar, Abbey Osmond, Sam Misic

 3/4BR Aidan Giberti, Richard Caines, Marcus                 3/4BT Mikayla Murphy Anna Mihalyka, Aidan Moore,
 Nilsson, Amy Trotman                                        Danny Mesics, Ellen Patat-Tanevska
 3/4L Molly Henry, Violet Ollman, Thomas McLean,             3/4M Rebecca Zivkovic, Ethan Hamill, Tailee Vecchi
 Zoe Grimes
 5/6B Niarei Bandy, Klara Johansson Cranfield,               5/6BW Grace D'Amico, Grace Lustri, Rianna Masih
 Olivia Kambouris
 5/6DS Luke Nagel, Johny O'Gorman                            5/6E Shalini Collins, Caroline Doherty, Chelsea Slater

Brad Gaynor
                   RE NEWS
                   As I turned the calendar page over today the quote for December reads; “In Christ who is the
                   source of my strength I have strength for everything.”(Phil 4:13) How apt at this time of year
                   when teachers are writing reports, families are making all kinds of plans and the pre-Christmas
Lord of Creation

                   rush is almost upon us. We need to be reminded that we are loved deeply and that Jesus walks
                   with us in the ups and downs of our everyday lives.

                   The next big event for our Year 6 students will be the Graduation Mass and
                   ceremony next Thursday, 9 December at 6pm in the Sacred Heart Church.
                   Many thanks to the multitude of helpers who have offered their assistance for
                   the event. All members of our school and Parish community are very welcome
                   to attend this Mass.

                   We would like to support St. Vincent de Paul this year by asking families to donate items for
                   Christmas hampers. More information will follow regarding items for families to donate.

                   Thank you for your continued support, many blessings.
                   Judy Egan, Religious Education Coordinator
The Advent Season is here and as we are beginning to prepare for the celebration of
Christ’s birth, many other associated activities begin to take on a life of their own.
Christmas planning, budgeting and shopping are wonderful opportunities for children
to apply the mathematical skills they’ve learnt this year. It’s a parent challenge this
week! Think of some ways you could involve your child or children in the logistics and
financial aspects of this season. Narelle Macfarlane, Maths Coordinator
Week 9, Term 4 Roster
                Tuesday, 7th                           Wednesday, 8th           Thursday, 9th          Friday, 10th
10.00am-12.00pm Heather Ross                           Lynette Wilson           Sarah Stoove           Kathy Burless
                Giselle Rosin                          Kirrilly Morrison        Nadia Giorgi           Belinda Doherty
                                                                                                       Sam Hampton
12.00pm-2.00pm                 Frances Egan-Richards   Monika Van Ewyk          Michelle Murphy        Kathy Burless
                               Lesley Smith            HELP PLEASE              HELP PLEASE            Rebecca Kain

Tracey Kane, Manageress
The ACT Government has closed all sports grounds until Monday due to the current and expected
wet weather. As a result all Diamond Ball and Teeball games are cancelled.
Trish Isles, Sports Coordinator
The Junior Music Assembly this Friday, 3 December, at 12.30pm shall feature performances by
students in K-2, the School Choir and Rhythmic Heart. All members of the community are welcome
to attend this last music concert for the year. Please note that due to scheduling issues there will be
NO performance at Goodwin Homes this year. Rehearsals conclude for Choir and Rhythmic Heart
next week. Veronica Moore, Music Coordinator
News from the Library
2010 has been an interesting and different year
for our library. After 3 terms of uncertainty we
are thrilled to be in our wonderful new learning
space. It has been lovely to show it off to
parents, friends and visitors who have popped
into see it. We are enjoying discovering the
learning opportunities this lovely space
provides. However as it is almost the end of the
year it is time to call in all our library resources
and check everything back in for the year. As
many of our books were in classrooms for much
of the year our borrowing records may not be
accurate. Could I ask that families do a check
for books that may have come home earlier in
the year - we do seem to have a lot of books
that are unaccounted for, either on a student’s record but not borrowed by that student or showing
that they are in the library but unable to be found. I will send home reminders to help in the search.
Thank you to everyone who helped with our move in particular Rachael Dawes and Kirrily Morrison
who spent countless hours checking, sorting and shelving books and generally being indispensible.
We are planning a book fair early next year so if you haven’t had a chance to call in yet we hope
to see you in the new year. Many thanks. Pam Bryce, Sarah McGoram and Marg Foody

Year 6 Graduation RSVP’s and money are due tomorrow, Friday, 3 December.

Ancillary/support staff Christmas gifts or small monetary donations need to be left at the Front Office
by Tuesday, 7 December. Thank you to those who have donated already.

If your child is missing something please check the lost property. Lost property will be sorted in Week
10. Any unnamed items will be donated to the Clothing Pool. Please also check that your child/ren
have not mistakenly taken another child’s clothing home.

The Clothing Pool will be open this Friday, December 3 from 2.45 to 3.30pm. New and quality
second hand school clothing available. This week’s helpers are: Angela O’Rourke, Rebekah
Tyhouse and Lauren Maguire. Next Friday, 10 December the helpers are: Kelli Turner, Kathy Burless
and Lauren Maguire. Clothing orders can be left at the Front Office, with payment in full by cash,
cheque, or credit card ($2.00 transaction fee applies) and it will be delivered to your child’s class on
Friday. Hats are always available at the Front Office. Thanks to all the helpers, your work is very
much appreciated. Any queries please contact me on 6161 7174.
Lauren Maguire, Clothing Pool Coordinator

The Music Learning Centre will continue to provide private music tuition here at Sacred Heart next
year. If you are interested please contact them on 62854595.

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