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					Ewuaso oo’Nkidongi Parish Newsletter n. 17                                                                    May 2008
                 Ewuaso Kedong, Kibiko, Kimuka, Saikeri, Najile, Empaash, Enkorika Mass Centres
                                                                                                     can be seen how the project
Dear Friends                                                                                         was   as  of  last Sunday.
Greetings from Ewuaso Kedong. Since
I wrote to you last it looks like the                  Saikeri
rainy season has come and gone. It                     The work of building a small
began well in March with some very                     church goes ahead in Saikeri
heavy rain for a couple of days, so                    though it is a bit behind
much that the Ewuaso Kedong river,                     schedule. The reason for this is
                                                       that we have encountered big
which is normally a dry river bed, was
                                                       problems with water.
a swollen torrent impassable to man,                   In Saikeri there is a community
beast or car. I was marooned in                        water project which used to
Ewuaso until it subsided after 24                      operate with a windmill to pump
hours. Everything turned green                         the water but this broke down
immediately but that was it apart                      some years ago and since then                 This Church is being built with
from a few light showers!!                             the water is pumped out of the                financial help from the Vatican
                                                       ground by diesel generator.                   and also from the parish of St.
                                                       The water project is right next               Vincent de Paul Marino and St.
                                                       door to us, only 200 yards away.              Thomas Moor Parish in New
                                                       I never took any interest in it as I          Zealand.
                                                       was just passing and had no                   Once completed we hope to
                                                       need for water. When we                       hold a fundraiser in the parish
                                                       started building we applied for               so as to be able to buy an altar,
                                                       and were granted a water                      benches and other furniture and
                                                       connection to the mission plot.               then we plan for an official
                                                       However we have been unable                   opening later in the year.
In this picture you can see the view from my door of   to get water and have had to pay
the flood outside the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.        women to bring buckets of it to
Near the wall in front what appears to be snow is in   the mission for the building and              Ewuaso Primary School
fact hail stones.
                                                       also had to travel to a borehole
Since then we have had nothing but                     about 6 kilometres away to get
searing sun and scorching heat and                     water.
everything is dry and very dusty again.                It turns out that the community
We are ever hopeful and keep praying                   water project is on its last legs.
for rain and even though it is the                     Through years of the greed of a
middle of May we hope some more                        few people which has had the
rain will come.                                        result of bad management
Since I last wrote we have had the                     and little or no maintenance, the
celebration of Holy Week and Easter                    machines they have are almost
which went very well this year and as I                dead and are only able to pump
was helped by two other priests, every                 the water out of the ground to a              This school is our immediate
                                                       holding      tank   beside      the           neighbour here in Ewuaso Kedong.
mass centre had mass celebrated on
                                                       borehole. They do not have
Easter Sunday. It was truly a blessing                                                               Since beginning the Kindergarten
                                                       power enough to pump it
for the people. During the Easter                      anywhere else and so the local
                                                                                                     School here in the mission compound
Sunday celebrations more than 50                       hospital, school and towns                    many parents have been asking us to
people, adults and children, were                      people must come and collect                  start a primary school. While this
baptised.                                              their water from the tank beside              would seem like a good idea I have
Politically Kenya has settled down but                 the borehole.                                 felt that there is no use in duplicating
serious attempts have to be made to                    We began our building there in                what is already present in the area
resolve and reconcile different                        January       but   have      been            and that it would be better to assist
communities / tribes in order to avoid                 frustrated by the problems of                 the Government run primary school
the same outburst of violence ever                     water shortage. I have given                  and the people involved to uplift their
happening again.                                       money to them for repairing the               school.
                                                       generator but still the problem               I wrote before in Newsletters numbers
                                                       persists.                                     13 and 15 about this. And now I can
                                                       However despite all this the
                                                                                                     report that work has begun. Already
                                                       building continues and above
Yesu, Empiris E Nkai Parish                                                                            Priest-in-charge Fr. John Fortune I.C.
P.O. Box 522 Ngong Hills 00208 Kenya                                 Tel: +254 733 641544 & +254 720 911317 Email:
the school buildings and playing field     we invested in two bee hives and                 As the northern hemisphere moves
has been encircled with a chain link       he bravely went up into the ceiling              into summer I wish you all a
fence.                                     area at night and took out the                   enjoyable time. I won’t be
The Headmaster is a very dedicated         queen. Both hives now have been                  travelling this year but hope to see
man and in discussions with him their      inside. We are hoping that we will               you all in 2009.
priorities were worked out. First in the   have nice pure honey before long.                Keep praying for Ewuaso Kedong
list was a fence to keep animals out
of the school compound and the                                                              and me.
children in during school time.            Other News                                       God bless you all.
The next phase of the project is to        For those of you who have the Internet           John
build an office for the headmaster         you can now visit our Parish Website.
and a room for the staff, which the        The address is:
headmaster has proudly called an  Let me know
administration block. At present all of    what you think. I take no credit for
the staff are in a small windowless        setting this up, all credit goes to Mr.          As always:
room of a building made from mud.          Frank Walsh who did all the work.
                                           Thanks Frank and keep up the good                Donations are always
More news on this as it proceeds.
                                           work. I hope the next time I am in               needed and appreciated
                                           Ireland we can finally meet and I can            for the work in the parish
Lyons Tea Bonanza                          learn how to update the site myself.
Thanks once again to the children
                                                                                            and can be sent to:
of Ballyboy Primary School in              2009 Projects
Offaly, Ireland who this time              Already we have begun looking towards            Fr. Patrick Pierce I.C.
collected coupons from Lyons Tea           2009 and the projects that have to be            Rosminian House of Prayer,
and entered a competition where            taken up during the course of that year.         Glencomeragh House,
Lyons Tea would give 10,000 Euro           These will include the girls rescue centre,      Kilsheelan,
to a charity of the winners choice.        which I have spoken about before, for            Co. Tipperary,
They nominated the parish and              housing 24 girls in Ewuaso Kedong, the           Ireland
they won.                                  multipurpose community hall in Kibiko            Tel: + 353 52 33181
We used the money to rehabilitate          and completing the sister’s convent in
                                           Ewuaso Kedong.
the water connection to the                                                                 Or directly to
                                           All these are big undertakings and will
Government Dispensary here in              involve looking for funding from different       AIB Bank 65/67 O’Connell St.,
Ewuaso Kedong. The existing                organisations and benefactors. We live in        Clonmel,
pipes had corroded and they no             hope.                                            Co. Tipperary
longer got any water, not a very                                                            A/c Name: IPIC Ewuaso
healthy situation in a hospital. We                                                         A/c No.: 40016297
were able to renew the system and                                                           Sort code: 93 53 79
now they get water thanks to the
children of Ballyboy and Lyons                                                              Or in the U.S.A. to
Tea.                                                                                        Fr. Christopher Fitzgerald I.C.
With the money that was left over                                                           St. Francis of Assisi Parish,
after this we were able to complete                                                         P.O. Box 1218
a small hay store that had laid                                                             Seffner,
                                           A group of young girls from Ewuaso who
incomplete because of lack of              recently underwent an alternative rite of        Florida 33583
funds. This hay is used for the goat       passage rather than the traditional one which    U.S.A.
project.                                   involves FGM                                     Tel: +1 813 689 4241

Bee Project                                The people of the parish continue
Funny how things happen. Two               to pray for their benefactors and
months ago we had an invasion of           especially for those who are sick.
bees into the ceiling area of one of       These include: Fr. Christopher
the houses. Morris, who is the farm        Fitzgerald, Fr. Ernie Milne, Mr. Don
manager, has training not only in          Ryder & Mr Tom Collier
farming but also in bee-keeping. So
Yesu, Empiris E Nkai Parish                                                                   Priest-in-charge Fr. John Fortune I.C.
P.O. Box 522 Ngong Hills 00208 Kenya                        Tel: +254 733 641544 & +254 720 911317 Email: