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           Solutions for Balconies, Podiums, Car Parks and Flat Roofs
    Table of Contents
4    Remmers Waterproofing - 60 Years of Experience
     - An Overview of Our Expertise

6    The Remmers Deck Waterproofing Systems
     - A System Solution for Every Environment

7    Ecology and Sustainability
     - At the Heart of Remmers Business

8    Decks and their Exposure
     - Defining the Waterproofing Solution Requirements

10   Types of Decks and Remmers Specific System Build-ups
     10 - Balcony Decks
     14 - Podium Decks
     18 - Car Park Decks
     22 - Flat Roof Decks

26   Additional Remmers Technologies

27   The Remmers System Guarantee

                                                                              An Overview of Our Expertise
Remmers are renowned for their              envelope. This is of course exactly       types of industrial, manufacturing
technical innovations in materials for      the same for the foundations and          and commercial applications. These
facade restoration and protection.          any below ground areas of building        include the high-tech electronics
This includes systems for natural           structures. Therefore it is no surprise   industry, aerospace and automotive,
stone and brickwork, timber framed          that Remmers are also leading experts     pharmaceutical, food and beverage
infill, rendered and reinforced concrete    in the waterproofing and protection       industries, plus education, utility and
substrates. Heritage, traditionally built   of these important areas too. Our         service facilities such as schools,
and modern structures all around the        advanced systems provide the latest       kitchens, wash rooms, workshops,
world are protected, successfully           technologies for internal tanking,        restaurants,     and    retail   stores.
restored      and     refurbished   with    external ground water protection and      Wherever fast project opening or
Remmers systems.                            containment. In addition there are        minimal downtime and closure during
                                            many special solutions for all types of   refurbishment is essential, our systems
One of the primary requirements for         water stopping, such as replacement       provide the right solution. These have
facades is the prevention of water          damp-proof courses (dpc), through         been developed for application onto
ingress and the management of water         resin injection.                          most common substrates to produce
and water vapour movement through                                                     the required properties from the
and out of the building, particularly       Equally well known is Remmers             finished floor surface.
from the fabric of the building             expertise in resin flooring for all

    Remmers Waterproofing Solutions

                                                             A System Solution for Every Environment
The combination of Remmers                also prevent water and salt ingress to    Remmers’ polymer systems are
technologies and expertise in facade      the reinforcing steel, Remmers have       developed from many different
restoration and protection, together      it all completely covered. Additionally   raw materials to provide a range of
with all types of waterproofing and       roof decks are waterproofed and           waterproofing products and systems.
flooring, means that Remmers can          protected with our wide range of liquid   These are based on polymer cements,
provide ideal waterproofing solutions     applied waterproofing membranes.          bitumen emulsions, epoxy resins,
for all types of decks, podiums and                                                 polyurethane and hybrid or combined
balconies – in both new build and         To ensure that even in the toughest of    material solutions. Exciting new
restoration works and on all different    all building environments decks are       Remmers developments in silicate
types of projects.                        protected, we also produce a wide         technology mean that we are leading
                                          range of systems for car park deck        the world with a new generation of
From the waterproofing of podium          waterproofing. Here, the mechanical       protective products that are produced
decks which must keep the basement        wear and abrasion combines with           with huge reductions in carbon
or parking structure below dry; to        the worst in environmental exposure,      demand – thereby also reducing the
the waterproofing of balconies with       which therefore demands tough,            carbon footprint of your project.
attractive non-slip coatings, that must   durable and secure solutions.

                                                                          Extremely high chemical
                                                                          and mechanical resistance

                                                                                                                    Easy to use

                                             Made of environmentally-
                                             friendly raw materials

                                   Unique technology
                                   the world over                                                     Unequalled adhesive
                                                                                                      bonding to the substrate

                                             No labelling required.                               Extremely high
                                             Completely inorganic                                 abrasion resistance

                                                                   At the Heart of Remmers Business
Across all of the areas of Remmers           Cream consistency products           extremely tough ‘new generation’
technology and expertise, ecology            which dramatically reduce waste      of water based epoxy and elastic
and sustainability are much more than        Innovative packaging solutions       polyurethane polymer binders. These
a current trend or marketing gimmick.        to speed application and reduce      have a high proportion of fillers from
They are a clear focus, a clear              waste disposal                       recycled materials and the new
corporate commitment and the main            Waterproofing products reducing      polymer binders are developed from
driving force for our extensive research     heat loss from buildings thus        renewable resources. This allows the
and development team throughout              reducing energy demand               Eco-Line system to be installed with
our ‘state of the art’ laboratories,                                              a sustainable draw on the earth’s
production and distribution facilities.    A further specific example of our      natural resources. It also provides
                                           environmental     commitment      in   contractors with the best ‘state of
Remmers     has     pioneered     the      the deck waterproofing market is       the art’ materials, which are safer to
development and use of high                the new Remmers Eco-Line deck          work with.
performance water based coating            coating system. This is based on an
materials and the removal of toxic
substances from preservatives and
impregnations for many years. Other
notable and internationally important
Remmers innovations include:

  Peelable cleaning poultices which
  can be recycled as rubber crumb
  Fillers for resin and cement
  binders based upon recycled
  100% inorganic silicate binders
  with the lowest order CO2
  Highest renewable raw materials
  content in our latest binders
  Safe biological control,
  replacing biocides with nano-silver

                                             Defining the Waterproofing System Requirements

Decks, podiums and balconies can          ideal specification for cost-effective
all have to withstand the equivalent      and durable deck waterproofing and
of the combined stresses imposed on       protection. Due to our understanding
building facades and industrial floors,   of the function and overall exposure
due to their being both externally        of the structure and its surfaces, this
exposed and trafficked. So, to be         is designed to be efficient throughout
durable and effective, the surface        a long service life.
protection and waterproofing must
accommodate this wide variety of          Remmers can provide full schematic
stress.                                   design drawings for all of the details
                                          and we produce and supply all of
Following the necessary building          the necessary ancillary materials
condition survey and assessment           for these details, including bedding
of these stresses and their possible      mortars, grouts, pre-formed joints
combinations, we can provide the          and sealants.

External weathering                                    Differential movement                                Chemical exposure
Weathering exposure to sun, wind, rain, snow,          Differential movement between different              Chemical exposure due to vehicle oils and
UV light, temperature changes, plus freeze-            elements and substrates can occur due to             hydraulic fluids, plus many other potentially
thaw conditions in winter, marine atmospheres          thermal stresses, imposed static and dynamic         harmful liquid spillages from household and
and industrial pollution in the air.                   loads.                                               industrial cleaners, all types of beverages plus
                                                                                                            de-icing salts in winter.

Mechanical abrasion and wear                           Slip resistance                                      Drainage details
Mechanical abrasion and wear from different            Slip resistance is required where the decking        Drainage details and fittings must be carefully
types of traffic, from light occasional foot traffic   will be directly trafficked. This always has to be   incorporated and sealed into the deck
to very heavy vehicular traffic - particularly in      balanced with the need for the surfaces to be        waterproofing system - no problem with the
turning areas or ramps.                                easily cleaned.                                      range of Remmers detailing solutions.

Crack bridging requirements                            Root penetration resistance                          Supporting structure
If the waterproofing integrity is to be maintained     Damage by plant roots in integrated planting         The condition of the supporting structure must
in areas subject to cracking, crack bridging           boxes is easily avoided by selecting the             be surveyed and assessed prior to successful
properties are best achieved using Remmers             appropriate Remmers waterproofing system.            deck waterproofing. Any corroding reinforcing
reinforced elastic waterproofing systems.                                                                   steel or damaged concrete must first be
                                                                                                            repaired - no problem with Remmers systems.

     Balcony Deck Waterproofing

                        Problem                 Working Operation            Remmers System Solution

                        Pre-treatment for the   Prepare concrete             Planing, grinding, blast cleaning
General Pre-treatment

                        following systems       Prepare asphalt              Grinding, blast cleaning

                        Leak stopping           Stopping water penetration   Waterstop, Injection Resin PUR

                                                Corrosion protection         Rust Inhibitor EP 2K, MCI
                        Concrete repair
                                                Repairs                      Repair Mortar EP 2K

                                                Corrosion protection         Rust Inhibitor EP 2K, MCI
                        Asphalt repair
                                                Repairs                      PUR Indu Color D40 Mortar

                        Rigid coating           Base layer                   Epoxy PH Color

                                                                                                                 Not for
                        (<2mm)                  Top layer                    Epoxy PH Color + ADD 250

                                                Priming                      Epoxy MT 100

                                                                                                                 asphalt indoors
                                                                                                                  Concrete or
                        Flexible decorative     Base layer                   Epoxy Flexfill, broadcast with
                        coating                                              flakes or Ceramix aggregate
Waterproofing System

                        (3-5mm)                 Top coat                     Epoxy UV 100
                                                Sealer (optional)            PUR Top TX

                                                Priming: concrete            Epoxy FM Quick, FAS 100

                                                                                                                 Seek advice
                                                                                                                  on asphalt
                        Elastic coating         Base layer                   PUR Indu Color D40, broadcast
                        (2-4mm)                                              with Quartz
                                                Top coat                     PUR Color Top 2KS

                                                Priming: concrete            Epoxy FM Quick, FAS 100             For concrete
                        Waterproof reinforced   Base layer                   PUR Indu Color D40 with fleece       or asphalt
                        elastic membrane        Wear layer                   PUR Indu Color D40, broadcast
                        (3-5mm)                                              with Quartz
                                                Top coat                     PUR Color Top 2KS

                                                                    Defining the System Requirements

External public access balconies are      Frost with freeze-thaw cycling, further
an integral part of the design of the     increases the size and extent of these
flats which form much of the UK’s         cracks. The frequent pedestrian
housing stock. On some they were          traffic with de-icing salts in winter,
an innovative design feature – for        also exacerbates the problems, which
example on many original ‘art deco’       can lead to damage to the fabric
structures.                               of the building and if not repaired,
                                          to dangerous and costly structural
This trend has continued, particularly    damage.
as it is a cheap method of building
multiple homes, or luxury apartments      Remmers       advanced    range    of
with private balconies. These are         systems is designed to protect new
easily produced as cantilevered           balconies and completely repair and
extensions of the floor slabs over the    protect existing ones. This is by the
structural walls.                         systematic selection and application
                                          of protective deck waterproofing
Unfortunately this external location      treatments to accommodate all of
means direct exposure to weathering,      these requirements. New decks are
with high thermal variations leading to   protected and existing ones are made
movement and cracking. Rainfall then      as good as new.
allows water into these cracks.

Cleaning and preparation                             Crack / leak sealing                                Substrate repair
Concrete and cement screed surfaces must             Any cracks or leaks through the concrete or         The substrate must be repaired and made good
be cleaned and then mechanically prepared            screed substrate must be sealed and filled.         with an appropriate Remmers repair system
by blast cleaning or equivalent means. Asphalt       Where necessary these are also reinforced with      (cement or resin based) to provide a sound,
surfaces are cleaned and abraded.                    Remmers resin bound fleece reinforcement.           uniform and level substrate.

Priming                                              Coving / skirting                                   Base coat / fleece reinforcement
The correct priming coat for the waterproofing       At the perimeter edges the system must be           The base layer of the selected balcony deck
system selected is uniformly applied to seal the     correctly finished into the drainage details and    system is applied, spike rollered and where
prepared surfaces. Epoxy based for concrete          coved or taken seamlessly up any adjacent           required broadcast with aggregates to increase
surfaces and PUR based for asphalt.                  vertical surfaces.                                  slip resistance. Fleece reinforcement can also
                                                                                                         be embedded at this stage.

Top coat                                             Additional coats
The top coat and surface wearing layer can also      Additional coats of the materials are used to
have aggregates incorporated for increased slip      seal in the aggregates and provide a more
resistance, or it may be used as the final sealing   easily cleanable finish. Additional sealing coats
coat on some of the un-reinforced systems.           also enhance colours and increase durability
                                                     and resistance.

     Podium Deck Waterproofing

                        Problem                  Working Operation             Remmers System Solution

                                                                               Rotec equipment
                        Pre-treatment for the
                                                 Substrate pre-treatment       Blast cleaning
                        following systems
                                                                               Grinding or planing
General Pre-treatment

                        Leak stopping            Stopping water penetration    Rapid Hardener, Waterstop

                                                 Corrosion protection          Sulfatex Grout, MCI
                        Concrete repairs         Bonding layer                 Sulfatex Grout
                                                 Filling & closure of areas    Betofix, PCC Mortars

                                                                               Sulfatex Grout
                        Crack reduction          Repair of wide cracks
                                                                               Reprofiling Mortar

                                                 Priming                       Kiesol
                        Rigid coating
                                                 Levelling small areas         Waterproofing Filler
                        (Mineral based)
                                                 Coating                       Sulfatex Grout in 2-3 coats
Waterproofing System

                                                 Priming                       Kiesol
                        Flexible coating         Levelling                     Sulfatex Grout and
                        (Mineral based)                                        Waterproofing Filler
                                                 Coating                       Elastogrout 2K in 2-3 coats

                                                 Priming                       Kiesol
                        Crack bridging coating
                                                 Levelling                     Waterproofing Filler
                        (Bitumen based)
                                                 Coating                       Profi-Tight in 2 coats

                        Crack bridging coating   Priming                       PUR Primer P-EK
                        (PUR based)              Coating                       PUR RoofCoat WF with fleece

                                                                               As required on site to prevent
                        Damage protection        Install suitable protection

                                                                      Defining the System Requirements

A podium deck is one that is raised        Podium decks are often required to
above the general level of its             have particularly decorative features
surroundings. Often these are used         including paving and planters built
in commercial properties such as           into them, or to function as car parks
hotels, large residential developments     and access roads, even for heavy
or other complexes, to form features       goods vehicles - creating even higher
such as impressive entrance lobbies,       stresses.
terraces, delivery areas or arrivals and
departure zones.                           Remmers produces a complete range
                                           of systems for the waterproofing of all
They are usually built in much the         types of podium decks. These include
same way as balconies, by extensions       systems for directly trafficked surfaces
of the floor or roof slabs to create and   and also for those to be covered
take advantage of the additional space     with other top surfacing materials,
or to develop a design feature. They       including road asphalt, decorative
have all of the typical requirements,      paving or ceramic tiles for example.
functions and exposure of public
balconies. However with their greater
width the exposure is also potentially
greater, as is their thermal movement
capability – according to the structural
design of course.

Cleaning and preparation                         Cracks / leak sealing                                Substrate repair
Surfaces must be cleaned and then                Any cracks in the substrate must be filled at        The substrate must be repaired and made good
mechanically prepared by blast cleaning or       the surface and where necessary sealed with          with Remmers repair systems (cement or resin
equivalent mechanical means, according to        Injection Resin PUR, to ensure the integrity of      based) to produce a sound and uniform surface
their condition.                                 the structure before waterproofing .                 suitable for waterproofing.

Priming                                          Base coats                                           Reinforcement
The prepared surfaces must be primed with        The first waterproofing layer is applied by slurry   Where required the waterproofing system can
Kiesol for Remmers cementitious or bitumen       brush for cement based systems and by trowel         be reinforced by embedding suitable fleece
based systems and with PUR Primer PE-K for       for bitumen based systems. The PUR systems           reinforcement, always allowing at least 50mm
the highly crack bridging PUR Roof Coat WF       are usually applied by squeegee.                     overlaps at joints and around details such as
system.                                                                                               drainage and coving to upstands.

Top coating                                      Surface protection                                   Finished podium deck
An additional coat of the same base              The waterproofed surfaces are often to be            Once protected the waterproof podium can be
waterproofing material can be applied as a top   used for functions requiring specific surfacing      overlaid and landscaped as required with all
coat to further increase the performance and     materials. The waterproofing system must be          types of paving and other surfacing materials.
durability with all of the Remmers systems.      suitably protected before overcoating.

     Car Park Deck Waterproofing

                                               Problem                      Working Operation            Remmers System Solution

                                               Pre-treatment for the
                                                                            Substrate preparation        Planing, grinding, blast cleaning
                                               following systems

                                               Leak stopping                Stopping water penetration
                       General Pre-treatment

                                                                                                         Injection Resin PUR

                                                                            Corrosion protection         Rust Inhibitor M, MCI
                                               Concrete repairs
                                                                            Bonding layer                To suit mortar
                                               (Cement based)
                                                                            Filling and closing          Betofix, PCC Mortars

                                                                            Corrosion protection         Rust Inhibitor EP 2K, MCI
                                               Concrete repair
                                                                            Bonding layer                Bonding Agent EP 2K
                                               (Resin based)
                                                                            Filling and closing          Repair Mortar EP 2K

                                                                            Crack injection (rigid)      Injection Resin EP
                                               Repairing cracks
                                                                            Crack injection (flexible)   Injection Resin PUR

                                                                            Priming                      Epoxy BS2000
                                               Rigid coating
                                                                            Base layer                   Epoxy BS3000 +5% ADD 250
                                               (thin layer)
                                                                            Top coat                     Epoxy BS3000 +5% ADD 250
                       Intermediate Deck

                                                                            Priming                      Epoxy BS2000
                                               Rigid coating                Base layer                   Epoxy BS3000 filled with SBL +
                                               (Water based)
                                                                            Top coat                     Epoxy BS3000

                                               Rigid coating                Base layer                   Epoxy PH Color filled with
Waterproofing System

                                               (2-3mm)                                                   Quartz (01/03) + broadcast
                                               (Solvent free)               Top coat                     Epoxy PH Color

                                                                            Priming                      Epoxy FAS100
                                               Elastic coating              Base layer                   PUR Uni Color BC
                                               (2-3mm)                      Wear layer                   PUR Indu Color TC + broadcast
                       Top Deck

                                                                            Top coat                     PUR Color Top CPD

                                                                            Priming                      Epoxy FAS 100, Epoxy FM Quick
                                               Reinforced elastic coating   Base layer                   PUR Indu Color D40 with fleece
                                               (4-5mm)                      Wear layer                   PUR Indu Color D40 + broadcast
                                                                            Top coat                     PUR Color Top 2KS

                                                                            Priming                      Epoxy MT 100

                                               Tough rigid coating          Base layer                   Epoxy MT 100 with SBL filler
                                               (4-6mm)                      Broadcast                    Mandurax Brite Aggregate
                                                                            Top coat (optional)          Epoxy PH Color

                                                                   Defining the System Requirements

Multi-storey car parks have been          Abrasion also varies with increased
described as being constructed to         mechanical wear on the ramps. There
building standards, but without the       are also the special requirements
watertight roof, facade and windows.      of basement waterproofing and
Then they are exposed in a similar        water / moisture management for any
way to civil engineering structures,      decks which are below ground. Many
which have to be designed and built       underground car park deck coatings
to far more stringent standards.          have to be vapour permeable,
Whilst this may seem an extreme           to prevent moisture build up and
analogy, it is frequently a good          therefore prevent blistering of the
summary of the situation that exists,     protective deck surfacing.
with open exposure to rainfall, direct
sunlight, low and high temperatures,      All of these performance requirements
plus traffic impact and a high level of   make stringent demands and are
de-icing salt usage.                      important product selection criteria.
                                          The advanced Remmers car park deck
The degree of exposure clearly varies     waterproofing systems, including
from the extremes of the weather on       the latest sustainably sourced Eco-
the top decks, through variable           Line range, can safely and securely
levels on the intermediate decks.         accommodate all of these demands.

Cleaning and preparation                         Crack / leak sealing                               Substrate repair
Concrete deck surfaces must be cleaned and       Any cracks or leaks through the substrate must     The substrate must be repaired and made good
then mechanically prepared by blast cleaning     be sealed and filled. Where necessary these        with an appropriate Remmers repair system
or equivalent means. Asphalt surfaces are        are also reinforced with Remmers resin bound       (cement or resin based) to provide a sound,
milled and ground.                               fleece reinforcement.                              uniform and level substrate.

Coving / skirting                                Priming                                            Base coat
All detailing work should be sealed before       The correct Remmers primer is selected             The base layer of the selected system is applied
proceeding to the deck waterproofing stage to    according to the waterproofing system (vapour      and spike rollered, where required, broadcast
ensure complete watertightness and optimum       permeable, rigid or crack bridging) and it is      with the selected slip resistant aggregate (not in
aesthetics.                                      uniformly applied to seal the prepared surfaces.   crack bridging systems). For reinforced systems
                                                 A second scratch coat layer may be required        the fleece is embedded in the ‘wet’ base coat
                                                 for very irregular surfaces.                       at this stage.

Intermediate / top coat                          Additional top coats                               Line marking
The next layer either seals the aggregate        On ramps or tight turning circles with increased   Signage and lane/bay marking lines plus any
surfaces or provides a broadcast support         wear and abrasion from traffic, an additional      other delineation or designated markings are
layer to accept and fix the quartz aggregates,   top coat can be applied to increase durability.    easily applied with the appropriate Remmers
providing the surface slip resistance.                                                              coatings.

     Flat Roof Deck Waterproofing

                        Problem                     Working Operation            Remmer System Solution

                                                                                 Impregnation BFA,
                        Micro-biological control    Stop algal growth
                                                                                 Green Growth Remover
General Pre-treatment

                        Leak stopping               Stopping water penetration   Rapid Hardener, Waterstop

                                                    Corrosion protection         Sulfatex Grout, MCI
                        Concrete repairs            Bonding layer                Sulfatex Grout
                                                    Filling & closure of areas   Betofix Mortars

                                                                                 Sulfatex Grout
                        Crack reduction             Repair of wide cracks
                                                                                 Reprofiling mortar

                                                    Priming metals               Rust Inhibitor EP 2K
                        Economic coating system
                                                    Priming general              PU Primer
                        (5 - 10 year)
                                                    Coating system               PU Aluminium

                                                    Priming metals               Rust Inhibitor EP 2K
                                                    Priming general              PU Primer
Waterproofing System

                        Reinforced coating system
                                                    Coating                      PU Aluminium
                        (10 - 15 year)
                                                    Reinforcing                  PE Fleece
                                                    Top coats                    PU Aluminium

                                                    Priming metal                Rust Inhibitor EP 2K
                                                    Edge sealant                 Flexi-Seal LM
                        Cut edge corrosion system
                                                    Base coat                    PUR RoofCoat EC
                                                    Top coat                     PUR RoofCoat TC

                                                    Base coat                    PUR RoofCoat EC or WF
                        Reinforced elastic system
                                                    Reinforcing                  PE Fleece, Glass Matting
                        (10 to 25 year)
                                                    Top coats                    PUR RoofCoat TC or WF

                                                                     Defining the System Requirements

Flat roofs are constantly exposed to       concentrated, leading to damage and
the full effects of external weathering,   accelerated deterioration.
which explains why the type of roof
and the waterproofing systems              Remmers      cold    applied,    liquid
required on a new project are always       waterproofing membranes allow
defined first by the architect. This is    rapid and secure protection for the
because this also dictates the nature      refurbishment of deteriorated asphalt
of the structure required to support it    and bituminous felt membranes. They
and flat roofs are designed in order       are also ideal for direct application
for the maximum usable space to be         to provide elastic crack bridging
provided inside the building.              protection on concrete and cement
                                           screed surfaces. This minimises
Unfortunately flat roofs can also          cost and disruption, plus importantly
be inefficient in their ability to shed    unlike bitumen roofing materials, they
water during rainfall or snow melt and     require no naked flames on site.
therefore can often accumulate water.
This accelerates the deterioration of      On metal roofs, cut-edge corrosion
roof membranes and waterproofing           can be a serious problem on the
systems. They can also harbour more        edges of the roof’s component metal
dirt and debris, plus at joints and        sheet profiles. Remmers also offer a
details around penetrations, such as       proven system to repair and protect
service ducts or pipes, the stresses       these associated difficult areas.
on the waterproofing systems are

Cleaning work                                      Priming - Metal Surfaces                              Priming – General Surfaces
Surfaces should be cleaned to remove all loose     Clean metal surfaces with a wire brush to ‘bright     Apply the overall primer, where required, to the
materials, moss, organic growth and loose          steel’ and apply one coat of Rust Inhibitor EP        cleaned surfaces by brush or roller. Allow to
chippings or failed waterproofing etc. Treat all   2K to protect and seal the surface.                   become touch dry before proceeding with the
surfaces with BFA Remover or Green Growth                                                                waterproofing system application.

Base coat                                          Reinforcement                                         Encapsulation
Apply a heavy base coat of the selected            Press the fleece reinforcement into the base          Apply the remaining quantity of the base coat
Remmers PUR coating ready to receive the           coating with a suitable roller ensuring that air is   whilst the first layer is still ‘wet’. Ensure there
fleece reinforcement. Normally this is 60% -       removed and avoid creases and folds. Ensure           is sufficient material to fully encapsulate the
70% of the material required.                      at least 50mm overlaps at joints and details.         fleece using a short pile roller.

Top coat                                           Metal roof: Cut-edge corrosion                        Metal roof: Cut-edge protection
Where required for increased performance or        Where corrosion damage has occurred on areas          The Remmers cut-edge corrosion protection
enhanced durability, an additional top coat of     of existing metal roofs, the Remmers cut-edge         system is applied as a bead of special sealant
the selected Remmers PUR coating can be            corrosion protection system can be applied to         and two encapsulation coats to all cut edges.
applied.                                           reseal the surface and extend the service life.

Free Inspection Service: Facade Refurbishment:                                    Waterproofing:
Remmers provide a complete range          The most common requirements for        Particularly in multi-storey car parks,
of materials together with a FREE         facade refurbishment in association     but also below podium decks and in
site inspection, laboratory analysis      with deck waterproofing are concrete    their associated buildings basements –
and diagnostic service for owners         repair and protection, plus brickwork   Remmers waterproofing technologies
and specifiers. We provide detailed       restoration. These are both core        are also in demand.
material specifications for many          technologies and businesses of
other areas of repair, protection and     Remmers.                                Internal Tanking:
waterproofing in building structures in
addition to balcony, podium, car park                                             Kiesol silicate impregnations and
                                          Concrete Repair and
and roof decks.                                                                   Sulfatex Grout cementitious slurry
                                          Protection:                             coatings provide fast and secure
This includes all areas of the building   Full details of Remmers systematic      waterproofing as an internally applied
envelope and specifically all aspects     approach     and   assistance   are     tanking system – normally used in
of facade protection and below            available in Remmers extensive new      refurbishment projects where external
ground waterproofing.                     documentation.                          access is not possible.

These are further complemented            Brickwork Restoration and               External Waterproofing for
by Remmers injection systems and          Waterproofing:                          Ground Water Contact:
chemical damp proof courses (dpc)
which can be inserted from either         The innovative ‘cream’ consistency of   Remmers complete range of materials
side of the structure. Full details of    Remmers Facade Cream is ideal for       for external application are based on
these materials are available in our      the waterproofing and protection of     polymer modified bitumen emulsions.
new manual - ‘The Waterproofing           any associated areas of brickwork.      These can be applied by brush, roller
and Damp-proofing of Masonry                                                      and spray to protect below ground
Structures’.                              Full details of these and other         areas of the structure, or to refurbish
                                          systems are available in Remmers        existing failed waterproofing when
Please ask us for copies                  new brochure – ‘Facade Protection       external access is possible.
                                          and Refurbishment’.
of any of these additional

                                                10 Year Proven Protection - Signed and Sealed
From our extensive experience and        representatives. This is provided for a     have total waterproofing security,
expertise we are confident in passing    nominal annual charge and provides          including a planned approach to
this security to our clients with the    the unique added security of a detailed     maintenance and repairs at a defined
Remmers System Guarantee (RSG)           annual waterproofing inspection, plus       cost. Remmers therefore protects the
for up to 10 years.                      condition report, including details of      value of your investment.
                                         any repair works required.
It gives our contracting customers
real competitive advantage in the        In this way our clients can benefit from    Your RSG benefits:
market place and gives specifying        the additional security of an effectively
Architects and Engineers the security    open ended warranty beyond the 10             Waterproof decks
of knowing exactly what they will get    years of the RSG.                             Improved safety and appearance
and how the systems will perform.
Numerous test certificates serve         In   accordance   with   Remmers              Reduced closures or shutdowns
to clearly verify the performance        philosophy and by having the RSG              Detailed materials specifications
and long term effectiveness and          and the RAIMA in place, our clients           and detailing
durability of the different system
components, together with their                                                        Application by Remmers trained
reliable interaction.                                                                  specialists
                                                                                       The most environmentally friendly
The Remmers System Guarantee,                                                          and sustainably sourced products
available with certain specifications,
states that Remmers is liable for                                                      Planned inspection and
product defects during the 10 year                                                     maintenance agreements available
warranty period. This warranty can                                                     Protection of your investment
be extended to even longer periods
with a Remmers Annual Inspection
and Maintenance Agreement (RAIMA)
for owners or their professional

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