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									                                      C O R N I S H C O N C R E T E P R O D U C T S LT D

                                                          DECK SLABS
                                                                                            Need an insitu floor but don’t want the
                                                                                            headache of providing shuttering to the

                                                                                            Then CCP Quicklay Decking Slabs may
                                                                                            provide the solution. They can be made
                                                                                            up to 8.6m long and 3.6m wide. CCP
                                                                                            Quicklay Decking Slabs can be designed
                                                                                            and fabricated to suit your needs and
                                                                                            in accordance with Eurocodes 0, 1 and
                                                                                            2. They are manufactured with CCP’s
                                                                                            environmentally friendly concrete,
                                                                                            “Ecocrete” which can contribute to an
                                                                                            excellent BREEAM rating.

                                                                                            These units are manufactured in CCP’s
                                                                                            state of the art carousel plant with each
                                                                                            plank manufactured without formwork
                                                                                            joints and with a flat soffit which can be
                                                                                            made ready for decoration.

A robotic plotter marks out the extent of the slab and then a simple shuttering system based upon
magnets is used to form each unit. This system, which allows the thermal mass of the slab to be left
exposed, can thus take direct advantage of the Thermal Mass Effect.

CCP Quicklay Decking Slabs can be manufactured either as a thin biscuit, typically between 50mm
and 75mm deep depending upon span and loading, with lattice girder reinforcement protruding from
the slab to tie into the insitu concrete
topping thereby making a completely
monolithic floor slab.

For spans up to around 6m the slabs can
be designed to so as to avoid propping at
midspan. Longer spans or thinner floors
may require propping.

Alternatively, CCP Quicklay Decking
Slabs can be fabricated in one solid
flat slab thereby negating the need for
extensive insitu concreting.

Slabs will typically be between 150mm
and 300mm deep depending upon span
and loading and can be designed to suit.

Both Quicklay Decking Slab options can
also be utilised in conjunction with CCP
walling and Thermowall products as part
of an overall Crosswall Construction.

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