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Obtaining a U.S. citizenship is not easy. We must live in the United States for a decade or
two before being eligible to do the same. But then, is it the only way? Like any other
aspect, there are shortcuts here. You can become a citizen of the United States in less
than six months if you join the U.S. Army.

With changes being brought about new, temporary skilled migrants are now allowed to
join the army of the United States. However, these migrants, especially those who hold H
- 1B visas and so on, living in the United States for a minimum period of two years. This
change was brought against the lack of personnel to be recruited into the army. This
requirement has also been registered with the staff to be deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan
and so on.

This amendment is the first time since the Vietnam War that the military is open to
temporary residents of the United States. However, the army is open to those holding a
green card. This can also be seen as a tactic to make more people in the military.

With the recession and the slowdown in market growth, this is an option open to many
immigrants who wish to settle in the United States. Thus, in a sense, is the shortest path
to be a U.S. citizen who is serving the country.

It is essentially a one-year pilot program where, in a thousand immigrants were recruited
from across the country. The process will start from New York.

It is speculated with skilled immigrants to join the U.S. military, there are many
possibilities to improve the quality of Army personnel. This is because these skilled
migrants are highly qualified with years of experience and know - how many foreign
languages. This is not the case with many Indians. Thus, there would be an ease in the
transmission of specific skills and would certainly fill the void regarding the
interpretation of language, medical facilities and other intelligence requirements.

This program is very applicable to migrants of Indian origin who form the largest
immigrant population in the United States in the skilled migrant category for geting U.S.
Citizenship. However, Latinos, who tend to speak Spanish, form the largest population in
the unskilled category.

Approximately five hundred and fifty staff would be recruited from New York itself with
another four hundred and fifty other parts of the country. Those who speak one of thirty-
five specific languages such as Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese and so are eligible
for this program. However, those who speak Spanish are strictly prohibited in this

With the U.S. Marines still struggling to cope with different languages, which can be a
fresh start for themselves, especially those placed in the Afghan - Pak areas.

This program would also recruit three hundred physicians from other regions of the
United States.

If the program proves successful, it would be extended to all other areas of the U.S.
military as well.

So if you think the U.S. is your home and your future generations, this does not seem a
bad option at all.

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