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AMSTERDAM / 15 -17 April 2008

          F O R M U LA


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                                                                                               IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW   1

in-cosmetics 2008 in Amsterdam
the global platform for innovation
                                 in-cosmetics reached new heights in Paris   Finally, don’t miss in-focus Utopia, the central show feature with a
                                 and I am delighted to share with you that   dedicated conference programme, which will take you on an
                                 the Amsterdam show is now even larger       unprecedented journey through the future of beauty to explore how
                                 than in-cosmetics 2007 with over 400        skin science and cosmetic ingredients can make brands’ utopias a reality.
                                 exhibitors from more than 30 countries,
                                 taking more space than ever before. For     To gain free admission and fast track entry to the show, make sure you
                                 the first time we have national pavilions   pre-register by 7 April. For the most up-to-date information and to use
                                 from France, China and India, confirming    “My Event Planner”, please visit regularly.You
                                 in-cosmetics as the truly global platform   will also find practical information about getting to Amsterdam easily
                                 for personal care ingredients.              and making the most of your visit.

On the following pages you will find key information about new               Myself and my team look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam for
products being launched at the show, the high-profile Cosmetic               a ground-breaking event.
Science Conference focusing on Skin Ageing and Naturals, the popular
‘Marketing Trends Presentations’ and the ‘Innovations Seminars’.             Kind regards,

I would also like to draw your attention to a very exciting new feature
at in-cosmetics 2008:

The Innovation Zone                                                          Lucy Gillam
in-cosmetics is the major showcase for new product launches and the          Exhibition Manager
Innovation Zone in association with Mintel will gather together the
newest products on the market. It will provide a "one-stop" location
for you to quickly identify the major industry launches and ensure you
meet your objectives at the show. As well as being able to see all new       P.S. Play ‘Mission Amsterdam’ at for a flavour
ingredients and raw materials launches in one place, you will have the       of what’s in store at in-cosmetics….Forward it to your colleagues and gain
opportunity to discover, test and even taste some of the most                valuable bonus points!
innovative beauty products.
Visit for more information.

                                          I N .F O C U S U T O P I A

in-focus Utopia
Exploring the philosophy
of personal care
This April in Amsterdam, refresh your thoughts and                                       Nu Life – deciphering the secrets of beauty and wellness
awaken you soul. in-focus invites you to share 13                                        The limits of our knowledge condition our freedom of action. What
philosophical experiences – to enlighten the future of                                   can we know of our world? Is there any limit to what science and
beauty and increase value for your brands.                                               reason can decipher? Can we influence our nature or our destiny?
                                                                                            Since the incident of the Forbidden Fruit, Man has been driven by
                                                                                         the powerful desire for knowledge in a never ending quest to improve
                                                Products are evaluated                   his condition.
                                                on sensorial, efficacy and                  On Nu Life, laboratories will present original strategies to achieve
                                                safety criteria. Brands are              skin 2.0, the ideal envelope for the 21st Century.
                                                appraised on their values,
                                                transparency and                         1. Reconstructing the skin to unlock its secret
                                                righteousness. As ethical
                                                questions take center
                                                stage in the media,
                                                brands are challenged to
                                                decide – what is their
                                                position on sustainable
              Sans lest de plomb,
        nos tubes de rouge à lèvres             development and fair
             ne sont pas un poids               trade? Are they
                pour la nature.                 promoting a fair image of
                                                beauty and self esteem?
    Yves Rocher - RCS Vannes 876 580 077 - M&C SAATCHI.GAD

                                                Are they pro or con the
                                                use of stem cells in anti-
                                                ageing serums?
Ethical choices are becoming a strategic           There are no simple
component of marketing and product innovation. answers to these                          With their research on reconstructed epidermis, L’Oréal Recherche and
This recent advert promotes Yves Rocher’s       questions. Philosophy is                 SkinEthic perfect the understanding of skin metabolisms
sustainable commitments: “with no lead weight, thus becoming a strategic
our lipsticks do no weigh on nature”            component of marketing
                                                and product innovation –                 L’Oréal Recherche / SkinEthic
ethical choices are even becoming the subject matter of adverts.                         Beautifying the skin or delaying the aging process requires a fine
   To explore some of the philosophical issues and questions                             understanding of how skin works.
underlying the development of new ingredients, in-focus has invited key                     L’Oréal has been working on reconstructed skin for 25 years. The
players in the industry to express their visions and share their                         technology goes back to the 70’s when an American laboratory
expertise on the future of beauty.                                                       successfully designed a model based on a simple culture of
                                                                                         keratinocytes. Today the models developed by L’Oréal include several
                                                                                         cellular types such as melanocytes, langerhans cells or fibroblastes.

4                                                            IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW
                                                                                                                            I N .F O C U S U T O P I A

    Human reconstructed skins show a behavior very close to the                   In a futuristic world, Pentapharm has pictured The Swiss Rare Forest
metabolism of human skin and have proven to be an efficient model in           as a symbol for absolute happiness, well-being and purity. Precisely
experimental studies. They now appear as a reliable alternative                monitored and regulated, this ultimate sanctuary is the nirvana of an
solution to animal testing.The Episkin model is the first model validated      ultra-modern health and beauty center - where pure and enhanced
by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods               naturals would be used to strengthen the body, the soul and the skin
(ECVAM) as a replacement for the Draize skin corrosivity and/or skin           against an extremely hostile environment.
irritation testing of chemical substances.
    Today, close to 150,000 units of reconstructed epidermis are               5. Sensory on demand: mapping the mood
produced every year. L’Oréal has entrusted Skin Ethic for the                  Lubrizol/Noveon
production and distribution of their models.                                   Adding soul to a formula says it all: the skin is not only an architecture
    On in-focus, L’Oréal Recherche and SkinEthic invite you to travel to       made of cells, it is the interface of our emotions and identity. Tailor-
the heart of the skin and the new horizons of knowledge.                       made products should take into account the physiological state of the
                                                                               skin and the sensory mood of the person.
2. Cross fertilization: electro-magnetic cosmetics give access to new             The Noveon® Consumer Specialties Group of Lubrizol Advanced
functional benefits in skin care                                               Materials has achieved a sensory-on-demand mapping system to fine
B&T                                                                            tune and customise the sensory profile of textures.
Among the new research targets of skin science, liquid crystals
represent a fascinating new area of investigation.                             6.Think different: learning from a different mode of knowledge
    Liquid crystals are not quite liquid and not quite solid. They flow        Cosmetochem
like liquids, but they have some of the properties of crystalline solids.      Long before modern chemistry and science ruled the world of
Their specific properties and ability to be “shaped” by electric field         personal care, Man used herbal preparations for healing and beautifying
forces explain their use in TV screens, projectors and watches.                purposes. But on what grounds was he able to select the right plants?
    The membranes of cells – especially skin cells – are a form of liquid         Modern scientists would screen test and evaluate them; relying upon
crystal. This is generated by the molecular arrangement of the                 the efficiency of computers and theoretical models to analyse and
phospholipids constituting the membrane. The tri-dimentional                   evaluate natural substances.
organization of the lipids found in the extra-cellular matrix of the skin         Ancient cultures had a different approach to knowledge. Man was
also takes the form of liquid crystals.                                        thought essentially bound to Nature. Herbalists could hear plants talk to
    These liquid crystals, chemically compatible with the skin, could be the   them; they intimately felt what plant should be picked up, when and where.
starting point of a new science: electro-cosmetics. Products which                In Australia many Aboriginals refer to the creation time as the
would rely on electro-magnetic fields to analyse the state of the skin,        “Dreaming”, as though the world was the result of its own dream.
regulate its metabolism or regulate the properties of its active principles.      The power of plants in Aboriginal rituals comes not only from their
                                                                               phyto-chemical properties but from the symbolic part they played in
3. Extreme adaptation: monitoring skin metabolism                              the “Dreaming”.
Soliance                                                                          Cosmetochem have partnered with an Australian company to
Skin is our primary interface with our environment.There might be a            develop herbal extracts inspired by the “Dreaming” – an original
day when science will allow us to monitor cell metabolism and thus             communication path between modern science and ancient knowledge.
enable us to adapt to any environment – challenging the limits of
human life.                                                                    7. Achieving the synthesis: colliding traditional categories of thoughts
    Based on their research on micro-algae – micro-organisms origin of         Jan Dekker
life – and on the latest findings in skin biology, Soliance develops active    Concepts and approaches tend to get trapped in dichotomous
ingredients to enhance skin cells' metabolism.                                 categories: ancient / modern, nature / science, East / West.
    For in-focus, Soliance has teamed up with BF laboratories to imagine          Jan Dekker has 230 years experience of international trading.
extreme skin care formulas – textures and actives precisely engineered         Creating bridges across the different cultures of this world has become
to adapt the skin to an extremely hostile environment.                         second nature.
                                                                                  In the cosmetic industry, Jan Dekker has been working with Japanese
4. A perfect world: Nature enhanced                                            laboratories for over 30 years.
Pentapharm                                                                        This unique experience has led them to create a fusion concept
Before science is able to achieve its own artificial utopia, Nature            where traditional medicine meets breakthrough formulations
remains the ultimate sanctuary for life. The mission now assigned to           techniques, where new molecules are served by ancient wisdom.
science is to protect Nature and transcend it – to produce an
enhanced natural world fined tuned to fit our vision of perfection.

                                                                                                                            IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW       5
    I N .F O C U S U T O P I A

8. Inspiring new approaches to beauty and well being: creative cosmetics       Paradise: reaching the essence of life
Croda Group                                                                    10. Materia prima: finding the ideal raw material
In Art, Beauty takes many forms, shapes and colours. Real beauty is not        Gattefossé
limited to a single model or ideal.Therefore, personal care products           In the quest for eternal youth, the concepts of regeneration and
should not impose themselves as ‘the solutions’.They should rather be          renewal evoke the image of a cycle – returning to the source, the
like a colour pallet to a painter or a range of food ingredients to a chef.    original matter - prima materia - from which we are born.
    In an ideal market, each individual should be able to select the              Drawing energy from minerals, essential waters, or buds – the real
textures, extracts and active ingredients that allow them to achieve a         embryos of life – modern cosmetic science is still searching the youth
unique approach to their personal care regime. Beauty and well being           elixir – a serum capable of re-initializing cells and renewing the skin.
would less be about individuals matching a prevalent image, but would
rather emerge fresh and new from bespoke rituals.                              11. Ideal expression: revealing our inner truth
    Inspired by the interdisciplinary and multicultural assets of the Group,   Cognis / Laboratoires Sérobiologiques
Croda, Sederma and Crodarom will explore new approaches to personal            Cosmetics and personal care products place a growing emphasis on
care and liberate beauty from the boundaries of inspiring thinking.            self-esteem. Beauty rituals are aimed at bringing out our ‘true self ’ and
                                                                               achieving harmony both with others and nature.
9. Second skin: dressing your way to Utopia                                       Cosmetics, as a mask, may hide our identity or reveal inner truth.
Solabia                                                                        Fragrance, textures, colours are all subliminal means of communication
Our skin does not feel the same in the city as it does on the shores of        which convey and modulate our emotions.
a blue lagoon. We don’t feel the same either. Imagine how our skin                To achieve balance and harmony, utopian skin care would help us to
would feel in Utopia.                                                          release and to share our deepest feelings and emotions – with no
    Utopia is an imaginary place. Exploring Utopia must resemble               restrictive shame or modesty. Beauty would be being true to others
entering Slumberland or finding a way to Paradise. It certainly requires       and ourselves.
a change of perception - a different approach to reality.                         Combining their expertise in functional and active ingredients,
    Based on the concepts of Second Skin and Bio-Intelligent Cosmetics,        Cognis and Laboratoires Sérobiologiques pair once again at in-focus to
Solabia has designed original skin care products to dress your way to 3        explore the rich territories of ideal expressions.
different worlds located in the past, in the present and in the future.
                                                                               Dream: (r)enchanting the world
                                                                               12. Pushing the limits of reality: experimental wonders
                                                                               Reality locks our mind within the boundaries of what is perceived as
                                                                               possible versus the impossible. On the contrary, Utopian thoughts
                                                                               trigger our imagination and liberate creative spirits. Utopia is thus a
                                                                               powerful driver and catalyst of innovation.
                                                                                   On in-focus, pursuing the chemistry of emotions, Symrise will invite
                                                                               visitors to enter experimental wonders – cosmetic, food and fragrance
                                                                               experiences where breakthrough formulations surprise your senses
                                                                               and enchant your perceptions. Personal care rituals that make your
                                                                               most intimate dreams suddenly feel closer – prodigious sensorial
                                                                               wonders capable of revealing a world full of new possibilities.

                                                                               13. Inspiring precious emotions: sublime reflections
                                                                               Rhodia Personal Care / Alpol Cosmétique
                                                                               Light, radiance, is one of the surest expressions of beauty. Gems, the
                                                                               sun, the moon and the stars are among the most universal references
                                                                               for expressing beauty of unique perfection.
                                                                                  Rhodia, who are developing new ingredients with unique sensorial
                                                                               benefits, has teamed up with Alpol laboratories to explore
                                                                               preciousness and radiance in formulation.They will deliver a series of
                                                                               unique high feel textures with rare and sublime reflections.

                                                                               Avant-garde products and trends
                                                                               Mintel will showcase an exclusive selection of products around the
Gattefossé’s "fresh cells", vital ingredients in an Utopian serum of youth     world inspired by or inspiring new Utopias.

    I N .F O C U S U T O P I A C O N F E R E N C E P R O G R A M M E

                                                                                                                                                          Image courtesy of L’Oreal Recherche
in-focus Utopia Conference
UTOPIA: pushing the limits
Tuesday 15 April
All presentations are free to attend.
Time                              Tuesday 15 April

14.00 - 14.40                     Marketing review: avant-garde formulation, exploring beauty extremes
                                  Crossing the Line
                                  Nica Lewis, Mintel

                                  The quest for the ultimate beauty product is taking us further and further into new territories – literally. Whether
                                  exploring pristine corners of the globe or the frontiers of cellular biology, ingredients in beauty and personal care
                                  products are forcing us to question our ethics. This provocative presentation will explore the newest ultra-
                                  scientific and natural/ethical product launches and provide insight into these beauty extremes.

14.55 - 15.35                     Scientific review: biomimetic intelligence, towards life reconstructed – macro level
                                  Skin engineering
                                  L’Oréal Recherche

                                  30 years of research and development in reconstructed skins is both an ethical and scientific engagement. L’Oreal
                                  Recherche will be sharing its experiences and drawing the new horizons of product safety and efficacy.

15.50 - 16.30                     Scientific review: biomimetic intelligence, towards life reconstructed – nano level
                                  Artificial biomimetic membranes
                                  Dr Mihail D Barboiu,The European Membrane Institute
                                  Adaptive Supramolecular Nanosystems group

                                  Exploring the properties of membranes condition the ability to influence cell communication processes as well as
                                  the capacity to carry elements within cells.The European Membrane Institute is working at designing functional
                                  membrane materials enabled with specific transport properties.


Innovation zone                                                           Sponsored by:                                   In association with:
New for 2008

in-cosmetics introduces the Innovation Zone - your "road map" to          Mintel has identified four cutting-edge new product trends set to make
what's new on the exhibition show floor and in the industry.              it big in 2008. Over 10 newly launched products will be selected to
                                                                          illustrate each key trend:
Identify the new ingredients launches                                     • Beauty Food - food and beverage products with beauty claims and
Quickly identify the major industry ingredients and raw materials             the use of food ingredients in beauty products
launched by exhibitors at in-cosmetics or in the 6 months leading up      • Authenticity - evolution of natural, organic, ethical, free from and
to the show.                                                                  carbon/waste reduced products
                                                                          • Customisation - products formulated to target specific user groups;
Discover the most innovative beauty products                                  Ethnic, Kids and teens and Men’s toiletries
Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research will be hosting a series of interactive     • Faux Genomics - products that push frontiers of scientific research
sampling and walk-in consultancy sessions at the Innovation Zone.             into DNA and cell biology.

You’ll be able to sample some of the latest food and beauty products      Centrally located next to the Innovations Seminar Theatre 2, the
from around the world, gaining a new perspective on how the               Innovation Zone also has a dedicated section on the in-cosmetics
boundaries between what we put onto and in our bodies to look             website. Check for more
beautiful have clearly blurred.                                           information and session times.

Mintel consultants will be on hand to offer you personalised advice and
opinion on all of the trends and products featured, helping you stay
one step ahead of industry and trend developments.
                                                                                                                          Sponsor’s message

   SIAMETRICS: In vivo measurement of
   Haemoglobin, Melanin and Collagen
   SIAMETRICS is a skin imaging and measurement system from               greater accuracy and cost savings means that SIAMETRICS gives
   Astron Clinica, developed following feedback from cosmetic             cosmetic formulators and actives manufactures a valuable
   scientists and researchers. It has been introduced to partner our      analytical tool.
   highly successful COSMETRICS system.                                      Astron Clinica will conduct a series of 30-minute live
      Our skin imaging systems are powered by SIAscopy, a clinically      demonstrations of SIAMETRICS from 14.00 on each day of the show.
   proven skin visualisation and measurement technology which
   penetrates up to 2mm into the skin. SIAscopy measures the relative     Visit us on Stand D214
   concentrations of melanin, haemoglobin and collagen in-vivo as
   opposed to redness and brownness.This gives scientists a more
   accurate picture of the way products and active ingredients react
   with human skin.
      COSMETRICS has been successfully adopted by major cosmetic
   companies and testing laboratories where it is recognised as an
   invaluable tool in defining how skincare products interact with
   haemoglobin, melanin and collagen.
      SIAMETRICS adds the ability to quickly and efficiently transfer
   chromophore maps, captured as SIASCANS to in house or third
   party image analysis software.The scan and acquisition of data for
   the three chromphores is a remarkable 10 seconds.
      Intense competition in the cosmetics sector, requirements for


Marketing Trends Presentations
Preview by Imogen Matthews, consultant to in-cosmetics

In the past year, climate change, global warming and other                 The cosmetics and toiletries market should no longer be viewed in
environmental issues have become headline news, affecting the way          isolation but as part of a wider industry that includes food and
that consumers purchase and companies do business.This year’s              dietary supplements and other self-styled holistic products,
in-cosmetics Marketing Trends devotes a whole day to green issues          professional salon treatments and plastic surgery.The Marketing
and their importance to the beauty industry, with speakers from            Trends presentations will examine how beauty markets are evolving
leading market research organisations, agencies and companies              and drawing on influences from other consumer industries.
operating within the natural/organic sector.
                                                                           All presentations are free-to-attend

Time                           Tuesday 15 April

10.45 - 11.30                  The “Greening” of Personal Care - Separating Perception from Reality
                               Gillian S. Morris, Director, Chemicals and Materials Consulting Practice, Kline

                               The terms “natural”, “organic”, and/or derived from sustainable, and/or renewable ingredients are far from clear-cut,
                               leading to possible confusion. Gillian Morris will provide an authoritative review of the value chain for natural
                               personal care from raw materials through to finished products. Her presentation will provide an assessment of the
                               market for green, renewable and natural raw materials and an analysis of key drivers for this fast growing category.

12.00 - 13.00                  Jojoba: 35 Years of Organic Growth
                               Yonathan Regev, President, International Jojoba Export Council
                               Erk Schuchhardt, President,Weleda North America
                               James Brown, President, International Flora Technologies

                               The International Jojoba Export Council (IJEC), with members from all producing countries, will present statistics
                               on the market for jojoba, an important botanical ingredient used in the cosmetics industry worldwide. Jojoba
                               ingredients are now supplied by more than 20 manufacturers with links to jojoba farms in as many countries on
                               almost every continent.This presentation will include statistics on worldwide production of jojoba, jojoba oil and its
                               derivatives. Regarded as a cosmetic ingredient of the future, jojoba is a natural, botanical, renewable resource with
                               a special affinity to human skin.

13.45 - 15.15                  Global Market for Natural and Organic Cosmetics and Ingredients: Marketing Challenges and Pitfalls
                               Amarjit Sahota, CEO, Organic Monitor

                               Followed by a Panel Discussion moderated by Organic Monitor:
                               Barbara Scott, Founder and CEO, Circaroma
                               Jeanne Christensen, Marketing Director, Group Lea Nature
                               Rainer Plum, Consultant, Borlind Group
                               Dr. Nitasha Buldeo, Founder and CEO, Organic Apoteke

                               Natural and organic cosmetics is a high interest category presenting new business opportunities. Amarjit Sahota
                               will review the business opportunities and pitfalls.This session will be followed at 14.15 by a panel discussion with
                               seasoned professionals from the booming natural and organic sector.

15.45 - 16.30                  What's Natural Today?
                               Nica Lewis, Head Consultant, Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research, Mintel

                               The definition of “natural” is being constantly redefined with new and varied claims from biodynamic and artisanal.
                               Nica Lewis will analyse how the natural claim is evolving, with key examples of the latest natural ingredients,
                               including minerals, spices and fermented actives.

17.00 - 17.45                  Sustainable Packaging Innovations for Cosmetics
                               Amarjit Sahota, CEO, Organic Monitor
                               Marc De Roeck, Market Development Manager, Innovia

                               Sustainable packaging is now high up on the agenda for the personal care industry, as companies look at ways of
                               becoming more environmentally-friendly and socially responsible by looking at a number of different kinds of
                               packaging options, including recycling, biodegradable, ecological.This presentation will examine sustainable packaging
                               options and the possible applications for biodegradable packaging.

Time            Wednesday 16 April

10.45 - 11.30   Cosmetics and Toiletries 2007 and Beyond - A Global Perspective
                Diana Dodson, Senior Industry Analyst for Cosmetics and Toiletries, Euromonitor International

                Euromonitor forecasts that the global cosmetics and toiletries market will reach US$312.5bn by 2011, up almost
                16% on 2006.This strong growth reflects increasing worldwide wealth and the emphasis consumers are putting on
                their appearance. Diana Dodson will review these and other factors contributing to growth in the beauty market,
                including macroeconomic, demographic, consumer and industry drivers. She will focus specifically on Western
                Europe with a snapshot of key country and regional markets, looking at the sectors offering the strongest
                prospects. She will also review company and brand strategies and retail trends, and make predictions and
                recommendations for the future.

12.00 - 12.45   Eating Beauty
                Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Mintel Custom Solutions, Mintel
                Nica Lewis, Head Consultant, Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research, Mintel

                The boundary between what we put on and in our bodies is blurring, with the emergence of beauty beverages,
                nutraceuticals and gourmet skincare. Lynn Dornblaser and Nica Lewis will conduct a fast-paced presentation
                looking at the beauty foods trend and analyse relevant new product launches in both food and personal care.They
                will also provide a unique opportunity to sample some of the latest and tastiest beauty products around.

14.00 - 14.45   Nutricosmetics - Decoding the Convergence of Beauty and Healthcare
                Carrie Mellage, Director, Personal Care Products Industry, Kline

                Carrie Mellage will assess the emerging market for nutricosmetics, consisting of orally ingestible products whose
                purpose is beautification of hair, skin and nails. Her presentation will cover the latest trends and innovations in
                nutricosmetics and provide insights into the future.

15.15 - 16.00   40-55 year-old Women and Anti-Ageing - Drawing Inspiration from Peripheral Markets
                Marie-Alix Leroy, Beauty Consultant, JumpFrance

                Plastic surgery has had a direct influence on the cosmetics industry, especially with regard to the dermo-esthetics
                category. Other markets and practices have a considerable influence, such as Eastern medicines, including Indian
                rejuvenating massage, anti-ageing dietetics, anti-wrinkle acupuncture and relaxation techniques linked to reducing
                wrinkles. Marie-Alix Leroy asks how one can differentiate oneself in a booming anti-ageing market. Her
                presentation will break down into four sections: an overview of 40-55 year old women; untapped needs for new
                profiles, examining the latest opportunities in peripheral markets; anti-ageing practices of yesterday, including
                acupuncture and hairstyle typology; Anti-ageing practices of tomorrow, including aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing
                capillary extension, artificial thickening of hair and rejuvenating make-up techniques; Differentiation opportunities
                for brands, such as electro-technology, functional textiles etc.

16.30 - 17.15   Future Footprints - Trends from Salon Beauty
                Fiona Rauh, Marketing Director, Liquidrock

                Fiona Rauh will present on new and fresh ideas from the world of Salon Beauty. Liquidrock’s Future Footprints
                report will follow lifestyle themes from salon to the high street, examining today’s shifting consumer and analysing
                their needs and desires. Rauh will highlight hot brands, leading product solutions and salon trends that will translate
                onto the high street.The report aims to be an inspirational tool for brainstorming, industry analysis, strategic
                planning, consumer trends and brand new product development.

                                                                                                         IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW 13

Time                           Thursday 17 April

10.45 - 11.30                  What are the Opportunities in the BRICs?
                               Alexander Kirillov, Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry Manager, Euromonitor International

                               In his presentation, Alexander Kirilov will analyse growth opportunities for international and local manufacturers in
                               the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), which are set to contribute US$17bn or 40% to the absolute
                               growth of the global cosmetics and toiletries market by 2011. He will assess the similarities between the BRICs
                               and how they differ, explaining why China and Russia demonstrate the highest growth rates of the BRIC countries
                               as a whole as well as country-specific developments, with new forecasts for 2007-2012.

12.00 - 12.45                  Environ-mentality
                               Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner, Pearlfisher

                               Ethical and environmental issues are becoming the defining and overused messages of our time. As packaging
                               designers, Pearlfisher have the ability to make questionable products more desirable and fill up landfill sites, but
                               they are trying hard not to do so. Jonathan Ford’s presentation on ”environ-mentality” is about introducing a new
                               currency and vocabulary linked directly to brands. He will show the right way to express environmental and
                               sustainable activity authentically which doesn’t appear to jump on the ever-growing bandwagon.This will include
                               developing an “environ-mentality” to innovation and design for environmental good practice in order to create
                               long term desire for brands. “Do good, save money and make profit at the same time,” believes Ford.


Cosmetic Science Conference
                                                                                Organised by:                   Sponsored by:

                                                                                                                                              Stand B191
The Cosmetic Science Conference addresses two of
the most influential issues currently impacting on the
cosmetic market: Natural Cosmetics and Skin Ageing.
Leading experts in these fields will be presenting at
the conference, providing the latest update on the                                 Looking young and healthy is a major aim of all users of cosmetic
status of research in these arenas.                                                products, and unsurprisingly the majority of cosmetic research is
                                                                                   focused on skin ageing. It is essential therefore to be up-to-date with
Whilst natural ingredients are not new in cosmetics, the demand for                the current technology and science in anti-ageing research. At the CSC
natural products is high and growing and requirements for natural                  2008 you will be able to discuss with leading international experts the
ingredients are tightening. Key issues include sustainability, fair trade and      future challenges and opportunities for anti-ageing products. From
bioavailability of green cosmetic products. Speakers from key                      consumer demand to new findings in nanotechnology and claim
organisations and academies will come together to address these                    substantiation as well as new dermatological approaches and a new
subjects and demonstrate how your products could benefit from the                  view on Sun Protection - the “Skin Ageing” session on 17 April will
latest developments. Legislation in this field needs careful attention as it       provide precious knowledge and the opportunity to exchange your
directly affects formulation with natural actives. How will REACH                  views with your peers.
influence the future of naturals? Listen what a producer has to say.
How can you substitute ‘chemical’ with ‘natural’? What effects do green            Abstracts for all presentations are available at
replacements have in your formulations? When changing a formulation      
further important issues need attention: How to ensure the
preservation of your cosmetics while not using preservatives? Is this                 REGISTRATION
possible? What are the natural alternatives available? And what are the               Online at
newest natural actives available on the market? This and much more is                 1-day pass:        380 € (exc. tax)
highlighted in the CSC “Naturals” session on 16 April 2008.                           2-day pass:        700 € (exc. tax)

                                                        COSMETIC SCIENCE CONFERENCE PROGRAMME

Wednesday 16 April

Time            Presentations

09.30 - 09.40   Introduction
                CSC Chairman

09.40 - 10.05   Natural Preservation of Cosmetic Products
                Dr. Jan Jänichen, Managing Director, Dr. Straetmans GmbH

10.05 - 10.30   Bioavailability of Cosmetic Actives - What does it Mean?
                Prof. Ph.D. Jacek Arct, President, Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care

10.30 - 10.55   Green Chemical Solutions - New Green Raw Material Concepts are Key to Successful Consumer Brands
                Werner Seipel,Technical Manager, Cognis GmbH

10.55 - 11.15   Coffee Break

11.15 - 11.40   Certification of Sustainable Wild Collections of Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics - The FairWild Standard
                Dr. Franziska Staubli, Project Manager, SIPPO

11.40 - 12.05   Well Documented Sourcing of Natural Ingredients Applying Standard Operational Procedures in Resource
                Management and Processing
                Klaus Dürbeck, Chief Executive, Klaus Dürbeck Consulting

12.05 - 12.30   Natural Cosmetics Ingredients - How can we Formulate to Replace the “Bad” with “Good”?
                Dr. Judi Beerling, C.Chem, MRSC, MBA,Technical Consulting Manager, Organic Monitor

12.30 - 13.50   Lunch Break

13.50 - 14.15   The Roots and Modern Interpretations of Natural Cosmetics
                Shino Yamamoto, Product Group Manager, Impag AG

14.15 - 14.40   Natural Anti-Ageing Ingredients from Unsaponifiable Fraction of Plant Oils
                M.Sc. Katarzyna Pytkowska, Deputy-Rector, Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care

14.40 - 15.05   REACH and the Consequences for Natural Ingredients
                Dr. Götz Ritzmann,Vice President / Head of Research and Development, Börlind GmbH

15.05 - 15.25   Coffee Break

15.25 - 15.50   Measuring the Anti-oxidant Capacity of Natural Ingredients
                Dr. Jan Knight, Managing Director, Knight Scientific Limited

15.50 - 16.15   Formulating "Green Cosmetics"
                Dr. Barbara Olioso, Director, Organatural

16.15 - 16.40   Hydroxytyrosol from Olives, an Interesting Radical Scavenger for Cosmetic Applications
                Maria Lüder, Managing Director, QENAX AG

                                                                                                      IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW 17

Thursday 17 April

Time                           Presentations

09.30 - 09.40                  Introduction
                               Prof. Dr. Lothar Motitschke, CSC Chairman, International Cosmetic Consulting

09.40 - 10.05                  Considering the 'Voice of the Consumer' for Developing Anti-ageing Products: Product Features that Evoke
                               Buying Intention
                               Dr. Felix Schaefer, Managing Director, Schäfer market research GmbH

10.05 - 10.30                  A New Approach to Anti-ageing Skin Care:The Importance of Controlling Mast Cell Tryptase and NFkB Activity
                               during the Skin Ageing Process
                               Dr. Arunasiri Iddamalgoda, Research Scientist, Ichimaru Pharcos Co. Ltd.

10.30 - 10.55                  Anti-ageing Skin Care for Cutaneous Photo-ageing Process
                               Dr. Satoshi Amano, Senior Scientist, Shiseido

10.55 - 11.10                  Coffee Break

11.10 - 11.35                  Light - instead of Sun Protection? The Way out of a Dilemma!
                               Prof. Dr. Leonhard Zastrow, Senior Vice President, Coty Lancaster

11.35 - 12.25                  Anti-oxidants and Skin Ageing
                               Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann, Professor of Dermatology, Charité

12.25 - 13.40                  Lunch Break

13.40 - 14.05                  Dermal and Transdermal Drug Targeting using Enhancer Molecules and Colloidal Carrier Systems
                               Prof. Dr. H.C. Reinhard Neubert, Professor of Biopharmaceutics, Director, Institute of Pharmacy, Martin-Luther-
                               University Halle-Wittenberg

14.05 - 14.30                  Prevention of Photo Ageing and Skin Cancer - the Long Way back to Uniform UV Protection
                               Uli Osterwalder, Scientific Advisor Suncare, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

14.30 - 14.55                  Skin Imaging in Claims Substantiation
                               Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wilhelm, President and Medical Director, proDERM

14.55 - 15.20                  Nanotechnology: Does it have a Future in Cosmetics?
                               Ewa Starzyk, Scientific Director, Polish Union of Private Employers of the Cosmetics Industry

15.20 - 15.35                  Coffee Break

15.35 - 16.00                  Technologies for Nanoscale Emulsions
                               Dr.-Ing. Ludger Fischer, Managing Director, AC Serendip Ltd

16.00 - 16.25                  Solid Nanospheres - Efficiently Minimising the Concentration of UV Filters in Suncare
                               Dr. Gabriele Blume,Vice President R&D, ROVI Cosmetics

16.25 - 16.50                  Sub-micron Delivery Systems to Enhance Skin Care Products Performance
                               Dr. Sam Shefer, Executive Vice President, Salvona Technologies Inc


Innovations Seminars
Hear about the latest ingredients and formulations                                      All seminars are free to attend and are available on a
techniques directly from leading international                                          first come, first served bases. Simply arrive 5 minutes
experts. Information, knowledge, discussions and a                                      before the seminar is due to start to secure your seat!
competitive advantage you simply won’t get
anywhere else.                                                                          Abstracts are available at

Innovations Theatre 1
Time                 Tuesday 15 April                                    Wednesday 16 April                                     Thursday 17 April

10.30 - 11.00        BASF                                                SEPPIC                                                 Bayer MaterialScience
                     Slim-excess®, the Body Designer: A New Sugar Trap   New SEPPIC Hair Care Range to Meet the Needs of        Baycusan®C: New Polyurethane for Cosmetic
                     with Slimming Efficiency in 14 days                 Hair and Scalps in Crisis                              Applications
                     Serge Rogasik, Global Marketing                     Nathalie Chevrot                                       Dr. Sophie Viala, Innovation Manager
                     Director, BASF Beauty Care Solutions

11.30 - 12.00        Kuhs GmbH                                            Laserson                                              Arch Personal Care Products
                     DMS® - a Multifunctional Lamellar System for Barrier Gelinnov, a Breakthrough Texturing Agent              Measuring Potential Wound Healing Benefits of a
                     Improvement in field of Allergy Prone, Dry and       Olivier Paquatte, Marketing Director                  Fermentation Extract of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
                     Eczema Dedicated Skin                                                                                      (Baker’s Yeast) In Vitro
                     Martin Albrecht, Director R&D /                                                                            Dr. James V. Gruber, Director of R&D
                     Product Management

12.30 - 13.00        Croda Europe                                        Lipotec                                                Ciba Specialty Chemicals
                     Echium Oil - a Natural Approach to Anti-ageing      A New Patented Molecule for Safe Skin Lightening       Global Harmonization of Sun Protection
                     Debra Jones, Applications Manager                   Dr. Arturo Puig, Chief Business                        Uli Osterwalder, Scientific
                                                                         Development Officer                                    Advisor Suncare

13.30 - 14.00        BASF                                                Ajinomoto                                              Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation
                     Sensational Hair Conditioning in Shampoo            Innovation for Natural Cosmetics: Acylamino Acid       Fullness for “Radical Control” of your Life
                     Dr. Claudia Wood, Senior Scientist                  Surfactants, their Characterization and Usage          Shuichi Yamana, CEO
                                                                         Tomokazu Kamidoi

14.30 - 15.00        DSM Nutritional Products                            ISP                                                    Chemspeed
                     Photostable UVA Protection in Sunscreens -          Advanced Moisturization Technologies for Skincare      Accelerating Formulation R&D by Automated High
                     Practical Solutions                                 Dr. David Moore, Senior Science Fellow                 Output Solutions
                     Christine Mendrok-Edinger, Head                     Mihaela Gorcea, Senior Research                        Dr. Amira Abou-Hamdan, Business
                     Emulsion Technology                                 Chemist, Global R&D                                    Development Manager, Head of
                                                                                                                                Business Unit, Chemspeed Technologies

15.30 - 16.00        CP Kelco                                            Centre Européen des Silicones
                     Strategies in Selecting Rheology Modifiers          Silicones: A New Approach to Shine, Volume
                     Anju Bansal, Scientist                              & Smoothness
                                                                         Dr. Martin Kropfgans

16.30 - 17.00        Rohm and Haas                                       Lubrizol / Noveon
                     Water Resistance & Film Formation Through a         Consumer Specialities
                     Unique Mechanism                                    New Concepts in Styling Using Fixate™ Polymers
                     Dr. Charles Jones, Research Fellow,                 Dorina Ghirardi, Noveon®
                     Rohm & Haas USA                                     Consumer Specialties

17.30 - 18.00        Dow Chemical                                        Ciba Specialty Chemicals
                     Polymeric Associative Thickener Technology for      Ciba® Tinovis® CD, Focused Conditioning for Changing
                     Personal Cleansing Applications                     Hair
                     Tatiana V. Drovetskaya, Sr. R&D Specialist          Tony Watson,Technology Specialist

Innovations Theatre 2
Time                Tuesday 15 April                                           Wednesday 16 April                                       Thursday 17 April

11.00 - 11.30       Arkema                                                    B&T Srl                                                   Kuhs GmbH
                    Orgasol® Caresse: a New Texture Agent to Open the         Biomimetic Liquid Crystals as Skin Barrier                Natipide - a Liposomal Loadable Carrier and Active
                    Scope for Innovation in Skin Care & Sun Care              Restructuring Agents                                      in one, Perspectives and New Applications
                    Dr. Karine Loyen,                                         Alain Thibodeau Ph.D.,                                    Martin Albrecht, Director R&D /
                    Orgasol Technical Manager                                 Director Scientific Affairs                               Product Management

12.00 - 12.30       ISP                                                       Pentapharm                                                McIntyre Group Ltd
                    New Active Ingredient to Enhance Skin Tone                Innovations in the Treatment of Stretch Marks             New Generation Preservative Systems from the
                    Jöel Mantelin, Director                                   Marie-Sophie Meyer, Sales & Marketing                     McIntyre Group
                                                                              Manager, Cosmetics                                        John Hibbs,Technical Director

13.00 - 13.30       Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH                                   ISP                                                       McIntyre Group Ltd
                    Innovating for the Future from Indian Traditions:         Creating Value-Added Products with Microcapsules          Systems and Ingredients for Effective Hair and
                    Evonik extends its Active Ingredients Platforms to        Ben Sales, Senior Scientist                               Body Conditioning
                    high-quality Plant Extracts for both                                                                                Barrie Shelmerdine,Technical
                    Skin & Hair Care Applications                                                                                       Services Manager
                    Dr. Mike Farwick, Head of R&D
                    Active Ingredients

14.00 - 14.30       Lubrizol / Noveon                                         Rhodia Novecare                                           National Starch Personal Care
                    Consumer Specialities                                     Mood Enhancement Through Personal Care Products           Certified Organic Starches for use in Personal
                    SensiMap™ Formulating Concept: A Formulator’s Tool        Victoria Santa Maria, Business                            Care Formulations
                    for Customizing Sensory Properties                        Development Manager, Personal Care                        Ralph J. Manrique, Global Marketing
                    Bryan Moran, Noveon®                                                                                                Manager, Skin Care
                    Consumer Specialties

15.00 - 15.30       Silab                                                      SEPPIC                                                   Rhodia Novecare
                    Still, Natural Active Ingredients Specifically Relevant to A New Multivatent Emulsifmying-Stabilizing-Texturizing   Rhodia creates Shining Experiences
                    Men’s Cosmetic Needs!                                      SEPPIC Polymer for “Cocoon-Like” Formulas                Ajay Khandkar, Business Development
                    David Boudier, Scientific                                  Alicia Roso, Excipient Marketing                         Manager. Asia Pacific
                    Communication Manager                                      Team, R&D

16.00 - 16.30       ISP                                                       Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH
                    Role of Mitochondria in Anti-Ageing:                      Cationic Sunscreens - Combining Versatility and
                    New Developments                                          Efficacy with Excellent Cost Performance
                    Dr. Isabelle Imbert, Research Manager                     Dr. Klaus Jenni, Head of Sun
                                                                              Care/ TS Asia

17.00 - 17.30       Thor Personal Care                                        3V Deutschland
                    New Preservative Systems for the Personal                 Formulating Last Generation of Sun Products with
                    Care Applications                                         Uvasorb HEB:
                    Stéphane Sellam,Technical Service &                       Outstanding Efficacy, Safety, and Photo-stability.
                    Regulatory Affairs Manager                                Dr.ssa Maria Coccia
                                                                              Head of 3V Applicative Laboratory
                                                                              Gabriele Pettinari
                                                                              Technical Marketing Manager

                                                                                                                                                        IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW 21

Test your hair with
innovative care
Validated improvements to quantify anti-dandruff                             importantly, these different methods cover all the main parameters and
product efficacy                                                             aspects of dandruff assessment.

Dandruff, a condition exhibiting flakes on the                               New biophysical efficacy studies for hair beauty
scalp and often associated with severe itching                               The evaluation of the effectiveness of hair care and hair styling
affects about 50% of the population. Different                               products requires a wide array of test approaches. One new approach
triggers are responsible for the appearance of                               is determining the combability of dry hair and proDERM can now
dandruff, and in addition to 20% of cases where                              measure the pressure needed, to comb treated, dried strands of hair.
no other scalp disease is present, more severe                               The resulting data enhances the assessment of hair care products such
skin disorders such as eczema (atopic dermatitis),                           as shampoos, conditioners etc.
seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin infection, or                             To test styling products such as hair sprays, mousses or gels,
infestation with lice, are thought to play an                                technically innovative methods are available to document the curl
important role. Stress or hormonal changes e.g.                              retention and long-lasting hold. The determination of hair volume is
due to pregnancy are also usually associated with the appearance of          also of critical interest to those developing hair care and hair styling
severe scaling.                                                              products. proDERM have successfully employed the shadow method
    A wide variety of anti-dandruff products are available to help reduce    for this special task. The treated strands of hair are positioned in front
scalp discomfort. In general, the efficacy of these products is clinically   of a light source and the silhouette is photographed with a CCD
judged by visual scoring or subjective assessments. proDERM have             camera and then analysed with 3-D parameters.
successfully established and validated a visualization of the dandruff          To determine the influence of UV irradiation or frequent washing
scoring system; to standardize combing-out of flakes; and improved           on dyed hair, the colour of hair is measured with a Chromameter
image analysis techniques in order to establish an objective                 before and after challenges. In this way, the general permanency of a
measurement for qualitative determination of anti-dandruff product           hair dye can be measured, as well as assessing the addition of UV
efficacy. Furthermore, proDERM’s macrophotography was developed              protection or colour intensifying properties.
and employed to record visually the grade of dandruff severity, which           At in-cosmetics 2008 proDERM plan to introduce visitors to their
also complements the other methods used, by performing a ranking of          methods including the tensile properties of hair, and quantifying the
these macrophotos by trained experts to obtain evaluable data.               pliability and resistance to mechanical friction of hair, in order to
    The new establishment of a visualized dandruff score simplifies the      quantify the tactile sensation, a parameter which until now could only
visual assessment of dandruff severity on the scalp of volunteers            be measured subjectively. proDERM’s enlarged spectrum of testing
suffering from dandruff. The method of combing out the flakes from           methods makes it possible to help evaluate many important aspects
the scalp onto plates is standardized, and the analysis of the resulting     which determine the effectiveness of hair care products.
images is automized, which leads to an objective measure for dandruff           Dr.Theresa Callaghan, Director Business Development,
severity. Together with the ranking of macrophotos, all methods give         proDERM GmbH
reproducible values and demonstrate that these methods yield results
that are comparable to the usually used visual assessment. More              proDERM, Stand D193

Sunless tanning
Novel peptide peptides derived from fermentation that                      synthesis melanin when it binds to the Melanocortin 1 receptor
modulate skin tone                                                         (MC1R). When a MSH binds to MCIR the melanocyte not only does
                                                                           melanin synthesised begin but the cell also starts to synthesise more
                                                                           MCIR receptors.These receptors are much ‘better’ at binding MSH
The sales of sunless tanning products started in the 1960s and they        than the original MCIR receptors allowing all the subsequent molecules
are estimated today to be worth around $185 million.                       of MSH to bind more easily. This leads to an even greater stimulation
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) has for a long time, been almost uniquely,          melanin synthesis.
the main sunless tanning active. Sunless tanning formulas often include       MCIR was identified as a possible target for actives that could
other actives such as erythrulose, vegetable analogues of melanin; plant   modulate skin tone. These receptors became even more interesting
extracts and powders for example, walnut extract, and other pigments.      when it was understood that Agouti Signal Protein (ASP) binds a third
These are included in an attempt to make the DHA stain look richer         type of MCIR and ‘calms’ the melanocyte, encouraging it to make less
or more natural. Unfortunately, not only does DHA form a less than         melanin. It should be possible to mimic ASP with an active that could
perfect skin colour, its characteristic odour is unpleasant and hard to    reduce melanin and so even skin tone around freckles and age spots.
mask. DHA also readily reacts with common cosmetic ingredients                Novel Peptide Peptides were isolated from Lactobacillus acidophilus
making it hard to formulate with and although DHA gives the illusion       ferments and tested in Vitro and In Vivo to see if they would act as
of a suntan, it is not ideal because the DHA stain does not give any       activators or antagonists for the MC1 receptors on Melanocytes and
sun protection.                                                            so lead to darker or lighter Skin Tone.
                                                                              The results of the In Vitro Melanin Assay, carried out by
Natural Tan and the ideal Sunless Tanning Active                           BioInnovation Laboratories using the MatTek Melanoderm Assay to
Skin naturally protects itself from sun damage by synthesising melanin     demonstrate the level of lightening due by one peptide isolate (AC
and it is melanin that gives skin its ‘healthy tan’. The ideal sunless     DermaPeptide Lightening) are shown in figure 1.
tanning product therefore would be one that leads to an increase in
the amount of melanin in skin thus giving both a natural colour and         Figure 1
true protection from sunlight.                                              AC DermaPeptide Lightening applied in a base cream
   A tremendous amount is known about how Melanin is made.
Melanin synthesis is controlled by a variety of well studied, regulatory
molecules. Many of these molecules appear naturally when skin is
exposed to sunlight or when it becomes inflamed. The challenge was
to find natural actives that could modulate skin tone by working with
one or more of these different regulatory factors.

DNA and the role of the Melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R)                                    Day 0                            Day 28
DNA in the nucleus of living cells is damaged by excessive sunlight.
The damage builds up and eventually the DNA fails to function
properly. This leads to some of the changes in skin that we associate
with photoaging and even worse, this damage can lead to cell death or      Discussion
even to skin cancer. Interestingly, it has been shown that certain DNA     This exciting approach to Sunless Tanning has yielded two Novel
fragments will stimulate epidermal melanocytes to produce more             Peptide Peptides Derived AC DermaPeptide Lightening and AC
melanin by enhancing the transcription and translation of specific         DermaPeptide Tanning that Modulate Skin Tone.
receptors. Certain DNA fragments will also up-regulate a Melanocyte
Stimulating Hormone (a MSH), which stimulates Melanocytes to               Active Concepts, LLC, Stand C175


                                                                         MH8 MH9 MH10 MH11                  M205 M203   M199        M197 M195 M193 M191

                                          Marketing                               L204 L202
                                                                                                           L200          L196          L190       L188                                    Theatre 2
                                           Trends                        MH6      L203 L201                              L195          L189
                                           Theatre                       MH5
                                                                                  K204 K202                                                                                        Innovation              L18
                                                                         MH4                                                                                                          Zone
                                                                         MH3          K205                 K200          K198          K190               K188
                                                                         MH2                                                               Indian
                                    K221        K219    K215    K211     MH1                                                              Pavilion                       K180 K176            K174 K170

                                                                                                             Chinese Pavilion                                                                 J178

                                                J216     J210          J209              J208A             J201 J201 J201 J201         J190     J188                     J180                 J176 J172
                                                                                                           A B C D                                     French
                                                                                         J208              J201 J201 J201 J201                         Pavilion
                                                J217     J211
                                                                                                           E F       G H
                                                                                                                                                                         H186 H182            H178 H170
                                  H220          H216       H210          H209            H208              J200       H198                                                                    H176 H168
                                                                                                                                          French Pavilion
                                                                                                           H199       H197                                                      H180
                                                                                                                                                                                              H175 H167
                                                H217       H211


                                         G214           G210                   G204                  G200 G198               G196                             G186 G184 G180                              G176

                                                                                                                                French Pavilion                                                           F177
                                         F215 F213 F211                        F205                  F201 F199                                                F185

                                         F214           F210 F206              F204                  F200                    F196                             F186 F180                                   F176

                                         E215           E211     E209                                E201
Sales &
Office                                   E214           E210                   E204          E200             E198           E196     E192 E190                   E186      E184 E180                     E176

                                                                                                                             D195     D193      D191
                                                                               D205   D203           D201                                                                   D181

      CSC Theatre
                                         D216 D214              D210           D204   D202     D200 D198                     D196   D194 D192   D190          D186          D180                          D176

  in-focus Utopia Conference                                                                                                 C193 C191 C189
                                         C219 C215 C213 C211                   C209             C205 C203 C201
              15 April                                                                                                                                        D185

   Cosmetic Science Conference
           16-17 April                   C214                  C210            C204            C200                          C194 C192 C190                       C186    C182         C180               C176

                                                                                                                             B195        B191                             B183         B181

                                         B214 B212        B210                 B208 B206            B204       B200          B194               B190              B186                  B180              B176

                                                 A211                          A209 A207 A205 A201                                  A195 A193
                                                                                                                             A197               A191

                                    Toilets                       A208


    K166 K164       K160 K156      K150

           J166     J162           J152
           J160     J161    J158   J150

    H166 H164       H160 H156      H150

           H161      H157
    H165                           H147

                                                                                                      G135         G131
    Seating                                        Seating

6          G172     G170           G164                 G156    G152             G150   G140      G138           G134     G130         G124   G120 G118

7 F173 F171
                                                        F155    F153           F151     F141                     F135                         F121    F119      Innovations
                                                                                                                                                                 Theatre 1

6 F174 F172 F170                   F160                 F156    F152           F150     F144   F140              F130 F128     F126    F124    F120           160.5

7                                                                                                                                                            E117   E113 E109
     E175 E173 E171                                             E153                                             E131                          E121

6 E174 E172 E170                                        E156           E152 E150        E140    E138             E130           E128   E124      E120        E115 E110

     D175 D173                                                         D153 D151                                                D129                                  E111
6 D174              D170                                D156           D152      D150   D140                     D131        D130      D124   D120           D114 D110

     C175                                                              C153 C151                                 C131

6 C174            C170             C164   C160          C156 C154 C152 C150             C140                     C134        C130

     B175                                                      B155 B153                                         B135
6      B174         B170           B164     B160        B156 B154       B152     B150   B144   B140              B134        B130
       A175                                                    A155     A153 A151
                                                                                               A137              A135        A131


                                                                       Seating                         Seating
                     Bar                                                                                                                ENTRANCE

in-cosmetics 2008
Exhibitor list
Company                                   Stand    Chemical Compounds Inc                        F153    GFMesstechnik GmbH                           H176
3C Chemical Co.Ltd.                       J201E    Chemical Marketing Concepts Europe            B134    GfN GmbH + Selco GmbH                         B186
3V Deutschland GmbH                        F151    Chemidex GmbH                                H180     Girindus AG / Solvay Organics                D198
AarhusKarlshamn AB                        G170     Chemspeed Technologies                       H164     Givaudan UK                                  H199
ABC NanoTech Co. Ltd.                     H170     Chemyunion Quimica Ltd                        B164    Glanbia Nutritionals Europe                   F215
AC Serendip Ltd.                          H166     Chesham Speciality Ingredients                B175    Gova                                         G172
ACT.Co., Ltd                              G134     China National Chemical                               Granula                                       B155
Active Concepts SRL                       C175     Construction Corporation                       J201   Greentech S.A.                                E115
Active Organics                           C150     Chongqing Pellets Technique & Trade Co., Ltd. L195    Guangdong BioMax Si&F Fine
Advanced Nanotechnology Ltd.               E190    Ciba Specialty Chemical Inc.                 G180     Chemical Co. Ltd.                            D173
Agipal                                      J188   CLR Chemisches Laboratorium                           Guangzhou Tinci Material Technology Co., Ltd. E174
AGRIMER                                   G196     Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH                         F124    Gujarat Organic Limited                        J172
Aiglon S.A.S.                             D153     Codif Recherche & Nature                      F155    Gustav Heess GmbH                             E215
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.            G152     Cognis GmbH                                   E130    Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd. J176
Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V.                   C189     Coptis                                        B208    Hansa Group AG                               G135
Akema Fine Chemicals s.r.l.               C154     Corum Incorporation                           F173    Happi Magazine                                F199
Akott Group                               D124     CosMED Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.                 L201    Hayashibara International                    A211
Alchem International Ltd                   B204    Cosmepar / JB Consulting                     G196     Helios Science Cosmetique                    H190
Aldivia S.A.                               B174    Cosmetic Science Technology                   MH6     Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH                       L184
ALZO INTERNATIONAL/PAROXITE                 J150   Cosmetic Technology                           MH8     Hitex                                        G196
AMA Laboratories, Inc.                     K164    Cosmetic Valley                              G196     Honeywell International, Inc.                 F135
AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions Inc.       E121    Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine              G210     Household & Personal Care Today               MH2
Aqua Bio Technology ASA                   H161     Cosmetochem International Limited             B191    Huanggang Yongan Daily Chemical Co., Ltd J201B
Aqualon                                   G124     COSSMA - Health & Beauty Business                     Huangshi Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.           E209
Aquea Scientific                           E200    Media GmbH                                    MH1     Huilerie Emile Noel S.A.S.                   H190
Arch Personal Care Products                E120    Courage & Khazaka electronic                 A191     Huwell Chemicals S.r.l.                      C175
Arkema                                    D110     CP Kelco                                     D150     Huzhou NBC Bio. Material Co.                 H168
Arnaud SA                                  F205    CPN spol. s r.o.                              B140    I.D. Bio SAS                                 H190
Aromtech Ltd                               E201    Creations Couleurs                           C156     Ichthyol - Gesellschaft                      D175
Artenano Company Limited                           Croda Europe                         C164,C170        IDEA                                           J188
(member of Artec Group)                   H165     Crodarom                                     C164     Idealfarma                                    E109
Astron Clinica                            D214     DAIICHI Fine Chemical Europe GmbH             F141    Ikeda Corporation                             B186
Atrium Innovations                        D170     Daito Kasei Kogyo Co Ltd                      F144    IMCD Benelux B.V.                            C214
B&T Srl                                    F156    Decision News Media                           K166    IMCD Benelux N.V. (IMCD Group B.V.) C214
Baerlocher France SAS                     G196     Degussa ’now Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH G164             IMCD Czech Republic a.s                      C214
BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS F180         Dermscan Group                               C194     IMCD Danmark A/S                             C214
BASF SE                                    F180    Desert King                                  C213     IMCD Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG               C214
Bayer MaterialScience AG                  A208     Desert Whale Joboba Company Inc              C214     IMCD Espana especialidades Quimicas, SA. C214
Bayer Sante Familiale (S.A.S.)            C131     Diod Co, Ltd                                   J152   IMCD Finland Oy                              C214
BBI Enzymes                                 J158   Dishman Netherlands B.V.                      L203    IMCD France SAS                              C214
BC Beauty and Cosmetic srl                 L202    DKSH                                          B130    IMCD Hungary Kft                             C214
BDiH                                       MH4     Dow Chemical                                  F196    IMCD Italia SpA                              C214
Beijing Brilliance Biochemical Co. Ltd.   C211     Dow Corning Europe SA                        C200     IMCD Polska Sp. z. o. o.                     C214
Beijing Sunpu Biochem.Tech. Co., Ltd.      K215    Dr. Rieks GmbH                                L204    IMCD Sweden AB                               C214
Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH             F211    Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH B200           IMCD Switzerland AG                          C214
Beraca Sabara Quimicos E Ingredients Ltd C186      DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.          E140    IMCD Türkiye                                 C214
Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. Kg              H198     DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch                  IMCD UK Ltd                                  C214
Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH             B206    PENTAPHARM                                   G204     IMPAG AG                                     H211
Bioalternatives                           C192     DuPont International, S.A.                     J208   IMPAG Chemicals Poland Sp. z.o.o.            H211
Bioflavon Ltd                             D204     DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products       J208,J208A      IMPAG Import GmbH                            H211
Biogenics,Inc.                             F213    Earthoil Plantations Limited                   J217   Imperial-Oel-Import GmbH                      B154
Biophil S.r.l.                             F171    Eastman Chemical BV                          H209     Ina Trading Co.Ltd                           D194
BioSpectrum Inc.                           E198    Eckart GmbH                                  D120     Inca Oil                                     C213
BiotechMarine                              E180    Eco-Oil Argentina S.A.                        K202    Indena SPA                                    B150
BK Giulini GmbH                           D203     Eigenmann & Veronelli SPA                      J180   Induchem AG                                   F200
Boai Nky Pharmaceuticals Ltd.            J201A     Elementis Specialties                         F206    Industrial Quimica Lasem S.A.                D200
BodyPak Ltd.                              A130     Ellead Co Ltd                                 E152    Infinitec Activos S.L.                        E196
Botaneco                                  H147     EOC Surfactants nv                            B156    Innospec Limited                              B214
Botanica GmbH                               J162   Eppendorf Biochip Systems                     K150    Inolex                                         J216
Brenntag Holding GmbH                      F204    ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG                    K180    Inovam - Da Lamarta & Cia ltda                 J178
Bretagne International                    G196     Esperis S.p.A.                               D131     Inovia (Div. of Stan Chem
C.H. Erbsloh Benelux B.V.                  B183    Eurofins                                     A195     International Limited)                        E113
Campo Research                            D151     European Glitters                            C215     International Specialty Products             D140
Caregen Co., Ltd.                         G118     EVIC International                           D216     INTERPOLYMER                                 H190
Caroi'Line Cosmetica                      A205     Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH                      G164     Intertek NWTC                                H178
CBB Developpement                         G196     Exsymol S.A.M.                                 J190   Invitrogen Corporation                        E184
CCR S.A.S                                 H160     Fancor Europe - CRM International            G196     IREL, spol. s r.o.                           H217
CDM Pharma                                  J188   Florame SAS                                  H190     ISPE srl                                     M203
CED Cosmetologie Lyon Rhone-Alpes         H190     Floressence - Groupe Orgasynth               G196     Istituto Ricerche Applicate Srl               F185
CEMMNT Hub Ltd                             K160    FMC Biopolymer                                B160    Iwase Cosfa Co.Ltd.                          G140
Ceresco                                   H190     Galaxy Surfactants Ltd                       H210     J.M. Huber Corporation                        B212
Cestisa                                   C215     Gattefosse s.a.s.                             E156    James Robinson Ltd                           G176
Changshu League Chemical Co.Ltd           D210     Gelyma                                        E211    Jan Dekker International                     C140
Chelab Srl                                 E111    Geotech International BV                      F177    Javenech                                      L189

                                                                             +400 exhibitors from over 30 countries

JEEN International                     J161   Parfums Cosmetiques Actualités         D181    Smith and Nephew Technical Services Group K160
Jingkun Chemistry Company            D196     Pelletech Ltd.                         F186    Soap Perfumery & Cosmetics Magazine D205
JUSTE S.A.Q.F                        H216     Perfumery and Cosmetics Association            Sochibios (Bioland Korea)                  L188
K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH             E175    of Russia                              MH3     Sochibo                                    L188
Kahl GmbH & Co. KG.                   E150    Permcos GmbH                           C209    SOFW                                      C190
Kalichem Italia Srl                  A131     Personal Care Products Council                 Solabia Group                             B180
KCI Limited                          M195     (Formerly CTFA)                        MH7     Soliance                                  D201
Kelisema srl                         A191     Phoenix Chemicals Inc.                 B186    Sonneborn Refined Products B.V.           C214
Kemira Specialty, Inc.               G130     Phospholipid GmbH                      H197    Sophim                                    A135
Kervita                              G196     Power Paper                            G186    Southwest Research Institute              C219
Kline & Company Inc.                  K176    Pritty Pearlescent Pigments            F174    Spec-Chem Ind                             C174
Kobo Products Incorporated             J209   Proclaim                               G196    SpecialChem S.A                            L180
Kolb Distribution Ltd                D195     Procter & Gamble Chemicals             D174    Spincontrol                                 J188
Koster Keunen Holland BV             D191     proDERM GmbH                           D193    Statfold Seed Oil Developments Limited K174
Kraeber Gmbh & Co                    A201     Protameen Chemicals Inc.               F140    Stearinerie Dubois                        C210
Kreglinger Europe                     B186    Provital Group                         E186    Stephenson Group Ltd                      E117
Kumar Organic Products Limited       D202     Q.P. Corporation                       K204    Sternchemie GmbH & Co KG                  H198
Kyowa Hakko Europe GmbH               F141    QACS Ltd                                J166   StratiCELL SA/NV                          E192
Laboratoire BIO-EC                     J188   Qenax AG                               E215    Studio ENDIF                              K219
Laboratoire Ocealys                  G196     R.I.T.A. Corporation                   E170    Summit Research Labs, Inc.                D114
Laboratoire Soetenaey                C176     R.T.Vanderbilt Company, Inc.           A207    SunChemical SA                            D156
Laboratoire Soniam                   M197     Ra.M.Oil s.p.a.                        D152    Sunjin Chemical Co.Ltd.                   G184
Laboratoires Expanscience             B181    Radiant Inc.                           F119    Symrise GmbH & Co. KG                      E214
Laboratoires Prod'Hyg                 E171    RAHN AG                                F186    Syres                                     H190
Laboratoires Serobiologiques          E138    Redoil Italia SPA                      B195    Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd                   J211
Lachemi Chemorgs (P) Ltd               J172   Regeron, Inc.                          C205    Taizhu Group Co., Ltd.                    C151
Lambiotte Et Cie SA                   B190    Reheis Inc                             E177    Technature                                E173
Lanolines Stella                      F172    Res Pharma S.r.l.                      E110    Tecniche Nuove Spa                        MH5
LANXESS Distribution GmbH             F121    Reveal Sciences                        K170    TensaChem SA                              B135
Laserson                             C180     Rhodia Novecare                        L200    Terry Laboratories Inc.                    F186
LCW / Sensient Cosmetic Technologies  F144    RJA Plastics GmbH                      H220    Textron Tecnica, S.L                      B144
Lessonia                              E172    Rockwood Clay Additives GmbH           H157    Thor Personal Care SAS                    B176
Lipo Chemicals FRANCE S.A.S.         C134     Roha Caleb (U.K.) Limited               J200   Tsuno Rice Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd.         F120
Lipo Chemicals Incorporated          C134     Rohm and Haas                          E124    UBE Chemical Europe, S.A.                  E204
Lipoid AG                            H197     Rossow Cosmetiques                     H208    Ubifrance                     G196, H190, J188
Lipotec S.A.                          F150    ROVI Cosmetics International GmbH      E170    Uniproma Business Co., Ltd                M205
Logos International                   B152    RUIcolor                               F126    Univar                                    C200
Lonza AG                              E153    Russo Chemie                           H167    VaMa Farmacosmetica Srl / LAGIS Srl       G131
Lowenstein Jos H.& Sons, Inc         C130     S Black Ltd                            F205    Vertellus Performance Materials Inc.      C182
Lubrizol Advanced Materials / Noveon          S&D Aroma Ltd                          G198    Vevy Europe SpA                           B186
Consumer Specialties Division         F160    S. Black GmbH                          F205    Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation       G138
Lucas Meyer Cosmetics                 K198    Sabinsa Corporation                    G214    Vivimed Labs Limited                      K205
Lyofal                               H190     Sabo S.r.l (a socio unico)             A175    Wacker Chemie AG                          K200
McIntyre Group Ltd                    E131    SACI-CFPA                              F176    Warwick Specialties                         J210
Merck KGaA                            B210    Safic-Alcan Benelux                    L188    Wiley-Blackwell                           MH9
MERKUR Vaseline GmbH & Co. KG         L196    Saint Gobain Advanced Ceramics         K221    Worlée-Chemie GmbH                         F170
Mexialoe Laboratorios S.A. De C.V.   C191     Sasol Olefins & Surfactants GmbH       E210    XenTech Co. Ltd                           H150
Mibelle Biochemistry                  B161    Sasol Wax GmbH                         L196    YDS Chemicals Comm.VA                     E201
Michel BERTIN S.A.                   H190     Schill & Seilacher AG                  H186    Yunnan Yuanjiang Evergreen Biological
Micro Powders, Inc                    E128    Schuelke & Mayr GmbH                   D186    Industry (Group) Co. Ltd.                 A193
Mintel International Group            L190    Sederma SAS                            C164    Zahra Rosewater Co.                       D192
Mitsubishi International GmbH        A155     Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd                   C214    Zhejiang Chemicals Import and
Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd.           H182     SEPPIC                                 C204    Export Corporation                       J201D
MMP Inc.                              F214    Setalg                                 G200    Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu
MMP Sarl                              F214    Shandong Freda Biochem Co., Ltd.       D185    Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.                   A153
Momentive Performance Materials       B194    Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co. Ltd       D129    Zhongbao Chemicals Co.,Ltd                D190
Monoi Institute,The                  C203     Shanghai Openchem Int.Co.Ltd           C193    ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ
Moravol spol. s r.o.                 H217     Shanghai Uchem Co., Ltd.               A197    GmbH & Co KG                              D180
Nagase                               M193     Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Ltd.      A209
Nalco Company                         B170    Shaoxing Haicheng Chemical Co.Ltd.      J201   List correct at time of going to print.
NanHang Industrial Co.,Ltd            F130    Sharon Laboratories Ltd                G150
National Starch Personal Care        D130     Shin-Etsu Silicones Europe BV          A137
Natural Solution                      F152    Showa Denko Europe GmbH                L188
Neelikon FD&C Colours Europe Ltd     C201     Shuangyou (Hong Kong) Ltd.             M191
Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd C201     Sigmund Lindner                        A151
New Phase Technologies                B153    Silab                                  C160
Nisshin OilliO Fine Chemicals GmbH   G156     Sinerga S.p.A.                         D176
NK Chemicals Europe Limited           F128    Sisterna BV                            F214
Nusil Technology Europe               K188    SIT Skin Investigation & Technology
Nutraceutical Business & Technology  MH10     Hamburg GmbH                           F210
Omya AG                              M199     Skin Test Institute - Intercosmetica
ORF Genetics                           J160   Neuchatel SA                           H175
Organic Monitor                      MH11     SkinEthic                              C152
Owphi Lavender Ltd                   H148     SLI Chemicals GmbH                     E176

                                                                                                                 IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW 29

Appealing to your senses
Croda is bringing the sensory benefits of their
materials to life through a “Feeling is Believing…”
campaign, which will be officially launched to the
global personal care market at in-cosmetics 2008.
   Using a series of ‘hands-on’ demonstration
tools, customers can feel and see the unique
benefits of Croda’s emollients and emulsifiers for
themselves at the show, as well as learning about
the products efficacy data.
Croda Europe Ltd., Stand C170

   Innovation through                                                   A warm welcome
   biotechnology                                                        Newly created Kervita will exhibit for the first time at in-cosmetics 2008.
                                                                           Kervita specialises in supplying raw materials from marine crops (salt
    At in-cosmetics 2008, Nagase will introduce a new range of          tolerant plants). Living in harsh conditions, the plants have developed
    phospholipids produced by an enzymatic process.                     specific properties, which are beneficial to cosmetic applications and
        Using lecithin as a starting material, Nagase has developed     nutritional supplements.
    Nagase LPG (Lysophosphatidylglycerol). This ingredient is of           In order to respect the environment and to meet the industrial
    natural origin (lecithin), soluble in water and contains up to
    80% pure Lysophosphatidylglycerol.
        Nagase LPG is an effective emulsifier as well as an excellent
    moisturizing agent. It provides good affinity with the skin, low
    irritancy and high safety. In vitro testing has also shown the
    unique ability of this ingredient to promote anti-microbial
    activity. At only 0.1% concentration, Nagase LPG can
    significantly reduce the growth of fungi and yeast.
    Nagase (Europa) GmbH, Stand M193

                                                                        demands and standards (especially regarding volume, quality and full
                                                                        traceability), Kervita grows its halophytic crops trough qualified farmers
                                                                        in Brittany and process the raw materials in its own facilities. Their
                                                                        crops are certified 100% natural by Ecocert.
                                                                           Kervita has also developed some agronomic standards for rare plants,
                                                                        harvest and process seaweeds from the northern coast of Brittany.
                                                                        Kervita, Stand G196


                                                                                      Sasol Wax GmbH has announced that it has taken over the
                                                                                      shares (50%) held by Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH in
                                                                                      MERKUR Vaseline GmbH & Co. KG.
                                                                                         MERKUR Vaseline, a Hamburg-based, leading global
                                                                                      supplier of vaseline and paraffin oil, supplied customers in
                                                                                      the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in over 100
                                                                                      countries between 1999 and 2007. It will be integrated into
                                                                                      Sasol Wax GmbH from 1 April 2008.
                                                                                         Activities for cosmetics, body care and pharmaceutical
                                                                                      users will be combined in a new “Personal Care” business
                                                                                      unit, leading to greater concentration in the entire field.
                                                                                      Ideally, the existing MERKUR product portfolio will be
                                                                                      supplemented by industry-specific wax products.
                                                                                         Customers will continue to benefit from the MERKUR
                                                                                      team’s experience and their high quality products.The
                                                                                      expansion of Sasol Wax’s expertise and global presence will
                                                                                      drive business forward, while its commitment to customer
                                                                                      service will continue to make it a first-choice supplier for
                                                                                      manufacturers worldwide.
                                                                                      MERKUR, and Sasol Wax Stand L196

Paraben free
conditioner                            Milk Thistle and                                        Latest
CERESCO will exhibit CERELYS 7
                                       Moldavian                                               innovations
PF, a new Polyquaternium 7             Dragonhead Oils
cationic polymer now available                                                                 Sederma, a subsidiary of Croda, will be presenting
Paraben Free, at in-cosmetics 2008.    Although Milk Thistle is well known as the              their latest innovative cosmetic ingredients at
                                       source of powerful hepatoprotective                     in-cosmetics 2008.
                                       substances (flavonolignanes), its seeds also               OVALISS™, a natural substance which reduces
                                       contain a substantial amount of fatty oil rich in       double chins and visibly reshapes the facial
                                       linoleic acid.The composition of this oil,
                                       manufactured under mild conditions according
                                       to GMP standards, includes phytosterols,
                                       phospholipids, phytosqualene and other
    It was specifically developed as   biological active ingredients. All these
an alternative for the                 substances, without addition of any artificial
conditioners which usually             substances, represent the rich nutritious basis
contain parabens as a                  for sensitive or damaged skin exhibiting
preservative. It is a ready to use     regenerative properties.                                contours. Thanks to FOITS technique, a reduction
aqueous solution, highly soluble          The recent research of medicinal plant               of double chin volume was measured by up to
in water and perfectly                 Moldavian Dragonhead has revealed the high              10.4% for the first quartile of a panel and a
compatible with all kinds of           content of alpha-linolenic acid in the oil              significant decrease of the fold of fat was noticed
surfactants. Its transparent           obtained from its seeds. This substance                 for 64% volunteers.
aspect ensures ease of use in any      supports the skin immunity behaviour, protects             Sederma has also formulated ESSENSKIN™ to
type of hair care and skin care        against oxidative stress and nourishes the deep         help people of 60+ to fortify and restructure
formulations. CERELYS 7                layer of the skin.                                      their thin and fragile skin. ESSENSKIN™ is a
reduces the static electricity and        Due to the high content of polyunsaturated           complementary source of calcium and essential
flyaway, improves application of       fatty acids in both Milk Thistle and Moldavian          amino acids and is especially designed to re-boost
the end product, increases shine       Dragonhead oils and its derivatives, they are           cell metabolism and protein synthesis, rebalance
and softness of the hair and gives     advantageously utilized in advanced cosmetic            ion flow and recreate calcium gradient in order to
the skin a soft, velvety and non-      and cosmeceutic preparations applied as anti-           regulate the barrier homeostasis and the
greasy after feel.                     ageing and anti-wrinkling agents.                       epidermal differentiation.
CERESCO, Stand H190                    IREL, SPOL. S R.O., Stand No. H217                      Sederma, Stand C164


                                                                                                             stem cell
                                                                                                             Mibelle Biochemistry will be
                                                                                                             presenting a breakthrough
                                                                                                             in anti-ageing at
                                                                                                             in-cosmetics 2008.
                                                                                                                Using a novel plant cell
                                                                                                             culture technology
                                                                                                             (PhytoCellTec), Mibelle
                                                                                                             Biochemistry developed an
                                                                                                             apple stem cell extract from
                                                                                                             an endangered species of
                                                                                                             Swiss apple that displays
                                                                                                             good storage properties.
                                                                                                             For this PCT product,
                                                                                                             dedifferentiated callus cells
                                                                                                             were developed from a
                                                                                                             single apple. The cells could
                                                                                                             then be cultured in liquid
                                                                                                             media in a bioreactor to get
  Inspirational innovations                                                                                  large quantities of biomass.

  Symrise will present its comprehensive range of         spectrum anti-microbial properties.
  cosmetic ingredients at in-cosmetics 2008.            • SymCalmin® - a highly effective Dihydoav-
    The latest product innovations from                   enanthramide D for anti-irritant applications.
  Symrise include:                                      • Hydromoist L - a hydrolyzed lupine protein
  • SymRelief® - a new generation of anti-irritants       for skin and hair conditioning products.
    and the winner of BSB award 2007 for most           • Hydromoist O - a hydrolyzed oat protein for
    innovative natural raw material.                      skin and hair conditioning products.
  • SymRepair® - a highly effective skin barrier        • Actipone® - a new range of highly effective
    repair complex and also a winner of BSB               plant extracts.
    award 2007 for most innovative functional           • SymMollient® W/S - a new hydrophilic
    raw material.                                         emollient with pleasant sensory characteristics.
  • SymClariol® - a multifunctional active
    ingredient for anti-acne, anti-dandruff and anti-   Symrise - always inspiring more…
    bacterial applications.                   
  • SymDiol® 68 - a moisturizer with broad              Symrise, Stand E214

                                                                                                                 The cosmetic active

 SILA B ’ s solution                                                                                         “PhytoCellTec Malus
                                                                                                             Domestica” was shown to
                                                                                                             protect stem cells and delay
 for male skin                                                                                               the senescence of hair
                                                                                                             follicles. These apple stem
  To fight the signs of fatigue, stress and ageing,     regeneration via                                     cells are rich in epigenetic
  SILAB has launched SMS ENERGY®, the new               creatine kinase.                                     factors and metabolites
  boosting and energising active ingredient of its         SMS ENERGY®                                       which assure the longevity
  men’s range SILAB’s Men Solution.                     reinforces the                                       of skin cells. The application
      Obtained from the seeds of chick peas (Cicer      bioenergetic                                         of plant cell cultures to
  arietinum), SMS ENERGY® recharges the                 potential of the skin                                maintain the function of skin
  batteries of male skin. It acts like a reservoir,     and speeds up cell renewal. Recommended for all      stem cells is believed to be
  enabling skin cells to regulate the energy reserves   boosting and energising face care products, it       a revolutionary new
  required for their correct operation and the          revitalises the skin and provides a long-lasting     approach in cosmetics.
  efficiency of their metabolic processes. It           healthy look.                                        Mibelle Biochemistry,
  stimulates the neosynthesis of ATP and its            SILAB, Stand C160                                    Stand B161


Stronger in unity
After almost 40 years as an independent business specialising within the Life
Science sector in the UK and Germany, S. Black Ltd has announced it is now
part of the Azelis Group.
   For S. Black this means a more robust European presence, and for Azelis a
stronger representation and greatly increased technical knowledge of the
Personal Care, Healthcare and Food sectors throughout Europe.
   Neil Berry Managing Director of S. Black states, “It was of prime importance
to find a forward thinking, dynamic partner that would keep S. Black’s reputation
and identity intact, whilst providing the platform for increased geographic
growth, and the benefits of being part of a pan-European organisation. S. Black’s
approach to business fits extremely well with the Azelis culture.”
   S. Black’s Life Science focus will be
maintained with additional growth
oppor tunities developed by identifying
synergies across the Azelis network
of 33 established companies
throughout Europe.
   Azelis CEO, Udo Wenzel said, “This
will further enhance our already strong
position in the Life Sciences area which will also
benefit from of a number of additional planned
acquisitions in the next 12 months.”
S. Black Ltd, Stand F205

                                                                                                                  New active
     Marine actives                                                                                               Kalichem Italia s.r.l. has
                                                                                                                  developed a new and
                                                                                                                  effective active ingredient of
                                                                            New partnership                       100% vegetal origin which has
                                                                            Selco GmbH is proud to                a strong skin whitening effect.
                                                                            announce that it has come to an          Comparative studies
                                                                            agreement with Chemyunion             carried out in a well-known
                                                                            Quimica Ltd., to be their             university centre have tested
                                                                            representative for the German         the high degree of
                                                                            cosmetic market.                      pigmentation inhibition of
                                                                                The Brazilian producer is         KALILIGHT, as well as its
                                                                            offering a broad range of naturally   higher activity with respect
                                                                            derived Bioactives, multifunctional   to hydroquinone. Such a
      BiotechMarine, experts in natural marine active ingredients,          additives and cosmetic                result is particularly
      will present its complete catalogue of over 40 high-tech              ingredients. Chemyunion is            significant as hydroquinone is
      bioactive substances at in-cosmetics 2008.                            enriching its discoveries with        considered one of the most
         All substances have been tested with cutting-edge                  research, revealing a selective       effective dermatological
      techniques coupled with clinical methods or imaging                   technological bioactive range with    ingredients for skin lightening,
      techniques. BiotechMarine’s catalogue has been recently               innovations to achieve leading        though highly toxic and
      extended with the innovative BIOPLANT range which gathers             marketing concepts and                therefore no longer used for
      active ingredients extracted from marine plants. Six are              international trend formulations.     that purpose.
      dedicated to skin care (protecting against UVA, skin                      Selco GmbH based in Wald-            KALILIGHT may thus be
      revitalising, moisturizing and softening, protecting fragile skins,   Michelbach, Germany is enlarging      treated as a new and
      firming and anti-ageing) and three to hair care (protecting and       its portfolio of plant derived        powerful ingredient to
      enhancing hair colour, preventing from electrostatic effects).        products by this step. All German     employ with both cosmetic
         BiotechMarine recently unveiled two new ingredients extracted      customers are invited to Stand        formulae for the treatment
      from a brown seaweed harvested in Brittany named Alaria               B186 to get the latest information    of skin spots (lightening
      esculenta. Alariane® smoothes and protects the hair whereas           about Chemyunion’s interesting        products) and skin
      Kalpariane® protects the skin against elastase and collagenase.       and innovative products.              whitening products.
      BiotechMarine, Stand E180                                             GfN Selco GmbH, Stand B186            Kalichem Italia Srl, Stand A131


Alternative preservation                                                       Investing in oil
goes natural
Witness the launch of Dermosoft® 688 ECO at in-cosmetics 2008, a
new multifunctional cosmetic ingredient with excellent fungicidal
activity for natural cosmetics.
   Dr. Straetmans GmbH will introduce the new product; a
petrochemically derived version of this raw material has been used
successfully in traditional cosmetic concepts for many years under the
brand name Dermosoft® 688.
   The new Dermosoft® 688 ECO is the natural counterpart sourced
from renewable plant materials and produced according to ECOCERT
standards. The chemistry and purity of the raw material is the same,
hence the excellent fungicidal properties are identical. In combination
with a bactericidal component Dermosoft® 688 ECO yields a reliable
microbiological stabilization for cosmetic products.
   Information regarding Dr. Straetmans latest product developments
such as; new preservation concepts, new PEG-free product concepts
and new starch based hair and skin conditioners will be available at in-
cosmetics 2008.
Dr. Straetmans GmbH, Stand B200                                                SIRH/Laboratoire Soetenaey has invested €500,000 in a fully-
                                                                               equipped facility for grinding argan seeds to extract the oil
                                                                               using the cold-press process.

  Natural choice                                                                   This facility, named Marogania, is 20km from Agadir in
                                                                               Morocco, in the heart of the Argan Forest.
  At in-cosmetics 2008, Sisterna® will                                             Marogania can produce 300 tons of argan oil per year and
  introduce new formulation concepts with                                      is a leading producer of high quality and competitively priced
  sucrose esters for skin care and decorative                                  argan oil in Morocco, meeting the needs of the rapidly
  cosmetic applications.                                                       growing overseas market whilst supporting the local Berber
     Their R&D team has developed new                                          population. Marogania also helps to promote and maintain
  textures with sucrose esters, such as real                                   the preservation of the Argan tree forest.
  aerated ‘chocolate mousse’ type emulsions                                    Laboratoires Soetenaey, Stand C176
  and lipstick bases with a fantastic skin-feel.
  Sisterna® sucrose esters are extremely
  mild and natural EO-free emulsifiers
  for personal care applications.                                          Exceptional esters
     Sisterna sucrose esters are
  approved and widely used in                                              Industrial Química Lasem has reoriented their esters portfolio, focusing
  the food industry. The high                                              on emollients and emulsifiers for cosmetics.
  purity level means they are                                                 Two new series of products will be launched at in-cosmetics 2008,
  excellent emulsifiers for                                                SOLDOC® and EMOLID®, both of which provide multifunctional
  natural or even edible                                                   properties for high value added cosmetic applications.
  skin care.                                                               • The SOLDOC® series covers monocomponent products with
  Sisterna B.V.,                                                              multifunctional activity in order to offer alternatives to products
  Stand F214                                                                  based on silicones and mineral oil while at the same time presenting
                                                                              high spreadability, elegant feeling, bio-harmonic compatibility, high
                                                                              solvency and polyethylene glycol free derivatives.
                                                                           • The EMOLID® series includes multicomponents products with
                                                                              multifunctional activity that are designed from different
                                                                              preformulations of active emollients and emulsifiers as well as
                                                                              natural vitamins and other natural vegetable renewable ingredients.

                                                                           EMOLID® EB 20 stands out as a product that comprises all the
                                                                           advantages from different natural vegetable oils, from coconut oil to olive
                                                                           oil, but prohibits rancidity and oxidation; moreover EMOLID® EB 20 is
                                                                           enriched with Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E). This product may be
                                                                           ideal as an alternative to mineral oil in the main cosmetic formulations.
                                                                           Industrial Química Lasem, Stand D200


Beautiful Baobab                                                          A breakthrough in skincare technology
                                                                          At in-cosmetics 2008, Campo Research USA Inc. will present
BC Beauty and Cosmetic, specialists in vegetable and natural              Songyi Mushroom Extract, one their latest natural, functional active-
products, will present their complete range of Baobab                     cosmetic ingredients.
(Adansonia Digitata) derivatives at in-cosmetics 2008.                       The Songyi Mushroom Extract, widely used in Japan for its whitening
   Both the plant and fruit will be on show, and BC Beauty and            properties, is a natural and unique bio-herbal extract. It consists of
Cosmetic will present the extraordinary characteristics of this           amino acids, powerful antioxidants minerals and vitamins well known for
mythic “upside down” tree; the incomparable antioxidant                   their synergistic effect in the skin’s anti-ageing (SOD) process.
capacity of the red funicles, and the incredible nutrient and                Among more than 1000 active ingredients from CAMPO
emollient activity of the extra pure oil, to name a few.                  RESEARCH catalogue, there are innovative natural ingredients from
   All BC Beauty and Cosmetic Baobab products are from wild               exotic plants from China, India, Australia and Tropical Forests such as
trees which grow spontaneously in Senegal (Africa); the local             Fruits Enzymes, Coffee Oil UV-A&B (for sunscreen), Neem Oil, Kinetin
population pick the fruits and separate the main components.              (anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant), Licorice Glabridin, Mahakanni STLC
Everything is 100% natural.                                               (sunless self tanning), Natural Colours and Plantservative™.
BC Beauty and Cosmetic srl, Stand L202                                    Campo Research, Stand D151

                                                                           Enabling a lighter footprint
                                                                           An increasing concern for the environment has driven many consumer
                                                                           goods companies to introduce sustainability programmes and reformulate
                                                                           their products with an eye to biodegradability and overall reduction of
                                                                           packaging and raw materials including water. To further increase product
                                                                           differentiation, formulators are adding insoluble components that offer
                                                                           aesthetic or performance enhancements. This however creates challenges
                                                                           for the formulator to incorporate these actives in concentrated systems
                                                                           whilst keeping a stable and usable product.
                                                                               CP Kelco’s AXCEL® CG PX imparts a true yield stress and provides
                                                                           suspension independent of viscosity, presence of surfactant, surfactant type
                                                                           and level, and ionic strength to stabilize all kinds of concentrates. Uniform
                                                                           distribution of actives and insolubles is made much easier and target
                                                                           viscosity is protected. In addition, AXCEL® CG PK is biodegradable.
                                                                           CP Kelco, Stand 150

All in one
For the first time,The DuPont Company will feature its varied offerings
for cosmetic formulators centrally at their stand at in-cosmetics 2008.
   Among the businesses represented are DuPont Tate & Lyle
BioProducts, which produces Zemea™ propanediol from renewable
resources. Zemea™ is a sustainable alternative to petroleum based
glycols that are widely used in cosmetic formulations from hair care
and deodorants to skin care products. Zemea™ has low odour, high
purity and does not cause skin irritation or sensitization.
   Also represented are DuPont Polymer Powders with a wide range
of Gotalene® poly-ethylene based powders and DuPont Chemical
Solutions Enterprise which offers DuPont™ Glypure® high-purity
glycolic acid for anti-ageing and skin/ scalp protection applications.
Gotalene® is available in a wide-variety of colours and particle sizes,
has CTFA/ INCI registration and is approved for cosmetic use in the
Europe, the U.S. and Japan.
   The new product range, Gotalene® 300 series will be officially
launched at in-cosmetics 2008 and will be featured in the Innovation
Zone. These fine powders bring many unique benefits to make-up
and foundation formulations by providing a matt effect that visibly
diminishes small skin imperfections.
DuPont Company and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio-Products, Stand J208, J208A


                                      Fight oily skin
                                                             At in-cosmetics 2008, Pentapharm will          the new ALP®-ORGANIC product line.
                                                             introduce ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM,                    Combining its extensive experience
                                                             the new Ecocert® certified Alpine              in natural product extraction coupled
                                                             treatment that reduces sebum                   with the ALPAFLOR® philosophy,
                                                             production and the oily appearance of          Pentapharm developed ALPAFLOR®
                                                             skin, as well as pore size.                    ALP®-SEBUM which is produced from
                                                                 Pentapharm has developed a unique          the rare Alpine plant Epilobium
                                                             approach with ALPAFLOR®. The product           fleischeri, which is known for its
                                                             range is specialized in the cultivation and    inhibiting properties of 5 - reductase.
                                                             extraction of Swiss alpine plants to               In vitro tests have shown that
                                                             produce high quality extracts. The plants'     ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM reduces
                                                             daily exposure to strong temperature           skin inflammation (inhibition of IL-1
                                                             fluctuations and high UV radiation has         and IL-8) as well as the production of
                                                             forced these species to develop efficient      5 - reductase.
                                                             protective factors. These characteristics          In vivo tests show the excellent
                                                             have found applications in skin and hair       activity of ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM as a
                                                             care ingredients.                              real treatment against sebum production
                                                                 The plants used by Alpaflor are            that reduces the size of pores.
                                                             cultivated in the Swiss Alps, controlled           ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM has been
                                                             by bio.inspecta, and certified by Bio          thoroughly tested and is considered to
                                                             Swiss. Well-known ingredients from             be appropriate for cosmetic applications.
                                                             ALPAFLOR® are EDELWEISS,                       Pentapharm, Stand G204
                                                             GIGAWHITETM, NECTAPURE and

                                                                                                                        Add value
   Massaging pleasure                                                        Bran-tastic                                Founded in 2007 in Zug,
                                                                                                                        Switzerland QENAX is a

   with innovative textures                                                   Following the launch of
                                                                              NutriLayer Phytolipids in 2006, a
                                                                                                                        new cosmetic actives supplier
                                                                                                                        on the market, developing
    TechNature, a worldwide leader in                                         botanical skincare ingredient             and marketing high quality
    the field of peel-off masks, has                                          derived from rice bran that               cosmetic actives. The added
    perfected new textures offering the                                       delivers excellent anti-ageing            value of the products is the
    spa and brands innovative wrapping                                        benefits, Eastman will introduce          quality of their claims and
    & massaging concepts. At                                                  new ingredients to expand their           tests as well as their
    in-cosmetics 2008,TechNature will                                         rice bran derivatives product line        individuality and flexibility.
    be exhibiting their new fruits &                                          at in-cosmetics 2008.                     The founders, Maria Lueder
    vegetable peel-off masks, along with the following innovations:              The new multi-functional rice          and Dr. Joachim Blank have
       Wrapping body gels: these ready-to-use aquaeous gels rich              bran ingredients, made using              long term experience in
    in fruits or plants offer new applications possibilities whether          naturally-derived materials, may          R&D and Marketing of
    for a stimulating, detoxifying or cocooning treatment.                    be used both as skincare actives          cosmetic products and
    Available in; ginger, grape, guarana, hibiscus, horse chestnut,           with anti-ageing benefits and to          cosmetic ingredients.
    laminaria, papaya & pineapple and vanilla & coconut.                      enhance/simplify formulation -            QENAX wants to serve
       Self-heating massage stones: which allow the masseur to shape          with the potential to replace             their customers with the
    their own massaging stones while mixing a mineral powder with             undesirable synthetic ingredients.        effective ingredients to
    hot water. Each relaxing moment is unique and tailored to the                Eastman's new rice bran                support the development
    customers needs. The rise in temperature throughout the                   ingredients (DMAE oryzanate and           of effective cosmetics for
    treatment gives a deeper relaxing effect.                                 cetostearyl oryzanate) are made           more and more
       Natural massage gels: an alternative to traditional massage            using an environmentally friendly,        demanding consumers.
    oils. With an outstanding fondant touch and a slow                        solvent-free process. Ingredients            QENAX launches the first
    spreading, these professional modellings look like translucent            made with their proprietary green         products at in-cosmetics in
    and lightly coloured gelling micro-emulsions. Available in;               process can help your products            Amsterdam and will present a
    azulen, bilberry, cocoa and seaweed & natural.                            meet the needs of the                     scientific paper at the
    TechNature, Stand E173                                                    environmentally-conscious consumer.       Cosmetic Science Conference.
                                                                              Eastman Chemical BV, Stand H209           QENAX, Stand E215


    Visibly better
     At in-cosmetics 2008, Power Paper will launch its new varied shapes and innovative
     applications of its revolutionary and remarkably effective
     micro Patches.
        The latest innovation from Power Paper was developed
     as a solution to customers' visible needs:
     • Anti eye wrinkles correcting micro power patches for immediate visible results.
     • New whitening micro power patches enhancing the
        activity of your
        whitening formulations.
     • Upper lip anti wrinkle reducing micro power patches combined with your formulations
        for remarkably effective visible results.

     Power Paper’s new generation, microelectronic cosmetic patches are scientifically proven
     to improve the delivery of cosmetic actives and reduce the appearance of age signs such
     as wrinkles, even on areas that are considered hard to treat such as the upper lip.
     Power Paper, Stand G186

Win an iPhone, iPods, bottles of
champagne and much more…
Play the in-cosmetics
“Mission-Amsterdam” game!
                                                                           All players will be transported into the unique atmosphere of
                                                                           Amsterdam by taking a virtual tour of the surrounding tulip fields, canals,
                                                                           museums and red light district before arriving at the exhibition. On the
                                                                           way players will need to collect as many hidden flowers as possible in
                                                                           the quickest time to score. Bonus points will be awarded when
                                                                           forwarding the game to colleagues.The top 50 scoring players will win
                                                                           exciting prizes ranging from iPhone and iPods to bottles of champagne.
                                                                           Plus, players with the top 300 scores will be entered into a prize draw
                                                                           to win another iPhone. All prizes must be collected at the show.
                                                                           To play visit


We’ve got the tools to help you
make the most of your time at
in-cosmetics. Make sure you
don’t miss out!

                                                    before 7 April for
                                                    free entry
                                                    • Enjoy free, fast track entry to the exhibition (save €45)
                                                    • Pre-book your seat for the Marketing Trends Presentations
                                                    • Gain access to an "online diary" to book meetings with exhibitors
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                                                    My Event Planner
                                                    Prior to the Exhibition, visitors will be able to select their product
Show contact                   Show                 areas of interest and the “My Event Planner” will create a tailored

information                    opening hours        personal report that they can take with them at the event.The
                                                    report will include a personalised floorplan which hightlights the
Reed Exhibitions Ltd           Tuesday 15 April     location of stands of interest as well as supplying summary
Gateway House,                 10.00 - 18.00        information on relevant exhibitors.The “My Event Planner” is free
28 The Quadrant,                                    and will be activated 6 weeks before the show.
Richmond, Surrey,              Wednesday 16 April
TW91DN, United Kingdom         10.00 - 18.00        Online Diary
T: +44 (0)20 8910 7976         Thursday 17 April    The “Online Diary” will help visitors to build a personal show agenda
F: +44 (0)20 8910 7926         10.00 - 17.00        of meetings with exhibitors and fellow visitors who have opted-in. It
E:                         will also allow visitors to diarise the conferences and seminars they
W:                             wish to attend.


Make the most
of your stay in Amsterdam
April is one of the best times to visit Amsterdam as it
is the peak of the stunning tulip season. A culturally
rich and diverse city, Amsterdam is never lacking in
things to do and see whether your interests lie in art,
food, music, history, architecture, or simply relaxation.
Added to this its manageable size means it is easy to
get the most out of even a short visit.

If you have time why not take part in a ready to book organised tour
of Amsterdam? A convenient, enjoyable and educational way to
expand your mind:

Keukenhof Garden Tour from Amsterdam
Amsterdam's Keukenhof Garden showcases a huge flower exhibition
where hundreds of glorious indoor and outdoor gardens create a
majestic colourful atmosphere. Prepare to be amazed as you stroll
through one of the most stunning flower gardens in the world.
   Duration 4.5, 7 or 9 hours. Starting from €33.00 per person

Amsterdam City Sightseeing Tour
Take in Amsterdam’s highlights where modern mingles with
traditional.You will visit the Royal Palace, the National Monument,
Skinny Bridge and the Albert Cuyp Market. An optional boat ride is
available if you wish to conclude your day admiring Amsterdam from
its famous canals.
    Duration 2.5 or 3.5 hours. Starting from €20.00 per person

Walking Tour of The Red Light District
The secrets of the world's oldest profession are exposed on a walking
tour through the narrow alleys and canals of the infamous Red Light
District. Chat with a former sex worker and discover the old streets
where famous monuments, prostitutes, pubs, and restaurants jostle
   Duration 2 hours. Starting from €20.00 per person

Old Amsterdam by Candlelight Cruise
Cruise the enchanting canals of Amsterdam, surrounded by illuminated
mansions, gables and churches. Relax to soft music wafting through the
candlelit launch, and watch the sparkling city float by as you enjoy
samples of fine wine and local cheeses.
  Duration 2 hours. Starting from €29.50 per person

Check the in-cosmetics Travel Desk for many more tours:

                                                                                        EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY

                                                                          • Kalverstraat & Nieuwendijk - Mainstream consumer shopping,
                                                                            department stores and fashion chains
                                                                          • PC Hooftstraat - All the big designer names, jewellery
                                                                            and perfumeries
                                                                          • Spiegelkwartier - Commercial art galleries and antique shops for
                                                                            browsers and collectors

                                                                          5 places to see
                                                                          • Rijksmuseum - The Netherlands' largest art collection, the museum
5 places to eat and drink                                                   owns over one million pieces
• Jimmy Woo’s - An amazing bar and club                                   • Van Gogh Museum - The museum holds many of the artist’s                                                          most famous works, including the Potato Eaters and the Yellow
• Beddingtons - Very elegant restaurant with a fusion of British,           House in Arles
  French, Italian, Indian and Japanese influences. Make your              • Anne Frank House - Amsterdam’s most famous canal house.The
  reservations well ahead                                                   museum tells the story of the eight people who hid there and those                                                         who helped them
• Supper Club - Chicest, trendiest place in Amsterdam, menu changes       • Keukenhof - Less than an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, lies the
  weekly as does the style of the club, not for the faint-hearted           Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world. Only open to the                                                       public between March and May, this is not to be missed
• Chez Georges - A French-Belgian gem in the centre of town, Chez         • De Zaanse Schans - This Dutch village has a charming 18th
  Georges serves up sophisticated food and old-fashioned service. It's      century ambience
  one for a special night out, and don't forget to book well in advance
  Tel.: 020 6263332                                                       Useful websites:
• Reflet - The furnishing is elegantly casual, with a menu offering
  French and Dutch classical dishes like, lobster "Thermidor",  
  "Tournedos Rossini" and "Crepes Suzette".                     
                                                                           Need some help planning your trip?
5 places to shop                                                           To make your trip as straightforward and enjoyable as possible
• Western Canal Belt - Speciality shops and designer boutiques; gifts,     we have put together itineraries for one or more days visiting
  tourist tack and books                                                   the exhibition and Amsterdam from a selection of countries.
• Jordaan - Small, quirky boutiques and galleries; vintage clothing and    Visit
  second hand record stores

                                                                                                                    IN-COSMETICS 2008 PREVIEW 51

Travel and accommodation
Getting to the RAI couldn’t be easier                                                            Hotel reservations
1. Fly to Schiphol Airport - the fourth busiest airport in Europe - with                         The in-cosmetics Travel Desk makes
   only one terminal arrivals, departures and connections are                                    travelling and staying in Amsterdam
   extremely straight forward.                                                                   easy and affordable. From as little as
2. Schiphol Airport has its own train station.To get to the RAI, you                             €96 per night for a 3-star hotel to top business class establishments
   should take a stop train in the direction of Duivendrecht and get off                         you are guaranteed to find everything you need at the very best rates.
   at 'Amsterdam RAI'. Trains run about once every 15 minutes, every
   day from 05.40am until 00.27am.The trip takes 9 minutes and costs                             Book your trip today for the best rates and availability
   only €2.50.                                                                         
3. From the station the congress centre is a 5 minute walk.
                                                                                                 Need a VISA?
Amsterdam RAI                                                                                    The organisers will issue invitation letters to obtain a
Halls 1-5-6                                                                                      visa to visit in-cosmetics.To request your invitation letter, you will first
T: +31 (0) 20 549 12 12                                                                          need to register to the show at A
F: +31 (0) 20 646 44 69                                                                          link to the invitation application form is included in the confirmation
                                                                                                 email you receive after registering.
Europaplein 22
NL 1078 GZ
                                                                                                                                                                                                    met metro 51
Amsterdam                                                                                                                                                                                           richting Westwijk
                                                                                                                               Sche ldest raat

More information at:
                                             met metro 50
                                                                                        W                                                             el

                                              richting Gein                                      inge
                                      met metro 51 richting
                                                                                                                                                                                Rijn stra at

                                           Centraal station                                                                                                                an
                                                                                   Beatrixpark                                                             ev

                                      vanaf Schiphol                                                                                             Presi dent Kenn
                                                                                                                                                                 edyla an
                                                                Amsterdam                                                                                                                                        Spaklerweg
                                         vanaf Amsterdam         Zuid/ WTC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          vanaf Zaanstad
                                                 Den Haag                                                                                         s109                                                                                                    ring A10 Oost
                                             ring A10 Zuid                                         Amsterdam

                                                                             de Boelelaan

                                                                                                                                                 Amstelpark                                                    A10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Van der Madeweg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          vanaf Almere,


                                                                                                                                                                       EL                      A2

                                                                                                                                                                                                      vanaf                          met metro 50
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Utrecht                  richting Isolatorweg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    vanaf Utrecht


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