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      These medications de-
      crease inflammation in the                                                 Wellness Series
•    Epinephrine –a medicine                                                     Keeping students healthy,
     called epinephrine may be                                                     fit and eager to learn
     given as a injection to pro-
     vide rapid relief of acute, se-
     vere hives or when the child
     is having problems breath-
For hives possibly caused by
pollens, animal contact or play-                                                        Hives
ing in grass or weeds, give your
child a shower or bath. Wash all                                                       (Urticaria)
clothing that was worn at con-
tact time. Very itchy areas can
be rubbed with an ice cube for
10 minutes.

    Writing down everything
    that was eaten in the              For additional information contact your
    past 24-48 hours may               school nurse at 609-978-5700

    help identify a cause if           Primary Learning Center x1276
                                       Ocean Acres x1113
    the hives should come              Oxycocus x1073
    back at another time.              McKinley Avenue x1140
                                       Intermediate x1074
                                       District Nurse Coordinator x 1205
Hives                                  Hives are usually not serious and go
                                       away with minimal treatment. Some-
                                                                                    dren have chronic hives, which
                                                                                    means the hives have lasted for
(Urticaria)                            times, the reaction may be more se-          more than six weeks. Chronic
                                       vere. If there is swelling in the upper      hives may occur on and off from
                                       respiratory tract, there may be difficulty   several months to several years.
Hives, or Urticaria, are raised
                                       breathing or wheezing. This is a life-       Hives caused by viral illnesses
swellings of the skin or mucous
                                       threatening reaction and requires            normally come and go for 3-4
membranes. The raised swelling is
                                       emergency medical attention.                 days, then disappear.
called a wheal, and is nicknamed
a “welt.” A red ring surrounds the     What causes Hives?                           What is the treatment
wheal. This is called the flair. The   The most common cause for hives is
                                       an allergic reaction to foods or medica-     for Hives?
size of each hive may vary greatly,
from a tiny spot to a swollen, red     tion. Other causes are reactions to in-      Treatment is more effective if the
area several inches in diameter.       fections, immunizations, insect bites or     cause of the hives is identified and
The hives may cover just one           inhaled allergens. Heat, cold or stress      then eliminated. Treatment may
small area. Sometimes the hives        may cause hives. In some children,           include:
bunch together making large ar-        pressure on the skin,
                                                                                    •   Antihistamines - antihista-
eas of the body appear red. In in-     sunlight or sweating dur-
                                                                                        mines such as Benadryl® re-
fants and young children, hives        ing exercise can cause
                                                                                        lieve the hives and itching for
may cause swelling of the arms         hives. The exact cause
                                                                                        most children. To prevent the
and legs. Hives may come, go,          of hives cannot be identified in most
                                                                                        return of hives, antihistamines
and then come back again on an-        children. Writing down everything that
                                                                                        are often continued for 1-2
other area of the body. Hives can      was eaten (food, liquids, medicines,
                                                                                        weeks after the hives are gone.
be very itchy. Most hives occur        candy, etc.) in the past 24-48 hours
                                                                                        Be aware however, that many
suddenly and then go away com-         may help identify a cause if the hives
                                                                                        children feel sleepy when they
pletely.                               should come back at another time.
                                                                                        take antihistamines.
                                       How long do Hives last?                      •   Corticosteroids –For patients
                                       A single hive rarely lasts more than 12-         who do not respond to antihis-
                                       48 hours. Hives that occur due to a              tamine treatments, the doctor
                                       food or drug reaction generally last a           may prescribe a type of medi-
                                       few days to several weeks. Some chil-            cine called a corticosteroid.