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 Friday 26 November 2010 | Newsletter Issue 36                                                                      Fax. 5143 6247
Garnsey Campus News...
From the Deputy Principal - Pastoral                                                                 Notices
Rollover has begun this week, and although there were some glitches regarding the
timetable, it has generally been smooth for the student body. This is mostly a result
of the hard work of our committed teachers who have been able to prepare classes              “Is Emu off the Menu?”
and tasks to engage students. It has been my experience that students are
generally very excited about the early start; indeed I met some Year 10s buying           The “Emu” cookbook is available from all
                                                                                          three campuses.
revision cards in the Administrator‘s office in order to begin putting their glossaries
                                                                                          The book is $30 and makes a great Xmas
together for their first ever VCE subject this week – an indication of their
commitment and engagement. It will be great to have the 2011 Year 7 students with
                                                                                          Meredith Lynch
us next week to complete our full complement of year levels.                              Foundation Secretary
Whooping Cough Alert

I would like to alert all families to a reported case of whooping cough in Year 9. The
                                                                                                   G’Day USA 2011
Victorian government Department of Health provides the following information on           There will be a final meeting for parents
                                                                                          and students of those travelling on the
this infectious disease.                                                                  2011 trip.
―Whooping cough is a highly contagious disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella          Garnsey Campus
pertussis and is spread by droplets from coughing and sneezing to 70-100% of              Wednesday 1 December — 7pm
susceptible household contacts and 50-80% of susceptible school contacts.                 The meeting will discuss final
Susceptible people are those who are either unvaccinated or have waning immunity          preparations and itinerary.
since childhood vaccines. Whooping cough is particularly serious in infants under         Any concerns, please contact :
12 months of age, while older children and adults usually have a milder disease.
                                                                                          Rebecca Wells (035146388)
Symptoms may vary for different ages but initial symptoms are usually similar to a
cold. Severe cases develop sudden attacks of repetitive coughing and often a
characteristic ‗whoop‘ as the person gasps for breath. Not all cases get the ‗whoop‘.             Textbook Trading
Vomiting often follows a coughing spasm. A person with whooping cough is                  This year the VCE second-hand book sale
                                                                                          has been replaced by a textbook trading
infectious for up to three weeks after they start coughing. The cough may last for
                                                                                          system run online via our School Portal.
months.‖ (Source:
                                                                                          Instructions on how to sell and purchase
I ask families to be alert to these symptoms and seek medical advice if you have          VCE textbooks has been given to all
                                                                                          students enrolled in VCE subjects.
further questions. Any person diagnosed will be required to stay home for 5 days          Current Year 12 students have received
and undergo a schedule of antibiotics.                                                    this document . A copy of the 2011 VCE
                                                                                          Booklist is available on the School Portal
Prizegiving 2010                                                                          a hard copy has been given to all 2011
                                                                                          VCE students.
A reminder that all 2010 Year 7 and 11 students are required to attend our                Please note:
Celebration night, incorporating Prizegiving, on Thursday 9 December at 7.30pm.              The School will not handle or be
The evening is optional for students in other year levels who are not receiving a            responsible for the collection of
prize or award.
                                                                                          For any queries or clarification of any
Jan Henry                                                                                 matters to do with the Textbook Trading,
                                                                                          please contact Senior School Reception
                                                                                          03 5143 6388.

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  Garnsey Campus News...
  Friday 26 November 2010 | Newsletter Issue 36

 .                                                                                         Email:
Information Technology Department News
The face of the Information Technology department will be quite different
in 2011. The department has merged with the Art Department to become the Arts
and Technology Department, with Mr Frank Mesaric as Head of Department.                                Notices
There are also changes to staffing, with Mr Laux leaving the School at the end of                ST@GG | Servicing
the 2010 and Mrs Ferguson taking long service leave beginning 2011. The                        Technology at Gippsland
replacement teachers are Mr John Gaulke, who was a former member of                                   Grammar
Gippsland Grammar staff, with excellent IT and Physics experience and Ms Sonya
                                                                                            This is just a reminder to let you know that
McDonald, who comes to Gippsland Grammar with solid computing, multimedia                   if you are in the market for a personal/
and ICT. industry experience.                                                               home notebook or desktop computer, we
                                                                                            are more than happy to help. We offer
The curriculum offered has seen some depletion, with VET IT no longer being                 great pricing on top line Notebooks and
                                                                                            unbeatable support!
offered in 2011; and some expansion, with VCE IT Software Development running
                                                                                            Our latest Notebook package comes with
as a 3/4 subject plus Animation and Design running as a Year 9 elective.
                                                                                            a 3 year warranty and offers fantastic
While the numbers of students choosing IT has stabilized at secondary school                value for money.

level, it is still evident that the demand for well trained IT personnel is high and will
continue to be high in the future. Gippsland Grammar offers an excellent selection          Acer i3 TravelMate 5740
of ITC subjects that provide a strong foundation for students to spring into one of         15.4" Widescreen Display
                                                                                            4GB Memory
the myriad of ITC courses that will enable our students to have interesting,                320GB Hard Drive
satisfying and well paid career pathways.                                                   DVDRW/ Super Multi Burner
                                                                                            Inbuilt Wireless and Webcam
As this will be my last newsletter item, I would like to wish all my ICT students all       Microsoft Windows 7
the best as they traverse their career pathways, ranging from students in Year 9            Anti Virus Software
Robotics to the second year of VET/VCE Media. I also encourage all students who             $480.00
                                                                                            Acer Aspire 1 Netbook
go to College Open Days in 2011 to have a look at the College ICT departments               1GB Memory
and seriously consider an ICT career as an option.                                          160Gb HDD
                                                                                            Inbuilt Wireless and Webcam
Best wishes to all                                                                          Windows 7 and Office 2010 STARTER
                                                                                            Edition Included
Mike Laux                                                                                   Ideal for mobile internet and basic small
Information Technology Department                                                           business!
                                                                                            * Not the same model as offered in the
Rowing Report - 22 November                                                                 School netbook program.

The past week has been a busy one for Gippsland Grammar‘s Rowing                               Call our Computer Department
                                                                                                        03 5143 6396
Department, with preparations for the regatta at Canberra (Daramalan Regatta)
and two ―taster‖ mornings for Year 6 students from the St Anne‘s and Bairnsdale
                                                                                                    Foundation Raffle
The ―taster‖ mornings allowed the Year 6 students to have a glimpse of rowing
                                                                                            The Gippsland Grammar Foundation
ahead of their move to the Senior School campus. Tuesday morning saw 38                     launched the 2010 Major Fund Raising
students from St Anne‘s attend, with a further 26 students from Bairnsdale on               Raffle this week. Raffle books have been
                                                                                            posted to each family and are due back
Thursday. The mornings gave the students a chance to not only try rowing on the             on Friday 26 November 2010.
water, but also experience some other aspects of training undertaken by rowers
                                                                                            First Prize is a $10,000 travel voucher
including the indoor rowing machine and circuits. Despite the short amount of time          from Travelscene, Sale.
we hope that they all had a good time.                                                      Please support the Foundation in its final
                                                                                            fund raising effort for the year.
While the rest of the School had Friday off for Rollover Preparation, 37 rowers
made the journey to Canberra for our second regatta of the season.                          Meredith Lynch
                                                                                            Foundation Secretary
Our first race of the day saw one of our Gappies – James Graham, be narrowly
pipped to second in one of the closest races of the day. Our other Gappie – Matt
Wright – was also narrowly beaten into third in his race. Meanwhile, Sam
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  Garnsey Campus News...
  Friday 26 November 2010 | Newsletter Issue 36
Vuillermin missed out on third place in his category by just over a
 .                                                                                     Email:
second.                                                                       Website:
The Year 8 boys‘ crew did very well to come second in the Men's D Coxed Scull,
up against a crew who were much larger and older than themselves! This crew
consisted of Andy Jarritt, Angus Rose, Charlie Rossetti, Craig Munson with Kyle
Newnham coxing.
The Year 7 boys entered in their second regatta came third in their division of           Lisa Baker often takes photos at our
Men‘s D Coxed Quad Scull. The crew consisted of Matt Patterson, Lewis                   special events and these can be viewed
Townsend, James Gerrand, Will Connolly and coxed by Sam Jarvis.                                 via the School‘s website
This was the first regatta for the Year 7 girls‘ crew, who did well in both of their    New photos on line are the Bairnsdale
events, ably coxed by one of our most experienced coxes – Louise Kemsley, who           Music Production, Bairnsdale Father's
was a last minute sub.                                                                   Day and New Hall , St Anne's Spring
                                                                                        Music Concert, St Anne's Art Show and
The Year 9 girls came second in their Women‘s D Coxed Quad Scull, with the                             AFL visit
Year 8 girls narrowly missing the medals, coming in fourth. The Year 9 crew was         The pin to view our School‘s photos is ―gg‟
composed of Indi Gladman, Sarah Trett, Mikayla Colley, Claire Purcell and coxed
by Katie Clough. However, in their second race the Year 8 crew of Gen Pyne,
Lucy Shephard, Marnie Deller, Demi Redenbach and coxed by Meg Donnelly                 Schoolboys and Schoolgirls
improved and placed third, missing out on second by less than three seconds!             Tennis Championships
Our Senior Scullers did very well with victories for Tess Morrison (Women‘s C            13 December to 16 December 2010
Single Scull) and Jack Dawson (Men‘s C Single Scull), with Max Kemsley (Men‘s
                                                                                       Latrobe Indoor Tennis Centre
D Single Scull) coming third in his event and Jake Snip (Men‘s C Single Scull)         1c Haigh Street, Moe, 3825
fourth in his.                                                                         From 8.30am to 6.00pm
The Year 9 boys had a much improved second race in a higher category than they         Phone (03) 5127 8080
are used to and have laid a solid foundation for their next race.                      Entry Forms, tournament information,
                                                                                       tournament events and conditions of play
Our final regatta of 2010 will be Canberra Rowing Club Regatta on 4 December,          can be found on:
where we hope to finish off the year with some more medals!                         

To view recent rowing photos, please go to the School Portal.                          Links: ―Championships‖
                                                                                              ―Entry Form‖
Sarah Gregory                                                                                 ―Information‖
Rowing Gappie

Accommodation Wanted – Yarram Area
As a result of increasing student numbers for both Gippsland Grammar and
Catholic College Sale the joint bus service offered by both schools to families from
the Yarram area will be expanded in 2011 with 2 buses operating.
One bus will be provided by Dysons Bus Services Pty Ltd and a smaller 21 seat
bus, will be operated jointly by the two schools.
A member of our Grounds Staff, Mr Chris Redman, will drive the smaller bus each
day. To save time and money in this process he is willing to relocate to the Yarram
Unfortunately we are finding that there is a scarcity of accommodation, so if you
know anybody who may be able to assist us to find appropriate accommodation
for Chris, a single man, please contact the Business Manager, Mr Colin Price on
5143 6388.

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